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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 7, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PST

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and clouds. every now and then you may have rain falling. i'll talk more about that coming up. mike, you're searching for info about oakland. >> we have an incident reported north of the shot here. looking at the coliseum northbound 880 moves smoothly and light volume of traffic past high street. watch the tube from oakland to alameda, they are doing that maintenance work. over near the maze we have a crash reported as well. folks, 880 and 980, a big rig reported in the middle of the roadway. no other detail from chp but they did specifies a big rig which may be in the middle lane. we'll track that but no slowing shows up yet. the rest of the bay, laura, looks good. still damp out there. >> it's left some damage behind, several roads washed out. might not be in the middle of your commute. but for people in rural contra costa county, it could be their own way out. pete suratos joins us live in martinez on how things are looking there. pete. >> reporter: good morning to
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you, laura. the contra costa county works department said the road issues you're going to see around contra costa county have really been the result of previous storms but obviously this recent bout of storms didn't help the issue around contra costa county. i want to show you new video we got off alhambra valley road in the martinez area. one of those problem spots. we talk about problem spots from the storm, we're looking at shoulder areas, remote areas of contra costa county. some of the roads include alhambra valley road as we're showing you there. bear creek road and marsh creek road just to name a few. they have concrete barriers in place if you're driving in those areas, as well as temporary stop signs. unfortunately that's going to reduce some of the roads to a single lane. you're going to have to show patience works around the roads. as far as it goes, it is in the works we're told by contra costa county works. still need environmental
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clearances. not to mention federal fund request due to disaster areas from 2017 when we saw a lot of rain. it's unclear exactly when those permanent fixtures will be completed. live in mart he did, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> thanks for the update, pete. not in the clear yet as kari mentioned. scattered showers out there now. they could linger through the morning. in case you haven't already, download the free app and take that live radar we use in our newsroom with you so you know what to expect anywhere you go. >> 5:02, happening today president trump's former campaign chair finds out if he'll spend the rest of his life behind bars. a preview of paul manafort's sentencing. tracy of tracie. >> hey, marcus, good morning. good morning, everyone. the first of two sentencings for paul manafort in the next week. the president's former campaign
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chair not guilty for work with president trump but financial crimes that could land him behind bars for decades. 69-year-old paul manafort finds out today if he'll get the maximum, 24 years, after a federal jury found him guilty of failing to report $16.5 million in consulting fees for the ukrainian government. the justice department said manafort repeatedly and brazenly violated the law. he cut a deal and lost it lying on witness tampering while on bail. next week in washington, manafort faces another 10 years on similar charges. none of it connected to the trump campaign. meantime former trump lawyer michael cohen delayed reporting to prison to finish testifying privately about efforts to build trump tower in russia during the campaign. >> the hearings went very, very well. i believe that all of the members were satisfied with the statements and the responses
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that i gave to them. >> he answered every question that was put to him by members of both parties. he was fully cooperative with the committee. >> cohen reportedly brought documents to prove trump lawyers tried to change his testimony. >> democrats should actually focus on doing their job, not just attacking somebody. >> trump lawyer sekulow calls trump's allegation completely false. now, we have not had a chance to see and review doults turned over. apparently now they are interested in seeing more and cohen says he will cooperate, especially now since he's not going to prison for a few more months. marcus. >> a lot of people are interested in hearing that. thank you, tracie. we have much more coverage of the paul manafort hearing this morning. scott mcgrew picks up that coverage in checks and balances coming up for you alt 6:45. new this morning, san francisco looking at new voting machines that would allow even
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more ranked choice voting. the sf examiner reporting new machines are set to let up to 10 picks. before voters were limited to three choices. it will be in place in time for election with london breed up for re-election. although it doesn't appear she faces a competitive race. the voting system costs about $2 million. this could affect your lunch, especially for people who work in tech companies. one idea is to restrict corporate cafeterias in san francisco. that's back on the front burner for us. maybe you remember this debate. last fall san francisco planners shot down a request to ban new employee cafeterias in office spaces. surrounding restaurants argued it hurts businesses. the chronicle reports a new proposal will be unveiling today by the same supervisor the proposed idea that it -- proposed it last time, i should say. this one would instead require companies to apply for
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conditional use permits and explain how their cafes would not harm neighboring small businesses. >> it is 5:05 right now. it's a plan to ease homelessness in san francisco. this morning mayor london breed plans to open a new neighborhood development along mission street in the tenderloin district. it will provide 83 rental units to homeless and low income families. according to the chronicle an estimated 7500 people were considered homeless in the city in 2017. happening today contra costa county leaders hold the last community meeting to revise the new set of fair housing rules. the county is trying to find solutions providing for access to safe and affordable housing. that includes access to public transit and good schooling. leaders getting feedback on recent housing data. tonight's meeting at concord city hall at 6:00 p.m. right now at 5:06, we've got a cold front headed our way, and it's still bringing in spotty showers for your morning commute. we are seeing it on storm ranger
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right now as we get a closer look at san francisco we are still going to keep those rain chances in there with some rain now rolling across the city. this is what we will see even going into the afternoon before this system winds down. as you get a live look outside, a look at your commute this morning, i should say, for antioch, it's still going to be mostly dry there. temperatures starting out cool with upper 40s but really don't warm up that much as we go throughout the day. i'll give you a look in san jose coming up in a few minutes. mike, you're tracking what's happening on the road. >> one crash cleared from the roadway but i'm going to say that transition has cleared from overpass. that would be good news. a smooth drive through contra costa county, drive down to 580 may be a little damp, wet because of overpass sprinkles. let me take you to the south bay the crash 680, 101 not affecting the transition. i think it should be clear in
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the next couple of minutes. highway 9 at mcgaffigan, wires down. if you don't know where it is, don't worry about it because you don't travel through this portion outside of your main commute. i didn't make a sign because the sign is bigger than the incident. mcgaffigan is quite long. coming up next on "today in the bay," not losing hope. for the first time the alabama woman who lost 10 family members in the deadly tornado is speaking out. >> a light somewhere at the end of the tunnel. had to be. i'm already to the lowest. i can't do nothing but go up. >> how she says she's trying to cope with the devastation this morning. ♪ in the shall owows ♪ ahead at 5:25, after multiple awards, the hit song lands a new owner.
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mike traffic tease right now at 5:11, if you're on your way to the sierra this weekend, it's still snowing now. we will still have that winter weather advisory in effect until 6:00 this evening. looking at the tahoe report for squaw valley and alpine meadows, looking very nice for the season with nearly 600" of snow for the season. it's a great one.
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we still have more snow coming down. we'll talk about more bay area rain coming up in less than five minutes. >> hello. i think that bay area rain may have helped some commuters yesterday morning, choosing to commute with better conditions, see a good size back-up report for 5:12 in the morning. we'll track this and the approach coming up. >> good morning. happy thursday to you. a lot of economic data. the trade deficit has gotten much bigger. we get the jobs report tomorrow. the fed's beige book says prices are stable in the west and the job market is tight. sales force turns 20 years old tomorrow. facebook once again apologizing and promising to do better. mark zuckerberg wrote a blog post announcing changes to the social network. he says they will work on private messaging, less concentration on public sharing and ephemeral posts like snapchat where they go away. now, you have to take anything facebook says with an enormous
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block of salt. zuckerberg has promised changes and gone on apology tours self times in the past. what facebook says it will do and what it accomplishes are not always the same. specifically surkz says facebook will focus on private intersections not public. it will keep law enforcement out and in facebook words use permanence, snapchat style of posts erasing themselves, if you want them to. back here we're having fun with the podcast, sandhill road, the home to venture capital firms. this is a podcast about how that money glues the bay area today. venture capitalist kim draper says starbucks will accept bitcoin. i told him he was wrong and bet him with all the money in my
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pocket. >> you think starbucks won't accept bitcoin in four years. >> i'm betting you a nicol. >> you're out of your mind. >> we bet a nickel. >> total lil out of your mind. where have you been living? have you been living in a hole? >> first time i ever made a bet with a billionaire and i'm glad we're only doing it for a nickel. >> a bet with the bitcoin you have. >> bitcoins are $4,000. >> we've seen it drop as well. >> we have indeed. you'll be able to listen to it -- listen to me, i'm on tv. >> the podcast, that's cool. >> apple podcast, google podcast. this is not the first episode. we have a number of them. we look into why your apple phone changes what you type, particularly the word that gets changed to duck is one of them. >> i never type that, so i wouldn't know, young man. >> you literally only talk about
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mallards. >> you're right. >> check it out on itunes. >> all right. 5:14 for you right now. happening today, calling all breakfast lovers. it is national cereal day. cereal has been america's most popular breakfast food since the end of the 19th century. according to a survey from shop kick, most americans buy one box of cereal when you go to the grocery store. >> not when you have triplets, you buy a lot of cereal. remember lucky charms flavor beer. it quickly sold out. look at it. saturday morning. more like saturday night. hey, you know, it's actually selling for big bucks on ebay. one post listed it for $450. another selling an empty beer
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can for five bucks. >> i thought it was cereal but i see it's actually beer. >> probably a sweeter beer. >> kari wants her lucky charms. >> that's gross. maybe too early for that. maybe you're cracking open a box of some real cereal and we're going to see some temperatures kind of rainy in some spots. we'll get a look at that on storm ranger this morning as you get ready to head out. looking at temperatures cool and holding steady today. as you get ready to head out in martinez, see a mix of sun and clouds. it will start out in the upper 40s only reaching to 55 today. we are still seeing some green here on the radar as the storm lingers across the bay area, getting a closer look at san francisco with some light rain moving through. it's still kind of sprinkling as you get ready to head out the door. also some light rain from castro valley to hayward and also north
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of union city. so in and out of the rain today. it will be light and get some sunshine in between. that's a live look outside in san francisco as we take a look at how much rain we've measured from this storm that just moved through. ben lomond, 4.17", kentfield 2.5", santa rosa 1.5", oakland and san francisco about 1.5" with three-quarters in san jose. we may measure additional rainfall today, into the afternoon. it still shows rain especially for the south bay. and a mix of sun and clouds going into tomorrow. this storm system still in the area. then we'll have a better chance of rain as we go into saturday. it all finally clears out sunday as we spring forward. our temperatures reach into the upper 50s. then another chance of showers
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on tuesday. san francisco also staying cool with low 50s today and tomorrow and some off and on rain throughout the forecast. mike, you're checking out what's happening in san jose. >> kari, we're going to start with that live camera again. 101 holding steady. light traffic. perhaps damp roadways. that connector, south 101 getting to 680. although you don't see a problem, no slowing, traffic is light. there is police activity from the crash. i'm going to leave it as long as they have it as well. no speed issues for south bay, santa cruz mountain summit. a little slowing out of altamont where three may be damp roads, brentwood and discovery bay 5780. a smooth flow-of-traffic in contra costa. a disabled big rig which may be 880, 980, we see no slowing but that's the chp report. tennessee getting away from
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carquinez bridge. may be blocking part of one lane. westbound commute just fine. get to the bay bridge toll practices. there w plaza. there was no problem there. a great started for all these people riding in for their day. >> thanks. 5:19. coming up on "today in the bay," the surprising reason r. kelly is back in jail just a day after breaking his silence in an explosive interview. everyone "u
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for" .. has now been located .. in the aftermath of sunday )s deadly 5:21 for you right now. everyone unaccounted for has been located. this is in the aftermath of sunday's deadly tornado in eastern alabama. president trump is set to visit that area tomorrow. just yesterday he signed an emergency relief order. one woman cora jones, she lost 10 members of her extended family, including her mother and
5:22 am
father. this is after recently losing her job and finding out that she has cancer. >> i've got so many questions. but you know, you don't question. just why, why, why, why this had to happen like this. >> wow, so 23 people died in that tornado. the first of the funerals is scheduled for later today. >> it is 5:22 right now. some amazing new video of a cargo plane's final moments before a deadly crash in texas. video here we're showing you had the plane traveling at a steep angle towards the ground. it happened last month. authorities say witnesses said it went into a nosedive and went into the water. all three people on board were killed. the national transportation safety board is analyzing the amazon plane's black box to learn more on what caused that
5:23 am
crash. singer r. kelly is back in custody this morning. this is his latest mug shot. this time his arrest is unrelated to recent sexual assault charges. instead he's accused of failing to pay more than $160,000 in child support. probably caught at least a piece of the explosive interview when he angrily denied abuse allegations. phoned the interview of the young woman who lives with the speaker speaking stow her on the phone in atlanta. she said she has no plans to come home. >> i'm happy where i'm at. i'm happy. >> that young woman is 23 year old jocelyn savage. her family believes she's being held against her will and say this is the first time they into to her in two years. she's not tied to criminal charges. alex trebek battling cancer.
5:24 am
the host says he plans to fight everything. >> with the love and support of my family and friends, and with the help of your prayers also, i plan to beat the low survival rates for this disease. >> trebek goes on to joke he has to beat cancer because his contract calls for him to host "jeopardy" three more years. he's been hosting since 1984. he says he's going to keep working while fighting that disease. a strong person. ♪ in the shallow >> as lady gaga's famous quote goes, there could be 100 records in the charts and 99 don't reach the chart. but one does. she and bradley cooper's hit "shallow" from the film. it's the singer's first number one in eight years. she posted some advice in light of the milestone. rule number one, never give up.
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rule number two, always listen to rule number one. she's had a lot of success in her life. >> she has. >> it's good to see her now, she's an actress, an academy awa award. >> on the way to egot. >> familiar favorite show super store tonight. >> back with new high jinks. the store manager and assistant manager said there's going to be a special guest after last season's pregnancy. >> say hi, everything. say hi, say hi, say hi. >> do we have to wait until she develops speech or can we move on. >> dina, we get to see her interact with dean's baby which she carried for him. we get to meet the birds. there's a lot of drama to come. >> glen makes some very big life decisions which affects the way
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he's going to be around the sto store. >> check out the return ofsome super store" it's tonight on nbc bay area. >> i don't watch that show regularly but i do catch it from time to time. it really is funny. try to catch that one. >> coming up next on "today in the bay," another possible teachers strike looming, this time in the east bay. >> we're doing a good job, we just need some help. >> we have a live report on the closed-door meeting that went late in the night. >> an alarming pattern at u.s.-mexico border. what officers are stopping for questioning when they cross the border. >> a live look outside. it looks like the metering lights are on at the bay bridge. mike has his eye on the morning commute for you. we're getting closer to the weekend. we'll have a look at the forecast as well. 5:26. 90% of women
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welcome to thurz morning quickly approaching 5:30, the east bay getting a break in the clouds and rain we've seen across the bay area, which is nice an refreshing for a lot of people. good morning, thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. let's get to kari hall with a look at the dryer forecast. >> it is dryer today. unfortunately we're not going to get all out sunshine today because we do still have a cold front dropping across the state. right now as we take that live look outside in san jose, it is looking nice. in campbell, rain chances back by late morning into early afternoon. now normally we're up to 65 degrees. as you can tell by this temperature trend, we are not going to make it there today. so it is going to be a cooler day off-and-on rain and we'll be
5:30 am
tracking those rain chances into the weekend. so i'll have more on that. mike, you're starting out with what's happening in the east bay. >> that's right. first the predict pablo back-up at t -- predictable back-up. some damp roadways. no problem through the maze but to the maze one issue 880 northbound you see in this view of the highrises there in downtown oakland, northbound 880 may slow. still have chp reporting there is a big rig in the middle of the roadway. one of your lanes approaching that 980 transition but slowing doesn't show up. not a problem on the sensors. south bay moves smoothly, light rain, mist and drizzle on the peninsula as well, guys. we'll track it back to you. >> thanks, mike. after 13 hours of negotiating, no contract for san ramon valley district teachers. they have met behind closed doors all day yesterday. >> negotiators say they reached a tentative agreement on most
5:31 am
articles and they remain hopeful. live in danville to show us what came out of that marathon meeting. good morning, sharon. >> good morning, laura and marcus. they were here until about midnight last night. like you said, they do remain hopeful. last night teachers held a town hall meeting to let educators, parents and students know what they are fighting for. they are asking for more pay but they also want more librarians, counselors, smaller class sizes for the 32,000 students. the district said both sides signed 11 tentative agreements. according to the teachers association, class size is the sticking point. >> the last sticking point that we had was on article 14, which is class size, which includes ratios for our nurses, for our librarians for our counselors, case load and max mums for our secondary teachers. >> all of us are facing declining enrollment, which
5:32 am
means less revenue at the same time as rising health care and pension cost with not enough coming from the state. no word on when negotiators will go back to the bargaining table. if they don't go back soon, a teachers strike is possible in the district. we're told that strike could take place by the end of april. that's a big concern. that's when state testing takes place. reporting live in danville, i'm sharon katsuda, "today in the bay." thanks for the update. a story developing this morning, journalists targeted and tracked by homeland security as they covered the migrant caravan headed to the border there. >> some were subject to extra screening. "today in the bay" kris sanchez joins us with what this all means. kris. >> hi there, laura and marcus. as you might imagine, aclu is calling this an outrageous violation of the first amendment. this is a story based on investigative work of our sister station down in san diego. they got these leaked document
5:33 am
showing a secret database of journalists and activists who in some cases had alerts on their passports barring them from coming and going across the border. some of those journalists told knsd they were subject to intense inspections and scrutiny by border officials. the documents provided by homeland security on the condition of anonymity. a spokesperson for u.s. customs and border protection told nbc news all the people in the database were present when violence broke out that you might remember happened at the border in november. a cpb statement says in part criminal events, such as the breach of the border wall in san diego, are routinely monitored and investigated by authorities. it is protocol following these incidents to collect evidence that might be needed for future legal actions. there was no mention of the secret database in the testimony of the homeland security secretary to congress just yesterday.
5:34 am
>> the president himself admitted there's no emergency, even as he was announcing his declaration saying i didn't need to do this, i just want to do it faster. >> at the current pace we're on twrak track to counter 1 million borders this year. our capacity is already strained but these increases will overwhelm the system entirely. >> the president's national security declaration is still in the balance. the senate is expected to take a vote next week. it is likely that it will fail in both the house and in the senate. laura and marcus. >> thanks, kris. 5:34 for you right now. new details tied to a stabbing incident that led to the death of a b.a.r.t. rider last year. that rider died in july from a skin infection that developed from a tiny cut he received on the leg during the original altercation. contra costa county prosecutors initially sought a murder
5:35 am
charge. that was until the judge threw it out last month. this in lieu of an involuntary manslaughter charge. at the time prosecutors vowed to refile. the "east bay times" reporting they have now reversed course and plan to proceed with the current charge. that defendant has already entered a not guilty plea. a south bay community heart broken this morning after a tragic event at a south san jose apartment complex. a mother killed her two young sons and then herself. so far not revealing how the mother or her children died. the boys were just 4 and 7 years old. neighbors say their father was the one who came home to discover the tragic scene. >> tens of house of people in hayward will now get a bit more protection from getting evicted. city council voted unanimously there to extend rental protections to more than 20,000 units across the city. those officials say that that move is due to rising housing prices, instability issues for
5:36 am
vulnerable residents and increasing homelessness. landlords must notify current tenants of just cause he vehicles rights within 30 days. they must notify future tenants before they move into rental units. >> 5:35. this afternoon alaskan airlines will take its first nonstop flight from san jose to seattle. a look at the flight path. it will run from san jose international to paine field. it plans to kick off the flight with games and giveaways this afternoon. if you're in the market for a sleek new ride, you're in luck. >> silicon valley auto show opens in a few hour. this features 30 vehicles from one carmaker under one roof. the trend, smaller trucks, more cars with driver assisted technology and a lot more hybrid and electric vehicles. you can get behind the bheel, ask manufacturers questions, kick the tires or maybe do a little window shopping.
5:37 am
>> exactly. everybody is doing more and more research online, which is great. but there's nothing like coming down and actually sitting in a vehicle and feeling it. can you see okay? do the kids really fit in the back seat. that's the best part of the show. and maybe do a little dreaming as well. >> sometimes you can't afford it. >> a car for all my kids in the back seat, sticky fingers. >> all at one time. those vehicles will be available to test-drive. that's a good thing. the auto show runs through sunday san jose. admission $12 for adults. head down there. >> pack in the kids. >> you know what, i think it's important to test the driver's seat, to see if you can recline waiting for carpool and sleep. let's look over here, folks. folks are fine. i've got my eyes on scattered smaller incidents. the two we're tracking right now and focusing on big rig,
5:38 am
disabled big rig 880 and 980 through downtown. no slowing but the latest update from chp. we still have this on chp blotter as well. 101 at 680, south 101 at the transition 680. we still have that earlier crash reported with activity but no slowing, no problem. a little stlo in the arlowing i you come to san jose. this part of golden gate bridge misty, damp from leftover rains. not a major concern but, folks, keep those speeds manageable. might be slick. >> thanks a lot, mike. 5:38 right now. sonoma county leaders will get an update on recovery efforts following last week's damaging flood. the county declared a health emergency over concerns about spilling of so much hazardous waste. it's now believed the flood caused $150 million in damage. that includes geurneville school. classrooms were spared because they actually sit on higher ground. the press democrat reports the
5:39 am
surrounding campuses sustained a half million dollars in damage. tough to see what the folks are going through there. >> luckily that rain is not hitting them again today. >> we're not going to see heavy rain today but it will still be light and spotty. this is what it looks like on storm ranger as you get ready to head out. we're still seeing some green on here so keep the umbrella close by. we'll have another quick moving system moving into the bay area by saturday. so as we look at saturday's forecast, it won't rain all day but there will still be the chance we'll see light rain moving in. temperatures reaching into the low- to mid-50s. still kind of cool this weekend. even as we get more sunshine on sunday, it's only going to reach into the upper 50s in the inland valleys. if you are going to the tri-valley, we have some cool temperatures for tomorrow. a high of 53. we will get mostly sunny skies, that chance of rain on saturday and then by sunday highs reaching into the mid-50s. that's a live look at the resort at squaw creek.
5:40 am
it is still snowing there and it will continue to snow off and on from tomorrow through saturday but not looking at any major storms. it just makes the roads a little more slippery and you want to make sure you bring those tire chains. as we look at santa cruz in the forecast for the weekend, still chilly and breezy, highs reaching into the mid-50s. then we'll see a chance of showers in the forecast on saturday looking at santa barbara heading farther out of town. it's going to be a little bit more sunny and we'll keep the rain away from southern california. we'll take a look at what we're expecting as we go into today as the rain still lingers in the bay area. that's coming up in about three minutes. >> thanks, kari. looking forward to that. >> 5:40, coming up next on "today in the bay," scott tracking developments on capitol hill. >> also paul manafort may spend the rest of his life in prison. we'll find out today. >> you know what, moose on the loose, actually, on the roof. the mystery surrounding how this animal ended up on top of a
5:41 am
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right now at 5:43, it's still cloudy and at times raining off and on as we head over to cupertino our temperatures go from the low 50s to the low 50s. now, it's not going to warm up today because a cold front is dropping in. i'll talk about that and the lingering rain coming up in less than five minutes. >> and in oakland we're holding up just fine. look at that, taillights moving smoothly past high street. we'll show you how it affects sensors in the area and all the way around. >> thank you very much, kari and mike. new this morning chp investigating an early morning fire at 880, totals an suv. officers say the suv was stolen and may have crashed before being set on fire. there was no one in it or near that suv by the time officers arrived. >> and immigration and customs enforcement detention facility in bakersfield plans to stay
5:45 am
op open. it was previously announced the facility shut down putting 400 detainees in limbo. a year and a million dollar contract with geo group noup funds the detention center through march 2020. >> the president's former campaign manager finds out how much jail time he gets today. >> scott mcgrew, paul manafort may never get out of prison. >> never. he's almost 70 years old, faces maybe 19 years in prison. the sentencing today just one case. he's also been convicted in a separate court. manafort's charges are not connected to trump specifically but some happened during the campaign. campaign manager, campaign adviser, foreign policy adviser, national security adviser and former lawyer have all been convicted or pleaded guilty of crimes. we're not including adviser roger stone. he has yet to have his day in
5:46 am
court. the president tweeted quoting someone else, "no one is accusing the president of a crime and yet they, the democrats, are issuing hundreds of subpoenas. that's not true, though. trump's own perm lawyer, former lawyer specifically, testified trump committed felonies and did so in front of tv cameras. he's been accused, the president has, though not by law enforcement specifically. meanwhile house democrats are in disarray trying to work out what to do about congresswoman omar make. she's made a number of statements her critics find antisemitic. the house was posed to pass a resolution condemning anti-semitism in general though not omar specifically. they rescheduled it and apparently it's been out off again. takes the focus off all the things democrats want to pass and gives republicans a lot of ammunition. president trump met with apple ceo cook as part of a discussion about the growing workforce -- growing the
5:47 am
workforce at a time when it's pretty small. companies cannot find the workers they need. the internet focused on the president calling tim cook, tim apple. mr. trump made that mistake before calling supervisor of lockheed lockheed, the chairman of the trump organization is called trump. taking a look at everything in washington, particularly what's going on with manafort. follow me on twitter @sco twitter @scottmcgrew. >> tell that moose to move. people got surprised when a moose was spotted walking on a carport. the woman who recorded the video said her husband heard something strange when he parked his car. he looked up and sure enough there was a moose up there. isn't that crazy to see? they say the animal was apparently lost, looking for a way to get down. good thing that carport is strong. >> looks like it's holding snow. >> they say there's no word how he got up there in the first
5:48 am
place but he somehow got away. it must be level to something. >> looks like something next to it. >> the moose managed to get away? >> the moose on the loose. >> a little squeirrel up there, too. all right. so the weather out there today nice. >> nice compared to -- we're speaking in comparison terms here because it's been so soggy. we do still have some rain lingering across the bay area this morning. but it's not a heavy downpour. this is a live look outside in dublin with a dry commute for you this morning. as you get ready to head out to the b.a.r.t. station, you want to make sure you have the umbrella handy just in case. overall we're going to see a mix of sun and clouds. a cool start with temperatures in the upper 40s only heading into the low 50s today. as we get a live look outside in san jose, grab your jacket and don't forget the umbrella. epa though it might not be raining right now, we still will
5:49 am
have spotty showers moving through just here and there. not all of us will see it. we get a look at storm ranger, seeing the rain across the peninsula. that's starting to approach 280. so if you'll be driving north of woodside in san francisco, there will be spotty light rain moving in there. also for newark and fremont, and then it's starting to wrap up for union city. overall this is just some light rain. so that's what we'll see throughout the rest of the day with some breezy winds. all of this because of a cold front moving through. so it's not getting the rain out of here just yet. even into this afternoon for the south bay and south county, there could be some rain falling at any point today. so we're watching out for that. it really doesn't completely clear out until about sunday, so we are going to keep those rain chances in the forecast. cool temperatures, inland areas are going to see a little bit more sunshine between sunday and monday. another chance of rain on tuesday. then for san francisco, very chilly today with breezy winds
5:50 am
and the high today only 52 degrees. we'll talk about what's ahead and another look at the forecast with mike. it's relatively a calm commute. >> relatively calm. we have your traditional build over at the bay bridge toll plaza. can't have a morning commute without that. marking wind advisory chp across the span. we know that from the last few days. storms over on the peninsula side we're looking at a couple of larger potholes. 101 at grand, most recent report of a big pothole. car hit that. maybe damage to the tire there. looking at wind advisory here from the bridge, unusual spots. a smooth drive through the maze without any major problems. getting down east shore freeway saw the green from highway 4 and hercules down to the toll plaza 19 minutes. that is a great drive for 5:50 in the morning. over here in fremont, a smooth drive. a clear view of the roadway by truck scales and tesla, from time to time automotive seen the camera shake a little bit. there's a breeze and maybe damp roadways. keep those in mind.
5:51 am
no delays reported for transit agencies. a great opportunity. try letting somebody else do the driving or navigation over the water. marcus. >> thanks, mike. 5:50 for you right now. happening now, a high-ranking member of the catholic church convicted of hiding sex abuse. a french court finds top catholic official cardinal guilty of failing to report a pedophile priest. this is franced most important church sex abuse trial. so far the cardinal was given a six-month sentence. he confessed to abusing boy scouts in the '70s and '80s and will be tried separately. >> 5:51 right now. coming up next, a problem with birth control pills. the reason some are being recalled. seventy people infected. the steps lawmakers are taking to prevent it from happening again. laura is back after a fews
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
off. she was celebrating her birthday. of course you see raurz is back after a few days off. she was celebrating her birthday. whoo. >> got out of the rain, found myself a little beach. >> you look nice and relaxed and well rested. >> it was a really nice break. back to work. you can follow me laura garcia nbc.
5:55 am
>> u.s. surgeon general paying close attention to washington state's measles outbreak. vice admiral spending time with doctors and nurses at a pediatric clinic in vancouver, washington yesterday. seventy cases have been reported there. that is unusually high. only nine of the people infected were vaccinated. new this morning state lawmakers approved a measure that would limit exemptions for parents. it needs to be approved by lawmakers and of course their governor. in the meantime back home, two more cases of measles reported in the bay area. all three people who contracted it were on the same international flight into sfo in february. a santa cruz adult was the first. they called every other passenger to see if they had symptoms. after san francisco and a child in santa clara county contracted measles. doctors were able to give them guidance to keep it from spreading to others. >> people come back with measles from overseas all the time.
5:56 am
so it's the continued maintenance that keeps our community. >> doctors say the three patients are no longer contagious so they aren't worried about an outbreak. overall a high vaccination rate, 97% of people vaccinated in santa clara county. a bill proposed to ban fur sales throughout california. under that measure fur, cowhide used for religious purposes would be exempt. san francisco, berkeley, west hollywood are the only cities in the state that have banned fur products. >> new this morning thousands of birth control pills recalled over a packaging error which means women taking the pills off the medication schedule. the company says it received no reports of pregnancies or issues. anyone with affected tablets should speak with their pharmacy
5:57 am
and, of course, health care provider. >> amazon is closing all of its 87 pop-up locations across the country next month. it includes two locations in san francisco. shops allow customers to try amazon products. amazon currently has pop-ups inside whole foods, malls and kohl's stores in the u.s. valley fair mall in san jose. amazon wants to invest instead into other ventures. we've got some good news for you this morning for instate students that attend uc schools. tuition fees will not go higher. uc president made that announcement yesterday. over the last eight years, fees have remained mostly steady. 2017 was the only time regents raised fees. it now costs about $12,600 annually for in-state residents. 5:57 right now. "today" show jenna bush hager is giving us a new reason to crack
5:58 am
open a book. >> as if you needed one. a new series, "read with jenna." she'll speak with lawmakers, news and celebrities, her first guest needs no introduction, former first lady michelle on. >> any dr. seuss book. good night moon. where the wild things are. >> roars. >> those are the books we always read when we're are reading the kids. we're a household of book readers. >> catch the interview on the "today" show right after "today in the bay." a young girl from oklahoma, her life is saved and she's also helping to mark some medical history. >> she's the first person ever itself a kidney transplant performed by a robot. lenny culpepper was born with a rare genetic disorder. after a few blood transfusions they learned she was in stage one renal failure and was on a
5:59 am
transplant list for a year before she underwent first ever procedure, which means no more dialysis treatments. >> she called it whomp whomp. that's the sound the machine made. when we told her, she said will whomp whomp go away. >> the robot controlled from a distance, dissecting, dividing, tying as well as stap eling and removing the kidney from the adult. she plans to head to disney land courtesy of make-a-wish foundation. >> that's where you go, disney land. good for her. what a cutie. big milestone for king james that puts michael jordan in the rearview mirror. >> of course we're talking about lebron james. last night against denver lebron
6:00 am
passed jordan for fourth on the all-time scoring list. lebron needs 61 more points to pass kareem abdul-jabbar to become the all-star scoring king. in theer, it might happen in three years. keep following that as well. storm damage in contra costa county. roads washed away and mudslides. that's what crews are dealing with this morning after another round of rain moved through the area. up next in the live report, the work that lies ahead. plus sentencing day. president trump's former campaign chairman returns to court to find out his fate. how much jail time the 69-year-old is looking. >> then there was only one. the final blockbuster store standing in the entire planet, as more stores close. "today in the bay" continues right now. who knew there was one even open. >> i looked it


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