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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  March 9, 2019 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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11:00. ♪ ♪ new wok fired shrimp, another american chinese creation from panda express. anoushah has the night off. this saturday night, we are news at 11:00 stars now, i'm terry mcsweeney. microclimate weather alert. rain and hail coming down all day long and showers right now. meteorology rob has been tracking it all. >> fast moving downpores, south
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san francisco, redwood city to palo alto, seeing color shift. above 4,000 feet, chance of snow showers and cool start. passing showers right now but could make more interesting turn. microclimate weather alert on daytime thundershowers that could increase the chance of hail. time line of the weather in the forecast in about 15 minutes. talking about maybe hail tomorrow. we had hail today. didn't stop the kids from trying out for soccer team in felton. thanks garvin thomas for giving us a look at hail. stay safe and drive.
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nbc bay area app will help. body cam video showing what happened before a police officer shot and killed a man, more than five years ago but video just released under a new state law. marianne fav marianne faufro with video. >> put it on the ground. put it on the ground. >> taser, taser, taser. >> get on the ground. shoot him. >> shows how quickly things unfolded. three critical decisions in less than 15 seconds. approaches a man carrying a 12 inch blade. shows one officer firing taser at lopez, but appears to have
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little effect. lopez starts moving towards officer fritz vander hof who yells at him to shoot. fires twice, hitting lopez in the back. later died at hospital. tonight guzman's partner says this video does not tell the whole story. >> i want the public to know you're only seeing one minute of a 17-minute video. you haven't heard the 911 call or the radio transmission of what was going on within the officers, what kind of a call was it, desperate call? >> san jose police department has not released the 911 call. district attorneys offices conducted investigations of the shooting. san jose state university issued this statement said in part officer's use of force was
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deemed legally justifiable in response to immediate threat. in addition in response to civil lawsuit filed against sjsu, two federal courts ruled that use of force was reasonable and appropriate. valdez says this video is painful for her and antonio's nine-year-old son. also still believes he was trying to run away and did nothing to justify being shot. today san jose state also released more than 450 pages of reports looking into the investigation of the shooting. we also reached out to san jose police department to find out why they've not yet released the 911 recordings, have not heard back. nbc bay area. bay area family is upset over how a local hospital used
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technology to tell them loved one had terminal illness. used device called an irobot to deliver the news. >> rolled into the room at kaiser permanente and thought the person on the screen was passing along routine information so starting shooting to make sure she could accurately relay it to her mother and grandmother who had just stepped out but the news was far more serious. >> we don't have any effective treatments. i can give i morphine and make you feel better but there's a risk that could suppress your breathing. >> you can hear her repeating most of the conversation to her grandfather wearing a breathing mask. could your grandpa here? >> no, i had to repeat
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everything the man was saying. >> he thought he could go home, annalisa had to tell him might not be possible. >> next hospice at home? >> i don't know if he's going to get home. >> annalisa's mother would have liked her called back to the room for the critical conversation, not happy about the way this is handled. >> i get it's a new generation, i get it's good thing but not for critical care, impersonal as this was. >> kaiser permanente offered apology but took issue with the way it's described. this is a live conversation with a physician. >> sent a statement saying i shouldn't be calling it a robot. i'm calling it a robot, robot
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came into my grandfather's room and told him he was dying. >> he passed away earlier this week and family amaking plans for a private memorial. new at 11:00, kind of flight most of us hope never to take. 30 people hurt midair after turkish airlines flight encountered serious turbulence between istanbul and new york. cuts, bumps, bruises and broken leg. issued warnings of severe turbulence in new england but reportedly flew directly through the area. one year since shooting claimed lives of three staff members in yountville, came together to horn of the victims and embrace the survivors who witnessed it all. gunman opened fire there and
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memorial was held to remember the three women killed. >> it's been a really hard year for a lot of people. as you can imagine for families of the women, loved ones, friends. we all knew them, worked with them. uppermost in our minds today. >> pathway home was shut down but organization working with other groups to serve veterans suffering from ptsd. commander in chief calling out california. singled out governor newsome, hope the grandstanding governor of california is able to spend his very highly taxed citizens money on asylum holds more officially. time to reduce taxes in california. announced plans to cancel the funding for the high speed rail. wants california to return money
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already spent. governor newsome said will still be put in place in central valley and california will not return the money. major questions why b.a.r.t. trains were not running this morning. looking for answers. at first thought it was maintenance issue but now describing it as mystery, don't know what caused it. could take days to analyze it. relieved it didn't happen in the busy weekday. >> supposed to leave when i got to the station. just sat in the cold for half an hour. >> trains now running according to schedule but until the agency figures out what went wrong, no guarantee it won't happen again. b.a.r.t. expects to learn more at board meeting on thursday, don't think will affect morning commute. not only problem for b.a.r.t. this week.
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thursday night breaking news at 11:00, a train was stuck on the tracks in union city and started smoking. one of the axles locked up. riders had to be escorted off the train. when b.a.r.t. tried to move it, started to spark. b.a.r.t. is trying to figure that out. no one was hurt. oakland raiders welcoming new player to the team, antonio brown. pittsburgh steelers wide receiver revealed the news on instagram with this picture of him in raiders jersey. steelers and raiders have struck a deal, terms not entirely known. fight night on nbc bay area, esports championship round on nbc after "saturday night live." check in live at esports arena,
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having a preview. >> reporter: we have a big party, spot for you terry, challenge you for whatever you've got. battle for california, gamers from around the state joining here because we have one team from northern california, one from southern california and four spots to fill, folks hopefully joining them. battling it out for the final four positions as we make approach toward "saturday night live" and 1:00 a.m. the finale with all the folks and teammates that have joined in. we'll see who rules the street for "street fighter v," check us on nbc bay area, check on the action online. been on twitch entire time.
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outstanding opportunity. i may have gotten all the spots covered but not gotten a spot. i think they're waiting for you to put the quarters up, terry, that's how long it's been since i played, i used quarters. >> mike. thanks so much. still to come, r. kelly released out of jail, doubling down on his innocence, someone footed the bill to free him, heck of a bill. message from r&b singer tonight. true whale of a tale. that's a man inside that whale's mouth. what happened next? right now storm ranger mobile doppler radar, dodging downpours around the bay area, who will what's better than having fast, reliable wifi with coverage throughout your home? how about having internet that can help you save on wireless phone service? xfinity gives you the fastest speeds
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hang gliders today. this happened in la jolla , near san diego. the men were in a dangerous position, on the edge of a new at 11:00, midair collision kills two hang gliders, they were in dangerous position. edge of vertical cliff. fell 75 feet after collided and crashed into the cliff. one experience and other working on advanced flying certification. r. kelly out of jail, someone paid $131,000 he owed in child support to get him out of jail. walking with attorney after he
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got out. we don't know who paid that fine. chicago judge ordered kelly to stay in jail until he could pay back the child support. accused of sexually abusing four women, including three underage at the time. took a minute to defend himself. >> we're going to straighten this out. i promise you. i love my fans. >> singer has pleaded not guilty to the charges and lawyer said the accusers are lying, out to profit off his success. avalanche tumbling down in utah, close call for drivers. police say only a close call, no one was hurt. another utah highway closed down after bus slid off the road because of icy conditions. no one was hurt there either.
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good luck in utah. whale of a tail, a man was inside a whale and lived to tell the tale. not jonah, documenting a sardine run off the coast of south africa when he was swept into whale's mouth, nearly swallowed. man is a dive tour operator. said there was no time for fear, used instincts to survive. >> it got dark and i felt pressure on my hip. i instantly knew a whale had grabbed me. >> pressure on his hips. man said he was in whale's mouth about two seconds, probably seemed a lot longer than that, had no injuries and doesn't think it was an attack, whale was just eating and guy got swept up. can grow to 55 feet, weigh up to 65 pounds. luckily the guy was not the meal
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of choice. >> there's a point you're getting a little too close. >> at some point say it's a whale, going to go closer to the boat. yeah. rob, weird stuff going on. >> little bit of everything. snow around mt. atlas, chance of showers, hail possible tomorrow and chance of thunder, in san jose, pretty quiet, showers to the east. temperatures fairly cool, 47 degrees. high of 53. next weekend could be 20 degrees warmer. changes finally coming our way. ski season that keeps on going right now, around south lake tahoe and squaw creek. don't have to head to sierra, above 4,000 feet could have a dusting of snow before the morning. temperatures in the 40s, highs
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continuing trend of cool temperatures, mid to upper 50s. item to watch is chance of thundershowers midafternoon to early evening. right now on storm ranger mobile doppler radar, scattered showers from santa cruz mountains to palo alto. 80% of the bay area, glass half empty, not seeing the rain. but when the showers come through, brief downpours. and color change east of san jose indicating some snow showers. not a lot of moisture, no flood watches, not a lot of rain but cold and unstable. start off the morning, maybe more snow showers around mt. hamilton, but the future cast gets more interesting into the afternoon.
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morning, scattered showers like right now. and midday may be relatively calm. but close eye on the south bay, heating of the day and chilly air aloft could be thunderstorms firing up in south bay, santa cruz valley, morgan hill, midafternoon to early evening. then this time in the night, ski skies clear up. mostly breezy for tuesday afternoon and after that something you've been waiting for last six to eight weeks, high pressure is building back. catch a break from the rain. seven-day forecast. big changes past tuesday. tomorrow most active next seven to ten days, can't be bored, little bit of everything.
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but next weekend, starting to look favorable for 60s, maybe 70s by next sunday. bottom line, we're almost through it. >> those sun icons are glaring on my eyes, not used to them. >> use sunglasses for those. still to come, shark action. told you about the whale, sharks coming up. plus "snl." >> i'm idris elba hosting "saturday night live" with musical guest khalid, we're on next.
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welcome back. hockey, sharks entered today a point behind calgary for pacific division lead. even overtime loss would have put them into tie but win would put san jose on top of the division standings with a little bit less than a month left in regular season play. sap center, first period sharks
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on the power play, who else but joe thornton assisting timo meier out front, ties him with stan mikita for 14th all-time point list. recipient is meier, this time logan couture setting him up out front. meier's second of the game. st. louis goaltender is beat in front. 2-2, how it stands. into overtime, klay thompscoutu setup, san jose, 3-2 win by koi kevin labanc. kuture after the game. >> we've come a long way. not long ago going through tough times as team and not near top of the conference, means we found our game, played to
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capabilities. desert, taking on the the giants, the cubs. buster posey looked good. throwing out arcevans in the fourth. kris brya kris bryant scoring in a game that doesn't matter. tomorrow night at oracle, 95:30 on nbc sports bay area, and a's on nbc sports california at 9:00 people. that's it for sports, more news after these some adorable, litt
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now have a new home- thanks to a new event promoting pet adoption want to show you adorable little puppies. knew you would like that. new event for pet adoption.
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twitter pics of lucky new owners. south by southwest in austin, texas, teamed up with leading nonprofit and created first fund the shelters event. fund the shelters. nearly 300,000 animals have been adopted since clear the shelters kicked off in 2015, nbc bay area proud of that. look at that. >> size of a baseball. >> according to instagram, jennifer lopez and a-rod are engaged. as expected, massive diamond. former major leaguer alex rodriguez announced over instagram, and he posted that, she said yes, dating two years. second time for rodriguez and fourth marriage for jennifer
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lopez. we wish them the very best. >> absolutely. >> don't have a price on that rock though. thanks for joining us. "saturday night live" is next, ea esport airs live after that. good night.
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