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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  March 7, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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joining us. i'm jessica aguirre. >> i'm rogaj mathai. >> reporter: there are security cameras in use. sure enough, the bad guys were caught on camera but not before burglarizing three houses. >> they threw this rock through the glass. >> reporter: he shows the rock burglars used to smash through the sliding glass door. his 12-year-old son came home from school on monday to find the house ransacked and the family's valuables gone. >> what's really been bothering me is my son could have walked in on them. >> reporter: just down the
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street, another neighbor's surveillance cameras captured the suspects in action. one of them used a cement block to break in a back door. a few seconds later, a second suspect enters carrying a gun. >> and appears to be holding a semi-automatic pistol. very unnerving. we're that much more eager to locate these suspects. >> reporter: brentwood police say the men hit three houses on monday while the owners were gone. they've posted photos of the suspects on social media, hoping to get leads before they strike again. most neighbors already have cameras and alarms. but now some are considering doing more. >> it might encourage some of us to be armed too, you know what i mean? i am armed. i'm one of the guys that is armed. >> people walking around my neighborhood with guns, i mean, i want a fighting chance at least.
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i'm not going down's aeeasily. >> reporter: he now has surveillance cameras but he's still nervous. >> i don't know if we'll ever feel safe again. >> reporter: and we are back here live, literally almost every house has either alarm systems or surveillance systems. and if they don't, you can bet they are getting them now. now, police say this is their number one priority right now. they say they're working some good leads and are confident they're going to catch these guys. reporting live in contra costa county, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area. a day after a san jose mom appears to have killed her two sons and then herself, neighbors and police are baffled as to why. neighbors added flowers and mementos to a growing memorial the home. 7-year-old eric is on the tricycle in the middle playing with friends. >> it's sad because we're never going to see the children riding their bike, roaming around the streets. my little one is asking a lot of
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questions. >> grief counciloselors were atd at the boys' school. the medical examiner hasn't released the names of the children or the mom or the cause of death. the bear facts in san jose city. this guy prowling a neighborhood naked, holding a cigarette. he's been spotted twice in san jose bay. nbc bay area's damian trujillo has more. >> reporter: raj, some neighbors tell me they're not too upset about this but others are outright rattled. they say this man has been in the neighborhood several times, sometimes wearing a dress, sometimes nothing at all. this has people on edge in southeast san jose. a porch camera video showing a naked man looking around a home in the meadowlands communitiey. in another view, you can see him getting out of his minivan,
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walking up to the home on tuesday night. the homeowner was too rattled to talk to us on camera but tells us she alerted the neighbors with an app. >> it spread like wildfire, everybody in the neighborhood is talking about it. >> reporter: neighbors say the homeowner passed out these fliers warning them to bewa awa. jane told me she's staying indoors until police catch this guy. other neighbors say they're stepping up security. >> we're thinking about getting a security system now. i've been thinking about it before. >> reporter: late today we got another surveillance video, shot last month. neighbors believe this is the same man, only this time he was wearing a dress. neighbors say their doors will be locked and cameras will be rolling tonight in case he decides to return. we have breaking news in this case. sources tell me the naked man
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has been arrested. i'm told he was arrested earlier today. so that's just coming in right now via a text line to my phone right now. they say the naked man has been arrested. we're live in san jose, i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area. >> naked no more. thank you, damien. hundreds of high school and college students marched toward the state capitol calling for justice after local and state prosecutors declined to press charges against the two officers who shot and killed stephon clark. you remember this, last year clark ran from police as they were investigating a vandalism report. clark's death captured on body cam footage, including the moment officers fired 20 rounds after mistaking his cellphone for a gun. clark's family has filed a $20 million lawsuit against the city of sacramento. a popular highway has become danger and you say for an odd reason. the chp says for more than a year someone has been throwing large rocks at cars as they
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drive on highway 152. these are pictures that people have posted online showing their car windows busted and shattered. officers say they're looking for a middle-aged white man with shoulder length hair. several incidents have been reported near dinosaur point. this is pacheco pass which leads to i-5. on the prowl, santa clara deputies are warning neighbors to watch out for mountain lions. officers say they've received multiple calls about mountain lions and coyotes spotted. these photos were taken during a recent sighting in saratoga. you can see the mountain lion right underneath that tree. animal control just announced they found one of the big cats in saratoga this afternoon. it was sedated, tagged, and then released into the fremont alder open space. a week after their memos and businesses were flooded, a lot of people in sonoma county are getting more help with the cleanup.
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during an emergency meeting today, supervisors voted to offer free curbside pickup of all the debris from flooded homes and businesses. the board also declared a local health emergency due to all the hazardous materials in the water and will apply for federal aid to help pay for the cleanup. >> we treat different disaster victims differently. that's essentially what happens in the federal system. so, you know, you have one person who lost everything and you have another person who lost everything and they might not be treated the same way at all. >> the estimated cost for the damages throughout the county is roughly $155 million. in spite of filing for bankruptcy, pg&e is still asking a judge to allow the utility to pay its employees millions in bonuses. the company has requested that the judge approve a $235 million in bonuses. those cash payments would be awarded to employees, none of them senior executives. pg&e filed for bankruptcy in
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january in the face of billions of dollars in potential liability for the wildfires of 2017 and 2018. a grand opening in san francisco today for new affordable housing. the development known as 1036 mission street is providing homes for low income or homeless families. 83 brand-new apartments. >> the project itself began nearly a decade ago, when we bought the property and then were challenged by the great recession and the loss of redevelopment agency money and lots and lots of financial difficulties. >> it took a while to get done but it is done. the tenants pay affordable rents and the tenderloin neighborhood development corporation uses subsidies to cover the rest. new at 6:00 tonight, a few tweets from a local comedian could end up being the key to keeping an east bay vet in his home. the man forced out over code violations that he just couldn't afford to fix. but then money from strangers poured in to help.
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it may not be enough to get him back in the place he's called for 45 years. >> reporter: leonard powell tells me his house in berkeley has been sitting empty for the last five months. it has a fresh coat of paint, brand-new stairs and brand-new fence. if this house is move-in ready, why can't the 77-year-old retiree move back in? >> it was the ugliest house on the block. >> reporter: leonard powell admits it. after his wife died in 1997, maintaining his house on harmon street was the last thought on his mind. >> i did let the house go. >> reporter: it was a bustling house where the retired postal worker and army veteran raised six children and cellar grandkids. >> we lived there for 45 years. i never had friends to really do maintenance. >> reporter: powell says back in 2015, berkeley housing inspectors determined his house
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was unsafe and in desperate need of repairs. a judge ultimately assigned a receiver to take over the house and get it back to code on powell's behalf. >> we weren't expecting ceramic tile in the bathrooms, danish modern lighting. >> reporter: powell says the seve receiver made extravagant repairs to the house. in a letter to berkeley's mayor, the receiver says the costs racked up because the house had major structural and foundational issues. lead and asbestos had to be removed. financing, insurance, and legal fees added up as well. that's when a group of berkeley residents named friends of adeline sketepped in to help by creating this gofundme page for powell. even though $77,000 poured in, it might not be enough.
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[ crying ] >> we still have to go to court on monday and see if they're going to accept the money or come up with something else. >> reporter: in that letter to the mayor, the receiver writes the value of his home is now somewhere between $1.2 million and $1.4 million. and the receiver says if mr. powell cannot come up with enough money to pay for the repair costs, he can always sell the home. leonard tells me that was never part of his plan, he never intended to sell the home for a profit. he says his plan was to leave this house to his granddaughter. melissa colorado, nbc bay area news. >> we certainly hope it will work out. it sounds like a recipe for disaster. look at this. and it was. a bicyclist pulling a piano across the hills of san francisco. that, however, is not how the story ends. how the kindness of strangers turned a disaster into some sweet music. the best and the brightest from the sleek to the high tech.
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we're going to take you to the floor of the silicon valley auto show. i'm chief meteorologist jeff benefit ari. we'll show you when the sun comes out and why it's not going to last too long.
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now to an odd combination, a bicycle, towing a piano across the hills of san francisco. every day. it is an odd combination, a bicycle towing a piano across the hills to san francisco. it's also a recipe for disaster for a globe trotting musician. yes, an accident. thanks to the kindness of strangers, that is not where the story ends. christie smith joins us. i hear music, christie. >> reporter: doesn't that sound nice? he's back and playing his songs.
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this performance was actually supposed to happen on monday but the crash temporarily sidelined him. the piano had a busted leg on the side but a few instagram posts and tweets brought out a lot of hope. he's from germany and used an electric bike hitch to move his piano to the areas where he's performing. on monday he parked in the city's marina district. the second hill, he said, to get to pier 35 was just way too steep and he lost control. listen as he describes what happened. >> yeah, i'm okay, i'm still alive. if he didn't jump off right away i could, like, be smashed between a car and my piano, because i jumped off, because i saw a red light. so they were waiting for the green light. and i was like, no, i have to jump, because it's getting faster and faster. and this piano is going to go back. it's going to mash me. >> reporter: the piano is
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battered but it is back after people saw his social media post and reached out to help repair the broken instrument. then a piano shop over in the east bay gave him a new bench and even an offer for another piano. he says he's thankful for the help and support he received. he's been posting, he says he plays until about 8:00 tonight. and he might even, depending, play again this weekend. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> a nice assignment tonight, thanks, christie. facebook is teaming up with health groups to crack down on misinformation about vaccinations. you may have seen unproven claims spread through facebook about vaccines causing autism. health advocates have said the spread of these claims has led to a resurgence of some childhood diseases.
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facebook says it will allow groups like the cdc and the world health organization to identify vaccine hoaxes online and reject adds that include misinformation about vaccines. two people on a southern california freeway took this video. see, asleep. they posted it on twitter and it's gone viral. you can see the man snoozing in the back seat with his eyes closed. tesla has an automatic drive feature but the company says it's there to assist the driver, not to let you sleep. we saw flashy cars, electric cars, and cars that might cost as much as your house. you can find them all at the car show today. scott mcgrew has the latest.
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>> reporter: this american-made, made for california. this will run you about $53,000. but if you can get it, it's pretty good work. we've seen all kinds of cars like this. the kinds of cars we'll be driving in the future, or should i say the kinds of cars we'll be riding in as they drive us. >> we compete in a competition. >> reporter: you've probably heard the rumor that millenials don't buy cars and don't even like cars. don't tell these guys. these engineering and can computer science students at san jose state are designing and building cars, some that drive themselves. >> it's a good idea to train the students for the future. so we're training ourselves for the future. and we're doing some pretty cool stuff. >> write the address on the screen. >> four one zero. >> reporter: the silicon valley auto show is focused specifically on the bay area where, for example, we drive
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more electric cars than anywhere else in the country. >> i think you can attest that to, obviously, the new technology is advancing, the batteries are advancing. everything is improving. as well as i think there's a demand to get into those hov lanes. >> reporter: and while plenty of cars like this $420,000 rolls-royce suv are aimed at those with lots of money -- >> you're not put off by the price? >> not so much, i spend so much on my house in here, what's this for a car? >> reporter: take heart, even millenials are looking for something to drive. >> i would love to shop on tesla batteries onto like a hot rod, if possible. >> reporter: yeah, this would be the place to do that. speaking of cars, it costs almost as much as houses. lay your eyes on this lamborghini. it costs $540,000.
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but again, if you've got it, you can roll in this. the silicon valley auto show is here at the convention center through sunday. live in san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> i am so ready to roll. >> i don't like the color, though. >> i like the color. >> i see you in the yellow. i see me in black. >> that's great. i don't know if we have nbc insurance for scott to drive that car. >> that would be good. fire that thing up. >> silicon valley auto show, it goes through the weekend. >> that green will definitely stick out on the roadways. >> you would get a ticket in a second, jeff. as we head through the next couple of hours we'll definitely get some sunshine. you can pop open the sunroof a little bit for tomorrow, which we haven't been able to do for quite a while. you can see in san jose, we still have the clouds with us. we've had off and on light showers. right now, 50 degrees and we're dropping into the 40s over the next several hours. in fact by midnight we're down to 46. it's going to get a lot colder
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than that. let's go ahead and get you ready for that friday forecast. we're down to 40 in the south bay, 39 in the tri valley. to start we still have that cloud cover lingering. not a locally sunny start just yet there on friday. i think the best chance of at least getting that sun coming on out first would be in the north bay, 38. 46 in san francisco. east bay at 43. once weap hit the afternoon, wee going for partly sunny to partly cloudy skies. temperatures stay cool. keep the jacket handy but get the shades out a little bit here. 52 livermore, low 50s for san jose to morgan hill, not a big difference as you travel across the bay area tomorrow. 52 in san francisco, 50 right here in half moon bay. so tomorrow is the day to head outside, just soak it up a little bit, because here we go again. i know you're sick and tired of it. i'm hearing from a lot of you, you want this rainfall gone. we've got another round coming our way once we hit saturday morning at 8:00.
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we'll take you through the timeline of this. how much rainfall and when a prolonged, yes, prolonged drying trend could set in for you with lots of sunshine, coming up at 6:48 tonight. >> see you soon, thanks, jeff. coming up next, free food for tech workers hurts the local restaurants. >> reporter: san francisco has a new plan to protect those restaurants.
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a delivery truck carrying vcases of beer -- crashed in l-a oh, no. what about the beer? a delivery truck. you can see it there, carrying cases of beer crashed in l.a. this morning right on the 10 freeway. that anythi thankfully nobody was hurt but we lost a lot of product. it was a second attempt at cutting back on a popular silicon valley perk -- free lunches offered by some of those companies. it's not a ban, but the san francisco supervisor pitched a plan today to create a permitting process for in-house cafeterias. that's so owners of small restaurants and cafes can make
6:26 pm
it clear that the surge in free lunches has been hurt their business. today, the supervisor laid out what he thinks the revised proposal should be and why it's so important. >> when you have thousands of employees staying in their building all day long, they don't get out. they don't interact. they're not part of the overall community. not supporting retail. it can have a deleterious effect on our local economy. >> now, the tech trade group sf city opposes the plan, saying it's just going to cause more red tape, they're already working with local vendors. the supervisor's plan would grandfather in 45 or so in-house cafeterias that are already working in san francisco. up next at 6:30, president trump's former campaign manager finds out how long he'll spend in prison, a much shorter sentence than recommended.
6:27 pm
plus, what do we call him? how apple's tim cook is having fun with his new name given to him by president trump.
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late today -- paul manafort got a shorter sentemnce than right now at 6:30, for many people it's a courtroom stunner. late today, paul manafort got a shorter sentence than what was recommended. peninsula congresswoman jackie speier among those calling it, quote, a gross injustice. manafort is president trump's former campaign manager.
6:30 pm
he'll spend about four years in prison. that's the sentence for committing bank and tax fraud. he was eligible for 24 years. nbc's blayne alexander picks it up from here as manafort spoke publicly for the first time in more than a year. >> reporter: paul manafort, the former campaign chairman who helped then-candidate trump clinch the republican nomination, today sentenced to 47 months, almost four years in prison for bank and tax fraud, a sentence significantly lighter than the maximum 24 years. >> as a former prosecutor, i'm embarrassed. as an american, i am upset. a sentence that is so far below the guidelines that it is an outrage. >> reporter: before receiving his sentence, manafort addressed the court, saying he has felt punishment during these proceedings, humiliated and shamed would be a gross understatement. the judge told manafort, who was seated in a wheelchair and wearing a green "inmate" jumpsuit, that he's surprised
6:31 pm
manafort never expressed remorse. >> he asked the judge for compassion but did not apologize, did not say "i'm sorry," did not speak to the details of his crimes or express any remorse. >> reporter: manafort's charges, not related to his work on the campaign, were brought by special counsel robert mueller, whose office said manafort repeatedly and brazenly violated the law, including lying to prosecutors, a breach of his plea deal. the white house has not ruled out a presidential pardon. president trump last summer standing by manafort. >> he happens to be a very good person. i think it's very sad what they've done to paul manafort. >> reporter: this is the first of two sentencing hearings for manafort, the second next week in washington, d.c. where a judge could add another ten years. and manafort will receive credit for the nine months he's already served. blayne alexander, nbc news, washington. >> thank you. today dozens of californians who live along the southern border sat down with the state's new governor with a very blunt message. president trump is the biggest
6:32 pm
threat to their community. today governor newsom hosted a border discussion at a cafe in san ysidro, south of san diego. he got an earful from local leaders and long time residents. they say the president invented the so-called border crisis but created real fear in the process. >> the fear that is present in people's minds, because of the invasion, so-called invasion. >> the president maintains there is a real safety and humanitarian crisis at the border. tonight the administration is pointing to new numbers to back up that, citing they show illegal border crossings have hit an 11-year high. san francisco's district attorney has a new proposal to help people with previous arrests get their lives back on track. george gascone introducing a new bill today to essentially seal the conviction records of roughly 8 million people. >> most people that are impacted
6:33 pm
by this, by this stay in prison, are unable to get relief either because they don't have the resources to do it, they don't have the time, they just simply do not have the ability to get it done. >> gascone adds that fewer than 20% of eligible cases are cleared and most eligible offenders are not even aware that they can seal old convictions. the mayors of the area's three best-known cities are backing kamala harris for president, all announcing their support for the presidential hopeful today. they join mayors of sacramento, long beach, and compton. the endorsements are the latest in kamala harris' aggressive efforts to lock up support ahead of the california democratic primary next march. okay, mistakes happen. when president trump made one, apple's ceo decided to go with it and have a little fun with it. today tim cook changed his twitter profile name to "tim" and an apple logo, essentially it would be tim apple.
6:34 pm
that's because president trump accidentally called him tim apple during a meet yesterday. cook was at the white house to discuss technology and education. mr. trump complimented cook, then said, quote, we appreciate it very much, tim apple. he's having fun with it. >> yes. it is not the heart but the money of silicon valley. it mostly comes from one area. actually one street. sandhill road. >> nbc bay area ventures into a field where no other local station has gone. podcasts featuring the biggest movers and shakers. janelle wang gets the scoop from the host himself. >> reporter: i'm here with scott mcgrew, our business and tech reporter, "today in the bay," and the host of the podcast "sandhill road." the episodes are so revealing with these venture capitalists. >> it's a way to explain venture capital to people who don't know a lot about it. this is where all the big
6:35 pm
venture capital firms are. venture capital is the but you that keeps silicon valley together, the money men and men women who are funding all these startups. we wouldn't have the facebooks and twitters without the money coming out of the bay area. it's why the bay area is successful with silicon valley, silicon beach, sili aren't beca they don't have have sandhill road. >> tell us about tim who has bold ideas. >> tim is a strong personality. one of his bold ideas is that four years from now starbucks will laugh at you if you try to take -- try to pay cash for your coffee. >> totally out of his mind.
6:36 pm
where have you been living? are you living in a hole? >> tim draper is a lot of fun, a trailblazer as well. download "sandhill road," the podcast, on itunes, google play, or wherever you get your podcasts. there are new episodes each week. it's a good listen. this weekend our documentary series will take a look at the how the industry has evolved in the bay area. today there are more women than ever getting involved in the industry. one of them is anna prosser. before she got into gaming, she was a beauty queen. today she's a producer and host at twitch, a live streaming video platform. she says women are finding greater acceptance but more needs to be done. >> the area where the industry is still lagging the most is in recruiting and keeping professional women gamers that are very, very successful. there are really amazing women pro gamers who are doing incredible things. >> "bay area revelations" airs
6:37 pm
this saturday at 10:00 p.m. also this saturday is fight night at nbc bay area, watch them battle it out in an intense competition of street fighter 5. catch some of the action streaming on then after, "snl," the championship round. fight night live this saturday, lots to do. pencil it in. hall of fame pitcher tom seaver retired from baseball and came back to california to grow grapes. today his family announced he's suffering from dementia and will not make any more public appearances. they say his goal is to spend the rest of his life working on his vineyard in calistoga. he became a household name in the summer of '69 when he led the new york mets to the world series title. up next, reviving the state's struggling recycling
6:38 pm
industry. the move to attract more businesses. outage that has clos
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6:40 pm
high school for two days in a we have a followup on that power outage that has prompted richmond high school to be closed now for two days in a row. school leaders say they're hoping classes can resume tomorrow. but there's no word yet. the district says there have been problems with the repairs following the power outage which happened on tuesday. still no deal after marathon negotiations. talks broke down between teachers and san ramon valley unified negotiators. the teachers held a town hall meeting last night to let parents and students know what they're fighting for. they're asking for a raise. they also want more librarians, counselors, and smaller class sizes for the district's 32,000 students. >> we're definitely in agreement that class sizes are something that are important, and we're continuing our conversations. >> in my math class there's like 40 kids and one teacher. it's hard for the one teacher to control all of us at one time.
6:41 pm
>> no word yet on when negotiators will be back at the bargaining table. if they don't go back soon there, a teacher strike is possible. it appears california has a hoarding problem. state workers are hoarding vacation days. california paid out 300 million bucks to state workers last year alone for time off. state law says vacation balances are to be capped at 650 hours. but that's rarely enforced. the result is state workers who retire are getting huge cash payouts. at least two workers received more than $400,000 last year. california's recycling industry used to be cutting edge. now it's crumbling. state lawmakers say they're working on a bill to help the industry stay afloat. it's getting tough to find a place to cash your bottles and cans to get back your deposit, so some people aren't repsyching. as a result recycling centers have closed in the last five
6:42 pm
years. they're providing incentives to attract more recycling businesses. it's little league opening day. >> what time? >> in the afternoon. >> we'll work out good there. >> good for all the kids. >> i got you all covered. a live look outside right now, we have stratus and cumulus clouds. san francisco, beautiful, 50 degrees. we'll talk about our brief break of sunshine before some weekend rain. we'll take you hour by hour, coming up. a short trip to the e.r. brings about a long fight. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. nbc bay area responds, next. san
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
ambulance bill turned into a real headache. nbc bay area responds to a san francisco mom whose ambulance bill turned into a headache. >> a lot of people have this problem. our consumer investigator chris chmura stepped in to ease the pain. >> reporter: judith says her son had a nasty cut on his face from
6:45 pm
a playground accident, nothing too serious but he did need treatment. a city ambulance crew saw her carrying her little boy and offered to help. the medics told her, she said, they would bill her insurance. yet she got a bill for $2,100 in the bail. she said she asked the billing company to file a claim with her health insurance but that didn't happen. after four months of trying to resolve this herself, judith asked us to help out. we reached out to the city's ambulance billing service. and about a week later, judith says it sent her bill to the insurance provider which paid it in full, all $2,100. health insurance doesn't always the cover ambulance rides at 100%. so you should check your policy or call your insurance company. find out now what they'll pay for an ambulance in case you need one some day. call us any time, 888-996-tips or online at
6:46 pm >> thank you, chris. in a galaxy not so far away, "star wars" fans will get a taste of what it's like inside the famous millennium falcon at disneyland at anaheim. the new park will have "star wars" rides and other attractions based on the movies. if you want to be one of the first, though, you'll need a reservation to get in during the first four weeks after it opens. okay, she's being hailed as america's most exciting young figure skating. richmond's elissa lu became the youngest skater to win a championship. she's so young, she doesn't actually qualify for the skating event she would normally compete in. so "stars on ice" invited her to appear in the show. you can watch lu talk about had great honor tomorrow morning on nbc bay area news at 11:00 a.m. she's a star.
6:47 pm
>> she's huge. >> tomorrow at 11:00 a.m., right here on nbc. >> exciting. jeff, take us into the weekend. we are almost there. >> i wish i could say we've got sunny weather over the next three days. it's just not that simple. we've a complicated pattern moving in. we'll get you through it. we'll show you the bright spots. our live sky camera network of course is dark right now. some love in contra costa county. you can see all the beautiful city lights, 52 degrees. we're dropping down to the 40s throughout tonight with that cloud cover lingering. if you're headed anywhere during the next couple of hours take that jacket with you. let's switch things into strom ranger doppler radar. this has been very active the last three weeks. we've started to see things beginning to dry out today. we do have some rainfall offshore. we're not worried about this for the bay area tonight. no heavy rain in the forecast. the trend, again, is a drying one as we head throughout the next 12 hours. into tomorrow morning's forec t
6:48 pm
forecast, we'll see the sun emerge, a slow process. we'll have clouds to start in the south bay peninsula, sun in the tri valley. upper 30s to low 40s. best chance for sunshine tomorrow morning is in the north bay, 38. hour by hour forecast through tomorrow, 8:30 a.m., best chance of showers minute right near the immediate coastline. a lot of that stays out in the pacific. there's some of that sun for tomorrow morning in the north bay, also the east bay. by the afternoon, you can see more of that sun for the peninsula. also back there for the east bay. just a slight chance of maybe a spot shower. overall we're in a break in between storm systems. again, you should see a little bit of blue sky through the day. temperatures, it's going to stay cool. no big differences across our microclimate. we're going to go through them pretty quick, 52 in san jose over to the east bay. also mid-50s from concord over to danville. you have pretty much the same temperature forecast in palo alto at 54.
6:49 pm
san francisco, 52 along the embarcadero. chilly 51 in ingleside. across marin, napa, sonoma counties, no big storm system tomorrow. 55 here in santa rosa. 56 in sonoma. the extended forecast does have more rainfall coming our way. let's get a look on that, it's coming on saturday. a quarter to a half inch. we'll get you to the hour by hour forecast on saturday. 8:00 a.m., heavier rainfall starting to move in. north bay to san francisco. pushes to the south bay by 1:00 p.m. after this, we're into some spotty rainfall for saturday afternoon. then once we head into sunday for all of those little league activities, we'll start to see things dry out. also some sunshine beginning to return. let's head back to that seven-day forecast, and you can see on top of things trying to dry out there by sunday afternoon, we have that time change to worry about. remember those clocks. dry weather on monday, another quarter to half inch possible on
6:50 pm
tuesday. more sunshine next wednesday and thursday. in fact next wednesday and thursday, if you're looking for dry weather coming our way, this could start a prolonged drying period for us. so again, next wednesday and thursday could be the start of maybe a seven to eight-day stretch of dry sunshine, beautiful weather moving on in. so i'm looking forward to that. i know we need the rain, reservoirs are full, let's get some sun in here. >> guilt-free sun. >> i like that, guilt-free. a basketball coach who can't stand still and it is paying off. colin resch tries cappi what's better than having fast, reliable wifi with coverage throughout your home? how about having internet that can help you save on wireless phone service? xfinity gives you the fastest speeds for all your devices. plus, now that xfinity mobile is included,
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olympic gold medalist )natalie coughlin ) a good friend of ours is receiving another honor. olympic gold medallist natalie coughlin has helped us out with our olympic coverage. she's competed collegiately. she'll be inducted on march 15th. >> the pride of vallejo, congratulations natalie. one guy in san francisco is always in motion, and it's
6:54 pm
paying off. >> basketball coach kyle smith is super active. nbc bay area's colin resch is on campus as we approach march madness. >> reporter: watch kyle smith coach, and two words come to mind. perpetual motion. >> i have a reputation definitely for being a pacer. that's probably for a long time. >> it's been eight years that i work for him. he has a ton of energy all the time, even during the day, in the office, on a recruiting call, he always has to be walking. >> reporter: he's not a device guy so a daily step count is pure speculation. what about during practice? >> i have no idea. i'm not keeping as fit as i would like. i know i move around pretty good. >> he's probably getting over a hundred steps a minute, 60 times a hundred, 6,000. probably about 12,000 steps for practice, i would say.
6:55 pm
>> reporter: so as you would expect, his players, their heads are constantly on a swivel. >> you see him one time over here, then you're looking like, hey, coach, next thing you know he's by the water, i have to find him with my eyes rather than hear him with my ears. it's almost contagious for practice, you feel like you have to move a little mother than you would. you live a little bit faster, i guess. >> reporter: practice is one thing. there are no boundary constraints. but in the game, if he strays too far, there are consequences. >> there's one time when an official passed behind me. i was so far out on the floor. he didn't give me a technical. he said, i don't know how that happened. i often don't know where i'm at. >> you can't ever know he's in one place. he's always walking around. thank god they have the coach's box in the sidelines because he might end up in the rafters. >> reporter: one thing's for certain, wherever he goes, his team will follow. they opened west coast
6:56 pm
tournament play on saturday night. colin resch, nbc bay area. >> very nice, good luck to usf. tonight at 11:00, a trave r traveler's nightmare. someone secretly watching you. what airbnb is doing about it. that's tonight on our 11:00 newscast. jeff ranieri has a last word on the weather. >> i no know it didn't feel lik break today, we get a little bit of sun tomorrow. some clouds will linger as well. once we hit saturday, a brand-new storm system moves in. quarter to a half inch possible. you want that sunshine, right? >> boo! >> yes, i know. >> and we lose an hour of sleep. >> we begin to dry out, not wet all weekend long. sunshine on monday, another quarter to half inch on tuesday. then there's your sunshine stretch, starting next wednesday, maybe for about seven or eight days after that. >> we have earned that.
6:57 pm
thanks for joining us here at 6:00. have a great evening.
6:58 pm
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now on "extra." defending the devil, is r. kelly's girlfriend brainwashed? >> their new interviews today accusing their family blackmailing the r&b star. >> from a $200 million fortune to 350 grand left in the bank. who kelly is blaming for going broke. gayle king, why she's battling


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