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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 11, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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in from ethan, our photographer out there. this big rig is the starting point for this traffic alert. you see there's no bumper on the front. the bump ear apparently came off the rig. the rig ran over the bumper and i don't know if this rig's fuel tank is punctured but you'll see another car involved in this that came along past that, also i believe hit the bumper. i think this is the fuel that spilled there. there's cleanup that has to go on. you see some liquid leaking out from that mazda. that is why there is extended cleanup. out to the map we have the closure over here in palo alto, at woodside as folks are coming southbound on 101. you'll see slowing. the woodside off-ramp is closed. you see slowing on the sensors around el camino. get off at whipple and avoid any of the lights or folks tapping their brakes as they see the closure of the off-ramp. the speed sensors may start to slow. a traffic alert simply means there's an impact to the commute but doesn't say how long that will last so we'll track that closely. still no update in hayward. we'll send it to laura.
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thank you, mike. on capitol hill, the battle over border wall fund something reigniting. this morning, president trump submits his budget request, asking congress for billions of dollars to build the border wall and slashing almost everything else. "today in the bay's" tracie potts joins us live in washington with a preview. good morning, tracie. >> laura, good morning. that budget request should be headed to the hill as we speak. we're waiting to get more details about exactly what president trump is asking for, but we already know it includes more money for a border wall, and democrats are saying absolutely not. a senior administration official confirms this morning, president trump will ask congress for $8.6 billion to build a border wall with mexico. >> we have a crisis down there. i think the president has made that case very effectively. >> reporter: it doubles what he's already set aside, six times what congress was willing to approve to end the fight that shut down the government.
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>> building a 30 foot high structure from sea to shining sea is the most expensive and least effective way for border security. >>.its are already saying no. house speaker nancy pelosi and senate minority leader chuck schumer say the same thing will repeat itself if he tries this again. we hope he learned this lesson. defense is expected to get a $750 billion boost in the trump budget but we're told the president will pitch a 5% cut to everything else, education, health care, the environment, and more. he'll likely push to make his tax cuts permanent. experts say that's what's driving the deficit. >> the federal government has enough money. what i would do is reverse the trump tax cuts, reverse the bush tax cuts. >> reporter: congress is expected to reject president trump's national emergency that allows him to use military funds to build the wall. now the president will veto that, we're told, and send it right back to capitol hill, where there are not enough votes
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to override it. laura? >> tracie potts, thank you. all right, many people this morning hoping that their morning ride on b.a.r.t. is on schedule, because this is the first work day commute after an hour's long b.a.r.t. shutdown this weekend. the agency still calling it a mystery. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez is live at the warm springs b.a.r.t. station in fremont. as of right now, everything looks good? >> reporter: well, b.a.r.t. saying everything should be back to normal for commuters on this busy monday morning, but after that shutdown, a lot of riders are feeling a little bit apprehensive. now, in case you missed it, over the weekend, you weren't on b.a.r.t., on saturday it suffered a computer network failure they think, and the entire system was down for hours. thousands of riders were affected, and the agency now has a forensic evaluation under way to try to get to the root of the problem. as you might imagine, riders were pretty vocal about their frustrations on social media, some even calling for the
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governor to get involved in this investigation. we are going to try to talk to riders as they start to arrive here, as you might remember, the warm springs station shifted their start, early trains so folks are just starting to arrive now. but again, b.a.r.t. doesn't know exactly why it happened. they think it was a system wide computer network failure. before that, they thought it was a power issue, before that, a maintenance issue. they are trying to get to the bottom of it today and we'll let you know how riders are feeling about that. >> thanks, kris. be sure to download our nbc bay area app, that way you can stay on top of that breaking news, like interruptions with b.a.r.t. service. this service is free for you for android and iphone users. developing for you this morning, search teams have now recovered both black boxes from the ethiopian airlines jet that crashed yesterday in africa. this killed all 157 people on board. that plane had just taken off in
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ethiopia and was headed to kenya. eight americans were on that plane and also died. investigators say that that flight lost contact with the tower a few minutes after takeoff. preliminary data seems to show that that plane was in unstable vertical speed almost immediately. now the airline's ceo wants some answers. >> it is one of the safest airlines in the world. at this stage, we cannot rule out anything. >> now this plane is brand new. it is a boeing 737 max 8, and this is the same type of plane that recently involved in another deadly crash, an indonesian lion air jet that went down in october, killing 189 people. and new for you this morning, two people are recovering after a house fire and explosion in contra costa county. it happened shortly before 6:00 last night on sara court in bay
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point. five dogs and a cat also died in that fire. the fire department believes flames were triggered by an explosion caused by honey oil, that's a type of marriage marriage product made by burning bouton through marijuana leaves. san ramon valley teacher this is week vote on the contract agreement reached on friday. voting doesn't begin until tomorrow. teachers have until thursday to cast their ballot. the deal includes a 4% pay hike and creates new caps on class sizes. happening this morning in san francisco, a new public defender will be appointed to replace jeff adachi. last month, he died suddenly from a heart attack. adachi was serving his fifth consecutive term. mayor london breed, who you see there, will make the announcement at 9:00 a.m. at city hall. this morning, a special election gets under way in alameda. voter also make a decision on two different ballot measures, both regarding a property on mckay avenue next to crab cove.
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the first measure is carrying alameda act. if passed, it would allow the property to be turned into a wellness center, a 90-unit facility for housing homeless people. the second measure opposes the wellness center, many of its supporters say the land should be used by the park district to expand crab cove. >> take a look at this, not the swiss alps, not somewhere in the sierra. this is just a few miles from downtown san jose, atop mt. hamilton. an image taken a little before noon yesterday from a camera at lick observatory. there was the hail everyone was talking about in the south bay. check this out. it was really coming down. kari, this was really the talk of the town yesterday afternoon. >> yes, and for good reason, because the storm system that was just off the coast brought us a lot of sparks with the hail across the bay area, and even a
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few thunderstorms. now that has pushed to the south and has moved away, and we're waking up to some clear conditions, and i just disappeared. magic. so we're looking at temperatures in the upper 30s this morning, and we are going to see some low 40s as you get ready to head out in the south bay, parts of the peninsula, as well as the east bay. getting you out the door, ready for work this morning, as you make your way to the fruitvale b.a.r.t. station, some low 40s in the forecast and we will get some mostly sunny skies throughout today, as our temperatures warm up and you'll be happy to know we have some much warmer temperatures on the way. we'll talk more about that and mike, you have more info on the traffic alert. >> because we have our friend ethan on the scene, he let us know, it's not a hazmat situation anymore. this is over an woodside. the exit is still closed off of southbound 101, but there's just fuel that has to be cleaned up and the other vehicle that was banged up from the bumper. that is the issue but not a special cleanup but a standard
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cleanup. still need the crew there, they're not yet. we'll see at least 45 minutes for that closure. hopefully it gets done before the 6:30 rush really happens over there on that side. we have some time. over here 92 off of 880, a crash is over on the shoulder and not a major concern. there is another one reported vassco at walnut. a smooth flow for the north bay, there may be patchy fog in areas. palo alto the southbound side has that closure for the woodside off-ramp. back to you. >> thanks, mike. still ahead on "today in the bay," equal pay for equal play. players from the u.s. women's national soccer team speaking up this morning after filing a lawsuit demanding equal pay. it's all coming up at 5:25. it's a birthday of sorts, ten years of a bull market. we'll look as we look at business and tech, and "today in the bay" continues. we'll be right back. what's better than having fast,
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right now at 5:12, it is starting out with some cloudy skies in parts of the bay area, but all of that will be clearing out, and we are in for some sunshine, after a chilly start in cupertino at about 44 degrees at 9:00, we're headed into the low 60s today. we have more sunshine in the forecast, and warmer temperatures. we'll take a look at that in less than five minutes. >> a good number of cars starting your week. we're talking about that time change that happened, and we sometimes see a shift in the traffic flow but i have a more important shift right now, over
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on the peninsula, we're still tracking. >> a happy monday to you. could be a rough day for the dow. boeing aircraft shares are under pressure after another crash of its 737 max 8. two countries have grounded the plane. they are still flying here in america. the "san francisco business times" says wells fargo is being cagey about where it's going to hold its investors meeting in order to avoid protests. remember, we just got the jobs number friday, they were terrible, 20,000 jobs added to the economy. we're used to that number being 200,000, or 300,000. economists still debating what went wrong. it's also been ten years since the start of the bull market. economists argue over this, too. economic booms usually last around seven years but there's no rule they have to, so does hitting the ten-year mark p portend anything? hard to say. the good times keep going. it's exactly 19 years since
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the absolute tippy top of the dotcom bubble. is a great symbol of the dotcom public. we love running this video because we love the puppet. so really two anniversaries this week, march 10th of the year 2000 was the top of the bubble. uber, facebook, google, iphone, none of those existed back then. today is also the deadline for elon musk to explain to a judge why he tweeted incorrect financial information about his company tesla again, even though the courts had ordered him to put safeties in to stop him from doing exactly that. safety measures like he has to get clearance from tesla's board and lawyers before tweeting information about the company, which he did not do. it is possible the court will find him in contempt. not doing what the court told you to do is the dictionary definition contempt of court. what the punishment would be, i
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can't say but this is the deadline today he has got to explain. again. >> just in case you missed it this weekend, saturday was fight night here on nbc bay area. it was our first airing of an exciting egaming competition in oakla oakland. some of the best gamered played street fighter 5 arcade edition, it was a batter of nor cal versus so cal. nigel butler swept the tournament winning five matches in a row to bring the team so cal the win. >> shout out to my parents, dominique butler and leroy butler, best parents i could ever have and anybody that supported me, i swear to god, thank you guys for supporting me. >> team so cal took home $5,000 and you notice mike inouye there front and center, he was live on the floor for all the action. head to to find more coverage of the big tournament. >> it was cool. >> i bet. >> the crowd got so into it because it's a community of
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players, a lot of them know each other but this particular player nigel, came from austin, texas, he was born in southern california, played at a walmart, that's how he qualified for the tournament. he came out for the tournament and pros are watching him and rooted him on and the place went crazy. new star. >> yes, a new saturday fight night live. >> gets confusing. >> now kids can tell their parents, if i keep playing this video game. >> don't even try it. >> six people on the screen, one of them didn't take home money, the others got a thousand bucks each. >> coming off a nice weekend. you had a birthday! >> happy birthday! i gave you an hour. >> yeah, it was rough trying to recover from the time change and we're probably still going to be doing that today and also all of that crazy weather that we had over the weekend. now everything has moved out. we're going to see things clearing out as well.
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so san francisco will start out with some clear skies and if you're headed over to the city from martinez, it's going to be in the upper 30s as you head out the door, so very chilly temperatures, and then we go from 39 to 60 at 1:00 today, so you'll notice a big warmup going into the afternoon, with our high temperatures in the inland valleys reaching up to 63 degrees in concord, and in san jose. oakland up to 60 degrees and 62 today in santa rosa. now we look to our next system moving in, but this one looks pretty weak and in fact continues to weaken. we can see the stream of clouds associated with a cold front that will bring in some slightly cooler temperatures for the early hours, and then for tomorrow, we're going to start to see the cloud cover increasing, only a few spotty showers, so we'll keep just a slight chance of rain but overall the models are showing we're not getting much out of it and we are going to continue on with dry weather going throughout the week. our temperatures will start out in the low 60s today, upper 30s
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again tomorrow morning, and then look at our gradual warming trend as we go throughout the week, so by sunday, we're looking at highs in the low 70s. i am already starting to make weekend plans to get outside and go hiking. it looks like a really nice one, and for san francisco, we go from the upper 50s today to the mid to upper 60s this weekend. and mike, you were tracking two major spots on the roads. >> we're tracking two crashes there, one on each side of the bay, the peninsula side and the east bay. the one on the peninsula, the closure for woodside road, the off-ramp is closed from southbound 101. we don't see any slowing but we also are tracking that progress with our friend ethan, who is out there and talking about the cleanup after bumper fell off of a truck, punctured a tank there, fuel spill. we're waiting for the cal trans true to get there. this one south 880 at 92, this crash is over off to the area where there's construction cones so they've been able to get out of the lanes of traffic.
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we're tracking that as well. the commute not really building much right now. looking at the north bay with something that's happened just north of the benicia bridge as well. chp has yet to give us detail. we're talking about that time change and i joked i gave kari her hour, she had to give it up as well i guess, she had to come in the same time loss and that sometimes affects the morning commute. so we are we're seeing a standard flow but you can't see it dublin, westbound 580, there is the dublin interchange and the dublin grade. see it? no. all right, looking over here, the bay bridge very clear, so depending on where you are, visibility may be a factor. prepare for that. back to you. >> thanks, mike. mischiefious toy dog affectionately known as dylan the villain beat out the competition at the crufts dog show. >> dogs of all shapes and sizes put their best paw forward at the weekend event in england. more than 20,000 dogs from 220
5:20 am
breeds compete for that title. jump through arms even. >> cute. coming up next here, top players from the u.s. women's national soccer team speaking out this morning about their lawsuit over pay, the reason they say they deserve the same pay as the men's national team. >> you go, girls. in more soccer news, this time in england, a fan crossing the line when he attacks a player. how that player handled the situation, next. but first, check out this video, our assignment editor shawn murphy captured the hail coming down in san jose yesterday. almost looked like a snowstorm out there. but no, that's hail. you can follow our team for the updates on news and weather as you're out on the go there. you're watching "today in the bay." several players on the u-s
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women )s national soccer team ae new this morning, several players on the u.s. women's national soccer team are fighting for equal pay.
5:23 am
they are filing a lawsuit seeking equal pay and treatment. the suit against the united states soccer federation is also alleging gender bias discrimination. it includes 28 team members. the suit comes three months before the team tries to defend its world cup crown and new this morning, stars of the team alex morgan and meghan rapineaux are speaking out for the first time on the issue. they say they've been able to push the sport itself forward. >> i think you have to look at the investment of, that u.s. soccer has on the sport and we really are heartened by the gains we've made throughout our collective bargaining agreement two years ago and throughout u.s. soccer really investing in women's soccer. >> the soccer federation state in part they have "faithfully and consistently worked with the team" helping them "perform at the highest levels possible." you can watch the full interview on the "today" show at 7:00 a.m., right after "today in the bay." r. kelly's attorney is among those downplaying reports of a videotape handed to authorities
5:24 am
yesterday by high powered lawyer gloria allred. her client is a pennsylvania man who says he found the tape while cleaning out old recordings at his home. he says that he believed it was an old show concert footage of r. kelly, but instead, it shows what he thinks is kelly abusing underaged girls. kelly's attorney says it's impossible to make kelly out on that tape, claiming it is now open season on his client. attorney michael avenatti says the tape is a copy of footage dating back years that prosecutors have seen before and is not new evidence. also allred handed the tape to authorities in new york, not the chicago prosecutors handling the current criminal case. mexico's volcano explodes in a fiery nighttime eruption, sending rock fragments into the area and down its slopes saturday. it started with a flarsh of light, followed by material
5:25 am
spilling out the crater down the mounta mountainside. captain marvel showing off box office superpowers. >> the latest marvel film had three days to take in $153 million in the u.s. worldwide, $455 million, this makes it the seventh highest opening for a marvel film. theater chains are counting on the superhero to keep leading the turnaround. the box office is down more than 25% year-to-date. new worries this morning about a player safety, this is in england, after a star soccer player is the victim of an ugly attack by a fan during the game. >> take a look at this video, showed you what happened about ten minutes into the game, a fan you see him there, he just rushed the field and he punches aston's villas jack grillas. the fan can be seen blowing kisses the crowd on his way off
5:26 am
the field. grillas later scored the winning goal. >> wow. that's dangerous. >> that was aggressive. >> at least the teammates were there to pull him off. >> exactly. >> that's what teammates are for. >> you got it. 5:26. coming up here on "today in the bay," top stories we're following for you this morning, including tragedy for an east bay city council membmember, he robbed and killed near usc coming up in a live report, the search continues for the shooter. nobody wanted to pull her away when she was still clasped by the claws. >> terror and panic at an arizona zoo. a jaguar attacks a woman who decided to get too close to the animal's exposure, just to take a selfie. what zoo officials say about the attack. and back to work. take a look here, yep, it's all back to normal there on the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see a lot of cars
5:27 am
waiting to get through. mike is going to have a look at that commute coming up in a bit. kari has a look at your work week forecast. it is 5:26. you're watching "today in the bay." it )s monday, march 11th.
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ad lib live picture - sfo and a good monday morning to you. march 11th, and taking a look here at sfo, as we get started with the day, hope there are a lot of people joining us in the bay area for a beautiful week, and good morning to you. thanks so much for starting your morning right here with us. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. let's talk about that beautiful week coming our way. here is kari with the forecast. >> it is some much needed dry weather for the bay area, but it's also very chilly as you get ready to head out the door. a lot of upper 30s on the map
5:30 am
here, especially for the north bay, and some of our inland valleys. right now livermore 37 degrees, and we've seen some fog drifting around that area. so just watching out for that, in concord our temperatures go from 40 degrees and it's going to stay with us for at least the next several hours, until about 8:00, but it will be warming up today, upper 50s by noon, and as we head over to mike, you still have the traffic alert and new video. >> the traffic alert kari, here is why. this big rig missing the bumper. the bumper fell off apparently as it approached the woodside exit and then it went under the truck and punctured part of the fuel tank from what i understand. there's fluid, leakage there and a couple other vehicles behind it hit that bumper, that is sizeable so the cleanup, this stuff is what is necessary. we are talking about that closure of the off-ramp from southbound 101 at woodside road. we don't know how long it will be but ethan, our photographer, is also out there monitoring the situation. so far, not a major impact because traffic is light there. tracking a crash in hayward and
5:31 am
more updates on the crash in sunol when we come back. back to you, marcus. >> thanks, mike. 5:30 right now. we are following a developing story in southern california involving the death of a college student who is the son of kochland city councilmember lynette gibson mcelhaney. >> "today in the bay's" pete suratos joins us live with a tragic story. pete? >> reporter: good morning, very tragic story. we're talking about victor mcelhaney robbed and killed in los angeles yesterday, the son of councilmember lynette gibson mcelhaney. the scene where this took place in los angeles, this is near the usc campus. according to lapd, victor, who was a student at usc, was killed at that corner store that you guys are looking at right there at about midnight on sunday. he walked in during an armed robbery and he was shot during that armed robbery, taken to a hospital in critical condition and pronounced dead sunday morning. there say picture of the
5:32 am
councilmember showing victor with both parents by his side, on his 21st birthday. he was known as a talented musician and close to finishing his music degree at usc. there is a statement or portion of the statement from the councilmember she shared with us yesterday "he was a musician who drew his inspiration from the beat, soul and sound of the town and he belonged in every nook and cranny of oakland." victor transferred to usc from powell state east bay just a couple years ago. here is one of his former professors at, c su east bay telling us that victor left a lasting impression. >> the world was, you know, some people say it was good for this guy because he was really smart and really personable and really talented. >> reporter: tough time for the family indeed. i want to point out this is actually the second recent tragedy to hit the mcel haney's family.
5:33 am
in 2015 her 17-year-old grandson was killed near the west oakland b.a.r.t. station during an armed robbery is there. i want to read a statement from mayor libby schaaf "our hearts grieve with the family and friends of council member lynette gibson mcelhaney." the tragic death is an unspeakable loss." the family plans to put together a memorial service at some point but lapd have yet to arrest any suspects in this. reporting live, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> just wrong place, wrong time. so sad. thank you, pete. >> reporter: yes. still in word of an arrest in a deadly weekend east bay shooting, happened saturday night in antioch. the gunman shot two men, near the intersection of west 19th and "d" streets. one of the men died. the other is recovering, and police so far are not indicating if they have any suspect information or if they know what led up to the shooting. an arizona zoo has no plans to euthanize a jaguar that attacked a woman who went over a barrier to try to get the
5:34 am
perfect selfie. this is video of the woman on the ground afterward. the zoo says the jaguar attacked her when she climbed over barricades and stood too close to the enclosure's fence. the cat gashed the woman's arm. zoo workers say she did return later in the day to apologize. >> she said she loved the zoo, she hated for to us get bad publicity because she comes here often. >> witnesses distracted the animal with a water bottle, had to act quickly because the cat still had its claws in the woman's arm. the cat remained in its enclosure through the entire incident. cleanup crews are in efforts this week in flood-damaged sonoma county. all week, teams are collecting debris in neighborhoods along the russian river. residents are asked to separate debris into three groups, recyclables, hazardous waste and other debris. there's no charge for the pickup.
5:35 am
a new cal train rule takes effect allowing bicyclists to board first on designated bike cars. there is research they say to back it up. the pilot program showed a policy can shave more than a minute off of boarding times. warriors fans this morning debating what's worse, the team's painful loss to phoenix or the painful looking injury for star kevin durant. durant twisted his ankle late in the fourth quarter, the team calling this just a bruise here, but durant left the game without help, but this has to hurt as well. the warriors lost to the suns there for the first time since november of 2014. the score right here pretty close, 115-111 and adds up to 18 straight wins, which had been the league's longest active win streak against one team. if you are headed out to fill up your tank this morning, be aware. gas prices are up about six cents a gallon. the highest average price in the nation is in san francisco with
5:36 am
the average about $3.39 a gallon. according to aaa, in oakland and san jose, the average price is $3.34. as you hit the roads, likely you're noticing that all the rain is taking a toll. public works crews have their work cut out for them filling hundreds of potholes. in san francisco, crews worked overtime this weekend just to catch up. >> there's plenty around the city, everywhere you go, like most of the streets in the city. >> february we had almost 2,000 potholes, a little more than 1800 potholes we filled. on a typical dry month there are about 350 potholes. >> in the east bay, a tire shop owner told us his two locations have seen a 50% jump in business as they fix cars with blown tires and bent rims. i was driving around san jose yesterday with my kids in the back, mike, and they were like, mom, you're driving crazy! i'm like, it's the potholes. >> they were like, mom, you're driving crazy! >> exactly. >> we don't have to go that far. about a quarter mile from the
5:37 am
station there are a bunch of potholes at the intersection over there. >> they're everywhere! >> everywhere. folks, watch for the crews, though, please. over here, most of the freeways are moving smoothly but the off-ramp at woodside off of southbound 101 continues with that alert from chp saying that will be an extended closure as they clear up the fuel spill as well as clear the 80,000 pound rig off the shoulder. southbound 680 at sunol boulevard a lot of slowing. the crash leaves one lane blocked, fast lane. watch out, there are a couple of chp cruisers that also arrived, that is a distraction as the build for the tri-valley and complicated by dublin 580, tough to see. that fog really crept into our camera, the lights from the signs helped show there's something going on. you can't see the dublin grade from here. you'll be okay when you drive through the area, just be careful. >> people driving through this yesterday. look at the hail that hit. it happened in willow glen about 5:00 last night. everybody was talking about it. it was a downpour. turned very dark.
5:38 am
>> scary when you're driving. >> exactly. this was in the backyard, but out on the streets, it was just everywhere. very quickly. it was cold out there, i guess. >> so you'll be happy to know we won't have all of that action going on this upcoming weekend as you start to make some plans. >> dry out a little bit. >> we're going to dry out this week. a slight rain chance tomorrow as the system quickly drops in, and you're going to see an increase in cloud cover, going into the weekend, look at how the temperatures warm up in san francisco, looking at some mid to upper 60s for saturday and sunday. so if you're planning to hit the road, maybe going to kirkwood, it will be a great weekend ahead there, and see that snow tunnel on your way up there. we're going to see a mix of sun and clouds and temperatures trending into the mid-40s by the end of the weekend. for half moon bay, also some sunshine on friday, a few more clouds on saturday, but then our highs reach into the low 60s all weekend long and finally, we can get out and go hiking. it may still be a little damp
5:39 am
out there, but at least it won't be super sloppy, and our highs reaching into the mid-60s for saturday and sunday. carmel valley looks like a great destination for the weekend. we'll be slightly warmer with highs reaching 70 by the end of the weekend. so we'll take a look at today's temperature trend, that's coming up in about three minutes. >> sounds good, kari, thanks. 5:39 right now. coming up, the new talk -- let me start that over again. the new top issue democrats hoping to be the next president are uniting behind, and how to go over in a general election is all coming up next. the president back to the wall in more ways than one. we'll look in checks and balances, when "today in the bay" continues. for comfort food at a comfortable price,
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comes with 100% beef, grilled onions, and two types of melty cheese on toasted sourdough, plus fries and a drink. it's comfort food for the uncomfortable things in life. yep, this guy knows what i'm talking about. try my $4.99 sourdough patty melt combo. right now at 5:42, it's starting to clear out around the bay area, and some welcome news, a lot of sunshine today. here is a live look in fremont as you get ready to head out the door. you need a heavier coat, in the low 40s and warming up into the mid-50s by early afternoon. we'll look at all of our microclimates and the warmer temperatures in the forecast in less than five minutes. >> when kari said clear out, she meant the forecast. she didn't mean the roads. starting to jam up here at the bay bridge, the toll plaza metering lights have been on but we see a nice flow of traffic. we'll talk about the time change and two spots to watch. >> thanks so much, kari and
5:43 am
mike. it is 5:42. this morning, the father of a young girl found in a duffel bag on a southern california hiking trail is demanding answers. sheriff deputies identified the body at 9-year-old trinity love jones. two people are under arrest as persons of interest in the case. the memorial is growing with family members adding trinity's picture to the abundance of flowers, balloons and candles. trinity's father says he's looking for justice. >> just want answers and justice. she was just the best. full of character, full of love, full of joy. >> the death is ruled as a homicide but the cause of death is withheld according to l.a. sheriff's department. developing new, crews are searching for a marine who went missing during a back country skiing trip in sierra, nevada. first lieutenant matthew craft left for his trip on the sierra high round on february 23rd. he was supposed to complete it monday near bridgeport, northeast of yosemite national park. on friday, crews found the jeep
5:44 am
that craft parked at the start of his trip, about 130 miles south of bridgeport. that search is mainly air based because the risk of avalanches, you may remember, heard a series of winter storms dumped record amounts of snow in the sierra. now to the 2020 presidential race, a growing list of democratic candidates backing the legalization of marijuana nationwide. former texas congressman beto o'rourke is the latest to support the idea. in recent weeks, california senator kamala harris has called it "the smart thing to do." new jersey senator cory booker is sponsoring a legalization bill where senator kamala harris as well as senators gillibrand and elizabeth warren of massachusetts and bernie sanders of vermont support it. president trump is going to ask congress for money for his wall. >> scott mcgrew, even the president knows heent' be successful. >> he wasn't successful getting
5:45 am
congress giving him the money for the wall when republicans ran both houses. it's hard to imagine he'll be successful getting a democratic house to do what he wants, considering the last time he asked, the government shut down for more than a month. but he will ask nonetheless in a new budget request today, also notable that president trump promised to balance the budget. the budget he has submitted is not balanced. also this week, the senate votes on whether or not to shut down the president's emergency declaration that would allow him to take money from military projects to pay for a portion of the wall. there's talk that the mueller report is close. democrat adam schiff was on "meet the press" on sunday, saying mueller needs to interview the president in person. >> yes, i think it is a mistake, and i've said all along that i don't think bob mueller should rely on written answers. when you get written answers from a witness, it's really the lawyer's answers as much as the client's answer, and here you need to be able to ask follow-up questions in real time. >> the president met with supporters in private at his
5:46 am
mar-a-lago golf course over the weekend. axios quoting three people there trump made disturbing claims about the relationship between the democratic party and people of the jewish faith. he also reportedly told the crowd he never called tim cook tim apple. he said he said tim cook of apple, but people didn't hear the cook part. he says any report otherwise is fake news, but i'll let you judge for yourself. >> the meeting with ceos of the white house yesterday, the president had this for one of the country's most prominent executives, tim cook. >> you've really put a big investment in our country. we appreciate it very much tim apple. >> did you hear "cook"? if you did, let me know on twitter. follow me there @scottmcgrew. 5:46. hundreds of people here in the bay area likely singing some tunes from over the weekend. ♪ have you ever felt forgotten
5:47 am
♪ like you could fall and no one would hear ♪ ♪ summer will come again >> those are the sounds from college notes 2019, this is an exhibition show featuring some of the most talented and award winning acapella groups from around the country. this is a two-night concert, it took place at flesher center for the arts where i had the pleasure of emceeing the performance friday night. the students gave me a chance to dust off the old vocal chords there and sing with them in the finale song there. "you will be found" from the broadway show "dear evan hanson" and talk about a great experience there. >> i want to hear you. >> a girl next to me is the soloist of the year for the acapella groups throughout the country. she's good, too. >> wow. >> they put me next to her. >> a new duo, duo of the year. >> notice none of us were invited. >> not even to watch. >> they asked but, though.
5:48 am
>> all right. >> they're not coming, are they? >> so talented, from all over the country from the east to the west coast, six of the acapella groups and one of the groups actually is the movie "pitch perfect" was based off of them, loosely based off of their experience. >> that's cool. >> i wanted to go there so ba y badly. my schedule didn't work out. >> you did other fun stuff. >> hopefully did you some blowing out of the candles. >> it was nice to relax at home with the family, trying to catch up on some rest and a relaxing weekend and mother nature sure did put on a show, too. here as we take a live look in dublin, you can see the fog you deal with, driving through the tri-valley. at least all of the rain and the hail those thunderstorms have moved away from the bay area, so we are going to see some sunshine today. as you make your way out the door in antioch, as you drive, it's going to be in the low 40s for the next several hours, but it will be warming up fairly quickly going into late morning and early afternoon.
5:49 am
eventually we'll make it up to about 62 degrees in antioch and 63 in concord. 61 will be the high in palo alto with san francisco reaching 58 degrees, and some low 60s in the north bay. and with the sunshine today, also comes the chilly temperatures, now that the cold front has moved through, and we are going to need some sunglasses today, so i think the coat and sunglasses will have you prepared for all that we have coming our way, and then tomorrow, we have another system that will be dropping in, starting to increase our cloud cover, but it looks like even as it passes, it will be dry. so we're all clear today, notice the cloud cover starting to come in early tomorrow morning, and then the showers kind of fizzling out. i am going to keep a slight chance of rain in the forecast just in case we see some of that moving through and making it into the bay area, but overall looks like we'll see more clouds, the winds picking up and then it kind of clears out, going into the rest of the week. our temperatures heading into the mid to upper 60s by the end of the week, check out sunday,
5:50 am
that will be so nice, 72 degrees and sunshine in san francisco. upper 50s for the next couple of days, and the mid-60s for saturday and sunday. mike, you are saying you're still upset about losing an hour. >> i am, upset for you, kari as well. you got gyped on an hour to celebrate. we'll notice on this monday, we see the fast track lanes are visibly moving along with the cash lanes. i know this is a lot of cars, but folks familiar with this shot as i am from over a decade of watching it, we're looking at a little bit looser flow and the day after the time change, we spring forward lose the hour we sometimes see the commute build later, folks tend to run later when they're a little more tired. we'll track that and we see a little building over here for walnut creek. folks wake up, we have a great drive for most of those, but we have fog registering in patches for the north bay and also watch the tri-valley. we showed you that shot from dublin, where there's low visibility through the dublin grade so be careful there.
5:51 am
and south 680 undoubtedly hits some of the hills and fog headed toward the crash blocking one lane at sunol boulevard where we see early slowing through pleasanton. another crash south of there registered at vargas, we'll get updates from chp as well. cal trans crew passed through the area, woodside has been assessed but they have not begun clearing up that fuel spill so that is an issue. the woodside off-ramp closed from southbound 101. here 237 i just learned about a new crash westbound your commute off of 880, around zanker we may have one lane blocked by a crash and no delayed reported for transit agencies. we continue to talk about the full shutdown that happened on saturday. so far this monday morning is ride on the b.a.r.t. trains are moving fine. 38 trains, adding a couple now in the next few minutes. no delays for the agencies, that's good for this monday morning. marcus? >> thanks, mike. happening now for you, philadelphia says yes to cash. it's the first city to pass a law requiring most retail establishments to accept cash.
5:52 am
that law will take effect july 1st and business owners who don't comply will face fines of up to $2,000. a number of cities are weighing in on cashless policies, which some of those business owners say that handling cash is inefficient and invites theft. and next and all new this hour, plastic surgery on the rise in america. the top procedures both invasive and non-surgical that millions of people are getting. to simone, i leave the van gogh.
5:53 am
to harrison, the wine collection. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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5:55 am
in the bay area is still going viral! lots this morning, an unusual sight in the bay area still going viral. a lot of people out there, including our "today in the bay" team, took to twitter sharing videos and photos of the hail that fell in the south bay. be sure to share your photos with us and tag @nbcbayarea and follow us for updates as you're on the go. more and more people are getting plastic surgeon. >> a new report was put out earlier this morning seeing a rise in plastic surgery. 18 million people going under the knife in 2018 alone. breaking it down, of the more than 1.8 million cosmetic surgeries tracked by society in 2018, the top five breast augmentation, liposuction, nose reshaping, eyelid surgery and tummy tucks.
5:56 am
nearly 16 million non-surgical procedures last year, most popular botox, soft tissue fillers, chemical peels, laser hair removal, and microdermabrasion. 5:56 right now. new this morning, olivia newton john is talking more about her battle with breast canc cancer. >> she managed to keep much of her personal life private but choosing to speak out now. nbc's natalie morales has the exclusive interview. >> a lot of people don't realize and you reveal in the book, this is actually the third time that you've had to deal with cancer. >> yes. >> there was a time before which you managed to keep private. >> yes. >> why did you want to keep that away from the public eye? >> because of the speculation, which happened the third time, so i just decided i wanted to go through it myself, and i did a lot of natural heal iing and i don't know, it was just a decision that i'd keep it to myself that time.
5:57 am
>> natalie's full interview airs during the "today" show. look for it later this morning on it's a nice story she tells and shares really. new this morning, striking differences between colon cancer that can strike people over age 50 and those diagnosed as a younger adult. >> the medical communities needs to rethink early onset colon cancer. new research from m.d. cancer center in houston finds early onset cancer seems to have genetic mutations. tumors can develop in unusual areas of the colon and need to be treated in new ways. >> they tend to be less responsive to our standard treatments, and perhaps this is in part due to the fact that their biology that their wiring is different. the earlier that the cancer develops, the less it looks like a standard colon cancer. >> younger patients have unique needs. colon cancer treatments for example can impact fertility.
5:58 am
it's one of the reasons cancer centers around the country are beginning to boost resources for young patients. >> we have to calibrate our clinical decision-making to look at a patient at 40 years old like we used to look at a patient at 50. essentially 40 is the new 50 in this day and age with colorectal cancer. >> currently the american cancer society says colon cancer screenings started at the age of 45. >> it is so important. insurance companies need to be on board as well and not put it off. i've lost family members to that disease. we have dramatic video out of sweden this morning showing a bus fire in stockholm. >> you can see flames and smoke rising from that bus. look at how huge it was. rescue worker says the bus hit a barrier near the entrance of a tunnel. it caused the gas tank to leak and explode. the driver was treated for burns, but thankfully no passengers were on board at the time. >> happening today, it is your
5:59 am
last chance to use payless gift cards and store credit. last month the shoe store chain declared bankruptcy. payless is already not accepting returns or coupons. the company is going out of business sale is expected to continue through the end of may. right now at 6:00, back on track. b.a.r.t. commuters hoping the commute will hold up this morning, after a weekend outage. we'll learn this morning about the investigation into the computer problem that shut down service system wide. plus, grounded. new problems for boeing after that deadly crash in africa on sunday. several companies now stopping service for those new planes. plus a big discovery in ethiopia overnight. > . a surprise hailstorm, parts of the south bay looked like a winter wonderland last night, but kari says the sun is finally coming back. "today in the bay" continues right now.
6:00 am
but for how long will we get a chance to dry out? we'll find out in a moment. good monday morning to you and thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. mike will have a look at that commute in just a minute. bringing in the sunshine. >> and we're matching. >> coordinated. >> we're excited about the sunshine we'll have in the forecast and we get a look at the fog in dublin, that we are seeing, right now through the tri-valley, that's our one trouble spot, and it's also very cold as we dip to close to freezing in parts of the north bay, as you get ready to head out the door, going into the afternoon. if you're on your way out the door in san jose, it's going to be in the low 40s to start, but reaching into the upper 50s and the low 60s today. mike, you have three spots to highlight. >> three issues that we're tracking, continuing to track this morning. the closure for the off-ramp south 101


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