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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 8, 2019 4:30am-5:01am PST

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woahhh! mucinex dm releases fast and lasts 12-hours, not 4. send coughs far away all day. ad lib live picture of fremont. welcome to friday. a live look at the east bay area of fremont this morning. all right, made it to friday. a lot of people happy about that. good morning to you. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. we want to look at the forecast and kari, still some sprinkles. >> off and on rain around the bay area. we'll see that as we go into not only the morning but the afternoon. the system stalled out so we'll keep the rain chances in the forecast today and as we take a live look outside in san jose, we are going to see those temperatures that will start out in the upper 40s and then make it only into the low 50s today.
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that's a look at storm ranger right now. you can still see some green on the map, mainly south of the golden gate bridge, and as we get a closer look at the south bay, east bay, peninsula, still quite a bit of activity there and mike, you are saying that you got caught in one of the showers coming in to work this morning. >> the last clump you showed right over here in fremont, that's just north of mission, and in fact, just as i passed mission, just approached mission off of auto mall parkway, things got rainy and suddenly cleared. you will have damp roadways in many parts of the bay. behind me we have potential for icy conditions, headed up the hills, that's not a main commute spot. the freeways are moving well. with the break in the rain for folks, we have emergency pothole repair and i heard rumor of eastbound 80, be careful between 580 and hercules as you head toward the carquinez bridge, there may be emergency pothole
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repair work in the eastbound lanes but the freeway is open and traffic is moving smoothly. an easy drive between san francisco and oakland or oakland, depends on your commute direction. today we have a clear view. no wind advisories from chp, and sounds like everything's a little clearer now, a little calmer. we'll look at the san mateo bridge as well, westbound is your commute direction, the high-rise potential during higher winds but not now. we have an update on a big project on the peninsula, coming up in a few minutes and on the wear waterways, a smooth drive. we'll hand it over to marcus and laura. >> thanks, mike. so we want to you listen up here. this could affect your morning commute, congestion relief is coming for commuters on the peninsula, but it's going to take a while there. we're talking about the express lanes on highway 101. this is going to mean some
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construction but in three years, 32 miles of express lanes will be here so look at this map. >> or the pictures, express lanes running 101 north and south spreen highway 380 and san bruno and 237 and sunnyvale. this is the main artery for commuters. if you've driven it through traffic, you know it is jam-packed with cars during the day. now the groundbreaking today for the project that will build within the existing highway and that, they say, will save some time and money, but it will also force some freeway reconfigurations that will make day-to-day driving challenging. fortunately, we've all got mike inouye on our side. it is a $514 million project that includes funding from sb1. 4:33 right now. the man accused of prowling naked in the south bay in a neighborhood there is in jail this morning. this is mark vergette, he faces multiple accounts of peeping and
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prowling. investigators say he is the man on this porch camera here, you can see him looking around that home, this is in the meadowlands community in san jose and another view, you can see him casually getting out of a mini van and walking to a home. prosecutors are adding new charges to the ones found against the so-called nor cal rapist. authorities arrested roy charles waller last as he arrived to work at the campus. sacramento prosecutors yesterday added five more charges to the 12 he already faced. it also brings the number of victims to nine in six counties. >> a bill supporters say will reopen doors to employment for those with criminal records is making its way through the legislature. under the proposal, the state would require to automatically dismiss certain criminal constrictions, the bill would apply to people who have
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completed their probation or sentence in the county jail. those who were arrested but not convicted of a crime would also be eligible to have their arrests erased. lent starts this week. refugees are seeking pardons from governor gavin newsom, the vigil gets under way at 11:30 this morning at i.c.e. headquarters. 4:35. coming up here on "today in the bay," costco is making changes. the raise the company is giving to its employees, this morning. plus, are you planning to take a trip any time soon in airbnb is moving further into the hotel business. the booking site the company is buying. for 50 years, cracker barrel
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good friday morning. right now at 4:38, as we take a live look at san jose t is clear here but we can't rule out some quick-moving showers and temperatures start out cool with some mid-40s, only headed into the low 50s today. we'll get a look at storm ranger and talk about that weekend forecast in less than five minutes. >> kari, when i drove right here past the tesla plant, i did catch one of those last showers, right there you see the glow of the lights and a little bit on the lens there. a smooth drive, we'll show you what else is shaping up for your friday morning commute. good morning. i'm frank holland here at cnbc global headquarters. here are today's top business headlines. wall street is set to open up lower this morning, dow futures
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down 133 points. yesterday stocks fell again, with the dow and the nasdaq dropping for a fourth straight session. investors also reacting to weak economic data out of china, sparking new fears of a global sl slowdown. today's jobs report is expected to show more steady hiring in february. costco is raising the minimum wage from $14 to $15 an hour, the second increase in less than a year for the retail warehouse operator. costco is raising pay for its supervisors and started offering paid parental leave for hourly employees. airbnb struck a deal to buy last-minute booking site hotel tonight as it tries to attract a wide variety of travelers, it puts airbnb with expedia and it includes guided tours and
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activities, luxury homes and even restaurant reservations. marcus and laura, back over to you. >> i like that. >> another chance to get away. thanks, frank. >> thanks, frank. coming up here on "today in the bay," another possible teacher strike is looming in the east bay. the negotiations the san ramon and demands being made.
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and good morning to you. a live look out in san francisco, and if you're feeling
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a little sluggish today, don't worry, because it is friday. >> i thought you were going to say, don't worry, because you lose an hour of sleep. >> now, you're messing it up, but again, it's friday! >> it is! you have to remember to change the clocks or whatever. >> remember, we gain an hour in six months. how about that? >> yeah, half full. >> always. >> and so we get the sunlight later in the day. >> that's right. there you go. >> i can't put my kids to bed. >> we're all going to be dealing with those adjustments. >> watch on monday, it will be a good show. >> right? and so it feels very much like winter as we talk about springing forward. ukiah, you're right now at 37 degrees, yes, it is a cold start, and it's a little better in oakland, it's 49, with the warmer spots, and in san jose, we're walking out the door to 45 degrees, and looking live out there right now, walnut creek
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our temperatures will be in the upper 40s for the next several hours, and then we'll only make it into the low 50s, but notice those icons today, sunshine, and we are going to also keep the sun in the forecast throughout today, and as you get dressed, you want to start out with nice warm sweater and some jeans or pants that will also keep you warm, because it will be another chilly day. but you do also need a hat and maybe some boots and you want to make sure you are also prepared for some of the spotty showers that are still left behind. we can see it on storm ranger this morning, as you get ready to head out, we'll see some areas for the peninsula, the south bay and the east bay getting in on quick-moving showers and questiwe can zoom i milpitas and toward the hills and another coming across the dumbarton bridge, and then we're going to see some of those showers moving off towards the east and as we head down to
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south county, we had a shower moving through south of san jose, and it also moved over toward the hills. we're also going to see a light dusting of snow on mt. hamilton. i'll watch out for that today and looking at some off and on showers today and kind of ramping up, going into tomorrow, with a bit more coverage in the rain, as we see our next system moving in, expect some scattered showers for your saturday, but then sunday as we set our clocks forward one hour, our skies will start to clear, and we're looking at sunshine sunday into monday. more rain in the forecast on tuesday. mike, it looks like a calm start to the commute. >> it is, but as you said, there's a little bit of rain going on around the dumbarton bridge, headed over in toward fremont, and newark, where we see the road weather index shows a little green there, as well as in patches throughout the south bay. kari is talking about a little dusting of snow, mt. hamilton, hills to the southeast. the freeways are moving pretty well. you might have caught a glimpse of a minor crash i'll talk about
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on 580. over here contra costa county, concord fine, bay bridge and carquinez bridge no wind advisories. brentwood toward 580, vasco road moves nicely. a quick look ought there, dublin westbound 580 is your commute direction and moves smoothly. there's a fender bender around greenville out of the altamont pass. it's been there for a while, taking a while to clear so i'll track it. no additional slowing shows up there. westbound traditionally has slowing anyway as folks make that build out of tracy. we're looking at a nice, smooth drive down the east shore freeway approaching the bay bridge. the bay bridge toll plaza has a few cars waiting for the cash lanes, typical at this time of morning. no delays, and b.a.r.t. hasn't officially started but they have a couple trains that are hitting the tracks right now and remember, cal train stops service north of the broadway station because of the weekend electrification work which is continuing for quite some time.
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>> thank you, mike. president trump's former campaign chairman being sentenced to less than four years in prison. paul manafort received a sentence of 47 months for tax and bank fraud. he was convicted last year of hiding millions of dollars from the irs that he earned from consulting for ukrainian politicians. manafort must also pay millions of dollars in restitution and faces sentencing next week in a separate conspiracy case. "today in the bay's" tracie potts will have a live report from washington ahead at 5:00 a.m. the mayors of bay area's three biggest cities are backing senator kamala harris for president. san francisco's london breed, oakland's libby schaaf and san jose's sam liccardo announcing their support for the presidential hopeful. the endorsements are just the latest in senator harris' aggressive efforts to lock up support ahead of california's democratic primary next march. many people near san diego there is no crisis at the border and claim president trump is
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leaving their community in danger. . week they turn to governor gavin newsom for help. he hopes to hold a discussion in san ysidro. they claim it is having a chilling effect. >> because of the new fear put in people's minds because of the invasion, so-called invasion. >> that's what we were saying outsides. >> residents say they cross the border regularly for cheaper medical care and are angry at last year's border closures by the white house. 4:48 and it's back to the bargaining table. teachers in san ramon valley unified school district will try again to strike a deal today. the teachers held a town hall meeting wednesday night, allowing parents and the students to get behind the purpose of their fight. now, they are asking for a raise, more librarians, counselors and smaller class sizes for the district's 32,000 students. the strikes are not announced
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yet but teachers authorized a strike if the negotiations stall. sharon katsuda is following the story and will have a live report at 5:45. another district battling budget issues now reportedly making cuts. the ij reports larkspur corte madera approved laying off or reducing hours for 13 workers. the exact number of pink slips is up in the air but the move should save the district $1 million. pg&e is asking a judge to allow the utility to pay off millions of dollars in bonuses. pg&e requested $235 million for the bonuses that cash payments would be awarded to about 10,000 employees, none of them are senior eexecutives. pg&e filed for bankruptcy in january in face of billions of dollars of liability for wildfires in 2017 and 2018. there is a growing concern for drivers in the south bay. at least ten times during the past few months someone has
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thrown rocks at cars on highway 152. in each case happened east of gilroy and before pacheco pass. it happened to two drivers last week. one victim says after stopping on the shoulder they found seven other cars with smashed windows. >> found a spot to pull over and pulled over and saw that our son, who is 4, he was in a car seat, had glass all over him an his car seat, and we realized we got out, he threw something at us. >> so far, there have been no major injuries reported. the chp believes the rock thrower is a middle aged white man with shoulder length hair. richmond high school will reopen today. this is after being shut down for two straight days. the power outage on tuesday forced the campus to close. last night, school officials say they brought in a generator while repairs are still being made. 4:50. coming up on "today in the bay" -- >> one guy has a $600 dispute and another man is fighting for
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$1,000. nbc bay area responds with the help of our colleagues at telemundo. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. that's next. and happening now, people in oregon protesting over a new bill that would limit vaccine exemptions. the northwest dealing with an outbreak of measles, we told but that. state lawmakers in oregon and washington state are pushing new bills that would crack down on a vaccine exemptions. under the new oregon bill, parents would no longer be able to claim vaccine exemptions for religious, personal or philosophical reasons. more news after this break. it's 4:51.
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good morning to you. what a lovely, live look outside, looking this is from
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emeryville looking toward the city of san francisco. some nice clearing we'll see today. full forecast coming in moments. 4:53 right now. on the prowl, you need to watch out for mountain lions in the south bay. deputies received multiple calls about mountain lions and coyotes spotted in cupertino and sar e saratoga. beneath the tree you can see the mountain lion. animal control found one of the big cats in saratoga yesterday afternoon. they sedated, tagged and released the cat into the fremont open space preserve. it is, you know what, right here, we have two teams under one roof fighting for consumers like you and they're doing it in two languages. >> consumer investigator chris chmura is here with some of our most recent successes at "nbc bay area responds" and telemundo 48 responde. >> good morning. let's do the tote board first
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together, "nbc bay area responds" and telemundo responde helped $2.7 million for you, one case at a time. arlen fernandez helped out gabrielle in san francisco. he had trouble with a new stove but got the cold shoulder from the appliance store that sold it to him. arlen turned up the heat and gatt gabriel a respond. robert in san jose was struggling with health insurance after a hospital stay. we attend to a lot of the cases, we applied our billing expertise and saved robert $1,069. let us know if you're of help, in english 888-996-tips, in spanish, 844-408-4848. have a great weekend. >>, you too. this weekend our emmy award
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winning documentary series "bay area revelations" will look at how the video game industry evolved in the last 50 years. today, there are more women than ever getting involved. one of them is anna prosser. before she got into gaming, she was a beauty queen, crowned miss oregon usa. today she's a producer and host at twitch, a live streaming video platform. she says women are finding greater acceptance but more needs to be done. >> i think the area where the industry is still lagging the most is in recruiting and keeping professional women gamers that are very, very successful. there are really amazing women pro gamers who are doing incredible things. >> the evolution of video games airs saturday at 10:00 p.m. also tomorrow, right here on nbc bay area, it's fight night, watch some of the best egamers in california battle it out in an intense competition of street fighter 5.
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catch some of the area streaming on and after "snl" the championship round, mike inouye will be there hosting. don't miss esports fight night live saturday night at 5:00 a.m. coming up here on "today in the bay," kari hall is tracking the forecast for us on this friday. >> we're still dealing with some spotty showers around the bay area. so the roads are wet in fremont, as you get ready to head out on 880, that's a live view. we keep the rain chances for the early hours, but then we start to see some peeks of sunshine today. we'll get a look at our weekend forecast, coming up next. too early for sunshine but across the bay in palo alto, the bright sign lights up, you can see the sheen on the roadway, a little damp, a little slick in a few parts of that bay. plus, a growing bike lane debate in the east bay. a live report on how you can weigh in on the road's safety project. for 50 years, cracker barrel
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nature's bounty. because you're better off healthy. as a former prosecutor, i'm embarrassed. as an american, i am upset. >> right now at 5:00 a.m., growing outrage, after president trump's former campaign chairman receives his sentence. a live report from washington on how much time paul manafort will be behind bars. plus a brewing bike lane debate. the east bay city looking to make changes to help improve safety. a live look on what the input is and what they want from you on the popular road. and today is international women's day. golden state all-star steph
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curry, how is he celebrating the day. or maybe his wife, ayesha, right? good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. meteorologist kari hall is tracking the weather for us today and less showers today? >> less showers, but still some showers. so that's what we have going on, as we take a look at storm ranger this morning, and it's been mostly across the peninsula and now in the south bay, so if you're hearing that rain hitting the roof right now, you're seeing some of the showers that just moved out of the milpitas area, and is also continuing to move from santa clara into north san jose in some of the areas. we'll watch that as we go throughout the rest of the day and we'll get some sunshine. martinez headed into the mid-50s. it's still much cooler than normal and we'll talk about the weekend coming up and mike, you're starting out in oakland. >> i am, kari, about 2:00, 2:30,


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