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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 6, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PST

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>> a live report from the north bay where many folks are still working to recover from the historic flooding. we are keeping an eye on conditions there. plus, michael cohen back on capitol hill today. the question president trump's former attorney is facing from congress after last week's bombshell testimony. and good morning to you, as we continue with "today in the bay." we have been on air since 4:00 this morning just to get you out the door. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm kris sanchez. laura garcia is off. we want to make sure you're ready for the rain because the commute was affected at 4:00 in morning. >> especially with the rain coming through early and then tapering off as we go throughout the day. we are going to have some gusty winds. this is a live look at our storm ranger showing waves of heavy rain in parts of the north bay and the santa cruz mountains into the east bay. a closer look at the rain moving
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through napa, into fairfield and also around vallejo right now. and then the heavy rain is starting to move out of san francisco, but approaching oakland and moving off towards the east. we are going to see this off and on throughout the morning. impacting your commute, creating some slick spots on the roads as we go around the bay area. where it's green, it's lighter rain and where it's yellow, heavier. this is going to also start to taper off going into the afternoon. as the main part of this storm starts to shift off to the east, we'll talk about what else is ahead for the rest of the day. mike, you have a new advisory from chp. >> that's right. and clear, chp gives you the advisory for this one, it's not a weather advisory but related. they said be careful, they've got gusty winds as they cross that richmond-san rafael bridge.
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it will be a problem for traction and the volume is holding off right now, but starting to build for that part of the east bay. that's why it's bad timing for the rain to come through as kari is talking about. that green highlighted wet road all over. it's good news across most of the bay, a little build over at the toll plaza is continuing. spinouts, none affecting the lanes as far as traffic flow goes. we have puddling and ponding now reported around saratoga. back to you. >> thank you. we have been seeing the rain come down all night long and not just in the north bay. our other reporters are tracking rain looking for trouble spots. >> "today in the bay" roz plater is out there for us this morning. she's in san jose near the guadalupe river. you have yourself covered up so i assume the rain is coming down. >> reporter: it is coming down. what has changed since we last spoke with you the wind has picked up. it feels a lot colder and that wind is now blowing the rain
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sideways a little bit. let's show you some video of the rain. it is steadily coming down right now. not a downpour, but some steady rain coming down. as we're driving out here enough rain to make the roads really slick. so you have to be careful about driving. it is starting to puddle up some on the sidewalks and along the stretches of the roadway. now, back out here live, we're along guadalupe river which i can tell you if you can't see a lot of it right now. in the dark. but it is rather full at this point and this is a potential trouble spot. so this is going to be watched very carefully. of course along the river here throughout san jose stretches of it, very flood prone and at risk for flooding if the rain and the storm picks up here. as you know three weeks ago we had evacuation warnings along little glen way. fortunately none of that so far this morning but again the rain is sort of just starting -- feels like we're in a little bit of a lull before the storm. but again, that wind has picked
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up. the rain will pick up as we're told. and so we expect to see things change out here. we'll be monitoring it but as you can see now that wind has picked up and the rain going sideways a little bit. so things are starting to get a little more troublesome out this way. i'm roz plater for "today in the bay." >> thank you. we look at the weather situation down -- up in guerneville where the clean-up continues following last week's heavy rainfall in the area. >> and we have a look at the weather conditions right now. pete, you think that this rain will have any impact on the clean-up there? >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you, we are not getting enough rainfall to lead to any sort of flooding. i know that the russian river flood stages are very below, well below and that will contribute to issues as far as cleaning up the debris in the
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area. we know that sonoma county has declared a healthed a riz -- health advisory. when you think about it, there were nearly 2,000 structures affected by the flooding in guerneville and throughout sonoma county. so there's sewage, gasoline, flowing into the river. so any -- it could impact those efforts as far as preventing the flow of the materials into the russian river. now first damages we're talking about, talking about $155 million in damages throughout sonoma county. it's unclear if there's any federal help from that end. but we know that sonoma county -- they'll discuss the next steps tomorrow. we're live here in guerneville. >> pete thanks for that update here. now a live look at interstate 80 and at least the roads are finally clear from most of the recent storm there. there it is, back up now.
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between now and thursday those elevations will see between three feet of new snow and kari is monitoring that situation as well. if people are headed that way, they need to be cautious about that. >> you can see the road is open, but they're going very slowly. so you have the things to monitor as far as the road conditions there. looking at our additional snowfall totals, up to three feet in some areas. we have gotten about two feet. we have two more feet on the way. so that's something we'll be watching as the road conditions continue to deteriorate as the snow comes down. i'm also tracking this storm on social media platforms. i'm tweeting the latest information about this storm. so another update coming up in a few minutes. all right. okay. so we want to take you out to washington now where this is going to be happening. you can track kari on the social media platforms and we're
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tweeting when the heaviest rain is going to start. also in other top stories this is happening today. president trump's former personal lawyer michael cohen is expected back on capitol hill for a second day of hearings with the house intelligence committee. this time though he is speaking behind closed doors. some republicans say cohen has credibility problems and right to demand corroboration, but others are saying he's credible at times because he's showing up with corroborating documents to support his testimony. tense moments at the sacramento city hall, closer to home here last night. frustrated residents sounding off against the mayor and the police chief. this is all because of the killing of stephon clark. a decision by county and state officials not to file criminal charges against the two officers who killed him last year led to a lot of protests including this last night. hundreds of clark supporters shouted down city leaders and
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this was over the arrest made monday night over what they said was a peaceful demonstration. >> we were met by police at every intersection where we could not turn. >> it was wrong and y'all know that. each one of y'all know it. it was wrong. >> the sacramento police chief said his department is reviewing what happened with the arrests on monday. clark's family meanwhile has filed a $20 million federal lawsuit against the city. 5:08 for you right now, new details on a new statewide effort to boost wildfire prevention. effective immediately, cal fire leaders are implementing a list of fuel reduction projects for the most at risk areas. now, the list of 35 projects includes clearing vegetation, adds defensible space and adding more fuel breaks. the national guard will immediately target about 90,000 acres. that effort is expected to help protect some 200 communities. in all, cal fires says statewide
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about 15 million acres of forest need to be thinned or -- for restoration. 5:09. we have some widespread rain across the bay area. we can see it on storm ranger. it is starting to taper off for parts of the north bay from ukiah to santa rosa. elsewhere it is coming down. during this morning's commute we'll have some of the slick spots, standing water on the roadways. not only that, but we have the gusty winds. as we go through the 6:00 to 7:00 hour still heavy rain in the tri-valley area and parts of the south bay. notice it starts to ease up a little bit for san francisco as well as parts of the north bay. so that will be the trend. a lot of the heaviest rain moving through over the next two to three hours. i'll have another update and mike, you take us down the san jose. >> yeah. we had it in the north bay and
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the south bay was dry and this is our camera at 101, not dry. look at this, folks. this will be what you're dealing with as you're coming through silicon valley that is a problem compared to last week. much different situation. superimposed over south bay, and across to fremont, the tri-valley, sonoma. no problems as far as -- as we pull that radar layer away. but puddling and ponding in saratoga, cupertino, 280 is moving smoothly through the south bay. no problem, the build forming at the bay bridge itself. so far, we have seen no problems for that eastbound counter commute direction. back to you. well, coming up on "today in the bay," r. kelly speaks out against the sexual abuse allegations. >> that you have never held
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anybody against their will. >> i don't need to. why would i? how stupid would it be for -- >> emotional interview and what he is saying about the claims against him. back here at home, one of the local cities is showing off a tesla police car. we'll show you coming up. plus ahead at 5:25, heading out to tour the damage done. the presidential visit to the south following the deadly twisters there. what's better than having fast,
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mike traffic tease good wednesday morning. our microclimate weather alert continues as we approach 5:14. we will see waves of rain move through and gusty winds. expect the rain to come in rains, but breaks in between as we track this on storm ranger. some of the heaviest rain moving through the north bay. a closer look at this and what's ahead coming up in less than five minutes. looking a little soupy for the san mateo bridge. i have a new report a little further north, some more detail coming in right now. and good morning. happy wednesday. the markets have been done four out of the last five days. tesla continues to slip, we'll have an update coming up in a second. but let's talk about facebook. facebook came up several times during a senate committee yesterday, a hearing yesterday. a hearing about vaccinations.
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a young man who just turned 18 who got vaccinated against his mother's wishes and she got most of her false information about vaccines from facebook. >> for my mother, her love, affection and care was used to push an agenda to create a false distress and that should be the primary concern of the american people. >> facebook and other social networks are forced to clamp down on false medical claims. the doctor who claimed that it can cause autism lost his job. officers and department leaders will talk about the other experimental cars including the tesla. also the ford fusion as well. a plug-in hybrid and a toyota prius. so we'll be taking a look at that. we'll have some more
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information. the prius i think is interesting. when the officer says do you know why i pulled you over, you can say because i let you. i don't think you should say that. in your head, in your inside voice. >> inside voice. >> you didn't do anything wrong. >> if you're getting pulled over. you probably did something wrong. >> maybe. yeah. >> maybe. all right. i love it. only in the silicon valley. all right, let's look at the radar right now. and it hasn't changed much. maybe a little bit more yellow and a little bit more orange. all morning long we have seen the green all over the radar. as the rain has been coming down steadily. there was a lot of ponding on the roadway as we were rolling in this morning. our news crews out there on the streets say that they have seen a lot of downpours as well. >> yeah. the good news is that even with this storm it's not an atmospheric river so we're not expecting widespread flooding today and we are not going to see a major impact in terms of the rain that's moving in. but it's more than inconvenient for your morning commute as we are seeing the rain along with
5:17 am
it being wind blown. creating some low visibility in spots. looking at storm ranger we can see where the rain is heaviest right now. starting to taper off farther to the north. but we are seeing some pockets of some heavy rain moving out oft napa county into salah know county and it will make the commute along 680 very wet. looking at san francisco, some of the lighter showers are starting to taper off moving to the east. but moving across the bay and into the east bay and then pretty good coverage of the rain on the peninsula. with some pockets of some heavy downpours and for parts of the east bay, we have seen it off and on here too. so concord is seeing some steady rain coming down. it is also moving through lafayette, but it's lighter over to antioch. for the tri-valley it is pouring in. dublin, pleasant town and livermore. it's about to get heavier into
5:18 am
the next few minutes. it's not raining in east san jose. off and on rain that gets quite heavy and then it becomes more scattered into the afternoon. that's a live look outside in san francisco. but let's talk about how much rain we have already measured and it's been heavy in the north bay with santa rosa over an inch of rain there. a little over an inch of rain in san rafael. so as you get ready to head out and you have to be prepared for weather that changes minute by minute. may not be raining now, but then in the next hour or so it comes down. then it stops, then it starts up again. we'll see that being the trend throughout the afternoon. even though there will be some breaks in between. here we are at 10:00 and not everyone is seeing the rain. but it's still going to be one of those days that it starts the rain, then it clears up, then it starts to rain again. that is what you can expect even
5:19 am
into the evening. finally ending later on tonight. additionally, about half an inch of rain in santa rosa. lighter amounts into the north bay and san francisco. then less than an inch for areas in the east bay as well as the tri-valley. still going to be breezy until 4:00 today, especially in the hills with our gusts that could reach over 16 miles an hour. our seven day forecast shows that there will be much more of a break as we go into the next several days. only some scattered showers once this storm moves out on saturday. we're going to see another round of rain moving in and we set our clocks one hour forward for more sunshine on sunday. and i think at that point we will all be ready for more sun going into next week. mike, it has been pretty windy on some of the bridges. >> it has. we could use that hour we'll lose on sunday. what you can do, folks, prepare for the slick conditions out on the roadways. here we see the water kicking
5:20 am
up. slick roads in fremont. there you can see that flag, it's been flapping around aggressively as well. wind advisory issued by many of the chp over the bridges. water falling in saratoga, cupertino, south bay. also in toward the tri-valley for 680. we don't see additional flooding in the areas. you see the blue popping up. puddling and ponding is more likely and it's concentrated over again saratoga hills. as we look up further up to the bay bridge, smooth drive. and the lights will turn on in the cash lanes. i want to talk about the north, we'll look on the waze system. nbc bay area is the team you should join. looking at fairfield, we have flooding reported for west 80 in fairfield. that is reported by someone who
5:21 am
is called radrhar. i don't know if it's raider hater, so you pick your name and our team. back to you. >> well, we always pick our team. >> but we're not going to pick sides in the battle of the bays. all right. well, coming up, devastation and destruction in the south. when president trump will travel to the areas hit hard by deadly tornados. let's go.
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time since being charged: singer r-kelly .. in an explosive inter 5:23. speaking out for first time since he was charged. singer r. kelly in an explosive interview. >> i'm fighting for my [ bleep ] life! >> his interview with gayle king airs today on cbs. last month, chicago prosecutors charged him with ten felony sexual abuse counts. he pleaded not guilty. with king, he strongly denied those allegations.
5:24 am
>> you never held anybody against their will. >> i don't need to. why would i? how stupid with r. kelly and all i have been through in my way, way past to hold somebody let alone four or five, six, 50 you said. how stupid would i be to do that? >> kelly also believes that he may be the victim of double jeopardy. that interview airs in full this morning on cbs. 5:24. and president trump heads to alabama tomorrow to tour the areas ravaged by deadly tornadoes. at least 23 people died from the severe storms that rolled through eastern alabama on sunday. among the dead, seven people from the same family and at least four are children. survivors are through resolved to rebuild. >> it's been in the family for years and that's something we're not willing to let go. i mean, we're very grateful to have this and just because this happened means we're not going to leave it. >> search teams are still trying
5:25 am
to locate at least a half dozen people who remain unaccounted for. all happening today, the deaths of two migrant children who died in u.s. custody will get a closer look. the senate judiciary committee is holding a hearing on u.s. policy for detaining migrant families. two children died in december in separate incidents. an 8-year-old died after showing flu-like symptoms and a 7-year-old was flown from the detention center to texas after suffering a fever nearly 106 degrees and likely sepsis shock. right now, 1.5 million children in one country on the brink of starvation. >> this is called the worst place in the world for a child to live and no tv journalist has been there in five years. that is until now. on the "today" show, nbc correspondent cynthia mcfadden
5:26 am
has an exclusive look as families are forced to flee their homes as isis forces take control. i spoke with cynthia yesterday who says that the crisis is being ignored. >> at the end of this report no one can say they don't know it's happening about i think in addition, there's a growing geopolitical crisis in this part of africa. we dig deep into that. >> now, watch her exclusive report on the "today" show. you can see what you can actually do from he in the bay area. that's after "today in the bay" starting at 7:00 this morning. well, next here on "today in the bay," a second east bay school district where teachers could soon go on strike. how soon they could be walking out of the classrooms on to the picket line. and we're not the only ones getting rain here in the bay area. rain is also slamming southern california. you saw lightning there. we'll show you the issues that that created at l.a.x. and one flight that was forced to land.
5:27 am
>> yeah. no lightning here, but a lot of rain in the forecast. meteorologist kari hall is monitoring what we can expect throughout the day. 5:26. you're watching "today in the bay." we )re in a microclimate wr
5:28 am
5:29 am
alert-- right now at 5:30, the rain is pelting the bay area. we are in a microclimate weather alert for you on this wednesday morning. now, here's a live look outside at the golden gate bridge and palo alto. wet roads and rain drops on the camera there. so that radar lit up with the latest storm. our team is up -- they were up early this morning looking at the conditions to prepare you to head out the door. and a good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm kris sanchez, in for
5:30 am
laura garcia. i want to get to kari hall who is telling us what all the rain means and how long it will stick around. >> yeah. if you're up early this morning, you have to get to work, you're dealing with the worst of the rain. later on it will taper off. some rain is coming down, heading over toward campbell only some upper 50s in terms of temperatures. there will be some more breaks going into early afternoon here. as we look at storm ranger rain is starting to taper off to the north. we are going to see the rain returning for a little while and once again, the nature of this storm will be for some off and on rain. there will be some breaks in between. then for most of the east bay, we are just covered with a steady downpour. it gets heavier in some spots for livermore, heavier there. as you head down to san jose it's moving in to east san jose and downtown. so we are still going to see the showers in the forecast into the
5:31 am
afternoon. and then this storm system will be tapering off. that's a live look outside in san francisco. we'll talk about also what's ahead for the weekend coming up in six minutes and mike, you'll take us now to the bay bridge. >> yeah, because this shot from the bay bridge camera tells it all. we have wet roadways and we have the build for the commute and slick conditions. that's the factor that's out there. now, you can't see the wind. we don't see that rain going sideways but there was a wind advisory issued by chp. overnight, might be gusty from time to time. many of the bridges around the bay, so keep that in mind. the green highlighting wet roadways. blue roadways puddling and ponding. getting off to the freeway on and off ramps in oakland, as you're coming down to the eastbound 580 as recorded earlier. no traffic incidents slowing you, but there's a need to slow down. we have wet roadways and that's the main word of caution. back to you.
5:32 am
our team coverage does continue through the morning. and you will be waking up to a wet commute as you head out. as mike said, factor in some extra time for your drive. "today in the bay" thom jensen is live at the walnut creek near the b.a.r.t. station. looks like the rain slacked off a bit where you are. >> reporter: it has been off and on again this morning. we're in an off period right now, but it has been heavy at times and we are starting to see more people start to get around. more drivers get around this morning. we did have some heavier showers earlier i can tell you as i drove in from the sacramento area. pretty much from davis all the way in to walnut creek. it was pretty heavy, extremely heavy at times. there was a lot of puddling on the interstate and you can feel the car hydroplaning a couple of times even when you slowed down. so here we talked to drivers this morning about all of this rain that we have been experiencing so far this winter.
5:33 am
what most concerns you when you see the big storms come through here? >> other drivers. just if they're paying attention or not. >> so you feel confident about you staying on top of it -- >> as much as i can. just pay attention. drive slower. >> reporter: always good tips. stay on top of your driving out there. watch for those puddles. still dark and very difficult to see some of that puddling while it is still dark. just for people living in those lower areas and the 100 year floodplain areas, i know here in contra costa county if you're concerned if we see flash flood warnings later on, they have five or six different sandbagging locations already set up. and you can go to the contra costa county's website. just put in sandbags in the search bar and you will find a location.
5:34 am
thom jensen, "today in the bay." we have been keeping an eye on the pg&e power outage map. nothing major so far. so far, the outages are small and sporadic. and happening now, evacuations are in effect across parts of southern california as the atmospheric river rolls across some of the same areas recently hit by wildfires. the video coming in overnight also shows a lot of lightning as you see right there. one of the areas of big concern, montecito in santa barbara county. 23 people were killed last winter. so far overnight no reports of serious damage. also in southern california, amazing video. look at this right here. all caught on camera last night at l.a.x. lightning show. the lightning there causing three terminals to lose power briefly and a plane heading to seattle actually was hit by a bolt of lightning. the pilot requested to turn around. and those passengers were put on
5:35 am
another flight. in some other nonweather related news, after we get to the -- you can get the bay area alert app and you can get breaking news to your phone. you can track the news. speaking of news, happening today the east bay is getting closer to a second teacher's strike. on friday, teachers in san ramon voted to authorize a strike if they cannot reach a deal with the direct. today at a community meeting they'll update parents on what to expect if teachers really do go on strike. this would impact more than 32,000 students in that district. by the way, teachers are asking for more money and better benefits. 5:35. in san mateo, the workers are still on strike. the human services group includes more than 900 employees in various departments so we don't know how many will take part today. this marks the last day of the strike. the county has been maintaining the essential services throughout the strike. happening today, san
5:36 am
francisco transit is breaking ground on the first phase of the new geary rapid project. which will bring bus only lanes to geary between ostan onand market streets. it would by safety improvements west of stanion and it would not be complete until 2021 until the earliest. do you remember the feeling you had when sitting in the booster seat and high chair? >> every day. >> apparently some san francisco muni riders are feeling that right now and they're not happy at all. according to the examiner, the latest generation of light rail trains have higher seats which is fine if you're tall like myself. but if you're under 5'4" not so much. muni is getting a lot of complaints in part because there's a real safety concern hazard in the event of a sudden stop. muni says it's now considering lowering many of the seats by just two inches and the final
5:37 am
vote is not expected until may. so mike, that's good for some. not so easy for others. >> i think they should have asked someone else besides you. >> like normal people. >> i did my part. >> no delays reported for muni no matter what height you are. you should be okay an the system. we're watching for any weather related delays. none for right now, including the ferries. and to the south, more rain than we saw last week when i was the rainy at this time of the morning. wet roadways all around the bay. a nice smooth drive through contra costa county. and the upper east shore freeway as we look over here, you see the berkeley curve. there was a crash reported somewhere around that berkeley curve. we see the taillights that are headed towards the toll plaza. >> a lot of rain drops there on the windshields. and you might be wondering is it going to stick around for the weekend? >> it won't rain the whole
5:38 am
weekend but some rain is moving through parts of the bay area. this is a look at what you'll face headed out the door. pretty much raining everywhere except for the north bay and the peninsula. as we look at the overall system affecting much of the travel spots that people may be heading to over the next few days. by saturday, there will be some spotty showers but once again not raining all day. we're not going to see it as widespread. on sunday, we'll get some sunshine and temperatures slightly warmer. a cool weekend with the highs in the upper 50s. napa, up to 53 degrees on saturday. and going to yosemite, it will be snowing on friday. as well as sunday. but saturday, we're going to see a little bit of a break in some of the downpours. then for monterrey, on and off showers for the weekend there. sun coming out and then mostly cloudy skies.
5:39 am
for l.a., we will see the rain returning there on sunday. kind of a mixed bag of weather across the state. if you're traveling keep checking on the nbc bay area app we'll keep you informed. we'll talk about what's going on today. that's coming up in three minutes. well, coming up here on "today in the bay," our storm watch team coverage continues. we'll take you live to santa cruz mountains as it is getting pounded by that rain. "today in the bay" is tracking the rain coming in. there's more checks like the canceled kind. we'll take a look when "today in the bay" returns. to simone, i leave the van gogh.
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right now at 5:42, we are under a microclimate weather alert, tracking a soggy morning commute. this is a live look outside in palo alto, highway 101 showing rain coming down. with the slippery commute, there will be some breaks in the rain as we go throughout the day. storm ranger showing that the rain should be out of the north bay, now into the east bay. we'll track this storm live that's coming up in about five minutes. and right now the oakland camera shakes from time to time as the wind takes movement there. movement on the roadways but we have a crash headed to the coliseum. that's one concern. and the san mateo bridge, it's soupy out there. we'll talk about what else chp had to say.
5:43 am
the president says congressional investigations against him are quote disgraceful and abusive. good morning. as committees all over capitol hill ramp up their demands for testimony and documents, the president's former lawyer michael cohen will return to the house intelligence committee today to testify. this one behind closed doors. here we see the now historic public testimony. today by the way was the day that cohen was originally scheduled to go to prison. that's been scheduled. republicans paint him as not credible and he was convicted of lying to congress, but he does come with documents. most famously the canceled checks he says were connected to trump's payouts to two women to cover up affairs. we have seen several of these checks, and now "the new york times" has six more and published details about them today. the russians, chinese and europeans are meeting in vienna to talk about iran's nuclear deal. this is the deal we have pulled out of, but everyone else stayed
5:44 am
in. here's video of the u.n. and the iaea announcing that iran stuck to its side of the deal. whether the decision to pull out was right or wrong it puts us on the outside looking in. the deal is still in effect. but we're not part of the discussions. north korea has been rebuilding a missile test center after our talks with that nation broke down. president trump signed an executive order telling government agencies to better coordinate their efforts to prevent suicides by american veterans. >> the veterans are the greatest national treasure. and a lot of people understand that some people don't. they kept us safe we'll keep them safe. >> that's what's going on in washington. you can find me @scott mcgrew on twitter. well, right now taking a
5:45 am
look at the radar as you can see right there. the storm is over the bay area. meteorologist kari hall has been tracking this for us. we saw that rain off and on in many parts of the bay area, but how long will this rain stick around for the day? kari, that's the big question that so many people are asking. >> yeah, pretty widespread over the last hour or so and then it's going to gradually become a little hit or miss in terms of where we are seeing that rain across the bay area. this is a live look outside in dublin. so soggy on 580. if you're getting ready to head out the door, just plan for a longer commute. and some low visibility at times. not only is the rain pouring, but it's also wind blown rain. when we see that, we are not able to really have good driving conditions out there. and this is just in time for a lot of people to -- the early commuters headed out on the roads. we are also seeing some of the heavier rain moving through parts of the north bay. it's kind of easing off for
5:46 am
santa rosa and then we are seeing it moves into marin and southern sonoma county, over to napa county. san francisco seeing some very light rain and it does get heavier as you head down around palo alto. then also into parts of the east bay where the rain is kind of shifting over towards alameda and contra costa counties. where we see it's yellow, that's heavier rain. and then where it's red that's really heavy rain around hayward. then it's raining quite heavily in downtown san jose. so if you're getting ready to head out in the next few minutes plan on it being really rough for the next 20 or 30 minutes. if you can wait that amount of time you'll have better driving conditions in the south bay. as we get a look at this storm, we are seeing some scattered showers, even some thunderstorms popping up. there will be a chance of some thunderstorms into the afternoon. that's a live look at the golden gate bridge and the driving conditions there. once again they have gotten better. looking at how much rain we have
5:47 am
measured, santa rosa almost an inch and a half. over an inch of rain in richmond. san jose measures ago a quarter inch of rain and in livermore only a tenth of an inch of rain so far. but there's still some heavy waves of rain moving in. kind of off and on, but later on this morning into the afternoon, it's more off than it is on. but where we see these little cells, there could be a few isolated thunderstorms popping up. but we have to be prepared for quickly changing weather between today into early tomorrow morning. during this time, we're looking at some additional rainfall and for more on that, let's head over to our forecaster live in the santa cruz mountains. you put the umbrella down and the hood up. >> reporter: yeah, i did. we have moved to a higher elevation and we're at the summit now. it's a lot windier up here. you can imagine me flying away,
5:48 am
which would make for great tv. you can see it's coming down pretty steady. right now, we were driving up, you can see a couple of cars slowing down. you know chp is making sure that the meters are slowing things down. we saw a couple of rocks, debris areas and the mudslides and debris flow is a concern. i want to talk about the estimated rain totals. through tomorrow as well, right you, till about noon today we are still expecting an additional half an inch. right here in the santa cruz, with the higher elevations over half an inch. if we take it all the way through tomorrow, until 10:00 at night we can see an additional half an inch to an inch of rain. i don't know, right now we just got a gusty wind. that kind of started to blow. so we'll stay -- we'll continue to monitor the situation.
5:49 am
i'll have another update at 6:45. slow down, folks. please slow it down. we can barely see up here. back to you. >> yeah. that wind advisory continues until 4:00 this afternoon so there still may be gusts in our hills. these areas shaded in the tan color, that shows where we have the wind advisory in effect and gusts may reach 60 miles an hour. and throughout the rest of the forecast we'll start to see this wet weather winding down tomorrow. friday is looking really nice but it will be cool behind the front that moves through. our high temperatures in the mid 50s. saturday, another chance of rain, but it's not going to be a big storm. more off and on showers. springing forward this sunday morning, that means setting your clock forward one hour and then we are going to see the temperatures warming up. heading over to mike, you're tracking the roads through the bay. >> i am, kari. look close, this is san jose. the live camera 101 we see
5:50 am
slowing here, but we don't typically see much water kicking up behind these cars. the live camera shows you the story, wind swept rain incary said. watch out. and tougher conditions, but the commute is not as bad as we might see because the volume of traffic is holding off. and slowing where the camera was at north 101 and up to the downtown area. no flooding reported for 87 but that's one of the likely suspects. we have puddling and ponding reported in areas right around 85. saratoga, cupertino. again the thruway is open, but novato, there are some reports up there. look at the tri-valley and the east bay. contra costa county moving nicely, but antioch and toward concord and up in the north bay a couple of crashes over on the shoulder.
5:51 am
minor flooding reported as well at the top of the screen. look at that coming through fairfield. but crashes are over on the shoulder. a quick look shows you the berkeley curve. that rain falling down. the berkeley curve, that moves nicely westbound 80. get through emeryville. there may be a crash, building up towards gilman. that's coming down out of richmond. it is reported and chp is headed to the scene. we have no delays reported by the transit agencies. the wind can be a problem for the ferry, but no problems reported yet. >> thanks, mike. good news, happening now, formerly conjoined twins and their mother have left australia to return home to bhutan. they were 15 months old when they arrived in australia. they spent five months in the country before and after undergoing surgery to be separated. those girls were joined at the torso and shared a liver. we are tracking more than
5:52 am
just rain for you this morning. coming up next on "today in the bay," another bay area school's name is being questioned. we'll take you to the south bay where some parents and students say the school is named after a known racist. plus, the town of paradise in butte county has a long way to recover from the worst wildfires that california has ever seen. but up next they're getting a generous donation to bring medical services back to the devastated community. a shipment of honey from overseas turns sour. we spend 12 months trying to sweeten things up. i'm consumer investor chris chmura. radar
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
well, taking a look right here at the radar as you see on the right, you can see that rain hovering over the bay area. to your left, you see walnut creek. definitely a wet start to your morning. the commute -- we'll look at the traffic and the weather. 5:55 right now. all the wet weather has prompted caltrans to postpone work on the san rafael bridge. chunks of concrete was sent on
5:56 am
cars driving by last month. and happening today, a man accused of recently sucker punching a conservative activist on cal campus is due in court. >> zachary greenberg is expected to be formally charged with assault. cell phone video captured that confrontation on february 19th. williams the man who was punched was representing turning point. the video shows him being struck one time. neither of the victim of the -- williams appeared at cpac in maryland. unusual grass roots efforts now under way in the south bay. teachers, staff and students at san jose's burnett academy are seeking to change the school's name. the middle school is named after peter burnett. he was california's first governor and only served for one year. the historians now also view him
5:57 am
as a blatant racist. the name change organizers are now accepting recommendations online. >> we have 82 submissions so far. and some of them have been redundant. some of them had a coup -- some wanted to keep it. >> the online campaign ends on monday. at the end of the school year, community leaders will advance three of those names to the district for a final decision. the mountain view city council is reconsidering the cannabis bill after crafting it. it was a long line of people who wanted to speak their minds about it. right now the ordinance allows for two retail stores and two delivery dispensaries. it's not clear how the council might amend their ordinance, but back in october nearly 70% of residents voted in favor of legalizing recreational marijuana. that's when the ordinance was crafted. one east bay city wants to add more surveillance videos to the public intersections and
5:58 am
it's getting the attention from the community. the question is will it make piedmont safer or violate rights? jerry bauers spelled out his reasons by the needs for more public safety cameras. right now, the city has three cameras pointed at one intersection. piedmont and it's part of a pilot program. the next step for more public hearings and that proposal before the city council. all those impacted by the deadly campfire are getting a little help this morning. getting back to normal. san francisco based health surer blue insurancer donated some money. the goal is to help restore medical services to people who were impacted by the fire and who are just trying to live back in their community. $5 million also donated to noventis health by another company that did not want to be
5:59 am
named. 5:58. and a san pablo woman whose case took a year to resolve. >> chris chmura is tenacious and here to explain why it took so long. >> good morning. yes, sometimes we're able to get results in days, even hours. not so much for ella s. hers was sticky. she owns a small business. in late 2017 she had dhl deliver 30 pounds of honey. a 30 pound crate of honey from africa for her business. but the shipping bill listed it as 50 pounds, which drove up the cost by $500. that's 500 bucks more than she had budgeted. well, ella disputed the charge and refused to pay. dhl then closed her account. so she turned to us in early 2018. we contacted dhl. our team sent several inquiries throughout 2018 and then in
6:00 am
january of this year, 2019, ella says dhl compromised. it reopened her account and gave her a $300 refund. dhl did not respond to our request for comment. call us with your consumer complaints. 888-996-tips or visit nbc bay >> thank you. well, right now at 6:00, tracking the storm. nbc bay area issues an alert as yet another storm moves through the area. how much wind and rain we can expect. plus we are live in guerneville in sonoma county as the town prepares to clean up after last week's historic flooding and coping with this latest round of rain. and -- new rumors -- >> why would they talk about you? >> not true. >> angry, emotional and defined. singer r.


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