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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 8, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PST

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curry, how is he celebrating the day. or maybe his wife, ayesha, right? good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. meteorologist kari hall is tracking the weather for us today and less showers today? >> less showers, but still some showers. so that's what we have going on, as we take a look at storm ranger this morning, and it's been mostly across the peninsula and now in the south bay, so if you're hearing that rain hitting the roof right now, you're seeing some of the showers that just moved out of the milpitas area, and is also continuing to move from santa clara into north san jose in some of the areas. we'll watch that as we go throughout the rest of the day and we'll get some sunshine. martinez headed into the mid-50s. it's still much cooler than normal and we'll talk about the weekend coming up and mike, you're starting out in oakland. >> i am, kari, about 2:00, 2:30, i heard the same rain in the
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east bay. i guess there's a little bit going on. a little bit going on at the bay bridge toll plaza, just seeing these both sides i guess of the fast track lanes start a little backup for the cash lanes. no surprises but we notice that it's a different lane that folks are avoiding, lane number five, so that will be one shift. look above the roadway as you approach the toll plaza and see if any cash lanes are closed. there are no problems getting there throughout the contra costa county commute and getting over there for 880. 580 through oakland, icy roadways perhaps in the southeast hills but no problems for the freeways. good commute, marcus, good start. >> thanks, mike. president trump's former campaign chair is headed to prison, but not for long. that sentence stunned legal observers but the worst could be yet to come. "today in the bay's" tracie potts is live for us in washington, so tracie, how long are we talking about here for manafort to be behind bars? >> well, we now know less than four years for this case, but
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there's another case coming up next week, marcus, a completely separate sentencing. that judge could sentence him to up to ten years. the legal community is reeling. >> it is an outrage. >> after a virginia judge gave former trump campaign chair paul manafort an unusually light sentence, 47 months in prison, just under four years. he faced up to 24 years for financial crimes unrelated to the trump campaign. judge t.s. ellis said manafort lived an otherwise blameless life. >> as i former prosecutor, i'm embarrassed. as an american, i'm upset. >> this is a thug, and he needs to be put under the jail and this judge did exactly the opposite. >> the case stemmed from robert mueller's russia investigation. >> there is absolutely no evidence that paul manafort was involved with any collusion. >> manafort n a wheelchair in green jump suit, spoke for the first time in months saying he
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felt punished, humiliated and shamed during the trial. separately, michael cohen is suing the trump organization for $1.9 million. he says they stopped paying his legal fees after he cooperated with investigators, and implicated president trump in testimony before congress. >> michael cohen lied like a dog is what he did. i mean, he sat there and said he never asked for a pardon, and he had. >> cohen's attorney admits he did at one point inquire about a pardon, but is no longer cooperating with the president's legal team. >> thank you all. >> so no pardon likely for cohen. for paul manafort, according to the president's attorney, reconfirming just this morning president trump is not considering a pardon for manafort but it's possible he could at some point later. it's not off the table. marcus? >> never-ending there, tracie, thank you. we have much more coverage of paul manafort's sentencing this morning.
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our scott mcgrew picks up the coverage in his checks and balances segment, coming up at 6:45. oakland is working to make one of its most dangerous streets safer for bicyclists and pedestrians. the city planners want to know how would you do it? "today in the bay's" pete suratos joins us live with how the safety improvements could change telegraph avenue. good morning, pete. >> good morning to you, laura, and it's being called a complete streets plan in oakland, and really it's about making the roadways safer for everyone. folks who had a chance to weigh in on it later today, i'll get to those details in a moment but first, i want to show you guys the map of where the changes are going to take place along that busy stretch of telegraph avenue. oakland is planning to rework telegraph avenue in two phases from 20th street all the way to 42nd street. the plan is to have all these improvements complete by 2021, so just a couple of years from now and here is why they're doing it. the city of oakland says between 2011 and 2011, during that four-year stretch, four people
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died in crashes, 16 people were severely injured and there were 68 pedestrian crashes on top of 66 bicycle crashes. to make the avenue safer, the city wants to put in a continuous bike lane, and that's going to be broken up into two options, bikers are separated from traffic by a lane or parking zones or the bike lane is right next to the lane of traffic. the city is asking oaklanders which option they'd like. we did, too. here is what they're saying. >> it's not a good idea, it's dangerous because everybody is not used to it. it's making everything smaller and it's a lot of traffic so it's very dangerous. >> i had gotten a bike recently so it's nice there's bike lanes. >> it must be configured differently for the safety of the driver, the scooter riders, the bicycle riders and you know, ac transit riders as well. >> the city of oakland is taking feedback through today. you can find the survey on the
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city of oakland website. reporting live, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> good there, asking for input. thanks, pete. >> 5:05. happening today, the man charged with killing a young woman at a b.a.r.t. station returns to court. john lee cowell is accused of stabbing 18-year-old nia wilson to death last july. wilson's sister was also stabbed but she survived. doctors are expected to give a judge a report on cowell's recent medical health evaluation. the judge is wondering if cowell is competent to stand trial. cowell is also expected to enter a plea. sonoma county will reportedly expand its flood cleanup efforts over the weekend. "the press democrat" reports crews will be picking up flood debris up and down the russian river. also through tomorrow you can drop off hazardous debris in forestville. the damage surpassed $150 million. supervisors already declared a local emergency. fema is still assessing the damage to determine if a federal declaration will be made.
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all the rain we're getting in the bay area helping with our drought conditions. take a look at this. now, the first map that you see right here is where we are right now, according to a federal report, less than 1% of the state classified as being in a moderate drought. the last time that little of california was in a drought was back in 2011, certainly a huge change that we see. now last year, 48% of the state was in the drought, and back in 2016, take a look at that, 97% of california's land was in a drought, and kari, we're getting a break from the rain for now but we've been inundated this year. >> even with this system, it's not completely going to leave the bay area, and then we talk about the sierra snowpack that right now is at 161% of normal. our reservoirs across the state are over 100% of normal so we are looking at a really good recovery here, even as the
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systems continue to move through. we still have some light snow in the sierra and scattered showers in the bay area that linger this morning. we will take a short break this afternoon, before another system moves in. for concord, our temperatures start out in the upper 40s this morning, and then go into the mid-50s today. it's so much cooler than normal and where we should be but we are going to have a bit of a warmup, headed into next week. i'll be tracking that for you and we'll also talk about what's going on in the sierra for your weekend plans, that's coming up in a few minutes. mike, you're tracking now a new crash. >> i do, kari. first we show you the big view. it's actually just on the bottom of the screen, blocked by our ticker. everything else moves smoothly and no major freeway closures. we do have an important roadway in the south bay, highway 9, just as you're going in toward boulder creek we have a crash reported there. a car went off the roadway and i'm concerned because they said someone was there reportedly climbing out of their car, so i'm going to wait for the update to make that person is reported okay by chp.
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if you're headed toward bear creek road and highway 9, most of the commute isolated toward the silicon valley the freeways are moving nicely. an easy drive through the maze no, delays, just 14 minutes from highway 4 to the bay bridge toll plaza, changes over the next ten minutes. we'll see if it gets more busy or lightens up a bit. back to you. >> we'll check back with you. 5:09 right now. coming up next on "today in the bay," barbie is celebrating a major birthday. >> she's a huge influence on society, pop culture in general. >> a look back at her legacy and the changes made to the doll throughout the years. and here is a weird idea, what if your boss gave you an ecigarette as sort of a perk? we'll take a look. plus ahead at 5:25, steph curry celebrating women. the new gear the nba all-star is starting to sell today and the bay area girl who inspired the new product. what's better than having fast,
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right now at 5:12, as you get ready to head out the door, still some isolated showers moving through the bay area and the tri-valley and parts of the south bay. headed toward the sierra, the snow is still coming down and we've had a really great snow season, and even if you're going there, you do need the tire chains. make sure you have that and you're prepared for the slippery road conditions you'll have, going to squaw valley at alpine meadows. check out the season total right now, going over 600 inches of
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snow and there's more on the way. we'll talk about the rainfall for the bay area, and sierra snow, in less than five minutes. >> honestly, this is the most traffic i've seen here in the last half hour at the richmond to san rafael bridge. the commute for this friday starting as you get over from richmond to san rafael a little more crowded at the bay bridge. we'll talk about the changes coming up. happy friday, international women's day. stocks set to open lower again this morning. "san francisco business times" says one of yelp's biggest investors wants the company to move out of the bay area to save money. facebook shares did not move much, considering all the promises mark zuckerberg made. it's jobs friday, normally the first friday of the morning but a quirk in the calendar this morning pushed it to today. we expect good numbers as the economy continues to do well. we'll get those at 5:30. though china is reporting slower growth, the country says it is not close to a deal with
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washington over trade, despite what you may have heard from the white house. so that could pull stocks even lower. the spacex dragon is on its way home. this is video of the capsule leaving the international space station. it's designed for a crew, but this one is unmanned. due to splash down at 5:45 our time, so about half an hour from now. our co-workers at cnbc report that the bay area's juul, the ecigarette company is pitching other companies suggesting they offer juuls to their employees as a perk if you're trying to quit smoking, you get a free ecigarette. juul was started by stanford students as a method of smoking cessation but turned as a device now used to get young people in to smoking. this san article about a scientific report. the report asked why people who try to be different always end up looking the same, like
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hipsters, for instance. the mit technology review used this picture of a hipster to illustrate the story and the hipster contacted the magazine saying hey, no, you can't use my picture in a story about all hipsters looking the same. so mit said oh, geez, we're sorry, they looked into where they got the picture. you know what the punchline is, it is not a picture of that guy. he just looks like the guy. >> he just looks like that guy. >> in the picture, in the article, about how all hipsters look the same. >> doesn't it first start as a trend and it picks up? >> it does, and it's based on a scientific paper. wait a minute, why do anti-conformists who say i'm not going to look like everybody else end up looking like everybody else. >> you wait, pretty soon, no one's going to be wearing a tie. >> what? >> it all started with mike inouye. thanks, scott. 5:15 for you right now. you know what? today is the day that many people have been waiting for, if
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you love those phones. samsung's newest galaxy phone will be available in stores and online. the galaxy s10, s10 plus and s10 e were first sbre deuced last month. among the features are wireless power share which enables wireless charging of the friend's phone or your own ear buds. hmm. >> hmm. so one doll certainly showing her age or not really. >> hey, not showing her age >> she looks really good. it's barbie. >> she's turning 60. ♪ my barbie doll >> she's turning 60 and hasn't she evolved. america's best known doll officially blows out her candles tomorrow if she can get past that mask there. you know what? that's her choice, on march 9th, 1959, barbie made her debut. since that time, she's had more than 200 careers and certainly been a pop culture phenomenon
5:17 am
and some say occasionally she's pushed the boundaries for women. >> she bought her own dream house before women could open their bank accounts. >> barbie has been a canvas and continues to reflect society and the culture that people see around them. >> to celebrate, mattel is rolling out a 60th anniversary collection highlighting six dolls from different decades and this week only $1 for each barbie sold goes to groups working to level the playing field for girls. >> that's good. >> i got to admit, i still have my barbies and it's funny to see my girls play with them, you know,th clothes my mom sewed. >> really? >> it's cool. >> very cool. >> frida selling the iconic women, it's pretty cool. >> as we celebrate women today, it's going to be a great day to get out there, enjoy a little bit more sunshine, but here is a look at storm ranger, it's still showing that you will have some rain in parts of the bay area
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for your commute, and it's hit or miss. let's go where the rain is hitting, in san francisco, and also right there on the bay bridge, and you can see it's quite heavy, and then also as you head down closer to san bruno mountain. we also have some rain down the peninsula, moving over portolo valley and for the south bay, rain just moved through san jose, now moving over toward the evergreen and alum rock areas, and then as we open up the picture, you can see that there's still some unsettled weather here. the system has kind of just started to hang out around the bay area, so we are not going to see it leave for quite a while. do you want to just make sure you're prepared for that morning commute, leaving from antioch, it's going to be in the mid-40s, and a mix of sun and clouds today. unfortunately from the sunshine, it's not going to be much warmer, but it will clear out for san jose neighbor nights today and this one at the berryessa community center, starts at 6:30 and it will be very chilly out there, so bundle the kids up as you head out to
5:19 am
the community center to enjoy a night in san jose. we're going to see still a mix of sun and clouds, and then as we go into the afternoon, we do still see some spotty rain in the forecast today. by tomorrow, it will start to ramp up in terms of where we are seeing more rain, late morning into early afternoon. off and on showers into your saturday but it starts to wind down on sunday, we're looking at the the responsibility of getting another quarter inch of rain for some spots. it may be more like 0.75 of an inch in the santa cruz mountains. dditional rainfall and a little bit of drying, headed into sunday and monday. we will see more scattered showers tuesday as another cold front drops in but it's going to keep it chilly over the next several days. mike, you're tracking a crash out there on the roads. >> that's right, but the good news i guess is it's not on this map. you can't see it here. everything north of silicon valley and including most of silicon valley is just fine. damp road weis as kari showed
5:20 am
the band of rain traveling across toward fremont, make a little dusting for the folks in union city. over here rain as well for highway 9, that crash no specific update on the driver condition but there is no serious injuries reported. that is the good news, headed down toward bear creek past the pizza cafe. northbound 17 is the new crash headed up from the summit toward highway 9, we have a crash blocking one lane, sounds like no major injuries. we have one lane blocked for a short period of time. it's dark there, so we'll track that with chp as well. here a lot of headlights. the shift happened a lightening of traffic and the build over the last 20 minutes so we've seen the fast track lanes fill in and that shows the morning commute has really started. the metering lights should be turned on any second over here but no problems through the maze because it's friday, we have a lighter volume and a later commute start as we'll see. the north bay right here, san rafael moves nicely, at speed from novato to the golden gate bridge. no delays coming across that richmond to san rafael bridge but i did show you the build
5:21 am
over on the richmond side as well, the commute started even at that point this early. back to you. >> thanks, mike. coming up here on "today in the bay," going on sale. the new shoes for women steph curry is starting to sell today. and the north bay girl behind that idea. plus our "today in the bay" team celebrating international women's day, our producer shared this picture after he was able to skype with oprah winfrey while he was in college. we salute the media mogul, tv producer and philanthropist today, along with every woman making a difference today. we'll be right back. happening t:
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president trump heads to eastern alabama .. to visit the 5:23 right now. happening today, president trump heads to eastern alabama to visit the areas recently just flattened here. look at the roof just torn off of this, all by this powerful tornadoes. the president has approved alabama's disaster declaration, freeing up federal assistance. 23 people died in last sunday's
5:24 am
storm. four others remain in critical condition. in all, 12 tornadoes touched down over a 70-mile stretch. some speeds were reaching up to 70 miles an hour. it was quite devastating there. today marks five years since the mysterious crash of malaysia airlines flight 370. it disappeared over the indian ocean during a flight from kuala lumpur to beijing. five years later there's never been any real sign of the plane for the 239 people on board besides small fragments of it washing ashore. a big change since the crash will soon require international planes equipped with gps. >> every plane over my shoulder is sending out a gps information twice a second. that's a wholesale change from radar. >> flight mh370 was not equipped with gps. many consider that a major reason why this remains one of
5:25 am
aviation's biggest mysteries. nbc aviation expert tom costello will take a closer look at what happened, and the changes to the industry since, on the "today" show, following "today in the bay." developing now, a sheriff's deputy serving an arrest warrant in illinois has died. a procession was held for deputy jacob kelpner after he was shot serving a warrant at the hotel. the suspect took off, leading deputies on a 100-mile chase that ended when he crashed his vehicle. a standoff ensued where brown kept officers at bay on a highway for hours before they finally took him in to custody. he now faces first-degree murder charges. 5:25 right now. a major highway in colorado mountains is back open this morning following two dangerous avalanches, highway 70 here. people became trapped inside their cars with traffic a standstill for hours last night. officials are warning of a serious threat, as more winter
5:26 am
weather is actually in the forecast in that area. experts are calling it the worst avalanche season in 50 years. 5:25, happening today, it's your first chance to get a new set of curry 6s, inspired by a north bay girl. >> today is international women's day, in part to celebrate under armour's releasing curry's 6 shoes designed by 9-year-old riley morrison from napa. last fall she sent curry a letter asking him why his shoes weren't marketed to girls? the rest not exactly history but herstory. in january, richmond's 13-year-old alysa liu became the youngest skater to win a championship. "stars on ice" invited her to join the show when it visits san jose may 12th. her rare appearance will be at the s.a.p. center. watch or talk about her great honor later during our midday
5:27 am
newscast. >> talk about a big future ahead of her. >> yes. 5:26. coming up on "today in the bay," working to cut down on your commute time? well, a live report on that express lane on highway 101 and when they are setting to reopen that. plus, up in smoke. the fallout tesla ceo now facing for smoking marijuana during an interview. and taking a live look here, look at the backup there at the bay bridge toll plaza. mike will have a look at the commute for you, what you can expect before you head out the door this morning. 5:27 right now. you're watching "today in the bay."
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spotty showers today. clear enough to see the golden gate bridge, illuminated and nice start to our friday morning and nice break for folks in the bay area. we love the rain but breaks are nice, too, right? good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. right now we head over to meteorologist kari hall with a look at the forecast this morning and a lot better than what we've seen in days past. >> yeah, you need a little sunshine, i think we'll get it today but it will be in between some of the spotty showers we're seeing and this is a live look outside in san jose, as you get ready to head out. campbell will see a mix of sun and clouds and overall it's going to be still a really chilly day, compared to where we should be in the mid-60s. a look at storm ranger shows some unsettled weather, some off and on rain, even off the coast it will be making its way in, as we go through the morning commute as well as early afternoon. i'll track this and the next storm system coming in and mike, you have a new issue for commuters. >> yes, but you did say next storm system?
5:31 am
okay, a break. a little damp roadway. the rain traveled toward fremont. keep that in mind for the on and off ramps early. the issue behind me, one problem is folks are pushing some plywood off of the roadway and there was a mainor crash and flat tire reported coming toward the antioch bridge, off the rio vista side, not much impact to our viewers but i wanted to shout that out. brentwood, discovery bay, highway there but concord and the backup we expect at this time at the bay bridge. congestion relief is coming for commuters on the peninsula. it's going to take a little while. >> express lanes on highway 101, "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joining us live from san mateo with what this will mean then and what will it mean now. kris? >> it's going to mean some construction right now but in the long run, it could mean 32 miles of express lanes intended to ease congestion.
5:32 am
let's show you the area we're talking about, if you look at the map, the express lanes run on 101 in the north direction and the south direction between highway 380 in san bruno and 237 approaching sunnyvale. this is the main artery for commuters in this area. if you've driven it through traffic time, even during off time, you know that it is jam-packed with cars. today's ground-breaking for the express lane project. the express lanes are a little different from the typical hov lanes or the carpool lanes because buses and carpools can use them free of charge, but other drivers can pay a toll to use those lanes. so the idea is that it keeps them in use, even during off-peak hours. the lanes would be built within the existing highway, which will save time and money, but will also force some freeway reconfigurations, which will make day-to-day driving challenging over the next three years. fortunately we do have our traffic guy, mike inouye, on your side. this is a $514 million project
5:33 am
which includes funding from sb1. the groundbreaking is happening here in san mateo at 10:00 this morning, and we'll be here. in san mateo, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> sounds good. we'll continue to follow. 5:33 right now. prosecutors adding new charges to the one filed against the so-called nor cal rapist. authorities arrested roy charles waller last as he arrived to work at the campus. investigators say he is a serial rapist responsible for attacks dating back nearly 30 years. sacramento prosecutors yesterday added five more charges to the 12 he already faced. it also brings the number of victims to nine in six counties. a bill supporters say will reopen doors to employment for those with criminal records is making its way through the legislature.
5:34 am
under the proposal, the state would require to automatically dismiss certain criminal constrictions, the bill would apply to people who have completed their probation or sentence in the county jail. those who were arrested but not convicted of a crime would also be eligible to have their arrests erased. 5:33, new developments in the investigation into bay area actor jussie smollett, the former "empire" actor accused filing a false police report of a hate crime against him. kira klapper, investigators are trying to track down the people who leaked key evidence to the media. >> that's right, the chicago police department is opening an internal investigation because they say a lot of information reported by the media involving the jussie smollett scandal sin accurate. it is a standard procedure whenever there are allegations about leaked information. smollett of course is charged with felony disorderly conduct, making a false police report about a racist and homophobic attack. his report to police prompted intense media scrutiny and curiosity. at least 50 employees were
5:35 am
fired, fired from a chicago hospital for accessing smollett's medical records without any authorization. one of those employees who spoke to our nbc sister station in chicago on the condition of anonymi anonymity, opened up about why she decided to look in the files. >> simply put, i clicked once on it and brings up basic demographics, public knowledge, male/female, phone number. i never clicked into his chart. >> smollett again faces a disorderly charge for allegedly making a false police report in which he claimed he was attacked by two men wearing "make america great again" hats. he also said a noose was placed on his neck in some sort of water or bleach was poured on him. two brothers told police smollett actually paid them to carry out at tack. sources say smollett's defense is expected to argue the check police said was payment for the
5:36 am
hoax attack was actually for training to help smollett get in shape for a music video shoot, so we will keep following this. back to you. >> thanks, kira. 5:35 right now. elon musk might be in trouble for smoking pot on a recent podcast. the u.s. department of defense are looking at musk's clearance. six months ago the billionaire went on a podcast and smoked marijuana with host joe roggin. secret level security status requires federal employees and contractors seeking clearance to acknowledge any illegal drug use over the past seven years. this morning, religious leaders in san francisco plan to lead a prayer vigil for cambodian refugees at risk of being deported, it happened during the start of lent. the refugees are seeking pardons from governor gavin newsom. the vigil gets under way at 11:30 this morning at i.c.e. headquarters. growing concern for drivers in the south bay, at least ten times during the past three months someone has thrown rocks at cars on highway 152.
5:37 am
in each case it happened east of gilroy and before pacheco pass. it happened to two drivers last week. one victim says after stopping on the shoulder, they found seven other cars with smashed windows. >> found a spot to pull over and pulled over and saw that our son, who is 4, he was in a car seat, had glass all over him and his car seat, and we realized we got out, he threw something at us. >> so far, there have been no major injuries reported. the chp now believes the rock thrower is a middle aged white man with shoulder length hair. >> 5:37. richmond high school will reopen today. after being shut down for two straight days. the power outage on tuesday forced the campus to close. last night, school officials say they brought in a generator while repairs are still being made. and not a power disruption but i'm hearing about something
5:38 am
that may be going on with the lights on the san francisco side of treasure island. here is the deal. our camera in emeryville can see slowing around the curve and headed toward treasure island. a bit of an optical illusion sometimes but we did see a lot of focus slowing there at the curve. treasure island does appear to be moving smoothly and traffic on the san francisco side also picks up, but some are hidden by this island, reports of some flashing lights, the bridge lights and so we're going to track that, heard a rumor about that, no confirmation from the bridge crew. i see slowing westbound across the span. that's typical about this time anyway, even on a friday, a light commute though. the bay bridge metering lights are on, but no problem as far as the maze. that's good news, i guess. >> will we have any problems going to tahoe? let's look at i-80 in truckee, headed you have to ski this weekend? plenty of fresh snow. squaw valley just got another 20 inches of fresh snow, with the most recent storm bringing its total to, get this, it's amazing number, 611 inches for the
5:39 am
season. as a result of all this snow, the resort plans to stay open until july 7th, that's right! >> wow! >> you can ski on the fourth of july and be on the lake by the afternoon. north star just got 27 more inches, bringing its total to 547 inches there. >> wow! >> love when that happens. >> it will be open until my parents' anniversary. >> oh! >> 7/7. >> is that where you'll take them? >> yeah! don't anybody tell them, shhh. >> let's talk about the road to tah tahoe >> chain controls are still up for both interstate 80 and highway 50, so here is a look now at storm ranger as we see some spotty showers rolling through, and yes, it's stillsie. as we go throughout today, rain chances for the first part of the day, planning to go to san jose neighbor night at the l maden community center still
5:40 am
chilly but we'll be in the clear in terms of rain. we are going to have a great night to get out there, and enjoy this, along with all of our other community centers in san jose. headed into tomorrow, the rain will be back from the coast to the inland areas, just some spotty showers off and on and by sunday we will get some clearing as temperatures head into the upper 50s. overall looking like sunday is the best day of the weekend, but if you're going up to lake shasta, it's going to be raining and snowing, especially on saturday, and our temperatures there only reach up to about 39 degrees. 45 with some rain moving through on sunday. and it's not the best beach weekend but if you can get out there and enjoy the sunshine today you need to bundle up with our temperatures only reaching 54, and more of those showers for tomorrow. so i'm tracking this, and also our rain chances for today. we'll talk about what's going on, that's coming up in about three minutes. >> looking forward to that, kari. 5:40 right now. coming up next on "today in the bay," another possible teacher's strike looming in the east bay.
5:41 am
a live report on negotiations in san ramon, and the demands being made. and paul manafort sentenced to far less time in jail than anyone expected, probably even him. we'll take a look at that sentence, coming up, when "today in the bay" continues. it's a deal so good, it will make everyone a fish lover. you get 100%, wild-caught alaska pollock breaded with panko bread crumbs and topped with tartar sauce. plus, hot and salty fries and a drink. for just $4.99! the $4.99 fish sandwich combo.
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5:44 am
willow glen will see a mix of sun and clouds and even though we'll get a little bit more sun today, it doesn't warm up that much. we should be up to 65 degrees. we'll talk about what's going on for the weekend, that's coming up in less than five minutes. right now, 101 in san jose, we have a good volume. it's friday, we're seeing a lighter commute overall but a new crash not far from the camera. we'll see how the speed sensors shape up. it's back to the bargaining table today. teachers in the san ramon valley unified school district will try again too strike a deal. sharon katsuda is live in danville with the latest. sharon? >> good morning, marcus. the mood is definitely lighter here after the marathon meeting that took place here on wednesday. after those marathon negotiations, talks ended around midnight wednesday between teachers and the san ramon valley unified school district negotiators. teachers held a town hall meeting that night to let parents and students know what
5:45 am
they are fighting for. they are asking for a raise but they also want more librarians, counselors and smaller class sizes for the district's 32,000 students. the district and union ended up with 11 tentative agreements with the union saying the sticking point is still class size reductions. the district couldn't comment on specifics but is hopeful about today's negotiations. >> we are definitely in agreement that class sizes are something that are important, and we're continuing our conversations. >> as we've seen with recent strikes in oakland, and los angeles, the strikes are costly to the community and the districts, so negotiators on both sides here say they want to avoid a strike, and both sides also agree that the state needs to provide more funding so a lot of different districts throughout the state are dealing with the same issue and they're closely watching what happens with this district. reporting live in danville, i'm sharon katsuda, "today in the
5:46 am
bay." >> thanks very much, sharon. quarter to 6:00 right now, and breaking news, february's employment numbers came in far lower than experts forecasted. the labor department says the u.s. economy added 20,000 jobs last month. that's about 0.1 the consensus from analysts. some believe harsh weather may have been to blame. the unemployment rate fell to 3.8%, from 4% in january. paul manafort sentenced to less than four years in prison. >> and scott mcgrew, manafort got less than even his own lawyers expected. >> less than the prosecutors were asking for, marcus, less than the federal sentencing guidelines called for. manafort was sentenced to less than four years for crimes that normally call for a sentence between 19 and 24 years in jail. now, this is not the only court which manafort faces charges. so he is definitely not out of the woods yet. while handing down the sentence, the judge in the case said
5:47 am
manafort had lived an otherwise blameless life, other than the things he is blamed for, tax fraud, bank fraud, lying to federal investigators and conspiracy against the united states. lawyers all over the u.s. objected pointing out their clients got far more jail time for far less, like this case >> after she was sentenced to five years in prison for voting illegally. 43-year-old crystal mason was on probation for fraud conviction, which she voted in the 2016 presidential election. >> mason received a sentence of five years, voting when she shouldn't have, on probation in texas. you're not supposed to vote when you're on probation. the house voted on an anti-hate resolution that is stronger or weaker than expected, depending on your politics. originally it was supposed to be a resolution against anti-semitism but later became a resolution against all kinds of hate, african-americans hate against them, muslims, hate there, among others. the final vote to denounce hate and bigotry passed with 470 yes,
5:48 am
23 no. the people who voted no, all republicans, weren't necessarily in favor of hate, of course. they said the resolution should have been specifically about anti-semitism as a way of indirectly rebuking congresswoman ilhan omar. steve king who has a confederate flag on his desk despite iowa fought on the union side voted present. it's friday, a slightly more fun story. steve king is not fun at all. the fun story, a congress n congressional hearing about whales, a debate developed between a trump official and a congressman over whether it was okay for oil companies to blast part of the ocean with sound, looking for oil. the congressman asked and got permission to do this. [ horn sounds ] >> was that disruptive, mr. oliver? >> sir, it was irritating but i didn't find it particularly disruptive. >> so it's the first time i've ever seen an air horn in
5:49 am
congress. you'll follow this on twitter. you can follow me @scottmcgrew. >> thanks a lot, scott. okay, so buy a lottery ticket, better hang onto it. a new jersey man almost made a $273 million mistake. so he buys these tickets, but he's messaging on his phone so he actually left them behind on the counter. the next day, he went in to the store, because a good samaritan had seen him there, turned them in, and the guy ended up going home, and he won that night, the $273 million jackpot. >> wow! >> isn't it amazing? now he wants to find the owner of the tickets -- not the owner, he's the owner, he wants to find who turned them in. >> that would be nice. maybe $1 million? >> that would be nice. >> something. i guess he recently got divorced and was living with his mom. >> i heard he was looking for a job, too. >> there you go. the next wife is looking for him, too. >> oh, no, no, no, no.
5:50 am
>> keep your eye on the tickets. >> and the divorce decree. >> this morning we're lucky here in the bay area, even though it's kind of chilly, as you step out the door. it's nice to get some sunshine today but we still have a few passing showers. here is a look at the temperatures as you step out the door, in ukiah, it's 36 degrees. 39 in santa rosa, and palo alto now at 45 degrees. here is a look at your dublin b.a.r.t. station. you need a heavier jacket this morning, stepping out the door with some low 40s. a mix of sun and clouds there today, as we head only into the low 50s by noon. as you're getting dressed, here is a live look in san jose. we are still going to need a nice warm sweater and pants for these very chilly temperatures, but also maybe a hat, in case you get caught in one of those quick-moving showers and boots today, as we still have to break out the winter gear, but it will warm up just a few more degrees. you can see that at the bottom of the screen. today we have the need for the umbrella and also some off and on rain moving through for most
5:51 am
areas, mainly south of the golden gate bridge. we're also seeing some rain right there on the bay bridge, san francisco also on 101, so we may still see some of that rain moving through. overall, the trend will be for a day with some, a mix of sun and clouds, a slight chance of rain, and then we'll get a better chance of rain in the forecast for tomorrow, especially early in the day, if you have saturday plans, make sure you know that it will be raining at times. it looks like that rain holds off for our san jose neighbor nights at the berryessa community center. bundle up, because it will be in the upper 40s and breezy throughout the evening. we'll set our clocks forward one hour on sunday and for sunday afternoon, looks nice with highs in the mid-50s. sunshine, a little bit warmer on monday, but there will be another cold front bringing us some rain in the forecast on tuesday. and mike, you were checking out for what's happening on the roads. >> kari, you talked about how some of the roadways pl s may s be damp from light rain. this morning before sunrise as
5:52 am
it still is and a couple may be affected by slicker roadways. you saw mostly green sensors around the bay. in the south bay 101 around 87, reports of a car on 87 approaching that merge, apparently went off the roadway. it might have been off of its wheels for a short period of time, back on its wheels from what i understand. we're waiting for chp to give us an update and you see more traffic building on the approach toward north 101, you may see flashing lights at the 87 merge. right now the earlier backup we saw started to sort itself out and that's the typical pattern for silicon valley right there in san jose. another crash reported for 580 westbound coming up over toward north livermore, sounds like everything is off of the roadway, you see a good steady volume of traffic coming in out of the altamont pass and over toward the dublin interchange. a spinout reported there, perhaps slick roadways again. no delays and no problems for transit agencies so marcus, that's a good ride on this friday. >> i like that, mike. thank you. happening now, people in oregon are protesting over a new bill that would limit that
5:53 am
exemptions. the northwest is dealing with an outbreak of measles. state lawmakers in oregon and washington state are pushing new bills that would crack down on vaccine exemptions. coming up next on "today in the bay," the city college of san francisco looking at options on how to cut down on its ballooning deficit of $31 million. what's causing it, and why the college may turn to its staff for answers. new details in the kidnapping of a wisconsin teenager that made headlines last year. the suspect speaking out in a letter to a tv reporter. and pay raises coming to costco workers. the second increase in less than a year. by how much, and why you may want to work there. you're watching "today in the bay." to simone, i leave the van gogh.
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horrific kidnapping of wisconsin 5:56 right now. new detail this is morning in the horrific kidnapping of wisconsin teenager jayme closs. you may recall her parents were murdered when she was taken. this morning, we're learning the man accused of kidnapping her is apologizing in a letter. 21-year-old jake patterson says he plans to plead guilty, because he feels remorse. he says he acted on impulse and his reasons are not black and white. he sent that letter to a local
5:57 am
television reporter. patterson is accused of killing kloss' parents and holding the teenager hostage for more than 80 days in october. she was able to break free. in north carolina, the push to put guns in the hands of teachers is moving forward. a bill is now making its way through the senate to give teachers a pay raise to become sworn police officers. that will allow them to carry a concealed we won upon in the classroom. as you could imagine, that is getting mixed reaction. here is a representative from the teachers' association. >> everyone wants a safe school environment. we feel this is a dangerous approach and a disaster waiting to happen. >> there's no protection within our schools and i am know not someone who looks at a gun and sees inherent evil. it's the person who can wield it, protect it, those type of things will determine the outcomes. >> that afs a state senator backing the bill which will also give teachers the ability to make arrests. more details for you, you may recall from our reporting a teacher discharged a gun at a monterey county school, this
5:58 am
happened a years ago. the teacher who was also a reserve police officer was teaching gun safety, when the weapon went off. the student suffered minor injuries. that teacher faced minor charges and he also resigned. after more than half a century, producing cars and other vehicles an ohio gm plant is shutting down. more than 1,700 jobs in lourdestown will be lost. new this morning, city college of san francisco is facing a $31 million deficit. we've known that, but we're learning this morning the college is considering encouraging staff and faculty to retire to help close the gap. that's according to a report in "the examiner" this morning. the teachers union says the college is looking to push teachers out to reduce classes. the college blames lack of enrollment. costco raising starting wages for store workers to $15
5:59 am
an hour, this is from $14. it is the second increase in less than a year at the company, which raised its hourly minimum from 13 last june. costco also raising pay for supervisors and started offering paid parental leave for hourly employees. the a lawsuit over the infamous carlton dance is dropped after alfonso ribeiro was suing the makers of fortnite over the dance used in the videos. the actor already dropped a similar suit against the makers of another video game. the dance became a part of pop culture since the actor's character carlton performed it during the sitcom ""fresh prince of bel-air". the "today" show is sharing stories of remarkable women across the country doing historic things in all walks of life. many of them will join hoe da and savannah live in studio to share their stories. hear their journey on the
6:00 am
"today" show, right after "today in the bay." also on tomorrow, it's the first night there at nbc bay area, watch some of the best -- all right, i think we're going to move on right now. right now at 6:00 for you, growing outrage and shock over the sentencing of president trump's former campaign chair there, paul manafort. many calling the 47 month sentence for financial crimes unusually light. coming up in a live report the chaos caused on capitol hill. plus -- >> it's not really a good idea. it's very dangerous. >> a biking battle rolling in the east bay. a busy and popular stretch of roadway caught in the middle of the fight, it's moments away in a live report. and splash down, a historic round trip to space ending just moments ago. take a look here, spacex unmanned


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