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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 7, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PST

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passed jordan for fourth on the all-time scoring list. lebron needs 61 more points to pass kareem abdul-jabbar to become the all-star scoring king. in theer, it might happen in three years. keep following that as well. storm damage in contra costa county. roads washed away and mudslides. that's what crews are dealing with this morning after another round of rain moved through the area. up next in the live report, the work that lies ahead. plus sentencing day. president trump's former campaign chairman returns to court to find out his fate. how much jail time the 69-year-old is looking. >> then there was only one. the final blockbuster store standing in the entire planet, as more stores close. "today in the bay" continues right now. who knew there was one even open. >> i looked it up last month.
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>> stay tuned for that story. good morning, thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. kari with a look at that forecast for us this morning because it's so much nicer. >> nicer to not have heavy rain but we have spotty showers moving through, so be prepared for that. get you out to storm ranger where we still see green on the map around the bay area. not all of us seeing the rain. it is dry here. fremont 880 everything is rolling just fine. as we go throughout the day, you could see spotty showers moving through and our temperatures holding steady. we'll talk about what else is in the forecast in a few minutes. mike now you have a new crash in concord. >> i do, kari. we're following disabled big rig in oakland. look at the sensors, nothing of note. a little slowing showed up. watch that from cutner to downtown san jose, slowing hayward 880. north 880, 980, disabled big
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rig, seeing slower sensors. no update for the chp incident for the last half hour. it's still there, holding with one of the middle lanes reported blocked. highway 4 westbound approaching south chicago highway and 242, slowing. that crash may block one lane. there's a cut through if that's an option for you. bay bridge toll plaza. we have the back-up here. most folks can't avoid that. b.a.r.t. running with no delays under the water to help you avoid this back-up. the good news you do see visible movement for even the cash lanes and fasttrack lanes. you have to look for subtleties when you have back ups like this. >> watching the roads as well. talk about the storm moving out of the bay area but the damage is left behind. we're seeing several roads washed out. might not be in the middle of the commute. for some people in rural contra costa county could be their only way out. "today in the bay" pete suratos joins us with details.
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pete. >> the contra costa county public works department said this is the result over years not just recent storms over the past couple of weeks. when it comes to those roads, i want to show you one of them, this off alhambra valley road, the video from this morning. we're talking about problem spots mostly along the shoulder and remote areas throughout contra costa county. those roads do include alhambra valley road, the one you're looking at as well as bear creek road, marsh creek roads and just a number to name a few. as far as temporary measures. some in place, concrete barriers along the roads as well as temporary stop signs. unfortunately that's going to reduce some of those roads to a single lane. show patience getting around those areas. a permanent fix is in the work, that means environmental clearances not to mention federal fund requests, federal funds due to disaster areas from winter storms two years ago. unfortunately, guys, really
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unclear when the permanent fixes on those roads will be completed. live in martinez, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> thanks so much, pete. we're not in the clear just yet. as kari mentioned, some scattered showers out there right now. as you can see on our radar. they are going to linger throughout the morning. in case you haven't already, you can download free nbc bay area map, take the live radar we use in the newsroom to find out will what the weather is where you're headed. paul manafort finds himself in a long sentence there. he could spend the rest of his life behind bars. right now "today in the bay's" tracie potts in washington for us with a preview of the sentencing. tracie. >> hi, marcus. good morning, everyone. this sentencing could bring a long time behind bars for paul manafo manafort. he is 69 years old and he's looking at decades in prison.
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69-year-old paul manafort finds out today if he'll get the maximum, 24 years, after a federal jury in virginia found him guilty of failing to report $16.5 million in consulting fees for the ukrainian government. the justice department said manafort repeatedly and brazenly violated the law. he cut a deal but lost it after lying and witness tampering while on bail. next week in washington, manafort faces another 10 years on similar charges, none of it connected to the trump campaign. meantime former trump lawyer michael cohen delayed reporting to prison to finish testifying privately about efforts to build a trump tower in russia during the campaign. >> the hearings went very, very well. i believe that all of the members were satisfied with the statements and the responses that i gave to them. >> he answered every question that was put to him by members of both parties. he was fully cooperative with
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the committee. >> cohen reportedly brought documents to prove trump lawyers tried to change his testimony. >> democrats should actually focus on doing this job not attacking somebody. >> trump lawyer jay sekulow says it's completely false. more coverage of paul manafort's hearing this morning. scott mcgrew picks up the coverage in checks and balances coming up at 6:45. it is 6:06 right now. singer r. kelly back in custody this morning. this is a look at his latest mug shot. this time the arrest is unrelated to recent sexual assault charges. instead he's accused of failing to pay more $160,000 in child support. you probably caught a piece of yesterday's explosive interview when he angrily denied abuse allegations. following the interview the family of the young woman who lives with the singer into on
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the phone. she says she has no plans to go home. >> i'm happy where i'm at. i told you a million times, i'm very, very happy. >> her family believes she's held against her will and say this is the first time they into to her in two years. she is not tied to criminal charges. >> happening today, it's back to school at richmond high. this is after students had an unexpected day off. those students were notified via social media yesterday those classes were canceled. this is because of a power outage. today there's a modified schedule. classes begin at 10:00 this morning. school leaders say they have identified the reason for the outage and they are working to fix it. >> this is a plan to ease homelessness in san francisco. this morning mayor london breed plans to open a new neighborhood development along mission street in the tenderloin. it will provide 83 rental upts units to hoechlless and low income families. 7500 people were considered
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homeless in the city in 2017. contra costa holds a meeting to help device a new set of fair housing rules. the county trying to find solutions for more access to safe and affordable housing. that includes access to public transit and good schooling. leaders are getting feedback on recent housing data. tonight's meeting at concord city hall at 6:00 p.m. if you work at one of the tech companies in the bay area, listen up. this could affect your lunch. one idea to restrict corporate cafeterias in san francisco is reportedly back on the front burner. maybe you remember that debate. last fall san francisco planners shut down a request to ban new employee cafeterias and office spaces. surrounding restaurants argued this hurts businesses. the chronicle reporting now that a new proposal will be unveiled today by the same supervisor who proposed it last time. this one would instead require companies to apply for conditional use permits and explain how their cafeterias or the cafes there would not harm
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neighboring small businesses. new for you this morning, san francisco is looking at new voting machines that would allow even more rank choice voting. the sf examiner reporting the new machines let up to 10 picks before they were limited to three choices. in place in time for the new election when mayor london breed us up for re-election, although it doesn't appear she faces a competitive race, the voting system costs about $2 million. 6:09 right now. let's go live to sfo where we saw those cancellations and delays for the past couple of days. right now good news, things on track, even though we have some showers in spots. no delays to report right now. i don't know about you, kari. when you come back from a vacation, you're ready to take the next one or at least plan it. >> you're tired from being on vacati vacation. >> that's good. some of that spotty rain moving through and looking at the peninsula with spotty rain on
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storm ranger. that's what we can expect. mostly light showers, a cold front dipping through. that's going to keep our temperatures cool today. so as we head over to concord, some upper 40s to start. we only reach up to 56 degrees and there may be some quick passing showers. overall we are going to see a mix of sun and clouds and some breezy winds throughout today. we'll talk about what's ahead and what's going on in the sierra in just a few minutes. mike, you're saying there are still some problems as you get ready to head out on the roads in some spots. >> kari, we'll start with a look at bay bridge toll plaza. you're familiar with the view. for the last several minutes, i was very concerned. i'll step in and show you, i was watching right here. these are the hov lanes and they are completely stopped for three or four minutes. there's a crash at the bay bridge toll plaza. it did clear. it cleared to the far side from the detail from chp. that crash i believe has cleared
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to the shoulder, slower drive to treasure island. there may be a second incident there. i'm going to scan those chp reports. nothing really of note for the rest of the bay although you do have that crash highway 4 at pch, port chicago highway. back to you. >> thanks, mike. >> 6:11, coming up next on "today in the bay," the final act for blockbuster. only one store remains open in the entire world after closures of a few stores that were still renting movies. facebook promising more changes this morning. but then again facebook has always been promising changes, marcus. later today, everyone has heard this song. ♪ in the shallows ♪ la la la la la cooper gaga there. that song "shallows" hitting high notes this morning. we're going to tell you about the new record it set. that's coming up at 6:25.
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>> looking at each other like that. >> why not? >> sparked rumors. >> you're watching "today in the bay." (time check (
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happy friday junior. we are starting out this morning at 6:14 with mostly cloudy skies. we will also see spotty rain here and there. as we head to evergreen we'll
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see temperatures holding steady in the low 50s. yeah, there's still some rain in the forecast today. we'll talk about that, get a look at the sierra and weekend forecast in less than five minutes. >> we're looking at this. look at the bottom of the screen. a string of crashes came up on the chp report between san jose and monterey jurisdiction. we'll sort out the details. sensors are green but that may change dramatically. >> good morning to you. a lot of economic data. the trade deficit has gotten much bigger. we get the jobs report tomorrow. the fed's beige book says prices are pretty stable out here in the west and the job market is tight. you knew that. sales force turns 20 years old tomorrow. facebook once again apologizing and promising to do better. mark zuckerberg wrote a blog post announcing changes to the social network. he says they are going to work on private messaging, less concentration on public sharing and ephemeral posts like snapchat where they go away.
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you have to take anything facebook says with an enormous block of salt. zuckerberg has promised changes and gone on apology tours several times in the past. what facebook says it's going to do and what it accomplishes not always the same. specifically zuckerberg says facebook will concentrate on private intersections, not public, continue to enkrift all -- encrypt all of its messages including keeping law enforcement out and in facebook's words improve permanence, the snapchat-style post that is erase themselves after a period of time if you want them to. back here in the studio, we are having a lot of fun with the podcast, sandhill road. sand hill road is the home to venture capital in menlo park. this is a podcast for how money glues the bay area together. venture capitalist tim draper says starbucks will soon accept
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bitcoin. i tell him he's wrong. i told the millionaire to put his money on the table and bet him five bigs ones. >> you think starbucks won't accept bitcoin? >> yes, i'm betting a nickel. >> the producer is here. we bet a nickel and we'll send it to a charity. >> totally out of your mind. where have you been living? living in a hole. >> in the world of high finance, let me explain what a nickel is. >> it's a billionaire, you could still say a dime. >> if there's a meeting i'm not aware of and then i'm on the hook for $10 million. i'm 90% sure i'm on the hook for five cents. >> we heard it. >> now we know who plays the penny shots in vegas. >> i should tell you how to get that podcast, obviously itunes. you know how to get itunes, it's on your phones. anywhere you get podcasts you can get sand hill road.
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if you're not interested in high finance, give it a try. it's much like "press: here," you'll be surprised how interesting people are. >> it happens right here in our backyard. >> it does. very important to the bay area. >> good deal. we'll look forward to that. 6:18 right now. let's talk about renting movies. >> how often -- look at this. blockbuster. you thought they were all gone. nope, not at all. a lot of them are gone. but there is one still around holding on by a blockbuster card there. maybe we should remind everyone vhs, they still have it there. they still have them. >> to get their netflix? >> no, no, no. they use vhs in their vcrs. no netflix there. >> not at all. i'm surprised they still have those there. this one in australia.
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that's pretty cool. they have the chairs as well. change that denzel to market. >> i wonder if in australia if dvds spin the opposite direction? talking about -- >> be kind, remind. >> a $5 fine. >> you used to go and get movies on friday night. if you weren't there early enough, forget it. >> you had to watch the return. >> fun times. >> yesteryear. >> a lot of kids are just like, what are you talking about, vcrs. >> get up to change the channel. >> what? this morning as we get ready to head out the door, some spotty showers still moving through. our temperatures are still on the cool side. we actually have a cold front dropping in, so you can see in ukiah it's 45 degrees, 52 in oakland, 51 in san jose. our temperatures will actually hold steady. so what you'll feel as you're walking the kids to school this
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morning in danville will be pretty much what you'll feel as you go pick them up. upper 40s to low 50s and mostly cloudy skies. it's not the bright, sunny day we'd like at this point, and we do still have the need for the umbrella every now and then, we're seeing that on storm ranger. still light rain moving through parts of the peninsula over santa cruz mountains. we're also seeing light rain moving through parts of the east bay around fremont and also as you get ready to head out on the roads on 580. now looking at still have rain in the region, some sierra snow. the cold front moving in. then over the weekend, we'll turn our attention to another system approaching that will bring us more showers saturday. as we take a live look outside at golden gate bridge, can you see leftover rain after measuring an inch and a half of rain there. in the santa cruz mountains, 4" of rain over the past few days. kentfield had 2.5" of rain. san jose we only made about
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0.75" but that was still pretty good. we still have rain chances through today especially in the south bay watching out for that this afternoon. looking at squaw creek, it is such an amazing sunrise. a lot of snow. more on the way as we check out squaw valley and the forecast for alpine meadows. we had a season total of nearly 600" of snow. our forecast shows still some more active weather with breaks in between. i'll be looking forward to getting more sunshine tomorrow and again on sunday into monday. another chance of rain in the forecast on tuesday. mike, you were seeing scattered reports in the south bay. >> when you said 600", make sure i heard that correctly. over here northbound routes moving smoothly through the south bay, damp roadways, sprinkles through the area. right here 101, you see this string of crashes reported. that alarmed me as they popped up. i think they are all details
6:22 am
about a similar crash situation right here where 85 and 101 meet heading south in towards south county and toward morgan hill. southbound 101 at 85. the latest report says you are down to two lanes as you're getting down. counter commute, we see a little bit of slowing that showed up just as i was speaking. that's where the crash looks like it's located if you're headed down out of san jose and in towards morgan hill. the rest of the commute directions moving smoothly, standard there. over at the bay bridge there was an incident, a bit of oil that spilled off the back of a truck. that's what caused slowing towards treasure island. all clear from all lanes. you have the berkeley curve recovering now. >> that's good. hopefully smoothed out. thanks, mike. you've probably talked about this song, heard this song here, sung the song. lady gaga and bradley cooper. "shallow" raising the bar. the new record setting. you don't want to miss this one
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"shallow." "today in the bay." we'll be right back.
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ambulance bill turned into a an nbc bay area responds to a san francisco mom whose ambulance bill turned into a real headache. >> consumer investigators chris chmura and his team worked to ease some of that pain. >> good morning, judith said her son had a nasty cut on his face
6:26 am
from a playground accident. nothing too serious but he did need treatment. a san francisco ambulance crew saw her carrying the little boy and stopped to help. the medics told her they would bill her insurance, instead she got a bill for $2100 in the mail. she asked the billing company to file a claim with her health insurance but that didn't happen. after four months of trying to resolve this herself, judith asked us to reach out. we reached out to the billing service and a week later judith said it sent her bill to the insurance adviser and paid it in full, all $2100. health insurance doesn't always cover ambulance rides at 100%. you should check your policy or call your insurance company now. you should check or call your insurance company now, find out now what they will pay for an ambulance in case you need one someday. call us any time. 888-996-tips or online at
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>> thanks, chris. >> you know as lady gaga famously quotes, there can be 100 records in the charts and 99 don't reach the top but one does. ♪ >> that "shallow" song really a hit. the singer's first number one in eight years. gaga posting some advice on instagram in light of the milestone. rule number one, never give up. rule number two, always listen to rule number one. she's had a lot of success in her corner lately. 6:27, coming up next on "today in the bay," 13 hours of negotiations and still no contract deal for san ramon valley teachers. >> a concern if they do strike, what's going to happen to the kids. >> up next in the live report, the tentative agreement both
6:28 am
sides have signed. the one sticking point that's holding up the process. you're watching "today in the bay." we )re seeing scattered shs
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across the bay area. taking a live look outside at downtown san jos right now at 6:30, we're seeing scattered showers across the bay area. for the most part, a lot of clearing out there. taking a live look outside at downtown san jose. a welcome change for many. been kind of inundated with rain. a nice thursday. thanks for joining us, i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. right now we want to head to
6:31 am
meteorologist kari hall keeping us up to date on that weather that's changing so off. >> changing across the bay area. los gatos, temperatures in the low 50s. we do have a cold front so that's going to keep our temperatures from really rising too much. rain chances into late morning and early afternoon. of course it won't be a washout. that's not what we're seeing on storm ranger. we're seeing spotty light showers moving through. not all of us will see the rain but you do want to be prepared in case one of those showers happened to pop up right over where you are. talk about what's happening this weekend and seeing slowing in san jose. >> a little more, kari, on our sensors. we're talking about counter-commute. northbound your commute does build and your typical pattern southbound we have an issue getting from 85, 101, heading down 101 to metcalf. we had a crash blocking two lanes as you head to the merge in south county. now things are moving smoother. as far as those speed sensors
6:32 am
go, i do think they made progress, open up a few lanes but i'll track that with you on chp report, monterey jurisdiction, that's interesting there. rest of the bay, tri-valley and east bay show a little build. that's typical. west bay, west 80 toward bay bridge. we have continued recovery. we do have the issue reported at treasure island but they slowed the metering lights down. look at the span itself is clear, the back up at the berkeley curve. thank you, mike. after 13 hours of negotiation, no contract for san ramon valley school district teachers. they met behind closed doors. negotiators say they reached a teb tiff agreement on most articles and remain hopeful. today in the bay sharon katsuda live in danville. sharon, what's come to from this marathon meeting. >> marcus, it was a long meeting. they were here until about midnight last night. last night teachers also held a
6:33 am
town hall meeting to let educators, parents and teachers know what they are fighting for. they are asking important more pay but want more librarians, counselors and smaller class sizes for the district's 32,000 students. the district said both sides signed 11 tentative agreements. according to the teachers association, class size is still the sticking point. >> in my math class it's 40 kids and one teacher. it's hard for the teacher to control all of us at one time. >> all of us facing decline revenue, rising health care and pension cost and not enough money coming from the state. >> no word on when negotiators will go back to the bargaining table. if they don't go back soon a teachers strike is possible in the district. we're hearing that could happen by the end of april. that's, of course, when state testing takes place. that would affect so many students. reporting live in danville, i'm
6:34 am
sharon katsuda, "today in the bay." >> hope they come to some type of agreement before the testing. >> 6:33, story developing this morning, journalists tracked by homeland security as they track the migrant caravan. some were subject to extra screening. "today in the bay" kris sanchez joins us with what this all means and who was followed. kris. >> reporter: hi there, laura. as you might imagine, an attorney for aclu is calling this an outrageous violation of the first amendment. they got leaked documents showing a secret database of journalists and activists who in some cases had alerts on their passports barring them from coming and going across the border. some of them told nbc san diego they were subject to intense inspections and scrutiny by border officials. the documents provided by homeland security on the condition of anonymity. a spokesperson from the u.s.
6:35 am
customs and border protection told nbc news all the people on that database were present when the violence broke out at the border in november. a cpb statement reads in part, criminal events such as breach offed the border wall in san diego are routinely monitored and investigated by authorities. it's protocol following these for future legal actions. there was no mention of secret database by the homeland security who into before congress yesterday. >> the president himself admitted there's no emergency, even as he was announcing his declaration saying i didn't need to do this, i just want to do it faster. >> at the current pace, we're on track to encounter 1 million illegal aliens at the borders this year. our capacity is already strained but these increases will overwhelm the system entirely.
6:36 am
>> the president's national security declaration, national emergency declaration is still in the balance and could be up for a vote in the senate next week. laura and marcus. >> one we'll continue to follow. thanks a lot, kris. it is 6:36, everyone unaccounted for has been located. we're talking about the aftermath of sunday's deadly tornado in eastern alabama. president trump is supposed to visit that area tomorrow. just yesterday he signed an emergency relief order. one woman cora jones, she lost 10 members of her extended family, including her mother and father. this is after recently losing her job and finding out that she has cancer. >> i've got so many questions. but you know, you don't question. just why, why -- you know, why, why this had to happen like this. >> 23 people died in that tornado. the first of the funerals is scheduled for later today. the south bay community
6:37 am
heart broken this morning after a tragic incident that unfolded yesterday at a south san jose apartment complex. a mother killed her two young sons and then killed herself. police so far are not officially revealing how the mother or her children died, but the boys were four and seven years old. neighbors say their father was the one who came home and discovered that tragic scene. new details tied to take stabbing incident that led to the death of a b.a.r.t. rider last year. the rider died in july from a skin infection. it developed from a tiny cut he received on his leg during an original altercation. the contra costa county prosecutors initially sought a murder charge until the judge threw it out last month. in lieu of involuntary manslaughter. at the time prosecutors vowed to refile. "east bay times" reports they have now reversed the course and plan to proceed with the current charge. the defendant has entered a not
6:38 am
guilty plea. san francisco looking at new voting machines. >> those machines would allow even more rank choice voting. the sf examiner reporting the new machines let up to 10 picks before they were limited to three choices. in place in time for the new election when mayor london breed us up for re-election, although it doesn't appear she faces a competitive race. that voting system cost about $2 million. if you're in the market for a sleek new ride, you're in luck. >> silicon valley auto show opens in a few hour. this features 30 vehicles from one carmaker under one roof. some of those this year, smaller trucks, more cars with driver assisted technology and lots of hybrid and electric cars. you can also get behind those wheels, ask the manufacturers questions. i don't know why you would want to do it but you can kick the tires or maybe do a little window shopping. >> exactly. everybody is doing more and more
6:39 am
research online, which is great. but there's nothing like coming down and actually sitting in a vehicle and feeling it. can you see okay? do the kids really fit in the back seat. that's the best part of the show. and maybe do a little dreaming as well. >> dozens of those vehicles will be available for you to test-drive, which is a fun thing. it runs through sunday at the convention center. admission for you, adults out there, 12 bucks. >> you know what the big deal for me, integration with my phone. that's critical, i think, for me now. that's just me perhaps. critical the berkeley curve as well. we're seeing the slower drive. this is not as bad as i expected it to be. an early startup to the bridge. that was a concern. then we had an issue on the bay bridge itself with some oil that spilled from a tanker -- not from a taerng itself but from the engine. that's all cleared up and we
6:40 am
have good recovery. you saw that over totemryville area. everything smoothing for the east shore freeway and recovery for south bay, 101 out of san jose, the crash at metcalf still there. >> you know what's great after coming off vacation on thursday, the weekend right there. >> you can see it right there. >> even though you're coming back refreshed, i'm so ready for the weekend after all that rain. we do have a little more rain in the forecast today. some spotty showers showing up on storm ranger and we're going to be in and out of those light showers throughout today and another storm system approaches going into the weekend. this one will bring us showers on monday. rather, i should say saturday. we're going to see some of those showers moving through and our temperatures staying cool with highs across the bay area in the mid-50s. we will get sun on sunday and we will also see slightly warmer temperatures. if you're going to the tri-valley this weekend, expect the rain kind of off and on on
6:41 am
saturday. it won't be a total washout. on sunday highs reaching 56 degrees. that's a live look at the resort at squaw creek. looks beautiful. if you'll be able to see it in person, it's going to be reaching in the low- to mid-20s for tomorrow and saturday. some spotty snow showers but not a big snowstorm. you do want to make sure you have tire chains. those controls are still up. looking at santa cruz, some rain in the forecast on saturday. but other than that, it will be cold and breezy and you'll be able to get some sunshine. we'll talk about what's going on today as we get a little bit of sun, a little bit of rain clouds, a little bit of it all. coming up in three minutes. >> a little something for everyone. thanks, kari. coming up next on "today in the bay." a case focused on sexual misconduct on college campuses heats up today. the courtroom battle and how it could impact students. >> plus scott is tracking developments from capitol hill. >> i am. watching paul manafort going to court to find out how much time
6:42 am
he's going to spend in prison. could be the rest of his life. to the big board, new york city, dow industrials on another losing day, down 120 points. you're watching "today in the bay." what's better than having fast, reliable wifi with coverage throughout your home? how about having internet that can help you save on wireless phone service? xfinity gives you the fastest speeds for all your devices. plus, now that xfinity mobile is included, you can switch your wireless carrier and save hundreds of dollars a year. talk and text as much as much as you want and only pay for data. now that's simple, easy, awesome.
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click, call or visit a store today.
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right now it's 6:44. you get ready to head out the door in palo alto, even though it's not raining now it's time to put down the umbrella. we will keep rain chances in the forecast today and our temperatures holding steady in the lower 50s. we'll talk about what's ahead for the weekend as we will have yet again another weak storm system moving in. more on that in less than five minutes. >> and look at this. most of your commute looks standard, but in the south bay we officially have a traffic alert. south 101 jammed up as you're
6:45 am
heading south toward the merge with 85 to a crash blocking three lanes at metcalf. a number of vehicles involved causing an unusual problem down toward morgan hill. we'll show you the rest of your commute coming up. >> thanks so much, kari and mike. it's a quarter to 7:00. sonoma county leaders will get an update on recovery efforts following last week's damaging flood. the county declared a health emergency over concerns about spilling of so much hazardous waste. it's now believed the flood caused more than $150 million in damage. that includes geurneville school. classrooms were spared because they sit on higher ground. the press democrat reports the surrounding campus sustained about a half million dollars in damage. >> new this morning chp investigating an early morning fire. this is along 880. that totalled suv there. this happened at brokaw off-ramp. officers tell us the suv was
6:46 am
stolen and may have crashed before being set on fire. no one in or near the suv when officers arrived. the future of title ix protections may be at stake today in san francisco. that's where a judge will hear arguments surrounding recent title ix rollbacks. last fall the white house started easing the guidelines. now new measures proposed making it more difficult for victims of sexual abuse, harassment and discrimination to seek justice. a coalition of groups will argue the trump administration and education secretary, betsy devos, were biased rolling back title ix protections. the president's former campaign manager finding how much time he'll get today. >> scott mcgrew, paul manafort may never get out of prison. >> he's almost 70 years old right now, marcus, faces between what could be 19 and 25 years in prison. worse for him, the sentencing today is just one case. he's also been convicted in a separate court. manafort's crimes were not related to the trump campaign
6:47 am
but some took place during the campaign. campaign manager, campaign adviser, foreign policy adviser, national security adviser and former lawyer have all been convicted or pleaded guilty of crimes. we're not including adviser roger stone. he has yet to have his day in court. the president tweeted quoting somebody else, "no one is accusing the president of a crime and yet they, the democrats, are issuing hundreds of subpoenas. that's not true, though. trump's own personal lawyer, former lawyer specifically testified trump committed felonies and did so in public in front of television cameras. he's been accused, the president has, though not by law enforcement specifically. meanwhile house democrats are in disarray trying to work out what to do about congresswoman omar she's made a number of statements her critics find antisemitic. the house was supposed to pass a resolution condemning anti-semitism in general though not omar specifically. they rescheduled it and -- it was yesterday, rescheduled it for today.
6:48 am
apparently it's been out off again. takes the focus off all the things democrats want to pass and giving republicans lots of ammunition. president trump met with apple ceo cook as part of a discussion about the growing workforce -- growing the workforce. companies cannot find the workers they need. the internet focused on the president calling tim cook, tim apple. mr. trump made that mistake before calling the ceo of lockheed, lockheed, which when you think about it may be understandable when the ceo of trump organization is called trump. follow me on twitter @scottmcgrew. >> next time, tell that moose to move. people in canada got a bit of a surprise there when one one of the people there actually spotted this moose on top of a carport just walking like, hey, this is where i'm supposed to be. >> crazy. >> this woman recorded it. said her husband heard something strange when he parked his car. he looked up and sure enough
6:49 am
there was a moose up there. >> looking for a way down. maybe he just wants to look around. no word how he got up there in the first place. he got away with it. >> a moose on the loose. >> how did he gets down? did he jump? >> good question. >> #weinvestigate. >> let's talk about the forecast, spotty showers. >> off-and-on rain. not all the way done with all the showers we've seen but i think we'll catch a little more drying today. here is a look at what to expect as you head out. we're seeing mostly cloudy skies still lingering across the bay area. let's talk about how much rain that last rain brought us. in the santa cruz mountains over 4" of rain, north bay kentfield measured 2.5" of rain, santa rosa an 1.5".
6:50 am
.75" in san jose. as you head out the door in danville, mostly cloudy only 47 degrees. our high temperature today only reaching 52. so it's going to be a chilly day. now that we do have a cold front moving through. you want to make sure we have the umbrella because we will see off-and-on rain as we're seeing right now on storm ranger as this cold front moves through we're going to have lingering showers. we're seeing the rain coming down from hayward down to newark and fremont as you start out on your drive this morning you do have to turn on the windshield wipers. we'll have a bit of a break but not going to be completely out of the woods with the rain. another system moving in on saturday. so as we go hour by hour, rain anywhere at any point today, even in the south bay, especially this afternoon into the evening hours, then it looks like still some spotty rain into the start of the day tomorrow and on saturday another system moves in. after that, we'll catch two days
6:51 am
of some dry weather and our temperatures getting a little bit milder. then there will be another system moving in tuesday that will bring back those rain chances for the middle of next week. mike, you have that traffic alert in the south bay. >> i do, kari. first we'll show you speed sensors and standard maps. also damp is possible. but that's almost gone. northbound routes, stab southbound routes a traffic alert. zoom into the area south 101 past the merge with 85. we'll look at waze sensors because we have waze reporters. a whole cluster of reports came in the last 45 minutes. we'll pick out one of them with a cool waze picture. look at that, sunglasses on. no name, call her wazer, hopefully a member of bay area wazers. we want people to the join our team. we appreciate that. we thank you for sharing that report as well. because that developed over the
6:52 am
last half hour. we now have that traffic alert south 101 towards morgan hill, jammed up right now. we're looking at the rest of the bay. as we zoom out the maps, the rest of the commute standard. we have again damp spots for the roadway. an earlier problem on the bay bridge has cleared. now good recovery, slowing for east shore freeway from 580 down past golden gate fields towards bay bridge. we have a mislabeled map. it says walnut creek which is slowing and fremont is fine. i covered two others with one stone. >> thank you very much, mike. 6:52. happening now, a high-ranking member of the catholic church convicted of hiding sexual abuse. the french court finds the catholic cardinal guilty of failing to report a pedophile priest. this is france's most important prominent sex abuse trial so far. the cardinal was given a six-month suspended sentence. the priest confessed to abusing boy scouts in the 1970s and '80s and will be tried separately.
6:53 am
>> much more ahead on "today in the bay." a quick look at the stories, including bay area school being forced to open later than usual today, plus roads washed out. roads under way in contra costa to clean up storm damage. the impact to your commute. it is 6:53. back in two minutes with more news. you're watching "today in the bay." welcome back.
6:54 am
6:55 am
before you head out the door, here are the top stories on today in the bay-- welcome back. before we head out the door here are the top stories on "today in the bay." >> a new photo shows a huge tree down in marin county. chp just posted this photo to twitter. take a look at the size of that. this is at sir francis drake
6:56 am
boulevard, platform bridge road and entrance to the park. crews are working to cut that tree and move it out of there. >> the storm moving out leaving behind damage. we're seeing several roads washed out that might not be in the middle of your commute. but for people in rural contra costa county, it should be their only way out. so the problem areas are primarily along the shoulder and remote areas around the county. those include alhambra valley road, bear creek road and marsh creek road. temporary measures such as concrete barriers and temporary stop signs in place to reduce the road to single lanes there. a permanent fix is in the works. >> 6:56, happening today, back to school at richmond high after students had an unexpected day off. classes were canceled because of the power outage. today there will be a modified schedule. classes start at 10:00 a.m.
6:57 am
school leaders say they have identified the reason for the outage and working to fix it. a plan to ease homelessness in san francisco. this morning mayor london breed plans to open a new neighborhood development along mission street in tenderloin. it will provide 83 units to homeless and low income. according to the chronicle an estimated 7500 people were homeless in the city in 2017. happening today contra costa leaders hold the final of three communities meetings with fair housing rules. the county trying to find solutions for access to safe and affordable housing that includes access to public transit and schooling. tonight's meeting at concord city hall at 6:00 p.m. new this morning, a bill proposed to ban fur sales throughout california under the measure fur, leather and cowhide products used for religious purposes would be exempt. san francisco, berkeley, los angeles and west hollywood are the only cities in the state
6:58 am
that have already banned sales of fur products. new this morning, thousands of birth control pills are being recalled over a packaging error which means women are taking the pills off the medication schedule. the tablets are made by a corporation and the company says it's received no reports of pregnancies or issues. anyone with affected tablets should talk to their pharmacy and health care provider. the "today" show jenna bush hager giving us reason to crack open a new book. >> her new seeds called "read with jenna" will speak with newsmakers and celebrities alike including her first guest who needs no introduction here. we're talking about former first lady michelle obama purchase what was your favorite book to read to your girls. >> there's so many. any dr. seuss book. "good night moon." barack's favorite was "where the wild things are." those are the books we always read when we read to children.
6:59 am
but we're a household of book readers. >> my favorite there. you can watch the full interview this morning right after "today in the bay." let's take a look at the radar right now. spotty showers across the bay area, a nice break from all the rain that's been pouring down on us. a little chance to dry out. we are hearing some delays this morning at sfo. we're monitoring that. that's coming into sfo. so if you're having a flight in or out, make sure you check ahead. >> you know, we're going to see still some spotty showers moving through today, some lighter rain as we get a look at storm ranger and keep that umbrella handy. but it's a nice break from the heavier downpours. >> not a break for a lot of people out of san jose. >> unusual southbound 101 right now as you make the merge with 85. jammed up, a crash at metcalf. a number of vehicles reported there's a traffic break and it's actually going on right now judging by the sensors. the northbound commute does slow a bit, rest of the bay standard. >> at least counter-commute.
7:00 am
all right. enjoy your little dryer day today. taking a live look outside at the beautiful golden gate bridge. back with a live local news update. >> don't forget to join us at 11:00. thanks for starting your morning with us. good morning. stunning revelation. >> i thought i was strong but felt powerless. >> senator martha mcsally, a groundbreaking air force pilot, uses a hearing on sexual assault in the military to share her personal story for the very first time. >> i was preyed upon and then raped by a superior officer. >> this morning, her fig for change as her bravery and openness are applauded on both sides of the aisle. sentencing day. former trump campaign chair paul manafort set to face the music before a federal judge today, learning his fate after being convicted of tax and bank fraud. while the president's former lawyer, michael cohen, brings new evidence to capitol hill that he says backs up his


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