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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  March 8, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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the news at 6:00 starts right now. good evening, thanks for joining us on this friday. >> we broke the story on our digital platforms earlier this afternoon, a police investigation has been completed. now, prosecutors must decide if what happened there in the park is a criminal act. nbc bay area sam brock is talking to legal experts, bear's attorney and the d.a.'s office about where things go from here. sam? >> the d.a.'s office says it's reviewing the case, but has no time line at this point on a decision. larry bear's own attorney told me in her opinion, she doesn't think he needs a lawyer, because there is no case here. the legal experts say witnesses in their interviews will determine whether or not that's true. in a now viral clip sold to tmz. pam bear can be seen yelling oh, my god before losing a tug of
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war with her husband. larry bear explaining, my wife and i had an unfortunate public argument related to a family member, and she had an injured foot and fell off her chair. pam beaer telling a different story. we always have been and still are happily married. turns out that injury part could be pivotal in any prosecution. >> for a domestic violence charge. there has to be a dramatic injury. so there has to be some injury to the victim. some visible injury. >> dean johnson thinks the filing decision could go either way. >> the domestic violence cases are probably the most difficult cases that prosecutors face. for the simple reason that your primary witness, the alleged victim is always by definition in a love relationship with the suspect. >> pam baer has a statutory right not to testify, if the d.a. even decides to file
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charges. baer's attorney said, no reasonable prosecutor could think that it was anything but an accident. if it weren't on tmz, it won the have been referred. johnson counters, it's not true that baer received special treatment. and thinks the video is inconclusive. sam brock, nbc bay area news. switching now to the weather, hope you edge joyed the sunshine. get ready for the return of stormy weather. you can see those beautiful blue skies. we saw the sun most of the day, but don't get used to it, jeff ranieri is here now. when is this rain arrive something. >> we think in the next 12 to 14 hours, we'll see rainfall moving in on the coastline. can you see we're dry right now across the bay. if you're doing anything the next couple hours, you can leave the umbrella in the back seat of the car for right now.
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the storm system right now is off shore. the part of it that's going to produce the heavier downpours, the cold front right here. still over 100 miles away, we think again, once we hit 11:30 tonight. we see that rainfall lining up. as we move into tomorrow morning. 8:00, marin, napa, sonoma counties, start to see that wet weather pushing on in. we're going to rush you through the full lineup. i want to show you the impact of this rainfall has meant for our rainfall season. which starts on october the 1st. santa rosa, 8.24 inch surplus, all of the bay area right now is running a surplus 100% and or better for those rainfall averages. we'll talk more about a new change in the forecast, and why this forecast is going to linger into sunday. that's coming up in about 15 minutes. >> thanks, jeff. you can track the changing weekend weather from the palm of your hand, download our free nbc
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bay area app and click on the weather tab. a man arrested for roaming a san jose neighborhood naked is out on bail tonight. that's unwelcomed news for the evergreen community where that naked pieper was caught on camera at least twice. robert honda joins us with the latest on this investigation. including an exclusive interview with the woman whose video helped police lead them to that man, robert? >> that's right, the woman you're about to hear from, thanked san jose police for taking her fear so seriously, but says she's not going to feel safe until the justice system stops the actions of a naked man before it goes any further. >> what if he tried to get in. >> the video of a naked plan looking around the home in south san jose is disturbing and frightening to the woman who lives there. today the woman whose camera caught it told me about the disturbing visit but asked us not to show her on camera, especially after finding out
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he's now out on bail. >> it's not a good feeling. to feel unsafe in your home at night, to lose sleep wondering, are they going to come back. >> the man arrested for criminal trespassing, listed as a percussionist with the california symphony since 1987 and connected to other groups, including the san francisco ballet orchestra. the alleged victim says she doesn't know him, and was upset to find out he was caught on surveillance video outside a neighbor's home last month. she's also learned he was arrested for misdemeanor prowling in 2017 after being recorded prowling while wearing just women's underwear. we checked records and found out he was convicted for loitering and put on probation. >> he's got away with a slap on the wrist, that's not okay. look, he has more victims. who knows how many more he has, that no one knows about. >> the d.a. will be tougher this time. >> it is a violation of personal space and personal property
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rights. and the neighborhood has a right to be very concerned. >> why did he come back? what is the connection is what i would like to know. what is the connection? why did he keep coming back. >> again, answers could take a while, given the nature of the offense. the d.a.'s office has one year 20 go to court. and another looming factor, these videos are being spread to other neighborhood associations to see if he's been spotted in other areas. live in san jose, robert honda, nbc bay area news. a march to renew calls for help in tracking down a killer, friends and family of frankie santos jr. are hitting the streets in his honor, they're gathering near 12th and santa clara, and will march to san jose city hall. last september, he was stabbed in front of his house. investigators have a surveillance picture from that night, they believe it shows the killer's truck, but no other leads. there's the $10,000 reward for information. a deadly crash for a bicyclist and a truck, is
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calling for new protections for bicyclers in san francisco. bikers are not separated from the drivers, the woman killed was riding a ford go bike, she's been identified as 30-year-old tess rothstein a berkeley resident. just across the street from the crash are bike protected lanes. advocates say the city isn't moving fast enough to create those protected lanes. >> if there was protected bike infrastructure here. better infrastructure at the intersection this woman would not have died. and that is unacceptable that the city is not working fast enough. >> days ago, san francisco's mayor ordered staff to start streamlining pedestrians and bike protection projects including expediting the creation of more of those protected bike lanes. a follow-up to a story out of freemont, police are doubling down on a warning. don't leave any valuables in your car. we told you last week, that car break ins were set to reach an
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all time high in that city. more than 300 burglaries are with set to reach this year. the vigilance has paid off, and those numbers are trending downward. >> the federal government today said it will not pay back nearly 1 third of the money spent to fix the orville dam. that spill way collapsed during heavy rains in early 2017. the feds said they would reimburse the state except for about $300 million. that's because the spill way collapsed due to poor maintenance and construction, not weather. we spent six months looking into safety issues at the oraville dam. we found inspection records that showed the state knew about the issues years before that collapse. a he's ils outbreak in the bay area, has parents concerned about the safety of their children. our investigative unit looked into immunization numbers for
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students. 95% of kindergarten students in the bay area received all their immunizations in 2018, back in 2016 the number was closer to 90%. that year, a new law got rid of an exemption that allowed parents to skip immunizations before entering school. the district will lay off more than 100 people to get its finances in check, to help pay for the teachers raise. among the layoffs, caseworkers who helped students in foster care. now, those workers worry about what it will mean for those at risk students. melis melissa? >> there's more than 200 foster care kids in the oakland unified school district. if there's been one source of civility for these kids, the foster care system has been it. we woke spo caseworkers, who are
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worried without this program to support these kids, many may face suspension and others may drop out. >> if there's one person 15-year-old jennifer martinez has been able to count on in the last few years, it's been her case manager at skyline high school. crystal mendocino. >> i kind of see her as a mother figure. >> she's one of five case managers who help more than 200 kids in the oakland school district. one minute she might be going to court to support a student. another minute she could be talking them out of running away. >> it would hurt to see them -- to see the case manager leave. >> on monday the school board voted to approve nearly $22 million in budget cuts, saying it needed to shore up cash in order to pay for the new teacher's raise. among the cuts, the foster youth program. >> it sucks, it's not fair. >> according to the stats compiled by the program, the number of foster kids suspended from school has gone down by
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75%. since more case managers were hired. >> i'll still be here in your life, you know that, right. >> the stats show less foster kids have dropped out in the last two years. krystal fears all the progress will be wiped out. >> we're the ones that are out there looking for them. you need to come to school, you need to be in class. >> what if they say, i'm not doing this for anyone. who's going to be proud of me? >> jennifer, the student you heard from says she plans to attend college and plans to graduate from high school the next two years, as for crystal, her caseworker, she's been told that her job will be eliminated by the end of may, that's the latest in oakland, i'm melissa colorado, nbc bay area news. thanks melissa, up next, the me too movement hitting california taxpayers. the legal fees for sexual harassment claims against lawmakers. they're piling up.
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she told the mvp something needed to be done and he did it. a local 9-year-old girl getting her just desserts for inspiring steph curry's new shoe. we'll have why are updated weekend rain forecast coming up in seven minutes. protests surron
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clark shooting in sacramento. the d-a )s office now says it will not be filing charges against a follow-up now on the stephan clark shooting in sacramento. the district attorney's office will not be filing charges against the 84 people arrested monday night. the protests came two days after prosecutors announced they would not charge the two officers who shot and kill ed stephan clark last year. a major development in the east bay today, teachers announced they have reached a tentative agreement. teachers have been holding
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informal meetings throughout the week. this afternoon, union negotiators hammered out the final details with the district. the deal includes a 4% base salary increase. it creates a new cap on class sizes as well. it also includes benefits. sexual harassment claims are costing california a lot of cash. nine current and former lawmakers faced allegations of harassment and misconduct last year. costing the state almost $2 million in legal fees. last month, the state legislature created a new workplace conduct unit to look into this problem. they shouldn't have to pay for lawmakers misconduct. >> we think that the perpetrators ought to pay for those investigations. and they ought to be held liable. this is a -- an understandable use of taxpayer dollars, but the
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fact that taxpayers have to fund investigation for activity, that shouldn't be happening in the first place is a tragedy. the findings from the workplace conduct unit will be used to recommend any changes if it needed to the state legislature. some of silicon valley's notable tech execs spent the day managing future leaders. >> scott bud man is there and joins us with their message to hundreds of young message. most women had to overcome barriers to get to where they are now. they gave advice and warnings to those who want to get into the field. >> i find that it's a struggle that people have. >> a group of tech executives spent part of their international women's day giving advice to students. >> you know, the energy in this room has been incredible. >> meeting at san jose state to tell the next generation of female entrepreneurs about what they might face in the corporate world. >> knowing what we have gone to,
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there will be challenges, there will be set backs and keep navigating. >> how men can help too. >> we should invite men into this party as well. and have the men advocate and be our allies as well, to ensure that women are given the opportunities to speak, to take on new challenges, to advance in their careers as well. >> it's advice that comes from experience. >> how to brand yourself, how to handle sexual harassment. how to negotiate for a better salary. how to lean in. >> which the students say they're ready to run with, and appreciate. >> inside of me, there is that worry, going into this field especially as a woman, you need experience. and it's kind of a struggle to find that at first. >> among the challenges women face in tech, funding, the latest stats from pitch book show that 16% of venture capital funding in the u.s. goes to companies with at least one
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female factor. nbc, part of the nba all-star steph curry has a special guest at tonight's game. we're going to take you courtside, the warriors are warming up, you can see steph right there, ahead of tonight's game against the denver nuggets. there he is, practicing, guess who curry's vip is tonight, though. she's short, riley morrison from napa, back in november, riley wrote steph a letter asking why his underarmor shoes didn't come in girl sizes. he wrote back to tell her she was right. he teamed up with her to create the curry 6. riley designed the sock liner that features empowering phrases for girls. >> it's been amazing, a really special experience. i never imagined this would happen. i'm really happy i wrote that letter. >> yeah, riley's got game for sure. the shoes and the letter are on display at the steph curry pop-up at 9th and oakland.
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riley and her family are at the game tonight. >> let's get a check of our forecast, the rain is coming back. >> i know everyone's saying, we want more sunshine. but we're going to have to wait for that as we head through the next seven days, we'll get more of it, let's take you into our micro climate forecast right now. the cloud cover is starting to increase out ahead of our storm system after partly cloudy skies. at least for a little bit today here throughout the bay area. it was cold, 52 degrees, you can see 40s as we head through the next several hours with the cloud cover continuing to increase. i want to bring us into the rainfall forecast, since that's probably what most of us care about, as we head into your saturday and sunday. you can see 11:30 tonight. we get the showers beginning to approach. i don't think we're going to see any heavy downpours until we hit 8:00 in the morning. i notice a little bit of pink showing up in the future cast, that's low snow we could have down to about 3,000 feet. so we likely wake up tomorrow
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morning with a dusting here. a fresh dusting right across this higher elevation. as we move through 10:30 in the morning, start to move over to contra costa county. by the afternoon, 2:00, we get the rainfall developing down through san jose. the big change in the forecast, it looks like the center of the storm system is going to sit and spin out in the pacific. this unfortunately is going to keep rainfall chances in the forecast longer. 5:00 in the morning sunday, even likely into the afternoon on sunday. before we clear out by sunday evening. we'll have details on our extended forecast, with more rain chances next week, and talk about this extended drying period we could have for us at 6:48 tonight. we'll see you again. ready to join stars on ice, we talk to alyssa lieu about her big show coming up in the south bay. alright, let's talk perks!
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costa animal shelter is running out of if you've been thinking about adopting a pet, this is the weekend to do just that. the contra costa shelter is offering free adoptions tomorrow. it's a cliffhanger for real. anthony hopkins, $5 million malibu mansion is just feet away from falling off a cliff. the house managed to make it through the deadly woolsey wildfires last year, the terrain has been eating away at the cliff on which the home sits. a young teenager is setting the figure skating world on fire. alyssa liu is set to join the stars on ice tour. 13 cities starting in april. liu is more than qualified to join this tour. the youngest skater to win a u.s. national championship. and only the third woman to land a triple axle at the u.s. nationals.
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she talked about the hard work that makes it look so effortless. >> i practice every day monday through sunday. on the weekends i practice two hours on the ice. >> that's why she's a national champion. you can see all that hard work pay off in person, the stars on ice tour tickets are on sale now. alyssa will be performing in portland, anaheim and here in san jose at the sapp center. a controversial bill is triggering a debate over a child's preferred gender. >> this creates an opportunity to create in this space, a child growing up within the foster care system. who's been traumatized because they've been in the foster care
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system. to have and create normalcy about them sfs. >> conservative groups argue the bill is a violation of the parents free speech. it will discourage faith based communities from becoming foster parents. did he ask for a presidential pardon? president trump dishes new dirt about his former personal lawyer michael cohen. they'll calling it a successful splashdown. another first, signaling another milestone may be coming soon. so
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members of his inner circle: paul manafort and michael cohen. president trump sounding off on two former members of his inner circle. both men are headed to prison soon. which raises the question of possible presidential pardons. >> the two men are getting different responses from their former boss. blaine alex anner has it all covered from washington. >> president trump slamming his one time attorney michael cohen, tweeting, he directly asked me for a pardon, i said no. he lied again. >> stone cold lie, and he's lied about a lot of things, when he lied about the pardon, that was really a lie. >> i have never asked for, nor would i accept a pardon from president trump. >> even cohen's attorney contradicted that, saying the legal team did explore the possibility. cohen soon headed to prison in part for lying to congress, now firing back.
6:30 pm
saying it's the president who is not truthful. meanwhile, president trump has not ruled out a pardon for paul manafort. his former campaign chairman sentenced to less than four years in prison on bank and tax fraud. >> i feel very badly for paul manafort, i think it's been a very tough time for him. >> manafort's charges brought by robert mueller. >> the judge said there was no collusion with russia. >> during the sentencing, the judge said the issue of russian collusion was not part of the trial. while the president is sympathetic to manafort, others outraged by his relatively light sentenced. just a fraction of the possible 24 years. >> we've seen african-american sentenced far worse for less egregious actions than manafort. and so i think we need to take a hard look at our criminal justice system. >> next week, manafort goes before a different judge for a second sentencing hearing on similar charges. blaine alexander, nbc news,
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washington. a grand jury has formally indicted actor jussie smollett on felony charges. the empire actor staged his own attack and filed the false police report. smollett says he was attacked by two men yelling racist slurs. he also claimed a noose had been placed on his neck. two brothers came forward telling police smollett paid them to carry out that attack. smollett is denying the allegations and is scheduled to be arraigned next thursday. president trump got an up close look at the devastation in alabama today. communities coming to grips with everything and everyone that was lost after a string of tornads s the president and first lady stood in front of 21 white crosses, those killed ranged in age from 6 to 89. one woman told the president she lost 10 members of her family in a matter of minutes. >> i didn't have no idea i was
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seeing my mom for the last time. >> the tornados cut a path a mile wide and nearly 70 miles long. the one time soldier at the center of the wikileaks case is back in jail. a federal judge sent her to jail today. grand jury hearing is part of a criminal inquiry into wikileaks. manning former intelligence analysts leaked secret military documents to the web group back in 2010. manning declined to offer any questions to the grand jury saying she revealed everything she knew in 2013. manning will stay in jail until she testifies or the grand jury finishes its work. space x made a big splash in an effort to send americans into space on private rockets. after spending nearly a week at the international space station. up next, another unmanned launch to test the crew dragon's
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ability to test astronauts in an emergency. >> they're leading to a day where we are launching american astronauts on american rockets from american soil. >> space x hopes to conduct the first test flight with two real astronauts on board in july. >> the joint interview elan musk could cost him something in the long run. back when musk smoked pot on joe rogan's pod case. the space xceo has secret level access within the company, which has contracts with the military. the pentagon is not too keen on top level ceo's lighting up in public. musk filed his security reform, which requires him to come clean about drug use over the last seven years. tesla's cost-cutting is creating confusion. the company announced last week it's considering closing all of its doors to sell online only. that would mean thousands of job
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cuts. employees say they haven't heard a word about it. no one has told them if they'll be offered new jobs or simply laid off. tesla employs 40,000 workers. cold weather may be to blame for less hiring last month. in february, just 20,000 new jobs. that's the lowest number since late 2017, the unseasonably cold weather and the government shutdown probably played a role, they say it might be a response to a weaker global economy. it's a dreaded necessity, you need it to get into a good college. most kids don't actually take the s.a.t. too expensive to do. today that changed, though, the district paid the fee for every single student. damon trujillo has that story from james lacay. >> reporter: they've gotten the s.a.t. exam out of the way.
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>> i feel kind of relieved now that it's done, and i -- i'm excited to see my results in a way. >> this year, the school district took away the biggest excuse for not taking the test, that helps determine college eligibility by paying the $63 fee for all juniors. >> i know many of my friends, coming from a low income family. >> freshmen and sophomores got to take the psat on the district's dimes. they did it on a school day, instead of having to drive to some possibly far away venue on a saturday. the district used lcap funds to pay for the test. lcap is a state funding law that allows school districts to prioritize spending. >> the districts half a million dollars in the exams, the superintendent says it was not a cost. it was an investment. >> we wanted to eliminate an opportunity gap for many of our
6:36 pm
students. >> chris funk says money should never be the roadblock to student success. >> we want to take that barrier away for all of our students for the s.a.t. exam. >> the students are anxious to find out how they did, with one less barrier, the superintendent is confident these comments will sore. >> you want two weeks or three weeks? >> damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> today the presidential hopeful posted a blog on medium call willing for lawmakers to split up facebook, google and amazon. warren offered a plan to recategorize the company's limit for what they can own. facebook, google and amazon have grown so large they crush small businesses. and stifle innovation. you may want to think twice before speeding. dozens of new officers will be patrolling the state's highways. more than 60 men and women were sworn into the chp today.
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the cadets celebrated their graduation after completing six months of rigorous training. governor newsom attended the ceremony. the sense of optimism about the future and public service. it's a wonderful thing. i encourage folks to think about that, when we think about law enforcement generally. and incredible heroism and sacrifices. >> the graduates will be spread out all across california. up next, will it make your commute easier? what we can expect when those new express lanes, when they'll be ready on 101 along the peninsula.
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this is why we plan. ♪ ♪ you never cease to amaze me, maya. see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch. that )s the message coming from berkeley today. the city says r-v )s won )t be able to park on city streets between 2 no more overnight rv parking. rv's won't be able to park on city streets between 2:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. the city says it will develop a permit system so rv's can park for up to two weeks a year in
6:40 pm
certain areas. the city of oakland wants to make one of its dangerous streets a little safer for bikers and pedestrians. we're talking about telegraph avenue. it's reworking the street. here's, why between 2007 and 2011, four people died in crashes, 16 more severely injured. there were 68 crashes involving pedestrians. 66 more involving cyclists, among other changes, the city plans to put in a dedicated bike lane. 101 on the peninsula is about to put in car pool lanes. we're talking about a stretch of 101 between 380 in san bruno, all the way to 237 in sunnyvale. 32 miles will be converted into express lanes. they'll be different from traditional hov lanes. other drivers will have to pay a toll.
6:41 pm
traffic engineers say express lanes solve the problem of traditional car pool lanes that are underutilized. >> what we've lost and what our residents have lost is the quality of their life. that's what this will do. when families can go home and get home at a time in an hour that they can go to their children's softball game. go to their daughters -- they can coach the team again. >> the lanes will be built within the existing highway that will save time and money, but will also force some rerouting that will make day to day driving challenging. the $500 million project is going to take about three years to complete. we saw a sliver today. that sliver is about to go away. >> everywhere that sliver was i followed it. >> i was driving, eyes on the road. it was so beautiful out there. i'm going to be the bearer of more bad news. we all want more sun, we have rainfall coming our way this weekend. be prepared for the cold temps
6:42 pm
dropping into the 40s tonight. we have your rain forecast hour by hour. one viewer has a $600 dispute. another is fighting for more than 1,000. nbc bay area responds with the help of our colleagues at telemundo 48. roof here -- fight
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consumers like you -- in two languages. consumer investigator chr we have two teams under one roof here. >> chris ka muir rah is here with some of the biggest wins for nbc 7 responds. >> exactly. let's go to the tote board first. my favorite part, i'm going to do this in english, not in spanish too. together between nbc bay area responds we've recovered more than $2.725 million for viewers just like you. we get that money back one case at a time. over at telemundo 48. consumer investigator ar lon
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fernandez. he had trouble with a new stove, but got the cold shoulder from the appliance store that sold it to him. he called arlon she turned up the heat just a smith. our nbc bay area responds team just spoke up for robert in santa rosa, he had a problem, a lot of us have, he was struggling with his health insurance provider after a hospital stay. we attend to a ton of cases like this, so we stepped in, applied some of our billing expertise and saved robert $169. please let us know if you need our help in either language. or 844-408-4848 in spanish. have a great weekend. >> thank you very much. an exciting saturday night for you if you're a gamer, if you play or just watch video games. you're going to watch our doubleheader gaming event tomorrow night. our documentary series bay area
6:46 pm
revelations, shares the untold stories of the bay area designers and engineers. the guinness book of world records named dennis fong the world's first professional gamer, he played under the alias this remember never lost a tournament. he even made the front page of the wall street journal. big companies started calling to hire him. >> they pay me to show up for three hours, autographs or take on all comers. they pay me ten grand to show up, plus travel and expenses. i mean, for someone that's 17 or 18 to get paid 10 grand to show up for a few hours, it's awesome. >> if you let me play video games more when i was a teenager, i could have been retired by now. watch some of the best e gamers in california battle it out in an intense competition of street fighter five, can you catch some of the action streaming on nbc
6:47 pm after snl, the championship round, don't miss esports saturday, fight night live tomorrow night. this weekend's daylight savings time could be the last time change in california. there's a bill at the capitol to make it permanent. before that can happen, congress has to pass a new law to allow it. staying on daylight savings year round would be healthier for sleep patterns. it makes children walk to the bus stop in the dark. >> i'm looking forward to it. i have a little one. i need her to adjust her sleeping schedule by an hour. it's going to help. >> it's going to be good the next couple weeks. >> i hope it works. we have more rainfall coming on back as we head through saturday and sunday. and then i promise you a lot of sunshine in that 7-day forecast. we know a lot of little leagues have opening day this weekend
6:48 pm
so -- not probably, but definitely not the best timing with our storm system right now which is just offshore, you can see the cold front right there, once that arrives we're going to see things pick up for us. you can see on storm ranger, it's dry here throughout the bay area right now. by tomorrow morning, we're going to see things pick up, we're calling for the chance of rainfall throughout the entire bay area tomorrow morning. temperatures starting off cold as well. 43 in the south bay, 44 in the peninsula, 44 in the trivalley. 42 in the north bay. san francisco 45 and the east bay at 43. the jacket also the umbrella as you move through saturday. let's get you a better look at forecast. at 5:30 in the morning, it's more scattered, hit and miss activity throughout the bay. notice some of this white and pink, that's low snow down to 3,000 feet, hitting mt. hamilton, also mt. sait. helena. the main storm is still offshore. this is going to start to move
6:49 pm
in by 8:00 in the morning, with that consistent heavier rainfall developing in marin, napa and sonoma counties. we're going to see this push by 10:30 in the morning. down here for san jose, it's knocking on your door. so to speak, and by 2:00 we'll see that moving down over the south bay. now, the big change in the rain forecast i want you to be aware of, so you're not mad at me here, the storm system is basically going to sit offshore and spin the entire weekend, that's going to continue to increase our rainfall chances right through saturday. it's a change from the previous forecast, you'll see as we head through 5:00 in the morning sunday. there's more rainfall getting pushed, in likely keeping that chance of rain through 3:00 in the afternoon on sunday. and then we'll start to see things dry out by the evening there on sunday. rainfall totals with this, up a little bit, now that we're seeing that storm system linger into sunday. we're going for half inch to
6:50 pm
three quarters of an inch in the north bay. you're right around a half n inch in contra costa counties. my extended forecast. i promised you lots of sunshine, let's go ahead and get to that. once we hit monday's forecast, i see that sun coming back. ashort break, though. what looks to be a prolonged drying event coming our way. yes, we deserve it, right? next wednesday, thursday, friday, maybe into the following saturday sunday and monday after that, we could be looking at this dry weather, sunshine and blue skies coming your way, that's going to be a real good break here for us. you can see on the inland forecast, we're going to stay cold as we head through the next several mornings. temperatures in the upper 30s and low 40s. we have something good coming your way. you're going to be able to get there this weekend. we have another 2 to 4 inches of snow moving in. we were calling for a snow week next week up there i any it's
6:51 pm
looking pretty good to head up there. we have to get rogers private plane to take us there. >> you're doing all the -- >> thanks. >>. they're a bunch of lemons, these beater cars. they're going to hit the sonoma raceway. colin resch takes us there next. everyone's got to listen to mom.
6:52 pm
when it comes to reducing the sugar in your family's diet, coke, dr pepper and pepsi hear you. we're working together to do just that. bringing you more great tasting beverages with less sugar or no sugar at all. smaller portion sizes, clear calorie labels and reminders to think balance. because we know mom wants what's best. more beverage choices, smaller portions, less sugar.
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outrageously awful cars? you get the most what do you get when you combine outrageous costumes with wacky cars. >> you get the most spectacular racing in the world. and it's in the bay area this weekend. >> most have heard of the 24 hours of lemans. it's the oldest endurance sports car race in the world. what's lapping here this weekend, is the opposite of that, it's the 24 hours of lemons. >> this is like halloween combined with gasoline. this is, you put on a ridiculous outfit. >> there's all kinds of really kooky themes that are out there. >> you build a ridiculous car. would d snyder approve of this lemon? >> yes, absolutely. >> you have to spend $500 or
6:55 pm
less to get one of these cars to the track. >> jay lamb thought this whole thing up in 2006. he's like the godfather around here. >> this was supposed to be a one time party for me and 13 of my idiot friends. it was not supposed to be any of this. it grew completely of its own accord. i don't understand it, i don't think they understand it, but i keep showing up. >> from an idea to the most popular racing series in the world. 24 hours of lemons conducts 24 races a year, just in the u.s. they also have a handful of international stuff. sonoma raceway, one of the first to embrace the crazy. >> instead of saying no way, we don't want you. you know, that's an interesting idea. >> what do you want to do with your lives? >> i want to rock. >> yep. twisted sister is here. you've got unicorns, minions and even the governator himself. then there's the gluten freaks and their 1990 wonder bread
6:56 pm
peanut butter jelly time. >> it used to be a big old pile of crap opinion there's wrecks everywhere. >> it's a force to be reckoned with at this race. racing begins at 9:30 saturday morning. at sonoma raceway, colin resch, nbc bay area. >> i want the wonder bread guy. >> i knowp it looks like so much fun. so much fun, and it's going to be a little slick for them. >> well, yeah, we have some rain. >> it's going to be soggy. >> no wondering about the forecast. 8:30 tomorrow, we have the heavier rain moving in through the peninsula, pushing down to the south bay, by late morning into the afternoon, the new change in the forecast, we keep the chance of scattered rain all the way through sunday. so i don't think it's going to be nearly as bad as the storms we had a few weeks ago, we're looking at a quarter to three quarters of an inch. there's more to come. plenty of it next week. >> we look forward to that, thanks so much, jeff. goldberg's
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
>> i came very, very close to leaving the earth. >> "the view" co-host today revealing her mysterious five week absence from the show. our new "extra" interview with gayle king after the r. kelly storm. what shocked her the most about the explosive interview still going viral. >> i never expected that. never. "airwolf" legend jan-michael vincent gone at 74. the shocking news he passed a month ago. today hess turbulent life from heartthrob to serious health issues. meghan le


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