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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  March 11, 2019 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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officer and car -southbound 101 in san mateo. skyranger is there live pictures toss to mike. breaking news this midday, there has been a crash between a dons motorcycle and a car. also a new public defender for the city of san francisco is that's just passed the 3rd avenue onramp. that's a problem. bigger problem, the concern for the chp rider involved. there's major injuries. not critical.
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to that chp driver and another vehicle involved, i think a small smaller volkswagen involved there. it's jamming up the drive. in to san mateo and the northbound side with the slowing. your right two lanes of southbound 101 closed just past 3rd street and exit to get out of the backup. and the bigger concern of the condition of that chp motorcycle driver who is in critical but no life threatening injuries but critical nonetheless. back to you. >> all right. thank you, mike. at 11:00, a new public defender for the city of san francisco is named. this comes after the unexpected death of jeff adachi. good morning to you. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. jeff adachi died last month after suffering a heart attack. petebr suratos joins us live wi the details on this announcement. pete? >> reporter: yeah.
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laura, you know, san francisco mayor london breed announced behind me here that manu raju will be stepping in as the new public defender to replace jeff adachi. now, here's the man during the press conference that took place not too long ago. he is a veteran of the office of more than a decade working for the san francisco public defender's office and most recently holding the role of as the manager of the felony division as the office and began as a public defender nearly 20 years ago in contra costa county before moving across the bay to san francisco's office. he talked about the importance of someone being appointed inhouse and understands the role of the public defender specifically in the city's office here in san francisco. he says things may be different with him in charge but the core message will remain the same. >> we are going to renew and recharge our commitment to excellence for our clients. we are going to continue broader
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reform efforts. we are going to continue to protect the public against overreaching government abuses. we are going to continue our struggle for racial justice in this city. and statewide. >> reporter: his predecessor jeff adachi passed away from a heart attack february 22nd after having dinner with a friend in the city's north beach neighborhood. police ruled out foul play coming to the death of adachi. raju will be public defender until november and then the city will elect the public defender in november. he told us after this press conference he plans to run for that position, as well. >> all right. big developments for the city. thank you, pete. airlines in severalan countries have temporarily grounded boeing's 737 max 8. the new planes have been
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involved a deadly crash for the second time. now there's questions of similarities of the disasters it is a high priority because this is currently one of the best selling planes in the world. nbc's tom costello rreports. >> reporter: theep urgent questn facing investigators and airline safety teams, are there similarities of the ethiopian airlines crash and the crash of a lion air crash last year? both planes went down just after takeoff. the crews struggled to maintain control. the ethiopian plane transmitting erratic vertical speed readings. lion air went down in the java sea 2 minutes into flight. a preliminary investigation found the on board sensors may have fed bad data indicating the plane was going to stall. the computers then mistakenly pushed the nose of the plane down to pick up speed.
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the pilots struggled to pull the nose up not realizing they were fighting a new automated anti-stall system that boeing never told pilots about but boeing says the pilots should have known how to disengage the system. >> so what i do immediately turn over the switches and cut the motor out. and as you can see it stopped the trim. >> reporter: now investigators in africa will examine the plane's black boxes for any sign the ethiopian crew faced the same issues. if so, more countries including the u.s. could ground the plane. today 354 737 maxes are flying around the world with more on the way. in north america, flown by american, southwest, united and air canada. while no problems in the u.s., many airlines and pilots say they didn't know about the anti-stall system until the
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indonesian crash. >> tom costello reporting there. the faa issued an emergency order last fall for the airlines to ensure that their pilots are trained properly on how to disengage that anti-stall. if it kicks in. but to be clear, there is no known cause of this crash that could have been an engineno problem, electrical or hydraulic failure and an explosion or fire it is not known. and right now, taking a look at the big board. up 159 points coming even as boeing is down but sales from facebook as well as other tech companies are raising the dow right now this morning. all right. you know it was coming down in the south bay yesterday. a lot of hail. you might have taken a photo or video of the hail that hit the bay area yesterday. check out that guy right there. he got his snowboard out and rode it on down the hill over in
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san jose. now, the storm itself may have tan people by surprise with pleasant weekend weather. but our meteorologist team, they were certainly checking it out. that's now dry? >> that system moved out and it was amazing. >> it was to see. >> all of that hail that made it look like it snowed outside. >> so quickly. >> yeah. it happened fast. it was out of here fast, too. this is a look at the storm that rolled through in that area of low pressure that was just off the coast producing the lightning and once again also bringing in some very heavy rain and some hail and now it is since moved on so we are seeing some sunshine right now. live look outside in dublin after a foggy start to the day. well now we have sunshine and then going into the afternoon we are also going do see the sunshine continuing in san francisco. with some chilly temperatures as we continue on the rest of the day. so looking in san jose, heading over to sunnyvale for a temperature trend that will be
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in the low 60s. 65 degrees is about normal. we are still going to be slightly cooler than where we should be but we are going do see more of these temperatures that will be in the low 60s today. so i'll have a look at the rest of the forecast. it's coming up in a few minutes. all right. thank you. now to a developing story of the death of a college student, the son of an oakland city council member. the t son ofly net gibson was robbed and killed in los angeles yesterday. this happened near the campus of usc and video from the scene. here's a picture right here of the council member, she shared this. this is victor and his family. his mother and father. he was known as a tall ented musician and close to finishing his music degree. the council member wrote in the statement, wrote, he was a musician who drew his inspiration from the beat, soul and sound of the town and he belonged in every nook and cranny of oakland. i miss my baby. please keep me, my family an all
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my son's friends in your prayers. professor dan zind said he left a lasting impression. >> he was really smart and really personalible and really talented. >> mayor libby shaft of oakland there also issuing a statement saying, quote, our hearts grieve with the family and friends of council member gibson mcelhaney. the democratic national convention is going to be in milwaukee. it will take place in july 2020. the selection comes after the democrats' 2016 presidential nominee hillary clinton widely criticized by the party for not campaigning in wisconsin. republicans are scheduled to hold their convention in charlotte, north carolina, in
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august 2020. well, president trump will once again ask congress for money for his wall. >> scott mcgrew joins us now. the last time he did it led to the closure of the government. >> the government will stay open. the request for the wall is part of the president's to posed budget. they ask for things they know they won't get. he didn't get the money he wanted for the wall when republicans controlled both houses, remember. it is unlikely to get it now. one thing overshadowed by the wall is the president is asking for paid family leave. many americans under the family medical leave act and president trump said pay them. california already requires this on a state level. meanwhile, the president is trying to explain why he called tim cook of apple tim apple. axios said he told republican fund-raisers in a private meeting he never misstated the apple ceo's name but there's video of it. >> in the meeting of ceos at the
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white house yesterday, the president had this for tim cook. >> you've really put a big investment in our country. we appreciate it, very much, tim apple. >> the president changed that explanation. he says he knows cook's last name but called him tim apple to save time. now, it'sdo up to you to decide whether he saved time or misspoke. here's another chance to judge for yourself. this is with the ceo of lockheed marilyn hue son. >> i may ask marilyn lockheed the leading women's business executive ina this country according to many. >>th inlet's go back to that bu again. what the president wants and gets in a budget never the same thing. no matter who's president. going to study this over the next few days and get an idea of what he's aiming for, laura. >> all right.ft thank you veryer much, scott. no major delays today on bart. it's after an hour's long bart
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shut down over the weekend and the agency calling it a mystery. on saturday bartd suffered a computer network failure and shut down for hours. thousands of riders were affected. has a forensic evaluation under way and we asked riders about how they're feeling this morning. >> i've been riding bart for five years and most of the time it is up and running and i don't pay attention to these minor glitches that happen. >> i'm glad it's up and running. i have to be at work at 7:00. >> ifab they don't have it together why am i traveling on bart? >> riders were vocal about the frustrations on social media. some calling for the governor to getth involved in the investigation. up rn, talk about the two workers that have it better with these views, better than a c suite. jaguar attacks a woman at a zoo. what she was doing and why she's the one apologizing.
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welcome back, everyone. new at 11:00, a hawaiian air flight from honolulu to oakland is forced to turn around. there was a suggested potential problem an one of two engines. plane made a u-turn yesterday afternoon and landed in honolulu at 3:40. the flight's passengers, 186, were directed to a different flight that landed in oakland early this morning. all right. now to a terrifying incident at a phoenix, arizona, zoo that left a woman seriously injured. that woman was attacked by a jaguar. this is while trying to take a selfie next to the big cat's cage. we want to warn you, some of the images are disturbing. nbc's morgan chesky has the
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story. >> reporter: the lady had her hand in the paws of the jaguar all clawed up. >> reporter: michelle and son adam, this was not how the trip to the zoo on saturday was supposed to go. adam capturing the moments after a woman was attacked by this jaguar. witnesses say the woman jumped a barrier to get closer to the cat's cage for a selfie. michelle, horrified, tried to stop the animal with a water bottle. >> until she distracted it, unclasped then we were able to pull her off. >> reporter: the woman in the 30s and is not identified sustained serious cuts on her arm. zoo officials temporarily removed the 5-year-old jaguar named sarah from public display. >> it will not be ute euthanize. >> reporter: this isn't the first incident of the cat.
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last year, she clawed another visitor who got too close. >> all the barriers in place meet the u.s. d.a. standards for regulations of animals such as the jaguars which are predators and need that double barrier system. >> reporter: attacks on patrons are relatively rare. since 1990, advocates say at least 260 people have been injured by animals or falls into enclosures and 34 killed, mostly sk zoo wokkers. a 2-year-old was hospitalized after stumbling in the rhino exhibit. a toddler fell into an enclosure with a 450-pound gorilla which cradled the child before officials shot and killed the ape. zoo officials say the victim in the jaguar attack went back to apologize to them for what she called a foolish decision. >> these are wild animals and
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boundaries put in place for the safety for everyone involved. >> reporter: a reminder that no selfie is worth sacrificing safety. morgan chesky, nbc news. >> no kidding. women fighting for equal pay, filing a lawsuit seeking equal pay and treatment. the suit against the united states soccer federation alleging gender based discrimination includes 28 team members. suit comes three months before the team tries to defend its world cup crown. new this morning, stars of the team morgan and rabbineau speak out saying they've been able to push the sport itself forward. >> i think you have to look at the investment of the u.s. soccer has on the sport and we are like heart of the games we have made in the collective bargaining agreement years ago and u.s. soccer investing in women's soccer. >> in a statement overnight, the u.s. soccer federation in part they have, quote, faithfully and
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consistently worked with the team to perform at the highest levels possible. the east brother light station has two new innkeepers. >> after getting the applications from all over the world, a young wocouple is bein selected. it is located between san francisco and san pablo bays, as tyler and tiffany have been living on a 32-foot sailboat more than three years and will now take over full-time operation of the inn on may 1st. >> actually this is going to be roomy for them now. >> yeah. it is. can you imagine after living on that island there? >> well, we'll see how they do. with today's weather it would be nice. >> amazing. to be out there. but the weather we had over the weekend, not so much. yeah. i mean, raining off and on. we had the clouds. well now, it is nice to see a cloud free day.
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taking a live look outside in sunol and all of that sunshine, a welcomed change. also in heeldsburg as we dry out with the rounds of rain we had and maybe heading out to ocean beach but it is cool and windy out there. so not the best beach weather with the temperature now only 51 degrees. it is 55 in palo alto. and in livermore, it is 50 degrees. but we will be warming up as we go throughout the rest of the day and as we take a look at the temperature trend, we go into the mid-60s. by the middle of the day. so we are going to continue to warm up quickly over the next several hours. and our high temperature's reaching 63 in concord. up to 61 in napa. santa rosa at 62 and then we'll see another system moving in that will bring us more clouds for tomorrow. and it is bringing some rain just starting to edge its way into washington state but we are
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going to see this as it gets closer to the bay area fizzling out in terms of rain and the system itself is weakening, as well. we are going to keep a slight chance of rain in the forecast for farther to the north. and then we'll see an increase in cloud coffer. we may also see some of that rain near the coast but overall looks like a fairly dry day. more clouds and then the winds picking up as the system drops in and moves out. we'll go back to the clear skies by wednesday. then looking at our reservoirs. we have had a lot of rain this season. and then our reservoirs are -- some spots over capacity and over the historical average as we take a look at far northern california, full some lake at 100% and then the san luis at 114% of the historical average and then southern california also seeing them over where we
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normally see and then the sierra snow pack, we are at 161%. it still looks pretty great after light snow over the weekend. now we are going to dry out once again. so our weather looking very nice. much more ideal weather for getting outside. our temperatures will be warming up, as well. inland areas, expect highs near 70 degrees for the weekend. i am sure looking forward to that. marcus and laura? >> i think we all are. >> absolutely. coming up for you, the future of sportses right in our backyard. a huge tournament over the weekend that had thousands watching on air and online. first happening now, you will soon get to access your risk for developing type 2 di diabetes. 23 and me is including a genetic risk for diabetes.
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outside experts say it could prompt patients to see a doctor if they realize they're at risk. more than 30 million americans have diabetes but many remain undiagnosed. we'll be right back.
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♪ have you ever felt forgotten ♪ >> those are the sounds there from college notes 2019. this is an exhibition show of some of the most talented and award winning a cappella groups from across the country. i had the pleasure of emceeing the performance on friday night and those students gave me a chance to dust off the vocal chords there singing with them. that song right there "you will be found." and talk about a great experience there. very talented group of young singers. just amazing what they can do with their voices there. >> nice to see. nice to see your participation, as well. hey, you know who else is busy? saturday night was fight night
11:27 am
here on nbc bay area and first airing of that competition in oakland. some of the best gamers in california gathered to play street fighter 5. arcade edition. it was a battle of nor cal versus so cal. bringing team so cal the win. >> shout out to my friends, dominic and le roy. best friends. i swear to god thank you for supporting me. >> way to go. they took home $5,000 and you see him there in the center, mike inouye live on the floor for all the action. all right. well, nice weather for us today. >> yeah. over the weekend, it was a little dicey at times. as we go through this week it looks amazing. >> it does. >> much needed break we need and as we only see a slight chance of rain in the forecast tomorrow but overall we are looking at 60s and even some low 70s.
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>> look at that. sai st. patrick's day. thank you for joining us. next newscast at 5:00. >> see you tomorrow morning starting at 4:30. have a good one.
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coming up on california live. one-on-one. >> who is your favorite rebecca? >> plus, we've got a special slow going on in the bay. cheers. >> a wine tasting room that floats. >> and ladies, we've got shirtless shots of an american god. >> what? >> you're welcome. >> it's all happening right here on california live.


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