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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  March 8, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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about to be over. our satellite radar show the latest storm that )s headed right now at 11:00 our short break from the rain is about to be over. our satellite radar shows the latest storm that is headed right for the bay area. >> we are going to wake up to a wet saturday morning this weekend, also the beginning of daylight saving time. let's get to chief meteorologist jeff ranieri with our microclimate weather alert. >> it's going to be disruptive, might need to shift plans as we are expecting heavy rainfall on saturday and chances of this
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lingering into sunday. you can see right now on storm ranger our mobile doppler radar as that sends out pulses. it's returning back some light rain out hereof shore. only about .02 inches per hour. storm system is offshore. we're waiting on the cold front to get here. once that arrives we will start to see that rain pick up. as we head through tomorrow morning, 8:00, we begin to see that rain across marin, napa, sonoma counties. then eventually this line out here will start to move in once we hit 10:00 a.m. over the peninsula and start to get close to contra costa county. we'll track more of this and when it hits the south bay and how much more we could get on sunday with the new change in our forecast. that's coming up in 18 minutes. as the storm approaches stay with us for the latest. jeff's twitter page is a great resource to get rain and snow handles for tahoe. jeff's handle is @jeffranieri. following breaking news in the east bay.
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you might have felt it. a 2.8 earthquake. the epicenter just northeast of oakland along the hayward fault. this happened about 20 minutes ago at 10:41 p.m. so far no reports of any damage. channeling anger and demanding change. tonight san francisco cyclists gather along the street where a fellow rider was killed this morning. that came with a message and they found a powerful way to get it across. live in san francisco police are investigating and activists say they need safer streets, jean. >> reporter: that's right, jessica. witnesses tonight tell us that tess rothstein was wearing a helmet and riding a bike in the bike lane. while police work to figure out why the 30-year-old ended up in a collision with a truck, fellow cyclists are standing up for safety. heartbroken and angry, a fellow bicyclist died on howard street this morning. dozens of cyclists with people protected bike lanes stood in
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the street tonight using their bodies to protect bicyclists in the bike lane. >> it's unfair, it's wrong, that our lives should be threatened because we're choosing to travel this way. >> reporter: the medical examiner says 30-year-old tess rothstein of berkeley was killed on howard at sixth at 8:15 a.m. this morning. rothstein was in the bike lane, swerved to avoid an open car door, and ended up colliding with a truck. >> truck hit her, on the front, rolling on the back -- >> reporter: video shows the truck driving past the point of impact, showing rothstein was not hit by the front of the truck. the video ends before the collision. >> when you're a cyclist, you're having to leave the lane and go into traffic. it's quite dangerous. >> reporter: rothstein was killed a block away from a protected bike lane where riders are separated from drivers. >> it's awful. it's a tragedy. >> reporter: ike says a network of protected bike lanes and
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tickets for drivers who block them would save lives. under pressure from city hall, the san francisco metropolitan transportation agency plans to speed up the timeline of planned bike and pedestrian safety projects. the block where rothstein was killed was scheduled to get a protected bike lane at the end of the year. now work may begin in a matter of months. tonight sfpd says the investigation into this collision is ongoing. investigators are reviewing surveillance video and they say the truck driver in this case remained at the scene and is cooperating with investigators. reporting live in san francisco, jean elle, nbc bay area news. new at 11:00, six months after his death, there are still no real answers or arrests. frankie santos, father of two, stabbed to death outside of his home. tonight what you're seeing, his family was supported by a heartbroken community. nbc bay area's ian cull joins us from the santa clara county sheriff's department with
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details. >> reporter: the family knows investigators can't be on this case every second of every day, but they know that someone out there knows who killed frankie santos jr. it's one reason why the reward money for information tonight is now up to $30,000. >> reporter: a peaceful march with a powerful message. guided by the anguish of a mother who's lost her child. >> i am frankie's voice. and i'm a determined mom that's not going to give up. >> reporter: erika rigo's son frankie santos jr., father of two, was stabbed to death outside his home in san jose on september 2nd. no arrests have been made.
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>> for something like this to happen to him, devastating. >> reporter: the reward for information is $30,000, thanks to a $10,000 donation from a foundation and from frankie's employer. >> we're hoping that this is going to make a big difference and someone's going to call. >> we can't allow a human being to just be stabbed to death while his children and wife are inside the home, six months go by, and nothing. ♪ amazing grace >> reporter: santos' family started a foundation in his name to help the families and children of murder victims. for those holding on to hope for justice. and the picture of that truck is the last real update that we've had in this case. if you know what happened to frankie santos jr., call the sheriff's department here or call crime stoppers. the protests continue in sacramento. tonight a crowd of about 200
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people marched through the neighborhood where stephon clark was shot and killed by police officers last year. they waved signs and demanded justice. this comes after the d.a. released her decision last week not to charge those officers. the officers say they thought clark was holding a gun. it ended up being his cell phone. there have been demonstrations in sacramento. during monday's protest, 84 people were arrested. the d.a. announced she will not file any charges against those protesters. the attorney for actor and santa rosa native jussie smollett is calling the 16-count grand jury indictment against the former "empire" star vindicti vindictive. smollett maintains he's the victim of racial slurs and a noose was placed on his neck. two brothers ultimately told police smollett paid them to carry out that attack. attorney mark geragos said he was not surprised by the indictment but went on to say
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quote what is unexpected is the prosecutorial overkill in charging 16 separate counts against jussie. it's redundant and vindictive. the fate of larry baer is in the hands of san francisco's district attorney. earlier today we broke the news that sfpd wrapped up its investigation into that public altercation between baer and wife pam. a camera caught part of the fight. you see here at a plaza in hayes valley last friday. the tape was sold to tmz and went viral. it shows baer grabbing a cell phone from his wife before she falls to the ground. we have confirmed that both larry and pam baer met with investigators. the d.a.'s office says it's reviewing the case but doesn't have a timeline for deciding whether to file charges. legal experts say it's nearly impossible to predict the d.a.'s decision. >> domestic violence cases are probably the most difficult
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cases that prosecutors face. for the simple reason that your primary witness, the alleged victim, is always, by definition, in a love relationship with the suspect. >> we also spoke with larry baer's attorney who tells us quote if it weren't larry baer it would not even have been referred to the d.a.'s office, if it weren't on tmz it wouldn't have been referred. a strike is unlikely. that is the word from san ramon tonight where teachers say they've reached a tentative agreement with the school district. the teachers have been holding informational meetings throughout the week. this afternoon union negotiators hammered out final details with the district. the deal includes a 4% base salary increase and creates new caps on class size. it also includes increased benefits. teachers will vote on that deal monday. in honor of international woman's day, think purple. in oakland we're talking purple basketball shoes. the special night at the warriors game especially for steph curry and 9-year-old riley
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morrison. >> nbc bay area is at oracle arena where one little girl proved she's got game when it comes to asking for what she wants even from a superstar. sergio? >> reporter: it all started as a letter to steph curry about shoes. now this 9-year-old from napa is on quite the adventure. she was honored center court at oracle for raising her voice for the benefit of fellow female athletes. for most of the game riley morrison and family enthusiastically watched the action on the court from the comfort of their seats. riley wearing her purple united we win shoes. at halftime she joined steph curry at center court for her special moment in the spotlight. riley is a steph curry fan and a basketball player herself, so in november when she noticed that under armour didn't offer a girls' version of curry's shoes she wrote a letter to the two-time nba mvp. this is what she recently told
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nbc bay area sports. >> i thought it was really unfair that they didn't have it on the girls' page. and i wanted to make a change. so it would be on their page. >> reporter: curry decided to work with her to design a shoe for female athletes. riley's letter is framed at the downtown oakland popup store put together for the launch. curry surprised her with a pair. >> i didn't mean to interrupt. i heard you back here talking. how are you doing? great to see you. >> reporter: the shoe was released today to coincide with international woman's day. the inside of the shoe includes some of her drawings. she's being recognized for pointing out that female athletes should be included in the conversation about what to wear on the court. and riley isn't the only young woman who was honored tonight. oakland technical high school senior vivian woo was awarded a $30,000 scholarship from the curry family foundation. reporting live in oakland, sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. >> steph is so genuine when it comes to community activities. >> those shoes are going to go a
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long way to help a lot of people. we're back in 60 seconds with a story that's left neighbors a little uneasy. and wanting mind folds. a man accused of prowling in the nude is out on bail. our exclusive interview with a woman who says he was ringing her doorbell. claims of sexual harassment at the state capitol. and taxpayers are paying for it. how much? just for the lawyers? storm ranger mobile doppler radar shows rainfall developing offshore. i'll give you everything you need to know for the weekend coming up. clothed.
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the man arrested for roaming a san jose well, he is out and hopefully fully clothed. the man arrested for roaming a san jose neighborhood in the buff is out of jail tonight. that is unnerving news for people in the evergreen community where the naked pieper was caught on camera at least twice. nbc bay area's robert handa has the latest on the investigation and the exclusive interview with the neighbors. >> what if he tried to get in?
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>> reporter: the video of a naked man looking around the home in the meadowland community of south san jose tuesday night is disturbing and frightening to the woman who lives there. today the woman whose camera caught it told me about the disturbing visit but asked us not to show her on camera, especially after finding out he's now out on bail. >> it's not a good feeling, you know, to feel unsafe in your home at night. to lose sleep wondering, are they going to come back? >> reporter: the man arrested for criminal trespassing is mark veregae, percussionist with the california symphony since 1987 and connected to other groups including the san francisco ballet orchestra. the alleged victim says she doesn't know him and was upset to find out he was apparently caught on surveillance video outside a neighbor's home last month. she's also learned he was arrested for misdemeanor prowling in 2017 after being recorded prowling while wearing just women's underwear. but we checked records and found out he was convicted only for loitering and put on probation. >> he got away with a slap on the wrist, and that's not okay.
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because look, we have more victims. who knows how many more he has that no one knows about. >> reporter: legal analyst steven clark says the d.a. will be tougher this time. >> it is a violation of personal space, personal property rights. the neighborhood has a right to be very concerned. >> why did he come back? what is the connection? i'd like to know, what is the connection? >> reporter: it could take awhile to find out. given the charge, the d.a.'s office basically has one year to go to court. as you heard, a lot of people in the neighborhood would like to see that happen much faster. in san jose, robert handa, nbc bay area news. a follow-up to a series of stories we've been covering in fremont. police say the public has helped reduce the number of car burglaries. we reported last week break-ins were set to reach an all-time high in fremont. more than 300 break-ins were reported during the first six weeks of this year. fremont pd said the vigilance of
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the public has paid off and those numbers are trending downward. their message is the same, lock and up don't keep your valuables or shopping bags in your car. sexual harassment claims are costing california a lot of cash. nine current and former lawmakers reportedly faced allegations of harassment and misconduct last year, and that cost the state almost $2 million in legal fees. last month the legislature created a new workplace conduct unit to look into the issue. taxpayers say they shouldn't have to pay for lawmakers' misconduct. >> we think that the perpetrators ought to pay for those investigations. and they ought to be held liable. this is an understandable use of taxpayer dollars, but the fact that taxpayers have to even fund investigation for activity that shouldn't be happening in the first place is a tragedy. >> the findings from the workplace conduct unit will be used to recommend any changes if needed for the state legislature. a measles outbreak in the
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bay area has left a lot of parents worried. how many kids are getting immune vagus? our investigative unit has some of the numbers. we looked into several years of data from the california department of public health. it showed that last year 95% of kindergarten students in the bay area received all of their immunizations. in 2016 that number was closer to 90%. that same year a new law got rid of an exemption which allowed parents to skip immunizations for personal reasons. now it's required before entering school. no more overnight rv parking in berkeley. the city says rvs won't be able to park on city trees between 2:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. the city says it will develop a permit system so rvs can park overnight up to two weeks a year in certain areas. the ban takes effect at the end of the month. even if you're not a gamer, there's a good chance you know someone who is. tomorrow night we have a doubleheader. first it's our emmy award winning documentary series "bay
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area revelations" that shares the untold stories of local designers and engineers who helped shape the video game industry. the guinness book of world records named dennis fong the world's first professional gamer. fong, who plays under the alias thresh, never lost a tournament. fong's story made the front page of the "wall street journal." then big companies started calling to hire him. >> so they pay me to show up for three hours, sign autographs, take on all comers, and they pay me 10 grand to show up plus travel and expenses. so it's, i mean -- you know. for someone that's 17 or 18, you know, to get paid 10 grand to show up for a few hours is pretty awesome. >> maybe it is okay to let your kids play video games. "bay area revelations: the evolution of video games" airs tomorrow night at 10:00 p.m. here on nbc bay area. after "saturday night live," catch our esports fight night
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live. watch some of the best e-gamers in california battle it out playing "street fighter 5" after "snl." a late-night thing, probably 1:00 a.m. tomorrow night or sunday morning you'll watch this live, people playing video games. >> all right. >> it's a thing now. >> i know it's a thing. >> it's going to be fun. we'll be up watching. >> you can have a party. >> it's going to be a party. >> millions and millions of people view that each month, if you were to add up the numbers. >> we're all new to it so i'm going to be watching with open eyes here. >> good. >> i've been doing it for years. no. it looks fun. weather, we have changes throughout the weekend. more rainfall coming on back. let's go ahead and get you a look at storm ranger mobile doppler radar. and our cold front which is actually going to bring that rainfall is still offshore. that's where we get the heaviest downpours. we're still several hours out from that happening. let's get you a look at storm ranger mobile doppler radar right now. i have it set up to send out 600
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pulses per second, giving us a good reading here, the lower atmosphere. right now light to moderate rainfall offshore. so what about the timing of this? we'll spend a lot of time in this forecast to get you ready for the weekend. you can see 5:30 a.m., it's not that bad. we have scattered rainfall moving on in. once we hit 8:00 in the morning, that's when the cold front we just pointed out is going to start to hit near the coastline. that's where that rainfall's going to be a lot more uniform. we'll see heavier downpours start up across marin, napa, sonoma counties. by 10:30 a.m. it moves over the peninsula, starts to approach contra costa county. in the afternoon around 2:00, it will get to you down there in san jose, also morgan hill and gilroy. the new change i want to make sure you're aware of is the center of the storm system is going to sit out in the pacific and basically spin up some moisture as we head all the way through sunday. so i don't want you to be mad at me. i want you to be prepared. we are looking at some rainfall chances lingering into your
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sunday forecast. so here's the deal sunday morning at 5:00 a.m. more heavy downpours possible throughout the bay area. we'll keep scattered rain chances into 3:00 in the afternoon on sunday. then eventually by the evening hours we will start to clear out. i know there's a lot of little league opening days happening this weekend. not the best weather for that. head out, have some fun, and hope for the best there with some of that rainfall. rainfall totals with that storm lingering around a little bit longer are up higher. we're under this microclimate weather alert. .5 to .75 inches east bay. .25 to .50 south bay. santa cruz mountains could be 2 inches of wet weather weekend. that rainfall is going to mean snow, squaw valley, alpine meadows. they're ready for you up there. we've got 171 trails open, 37 runs, another 2 to 4 inches of snow expected as we move through this weekend. what about the sunshine? you can see right here on monday
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we get sun coming on back. .25 to .50 inches on tuesday. this is what you've been waiting for. by wednesday, thursday, friday, looks like sunny, dry weather for three days in a row and that could extend into the following saturday and sunday. so just wait for it. it's on the way. our temperatures are going to stay cold. keep your heavier jacket handy. 30s to low 40s for the mornings and 50s for the afternoon. so more rain. we're used to it. find a good movie. head outside. get wet. >> more rain and let sleep. but it's the weekend. >> yeah, we're not complaining. >> we're not complaining at all, thanks. up next, breaking barriers. the costly roadblock to higher ed got knocked down for some students in the south bay. this n
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california hope it )s for the last as you know the clock springs forward this sunday. some people in california hope it's for the last time.
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last november voters gave the legislature permission to either make daylight saving time permanent or just get rid of it. there's a bill at the capitol to make it permanent. before that can happen congress in washington, d.c. also has to pass a new law to allow it. supporters say staying on daylight saving time year round would be healthier for sleep patterns. one bay area school district is encouraging students to take the s.a.t. and they'll pay for it. s.a.t. is needed to get into a good college but most kids in the east side union district can't afford it. to help them the district decided to pay the $63 fee for every junior student. they also paid for freshmen and sophomores to take the psat. today the students took the test on their own campus instead of having to drive to a testing venue on the weekend. >> the price of the exam was unfortunate for us. i know many of my friends, including myself, come from low-income families. >> the san jose district used state funding to pay for those tests.
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next the biggest new star in figure skating is in studio. we'll hear from 13-year-old alisa lieu. happening now, a cliffhanger literally. actor anthony hopkins' mansion is feet away from falling off a deliver. the house managed to make it through the deadly wildfire last year but recent torrential rains, the most severe in 40 years, has been eating away at the cliff on which the home sits.
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playoffs. okay. it is a big-time matchup that we could be seeing in the playoffs. the two best teams in the conference. >> the warriors and the denver nuggets. it happened in oakland tonight. let me show you how it shook down. >> purple shoes! >> we told you earlier in the newscast, steph curry and riley, not a daughter, giving away money for college scholarships. fourth quarter, warriors dominated this game. k.d. with the pink hightops hits the three-ball. then demarcus cousins wanted to get involved. he's going to get the pass from steph curry. he's going to hit it. the best thing, not only hits the three-pointer, but the reaction. he's like, oh my gosh, thank the
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lord, and steve kerr, he's having a good time. warriors beat the nuggets 122-105. she's petite, 13, but she'll be skating alongside olympic medalists. alysa liu from richmond will be making a special appearance with the "stars on ice" tour. she's the youngest skater to win the u.s. national championship and the third woman to land that triple axel in the u.s. nationals. alysa stopped by this morning to talk about the hard work that goes into making it seem effortless, and it's a lot. >> i practice pretty much every day. monday through sunday. on the weekends i normally practice four hours on the ice, an hour or two off the ice. on the weekend it's more subtle, one or two hours. >> she is not a slacker in any way. she'll perform at the s.a.p. center in san jose on may 12th.
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the breakup was a little rough but things have worked out for the better. i'm getting more out of the relationship and my whole family is on board. great interest rates and amazing mobile apps. ♪ a lot of action tonight. the best acapella groups from colleges around the country coming together tonight in
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walnut creek, celebrating bright minds and voices. our morning news anchor marcus washington who has a bright mind and voice joined in. ♪ >> look at marcus. >> so smooth. such a good singer. the proceeds tonight and tomorrow will benefit the diablo regional arts association. >> he really is an amazing singer. >> all right, so much fun. if you go out with him he's singing the whole time. >> at our holiday party he sings and he lights up the room. >> so much fun. wet tomorrow morning? >> rain returning saturday. a chance into sunday too. good n >> jimmy: hey, matt. >> hey, jimmy. >> jimmy: hey, just want to stop and say hello before the show. >> oh, nice. >> jimmy: actually, you know what? i heard a little "friends" trivia the other day that i thought was pretty interesting. >> really? what was it? >> jimmy: well, you would know. so, i don't want--


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