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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  March 6, 2019 11:00pm-11:34pm PST

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investigating a family tragedy at right now at 11:00, the shock and heartache still settling in. homicide detectives investigating a family tragedy at a south san jose apartment co returned home to f children and his wife dead. there was no udstead a area's ss at the apartment building for us near meridian and 85 in south san jose. sergio. >> reporter: raj, what's not
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clear yet so far is exactly how this happened or when. but what it is schraer a family is devastated and a neighborhood is in shock because two boys that they got know quite well are now gone. two coroner's vans arrived here tonight to take the three bod yuz away. neighbors told us they knew the two young boys, 7-year-old eric and 4-year-old kevin. >> the boys were cheerful as can be. knocking on my door, can junior play outside. >> this is very sad because we know those kids. we see those kids every single day. out here playing. i did not suspe at all. >> reporter: residents say they were startled by the anguished b . they say he arriv devastating scene in his apartment. >> i heard the husband coming out. he waseadead, she killed hersel. the kids were on the floor. they weren't reacting in any way. >> reporter: san jose police have confirmed the mother killed her two sons, then killed
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herself but have not shared details on how she did it. they called for veet thatnese translators to help them communicate with family on scene. residents tell us they had been struggling lately. >> she lost her job. dad didn't look like he worked either. >> reporter: it's been a painful day in this neighborhood. >> my son's affected by it right now because he knows his little friend's gone. >> reporter: detectives just cleared this scene just a little while ago, and now that these bodies are in the custody of the coroner that office will be determining the official cause of death for all three. reporting live in south san jose i'm sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. >> it is so sad. thank you, sergio. now to yet another storm to hit the still soggy bay area. the bulk of it has moved on but the roads those are still wet. let's bring in chief meteorologist jeff ranieri tracking spotty showers and those you think will stick around for the morning commute. >> we'd love to get some dry weather in here but it's just not going to happen.
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as you hitmorning's commute, the heaviest activity remains over the sierra which has been hard hit with that snowfall. back across the bay area it's some spotty hit and miss activity. the strongest pocket we're following has just moved over oakland. this will move into moraga 11:30 tonight. tomorrow morning's commute, it's not going to be widespread rainfall but again, some hit and miss activity. likely have the wipers on in the peninsula east bay and also the south bay with those slick roads. this rainfall, it has been relentless. on and off for the past several days. i want to show you the impact it has h rail season. brand new numbers show santa rosa 37.14 inches since october the 1st. a surplus and/or better. we'll take a look at what this means for the california drought and the weekend. it's not all clear and sunny. we'll show you when some rainfall will move in. that's in about 15 minutes. >> thank you, jeff. closed until further notice. rock slides and rural contra costa county are causing a lot
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of headaches for drivers. you can see why. this is on marsh creek road between morgan territory road and clayton. that road is closed in both directions. problems in the central valley as well. check out this video. a creek overflowing into the back of a grocery store. this is in sonora. and in downtown sonora streets were flooded with water and hail. one man explained how the flood pushed four feet of hail into his basement. tonight more rain in that area, which is likely to make matters worse. and not just the rain. jeff is also tracking the though as he mentioned. in tahoe. you can follow him on twitter for important updates throughout the weekend. his handle is @jeffranieri. one strike behind us. another on the horizon. strike looming for more students in the east bay. tonight san ramon valley unified negotiators are still trying to hammer out a deal. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd joins us live in san ramon with the holdup. cheryl? >> reporter: as you can see, botiid at the
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negotiation table at this hour. they're still talking but no agreement yet. >> and i think we're going to do it without striking. so i'm very grateful. >> reporter: that's the hope of teachers, parents and students attending a town hall meeting at doherty valley high school in san ramon tonight. >> we're doing a good job. we just need some help. >> reporter: help teaching some 32,000 students in this tri-valley district. >> in my math class is like 40 kids and one teacher. it's hard for the one teacher to control all of us at one time. >> the salary offer they originally offered us was just 2% spread out over two years. we were asking for 5%. >> reporter: that's just one of the sticking points standing in the waye other problem is teach support. just leek oakland the teachers in this district want more librarians, counselors, and smaller class what's happening here is reflective of what's happening throughout the state. >> all of us are facing
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declining enrollment, which means less revenue. at the same time as rising health care and pension costs with not enough money coming from the state. >> reporter: still, there is an impasse. and parents are hoping for a resolution soon. >> definitely concerned if they do strike what's going to happen to the kids. sounds like it will be late april if that happens. that's right during a.p. tests and right before finals. >> now, both sides telling me tonight that they are very close to making an agreement. they've decided on four separate issues. we'll have an update on this story possibly at the end of this newscast or maybe tomorrow morning on "today in the bay." reporting live in san ramon, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> okay. they are burning the midnight oil over there. thank you, cheryl. tonight more protests in sacramento for stephon clark. this one organized by black livesmatter. they're calling for justice after local and state prosecutors declined to press charges against the police officers who killed clark last
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clark's mother shares with us her pain and anguish about the decision. >> it's so hard to be reminded that i'm a black citizen in america and that means absolutely nothing. >> last year this was some of the footage here. clark ran away from police officers who were investigating reports of vandalism. clark's death was captured by body cameras, including the 20 rounds fired by officers who mistook his cell phone for a gun. both the county d.a. and the state attorney generale sin justifiable. >> for a moment i believed that my son would be that case because we stood for what was right from the beginning and we were heard. i believed for a moment that we would have justice. >> reporter: clark's family has filed a $20 million lawsuit
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against the city of sacramento. the family's also asking for another week of peaceful protests leading up to the march 18th anniversary of his death. new at 11:00, lost in translation. that is the explanation from the sfpd tonight after store owners attacked and robbed and police don't respond to his 911 call for four hours. nbc bay area's jean elle is line in san francisco where the department is explaining where that communication broke down, jean. >> reporter: jessica, tonight sfrus police department says a problem with the interpretation services here at the 911 call center paired with a few yes normal that duty in day resulted in a delay they are this we have to do better. >> reporter: the san francisco police department says it fr ho officers to respond to a 911 call, reporting a robbery and assault. that's what happened when the owner of good orchard bakery on
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mission street called for help in january, reporting two men robbed him and broke his finger, a delay that has people in the neighborhood feeling unsafe. >> are we supposed to feel safe knowing that it took such a long time to respond to an immediate need? >> reporter: at tonight's police commission meeting the department says the breakdown started when the 911 interpreter didn't tell dispatchers the bakery owner said he was injured. >> they used an interpretation service, and the interpretation service didn't get that information. didn't put it out. >> so they didn't know it was an injury? >> correct. robbery instead of a higher priority assault and robbery. there was ao staffing issue. four officers normally assigned to the district station were instead assigned to the women's march. police say they had fewer officers to respond to a long list of waiting calls. commissioners rurnare urging th
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department to schedule carefully. >> to have something like this happen is very detrimental to us, and we need to have more officers out on the street on these days. >> reporter: tonight the department of emergency management says it has made it clear to the interpretation service that it must always relay all information to dispatchers. the san francisco police department did make two arrests in that case. reporting live in san francisco, jean elle, nbc bay area news. we have new developments involving a member of stanford's admesses department. the 26-year-old james cherville was in court today. investigators say he and a woman were at a home in san francisco over the weekend experimenting with lsd when the attack happened. according to court documents, cherville repeatedly stabbed that woman with an eight-inch kitchen knife. he faces charges of attempted murder and domestic violence. but the woman he's accused of stabbing urged the judge to show leniency in this case as did his attorney. >> there's nothing in his
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history that indicates there's any reason for any kind of psychotic break. i think it was a bad acid trip. >> cherville, who's an assistant director for's admissions at stanford, will be back in court next month. the man who plead not guilty to the attack of a conservative student on the cal campus. it made national headlines grabbing the attention of even president trump. the accused attacker is zachary greenberg. cal says it spent $4 million to ensure conservative voices can be safely heard on campus. but president trump says they aren't doing enough, even encourage the victim to sue the university. tomorrow it's back to school at richmond high school after students had an unexpected day off. students were notified via social media this morning that classes were canceled because of a power outage. tomorrow a modified schedule. chances begin at 10:00 a.m. school leaders say they've identified the reason for the outage and are working to fix it. we are back in 60 seconds.
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ahead, an unusual situation. three cases of measles in the bay yar. the one thing those three patients have in common. also, he survived a shark attack. the quick decision by a surfer that may have saved his life. storm ranger on mobile doppler radar shows more showers on the way to dublin and also pleasanton over the next 30 minutes. we'll let you know when all this clears out of here for a short window of sunshine before more rain chances this weekend. we'll lay it all out for you in seven minutes. sarah's last tuition payment, sent off. feeling good? oh yeah. now i'm ready to focus on my project. ♪ ♪ this is why we plan. ♪ ♪
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you never cease to amaze me, maya. see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch. says he )ll stay in jail until e pays okay. take a look. this is his new mugshot. singer r. kelly back in jail tonight. chicago sheriff says he's going to stay there until he pays $161,000 in missed child support payments. now, just hours after an emotional and explosive interview about his sexch abuge.
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>> [ bleep ]! >> robert. >> 30 years! they're trying to kill me! >> the three-time grammy winner repeatedly ranted, cried, and screamed during a cbs interview with gayle king. prosecutors charged him with ten felony sexual abuse counts following the airing of the docuseries "surviving r. kelly." the series highlights sexual misconduct and assault allegation that's have swirled around him for years. kelly has pled not guilty. >> you have never held anybody against their will? >> i don't need to. why would i? >> you never know -- >> how stupid would it be for r. kelly, with all i've been through in my way, way past, to hold somebody, let alone four or five, six, 50 you said. how stupid would i be to do that? >> kelly says he doesn't have the money to pay the back child support because he hasn't been able to work. the judge insists he must pay the entire amount. we have new video of giants
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outfielder cameron maybin being arrested for drunk driving. this is body camera footage of maybin undergoing a field sobriety test. last friday police in arizona say they pulled him over for speeding only to find his blood alcohol level almost double the legal limit. maybin was arrested in scottsdale, where he's in the middle of spring training in his first season with the giants. two more cases of the measles reported in the bay area. all three people who contracted it were on the same international flight into sfo back in february. santa cruz adult was the first to get it. doctors then called every other passenger to see if they had symptoms. soon after an adult in san francisco and a child in santa clara county contracted the measles. doctors were able to provide them guidance to keep it from spreading to others. >> people come back with measles from overseas all the time. and so it's the continued maintenance of all of us getting vaccinated that really protects our community. >> now, the doctors say the three patients, those three
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patients are no longer contagious so they're not worried about an outbreak. the bay area overall has high levels of vaccination rates. 97 people vaccinated in santa clara county. bart continues to crack down on fare evaders but new information shows very few people who get caught actually pay the fine. bart says a total of 6,800 citations were issued last year. of those only 400 were paid on time. just more than 200 were paid after the due date. that means almost 6,200 citations remain unpaid. the tickets are considered civil g.ay well, it's a mix of ti and that you'll only find here in the bay area. tesla patrol cars. our reporter scott budman got a firsthand look inside and out. the tesla's outfitted like a regular cop car but it's a lot quieter, doesn't use any gas, and it's pretty fancy. this is happening in fremont. the fremont pd says they expect to save money in the long run even though the tesla costs
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about $20,000 more than other cars in the fleet. okay. tourists flock to it, but tonight an uncertain fortune for a legendary san francisco business. for nearly 60 years the golden gate fortunate cookie factory has been churning out handmade fortune cookies. despite all those crowds the owner says his business is barely staying afloat. he blames a major rent hike, increased city regulations and the city's $15 minimum wage for his business struggles. >> people have come to see how they make by hand. they want to come see the old school one. they don't want to see the machines. >> it's really sad but hopefully they figure it out because it would be tragic if they had to leave. >> the store is getting some finc city program that pays part of the rent for the city's legacy businesses. but the owner says it just doesn't go far enough. okay. got plans for the 4th of july? forget the barbecue. how about skiing? thanks to awful our recent snow squaw valley announcing today it will stay open through -- is that right? >> july. >> july 7th.
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jeff, are you organizing an nbc trip in like june? >> that's a lot of pressure. i'm working on it. >> squaw says it's received nearly 600 inches of snow this season. kirkwood and heavenly also recently announcing they're going to be staying open until at least late april. >> wait a minute. i've got the snow here. how aim getting bagged with the -- >> you're charged with everything. >> running the newsroom. >> you're probably better at that. the zmoefl. certainly most recently some of the side effects definitely have been the road closures and avalanche warnings. you've got to be careful especially if you're headed up over the next 24 hours. we'll have more on the sierra forecast coming up. but a side effect of all of that snowfall and of course relentless rain has been improvement in the drought conditions across california. we were under a slight to moderate drought for a decent part of the state most recently but you can see how that as all cleared out. only a little bit dry here for
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the california-oregon border. and then also abnormally dry down toward los angeles. that is good news. it has been beneficial, all of this activity. but of course it comes at cost of the flooding in the north bay, where we know a lot of our residents will be cleaning up for months on end, maybe even over a year if they're waiting on some sort of federal assistance. that is what we're looking at right now. and more rainfall on storm ranger mobile doppler radar. i know you want to get this cleared out of here. you want some nine. you've just got to be patient. k see we've got more towers here track off into yw pleasanton as we head through the next 30 to 45 minutes. even for the morning commute just in case you haven't heard we do have more possibilities of some spotty rainfall. i don't think the rain's going to be a big problem just be prepared for some slick roads. i think the cold weather's going to kind of sneak up on you. put that heavier jacket by the door. you're going to be good to go. down to 39 for the tri-valley. also 40s for san francisco and
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the east bay. look at this. in the north bay we're going down to 37 degrees. by tomorrow afternoon we still hold on to the possibility of still some isolated showers in the forecast. so not try just yet as we hit tomorrow's forecast. temperatures are going to stay cool across the south bay with low 50s. contra costa, alameda counties, it's pretty much the same as you travel through the bay area tomorrow. your car thermometer really isn't going to change a whole lot. 53 in palo alto. you have 53 in the mission and you head here to the north bay. 53 in ukiah and 55 in sonoma. so when is that sun going to get here? let's get you into the seven-day forecast. focused right in on my friday forecast. we still have some clouds but you'll get some sunshine. you'll want to get outside. you want to enjoy it on friday. if you can manage a three-day weekend. we'll keep the chance of some spotty showers until about 8:00
11:21 pm
in the morning on sunday. then we'll try to dry out as we head through sunday afternoon. more sunshine coming on monday. a little more rain chance next tuesday. and then we'll dry out next wednesday. keep the jacket handy. inland valley temperatures in the upper 30s, low 40s next couple of mornings. and if you're going to tahoe look for another foot of snow as we head through the next two days. i think this weekend getting up here it's going to look pretty good. hey, why don't you guys say we take a plane up to tahoe? i'll plan that. >> we can do that. >> i won't be paying for it -- >> are we renting a house or one of your fancy haute snlz. >> why does he always do this? r so>> likthing. >> well, if i'm planning it, why n'e go camping? >> i love camping. >> this one, camping? >> he doesn't camp. i do. up next, he lived to tell about it. what one surfer says he did when a shark attacked him and took him underquwater. and happening now, there are claims that san jose's fairmont hotel is removing homeless people from its lobby and
11:22 pm
bathrooms. the city says that's illegal. san francisco kicked in millions of dollars in redevelopment money to the hotel, but the cash came with a catch. as part of the deal the fair montd cannot stop the public from using its lobby, restaurants, and restrooms. popu.
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"jeopardy!" host alex trebek has cancer. a stunning admission from a popular tv game show host. "jeopardy" host alex trebek has cancer. trebek disclosed his diagnosis in a video the 78-year-old host says he has stage 4 pancreatic cancer and is very serious but that he plans to fight it. >> with the love and support of my family and friends and with the help of your prayers also i plan to beat the low survival rate statistics for this disease. >> trebek went on to say with a joke that he had to beat the cancer because his contract calls for him to host "jeopardy" for three more years. by the way, he's been hosting the quiz show since 1984, and he
11:25 pm
says he's going to keep working as he fights his cancer. new at 11:00, face to face with a shark, a man in oregon said he had a split second to fight off that shark before it attacked him. nathan halstead was surfing yesterday in pacific city, oregon, which is about two hours west of portland. while trying to catch a wave he felt something hit his leg. and yep, that was a shark. the shark pulled the board with nathan still on it about two feet under the water. when he surfaced, he says he managed to put his board between him and the shark, possibly hitting it. >> i just was like this thing's going to hit me. so i just grabbed the board. luckily it was like one arm length away, two arm length i don't know if i would have got it. but did that and just tomahawked the water with it to put it between us to block it. >> nathan asked we not show his face. he quickly paddled back to shore and avoided any injury. a nearby surfer claims the shark was about ten feet long. >> yikes. >> that's a bit scary. up next, the warriors' new player. it's an old guy coming back to the team. >> don't call him that.
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great minds shop alike? yes. that's yes for less. yep! yes, yes, yes ,yes, yes... yes. ed se at ross. yes for less. in california battle . get ready. this saturday is fight night here at nbc bay area. watch some of the best e-gamers in california battle it out on street fighter 5. you can catch some of the action
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streaming on nbc bay area, and then after "snl," "saturday night live," the championship round here on nbc. esports saturday night fights. >> that's a good saturday night. the warriors are positioning themselves for another championship run by bringing back an old dear friend. >> old for basketball years. he's younger than us. it's been rumored all week. it's official today. andrew bogut is returning to the warriors. the 34-year-old has been out of the nba, playing in hisome country of australia. bogut, you might recall, won a championship with the warriors in 2015 before being traded to dall dallas. he should help out with the warriors' defense there. t.o. coming back to town. the 49ers announcing today that terrell owens will become the 28th member of the team's hall of fame. o the pro football hall of fame last year and said he's humbled to join the likes of montana, young, and rice in the 49ers hall. he spent the first eight years
11:30 pm
of his career here in the bay area with the team. from all those tough guys on the ice to nice guys off. the sharks pushing for a strict no bullying rule at bay area schools. sharky and some former players visited reed elementary in south san jose today to speak to students about the dangers of bullying. the team also presented the school with the so-called buddy bench which will symbolize the no bully zone on campus. >> that is pretty cool. hollywood meets the silicon valley. up next the big award handed out in the south bay this evening. stay with us.
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in san jose. guests get to see 259 films, from 56 countries around the world. day two of the annual ci nechltquest film festival in san jose. guests get to see films first of all overt world. not just movies, live art and theater performances. tonight actor bill nye received cinequest's most prestigious award, the maverick spirit award. coincides with the premiere of the movie "always sometimes never" starring nighy. >> as a result of being here i'm being given the maverick spirit award which is a great honor.
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>> nbc bay area is also very pleased to be a sponsor of this festival. >> i love that guy. >> from "love actually." >> it's the best movie. "love actually." he's the old rock star. >> he's so good. >> we've got to get to that. it's going on through the weekend, right? >> yes, yes. we've got to get tickets. >> downtown san jose. >> i know we all want sun. it's eventually going to get here by friday's forecast. a little chance of rain on saturday and then eventually we'll start to dry out on sunday. some sun. >> good movie weather, looks like. thanks for joining us here. have a great day tomorrow. >> bye-bye. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- steve martin and martin short,


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