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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  March 6, 2019 6:00pm-6:59pm PST

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the news at 6:00 starts right now. good evening and thanks for being with us. i'm raj mathai. >> and i'm jessica aguirre. a horrific and deeply sad situation unfolding at a san jose apartment complex today. we are hearing that a woman may have killed her two young children and then taken her own life. police and firefighters swarmed the commons apartments in south san jose. nbc bay area's robert handa was at that complex as some of the crews arrives and joins us with the latest. robert, this is just a tragic, tragic situation. >> reporter: that's right. and it is still a very tense scene here. as you can see, homicide detectives are still here trying to determine exactly how two young boys, we're told ages 5 and 7, ended up dead inside their home. the neighbors helped their father deal with the discovery are upset beyond words. >> i can't even explain the way i feel right now because i feel like anxiety, you know, just to
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know that two little boys passed away. >> reporter: police and firefighters rolled in fast at the dent commons apartment in south san jose, but it quickly became obvious there were no lives to be saved. sources say it appears a woman possibly a mother, may have killed two young children and then hanged herself. a neighbor and his friend were nearby working on a car when they saw the man they say is the husband and father who lives in the apartment running out and yelling, mostly in vietnamese. that same distraught man talked with police as emergency crews came in and out of the home. >> i heard the husband coming out. he was screaming saying his wife was dead. she killed kids wer so yeah, he started screaming, call the cops, call the ambulance. >> reporter: police blocked off the area and called for a vietnamese translator. a tent was set up, the crime scene unit was brought in and investigators began looking for clues. neighbors say they are in shock
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because they had seen the father and his family often around the complex. >> he came out a little hysterical. it's unfortunate. >> did they look like they were a pretty happy family? >> yeah. kids are always a blessing. to see, you know, people interacting with their kids is always a good thing. you never suspect anything going on. >> reporter: again, police have not confirmed exactly what happened inside and say the investigation is ongoing. now, neighbors tell us that the mother recently lost her job and as a result suffered from depression, and that her husband, the father, had just come back from a trip when he made the tragic discovery. live in san jose, robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> robert, thank you. to unfold by an admissions officer at stan sford. he is accused of a shirvell was in court. he and a woman were in potrero hill experimenting with lsd when
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the attack happened. according to court documents, the victim was releetedly stabbed with an l inch kitchen knife. the attack was unprovoked. he faces charges of attempted murder and domestic violence. today both the family of the suspect and the woman he is accused of stabbing urged the judge to show leniency in this case. >> i mean, there's nothing in his history that indicates there is any reason for any kind of psychotic break. i think it was a bad acid trip. >> the court ordered a psychological evaluation. shirvell who is an assistant admissions director at stanford the video went viral grabbing the attention of even president trump who invited the victim on stage at the conservative political action conference this past weekend. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez joins us from the cal campus where that happened.
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>> reporter: this is the have i had yoneyama that has made national headlines and landed 28-year-old zachary greenberg with felony criminal charges. greenberg pleaded not guilty this morning in the assault of a conservative activist at u.c. berkeley. his attorney says he's actually mild mannered. >> mr. greenberg is a 28-year-old man. he was using the library at u.c. berkeley to study. he has a clean record. >> it's actually singening to watch it. it's outrageous that a young man who was exercising his first amendment rights on the berkeley assaulted >> reporter: her meet dylan says her client hayden williams still has bruises from the attack. wis up on stage at the cpac conference over the weekend and urged dylan to sue the university. >> sue the college, the university. and maybe sue the state.
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>> the fact that one incident happened here where the perpetrator was not a student who came onto this campus is no indication whatsoever this university's unwavering commitment to free speech and conservative students. >> reporter: the university has spent $4 million to ensure conservative voices can be safely heard on campus. but the president of the beshlgly college republicans club says the attack is just the latest example of the hostility they face. >> we have had members punched. i have been stalked, they've been stalked, spit at, just sitting at our table with the trump sign next to us. >> reporter: in the east bay, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> okay, let's talk about our weather, especially as this weekend approaches. here's a live look now in san jose. some gray clouds out there. we might be able to soon wash our cars. o ranieri joins us with the latest. what do you think, jeff?
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>> as we hit early part of the next week, getting a stretch of sunshine. storm ranger mobile doppler radar, the worst of the storm system we had today has now moved off to the east, slamming the sierra with heavier snowfall as we get a closer look at the bay area, you can see light to moderate rainfall across the 680 and 580 corridor. expect spotty rain into 11:00. at 6:19 this evening, i'll show you the impact this rain has had on our rainfall season. santa rosa 37.14 inches since that's an 8.57 surplus. san jose, hard to come by a surplus normally. normally 13.29 inches. you're now up 1.41. this puts all of the bay area at 100% or better. we'll take a look at what this means for the california drought coming up at 6:19. >> the north bay has gotten so much rain. thank you, jeff. speaking of which, the flood waters have receded in guerneville but the damage is
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devastating. local owe he fishlz tell us the federal government isn't making things easier, at least not yet. the county and state are trying to handle massive amounts of potentially toxic trash and debris. what many are hoping for is a federal disaster declaration which would unlock much needed money. there are also landslides that have shifted homes off of their foundations. people along the russian river valley say they need help. >> we need gavin newsom, our governor, to come to this area that's been devastated by these storms and to see the magnitude of destruction. >> sonoma county supervisor linda hopkins said the governor has requested the federal disaster declaration and is awaiting a response. >> some uncomfortable issues arising as the luxury south bay hotel comes face to face with the growing homeless population. the fairmont is moving the homeless from its lobby and bathrooms and the city says that's illegal. but the reason why might surprise you. nbc bay area's marianne favro
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joins us from san jose with more. marianne. >> reporter: well, this all has to do with money the city put in years ago to help get this hotel built. and i checked. and if you want to spend the night here in this hotel tonight in a standard king room, it will cost you $579. but that price doesn't make the hotel exclusive. from rock stars to president obama, a long list of celebrities have stayed at the famont hotel in downtown san jose. what you may not know is that when the city kicked in mor than $28 million in redevelopment money to subsidize the development of the hotel, the cash came with a catch. as part of the deal, the fairmont can't stop the public from using its lobby, restaurants and ground floor rest rooms. recently, some homeless people have said hotel employees have asked them to leave as they are heading in to use the rest room. hotel general manager dan
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mcgowan issued this statement saying, in part, our hotel has a covenant with the city to allow public access on our ground floor, and we are proud to honor this agreement. we work hard to ensure our hotel remains a place where both locals and guests can feel welcome, safe, and secure. carlos lorenti said the hotel should make all feel welcome. >> you can make your brand a welcoming brand, or you can be exactly the opposite and get the exact opposite result. i think if public money was used and they have absolutely no right to deny access to the rest rooms or the facilities to anyone. >> reporter: the fairmont would not elaborate when we asked if the hotel had done any recent training to remind employees the public is entitled to use first floor amenities. we also reached out to the city attorney, but we have not heard back from him yet. reporting live in downtown san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> marianne, thank you.
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a high profile meeting at google headquarters today, it was paul about cyber security. the issue at hand, protecting the 2020 election. one way to protect the upcoming election might below tech. here's nbc bay area's anoushah rasta. >> reporter: ahead of the 2020 election, santa clara county supervisor joe smitian wants to make sure the way you vote is protected. what better place than the heart of silicon valley. >> we have to be on the front lines of the security conversation in terms of making sure our systems are safe and sound. >> their vote really does count. >> reporter: today the county hosted a day long conference on elections and cyber security about panels election technology, pmidence. barbara simons, a computer scientist and board chair on verified voting spoke on the panel. ironically, using more traditional low-tech systems like the paper ballots is the
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safest way to vote. >> at this point we really don't know of a better more secure option. computers can make mistakes, there can be software bugs, there can be hidden malware and we now have to worry about hacking. >> reporter: hacking the election was another important tomic at the conference also discussed by california secretary of state alex padilla who gave the keynote speech. padilla continued on to say a number of voting machines are outdated and counties across the country need more money for better computers and software to count ballots and mark them for people with disabilities. >> we must make a commitment, not a one-time commitment, not a once every 15-year commitment, but a sustained commitment to invest in our elections. >> reporter: the secretary of state also noted that this year california's budget has an extra $134 million just for upgrading election equipment. anoushah rasta, nbc bay area news. >> up next, a victory for san jose and the rest of the california. the judge's ruling in a lawsuit
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filed against the trump administration. >> also things just got real fancy in fremont. there it is, the tesla, the newest police car just hit the streets. >> storm ranger shows more spotty rain right now, but i'll let you know when you'll need those sunglasses coming up in 6 minutes.
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an nbc bay area exclusive now, stephon clark's mother skroising her pain and anguish this evening after local and state prosecutors decline to press charges against the police officers who killed her son. protests have been nearly constant now for the past 48 hours in sacramento. last year, clark ran from police officers who were investigating reports of vandalism. clark's death was captured by body cameras, including the 20 rounds fired by officers who mistook his cell phone for a gun. both the county and state
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district attorney general have ruled the police shooting as justifiable. stephon clark's mother is stunned. >> for a moment i believe that my son would be that case because we stood for what was right from the beginning and we were heard. i believed for a moment that we would have justice. >> her son's death has sparked ongoing protests which have blocked traffic and even interrupted last night's city council meeting in sacramento. clark's family is asking for another week of peaceful protests leading up to the march 18th anniversary of his death. >> everyone counts. that is the ruling of a federal judge who sided with san jose in its lawsuit against the trump administration. the case is a legal showdown over the 2020 census. last year the administration announced the upcoming census would include a question on citizenship. the same day san jose filed a federal lawsuit which was later joined by california and other states. it claims the question is
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unconstitutional and would ultimately scare immigrants away from participating in the census. uncounted residents would lower the amount of federal dollars california gets for housing, education and other things like medical services. the mayor believes that was the administration's goal. >> there are certainly cynical elements operating in various political corners that want to use the census as a way to deprive some parts of the country from funding, to deprive other parts of the country from representation. >> mayor sam liccardo says the city intends to press the issue all the way to the supreme court if it has to. >> from tough guys on the ice to nice guys off of the ice, the sharks are pushing for a strict no bullying rule at bay area schools. sharky, the mascot, and former player douglas murray visited reid elementary in south san jose tonight. the kids were excited. the two spoke to children about the dangers of bullying. they presented the buddy bench,
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which will symbolize a no bully zone on campus. >> it's a cause that i believe in. and i think with social media and everything, it's very important to educate kids early. >> it is very important. the pizza factory, by the way, teamed up with the sharks for this event. >> well, it is a mix of crime fighting and technology that you'll only find right here in the bay area. a silicon valley police department is about to put a tesla on patrol. today our business tech reporter scott budman got a look at the car in the fremont fleet. it's quiet, it's fast, but it's also pricey. >> reporte black and white like you'd expect, but unmistakably a tesla model s. part of a fremont police department experiment to fight crime and pollution at the same time in a fast new package. >> acceleration is better in the electric vehicle. >> reporter: inside and out, this tesla is le a regular
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police car, but it's a lot quieter and doesn't use any gas. the main reason the p.d. expects to save money in the long run, even though the tesla costs about $20,000 more than other cars in the fleet. >> we consume about 30 to $35,000 in fuel, so you start to pencil out the math and it actually starts to work out a little bit. >> reporter: there's also less maintenance under the hood, and they hope enough range, about 260 miles per charge, to keep up with criminals. the model s will hit the road here in fremont ml give the pro and then see if they want to buy even more. >> i think that's why we're doing the pilot program itself, is to see where we would go from this, is to understand what types of efficiencies and costs and what types of benefits are there. >> reporter: an expensive but modern and carbon-freeway way fight crime. >> let's bring in scott and ask more questions.
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we have the gas issue, we have that. the way it's built will save money. the whole thing with the tesla, it's super fancy. it has all these bells and whistles, the auto pilot. are the police going to be chasing us on auto pilot? what do they expect to do with some of these features? >> it's the perfect question. no, they're not going to get the bells and whistles. they won't need them. they won't have auto pilot. they won't have the super high-speed ludicrous mode. they do want to cut costs because not everybody in the city is sold on this yet. $61,000 car. >> i'd like that car, too. prove over a certain amounf allright, okay. it's going to be just a yes >> with a little bit. sort of. thank you, scott. >> it is fancy. thanks, guys. would you believe skiing during the 4th of july weekend? yes, snow skiing. thanks to all our snow recently, it's going to happen. ishikawa valley announcing it will stay open through early july. it received 5 inches much new snow in the last 24 hours alone
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and nearly 600 inches so far this season. kirk redwood and heavenly announced they'll be staying open until at least late april. >> that's good. there's time for us. there's time. you've been skiing, but i haven't. >> we can go june and july. >> oh, man, i know. i can go next week. that wrob nice. >> let's go next week. >> i'll go with you. >> i have to get busy. we're going to have a little sunshine for you to enenjoy that. we have some snow coming our way as we head through the next 48 hours. les you can see another 10 inches at king vail. another 2 in pine. rather low again. blue canyon just above 5,000 feet. kirk wood 9. south lake tahoe at 3. that's your next two day snow total. the current snow pack average to date, 160% of normal. so at this point once we reach april 1st, i don't think there is anyway we would have a below average snow pack, so certainly
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great news for the drought. so, what about the california drought? let's take a look at the current data. this is live data coming in to us from the u.s. drought monitor. you can see it is abnormally dry in the northern part of the state and a little bit of drought down near the border, but 95, 97% of the state continues to remain drought-free right now. that's all due to the most recent rains over the past three to four weeks. what about right now? we're trying to shake this rainfall out of here. storm ranger mobile doppler radar still shows some scattered spotty light to moderate rainfall, keeping the roads slick tonight. you can see that's the case here across milpitas, sunny vail, campbell, san jose. i expect this picture to stay into place as we head through tomorrow morning. so again, some hit and miss activity, but by the time we hit tomorrow afternoon, we're starting to see this move to the south and then checksng window sunshine building in from the north bay down to the east bay. we'll talk about how long that sunshine lasts. stick around, my forecast at
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6:48 tonight. >> we'll see you then. thank you, jeff. a popular tourist attraction in danger of shutting down. the reason san francisco's only fortunate cookie factory's fate is up in the air. alright, let's talk perks! would you like a desk chair, weekends off, or thyes, please!ode? which one? it's time to get more. lower fares. better service. sweeter rewards. alaska airlines.
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even if no one in your home smokes, secondhand smoke can be closer than you think. sendrom a neighbor's apartment can enter your home through air vents, and even through cracks in the walls and the floors. secondhand smoke is toxic. especially to children. protect your family. visit
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well, it is an uncertain future for fortunate cookie maker. turns out even a landmark isn't safe from san francisco's skyrocketing rents. the last 57 years people have flocked to the factory to see fortunate cookies. despite the crowds we saw today, the owner said his chinatown business is barely staying afloat and he blames a major rent hike, increased city regulations and the city's $15 minimum wage for his store's uncertain future. moving out, out of the question because the equipment is actually built into the store. >> people come to see how they make by hand. they want to see the old school one. they don't want to see the machines. >> it's really sad, hopefully they figure it out because it would be tragic if they had to leave. >> the store does participate in
6:26 pm
a city program that pays part of the rent for the city's legacy businesses. but the owner says it doesn't go far enough. spokesperson for the legacy program says it is looking into the store's lease. >> when he first got to town, you remember terrell owe enns wa shy rookie. when he left town he was a controversial star. t.o. is coming back to the 49ers, not as a player, but a hall of famer. owens will become the 28th member of the 49ers hall of fame. t.o., you might recall, was inducted in the foot ball hall of fame. he's humbled to join the likes of montana and rice in the 49ers hall. he spent the first eight years of his career with the 49ers. >> up next at 6:30, new documents handed over. what we are learning about yet another trip to capitol hill for president trump's former personal lawyer michael cohen. plus. >> [ bleep ]. >> r. kelly's explosive
6:27 pm
interview, why he says he is a victim. to simone, i leave the van gogh.
6:28 pm
to harrison, the wine collection. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to e the rainbows to the proud.
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i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california. right now at 6:30, new documents and new testimony by president trump's former personal attorney, michael cohen was back on capitol hill today for the fourth time in less than two weeks. and today a new twist. cohen, who has confessed to lying in previous testimony, said it was the trump team that crafted his false statements. >> it all comes as the white
6:30 pm
house faces growing questions about security clearances for the president's family. our janelle wang is following all the developments. she joins us now. >> yeah, raj and jessica, michael cohen is set to report to prison on may 6 after pleading guilty to lying to congress, tax evasion and bank fraud. but he wanted to report to congress one more time before he serves his three-year sentence. michael cohen back on capitol hill, the president's former attorney and fixer behind closed doors, speaking again to the house intelligence committee. >> the hearings went very, very well. i believe that all of the members were satisfied with the statements and the responses that i gave to them. >> reporter: today cohen turned over new documents showing edits made to a written statement he gave to congress back in 2017. cohen now says that statement was not true. the edits are about a scrapped trump tower project in russia. the president's team has that a additional information that they
6:31 pm
would want, they should feel comfortable to reach out to my counsel and i would continue to cooperate to the fullest extent of my capabilities. >> reporter: house democrats ramping up investigations based, in part, on cohen's explosive public testimony last week. republicans say cohen is an admitted liar. the white house dismissing the democrats' investigation as politically motivated. >> they know what they're doing is absurd and outrageous. >> reporter: and the white house is refusing to hand over some documents requested by the house oversight committee related to the security clearance for the president's son-in-law jared kushner and daughter ivanka trump. both wsors they were originally not granted security clearance because of concerns by intelligence officials. but president trump went ahead and gave it to them anyway. as for michael cohen, white house lawyers reiterated that it is laughable that anyone would take a convicted liar at his word. raj? >> okay, janelle, thank you. an emotional hearing in washington, d.c. today, or
6:32 pm
president trump's border policies and immigrant children who have been separated from their parents. homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen was in the hot seat as house members blasted her over placing immigrant children in cages, which nielsen disputed that claim. she defended the children's care and blamed their parents. >> there is no parent who has been deported, to my knowledge, without multiple opportunities to take their children with them. >> also today a senate committee is calling for a separate investigation into reports of of unaccompanied minors in u.s. custody. >> the search is over for alaba that powerful tornado that killed dozens of people. tornado happened sunday 60 miles east of montgomery. the twister stayed on the ground more than an hour and spanned across alabama and georgia. 23 people died including a family of seven. president trump signed an emergency order to get money to that area. he is scheduled to visit on friday. >> singer r. kelly is back in
6:33 pm
jail tonight, and the sheriff in chicago says he'll stay in jail until he repays the $161,000 in missed child support payments. kelly was rearrested just hours after an emotional and explosive interview about his sex abuse charges. >> i can't help [ bleep ]. >> robert. the three-time grammy award winner repeatedly ranted and cried durin charged him with ten felony sexual a boots counts following the airing of the docu series called surviving r. kelly. assault allegations swirled him for decades. he has pleaded not guilty. >> you have never held anybody against their will? >> i don't need to. why would i? how stupid would that be for r. kelly, with all i've been through in my way, way past, to
6:34 pm
hold somebody, let alone four, five, six -- 50, you said. how stupid would i be to do that? >> kelly says he doesn't have the money to pay back that child support because he hasn't been able to work. the judge is insisting he pay the entire amount. >> blowing off bart, few people are taking bart's effort to crackdown on fare evadeers. very few people who get caught pay the fine. bart says a total of 6800 citations were issued last year. 400 were paid on time. more troubling, almostpaid. we tke honestly, i buy it becau get scared that if i get to my destinn,ut bause oh, you didn't pay for your ticket. so that's one reason why i do it. >> now, the tickets are considered civil offenses so there's no criminal penalty for not paying. safety improvements are one of
6:35 pm
the ways our or on the way for cal train. more than $18 million of federal funding has been approved for the rail system. new technology called positive train control will be installed on the peninsula corridor between san francisco and southern san jose. the investment ultimately hopes to save lives as technology helps automatically stop the train before any collision or derailment occurs. >> well, it wasn't that long ago, was it, that the bay area was once filled with music stores like tower records or the warehouse. but one by one many of them have closed. nbc bay area's joe rosato, jr., takes us to an old funky record store in san francisco that's a link to the past. >> reporter: every city has a shop that looks as if it's been there since the beginning of time. in san francisco's north beach -- >> we have a little bit of everything here. >> reporter: 101 music looks like a place that's done more
6:36 pm
collecting than claustrophobic may not be good for this environment. >> reporter: it may be from the age of lincoln. >> we have a few guitars. >> reporter: among the stacks of stuff some consider musical treasures. >> sell stereo components. >> reporter: it seems this musical time machine stopped in the golden age. >> this is not a place you come for two minutes. >> reporter: there may be occasional traffic jams, but make your way through the warn of stereos down the basement stairs. >> just organizing. >> reporter: you'll land in a vinyl paradise.eoe come down and start digging for their records. >> reporter: you can dig pretty deep in a pile of 50,000 records. >> it's a little overwhelming for a lot of people. over here, these are the tasty rock gems. our famous barbara streissand record. >> reporter: store manager christian hume has his own philosophy where to begin. >> you need your three bs, bach,
6:37 pm
brahms, beethoven. >> reporter: the store is about to become a memory itself. the owners are taking the needle off the record and shutting down. >> young people are now buying things online. if they come in here and see it they might want to find iton h the pie. >> reporter: north beach artist jeremy fish is among those who have trekked down to the basement over the decades. >> downstairs is all about the smell. it's awesome. >> reporter: records are downstairs. >> reporter: as the shop winds down, nostalgia for a place that celebrates nostalgia. >> and i think to see it go puts a little tiny crack in the foundation of wonderful that is north beach, you know? >> if you look around and spend enough time, you can definitely find a gem. >> reporter: time is the one thing there's no longer enough of. even in the kind of shop where it never seemed to apply. joe rosato, jr., nbc bay area
6:38 pm
news. >> up next, it's already banned in san francisco, but what about the rest of the state? the new push to make fur sales illegal in california. ♪ ♪ with the chase mobile app, jason wu could pay practically anyone, at any bank,
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all while putting on a runway show for new york fashion week. ♪ ♪ he could. or, he could make it even easier - and set up recurring payments to his neighbor. for cat sitting. (meow) whoa. you've groomed her, too. (cell phone vibrating) and now she's ready for the catwalk. life, lived jason's way. chase. make more of what's yours.
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overnight... that led to flaring this the power went out at the richmond chevron refinery overnight. that led to flaring this morning triggering a commute of the alert. chevron did issue a level 1 advisory this morning when the refinery started flaring. that's the lowest community ca public risk is minimal. the air quality district is looking into whether chevron waited too long before issuing that alert. >> as pg&e works its way through bankruptcy, a federal judge is once again threatening to close pg&e's checkbook for failing to inspect all of its equipment statewide. today judge william a lsu p said he's considering barring the utility from handling out any stock dividend until it fulfills all its wildfire safety
6:41 pm
promises. the judge blasted pg&e and its well oil lobbing i effort. they set a couple fires over the years and expects to be found at fault for last year's deadly fire in butte county. pg&e did issue a statement on today' hearing saying it continues to work with regulators, lawmakers and communities to keep its customers safe. >> well, the push to ban fur sales statewide is gaining some momentum. lawmakers and animal activists gathered in sacramento to announce a bill that wldake it illegal to sell fur throughout the entire state. makers say the fur industry continues to use inhumane practices that causes animals to suffer. the bill does include a number of exemptions including already used fur and fur dee signed for religious purposes. that vote will take place next week. >> jeff ranieri is back with us. one of these days we're going to wake up there is a.m. going to be sunshine all day. >> i know which day that's going to be. >> tell us. >> should i make you stick around? okay, it's coming in the next 48 hours. we'll get to more specifics on
6:42 pm
that coming up, a live look at the tri-valley. we have spotty rain. we'll let you know when this clears out in a few minutes. >> a shipment overseas turns something sweet sour. we spent 12 months trying to fix it up. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. nbc bay area responds next. san
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
a year to resolve. nbc bay area responds to a san pablo woman whose case took a year to resolve. >> consumer investigator chris chmura joins us now to explain why it took so long. >> a year. >> a year. >> that's a long time. >> that's what they call an outlier for us. most of the time we can get results pretty quickly. sometimes in a couple hours, not so much for ella. she owns a small business, and in late 2017 she had dhl deliver a 30-pound crate of honey from africa. it's for her business. now, this is where it gets sticky. the shipping bill later listed the 30 pound crate as 50 pounds, and that drove the cost $500
6:45 pm
higher than she budgeted. well, ella disputed that bill and refused to pay, then dhl closed her account. so she turned to us in early 2018. we contacted dhl several times throughout 2018. then in january of this year, 2019, ella says dhl finally compromised. it reopened her account and gave her a $300 refund. dhl did not respond to our request for comment. ella told us, by the way, she finally got an explanation for those extra 20 pounds, those mysterious 20 pounds. that right there. dhl, she says, used a heavy wooden crate to ship the monday honey and charged her for it instead of a lighter carton she expected. if you're in a jamb nd resolve a dispute on your own, you're not bugging us. call 1-888-996-tips or
6:46 pm >> when you're asking them to ship it, how much does it weigh? all the way from nigeria, that's a lot of money. >> thanks. >> in the next installment of our documentary series, we look at the history and evolution of video games in the area. atari one of the first companies started in sunnyvale in 1972. al alcorn was atari's third employee. bushnell had them design a paddle game the world would come to know as pong. after he got it to work, they installed the game at andy's tavern in sunnyvale. >> there was no one player version. it had to have two people and there were no instructions, just the word pong, two knobs and a coin box. what are the chances that would -- well, it did. it really took off. and once that happened, the world changed. >> it did. bay area revelations evolution
6:47 pm
video games airs saturday at 10:00 right here. esports fight night live, you can watch some of the best gamers in california battle it out in an intense competition of street fighter. it all will be an exciting saturday night on nbc bay area esports saturday night fight night live after snl. i like the pacman. >> you know with the esports thing, we're watching other people play. so you're not playing. we're going to watch saturday night. >> probably better because i can't play. sarday night after snl.d, >> looking forward to that. forecast the next couple of days changing up a little for us. going to try to manage to get some sunshine in here for you. let's take you into the microclimate forecast. tonight you can see a live view outside of our san jose, high-definition camera. it is still wet. you can see the clouds there in the top of your screen. right now we have 55 degrees as we continue through tonight. temperatures here in the low to mid.50 with a chance of on again
6:48 pm
off again rainfall. mobile ranger doppler radar, you can see spotty rainfall we're still dealing with. take you into some of the wet weather right now, put a track on it. it's moving off to the east. keep that rainfall in la faye at through 7:08. it will pick up more for you in pleasant hill by 7:39. even into tonight's 11:30, we have these hit and miss chances of wet weather. doesn't look widespread or overly heavy. it will keep the roadways wet. i'd like to clear this out for tomorrow morning, but everything continues to point towards the possibility of more spotty chances in the forecast. i think we're going to be able to get through that morning commute just fine. i think the larger thing that's just kind of sneaking up on us here is the colder temperatures. you're going to have the slightly heavier jacket with you especially in the tri-valley starting off at 39, peninsula 43 and the south bay at 41. also some 40s here across san francisco in the east bay, and right over to the north bay that's going to be the chillest down to 37 degrees. as you move through the day
6:49 pm
tomorrow, no big sunshine for the afternoon. we keep the cloud cover lingering with us. temperatures going to stay on the cool side. not much of a difference either. cupertino at 50, gilroy at 52. you'll notice as we head through our microclimates, it's pretty much the same here across the cities. 355 in concord, 54 in danville, 53 in hayward. that's because we had our most recent storm system move in. it kind of levels everyone out and our microclimates don't have a chance to vary up too much. san francisco, there's your low 50s. and it looks very similar here to the north bay. 54 in santa rosa, also expecting 55 in novato. let's spend some time on my extended forecast. you want sunshine. i can hear you at home. friday we get sunshine building back in, little bitf clo cover. that's going to be the day to enjoy it. if you can manage a three-day weekend, have a good time there on friday. once we hit saturday, a little bit of a bump in the forecast. trace amounts to about 15/100 of
6:50 pm
an inch. spotty sunday, then after that dry weather. so nothing to cancel your plans over this weekend and that's the good news. we keep dry weather on monday's forecast. then once we hit tuesday, another rain chance trying to slide in here. then it looks like some sun into next wednesday. take note for the inland valley forecast. we're staying with these cold 30s to start all the way through saturday's forecast. and again the same rain forecast. if you're going up to the sierra also wanted to get this in there for you. just so you're prepared and you can see over the next two days. we're looking athest elevations. overall, i think it looks like some pretty good skiing weather, raj, best day to go up there is saturday. let's stay all next week. >> there we go, broadcasting live from north star. >> i got it approved. weather man approved, we're off. >> that's it, it's on. >> we're in. thanks, jeff. well, up next, an incredible and unusual journey here to the bay area for the bay area's latest first round draft pick.
6:51 pm
colin resch joins us next.
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
okay. it's time to say welcome back. it's now official. andrew bogut is returning to the warriors. the 34-year-old has been out of the nba playing in his home
6:54 pm
country of australia. bogut won a championship with the warriors back in 2015 before being traded to dallas. bogut's australian team says they'll be ready to welcome him back after the warriors season ends. so andrew bogut back in the bay area. >> okay. well, this one is really -- put yourself in this place. imagine being so afraid for your life and your family that you have to leave your home country forever. >> it's happening. it's exactly what happened to earthquakes. their top draft pick saeed haji. colin resch has his incredible journey. >> reporter: saeed haji turned 19 december 1st. >> when you hear your name called, it's crazy, man. like i just remember them calling my name. i spoke to my coaches. yep, it's go time, you know? >> as the number two overall pick in january's mls draft, the san jose earthquakes foresee potential greatness in saeed
6:55 pm
haji. his is a bright future, but one that comes with a dark past. >> around 1991, a civil war broke in somalia. due to this war, my family had to leave the country. then they had to walk to kenya. it was a neighboring country, but nobody says, i'm walking country to country, you know what i mean? they came to kenya. it was a refugee camp there. different life-style. it was safe, it was better. then came here in 2004. and just coming to the states, it was doled, cold, man. it's hnew hampshire, you know? i had never seen snow in my life. >> haji thinks about the direction his life would have gone had his family not been granted asylum when he was just four years old. >> i mean, there was school there, but education is better here. there's opportunities there, but opportunities are better here. so it's more of just grinding, grinding, grinding and starting from the bottom. even here it was basically like a reset in terms of not speaking
6:56 pm
english, not knowing what the holidays were and all of that. now we just adapt to it and we're happy to be here. >> in san jose, where once again he's had to hit the reset button. new city, new team, new coach, no, he didn't see action in the quake season opener and that's okay. >> the thing is i have to earn it. i have to earn it. i have to work hard. i have to show why i was number two. >> based on where he's come from, those things should be easy to do. in san jose, colin resch, nbc bay area. >> all right. the earthquake season has beook. >> for sure. all right. we'll have a couple more days to go th then there is going to be sunshine. >> thanks for joining us. have a great evening. >> bye-bye. we'll see you at 11:00.
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
king alex trebek battling stage iv cancer. his stunning announcement today. >> i am going to fight this. r. kelly snaps. >> y'all killing me with this [ bleep ]. >> jumping out of his chair, denying he is a sex monster as he is grilled by gayle king. >> i'm fighting for my [ bleep ] life. >> today one of his alleged victims comes to "extra" with reaction to kelly's explosive first interview. >> i'm not going to let anyone silence me. "the bachelor" women in a knock , we have demi m getting a pacifier shoved in her mouth. >> i did think it was ridiculous. >> how will "riverdale" deal with the death of luke perry? the show airs tonight.


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