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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  March 11, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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boom and the storm. >> oh, yes. it was like a movie. opened the door in the morning and it was like, where did all of this snow come from. >> reporter: some pulled out their shreds and even snow boards, turning their street into a downhill run. today the leftover hail slowly ni south san jose. and our weather team tells us that there were at least a dozen lightning strikes yesterday. the poor lady in the home behind me, she is an elderly woman. she says she hit the deck when she heard the pop. outside and check. luckily, no one was hurt. live in south san jose, i'm damian trujillo, "nbc bay area news." >> thank you so much. let's turn to meteorologist rob mijeda. how unusual is it? >> that particular hail storm unusual for how long it lasted and the area it impacted. as we rewind our doppler radar,
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this is the thunderstorm that split in town as it approached south san jose. you can see the path of hail that was left. it goes east along highway 101 out of evergreen south of downtown into willow glen and essentially the hail path followed its way down highway 87 into the almaden valley. all told, what you are seeing is a 13-mile-long path of hail dropped along the south bay. slow moving, large thunderstorm providing that. you saw the lightning as the hail was falling. a reminder, any time there's hail falling, that helps to build charge in the cloud. it is a good indicator lightning is still about to strike. when you have thunder roaring outside, head indoors even though the hail is tempting to go outside and play in some of it because we don't see it often in the bay area. stormranger shows things have dried out, clear skies, a nice break, but changes coming our way in the next 24 hours. this is the storm we're watching for tomorrow that won't bring much in the way of rain, but it could bring gusty winds.
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we will give times-uniline on t coming up in a few minutes. >> by the way, rob constantly updates his twitter feed with the latest weather info. you can follow him @robmayeda. >> tomorrow's oakland council meeting has been cancelled out of respect for a member. victor mcill haney was approached and robbed by three men early sunday morning before being shot and killed. it happened about a mile away from usc campus where victor was studying jazz. he was months away from graduation. a family friend tells us the councilwoman is in l.a. and is committed to sparking change from that tragedy. >> when we spoke yesterday afternoon, she said we have got to do something to help people love themselves so that we can get ourselves out of this crisis. >> she is a very strong person
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and i know that she's going to come through this even stronger. >> this is the second time the mcelhaney has lost a loved one to gun violence. 17-year-old torian hughes who the councilwoman helped raise and considered a grandson was shot and killed in 2015. authorities charged two people including a 15-year old for their role in that shooting. the star football player at the center of a south bay revenge porn case reported to authorities this morning. san jose native maurice washington is a freshman running back at the university of nebraska. he faces charges related to a video he sent to his ex girlfriend last year. now, she says the video shows her being sexually assaulted by two former classmates. washington is not in the video. he did not record it either, but he faces a misdemeanor charge under california's revenge porn law for allegedly sending the video to his ex girlfriend to inflict emotional harm. he also faces a felony child porn charge because she was
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15 years old when the video was recorded. washington and his ex girlfriend both graduated from kings academy in sunnyvale. "washington post"ed bail this morning and is due back in court next month. hopefully you weren't stuck in this mess, 101 in san mateo this morning. traffic backed up for miles because of this. our sky ranger was overhead. a chp officer was injured after an accident. you see the collision there with that volkswagen. a lingering mystery for b.a.r.t tonight. the agency is trying to figure out what caused a computer crash that shut down the entire system for more than three hours over the weekend. until b.a.r.t has answers it can't promise it won't happen again. nbc bay area's thom jensen live at b.a.r.t civic center station in san francisco with the latest on what might have happened. >> reporter: janell, b.a.r.t says it is committed to make sure it doesn't happen again. it knows if it happened during a busy weekday, especially during the commuting hours when there's an estimated 500,000 riders it
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would be chaos. the system is running gen, but b.a.r.t remains baffled by what caused its computer software to crash saturday morning, bringing the entire system to a halt. >> we don't really know the root cause just yet. we know where it originated from. >> reporter: b.a.r.t's communication's manager says software failed at a critical location in the computer network early saturday morning, triggering a safety feature that automatically stopped all trains until they manually rebooted computers at more than 100 locations. now the company that developed the software that routes b.a.r.t's trains and controls its traction devices is looking for the culprit. >> we need to wait for that sisco forensic analysis to find out the root cause of the failure to figure out what went wrong. >> reporter: service was completely down from 6:00 till 9:00 saturday morning, leaving passengers stranded. >> and i was stuck in the tunnel coming from oakland. i won't say unacceptable per se, but it is definitely avoidable. >> reporter: at least one
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b.a.r.t board member criticized b.a.r.t managers for failing to keep the critical software up to date and failure free. some riders agreed. >> they should be able to spend enough money to update the electronics system. >> reporter: b.a.r.t says it is too soon to talk about updates and costs until investigators pinpoint the cause, but says it is committed to ensuring it doesn't happen again. >> that was thom jensen reporting from san francisco. president trump has set the stage for another fight with congress. today he published his 2020 budget plan, and already democrats say it is a in-go. hot off the press and sent straight to capitol hill, next year's budget reviefs hves his insistence on border wall funding. he is asking congress for $8.6 billion, which is almost $3 billion more than his previous request which led to the longest government shutdown in history. >> the president was forced to admit defeat and reopen the
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government without getting his wall. the same thing will repeat itself if he tries again. >> democrats oppose not just the spending but the president's proposed cuts including $2 trill including environmental protection and medicaid. house speaker nancy pelosi slamming the budget plan saying, the krut and short sighted cuts in president trump's budget request are a roadmap to a sicker, weaker america. house democrats will reject this toxic, destructive budget request. also today, speaker pelosi told "the washington post" that impeaching president trump is so divisive it is, quote, just not worth it. she did leave herself an out though, suggesting if something came up, which is also upsetting to republicans, a bipartisan effort could proceed. she is demanding planes be grounded. we are talking about senator dianne feinstein of california. she says boeing needs to ground all of its new 737 max planes after a crash that killed 157 people in ethiopia, eight of them americans. we've just learned that two of
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the passengers are from redding, california, two brothers, melvin and bennet riffle. the ntsb and inspectors from boeing recovered the black boxes from the crash to try to figure out a cause. this is the second deadly crash involving the boeing 737 max 8 in the last five months. both crashes are similar. they both happened minutes after takeoff. in october, lion air flight crashed off indonesia killing all 189 on board. airlines in ethiopia, china and indonesia have grounded the max 8 until they have answers. senator feinstein put out this statement just in the past 90 minutes. it says in part, until the cause of the crash is known and it's clear that similarksren't present in the domestic fleet, i believe all boeing 737 max 8 series aircraft operating in the united states should be temporarily grounded. now, the max 8 flies into the bay area quite frequently. american has 24 max 8s in its fleet. they fly out of sfo, oakland and san jose. southwest has 34 that fly to
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those same three airports. norwegian airlines flies to sfo and oakland and it has 18. all of these airlines fully confident in the safety of the max 8, and they are also waiting for the results of the investigation before taking any further action. a big day for the space program and silicon valley technology. nasa says it is going back to the moon and eventually to mars and has billions of dollars to do it. the bay area will profit and benefit. nbc bay area tech reporter scott budman joins us in nays au ames research center where work on the mission is already underway. scott. >> reporter: well, hey, raj. if you think it, every 1960s has gotten a boost from the nasa ames veerch center hre here in mountain view. the next leap is no exception. >> the moon is the proving ground. mars is the horizon goal. >> reporter: nasa says there's money in the federal budget for deep space exploration, so the agency is going to return to the
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moon to prepare for a longer trip to mars. >> it is about having a sustainable human presence on and around the moon. in order to achieve that objective, we need a permanent command and service module in orbit around the moon. >> the actual space craft. >> reporter: the bay area is preparing, too. the nasa ames research center in mountain view using locally-made technology to create this module called the bio sentinel project. it will test radiation on life forms to better aid in long-range missions into space. >> to better inform our scientists at nasa how to protect biology, how to protect humans for the long-term mission. >> reporter: the plan is to land on the moon, then stay to explore, learning and harvesting enough to eventually head to mars. >> when we find the water on the soil, the lunar soil, we can use
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it to make the water that we need to drink, the air to breathe, make it into oxygen or turn it into rocket fuel. >> reporter: one step at a time with the bay area on board. >> all-americans should be proud. everybody in the bay area should be proud. >> reporter: nasa has a tentative timetable. it wants to get back to the moon next year. mars will take a little longer, they hope sometime around 2028. reporting live in mountain view, scott budman, "nbc bay area news". thank you, scott. relief finally for some flood victims. next we will take you live to sonoma county where they added an important addition to the cleanup. also, college students are at the state capital demanding changes for those struggling to pay tuition. . and a very pleasant change in the weather today. crystal clear blue skies, not much wind but big changes coming tomorrow. the clouds could come back and the winds could get gusty at times. a look at that when we come right back.
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morning are more than waking up, heading to work or getting your kids out the door. >> that's why "today in the bay" investigates stories that can change your morning. >> whether you need an alternate route to avoid trouble in your commute. >> or you want the bay area's most accurate weather forecast. >> we will help you prepare for the unknown. >> our promise is to make your mornings a little easier. >> get up, get informed and get going with "today in the bay." tonight our tom costello will have an update on the eegt e ethiopia crash. we are feeling it today. should daylight saving time be made permanent? we will talk about it tonight. rm
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the usual trash pickup. starting today , sonoma county it is garbage day along the russian river but far from the usual trash pickup. beginning today sonoma county is promising to clean up any flood debris people pileup in front of their properties. nbc bay area's mark matthew is in guerneville for us where there's a lot of confusion on this day. mark. >> reporter: there has been a bit, raj. i'm standing here on mill street with an averaged size pile of debris on the street.
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this is by no means the largest pile we have seen today. the county is expecting 5,000 tons of this stuff over the next couple of weeks to be picked up, and a lot of it heavy, water-logged and very expensive to get to the dump. every morning when jim paluso gets up, the pile of debris outside her apartment is bigger than it was the night before. >> there are people that have been dumping stuff here every single day that don't even live on this street. >> reporter: the property's owner says he cleaned up his place early and guesses a lot of other people just decided to pile on. >> now we've got a huge mess. my understanding is that the county is supposed to be here either today or tomorrow. i don't see any activity yet. >> reporter: the county hin up in front of residences. that will continue this week and next, but the county's website says that cleanup does not apply to business owners. they are being asked to arrange
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for hazardous waste and debris disposal at the county's central landfill. >> that's what i heard this morning and that's really disturbing. >> reporter: actually, inn keepers who pay 14% of their revenue in county occupancy taxes are more than disturbed. >> millions of dollars that goes to county every year and they cannot help us with this? >> reporter: well, just a few minutes ago i got the county supervisor for guerneville on the phone asked asked hnd asked policy of not picking up trash from businesses. she says the website has it wrong, that everybody's trash will be picked up. when i checked the website a few minutes ago, that information about no businesses being helped has been pulled. tonight at 6:00, you will hear the county supervisor for yourself. reporting from guerneville, mark matthews, "nbc bay area news". clean up is u satoy in sau of tne'sheay mudslide. it is a tricky job with crews
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working on the side of a steep an unstable hillside. today a tow truck was brought in to haul debris up from the slide area to the road above. the hillside gave way on february 14th, sending a duplex sliding down hundreds of feet into another home. the grandmother who lived in the building was buried by the mud and debris but survived with only scraps and bruises. her home was destroyed along with two others. where is all of that money going in san francisco? local lawmakers say it is lining the pockets of wall street investors instead of improving the city where it was earned. san francisco's historic o toda announcement. assemblyman d c venue to create a bill. the goal is to keep california money in california. >> our monies are kept largely in wall street banks rather than being brought and invested in what is important to us. >> the public banks he's proposing would be owned by cities and counties. they would also offer a place where california's legal
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marijuana industry could open accounts. san francisco has a new public defender. mayor breed formally appointed her this morning. he will replace jeff adachi who died two weeks ago. he served as a public in contra costa county. he will hold the position until november when voters will elect to keep him or elect someone else. college students gathered to protest what they call their growing financial crisis. >> the students are urging lawmakers to back a series of bills that reduces tuition, improves financial aid and creates new perhaps to help homeless students. lawmakers say they're working to find some solutions here. >> your issues are our issues. we need students to succeed. we need our universities to thrive. you are our future. we know that. we need you to do well for all of our sakes.
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>> not just tuition, nearly 40% of csu students say they can't always afford to eat. okay. let's check on our forecast now. rob, the sunshine is finally here. >> what is that in the sky? >> i know. >> it is a little -- >> it is like, it lifts your mood when you go outside. you feel so happy. >> want to soak it in. we haven't had many days where the skies have been clear. some spots close to 70. as we take you outside, soak it in and enjoy it. we will see a few changes tomorrow, but what i want to tell you about today's weather is it is a sneak preview to next weekend where we could see even warmer temperatures. right now in san francisco, no clouds, 59 degrees, a little breezy out there with a west wind of 17 miles per hour. we will see more win tomorrow. emeriville into the sunshine. in san jose, a few clouds to the south. 62 degrees. mostly sunny skies and, yes, 67 degrees in concord, down towards santa cruz. again, it is a sneak preview. we will see more sunshine and high pressure in the seven-day
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forecast. it is distracting at the bottom of the screen because we have 70s coming back in time for the weekend. tomorrow morning, bundle up. some low 30s and 40s to start the day. a little breezy in the hills to start and then we will see the winds mixing down to sea level as we go through the afternoon. notice the highs tomorrow not quite as warm. low 60s around the south bay and more wind. wind's northiewest around the south bay. temperatures in the upper 50s, turning breezy midday. san francisco, upper 50s for tomorrow's high temperatures around downtown. for the north bay, highs in the low 60s. so stormranger mobile doppler radar right now, as you see clear skies. not finding much. it is the system on the coast that isn't going to bring us a lot of rain, but the wind may be a bit of a different story, especially near the coast. wind gusts, the top thing we are watching. it is not the rain, no thunder, no flood risk and no snow like we saw yesterday on mount
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hamilton. it is the wind instead. gusty on the coast this time tomorrow. they could be close to 30 miles per hour. in terms of rain, not a lot there. by 9:00 a.m. tomorrow, the morning commute, we see the winds pick up. mid spans of the bridges you may notice gusty action for your morning commute and the evening commute, but look how the system falls apart as it crosses the bay area. we're not expecting anything in the way of showers other than maybe a sprinkle or two in the north bay or east bay hills. wind the main highlight tomorrow. less wind into wednesday. this is where things start to look more like what we're seeing outside right now. high pressure starts to build heading towards the weekend. unlike the last five or six weekends with the outdoor plans, little league andrsnd hail, it look goes a lot nicer. temperatures climbing once we get past the system tomorrow, which is more a wind event than anything, we see the winds back off and temperatures climbing. san francisco could be close to
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70 on sunday. >> oh! sorry. i didn't know my mike was on. >> just want to enjoy the temperatures. yes, mid 70s are in reach in a few spots by sunday and monday. so let's get past the wind tomorrow and then we can start enjoying it. >> i feel like the people in chicago when they see the sun. they're like, oh, the spring is here. >> felt that way here. >> so excited. thank you, rob. it will be a fantastic weekend. coming up, a new way to test yourself for a disease that affects nearly 30 million americans, and you can do it at home. that's next. discover all california has to offer from the bay area to los angeles and san diego. "california live" takes you where the locals go, reveals he live your best california life. weekdays at 11:30 a.m. on nbc bay area. the bathroom code? yes, please! which one? it's time to get more. lower fares. better service. sweeter rewards. alaska airlines.
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user's genetic risk for diabetes. but dna will not give you the whole picture because lifestyle factors play a big role, but experts say it could prompt patients to see a doctor if they realize they're at risk. fighting for equal pay. 28 members of the u.s. women's soccer team, the national team, are suing the united states soccer federation over gender discrimination. the women filed a lawsuit last week. it points out a discrepancy in pay between the men's and women's teams. if both teams played in 20 non-tournament matches, the men would be paid more than twice as much as the women. here is cal alum alex morgan. >> we feel like we should be equal on all fronts there. when it goes to compensation, yes, we are not paid dollar to dollar and that's what we're fighting for. >> the lawsuit comes as the women's team looks to defend its world cup title this summer in front. sushi, a click away. we are talking about sushi fresh from the printer. we will show you next. for comfort food at a comfortable price,
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on toasted sourdough, plus fries and a drink. it's comfort food for the uncomfortable things in life. yep, this guy knows what i'm talking about. try my $4.99 sourdough patty melt combo. tonight at 6:00, princess and browny fighting for their lives. the two chihuahuas rescued from a house fire in contra costa county and the all-out effort by crews to save the two dogs. that story and more tonight at 6:00. finally at 5:00, it is a high tech way to watch your
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diet. heard of 3d sushi? yes, the japanese company called open meals debuted this 3d sushi printer. >> wow. >> at the south by southwest convention over the weekend in austin. the printer works like any other 3d printer except it uses food. but to sample the food you first have to provide a sample of your own saliva. the printer tailor makes your sushi to make sure it is suited for your dietary need. the company plans restaurant in tokyo next year. actual food comes out of there? >> yes. look how beautiful it looks. >> it is great. they use your spit -- >> yes, that spit, saliva. >> it is custom-ordered sushi. >> we'll take a california roll. everybody loves california rolls. >> and the weather. >> california weather. >> and the timing is great. showing up for the weekend. look out for gusty winds around this time, but once we are past tomorrow, 70s. >> thanks for joining us here at
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5:00, lester holt is next on "nightly news." >> back at 6:00. hope to see you then. breaking news tonight, growing pressure on the faa over whether to follow other countries and ground boeing's newest plane after the second one in less than five months struggles to stay in the air and plunges to earth, killing all aboard. >> of course the big question here people want to know is what caused it. >> tonight, what airlines here are saying as the black boxes are found. also breaking tonight, house speaker nancy pelosi says she is not for impeaching president trump, why she says she's against it even as some in her party demand it now. the biggest cocaine bust in 25 years, how the feds intercepted it as they warn it's a sign of a dangerous comeback. the measles outbreak spreads again as doctors again urge parents to get their children vaccinated. outrage after police enter a


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