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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 6, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PST

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says dhl compromised. it reopened her account and gave her a $300 refund. dhl did not respond to our request for comment. call us with your consumer complaints. 888-996-tips or visit nbc bay >> thank you. well, right now at 6:00, tracking the storm. nbc bay area issues an alert as yet another storm moves through the area. how much wind and rain we can expect. plus we are live in guerneville in sonoma county as the town prepares to clean up after last week's historic flooding and coping with this latest round of rain. and -- new rumors -- >> why would they talk about you? >> not true. >> angry, emotional and defined. singer r. kelly in his first
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interview since he was charged with multiple counts of sexual abuse. "today in the bay" continues right now. and good morning to you. we continue as we have been on air since 4:00 this morning. thank you for starting your morning right here with us. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm kris sanchez. sometimes you have to start early because that's when the rain starts to roll in and we know you have long commutes. this is going to last for those folks who commute later. >> yeah, it will taper off for some people, but it will come through in waves. it will be off and on throughout the day as well. here's a look at storm ranger and show you where it's raining, where it's not. it's starting to ease up in parts of sonoma county and still a heavy wave of rain coming through napa and solana counties. a steady downpour across alameda county and this is what we can expect. scattered showers, even the possibility of thunderstorms as the system rolls across the region. going in to late morning, into
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early afternoon, which start to see this becoming a lot more scattered. meaning there's some more breaks, but there will be some rain chances in parts of the bay area into noon, as well as early afternoon. it's one of those days where suddenly it's raining, then it's not. then it's raining again. so we have to be prepared for the mixed bag of weather. we are going to talk about the wind and how much additional rain we are going to see. mike, you have two crashes in tough conditions. >> that's right. first, we'll start with the view from the san mateo bridge toll plaza. you see the build that's kicked in over the last five minutes and from time to time we see the soupy mist, it's hard to look at the bridge traffic because there's so much rainfall or at least a mist and the drizzle. and that's what kari is talking about, the changing conditions. be prepared for that also gusty winds reported across all of the bay area bridges. keep that in mind as well. a crash at kerner, chp is getting there. that's a trouble spot. i have my eyes on that one.
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as well as north 880 at davis street. we know this crash is a problem, coming out of hayward and in to san leandro. that makes things in oakland better. this makes the bay bridge better but worse for the upper east shore. back to you. >> thanks, mike. well, our microclimate weather alert continues now with live team coverage. >> ron slater is in san jose and good morning to you. pete, already, sonoma county isn't catching a break today. >> reporter: yeah, well, chris, at least at this point this morning we are not seeing much rain in the guerneville area. you saw that rain last week where we're standing along river road and that caused a lot of flooding in the area and that's why sonoma has declared a health emergency because there's concern that some of the debris this this area could flow into
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the russian river. not much rain, so there's not much flooding so we won't see that at least this morning. we know that close to 2,000 stretches were affected by flooding in sonoma county so the sewage, the other chemicals from the structures are all -- could be thrown into the russian river. so obviously if that's more rain, there's more floods. that could cause some problems. >> now it's going to cause us a big problem. we didn't have this yesterday, and then overnight it grew. >> i'm sure it will get cleaned up eventually, yeah. i love this little town. a nice town. >> reporter: how about this, guys. there's about $155 million in damages throughout sonoma county as a result of the flooding and really at this point it's unclear if there's any federal help. as far as fixing the issues here. but we know sonoma county board of supervisors will hold a
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special meeting to discuss the next steps tomorrow morning. live here in guerneville, pete suratos. we have other reporters in other parts of the bay area including the south bay where we're watching for trouble spots. >> our team coverage continues with "today in the bay's" roz plater. she is live in san jose near the guadalupe river. roz, i can see some rain kind of coming down in the light behind you there. how are things holding up with the river? >> reporter: yeah, good morning. it is starting to come down much harder than it has been for the past couple of hours that we have been out here. a steady rain just really coming down along with the wind and a little bit of that rain being blown sideways. as we drove out here 3:30 this morning, roads were slick. they're probably a lot more slick than they were and puddling is going on. we are here at one of the potential trouble spots along the guadalupe river.
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this is in sections along san jose potentially at risk for flooding. that has been the case as early as three weeks ago when we had evacuation warnings there. i don't know how much you can see in the dark, that's a potential trouble spot so we'll be watching that throughout the day. as this rain starts to come down in intensity here. so wind along with the rain looks like we're starting to get our fair share more so of the storm. and we'll continue to monitor as things -- as the morning progresses here. for now, live in san jose. roz plater for "today in the bay." >> thank you. well, you know our team is tracking that storm across the bay area and that includes contra costa county. here is live look near the b.a.r.t. station and we're seeing a steady dose of the rain along with the slick roads out there. thom jensen will have an update at the bottom of the hour. also a live look now at the
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santa cruz mountains. an area that's getting some strong wind gusts so make sure if you're driving keep both hands on the steering wheel. also a problem for drivers limited visibility there as we are learning that the storm is making it hard to see. we'll have a report at 6:35. now to the sierra. this is interstate 80 there. a lot of those trucks are stopped on the road there. but the roads are opened for the most recent storm there. but there is more of that snow heading that way, which could cause a lot of problems for people who are driving up to tahoe. >> yeah. a lot of times they'll close the roads just to the big rigs so that may be the reason why they're pulled off to the side while they're letting regular passenger vehicles come by. and you can see on the radar that it is snowing quite heavily as you climb up an elevation on i-80 as well as highway 50. we're still going to see the snow coming down throughout the day. as well as tomorrow and then winding down on friday. we're looking at the possibility of getting another foot to two
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feet of snow and maybe even higher for spots like king veil. i'm tracking this on social media and also we'll talk about what's going on coming up in the next few days. i'm tweeting when the heaviest rain will start and you want to make sure that you're following me @kari hall weather. >> thanks. 6:08 right now. in other top news happening today, president trump's former personal lawyer michael cohen is expected back on capitol hill for his second day of hearings with white house intelligence committee. at this time he is speaking behind closed doors. some republicans say that cohen has credibility problems and they are right to demand the cooperation. but others say that cohen has been credible at times because he showed up with corroborating documents to support his testimony. well, tense moments at sacramento city hall once again where frustrated residents were sounding off against the mayor and the police chief.
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this is all over the stephon clark shooting. the decision by the district attorney and state officials to not file criminal charges against the two officers who killed stephon clark last year has led to more protests. hundreds of clark supporters shouted down city leaders there and then they were also talking about the arrests made on monday night after this protest which they say was actually a peaceful demonstration. >> we were met by police at every intersection where we could not turn. >> it was wrong and y'all know that. each one of y'all know it it was wrong. >> the sacramento police chief say that his department is reviewing what happened with those arrests on monday. meanwhile, clark's family has filed a $20 million federal lawsuit against the city. right now it's 6:09. microclimate weather alert continues with a round of rain moving in. it's not as widespread as it was
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earlier this morning. that is as expected a we'll start to see this pushing off to the west as we head to the santa cruz mountains the south county, heavy rain is moving through. as we go through the rest of the day, off and on showers, even possibly a few thunderstorms in some spots. we are looking at the potential of some gusty winds as well. so lots to track here as we go throughout the day. mike has been tracking the impact of all of this wet weather out there on the roads. >> that's right. we'll look at the oakland camera, you see it shaking and trembling from time to time. the wind is blowing out there. that's one of the dangers being posed and the wet roadways you see the glow from the lights and the water kicking up off the water. that's oakland. the traffic is held up here northbound out of san leandro and westbound for 8, gilman, there's a crash there blocking one lane. the two crashes combined this one coming in to berkeley and the other one coming towards san
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leandro keeping things through oakland a little bit lighter. there's some benefit to the crashes but not those headed to the bay bridge. and i'll get an update from chp. well, coming up, happening today, a brand-new squad car. it's a tesla. after all the city is close to the tesla factory there. how the fully electric vehicle is expected to improve performance as well as save money. plus, facebook under fire once again. this time over vaccines. we'll talk more about it in business and tech. and later, singer r. kelly in his first interview since he was indicted on sexual abuse charges. >> i didn't do this stuff! this is not me! i'm fighting for my [ bleep ] life. >> coming up at 6:25 more of what r. kelly had to say in a charged and emotional interview with gayle king.
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it's 6:11 now. you're watching "today in the bay."
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right now at 6:14, 880 at fremont. this is more of an inconvenience with off and on rain today. not expecting a major impact. our temperatures headed into the upper 50s.
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storm ranger shows the scattered showers moving through. i'll show you what to expect for the rest of the day in five minutes. and just seconds ago, we have this update from waze, our partners saying northbound 880 is jammed at the san leandro. that is adding about 20 minutes to your drive. that's a rough one. talk about more of your commute coming up. good morning to you. happy wednesday. stocks miss again. markets have been down four out of the last five days. tesla continues to slip. we'll have an update on that company in a second. but first, let's talk facebook. coming up several times during a committee hearing yesterday. a hearing about vaccinations. a young man who turned 1 got vaccinated against his mother's wishes. his mother got most of her false information from facebook. >> for my mother her love, affection and care as a parent was used to push an agenda to create a false distress and the
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sources which spread misinformation should be the primary concern of the american people. >> facebook and other social networks are under pressure to clamp down on false medical information online. there's no connection between vaccines and autism. how about a tesla police car? they're experimenting with an all electric police car and it will be shown off today. the officers will talk about the efficacy of a tesla police car and they're experimenting with the ford fusion plug-in hybrid and the toyota prius as well. makes a lot of sense because you're not going to the gas station all the time. plug-in hybrid makes less sense to me. i live about eight miles from the office, i have not gone to the gas station so far in 2019. >> really? >> yep. because it's just all electric. >> the only thing that changes are the prices. >> and still they pump your gas for you.
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>> no -- >> maybe in new jersey. >> thanks. 6:16 right now. the other top story is outside. take a look right there. we are in the microclimate weather alert this morning. the rain is beating down on the bay area. a look at the sky cameras and some of the areas that rain is starting to pick up in the last 30 minutes. some, the rain has kind of gone off a little bit. >> all right, kari is watching all that. >> yeah. it will taper of. it has been doing that in the north bay, like santa rosa and some of the spots that have measured already an inch of rain. we'll take a break for a little while. this is what it looks like as you head out the door. looking at the showers moving through parts of marin county and over towards napa county. as we take a closer look, there
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have been breaks here and there. where it's red and yellow that indicates some heavy rain and it's about to ramp back up for napa once again. san francisco only seeing some spotty sprinkles as we take a break there and get a chance to let that water soak in. look at contra costa, lighter rain at lafayette and it's starting to pick up in antioch right now. and then looking at fremont over towards dublin, pleasanton and livermore, some of the heavier rain is shifting into the area and it's been pouring over the santa cruz mountains. a look at the wide view of this storm. pretty much the whole state is getting in on some of this rain. so as we take a live look outside at the golden gate bridge once again the rain is not falling at this point. but we have some damp roads. we have measured over an inch of rain there but it's more for
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parts of the north bay with san rafael. santa rosa, almost an inch and a half. in richmond, three quarters of an inch and san jose getting closer to half inch of rain and livermore had about a quarter inch of rain. check out the seven day forecast. it's at the bottom of the screen as we get a live look outside in walnut creek with the soggy commute. there's some breaks in the rain today. maybe even the sun peeking out especially by this afternoon. as we take it hour by hour, you see some of the heavier rain shifting off towards the east. and we will just see some lingering light showers very hit or miss. but then as we go into late morning and early afternoon, these scattered showers that pop up will bring in a few thunderstorms. but not everyone will see that. we'll keep the rain chances throughout the evening into early tomorrow morning. additional rainfall at this point looks to be mostly at about a quarter to half inch of rain with the half inch rain totals in the santa cruz mountains. our seven day forecast shows
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that we will get a chance to dry out. even after we see the scattered showers moving in on saturday. on sunday, monday and tuesday it will be much better with some mostly sunny skies. those highs starting to warm up into the low 60s. mike, you're getting a look at the commute this morning. it's just been really sloppy. >> yeah. sloppy and we have a mix of results. kari, you talked about the rain easing off in some sports for the north bay but coming down in the tri-valley. the berkeley curve this looks great. look at how light the traffic is westbound 80. soupy conditions, but not a major problem. minor flooding on surface streets reported of course with bigger puddles. now, i show you the great view of the berkeley curve. traffic is held up right here west 80 at gilman. one lane is blocked at the merge coming off the san rafael to richmond bridge still a factor. but mild slowing for the rest of contra costa county. one slow spot. now coming into the area westbound 80 we talked about that. coming up toward the oakland,
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san leandro, this has two lanes block and waze says it's an extra 20 minutes if you're headed to downtown oakland. the rest of the bay moves smoothly, but this caused a problem. looks like it's cleared to the shoulder at capital expressway and the build is on for san jose. 6:21 right now. coming up on today on the bay, nbc goes deep into the african nation that the united nations calls the worst place on earth for children to live. plus, all new this morning, r. kelly angry and emotional. >> that you never held anybody against their will. >> i don't need to. why would i? >> well -- >> how stupid would -- >> kelly speaking out in a brand-new interview after he was charged with ten counts of sexual abuse. hear from the singer coming up next. new this morning --
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speaking out for the first time since being charged: singer r-kelly .. in an welcome back. it's 6:24. speaking out for the first time since being charged. singer r. kelly in an explosive interview. >> this was not made up, i'm fighting for my [ bleep ] life. >> his interview with gayle king airs later this morning on cbs, but the prosecutors charged r. kelly can ten felony sexual
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abuse counts. he strongly denied the allegations. >> that you have never heard anybody against their will? >> i don't need to. why would i? >> well -- >> how stupid would it be for r. kelly, with all i have been through in my way, way past to hold somebody let alone four or five or six or 50 you said. how stupid would by to do that? >> in this interview, kelly says that he believes he may be the victim of double jeopardy. it airs in full later this morning on cbs. well, president trump heads to alabama tomorrow to tour the areas ravaged by deadly tornadoes. at least 23 people died from the severe storms that rolled through eastern alabama on sunday. now among those dead, seven people from the same family. at least four of them are children. search teams are still trying to locate at least half a dozen people who remain unaccounted for. right now, 1.5 million children in one country alone are on the brink of starvation.
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>> this is happening in the central african republic. the united nations calling it the worst place in the world for a child to live. and no tv journalist has been there in five years. that is until now. on the "today" show, cynthia mcfadden has an exclusive look at families as they're forced to flee from their homes as isis takes control of the area. i spoke with cynthia who said this crisis is being ignored. >> at the end of this report no one can say they don't know it's happening. and i think in addition, there's a growing geopolitical crisis in this part of africa and we dig deep into that. >> now, you can watch our exclusive report on the "today" show. you can see what you can do from right here in the bay area to help as well. that's after the "today in the bay" at 7:00. coming up next, our top story this wednesday morning, it's likely what we'll be talking about it's happening
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right outside your window right now. all that green and the yellow and the orange it's all rain. check out the live radar. it's coming down pretty hard. and it's not just northern california, so cal is getting hammered as well. an atmospheric river is slamming part of that region and giving us that lightning show. this was at l.a.x. up next, we'll tell you about the evacuations in the area. the roads are wet and it's windy out there. make sure you have both hands on the wheel and mike inouye will get you on your way. weather and traffic coming up next as you're watching "today in the bay." live look at radar y
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storm ranger. ad-lib. we )re in a microclimate wea right now at 6:30 a live look at our radar. powered by nbc bay area storm ranger. as you can see, the rain is moving in parts, but still rain in the bay area right now. and good morning to you. thanks so much for starting your morning with us. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia today. we were on at 4:00 this morning so we could bet you ready for the morning commute. "today in the bay" meteorologist kari hall is tracking the system. we hope for a little bit of a break. >> we saw at 4:00 the radar was just covered but now it's very hit or miss. you can see the rain drops hitting the camera lens in the south bay.
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let's look at storm ranger once again. the rain is taking a break in parts of sonoma county. as this shifts off to the south and the east. we are not seeing any rain right now in san francisco. and in parts of the peninsula. but it is pouring as you approach napa and then moving through san rafael. then that's moving over towards vallejo within the next 20 to 30 minutes. not raining now in san francisco, but give it a few minutes and it will come right back in. this is what we'll see throughout the day. rain coming through in waves. not everyone seeing it all at the same time. but it will become a little bit more scattered as we go throughout the day with the south bay seeing some light rain. i'll track this and the weekend forecast and mike, you have several crashes headed towards the bay bridge. >> yeah. three routes that benefits the maze in the bay bridge. you have the backup at the toll plaza. we have been tracking it from the top westbound 88, gilman, one lane still blocked by the crash. chp is working on over 50
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incidents open right now. westbound 24 we have a new crash the latest approaching the tunnel, not in the tunnel, but three vehicles are involved. you see slowing there. jammed up north 880 approaching davis and that is blocking the right. two lanes. all issues as you head in to the bay bridge. south bay moving smoothly, but it's slick. >> thanks. the team on the microclimate coverage here, it has been ongoing. as mike was saying the drivers are waking up to a wet commute this morning. >> and thom jensen is live at the b.a.r.t. station. they're waiting in the rain this morning. >> reporter: it's just drizzling right now but we have seen periods of off and on rain. as i was driving in today from the sacramento area, it was very heavy. extremely heavy from davis all
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the way into walnut creek. we saw a lot of the standing water on the interstate. we talked to drivers here earlier on today about what they have been experiencing this winter with all of these rainstorms coming through. what most concerns you when you see the storms coming through here? >> the other drivers. if they're paying attention. >> you stay on top of it? >> as much as i can. i try to drive slower. >> reporter: she was talking about other drivers there. dina cleveland from livermore and that's what concerns her. she's out on the wet roads and monitoring twitter, hearing a lot of people talking about on 80 and 580 and other areas about drivers are going extremely fast in these -- in this -- on the wet pavement and swerving in and out of traffic. something you have to watch out
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for. we have heard that's several wrecks that we have been watching early this morning. so be careful out there, folks. stay on top of your driving. watch out for the standing water. i can tell you just this morning i can feel myself hydroplaning a couple of times. take it easy. the best advice i can give you. live in walnut creek, thom jensen for "today in the bay." well, things are relatively calm at the guadalupe bay. full as a steady stream of rain is coming down. last month, that was a trouble spot as evacuations were ordered in the willow glen neighborhood after that river crested? now a live look at the weather situation in guerneville as clean-up continues after last week's heavy rainfall in the area. sonoma county is under a health emergency as a result of the flooding from last week and they're trying to keep the hazardous materials from going into the russian river. the goal is to keep the flow of
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the material at bay to prevent more issues in the area. of course you see things get stuck in the river, then you can see flooding. evacuations are in effect across parts of southern california as they are getting the atmospheric river rolling across the same areas hit recently by wildfires. >> that shows a lot of lightning in the area. with off the bay area's biggest concerns is over in montecito. this is in santa barbara county that's where a massive slide killed at least 23 people last winter. so far overnight there have been no reports of serious damage. also in southern california, mark has mentioned the lightning. here's the video of it. you don't see this at l.a.x. very often. it was a show in the sky last night. it was bad for folks who are waiting for -- three terminals lost power briefly. a plane headed to seattle was actually hit by a bolt of lightning so the pilot requested a turn around. and the passengers were put on
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another flight. they must have been a little nerve racked. >> yeah. a great time to stay connected with our nbc bay area app there. keep track of the radar and also as the rain continues to move you can see where it's headed. you can get the alerts right to your phone and track the weather in your own neighborhood. happening today in other news the east bay is getting closer to what could be a second teacher strike. on friday teachers in san ramon voted to authorize a strike if their union cannot reach a deal with the district. today the community meeting teachers will update parents on what to expect if there is a strike. this would impact more than 32,000 students. teachers are asking for more money and better benefits. san mateo county workers are still on strike. the human services unit, we don't know exactly how many will actually take part in the demonstration today. this marks the last day of that strike and the county has been maintaining essential services
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throughout the strike. 6:36. san francisco transit is breaking ground on the first phase of the new geary rapid project which will bring bus only lanes. that project is not going to be finished until 2021 at the earliest. do you remember having the booster seat or the high chair? maybe too long for some of us, but apparently some san francisco muni riders are feeling that feeling right now. because they're not happy about the changes. according to the examiner, muni's latest generation of light rail trains have higher seats and muni is getting a lot of complaints from people in part because there's actually a real safety hazard in the event of a sudden stop. muni says that it's now considering lowering many of the seats by two inches. safety is involved, mike. >> it's true. if we can get the restaurants to put the little bar at the barstool, put it a little higher
6:38 am
for me. >> they're perfectly fine for me. i'm sorry. >> not all 6'4". >> all right. folks, look at this perspective, 101 from our camera shows us that wet roadways. that's not always the case when we have early morning rain but today, it got a good dosing. slick conditions for 101. not the problem point. 101 approaching capital expressway a lot more build. no crashes there. the crash at north 87, a little bit of a shift. some headed to 101 and others to 85, 85 might be complicated because right near the transition and visible from north 85 we had a crash. possibly two reported to the chp. smooth driving south of the san mateo bridge. at the bay bridge, we have the three courses at davis and west 24 and west 80 at gilman. >> thank you very much. well, we have some chores
6:39 am
that have been sitting around because the rain keeps rolling in on the weekends, kari. >> okay. so -- >> check up on the honey do list. >> there's some waves of rain especially on saturday. maybe you can get some stuff done on sunday because we'll have a break then. >> okay. >> here's a look at what you're seeing this morning as you get ready to head out for work and school. it's raining in some spots. it's going to taper off to more scattered activity as we go into the rest of the day. but anywhere you're traveling across the region, you're going to see some of that rain moving through. if you're trying to get some of those things done outside on saturday, just watch out for the spotty rain. it won't rain the whole day but we'll have a chance in the forecast. sunday we're wiping out the rain chances getting some sunshine. our high temperature is reaching to the upper 50s in the inland valleys. if you're planning to head to napa valley this weekend, saturday is the day where you may be able to get in around those vineyards without much of a crowd.
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it's going to be 53 degrees and on and off rain and better weather for pictures on sunday. yosemite, off and on snow from friday, then a bit of a break on saturday and then coming back in again on sunday. and monterey is going to see showers off and on. it will be a cool and breezy weekend. not the best beach weekend for you, but we're going to see some times of sunshine in between the rain. still unsettled weather. we'll talk about what's going on today. that's coming up in about three minutes. >> all right. thank you. 6:40 now. coming up next on "today in the bay," microclimate weather alert coverage continues as rain and wind is making it miserable for those in the santa cruz mountains. up next, how much rain this system is going to dump on the region including the south bay. and coming up in checks and balances a lot of checks in the canceled time and out to the big board. new york city, the dow up mildly. has been sort of a seesaw week. you're watching "today in the bay."
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right now at 6:43 our microclimate weather alert continues. let's go out to san jose. highway 101 is looking very sloppy and we're going to see the rain off and on today and that will be the main story at times the sun peeks out. then a few minutes later it's raining. we're also seeing some waves of rain moving through right now on storm ranger. we are going to get a closer look at this and also the forecast for the rest of the day coming up in less than five minutes. and look carefully at this shot of the berkeley curve. the traffic volume is starting to build for the cars heading towards the bay bridge toll plaza. the taillights are away from us. the crash, good news for three of -- for the three we're
6:44 am
tracking but possibly bad news if you're leaving your house in the next few minutes. stick with me. the president says congressional investigations against him are quote disgraceful and abusive. good morning. as committees all over capitol hill ramp up their demands for testimony and documents, the president's former lawyer michael cohen will return to the house intelligence committee today to testify. this one behind closed doors. this is video of the public testimony now historic. today was the day cohen by the way was supposed to go to prison. that's been rescheduled. republicans paint cohen as not credible and it's a reasonable charge. he was literally convicted of lying to congress. but he comes with documents. most famously the canceled checks he says were connected to trump's payouts to two women to cover up affairs. now we have seen some checks. now "the new york times" has six more published details about them today.
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the russians, chinese and europeans are meeting with iranian officials in vienna to talk about the iran nuclear deal. a deal we pulled out of but everyone else stayed in. here's video of the u.n. and iaea announcing that iran has been following the rules and has stuck to its side of the deal. now, whether our decision was right or wrong it puts us on the outside looking in. the iran deal is still in effect but we're not part of discussions. meanwhile, reports say north korea has been rebuilding a missile test center after our talks with that nation broke down. and president trump has signed an executive order telling the government agencies to better coordinate to prevent suicide by american veterans. >> veterans are america's greatest national treasure and a lot of people understand that. some people don't. our single greatest national treasure, they kept us safe and we're going to keep them safe. >> as always we will be keeping
6:46 am
track of everything going on in washington throughout the date. you can follow me on twitter. i'm @scott mcgrew. >> good to hear they're focused on the mental health of the veterans. you can see the green and the yellow and the orange because the showers and -- the rain is starting to disburse a little bit. depending on where you're headed you might get a little bit of a break. maybe you'll enjoy your podcast our music. >> but we are seeing a break in that. >> yeah. in some spots. so looking at sfo you know it's wet out there. we have to watch for the possibility of some of the flight delays, then also the delays on the roads as well. here is a live look at our storm ranger radar. where we are seeing the rain breaking up earlier this morning. it was pretty much covered but at least in some spots you are not seeing the rain falling right now like ukiah and down to santa rosa, some of the rain is moving in to some of the southern parts of the north bay.
6:47 am
as we get a closer look at san francisco, it's stopped raining for a little while but now it's getting going once again as it moves into ocean beach. then making its way across the city. some breaks as you head down the peninsula. but then it starts raining again near san mateo. this is off and on. we are seeing it coming in waves from alameda to contra costa county, then heading down to hayward. union city is dry. but now some light rain moving through fremont. the rain is still pouring in the south bay and really pouring over parts of the santa cruz mountains. look at the wider view of the storm we're not the only ones getting some rain. it is transitioning over to some snow for some of the higher elevations in the sierra. going into the day, we'll see more conditions like this. very soggy, that's a look at 580 in dublin. at times the visibility has been very low. then we are seeing the rain coming back into the san rafael area.
6:48 am
that's look at highway 101. an inch of rain, we have already measured that in the past 24 hours with santa rosa, close to half an inch of rain. san francisco over an inch of rain over the past 24 hours in. while richmond has measured about three quarters of an inch of rain. the rain is continuing to fall and almost a quarter of an inch in livermore. we have the concern of the high winds. the wind advisory in effect for the areas shaded in tan. that includes parts of the santa cruz mountains. parts of the north bay hills. elevations above 1,000 thousand feets may have gusts up to 60 miles an hour. the off and off rain that becomes more scattered by the afternoon. by 8:30, 9:00, we are seeing some spotty showers moving through, but i'm watching out for the potential of some thunderstorms going into the afternoon. so we have some rain chances today. and it's going to continue to
6:49 am
add up. you're in the santa cruz mountains. how are the conditions there? >> well, the rain has stopped for just a little bit. but you can see right behind me the highway 17 right there. the stretch, just how limited the visibility is out there. if you drive up here frequently, this isn't new to you, but if you don't this is what you encounter and the windchill factor is kicking in as well. another thing i noticed is that a lot of people are starting to slow down at times. i did log in to our waze app to see what was going on. people are reporting possible areas of debris or things scattered out on the roads. that could be another issue. but you know what, let's take you to the time line and see how much more rain we're expecting. if you're driving through the area once you get out of work you know what to expect. if you can pop up that graphic so i can show you the time line of what we're expecting. right through about noon, you can see just a little under half an inch for most of the bay area, including san francisco. look at ben loehmann. a little over half an inch,
6:50 am
nearly an inch of rain through san jose as well. in the higher elevations. then we take it through thursday night, then we're talking over an inch of additional rainfall expected. even though it's going to be scattered it's going to be continuous on and off like kari said. which is why you want to slow down. there goes the windchill kicking up. download our app because yesterday i was down in l.a. i was driving up to grapevine, you saw the amazing videos of the lightning. i used the nbc bay area to time it out. as i was driving that storm was right behind me. you can do that too. if you have to travel, the storm would catch up to me, and i missed all that lightning that you saw in the video. but it was cool to see. download the waze app, and then we have you covered out here. kari, back to you. >> good tips because our weather will be changing throughout the day and so now as we get a look at our forecast heading into the day tomorrow, still looking at some spotty showers, but it will
6:51 am
be winding down. for the sierra we'll have snow falling all throughout today, tomorrow and then it finally starts to wrap up on friday. if you have travel plans there just be mindful that the road conditions are going to be very treacherous as we could get another two feet of snow in the higher elevations. there's some breaks in this rain by friday. we're getting some sunshine. it will be chilly though behind this cold front. another slight chance of rain on saturday. then as we spring forward, our temperatures will finally start to warm up, back into the low 60s going into the first part of next week. and mike, you have been tracking the morning commute. quite a few spinouts and some slick road conditions. >> we have another crash. we have been tracking them headed to the bay bridge. the good news/bad news situation. a nice smooth drive around the berkeley curve and there was good news around emeryville because the traffic was lighter.
6:52 am
it's getting heavier because the crashes have been cleared. that's good news too. 80 northbound seeing more traffic headed up out of san leandro. we showed you the berkeley curve which is building. one at the west 24 at cal did continue, they have cleared. travel is not as heavy as it can be on your morning commute so we're looking at a gradual build in the area. smoother flow of traffic and the south bay has kicked in for the northbound commute. palo alto, slick roadways as well. that's the word of caution. even though here in palo alto, the roadways are clear. you might be tempted to go faster by you shouldn't because the conditions do not allow that. it's tough on traction and maybe some hydroplaning. formerly conjoined twins and their mother have returned to
6:53 am
bhutan where they'll be reunited with their family. they were 15 months old and they spent five months in australia before and after the surgery. they were joined at the torso and shared a liver. and a quick look at the top stories including the already soaked sonoma county getting more rain right now. that storm system moves through. live pictures from guerneville. we'll check in with our pete suratos who is there. and they're still cleaning up from last week's flooding. flying out this morning? well, we'll head out to sfo with an update on cancellations and delays. heads up, there are some already. we'll check in with sjc and oakland airports. 6:53 right now. you're watching "today in the bay." [phone ringing]
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here are the top stories on today in the bay-- we are in a microclimate weather alert - ad lib welcome back. before you head out the door here are the top stories on "today in the bay." can you guess? it's weather. we are in a microclimate weather alert as we're looking live at if radar this morning. still plenty of rain though if you were up earlier you know this has moved out to the east. we began with our team coverage starting with pete suratos who is once again in guerneville this morning. good morning, pete. >> reporter: good morning to you. look, we're not getting much rain or really any rain at all in guerneville. the more rain the more flooding. that's where the concerns come up here in this area as there's debris in the area. they don't want that flowing into the russian river. when you think about it, there was nearly 2,000 structures that were affected by last week's flooding throughout sonoma county and specifically here in guerneville. the concern is for the toxic
6:57 am
chemicals could go into the russian river. now as a result of the sonoma county has already declared a health emergency because of the hazardous material. there's about $155 million worth of damages in sonoma county from last week's flooding that's why the board of supervisors are going to hold a special meeting to discuss the next steps tomorrow morning. live here in guerneville, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> thank you. >> reporter: in san jose, the rain is just still coming down. we are here along the guadalupe river where you can see the water is churning and moving rather rapidly. it's a potential source of flooding. several areas along the guadalupe here in san jose are always at risk of flooding. we had evacuations about three weeks ago or so. so we'll spend time to monitor the progress there. but again the rain is still coming down here. wind along with it. driving rain sideways a little bit. and we'll continue to monitor
6:58 am
the situations here. i'm roz plater for "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, roz. our team is tracking the storm across the bay area. that includes contra costa county as well. thom jensen saw a steady dose of rain and slick roadways. he had the hood on and off. clearly scattered right there. a live look at the summit of the santa cruz mountains seeing the strong wind gusts. make sure that you keep both hands on the steering wheel if you're in that area. that commute -- look at the cars on the road there. also a problem for drivers limited visibility as you can see from our cameras. to sfo where we kind of expected that this wet and windy weather would lead to some flight delays and indeed the faa recently issued an update. some arriving flights are experiencing delays of more than two hours. so far, no updates from oakland. if you're flying anywhere today,
6:59 am
check your flight status ahead of time. and a live look at some of our major bridges in the bay area. drivers are dealing with more than just the wet roadways. there's the gusting winds that we heard about at the top of the summit there on highway 17. >> all right. good thing we are seeing the rain moving out. >> it's going to start to taper off throughout the day and become more scattered. we are not expecting a major impact from the storm. it's much more of an inconvenience, especially in time for the morning commute. so off and on rain as we go throughout the day. this will gradually taper off tomorrow and a break on friday. another round of some quick moving showers on saturday but after that we do get a chance to dry out. >> okay. that sounds good. and we were talking about the gusty winds. >> so we watched the bridges -- keep that in mind. highway 24 we had a crash in the caldecott tunnel that was cleared. but still through marin and may
7:00 am
be a second crash there. >> they are slick that's what's happening "today in the bay." we're back at 7:25 with more live local news. >> and a shot of beautiful san francisco. thanks so much for starting the day here with us on "today in the bay." good morning. dangerous deep freeze. bitter good morning. dangerous deep freeze. bitter cold temperatures blanketing much of the country this morning. warnings stretching all the way down to florida. al will tell us how long this cold snap will last. at it again, satellite images first obtained by nbc news reveal north korea is rebuilding a key nuclear facility days after that puck here summit. r. kelly speaks. >> i didn't do this stuff.


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