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tv   Early Today  NBC  March 6, 2019 4:00am-4:29am PST

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clean dishwasher. clean dishes. the bay area. we )re in a microclimate weather alert-- well, right now at 4:00, another storm is taking aim at the bay area. we are in a microclimate weather alert on this wednesday morning. here's a live look at the radar and at san francisco and san jose. as you can see, wet spots throughout the area. that storm hovering over the bay area. good morning to you. thanks for join us. we are on early just to make sure you are ready and to get out the door with that storm over in the area. prepare to start the day. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm boy, the roaays were sloppy as we were headed in this morning. it's probably not going to get better. >> no, it's not going to get better throughout the morning commute because we'll see the rounds of rain coming in. it is coming in waves and affecting the bay area. as we get a look at the storm
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ranger, we see the heaviest rain shifting through the tri-valley and approaching the santa cruz mountains and the south bay and heavy rain in parts of the northern bay. so as we get a closer look at the north bay right now, where you see the yellows and the reds that's where the rain is pouring in. that's around santa rosa, and then again south of me have a doe. in san francisco, we have more of a steady rain. we have seen that up and down the peninsula. but it's s san jose. this is what we'll be watching for as we go throughout the rest of the day. and in alameda counties, contra costa, it's starting to pick up. all of the wet spots on the roads it is making it tricky for the early commuters. unfortunately it doesn't get better because we'll see more waves like this moving through with some gusty winds that will continue and then we are seeing on the wider scale that this is affecting pretty big part of the
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state as we are seeing some waves of rain moving in. so we have a wind continuesthisils mainly for the. elevations above about 2,000 feet we are seeing the potential of gusts up to 16 miles an hour and that could down some trees and cause some power outages possible as we go throughout the rest of the day. we are going to see the rain off and on. it will gradually start to become more scattered heading into the afternoon. and we'll catch a few breaks here and there but still some rain chances in the forecast throughout the day. i'll be tracking this for you with more of an update and look ahead to the weekend and mike, the story is the wind and the rain. >> that's kari, we have green highlighting which kind of blocks out that view. that is good. nothing stands out as far as the major highways go. and the freeways. no major closures in the area including highway 37. we are looking at san francisco, where we have had a number of incidents reported, the roadway
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flooding was a big deal here. 101 was flooded, across all lanes, right around the split with i-80. 101 headed up to the golden gate bridge, that continuation -- there may be water across the roadways and cars are hitting the brakes. be very careful. san jose, again, the live picture because we had the rain holding off to the south bay and not today. very wet. back to you. >> well, we have been seeing that rain coming down all night long. the reporters are looking for the trouble spots. >> our team coverage starts live in san jose and roz, how is the rain treating you right now? >> reporter: not so bad. i describe it as steady. enough rain coming down so the roads are a little bit slick.
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but we didn't encounter any puddling. we are here along the guadalupe river. it looks fairly full and it will be watched as the rain picks up easily some stretches of the guadalupe here. and in fact, three weeks ago we had evacuation warnings early in the morning along willow glenn way. so none of that this morning, but it looks rather full. it feels like we're at the beginning of it. a lot more rain we expect to get and picking up the winds -- the winds are picking up a little bit here. so we'll continue to watch things as the rain gets a little bit heavier here in san jose. for now, we'll send it back to you. >> thanks, roz. this morning, all of this rain is really complicating clean-up efforts along the russian river and many people are struggling to get back on their feet. this after last week's devastating floods.
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sonoma county inspectors say 35 homes are red tagged. there's a lot of work for the people there. the clean-up paired with the heavy rain that we're seeing is causing another problem. >> reporter: looking at the water we don't see any residue in the water. we have been watching it real closely. no runoff right now and that's what we're hoping to stay with tonight. depends on how hard it rains. >> reporter: in the rain, the fire chief is keeping an eye on a huge pile of hazardous materials. runoffs from all of these containers goes right into the russian river. flood victims are allowed to drop off debris here. but not toxic chemicals. >> it will cause us a big problem. we didn't have this yesterday. and then overnight it grew. >> reporter: he alerted the county workers and said they'll pick it up in the morning. they're going house to house picking up toxic debris left in front yards through thursday.
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but that's not all that needs to be cleaned up. the county is providing dumpsters at six locations in river communities, but not everyone is getting there. piles of muddy debris are sitting in front of homes. >> putting it in the dumpster. >> reporter: this woman is hoping that the mess will be taken care of quickly and life can begin to look and feel normal again. >> i'm sure it will get cleaned up eventually, yeah. i love this little town. a nice up to. well, all of this wet weather has caused caltrans to postpone work on the san rafal bridge. of the joints failed last month, sending chunks of concrete on the cars driving nearby. caltrans says the repairs will resume during the next several days of dry weather. and kari is tracking this storm on the social media
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platform. she is tweeting when the heaviest rains will start. 4:06 right now. today on the bay, working to prevent wildfires. the new cal fire plan and the work already set to get under way statewide. tense moments at sacramento city hall where frustrated folks sound off against the mayor and the police chief following a decision not to charge officers in a high profile shooting. and taking a live look at the radar right now. you can see how that storm is hovering over the bay area. kari hall is keeping track of the storm as it moves through. you're watching "today in the bay." to simone, i leave the van gogh.
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all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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new details on a new statewide we are looking live right now. you can see all that yellow and green that's the rain falling on the roadway. that's san jose. but the rain is widespread and kari is tracking it all. we'll talk with her in a few. 4:10 right now. a statewide effort to boost wildfire prevention. cal fire leaders are implementing a list of fuel reduction projects for the most at risk areas.
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the list of 35 include clearing vegetation, adding fenceable space. and crews including the national guard will immediately target about acres. that effort isott some 200 comm. in all, cal fire says statewide about 15 million acres of forest need thinning or restoration. some very tense moments at sacramento city hall. frustrated residents are sounding off against the mayor and the police chief there. all because of the stephon clark shooting. the decision by county and state officials to not file criminal charges against the two officers who shot and killed him last year led to this. hundreds of clark's supporters shouted down city leaders for the arrest made monday night at what they say was a peaceful demonsation. >> we were met by police at every intersection where we could not turn. >> it was wrong. and y'all know that.
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each one of y'all know it it was wrong. >> the police chief says his department is reviewing what happened with the arrests o monday. clark's family has filed a $20 million federal lawsuit against the city. the man accused of recently punching a conservative activist on cal campus is due in court. zachary greenberg is expected to be charged with assault. hayden williams was representing turning point and that video showed him being struck by greenberg. neither the victim or the susp students. williams appeared with president trump during his address to the conservative political action conference in maryland. > l right. now we are on a storm watch. kari hall has been tracking that storm. so what's it doing right now? >> yeah, let's look out the window right now in fremont. 880, we are going to see some
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soggy conditions and some gusty winds. going throughout the day, off and on rain with the temperatures holding steady in the upper 50s. storm ranger just covered with rain this morning. i'll give you an idea of what to expect the rest of the day coming up next. good news, we don't see a problem from our palo alto camera, bad news, we don't see clearly because of the rain on the lens. make sure your wipers are in good condition. plus t a south bay we'll show you why a lot of folks say it's time for a middle school. change.
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it )s hitt well, microclimate weather alert for you. a new round of wet weather is here. as you can see right here from the radar, it is hitting the bay area with intensity there. kari hall has been tracking that. the one thing i noticed this morning is not the only the rain, but the wind. >> yeah, we're not expecting a huge impact from the storm like we had last week. this is more of an inconvenience and be extra carefulut today as we have the wind gusts. keep a tight grip on the steering wheel. we have to watch for my trees that may be coming down. here's a look at the storm ranger. you can see where we have the yellows and the reds and that's shifted off to the east. in the northern bay, we are seeing it in spots with santa rosa getting in on the heavy rain and moving off to nevado.
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then in san francisco, heavier rain is starting to move in. then it's light as you go down the peninsula into the south bay, the rain is a little bit heavier and the santa cruz mountains. for the east bay it is off an on a few times. you may catch a few breaks and fremont, some of the rain is moving in. then for san jose it is much lighter, but it may start to pick up once again once that next round moves over to the santa cruz mountains. for the south county, heavy rain in gilroy, but lighter in morgan hills. so this is what we will see throughout the morning commute. esd then it b scattered as the sto asrm we go the afternoon we'll catch a few breaks here and there. that's a live look outside in san francisco. it is just soggy. as you get ready to head out the door as you make your way to antioch it will be in the mid 50s. a cool start to the day and it will -- won't warm up that much as we go into the afternoon.
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looking at our hour by hour forecast, this will help you plan out your day a bit. if you're out early this morning and you're trying to get to work, if you're able to, if you can wait for maybe an hour or so before you head out for work or kind of work from home for a little while, we will start to see the rain tapering off through 7:00 to 8:00. it is still going to at times still be raining, but we won't see it as widespread and heavy as we're seeing right now. here we are at 11:30. we are seeing the heavy rain moving in. while other areas catch a break and you may even see some sunshine for a little while before the rain gets going. it's just going to be one of those days you have to be prepared for the weather that will be changing minute by minute. even going into this evening we keep rain chances in the forecast. early tomorrow in some dry weat but it may be shifting farther to the south. so the south bay will still have that rain through tonight. and additional rainfall on top of what we have seen for the
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north bay looks to be about half an inch, maybe down to less than a quarter of an inch. then heading over to oakland about 0.3. and it will be heavier for the east bay, even into the tri-valley as well as the south bay as we have not seen as much of that rain. the sierra it's still going to be snowing all throughout today. all throughout tomorrow. then it gradually starts to wind down on friday. so if you're making plans to head to the sierra you know that the travel will be treacherous at times. we are looking at the possibility of another one to two feet of snow, but this will be for those higher elevations. our seven day forecast shows that after we get through the scattered showers and the storms today, tomorrow it starts to taper off. highs only reach into the mid 50s once thatnt passes. friday is looking dry. saturday, we will have a chance of some quick moving showers moving through. and then we'll get a chance to dry out and by early next week our temperatures start to come up just a few more degrees.
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san francisco looking at some cool temperatures by the end of the week. once again, that cold front passes by. heading over to mike, you have been tracking the impact of the rain on the road. >> we have a number of spinouts, usually single car crashes with the car remaining facing the wrong direction. so likely because of slicker roadways. just be careful out there. here's the radar activity that kari is talking about. coming in towards sunnyvale and saratoga and brentwood, the vasco road, may be tough right now, it's dark and wet over there. toward the bay bridge, we have a few roadways where there are minor crashes. i want to point out 280 across the duron bridge. right by the crystal springs roadway, people don't consider it is a bridge but it is that and it has a wind advisory from chp. they don't usually call that out, so gusty winds over there as well. minor crashes at 580
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berkeley curve. all of the activity is off to the shoulder. we'll track that, but we don't see any slowing or additional delays. back at antioch, that's where the puddling and ponding is likely. look at that rain actively falling on to the roadway. this is the richmond side, richmond to san rafal bridge. they have held off on the work, because of the weather. so be careful. no delays for the transit agencies. we'll track the ferries for rain related delays and it's possible for b.a.r.t. back to you. san francisco health leaders are getting the word out about a patient diagnosed with measles. this is the city's first case in years. so the advisory was only to help providers. that's because the patient did not contract it in san francisco. but rather on a recent international flight. doctors, nurses and clinics are advised to work for anyone with possible symptoms and the public
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is not believed to be at risk. well, the usual grass roots effort now under way in the south bay. teachers, staff and students at the burnett academy are looking to change the school's name. that school is named aer pet burnett, california's first governor and who only served for a year. now historians believe he's a blatant racist. recommendations are online. >> we have 82 submissions so far and some have been redundant. some of them -- i had a couple that want to keep it. >> the online campaign ends on monday. at the end of the school year, committee leaders will advance three of the names to the district for a final decision. well, coming up here on "today in the bay," devastation and destruction in the south. president trump will travel to the area hit hard by the deadly tornadoes. our hillshire farm craftsmen
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4:25 now. here's look out our window over walnut creek, where the rain is falling this morning. and we are feeling some very strong winds. kari says they'll be an inconvenience. mike will be watching the drive. president trump heads to alabama tomorrow. at least 23 people died from the severe storms on sunday. among those dead -- seven people from the same family. ea four children. survivors are now resolved to rebuild. >> it's been in the family for years and it cease something we're not willing to let're gra. just because this happened means we're not going to leave it. >> now, the search teams are catef dozen people who remain
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unaccounted for. well, if you're having a hard time deciding what to put before your kids for breakfast or the lunch, this is a luxury a lot of us take for granted. >> 1.5 million children in one country on the brink of starvation. this is happening in the country of central african republic. the u.n. calls it the worst place in the world for a child to live and no television journalist has been there in five years. that until now. on the "today" show, cynthia mcfadden has an exclusive look at the work being done there even as families are forced to flee their homes. that's because isis forces are trying to take control of many parts of the country. cynthia says it's a humanitarian crisis mostly being ignored. >> at the end of the report no one can say they don't know it's happening.
4:27 am
i think in addition, there's a growing geopolitical crisis in africa. >> we talked about that yesterday. i want you to watch that exclusive report on the "today" show. you can see that -- what is being done here in the bay area, what you can do from the bay area to help those in the country there. that's all happening for you after "today in the bay," starting at 7:00. >> so hard to see all their little faces. waiting for help. >> but work is going on there right now. all right. well, coming up for you right here on the "today in the bay," kari is watching that rain. >> things mpro as we go into the afternoon. we have to get through the wind and the rain that we're seeing on storm ranger right now. we'll go hour by hour with your forecast and look at how much rain we have already measured coming up next. got a little more detail on the crash over here by the curve. i'm getting a close-up look. you see the water on the lens though. we know it will be a sloppy commute. plus, another east bay commute. plus, another east bay school district whereea
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4:30, rain a microclimate weathr alert for you. you can see that rain is here. and for how long? well, the radar is lit up with the latest storm this morning. our team is out early this morning monitoring those conditions. as you head out the door. thanks so much for joining us. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm kris sanchez.
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let's get to kari hall who is tracking what's here. >> it's hard to see when it's really pouring down. and you have to turn on the wind shield wipers as we look at the storm ranger this morning. we can see that all of the bay area is getting some rain right now. this will become more scattered going throughout the day. just in terms of where the heaviest rain falling. even as we zoom into san francisco, it will be tough over the next few months until it shifts more into the east bay. we are seeing that rain moving into richmond as well as lafayette over to concord. then some of the rain that


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