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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 6, 2019 4:30am-4:58am PST

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and for how long? well, the radar is lit up with the latest storm this morning. our team is out early this morning monitoring those conditions. as you head out the door. thanks so much for joining us. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm kris sanchez. let's get to kari hall who is tracking what's here. >> it's hard to see when it's really pouring down. and you have to turn on the wind shield wipers as we look at the storm ranger this morning. we can see that all of the bay area is getting some rain right now. this will become more scattered going throughout the day. just in terms of where the heaviest rain falling. even as we zoom into san francisco, it will be tough over the next few months until it shifts more into the east bay. we are seeing that rain moving into richmond as well as lafayette over to concord. then some of the rain that is picking up for 680.
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so we are going to see some of the rain affecting drivers heading out within the next few minutes. then in san jose we have seen some of the showers thatmie . me areas that are really getting in on some downpours and then you see right in downtown san jose very light. then we head to the south county where you're going to see at times heavy rain moving through. this system is giving us the heaviest part of the storm. so as it moves through our winds will pick up. there will be some brief, heavy rain. then as we go into late morning into early afternoon, we start to see this backing off. easing up a bit. some of us catch more of a break through 8:00 or headed out, kid headed to school. but scattered rain showers off and on today. this is something we'll be watching over the next few hours
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and our microclimate weather alert continues. mike, you're looking out for a crash. >> yeah, first of all, there's water on the lens here at berkeley curve. right where 80 and 580 split. i have not seen any flashing lights or any activity. wind across the bay bridge and kari showed you that system. so far, look at the green, so much green that it blends in with the green highlighting. green means wet roadways and blue means puddling and ponding. bay so far. on both sides of back to you. all right, our team coverage for our microclimate weather alert has been in full effect. you are going to be waking up with a wet commute so figure extra time in. >> "today in the bay," we are live near walnut creek.
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how are conditions out there? >> reporter: well, the rain has been off and on. the hood has been up and down. good warning for drivers as you talk to me for sure because i can tell you that the hundred miles i drove so far this morning, the rain was extremely heavy in spots. and in fact, most of the way as i drove here this morning. a lot of puddling on the interstate and you can feel it sometimes. just a little bit of hydroplane. so important for people to stay on top of their driving and maybe slow it down. we are starting to see some of the commuters start arriving to the b.a.r.t. station already this morning. i can tell you in the next hour as you you were talking about and maybe we're seeing the front edge of it, the heavier stuff coming into walnut creek right now. it can get extremely osta county, folks who are living in the lower lying areas, maybe in the hundred year floodplain there are no warnings out there right now. if you want to be prepared the
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sandbag stations are open. you can go to the contra costa county website. go to the third sand bag, you will see five or six locations around there. we are staying on top of this. we are hoping to talk to a couple of drivers in the next hour or so. find out what it's like for folks out there so far this morning. here in the east bay and in contra costa county. we'll check in with a little bit. we're live in walnut creek, tom jenson, "today in the bay." well, we have been keeping an eye on t pg&e map. they're small so far. if that storm comes in as advised, welln' normally issue anynow, yesterday some fle
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delayed for about an hour. right now is a good time to download that nbc bay area app. keep track of that storm. we have the radar on. that way you can get the breaking weather alerts straight to your phone and track the weather in your own neighborhood. well, the east bay is getting closer to the second teacher's strike. on friday, teachers in san ramone voted to authorize a strike. today at a community leader, teachers will update parents on what to expect if there's a strike. that would impact more than 32,000 students. teachers are asking for money and also for better benefits as well. san mateo workers are still on strike. the human services unit group including more than 900 employees inario departments. but we don't know how many will actually take part. this marks the last day of the strike. the county has been maintaining the essentialer coming up here y
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in the bay," google is taking some cues from instagram and pinterest. the changes that the tech giant is now making. plus, why muni's new cards aren't sitting well with the riders. how they're responding this morning. well, a live look at that radar. as you see the yellow and green you know that storm is hovering over the bay area. our meteorologist kari hall will take us through the day. you're watching "today in the bay." with meals like homestyle country fried steak,
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good morning. i'm frank holland here at cnbc's global headquarters. wall street can open slightly in the red. dow futures are down about 25 points and yesterday the stocks flipped for the dow falling for fifth time in six days. the investors are searching for some clarity in the trade talks between the u.s. and china. one of the biggest remaining issues for the markets this year. on today's watch list, reporting on the hiring in the private sector. google issomeues from instagram and pinterest. they are testing shopable ads. for example, if you find apeect. the test is currently visible u search for certain broader topics. and samsung is reporting two more foldable phones for the upcoming galaxy fold. that device has a tablet sized inner screen that unfolds like a book. reports say one has a large
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screen that wraps around the outside of the device while the other is said to be a vertical clam shell phone with a smaller external screen. samsung is working on a few issues with the galaxy fold including a visible crease that develops on the screen. that might be a problem for selfies. >> yeah. >> but a bigger screen is a good i think in. >> no, i want to fit it in the pocket. we're not into the foldable thing. >> i don't trust the hinge though. >> we're going back to the flip phones. going backwards in time. >> basically. >> so we'll see you in an hour from now backwards not forwards. >> thanks, frank. coming up today, kaal wet r have the drive through some a busy start as a lot of people heavy downpours here and there. walnut creek seeing the rain. it will continue at times today. as we get a look at storm ranger we are getting in on some wet
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weather. we'll talk about when this starts to become a little bit lighter. that's coming up next. plus, it's not just here in the bay area that rain is slamming southern california. and the lightning is causing some problems at l.a.x. and the flights that was forced to land. and the head lights show you have slick roads here in dublin. we'll talk about spinouts and where the latest have popped up or cleared coming up.
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all right. looking live at the radar, which by the way you can take with you if you get the nbc bay area app. you can see all of the red, the orange even. and all of that green on the radar. kari is tracking it all this morning. certaiy, driving in this morning. >> hands on the wheels. >> responsible. >> yeah. very responsible. >> well, you have been tracking that storm, so whae coming through this morning with some of the heavier rain and then as we look at the storm sen is falling. green where it's a little bit lighter. so we are seeing it coming through in waves. let's look at the north bay, santa rosa and novato.
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we are going to also see only of the heavier rain moving in san francisco, over towards the bay bridge and then toward emeryville and berkeley. for the tri-valley, we are seeing some lighter showers there as well as contra costa county where it will be off and on. as you get ready to head out earlier this moe eom heavy rain moving through santa clara and approaching downtown san jose. so most of this coming through with the brunt of the storm this morning and some gusty winds. then we'll start to see the activity taperin so looking at our 24 hour tomorrow total, santa little m than an inch of rain there. richmond, more t inchan jose ha quarter of an inch. it's been much lighter and starting to get going in livermore with a tenth of an inch of rain so far. we are going to see waves of the
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heavy rain tapering off by 8:00 or 9:00. then throughout the rest of the day, scattered showers off and on rain. even some breaks in between. so you may get outside and get some things done in time for the evening commute we start to see the rain getting going once again for parts of the bay area. but then tapering off as we go into tomorrow morning we are going to see this rain winding down. for a look at how much more of the rain that we're going to see, let's head over to the san francisco. how is it looking out there? >> reporter: i took advantage of the fact that we have pulled off to the side, just before climbing into the summit. so it's not as windy down here, but we are near highway 17 which is why i'm under the umbrella, because it's not windy here, that is. it's rain and the visibility is very limited. if you can please pop up the graphics i can take you through the time line of the estimated rain totals we are expected. not just for today, but through
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tomorrow as well. we expect the higher elevations to get the majority of the snowfall. right around noon, an additional half an in. santa rosa, half an inch as well near redwood estates. everyone else, half an inch to a quarter of an inch. rain in sports intent of an inc other areas. in the redwood estate tomorrow, over an inch. so we're tracking a good amount of rainfall and that wind advisory is in place. what we'll do for the next hour block, 5:45 we'll head up to the summit in the mountains and i guarantee you i won't be able to use the handy dandy umbrella. kari, back to you. >> try to stay dry. so we are going to have to deal with some gusty winds and also the wind advisory that continues until 4:00 today. this is mostly for the hills.
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so as she heads up to the summit, she may have more of an impact with the gusty winds and the santa cruz mountains, also for parts of the east bay hills and the north bay hills. after this, we are going to see the rain winding down some colder air moving in. and that's as the cold front passes by. it's going to give us a little bit of a break on friday. we will still have a slight chance of rain in the forecast on saturday. don't forget to set our clocks forward early on sunday morning. then early next week, it looks like we'll catch a break be drier weather moving in. scattered rain off and on today, winding dowtomorrow. thenooweekend. may impact your weekend plans so i'll be tracking that. and a couple of spotty showers mike, you were saying there's some single car spinouts. >> yeah. one car involved and it ends up facing the wrong direction. so a lot of spinouts out there, or likely. we look at kari's again, put it
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on the traffic map, you can see the activity. south bay, peninsula, heading over across the east bay hills and in towards livermore and the rest of the tri-valley. we are not used to the morning commute being so sl. the contra costa county and the east bay as well. but the green shoulder. no injuries t 80 getting away from the bay bridge, over on the shoulder. ng off of the decline from san francisco in to oakland you may get a quick traffic break or slowing. there's a disabled vehicle. and they may have to help that off the freeway. again, across the bay bridge, a wind advisory lifted. you can see from oakland it will shake from time to time. blurry view and again winds gusty at times. we're watching the peninsula as well with palo alto. looking at the soupy conditions
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right there. and lit up with the water on the lens. keep the wipers in good shape. also transit in good shape so far. watch for any weather related delays. none so far. >> good to see no delays with a morning like this. 4:50 right now. evacuations are in effect across parts of southern wildfi. a lot of lightning on the streets -- you saw it in the video. concern, montecito a massive mu people last winter. so far, no reports of serious damage. also in southern california, amazing video caught on camera. take a look at this. this is at l.a.x. that lightning show that you see right there this is late last night. three of those terminals there lost power briefly. you can see -- look at that. you can see why. one of those planes headed to seattle was actually hit by a bolt of lightning. that pilot requested to turn around and the passengers were able
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time. all right, those impacted by the deadly campfire are getting a helping hand this morning. san francisco restore medical services to those impacted by the fire and want to go. another donation was made by those who did not want to be named. the recreational pot businesses are now allowed to set up within the city limits making it the first city within marin county to do so. there won't be a medical only cannabis. happening today, san francisco transit is breaking ground on the first phase of the new geary rapid project. it will bring bus only lanes
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along market streets. safety improvements will be made west and that won't be done until 2021 at the earliest. do you remember the feeling you used to have when you sat in the booster seat or a high chair? too long ago for me to remember. but some muni riders are feeling a little y're not too happy about it. the light rail trains have higher seats, if you're tall like me, 6'4" that's fine. but if you're under 5'4" not so much. they're getting complaints because there's a real safety hazard in the event of a sudden stop. muni is considering lowering them by two inches. >> uncomfortable when your feet dangle. you wouldn't know. you can't touch the ground. can'tell him. he doesn't know what it's like. >> look, i want everyone to be
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comfortable. >> right. 4:53. coming up, nbc bay area responds. >> a shipment of honey from overseas turns sour and we spend 12 months trying to sweeten things up. nbc bay area responds, next. well,now, and their mother have left australia to return home to bhutan where they'll be reuniting with their families. they were 15 months old when they got to australia and they spent five months before and after undergoing surgery to be separated. they were joined at the torso and they shared a liver. more news after the break.
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good morning. sometimes we're able to get results in days, even hours. not so much s. hers was sticky. she opens a small pounds of honey. a 30 pound africa for her business. but the shipping bill listed it as 50 pounds, which drove up the cost by $500. that's 500 bucks more than she had budgeted. well, ella disputed the charge and refused to pay. dhl then closed her account. so she turned to us in early 2018. we contacted dhl and our team sent several inquiries throughout 2018 and then in january of this year, 2019, ella says dhl compromised. it reopened her account and gav.
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dhl did not respond to our request for comment. call us with your consumer complaints 888-996-tips. or visit the website. well, we're continuing to follow that rainstorm as it hovers over the bay area. kari will look at what we can expect throughout the day.
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so, come on home to what you love. come on home to cracker barrel. to take care of yourself. but nature's bounty has innovative ways to help you maintain balance and help keep you active and well-rested. because hey, tomorrow's coming up fast. nature's bounty. because you're better off healthy. bay area. we )re in a microclimate weather alert-- here )s a live look at our radar which is lit up. we have live team coverage right now at 5:00, another storm slamming the bay area. what you see is lit up, and we have live team coverage including -- >> i'm sure it will get cleaned up, eventually. yeah.
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>> a live report from the north bay where many folks a working to recover from the historicng we are keeping an eye on conditions there. plus, michael cohen back on capitol hill today. the question president trump's former attorney is facing from congress after last week's bombshell testimony. and good morning to you, as we continue with "today in the bay." we have been on air since 4:00 this morning just to get you out the door. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm kris sanchez. laura garcia is off. we want to make sure you're ready for the rain because the commute was affected at 4:00 in morning. >> especially with the rain coming through early and then tapering off as we go throughout the day. we are going to have some gusty winds. this is a live look at our storm ranger showing waves of heavy rain in parts of the north bay and the santa cruz mountains into the east bay. a closer look at the rain moving
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