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tv   Today  NBC  March 9, 2019 5:30am-7:01am PST

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. good morning. winterjose. good morning. winter's last gas. more than 30 million people are under the threat of severe weather. this latest storm bringing with us up to a foot of snow in the midwest. flash flooding in the south and even the possibility of more tornados today. we'll have the full forecast. t. under indictmenindictment. a grand jury charges jussie smollett with 16 felony counts for allegedly lying about being the victim of a hate crime. smollett's attorney calling it vindictive and prosecutorial overkill. >> they will do whatever they are going to do and we'll push
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back. >> police claim smollett made it up for money and attention. level playing field? 28 members of the u.s. women's national soccer team raising a red flag this morning claiming they're performing better than the men while getting paid less. the players officially filing a class action lawsuit. >> there is power in numbers. so i was hoping that this day would happen. all that plus serial setback. a big defeat in court, an upcoming hbo documentary teases new discoveries. >> i know there are things that don't look good for me. >> could that ultimately help his case. >>. on the edge. the ground beneath anthony hopkins' home slowly slips away. and busier than ever, a very pregnant meghan markle proving there is no rest for the weary
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as she celebrates international women's day, her growing bump and a lot more with her due date fast approaching. today saturday, march 9, 2019. >> from nbc news, this is "today" with sheinelle jones, peter alexander and dylan dreyer live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> thank you for joining us on this saturday morning. we spring forward tonight, but certainly doesn't feel like spring yet. >> once again on a saturday morning all eyes are on the weather. >> and we'll start with that as our top story. the winter that will not let go. we're expecting another stormy weekend that could bring with it up to a foot of snow, flash flooding and the possibility of more tornadoes. dave price from wnbc here in new york is in for dylan this morning. what is it looking like? >> this is a story line that simply won't go away. let's go to some video. and you can see behind me we are
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looki looking at the scene from baldwin county you c, alabama. the historic flooding and there is more rough weather on the way. heavy snow through the northern plain states, strong wind, hail, thunder and lightning through texas, arkansas, missouri. we have watches and warnings in effect until 11:00 a.m. central time, so eyes are on this area during the first part of the day. in the meantime, once again the severe outlook focuses on the southeast. st. louis down to memphis over to jackson and back to dallas where tornadoes possible once again, strong winds and storms as well. 15 million people at risk. this is now just to the north and west where we thought that the risk was last week. but this is the third weekend in a row that we're looking at this setup. so strong to severe storms,
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heavy brarain, flooding and potentially tornadoes as the system works its way north and east. we'll see a significant amount of rainfall, that is going to roll through the ohio valley. edgily winding up in the northeast and northern new england will actually see snow out of this. but it will be a very sloppy 24 hours as this strong system continues to make its way across the country. >> thank you, dave. jussie smollett is in more trouble after a grand jury indicted him on 16 felony counts including lying to police after he said he was the victim of a racist attack. his attorney climbing that it is prosecutorial overkill. miguel almaguer has the latest. prosecutorial overkill. miguel almaguer has the latest. >> reporter: jussie smollett faces new serious legal trouble, a chicago grand jury indicting the actor on 16 felony counts saying he lied to police in two separate interviews about being
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the victim of a hate crime. smollett's attorney just learning the news. >> they have their ability to do whatever they're going to do and we will push back against it. >> reporter: the 36 page indictment includes 16 felonies for lying to police. he told them that he was beaten on this chicago street corner by two men who yelled out this is maga country, poured a chemical on him and left a noose around his neck. >> who the [ bleep ] would make something like this up. >> bogus police reports cause real harm. >> reporter: chicago's top cop says the actor orchestrated the opportunity for publicity, investigators say he hired two mention seen here to stage the attack. the brother face no criminal charges. in cookcounty, most are often resolved if a reduced sentence, but he could also face federal charges because he mailed himself a death threat.
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if convicted, smollett could face up to three years for each criminal count. the actor who police say desperately craved attention now getting it for all the wrong reasons. miguel almaguer, nbc news. to politics now and president trump who is spending the weekend away from the white house, but before he left washington friday, he took on his former attorney michael cohen challenging cohen's testimony in front of congress that he never asked for a pardon. the president saying that cohen was lying again. nbc's white house correspondent kelly o'donnell is in west palm beach this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning peter. the president is switching back into campaign mode while he is here in florida. and it comes at a time when he has a major new vacancy in his senior staff and a running feud with his former lawyer is taking a new turn. escaping washington winter, the president and his family are back in florida. though he left plenty of heat at
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the white house. stoking his public battle with former lawyer, fixer, and convicted felon michael cohen. >> michael cohen lied about the pardon. it was a stone cold lie. >> reporter: the president making a new claim on twitter friday referring to cohen as a fraudster. he directly asked me for a pardon. i said no. cohen fired back. just another set of lies. but cohen has his own credibility conflict, telling congress -- >> i have never asked for nor would i accept a pardon from president trump. >> reporter: however cohen's lawyer says that his legal team had made the request. >> his lawyer said that they went to my lawyers and asked for pardons. >> reporter: but no direct answer on whether he said consider a pardon for his former campaign chairman, paul manafort, who was convicted on bank and tax fraud charges. >> i feel very badly for paul manafort. i think it has been a very, very tough time for him. >> reporter: sympathy aside, the
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president made a false claim about what the judge in manafort's case said. >> the judge said there was no collusion with russia. this had nothing to do with collusion. there was no collusion. >> reporter: but judge ts ellis had only made clear manafort was not charged with any russia election conspiracy. he did not offer an opinion about collusion. in the west wing, more turnover as the fifth communications director resigned. bill shine will take a position with the president's re-election campaign. making a solemn stop in alabama. the president and first lady toured damage from sunday's deadly tornado. >> i saw this, hard to believe actually. >> reporter: and paid their respects to victims and survivors. and while he is here in florida, the president hosted one fundraiser last night, another coming up tomorrow. he will speak at that
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fundraiser. it is for both the republican national committee and his own re-election campaign. but because it will be held on the grounds of mar-a-lago, his estate, there will be no press coverage so we won't know exactly what he has to say. >> kelly, thank you. >> let's bring in john harwood. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> john, so i want to start with the jobs report that we got, the number was just 20,000 new jobs created last month, the projection was that it would be closer to 180,000. that is what wall street was expecting. sort of a mixed report because unemployment dipped done to 3.8%. but wage growth was up. so there were good notes in there too. what does it mean foris, wh us, does it mean for the president? >> a single month's job report doesn't necessarily signal exactly what is going on in the economy. these are often revised later. you have to average amount over time and we still have pretty strong job 2k3w4r0e9d given the
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fact that this recovery is 10 years old. however it is clear that the economy is slowing down. we saw that through the course of 2018 when they had a 4.2% quarter in the second quarter, then it went down to 3.4 in the third, 2.6 in the fourth, and the federal reserve expects 2.3% growth in 2019 and lower after that. remember, the trump administration had promised consistent 3% growth, they are falling short of that. and the question for the president is how does he reconcile that, sell that during his re-election campaign. >> and let's shift gears and talk about communications director bill shine now out at the white house, the administration saying that he will move over to the re-election campaign. if we take a step back, what happened here and frankly who is in charge of the messaging now? >> donald trump is in charge of the messaging. you showed the pictures of those various communications directors. the issue is not the president's staff. the issue is the president, his behavior, what he does, his
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policies. and you know, bill shine became the fall guy for the continued bad press that has gone unchanged throughout the entire range of white house staff. you also had that "new yorker" article earlier in the week that highlighted the very close connection between this white house and fox news. and i think that was to some degree embarrassing for fox news and embarrassing for the white house as well. >> let's turn to paul manafort. he was sentenced yesterday to 47 months. federal guidelines give a range generally of 19 to 24 years. this is for tax and bank fraud. there is a new trial for which he will be sentenced that will take place a little later this week, the judge in that one, she is overseeing the roger stone case, knows a little bit more about the robert mueller investigation. what should we expect to take place during that sentencing this week?
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>> well, amy berman jackson has a much different attitude toward t s the special counsel than judge ellis did. so 47 months was way below the sentencing guidelines. amy berman jackson can give ten years to paul manafort. the question is whether that is consecutive or whether it overlaps with the sentence that paul manafort has already got. remember, this is a 69-year-old man, he will do a considerable amount of time in jail in any case. but you can expect less of a deviation i think from judge jackson than you got from judge ellis. >> all right. john harwood, thank you for your time. a setback this morning in the murder case made famous by the serial podcast. maryland's highest court issuing a ruling friday that he should not get a new trial. it comes as a new hbo documentary is set to air this weekend promising new discoveries in this case. molly hunter has more on all of it. >> good morning.
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now, as millions listened to his story, he always maintained his innocence. he has been in jail for nearly two decades and always hoped for another day in court. and second chance denied. friday maryland's highest court rejected his bid for a new tria reversing the lower court that ruled in his favor. the subject of the popular podcast serial. >> one story told week by one. >> his lawyer saying we will not give up. his argument for a new trial was two pronged. first, that his trial lawyer was deficient, but second, he had to prove that the deficiency which in part was failing to investigate the story of an alibi witness actually hurt his case. >> the court concluded that his defense attorney at trial was deficient but then the court turned around and concluded that he didn't suffer prejudice because there was adequate evidence to support his
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conviction. >> reporter: so his murder conviction and his life sentence remain. >> he can ask the court to reconsider its opinion, which will likely not be successful, and then he can ask the united states supreme court to review his case. >> reporter: it was an obscure murder mystery that went viral five years ago. >> someone is lying and i wanted to figure out who. >> reporter: a journalist dug into the 1999 miles per hour of the popular bright high school senior. she was found strangled in a shallow grave in baltimore. >> as for physical evidence, there was none. >> reporter: and the accused, her ex-boyfriend, an honor student and homecomin gking. but now as he loses in court again, a new hbment on documentary premiering sunday promises they ever before seen details and a whole new investigation. >> serial is what brought new evidence to the case. but serial is not going to
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exonerate him. >> and everyone interested in this case will be watching that hbo series to see if any new evidence comes to light. his lawyer says they are exploring steps, but appeals move at a glacial case. so there really aren't that many options. >> just amazing how many cases we're learning about through these documentaries. >> you're right. >> thanks very much. more than two dozen members of the uts soccer team are speaking out saying that enough is enough. they just filed a gender discrimination lawsuit against anywhere own soccer federation arguing that the men's team gets more money while not doing nearly as well on the field. kathy park is here with more on that story. >> from world championships, olympic gold medals, u.s. women's soccer team built a reputation on winning. but the players say their treatment doesn't match their achievement. and it is time to even the playing field. this morning the u.s. women's soccer team is making moves off
5:46 am
the field with a gender discrimination lawsuit against their employer, the uts soc u.s federation. the goal, changing working conditions and players getting paid. >> you're seeing the women saying listen, we are your most valuable product and you are not treating us as such. >> reporter: the women's time has excelled time and time again. four olympic gold medals and three world championships. the lawsuit filed friday on international women's day alleges the u.s. soccer federation has utterly failed to promote gender equality. the world cup is used as an example. the men lost in the 2014 quarter finals and earned $5.3 million bonuses. but in 2015, the women got less than $2 million for winning. >> the pay disparity between the men and women is just too large. >> they do the same jobs, and when they have achievements, you need to recognize that and you
5:47 am
need to recognize that equitably. >> reporter: carly employed, alex morgan and megan are a pea toe are the team's star athlete. and among the 28 players named in the class act lawsuit.pea toe are the team's star athlete. and among the 28 players named in the class act lawsuit. hope so he loi filo filed her o complaint last year. >> it's been a lonely road. >> reporter: today she's no longer going solo. >> there is power in numbers. so i was hoping that this day would happen where the current national team players would finally overcome their own fear and the intimidation that u.s. soccer placed upon the current national team players. >> reporter: no comment from u.s. soccer as the players kick off this legal battle. >> speaking of which, talk about what the players are looking for. >> the players are seeking back pay and damages. so that could climb into the millions of dollars. and class action lawsuit means former players can also join the
5:48 am
lawsuit as well. >> and these women already sparked revelation. thanks. dave is back. >> and out west rain and mountain snow, that is what we'll be dealing with in the sierra nevada and the cascades. just about a foot, foot and a half of snow rolling through. and maybe an inch or a little more than that in northern and central california. meanwhile heavy snow could see upwards of a foot of that or so as you head through sections of minnesota. severe weather rolls through the southeast once again. and brace yourselves in the northeast, northern new england, more rain, more snow as you wrap up the weekend. that and we're watching some showers move back into the weather. some rain on approach as you can see offshore. this is why it will be quite cool with a chance of rain showers at times and even some snow. down to 3,500 feet to 4,000 feet
5:49 am
out by mount hamilton, highs in the low 50s. more showers for sunday and then we trend drier approaching monday and then a warmer and drier stretch midweek. and that is a quick look at your weather at 18 past the hour. >> thank you very much. still to come, what else did r. kelly say during that explosive interview with gayle king. some new clips just released. plus the video that went viral thanks to some impressive dance moves. that and more in our "weekly download." >> like dave price. ♪
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we're in memphis, tennessee, a city with one of the highest increases of women-owned businesses in the u.s. it's really this constant juxtaposition when you're a mom and an entrepreneur. with more businesses starting every day, how do they plan for their financial wellness? i am very mindful of the sacrifices that i make. so i have to manage my time wisely. plan your financial life with prudential. bring your challenges.
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we are back now on a saturday morning with the "weekly download." our look back at the week that was. >> headlines were dominated by president trump's former campaign chairman being sentenced to 47 months behind bars, but that was just one of the major stories we covered
5:52 am
which included the devastation for one alabama town from a deadly tornado. >> a massive tornado tore through alabama, bringing death and destruction. >> it feels not real. it really does. >> the damage stretching for miles, the recovery expected to take months. actor luke perry famous for his starring roll on beverly hills 90210 passed away days after suffering a massive stroke. >> his leading role made him an instant pop culture icon and teen sensation. >> i just don't believe in winning through in-ttimidatioin. >> and his role on riverdale introduced him to a new generation of fans. this is "jeopardy." >> a devastating announcement from long time jen "jeopardy"
5:53 am
host alex trebek. >> i was diagnosed with p pancreatic cancer. so help me keep the faith and we'll win. >>. a startling revelation from senator mash thatrtha mcsam lll. >> i'm a sexual assault survivor. i was ashamed and confused. i thought i was strong but felt powerless. the perpetrators abuse their position of power in profound ways. >> mcsally revealing that she was raped by a superior officer while serving in the air force. elsewhere on capitol hill, a teenager whose mother kept him from getting vaccinated as a child spoke out in favor of vaccines. >> my mother would turn to anti-vaccine groups lionline an social media looking for her evidence rather than health officials. >> when he turned 18, he did his own research and getting
5:54 am
vaccinated. >> her love, affection and care as a parent was used to p an agenda to create a false distress. and these sources which spread misinformation should be the primary concern of the american people. some of the week's wildest moments caught on camera. a driver took philadelphia police on a chase the wrong way down a busy highway, slamming into an oncoming car. luckily no one was seriously hurt. a series of avalanches cascaded down on to colorado highways this week, amazingly no one was killed. and a different snow scene in canada where this moose got stum on top of stub stuck on top of a carport. and viral dance got them saying wow. ♪ look at our faces. i watched that video at least 50
5:55 am
times. it was in my feed on instragram. and i'm like this guy is the real deal. >> here is the thing. in your head when you're dancing, you feel like you look like that, but that is not what you normally look like. best example is dave price, not too many weeks back, he was breaking it down with the carlt carlton, which is sort of what we actually look like. >> that is going to haunt me now for the rest of my life. >> can we just -- one more time. can we see it one more time? >> no. >> there it goes. >> i'm going to go to that class now in florida. going to sign up. >> we just had to do that. still to come, with daylight saving time just hours away, why? lawmakers say we should never have to change our clocks again. and plus celebrating international women's day. will she ease up on her
5:56 am
schedule? >> and the new social media challenge comparing high school you to you now. but first these messages. take a walnut creek jur . good saturday morning. we are taking a live look outside over walnut creek as we are under a microclimate weather alert. thanks so much for joining us.
5:57 am
>> and rain. again. >> why am i surprised? >> we got some partly cloudy skies in san jose but some showers approaching from the west and you'll see a few more of that around the north bay right now. a lot of the activity is still offshore. i know there's a lot of little league plans out jurdoors this morning. totals generally maybe close to half inch in some of the wetter locations around the bay area. that's the reason we have our microclimate weather alert. it's going to be chilly and with that, a chance of snow today. and the higher hills of the bay area. that's what happens, you get these highs in the low 50s. chilly and blustery to start the weekend and coming up at 7:00 we'll let you know about finally a drying trend showing up in the 7-day forecast. >> finally. all right. we'll see you at 7:00 for that. >> now to frustration and anger
5:58 am
boiling over in san francisco after a bicyclist was killed. 30-year-old tess rothstein was hit during the morning commute yesterday just a block away from a protected bike line where bikes and moving cars are separated. dozens of cycle with people protected stood in the street during the evening commute last night using their bodies to separate cars from bikes. >> it's unfair, it's wrong that our lives should be threatened because we're choosing to travel this way. >> witnesses say rothstein was in the bike line and swerved to miss an opened car door and hit the truck. she is not by the front of the truck. the video ends before the collision occurs. she was pronounced dead at the scene. under pressure from city leaders the transportation agency plans
5:59 am
to speed up the implementation of planned bike and pedestrian safety projects. protected cycling on howard were scheduled to begin in a year. now it may begin in a matter of months. tonight be sure to join us for a video game double header event. first our series sakitaking a l at how the bay area played a major role in the industry and watch the best e gamers battle it out in an intense competition of tweet fighter five. we'll give you a preview of the action tonight. we hope to see you at 7:00.
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we're back on this saturday morning. a little chilly outside, but that is not is stopping these guys. this is a live look at soccer hosted by the new york city football club. by the end of the afternoon, it will be packed. >> the act going on is forfor 2 hours, all of this leading up to the nyc football club's home opener tomorrow at yankee stadium. >> going to be big. let's begin this half hour with a check of your headlines. a major winter storm is moving over the central and eastern parts of the country today bringing everything from snow to rain to possible tornadoes. this is the fourth weekend in a
6:01 am
row with severe winter weather in the east. and the third in a row for the south including baldwin county, alabama where floodwaters have forced people out of their homes. jussie smollett's attorney is speaking out calling the 16 felony counts against his client vindictive and overkill. on friday a chicago grand jury charged the "empire" actor with falsely reporting a hate crime to police. smollett insists that he was beaten by two men in a racist and homophobic attack. police say he hired his attackers as a publicity stunt. if convicted, smollett could face up to 48 years behind bars. and anthony hopkins' home is dangling above a cliff. a series of rainstorms are eroding the ground underneath his malibu mansion. the house survived last fall's wildfires. the home next door, not so lucky. but now with nothing to hold the soil, hopkins' house is just a few feet from falling into the
6:02 am
sea. also this morning, while r. kelly remains behind bars for his failure to pay $1 6$160,000 child support, better getting a new look at what else he interv. morgan chesky has more. >> r. kelly facing serious charges of sexual abuse. and while we probably saw the most explosive clips from that interview, but cbs has now released even more as kelly defends himself. singer r. kelly behind bars this morning jailed for not paying child support. $161,000 worth. >> i'm being told by his team that they are raising the money and hopefully he will be out. >> reporter: the past two weeks forever changing a more than two decade long music career. on february 22, police arrested robert kelly charging him with 10 counts of sexual abuse
6:03 am
involving four women, three of them younger than 17. this week kelly sat down with gayle king to address the accusations. >> believe me, man, this is not me. they where lare lying on me. i'm cool, bro. i'm good. i'm not afraid because i'm telling the truth. i'm not afraid because i'm telling the truth. >> reporter: his alleged victim speaking their own truth. >> r. kelly is what the world knows. rob bheert is what everyone witnessed when he got out of control. >> reporter: but his two live-in girlfriends standing by his side. wrought brought to tears as they blamed her own parents. >> this is someone's life that you guys are jeopardizing. >> the dude is a monster. the things he do to these young ladies is not human. >> reporter: in 2008, the singer
6:04 am
was acquited on child pornography charges. and kelly says this time in court will end no differently as he denies all accusations brought against him. >> people are going back to my past and trying to add all of this stuff now to that. to make all this stuff that is going on now feels real to people. >> but the past is relevant with underage girls. absolutely no it is not. >> reporter: there is no word yet on when kelly will be able to pay the rest of the child support he does owe. he will be back in court on march 22 on those sexual abuse charges. >> mar began, thaorgan, thank y. time for another check of the weather from dave. >> today's weather is brought to you by marvel studios captain marvel. discover what makes her a hero. in theaters now. let's bring up the maps. it is snow as we head to the northern plain states.
6:05 am
once again we are talking about upwards of a foot of snow rolling through sections of the dakotas and into minnesota as well. 16 million people impacted and winter storm warnings and advisories posted across a large swathe of the northern plain states through the upper midwest in fact through wisconsin too. now, we will see a storm system begin to roll on through and that will bring heavy rains to sections of the midwest through the ohio valley. heavy snow for the northern plains as we mentioned, through the upper midwest and gusty winds. as we roll through into sunday, we're looking at snow for sections of new england and gusty winds will continue to roll through the northeast. a combination of rain and snow as you head through the 95 corridor. so how much snow are we going to get? while minnesota gets walloped once again, so do the dakotas pushing east toward marquette and green bay into the northern u.p. of michigan. and as we head to the northeast, look at that, once again we could see in some locations
6:06 am
upwards of half a foot or here locally. you'll notice with today's highs only in the low 350s and right now some showers moving into the south bay. some rain moving in and more offshore. plan on some rain and mostly cloudy conditions off and on today. chilly temperatures and look at that. mount hamilton just after 6:00 may begin to see some snow showers. cold enough for snow near 3,500 feet. a few more showers on sunday. a weak system tuesday and drier weather midweek. 7:36 right now. and that is your look at the weather. >> thank you, dave. still to come, brie larson making history and dominating the box office in car continue m captain marvel. captain marvel. woman: mikaela was really behind.
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this morning in your health, recent celebrity deaths and i will illnesses have put serious issues at the forefront. >> whoopi goldberg almost died to pneumonia and luke perry's death from a stroke, and alex trebek announcing that he has stage four pancreatic cancer. dr. john torres is here to help us go through some of the warning signs of these serious diseases. it was one of those weeks where we thought gosh, what is going on. >> a lot happened. >> so let's start with whoopi goldberg. she talked about the fact that she almost died. what happened and how can that happen? >> she ended up having pneumonia which turned in to sepsis. pneumonia is the biggest reason for hospital admissions and biggest cause of sepsis which can turn into septic shock. if you think about it, pneumonia is one of those things that is an infection of the lungs itself. if that infection goes outside
6:11 am
the lungs into the bloodstream, it can lead to sepsis. typically it starts off with persistent fevers, a do have th cough that won't go away and then chest pain as well. so the biggest causehave cough that won't go away and then chest pain as well. so the biggest cause are other types of infections especially the flu and that is why i always advise for the flu shot. >> and a lot of people this week were stunned to hear about the passing of luke perry. he was just 52, he had suffered a stroke. how common is that and what are the warning signs? >> it is actually more common than people think. around 800,000 people get strokes every year and a third of those are under 65, 10% under age of 45. so 80,000 people under the age of 45 get strokes. the risk factors for strokes are high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, diabetes, smoking. so you want to get it under
6:12 am
control or stop the things that you can stop like smoking. >> and he had a massive sfroek. is there anything that would separate whether you have almost like a pre-stroke or warning signs versus all the way to the other end of the spectrum? >> the important thing is to know the warning signs for stroke. we have a saying that time is brain. the longer you wait the more been tissue that you lose. f stands for face which ask the people to smile. if one side starts to droop, that is a warning sign. arms, raise bort ath arms up. and s is speech. if it is slurred or if they are confused, ten the t comes in which means call 911, that is the time. and write down the time that symptoms start because that helps doctors. >> and alex take derebetrebek, pancreatic cancer. this was stunning. give us the breakdown on the number. that is a definite investigation
6:13 am
sta devastating illness. >> and stage one and two means that it is staying inside the pancreas. respect i stage three, harder to street. and stage four means that it has gone to other parts of the body. the problem with pancreatic symptoms, by the time the symptoms come in, which are very vague, then it is already spread to other parts of the body. >> and we brought dave. and i didn't know your brother was diagnosed a couple years ago with pack krn xree atticreatic . how important is that sense of hope with the stats as scary as they where? >> when you get that diagnosis, as you know, it is so dark. and it is so terrifying. but my brother's why who is just an angel on earth, dr. ocean, said to us -- he pointed at my brother and she said the only statistic that matters is your.
6:14 am
and there is reason to hope. and that is what we do. with precision medicine now, novel therapies, genetic research and the pre-screening, the possibility of finding early detection at some point, you've got to have hope. so to alex trebek, he has to have hope. to the other 50,000 plus people who are going to be diagnosed this year, you've got to have hope. and to my remarkable brother, i can tell you he has -- he has great hope. >> and that is the biggest thing people can do, have hope and fight the fight. >> and we're talking about it. and raising awareness. hope we get those research dollars. we talk so much about breast cancer and heart health, this is another one that you have to look at. >> you have to get screened, you have to understand the symptoms and the role of genetics. and you've got to fight. >> something to think about this morning. thank you guys. presenting downtherecare with cottonelle. downthere-
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my car insurance so i only pay for what i need. oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no... only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ a reminder tomorrow marks the beginning of daylight saving time so you have to set your clocks ahead an hour before you go to bed tonight. >> tell that to the kids. it is an extra hour of sunlight at night, but it comes at a cost, losing that precious hour of sleep. and now some lawmakers including marco rubio have introduced a new will bill to make this chan permanent, meaning that you
6:18 am
would never change your clocks ever again. >> and kerry sanders has more on that. >> reporter: overnight tonight, it could potentially be the last time many of us will have to worry about that twice yearly time change. a group of lawmakers are proposing the sunshine protection act which would end the changing of the clocks once and for all. >> our goal is we spring forward this weekend, we're not going to have to fall back in the fall if we get our bill passed in the law. >> reporter: the idea, that extra sunlight in the evening could improve public health, allowing floor time for outdoor activities, reduce robberies and benefit the economy and tourism. one argument for keeping the clocks ahead, road safety. more daylight commuting hours means accide means less accidents. >> i think it is more fun to have a longer day. >> i'm in the looking forward to losing hour sleep. >> reporter: why do we change the clocks? the germans first used daylight
6:19 am
saving time in 1916 as a way of saving coal during world war i. the uts started two years later as a way of saving electricity. not everyone thinks it is time for permanent change though. in the winter it could mean very dark mornings. >> many cities will have sunrise at 8:30, many others will have sunrise at 9:00. and some places in the country will have sunrises as late as 9:30 or later. >> reporter: in the 1970s during the energy crisis, the u.s. tried extending daylight saving time as an emergency measure. it was so unpopular with many children heading to school in total darkness in the winter that it was soon scrapped. so will we give it another try? only time will tell. for "today," da"," kerry sander news. still to come, the actor expected to fill will smith's expected to fill will smith's [phone ringing]
6:20 am
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6:22 am
peter's favorite sign. still to come, meghan markle can't seem to slow down despite her approaching due date. plus why the fitss started flying between a pair of nascar drivers. >> but first these messages. >> and back to that sign. i can't believe it.
6:23 am
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good saturday morning. it is 6:26. it looks beautiful over the golden gate bridge. gloomy but that international
6:27 am
orange makes every morning brighter doesn't it? i'm kira klapper and rob mayeda is here with a look at our forecast. >> we're looking at some more rain moving back into the bay area. a shoe showers across the santa cruz mountains. you can see rain spilling into si kn the area. and look very closely east of san jose, you might be able to see some snow near the top of mount hamilton. highs in the 50s. just a chilly, winter like day, not what you'd expect for march. as we head towards tomorrow, a few more hoshowers. the 7-day forecast does trend drier and actually warmer. something to look for ward to for the second half this weekend. this weekend not so much. >> so weird to see those sunshines there. >> we'll see you at 7:00, rob. thanks. people in san francisco
6:28 am
demonstrating during the evening commute last night to defend the life of a bicyclist killed during the morning commute. tess rothstein was killed with a collision with a truck during yesterday's morning commute. she was just one block away from a protected bike lane where bikes and moving cars are separated. dozens of cyclists with people protected stood in the street during the evening commute using their bodies to separate cars and bikes. >> it's unfair, it's wrong that our lives should be threatened because we're choosing to travel this way. >> witnesses say rothstein was in the bike lane and swerved to avoid an open car door and ended up in a collision with that truck. video shows the truck driving past the point of impact. the 30-year-old was pronounced dead at the scene. protected bike lanes on howard between 4th and 6th were scheduled to be installed at the end of the year. the sfmta plans to speed up the
6:29 am
implementation of those safety projects. tonight is a big night on nbc bay area. be sure to join us for a video game double header event. first our award winning series bay area revelations takes a look at how the bay area played a revolution in the video game industry and stay tuned to watch some of the best e gamers battle it out in an intense competition of street fighter v. we'll give you a preview. we'll have that plus all your top stories and weather coming up at 7:00. back to the "today" show.
6:30 am
good morning. winter's last gasp? another weekend, another major storm set to impact more than 30 million people. up to a foot of snow expected in the midwest while the south could get hit with flash flooding and both areas are facing the severe threat of tornados. we'll have the full forecast. under indictment. jussie smollett facing 16 felony charges this morning. smollett's attorney calling the indictment vindictive and property couturial overkill. >> they have their ability to do whatever they are going to do and we'll push back. >> as police claim smollett did it all for attention. and the power of pregnancy.
6:31 am
meghan markle not showing any signs of slowing down with just over a month to go before the new baby is due. markle keeping a packed schedule as she celebrates international women's day and her growing bump today saturday, march 9, 2019. ♪ >> class of 2019. >> happy birthday. >> from knoxville, tennessee. >> girls weekend in new york. >> hello from ohio. >> i'm 60 today. >> with my grandparents at the "today" show. >> that is 23450is nice. a trip she will always remember. >> you get your one moment to have that -- whatever you want to say on national tv. thank you for waking up with
6:32 am
us on this saturday morning. once again we're waking up where weather is the big story of the morning. >> and across a lot of the country today, we have a lot to get to, but let's begin with that, today's news is this winter weather that will not quit. more snow, flash flooding, even tornadoes possible in the midwest and in the south as well. dave price is back now following the latest round of another major winter storm. >> sloppy and dangerous. let's take a look at this video from baldwin, alabama. suffering through its longest flood season in five years. some are saying it is the worst they have seen. third time this year residents have been forced to leave their homes, returning in boats, cars submerged, houses gone. a tough situation continues for sections of the southeast. we'll talk about that. mo are more in a moment. but in the meantime, it is our active weather in sections of texas and oak what this morning where we're already seeing wind gusts upwards of 60 miles an hour. we'll continue to watch through little rock into sections of
6:33 am
missouri and arkansas and as we head through this area, watch for severe thunderstorms, watches and warnings already posted through late morning this morning. that is our first area of concern. secondary, back to alabama, stretching as far back as texas up through missouri, into kentucky, and tennessee, 15 million people at risk, storms with damaging winds, the potential once again for tornados. so stay aware. this area just a little bit to the north and west of where we saw that targeted area last weekend. third weekend in a row though where we're watching the threat of severe weather in the southeast. so as we look now at the midwest through the ohio valley, heavy rain with a flooding risk. strong to severe storms all of that pushing eastward bringing again rain stretching through a good bit of the country. and a significant amount. we're talking about upwards of 3 inches through the ohio valley. wouldn't be surprised to see watches and warnings for flooding posted in these areas
6:34 am
over the next 6 to 12 hours or so. we'll keep an eye on it. all of this rolls to the northeast where we see snow in northern new england and rain through the 95 corridor mixed with freezing plea sip recip. and now a look at what is going on right where you -- actually, we'll send it back to you at the anchor desk. full weather in a couple minutes. jussie smollett is in more trouble after a grand jury indicted him on 16 felony counts including lying to police after he said that he was the victim of aracist attack. his attorney claiming it was prosecutorial overkill. miguel almaguer has the latest.
6:35 am
all right t >> reporter: the indictment includes 16 felonies for lying to police. he told them that he was beaten on this chicago street corner by two men who yelled out this is maga country. poured a chemical on him and left a noose around his neck. >> who the [ bleep ] would make this up. >> bogus police reports cause real harm. >> reporter: chicago police say the actor orchestrated it for publicity. he hired two men to stage the attack. the brothers face no criminal charges. in cook county, most criminal cases don't go to trial. often resolved in a plea deal for a reduced sentence. but smollett could also face federal charges after police say he mailed himself a death threat. if quiskconvicted, smollett cou face up to three years for each
6:36 am
criminal count. the actor who police say desperately craved attention now getting it for all the wrong reasons. miguel almaguer, nbc news sfloop family and friends will gather to honor the lives of four more victims of the alabama tornados. the president and first lady got a firsthand look of the definite investigation station. he autographed bibles in bow recar.definiteinvestigation sta. he autographed bibles in bow recar. b rebow reguard. >> and fans are remembering january michael vincent, the star of air democratic wowolf a away. he played opposite charles bronson and burt reynolds. troubles with drugs and alcohol sidelined his career. the actor died of cardiac arrest february 10th. he was 73. and things where heating up on the nascar track, but it is
6:37 am
the drivers not the cars that are boiling over. and angry daniel swouarez went looking for michael mcdo ywedow. in the end the good news is that the two fellows had chance to chat it out. >> they hugged it out? at least a hand shake. let's good get a check of t rest of the forecast with dave. he is out on the plaza. >> a gorgeous day right here at 30 rock. happy 13th birthday. we have friends from all over the country. 29 years of wedded bliss. you are just trying to be on camera. it is not your 70th birthday. >> it. >> i'm going to give you 50. redid the sign. . >> i'm going to give you 50. redid the sign.i. >> i'm going to give you 50. redid the sign.s. >> i'm going to give you 50. redid the sign. looks like rain rolling through california, central california to northern california.
6:38 am
we are looking at snow in the mountains. rough weather through the upper midwest and morning plain states. heavy snows through areas of minnesota. you could see a foot. strong storms rolling through everywhere from texas into arkansas, into oklahoma, into missouri. that threat of severe weather extends to the southeast where we could be looking at more tornadoes through the afternoon. we'll continue to keep an eye on that area. and in the northeast, you are going to inherit some rain as we head saturday night into sunday rolling in from the ohio valley where you could see a good dose of 1 to 3 inches. that is a quick look at the national maps. the increase near san jose. rain approaching san francisco. this is the way the weekend unfortunately is shaping up for outdoor plans. rain at times picking up around lunchtime. we'll see a few breaks but scattered showers and cool
6:39 am
temperatures heading into the afternoon today. highs only in the low 50s. we should see generally less in the way of showers but keep the umbrella on stand by. a break monday and a longer break starting midweek. that is a quick look at the weather picture. you must be the original barbie. you're gonlg yurgeous. and look at this, 133 years old, combined age. very clever to get on tv. all right, folks, back inside to you. >> it worked. dave, thank you. also this morning, duchess of sussex meghan markle is showing no signs of slowing down. >> friday she spoke at a conference if international women's day and she has a lot more planned ahead. sar wra f sarah harman has more. >> reporter: good morning. generally whenever meghan appears in public it is a highly
6:40 am
core i don i don't choreographed affair. but this week she was unscripted about pregnancy, women's day and even her own social media habits. with her due date fast approaching, meghan markle isn't slowing down. sending a message of empowerment on international women's day. >> the women in my life that i want to celebrate, i will continue to send some love to today. but also the men, you know, who are championing all of us. and then i'll put my feet up. because that is a deserved treat especially at this stage of pregnancy. >> reporter: so far there hasn't been much rest for the royal. this week her packed schedule included a surprise treat for on lookers as she joined husband harry on stage at a youth event. sister-in-law kate typically took a break from public life about a month before the prirtb of her children.
6:41 am
it is unclear if meghan will follow suit. >> i think she is keen to keep working. she is due end of april, beginning of may. i suspect that we'll see her carrying on until mid april. >> reporter: but even as meghan continues champion causes close to her heart, the duchess has found herself under attack, the target of vicious online trolls, prompting the palace to issue new giuidelines for social medi and threatening to report abuses to the police. the duschechess got rid of her accounts ahead of her marriage. >> you never look at twitter? >> no, that is sis my personal preference. >> reporter: and the 92-year-old queen made history this week with her first ever post to instragram. as she and the entire royal family a wait the arrival of their newest member.
6:42 am
and meghan and harry are moving out of kensington palace in search of more space. but as you can imagine, the details of that move much like meghan's exact due date are being kept top secret. >> sarah harman, thank you. >> need to stretch our legs a little bit. and still to come, we'll have some fun with the latest challenge to hit social media as people compare themselves in high school to now. that is after these messages. if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis, every day can begin with flakes. it's a reminder of your struggles with psoriasis. but what if your psoriasis symptoms didn't follow you around? that's why there's ilumya. with just 2 doses, a majority of people were clear or almost clear. and over time, even more people were clear or almost clear.
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♪ ♪ everyone wants to be (cthe cadbury bunny because only he brings delicious cadbury creme eggs. while others may keep trying, nobunny knows easter better than cadbury!® we're back on a saturday morning with the latest smoed
6:46 am
ch social media challenge that is going viral. >> this one acts people to reflect back to high school. dave has more. >> i think we'll have none with this one. this is the hashtag that kicked off the conversation. it isless v high school versus . people lamenting about how life has changed. not only are the comments representable, but they do a really great job in pointing out how old we're getting. case in point, high school me. where's the party? adult me, how can i get out of this party. >> that is funny. >> right? high school me, i'm going to do what i want when i'm older. adult me, goes to bed at 8:00. high school me, 7 slices of pizza, i lost two pounds. adult me, two slices of pizza, i gained 128 pounds. high school me, jeff, close the cupboa
6:47 am
cupboards. adult me, wife, jeff, close the cupboards. >> that's a good one. >> let's go back and visit some of us in high school. >> you're a cutie. >> wow. >> there is a little crockett and tubs there on the right. my miami vice look. oakland, california 1993 right there. i thought i was brandon walsh. it was all 90210. >> love that. >> and let's talk about that hair height. how high was that exactly? hold on. now, sheinelle, here we go. you went all benjamin button. i don't even -- who is this? >> i thought i was doing something with the flip. so on the right, high school me wanted to be a news anchor. the adult me actually is one. on the left, high school me wanted to play guitar. i had never played a guitar, just decided that it would be cool for a senior photo. adult me still can't play the guitar. so there you go.
6:48 am
>> first of all, on the right high school me, that is my principal in elementary school and on the left ol plan mil ola work. if you want too talk about what cool was, that was high school me. high school me was saying i hope you can't tell this is a hair piece. and adult me is saying i hope you can't tell this iss is a ha piece. >> that was a good size bowl on your head. >> that was a cup of soup. believe me, you gayou guys haved very well. >> thank you. you didn't waon't want for peak soon. "pop start"."." brie larson in captain are marvel, it is living up to its name soaring to $62 million in the box office friday night. with an expected $160 million by
6:49 am
the end of this weekend. larsen opened up before her life before stardom with willie. >> i was super shy as a kid. i barely talked. i'm so grateful that i found acting as a young age and that the 6-year-old has been guiding me my whole life because i think having that time when i was younger where i was literally given a script to be like this is how you be a person, like this is how you make eye contact, this is how you greet people, all of those things because those were all we have difficult for me. >> you can hear more of the conversation tomorrow on sunday "today." all right. moving on right now, live from new york, it is idris elbs on "saturday night live." and if the promos are any indication, he is more than ready. >> hello? what? hosting snl? i know exactly what to do.
6:50 am
>> it has been a busy couple of months for people's reigning sexiest man alive. next week we'll see the release of his directorial debut as well as his netflix comedy series churn up charlie. and it was just announced that he will wr he will replace will smith in the suicide sequel. and he will be joined on
6:51 am
6:52 am
and that will do it for us. reminder, south by southwest kicks off this week. and if you are heading to austin, our colleagues will bel there. >> and they will be talking about how fake news spreads online. check them out you could take the treatment of your ulcerative colitis in a different direction. talk to your doctor about xeljanz,
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coming up next, on today in the bay .... protesters put their bodies on the line after a cyclist is stuck and killed in a san francisco good morning. protesters put their bodies on the line after a cyclist is hit and killed in san francisco. the unique way they got their message across. plus, she told the mvp something needed to be done and he did it. the local 9-year-old girl getting her just desserts for inspiring the new shoe. and another winter blast to start the weekend. rob mayeda says rain is back in the area and rob says snow on our mountain tops may be back as well. we )re getting you ready f
6:58 am
the next work week. we )ll be tracking any breaking stories as they develop. we're getting you ready for the next work week. we'll be tracking any breaking stories as they develop. our response team goes straight to the company's ceo to get results. here is a live look out-
6:59 am
7:00 am
sf we are under a microclimate weather alert. good saturday morning to you. it is march 9th and we are taking a live look outside. it's 7:00 on the dot toward san francisco. we are under a microclimate weather alert. you can see the cloud cover there and more rain has arrived to the bay


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