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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  March 7, 2019 11:00am-11:29am PST

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as people continue to pick up the pieces -- the federal right now, flooding recovery. people continue to pick up the pieces, the federal government steps in to try to figure out what comes next, those hardest hit areas. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. officials are holding a special meeting in the north bay to fig out what to next after the flooding. pete suratos joining us with th. pete? >> reporter: good morning to you. the special meeting with the sonoma board of supervisors is still taking place. we stepped out. >> all right. looks like we lost microphone there. we'll try to solve that but you see what the people there are up against.
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literally so much debris. there's litter, hazardous waste. we'll continue to follow the story because the flood cleanup is such an important topic right now. we want the go to meteorologist kari hall monitoring that weather and the good thing, kari, we have seen most of the storms move out of the area for now. >> we have seen light and spotty showers moving through. here is a look at storm ranger. as we were seeing some of scattered showers, mostly for the peninsula and thenal for the east bay to ndnd on. lighter. we have seen much of the rain in the north bay and where we see the green mostly a light shower moving through. we can see the system across the region and still bringing unsettled weather in the day and we can see all the cloud cover over san jose right now. so as we go into the rest of the day, just kind of plan on for the possibility of some light quick moving showers. other than that, it does stay mostly cloudy and cool as a cold front continues to dip in and
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keeping the rain chances in the forecast heading into the evening. kind of off and on. mostly cloudy and still even early tomorrow we may have some of that light rain moving through. i'll be tracking that, also a look at the saturday forecast and includes another round of rain. that's coming up in just a few mis.chkari. >> marsh creek road is closed. we got an update from county public works saying rock slides cons overnight. the crews are cleaning up this morning. the hope is reopen this afternoon and to monitor after that happens. the road is closed in both direction. tired and smiling this mornings after marathon negotiations for an east bay school district. the 13-hour meeting ended with tentative agreements of teachers and the district. nbc bay area's sharon katsuda is there for us. there's a sticking point in the
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specifically comment on the sticking point but the union says it is over class size reduction. teachers let educators, parents and students know what they are fighting for, more pay and librarians, counselors and smaller class sizes for the district's 32,000 students. the district says both sides signed 11 different tentative agreements. >> we are in agreement that class sizes are something that are important. and we're continuing our conversations. >> in my math class there's like 40 kids and there's 1 teacher and hard for 1 teacher to control all of us at one time. >> reporter: no word on when noerkt negotiators will go back to the bargaining table but a teacher strike is possible in the district and we are told that strike could take place by the end of april and of course tist
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to focus on successful negotiations. reports live in danville, nbc bay area news. they efully it ends with decithanyou so much, sharon. let's jump back to the story of earlier. officials are holding a special meeting in the north bay to figure out what to do after the flooding there. we think we worked out the problems with pete suratos. standing by in santa rosa. pete? >> reporter: yeah. good morning to you, laura. as i was mentioning in the last live report there, you got the sonoma county board of supervisors holding a special meeting in santa rosa. it is still going as we speak. there's a public comment taking place an they want to provide folks with an up date on what's going on with the cleanup efforts and the debris you are seeing around town. you guys are seeing some of that video. that's in guerneville. tons of debris literally throughout the city and the
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county and as a result of massive flooding of russian river. as far as the board of supervisors thisrning, they first ratified a prok clamation calling it a health hazard. so we're talking about lighter fluid, paint thinners, used oil. it's swirling around in sonoma county. there are drop-off bins around the county and the plan is to transition to curbside ideas and to expedite the cleanup. the cost as they mentioned in the meeting is just over $1 million. but it could come down as much as 75% if the county gets federal help. getting federal help is the big question because all that is still up in the air. >> treat different disaster victims differently. right?
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that's essentially what happens in the federal system. you have one person who lost everything and one person who lost everything and might not be treated the same way at all just based on the scale of the disaster. >> reporter: now, as far as the estimated costs for sonoma county, we are told it's roughly $155 million and it could go up and they could use the federal funding and the goal is to clean up all of the debris in the next two weeks. we are live here in santa rosa, pete suratos, n bay area news. >> thank you, pete. new at 1:00, we got word that richmond high school is closed for a second day in a row. there were problems with repairs overnight following a power outage. they say they have identified the reason and working to fix it. yesterday we reported that classes were canceled. the man who helped president trump become president is going to jail. >> but that's what we know but the question is long? former trump manager, campaign
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manager paul manafort will be in court in a little more than an hour. scott mcgrew, he could face life in prison. >> he, laura, almost 70 years old right now and whatever the sentence he gets could be, indeed, the rest of his life. keep in mind, this is not the only court sentencing him. he is guilty in two separate cases. in federal court in virginia, manafort faces between 19 to 25 years in prison after he was convicted of tax fraud and bank fraud. next week we expect he will be sentenced in the court in washington, d.c. in that other case. the first sentence should come to about 12:30 our time. nbc will have a special report when it does. this pomorning, president trump tweeted about a text he wrote to michael cohen and said it was not a campaign contribution. there was no violation of law by me. fake news. cohen said it was payback for money to keep two women quiet.
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spending money on something that helps your campaign, in fact, h here's the check, or prevents damage to your campaign, is a contribution nohat you call it. but beyond that, this is really a remarkable tweet because the president is acknowledging the text. remember in the past he said he knew nothing about it. no, he said. that was on board air force one last year. he wasn't telling the truth of money. from the current lawyer rudy giuliani who sort of just blurted it out last spring on tv. marcus? >> never ending saga there, scott, thank you. journalists tracked by homeland security were subject to extra screening covering the migrant caravan heading to the border. >> in investigative unit at siv
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passports were put on alert barring them from coming and going across the border. the documents were provided by homeland security source on a condition of anonymity. a spokesperson from u.s. customs and border protection told nbc news the people in the database were present when violence broke out at the border in november. an attorney with the aclu called the tar getting, quote, an outrageous violation of the first amendment. new at 11:00, a person is dead while being held in custody at the martinez detention facility. the sheriff's office is investigating. they say that a deputy found the inmate unresponsive in a room check last night. life saving measures were performed but were unsuccessful. we are working the find more about the 65-year-old victim and we'll bring you the updates as soon as they come in. happening today, contra costa county leaders hold a last community meeting this week to help devise a new set of fair
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housing rules and the county trying to find solutions allowing for more access to safe and affordable housing with access to public transit and good schooling. leaders are gettingfeedback on recent housing data. that meeting happens at concord city hall tonight at 6:00. there's a bill to propose fur sales in california. fur, leather and cowhide products will be exempt. check your medicine cabinet. thousands of birth control pills are recalled over a packaging error meaning the women are taking it off the medication schedule and made by oprotax corporation. anyone with affected tablets speak with the pharmacist and health care provider. much more ahead for you. no more pop-up stores for a
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major retailer. the company shutting the doors on every single store. plus, singer r. kelly back in a chicago prison this morning. why it is not for the sexual assault allegations against him.
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just hours after an explosive sit-down interview . we know there's more trouble for this guy right here. singer r. kelly. just hours after an explosive sitdown interview with the singer airing on tv, back behind bars and this time it's for not paying child support. that interviewas time seal abuse. stephanie gosk has more. >> reporter: theinger went to cy ready to pay off half of the moren in child support. but that wasn't enough. the musician was led away in handcuffs. >> hopefully we'll get him out by wednesday of next week. >> reporter: the arrest coming less than a day after his shocking interview with cbs
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news. the three-time grammy winner responding 0 allegations of sexual misconduct with minors. >> i didn't do this stuff! this is not me! i'm fighting for my [ bleep ] life! y'all killing me with this [ bleep ]! i gave 30 years of my life! >> robert. >> 30 years of my career! y'all trying to kill me! you're killing me, man! >> reporter: in the interview, r. kelly said accusers are liars out for money and fame. including in the series "survi r. kelly." >> the man needs help. >> they're absolutely. >> he's the liar. but he's trying to make the world think that we are all crazy. >> reporter: she was in her mid-30s moving in with r. kelly.
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not long after they first met. she later wrote a book detailing what she says were years of abuse while living with him. >> after i left, i'm the one that contacted the parents to let them know what was going on in that house. >> reporter: kim savage said r. kelly brainwashed his 23-year-old daughter and believes she is held against her will in the singer's chicago apartment. >> from day one, only thing we want to do is actually see our daughter, make sure she is fine. >> reporter: kelly denies holding any woman against their will. >> why would i hold all these women? their mothers and fathers told me we're going to destroy your career. >> reporter: hours after the inte aired, joycelin savage who didn't speak to her family for two years called and spoke to them at the attorney's office. >> i'm very happy. >> how would we know you're happy when we don't hear from you for two years? >> well, i have to go now.
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>> i love you, joycelin! >> i have to go now. >> that was stephanie gosk reports. back here in california, good news for in-state students at uc schools, tuition fees will not go higher. janet napolitano made that announcement yesterday. 2017 was the only time regents raised fees. now it's $12,600 annually for in-state residents. e d o is down about 218 poins right now. stocks fell today after the european slashed the economic growth forecast for 2019 announcing a stimulus to help banks. and amazon closing the 87 pop-up locations next year. they allow customers to try out
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products. amazon with pop-ups inside whole foods locations, malls and kohl's stores and valley fair mall in san jose. amazon wants to invest instead in other ventures. attention parents, the closing sale at charlotte russe starts today. it's filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy. the company that owned family dollar plans to close nearly 400 locations nationwide after it reported a $2.3 billion loss during its fourth quarter and the company says that they plan to renovate 1,000 other stores. also this afternoon, alaska airlines will take its first nonstop flight from san jose to northern seattle. here's the flight path for you. that plane running service from san jose to paine field. the airline plans to kick off the flight with games and giveaways at the gate at 4:15 this afternoon. nbc bay area is delivering
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news to you with a new cast on instagram of sink in and sand hill road podcast. scott mcgrew takes you inside the world of venture capital. this week's episode scott is with venture capitalist tim draper. they actually make a bet over starbucks will some day accept bitcoin. >> you think they won't? >> i'm betting you a nickel. >> you are out of your mind. >> sean, our producer is here. we have bet a nickel and we could send toitdit to a charity >> where have you been living? living in a hole? >> you can find sand hill road on itunes, google play. >> it's funny because why a nickel? he said, you know, asking tim that, it's because he said wealthy people don't gamble. that's how they keep their money. you have to listen to the whole podcast. really funny.
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>> check it out. exactly. all right. listen to kari right here and right now. >> yeah. it's been raining off and on and you're probably looking up at the sky like where's sunshine? that's a tthe way it looks overn francisco. approaching 5 inches of rain in the santa cruz mountains and seeing the rain off and on. kentfield, 2.5 inches of rain there. oakland hills, san francisco a 1.5 and over .7. the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen and see rain icons on there. the sierra snow totals, the past several of days, with the latest storm moving in, and northstar we have gotten 27 inches of snow with the season total of 547 inches. and then looking at some of the high totals that we are seeing
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for mammoth mountain, reaching the season total of 626 inches. we know that with all of this rain and snow, we've pretty much wiped out the drought all of of the state of california. less than 1% of the state is still in a drought and just seeing abnormally dry conditions in just a few areas. now we are looking at temperatures in the low 50s as you get ready head out a ming i. seeing a lot of those showers still lingering on storms range. we are see it tracking the rain from san mateo to san leandro and then over towards the trivalley. this system is still over parts of the bay area and we will keep those rain chances in the forecast throughout today. and then also some breezy winds as this cold front moves in. even early tomorrow and still thinking that we are still going to see some isolated showers moving through and we're not
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going to be done with it until the next system moves in on saturday. so even then looking into it wi very unsettled. our temperatures staying very chilly and reaching 54 degrees on saturday. sunday is when we set ourfoard e with some sun later on in the day. and then by monday we keep temps in the low 60s and then another system moving in on tuesday. so i'll be watch ugh all of that for you with san francisco temperatures staying in the mid to upper 50s and off and on rain chances in the forecast. i know at this point we are all looking forward to some sunshine, getting outside. we have to deal with another quick round of showers for the weekend, especially on saturday. marcus and laura? >> okay. we'll get through it then. thank you. coming up -- ♪ in the shallow shallow ♪ >> nothing shallow about the latest accomplishment. the milestone lady gaga achieved
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and the advice for everyone who has a dream. but first, happening now, the govern noor is at the u.s./mexico border speaking with community members and officials to discusshe governor said there is no national emergency at the border. he and the president both proposed border wall. more news for you after the break. 99 fish sandwich combo.
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it's a you get 100%, it will wild-caught alaska pollocker breaded with panko bread crumbs do you take your birthday off? i did this year... why it you take your birthday off?
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i used 0 never take my birthday off. recently i have been and it's amazing. i posted a picture from my trip on facebook. follow me. it's very restful. it really is. >> you look good. you always do. >> it is being rested is. all right. maybe your kids are dealing with ap classes right now but you'll be happy they're not on nbc's hit show "ap bio." the teacher is forced to return to toledo, ohio, to work as a biology teacher. wte the win the prize, job offers and then get the heck out of toledo. >> i tried an ap class. i gave it a gave it a whirl. i wept for ap history. i believe it was my tenth grade. i was like i'm going to do ap
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history. i made a "f." >> and now he's an actor. you can watch "ap bio" here tonight at 8:30. okay. lady gaga's famous quote goes there's 100 records in the charts and 99 don't reach the top but 1 does. ♪ in the shallow shallow ♪ >> yeah. you see right there, she and bradley cooper, "shallow" hit again. gaga's first number one in eight years and posted about it saying rule number 1, never give up. rule number 2, always listen to rule number 1. good advice. all right. a big milestone for king james to put michael jordan in the rear-view mirror. >> lebron james last night against denver, passed jordan for fourth on the all-time scoring list. if you're wondering, lebron
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james needs more to become the all-time scoring king. in theory, though, if he keeps it up it might happen in three years. >> i don't care. no one puts michael in the corner. >> no, no. not any of those boys. all right. so last look at the weather today. >> off and on with the rain as into today and then looks a little clearer for tomorrow. saturday more showers coming back in the forecast. >> all right. that will do it for us. see you tomorrow morning.
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with love, california. coming up on "california live," we're about to get a crazy rich asian up in here. >> i'm one of the poorer asians. the rainbow sheep of the family. >> the hilarious niko santos is already warming up in our green room. then, kim's learning how to cook cali-flower style.
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>> this is the modern-style pizza. cali-flower foods. all the taste without entertaining the size of your waist. the little girl who stole our hearts in "full house" >> while you're tag >> -- is all grown up and in studio, sharing secrets about her "fuller house," her new movie, and her special forever bond with john


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