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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 13, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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nature's bounty. because you're better off healthy. right now at 5:00, president trump reacting to house speaker and san francisco's own nance pelosi and her comments about not impeaching him. what he has to say as his former campaign chair heads back to court today for a second sentencing. plus the fallout from the college cheating scandal continues. social media loading up with reaction as another celebrity heads to court today. new details coming up. college basketball mania hits the bay area as east bay st. mary's beats the gonzaga. we have a play by play. "today in the bay" continues right now. beginning with a bit of a pep in
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the step. i had to clear out a bit there was in arm flailing. >> go gaels, i'm so excited. >> a happy morning, indeed. >> vianey is in with us this morning. >> i'm happy to join you, especially when i can bring you nice weather. a look at your wednesday headlines, what to expect. we're talking chilly 30s and 40s. still clear skies, but windy areas. by the afternoon we're talking breezy conditions. coast will be in the 50s, and inland upper 60s. i'll go more of the timeline, but first mike? >> traffic alert. we have this flashing lights indicate the crew because of a car fires, not a big rig fire, a car fires. it looks like the smoke is going
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and they have reopened the lane making that final merge over. the bay bridge is building, but held up by the traffic, so it's a bit lighter through the maze. we'll bring you the rest coming up. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. this morning on capitol hill president trump tweeting overnight that he appreciate nancy pelosi's statement against the impeachment, adding, quote, everyone must remember the minor fact that i never did anything wrong. his tweet comes as paul manafort is due in court for the second sentencing today. tracie potts jouns joins us in washington with what is expected. good good morning, tracie. >> these actually happening again, twice in a week the president's former campaign chair going before a judge, this time on similar charges, but in a different courtroom with a different judge in charge.
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>> today judge amy berman jackson will decided if paul manafort spends most of the rest of his life in prison. hi faces ten years for consulting for the. but they also found him guilty of witness tampering, and lying to prosecutor owes after he cut a deal. he got nearly four years in a similar virginia case, significantly less than the 24 years he faced. >> thank goodness judge jackson, sitting in the federal court in washington, d.c. can now clean up this unjust mess. >> reporter: just jackson will decide if any additional jail time runs together or back to back with last week's sentence. president trump calls manafort a good man. the white house says he hasn't decided whether to pardon him. >> i don't even discuss it. the only one discussing it is you. i haven't discussed it.
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>> he should not be dancing in the end zone yet. the charges are unrelated to the trump campaign. today is not the last time you will hear from judge amy berming jackson. tomorrow in her courtroom she will preside over a hearing for roger stone, the former trump adviser who put a photo of her and cross harris online. he's going to find out his trial date in her courtroom. laura? >> so interesting to follow. thanks so much, tracie. three california sanctuary laws are getting another test. immigration activists plan to gather as the ninth circuit court of appeals takes up the trump administration's sanctuary lawsuit. they say the sanctuary policies being challenged are senate bill
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54, which limits local law enforcement acting as deportation agents, as well as assemblingb bill 1013, and assembly bill 450, which requires to telling workers which their records are reviewed by i.c.e. they're going to gather at 8:30 this morning. police arrested the suspect late monday. they say he murdered 59-year-old bambi larsen in her south san jose home in february. larsen's neighbor has surveillance video he says shows the suspect trying to break into his home. i.y.e. says it tried to deport him nine times due to criminal convictions but requesting were not honored in both los angeles
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and santa clara county. more twists and turns are expected in the case the feds are calling operation varsity blues. in just hours, "full house" actress lori loughlin is expected to turn herself? some of the most elite universities are involved. police say singer also admits to paying test proctors to let someone else take the exams. at least 15 of those indicted have ties to the bay area. those parents include investors and retail executive business owners, as well as doctors. among those charged stanford's
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head sailing coach johns van demore. he's been fired. and also felicity huffman was arrested. it's being report that had the feds stormed her home with guns drawn. let's bring in kris sanchez. >> she joins us more with how people are actually responding. they were lighting it up yesterday. >> i know that you were on campus picking up the kids, and paints of kids of all ages are talking about this, not only in our neighborhoods, but in our newsroom and also social media. here's lori loughlin on the "today" show. >> are you going off to college and leaving your mom? >> yes. >> she's not going far, but my husband keeps saying you're not going to see her, so just be prepared. >> so many parents watching are but through this where they're being to watch a child go off to
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colle college. >> when i think about it too much, it will make me cry. i've got to stop. >> so if any of these parents are getting simply. here is rob lowe tweeting -- his son tweeted a pictures of his stanford graduation. in the twitter user says kick the students out. they are adults and they had to know what their parents were doing. this user who is a professor writes, i hope they name every single person involved, fire them, strip their degrees/kretz, and kick in some jail time. super rich kids were dumb and lazy, so their parents bought grates for them. and george lopes puts this up, making the point they were faking their documents so their children can have a better life. he added the hashtag dreamers. those children who were admitted
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to the colleges based on their parents' alleged fraud, at least one university says if they knew, they're going to get expelled. if they didn't know, they'll take it on a case by case basis. it seems that lori he' daughters were stage. >> they are photoshopping some pictures. >> at least one of these seemed to have known. it's really sad. >> you're trying to -- >> how would you feel if you found out your parents didn't think you could do it. he leaders approving nearingly $3 million for flood repairs. governor gavin newsom declaring a state of emergency there in sonoma county shortly after it happened. and it is 5:09 right now,
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certainly nice to get a break from all of that rain and crazy weather. well coming more spring-like temperatures. we're in the 30s and 40s as you head out the door. 45 in san jose, 44 in san francisco. the wind speeds, we're still noticing it's pretty gusty in some spots, but breezy by the afternoon, not as windy as what we saw yesterday. as far as your daytime highs, we're talking mid to upper 60s. here's a quick check of your microclimate highs today oakland 62, san francisco at 60 degrees. let's get a check of the roads with mike. >> but i like those temperatures. there was a warm-up. there was a car fire. we have one lane reopened, but the drews and the car it slums waiting for a flatbed tow truck. this is westbound 80 coming off the eastshore freeway.
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this is that last coming up from oakland, you make that loom to approach the bay bridge. this is making the toll plaza a bit lighter right now. only one of those four lanes is open right now. it will cause some more slowing. the top of your screen, westbound 80, right around mcbride, report of a crash there as well. chp is not yesterday there. folks are calling in and saying people are walking around, that's a bad idea, folks. we'll track that closely. back to you. thanks, mike. >> it's 5:11. coming up next, you can bet some celebration is happening right now at st. mary's college in moraga. they beat gonzaga, the number one team in the country. we'll talk about how it went down. what an upset. >> i hear something in your voice. plus we'll look at wells fargo, congress asking, can this bank
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by fixed? and should you feed your pets what you eat? it turns out there's some foods you can give your pets guilt-free. that's at 5:25. you're watching "today in the bay." you
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mike traffic tease it is 5:14. as you plan your day, 43 in dublin, but the temperatures will be climbing into upper 50s for the bay and coast.
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we're talking about an even greater warm-up on the way for the bay area. i'll break down the complete timeline coming up. the jam into the maze, things got bad early because of a car fire. we'll tell what you we're waiting for. 'very happy wednesday to you. the dow continues to be weighed down by boeing, which is a dow component. the company says it would update the software on the 737 max 8 aircraft. the ceo of wells fargo was in front of a house hearing on tuesday. tim sloan has testified before congress in the past, but the problems have generally not gotten westerly. wells fargo has admitted to or been blamed for many other controversies, including charging customers too much.
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one customer asked sloan, which is it going to stop? >> can you give me your personal assurance this is the end of customer harm? >> i can't promise you perfection, but what i can promise you is that the changes we have implemented since i became ceo are going to prevent them from occurring as best we can. the british government warning british banks to keep extra money in their vaults as the path towards brexit get much more muddy. pet published another episode of our podcast sand hill road. alphab alphabet, and i talk to john hennessey. >> we tweaked government --
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>> we tweaked or ignored them often. i think we also missed something else, this new generation of products we built, whether it's google, facebook or twitter. it doesn't just touch the lives of those of you that are computer people or even just business peel. it touching everybody. we didn't anticipate the unintentions consequences of that. >> you have itunes, google play, all of those are weighing to subscribe and hear all about it. i understand you have information. >> it's huge news. >> go on. >> citi mary's the fans get ready, the gaels are going on to the tournaments beating the nation's top ranked team. they were number one, gonzaga. the play summing it up. he hits ma magic three.
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let the madness begin. st. mary's returning to the tournament for the first time since 2012. not our first dance, but a very exciting night last night. >> it sounds like you actually attended the school. >> i think the bay area pretty much knows that. that's the one story i'm biased on. >> congratulations to them. so something about, the weather. >> it's going to be fantastic we'll see high pressure, which means dry, beautiful conditions. wind speeds at 7 miles per hour notice the clear conditions. also seeing those great clear conditions with speeds night and light, but again if you're on the hilltop areas, you'll constituent be getting gusty conditions. nothing too bad, and look at
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doppler radar. we're not sigh necessary activity on radar, in fact not even cloud cover. we did see a system that was off in so cal, but you can see that's trekking more east. now vegas is getting some rain, the phoenix area is getting rain, do make sure to check those road conditions. >> let's talk about your microclimate highs morgan hill 65 as well. through the east bay, 63 degrees for walnut creek. 63 for livermore, warmer spots at 66 degrees. upper 50s for san mateo. redwood city 62. and in san francisco, some upper 50s, low 60s up through the north bay. finally starting to feel like spring around here finally. so let's take a long-range outlook, we could see an increase in cloud cover starting as early as tonight, but no rain. we're going to see the system
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stay far off to northern, as we head in towards saturday, sunday, we're going to be trending much warmer. we're talking plenty of sunshine, and over the next seven days this will set us up from upper 60s all the way into the 70s. take a look at saturday and sunday. talk about a beautiful weekend, something definitely to look forward to, but do we have the roads to look forward to, mike? >> most of the he roads are the okay. look -- they loop back around over to here and it's all jammed up because of this i think i just saw a tow truck arriving. one against by northbound 880 and it's jammed up, and that's right over here. here's the deal. you take 980 over, that's a much better route. that's one option for you coming from oaklandhanding up to the
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nimitz. the top of the screen, we still have that crash. that crash was reported west 80, your newt direction, and then people got out of the vehicle to take care of some business, but a lot of people are worried about that. chp is still to arrive on the scene. they were tied up at the maze. shaking around, this is the rooftop camera. a wind advisory for the high-rise, back to you. >> thanks, mike. coming up next on "today in the bay," feed your pets a little human food here and there. there are certainly foods that are okay to give your beloved dog or cat. we'll tell you which ones, coming up next. mike inouye is on facebook this morning talking about his pet. you can read his pup update. follow him on facebook there. ves
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ambassador carlos vecchio .. continuing coverage this morning on the deepening crisis in venezuela. the new and disputed ambassador meets in houston today with venezuelans displaced from their home country. he was named u.s. ambassador by juan gaiudo. they came under new fire from nicklas maduro. he claims that a cyberattack launched from chicago caused the blackout in venezuela. staying in south america, two new ease bergs have broken off the great glacier. the breaks are concerning to scientists. they fear it's happening mohr and more often. they say it's the size of three
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soccer feels. the most significant rupture to the glacier before that was reported in the early 1990s. they say there's a link between rising temperatures and the ruptures. take a look here, massive flames tearing through an apartment building in new york. no one was hurt and it's not clear what caused that fire. dozens of families are now looking for a place to live. in a developing story, washington state is filing a lawsuit against three of the largest suppliers of opioids. the state's attorney general alleges that the companies continue to spend suspicious orders of opioids to the state despite the legal obligation flagged to them. >> for years they ignored their legal obligation to alert law enforcement of enormous
5:26 am
suspicious odds. >> now, in recent months, at least 30 counties here in california have also filed similar lawsuits against opioid manufacturers and distributors. despite warning from veterinarians, many people love feeding their pets left jersey. >> a look at what food is okay to share. according to the houston humane society, carrots, apples, white rice, even a fried egg with no seasoning. here's definitely what not to feed your pets. greasy foods that can lead to gastroenteritis. in addition to the greasy foods they should never have anything containing or prepared with grapes, raisins, alcohol, avocados, chocolate, and spices like cinnamon. coming up, the stories we're
5:27 am
following, including the action governor newsom is about to take to halt all executions. it's a controversial move. we are live at san quentin in the north bay as sfo with reaction. a boeing 737 max plane lands at sfo. we're talking to passengers as they get off, what they're saying in a plane that as the same questionable technology as a plane that went down in ethiopia. we're going to check your morning commute in just a bit, as well as your forecast. we have much more straight ahead. it's 5:27 you're watching "today in the bay."
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♪ find a world of inspiration. find something you love today. unique selection. unbelievable prices. homegoods. go finding. a very good wednesday
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morning to you. let's take a peek outside. folks are already up and out the door making their way most likely to work this morning. halfway through your workweek, that's a good thing. good weather lately. good morning. let's talk more about that weather. vianey arana is in with us this morning. chilly in some spots still. but let's talk about your headlines for today. a quick peek of what you can suspect. we are expecting the windy hills to start turning chilly. the coast 50s, bay low 60s and inland upper 60s. let's get some check of
5:31 am
troubles. >> the bay bridge toll plaza, see that tow truck? it's got flashing lights. there's a minor crash approaching the toll plaza. that's just off -- right here, yew left-most fast-track lanes. you see the traffic just slowly starting to build up. more traffic being held up, getting over toward the bay bridge making the bend. the traffic back upis thinning out. we still have a lane blocked by the crash things are still moving pretty smoothly, but no slowing through san pablo. marcus? >> thanks, might be mike. just in a matter of others, gavin newsom is set to make a major announcement. he plans to take the executive action to eliminate the death penalty in california. pete suratos joins us live outside of san quentin with
5:32 am
details. >> reporter: good morning to you. we're going to get into the details by governor newsom in just a moment, but we're getting plenty of reaction to his decision, including one from president donald trump. we want to pull up this tweet. defies voters, the governor of california will halt all the death penalty executions of 737 stone-cold killers. friends and families of the always forgotten victims are not thrilled, and neither am i. it will cal for a moratorium, a reprieve for roughly 740 inmates here at san quentin. it also will withdraw the lethal injection protocol and immediately close the execution chamber here at san quentin. it does provide a clear direct
5:33 am
ive -- newsom supported an end to the death penalty in, so this shouldn't come as a surprise. the initiative ultimately lost. another tried to end the death penalty, failed in 2016, so now he's clearly using hi executive powers. the association of deputy district attorneys called this move hasty and ill-considered. it was re-enacted in 1977, and since then 13 inmates have been executed here at san quentin, we'll be in sacramento for the official announcement. that will take place at 10:00 a.m. >> thank you, pete. new this morning, we are hearing from passengers who penalty the night on a booing 737 max 9 jet airliners while on their way here, 'we take a live
5:34 am
look at sfo. it arrived about 4:45 this morning. two max 8s have crashed overseas. "today in the bay's" bob redell joins us live is what passengers said and the pressure that faa is still resisting. >> reporter: we did speak with incumbency on a flight from donna, how. they were on a boeing 737 mass 9, and the once we spoke to were not overly concerned or even aware of what was going on. several countries have grounded the max 8. they're doing this under investigators can figure out what caused a max 8 to crash this weekend? ethiopia, and another one last fall off the coast of indonesia. here in the united states,
5:35 am
southwest and american airlines, they fly the max 8, united the max 9. all three airlines say they have no safety concerns. the max 8 and 9 do have the same system. there was a computer glitch that might have called the max 8 crash last fall. here's passengers who just arrived this morning on the united max 8 flight from hawaii. >> it is a little concerning. you just told me about this. i had no idea but the plane made it. i always feel like there's less plane accidents than car accidents i ride a motorcycle. so i always feel like i'm brushing with death. so i think planes are a side of
5:36 am
option. >> reporter: did you have any concerns? >> not at all. the flight from hawaii to here -- >> reporter: no complaints, no concerns. >> none. yeah, it was nice. >> reporter: a number of u.s. pilots have reported control issues while flying the max 8s. in the union for america flight attendants, they're calling for the airplane to be grounded. boeing says they're rolling out a software patch that could solve the problem. >> interesting to hear reaction from folks out there. thanks, bob. it is 5:36 a san diego flight head to do denver was delayed for hours after smoke was seen coming from the plane. southwest says a battery-type charger overheated in luggage.
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san ramon valley teachers have until tomorrow to vote on a new contract, and this weeks other teachers have been trying to hammer out a new contract for years. they saw it boils done to one thing -- money. >> we don't think the district is putting a priority on its students. we think that they are hoarding money in several accounts, as opposed to spending money on the students who are here. both sides are looking for what's best for the students and mediation can still resolve the differences. teachers have under friday to cast their vote. some bad news for warriors fans. star kevin durant sits out tonight agame against the rockets. he rolled his ankle during sunday a
5:38 am
sunday's game, and then the team is calling him day to day. his status is still up in the air for saturday's game. > . leer's what happened before the sharks were headed into overtime last night. >> and now myers on a break, with pavelski, fires, pavelski, he scores! >> give that guy a lo zen. joe pavelski scoring the game winner, his 37th goal of the season. the sharks beat the jets 5-4. it's their sixth win in a row. he can do if. >> the big pavelski can do it. over here clearing the lanes. this is a video from a few minutes ago, but see this? this tow truck and the other
5:39 am
car, and sees they cones? those are actually junior plastic sticks, helps them get off the road way can you still see the lanes filled in, we have more traffic coming through, passing slowly at the scene here with the earlier car fire. that sort of merge coming off the northbound 880. lighter traffic and that crash moved to the side of the road. people were walking around -- >> that's dangerous. we always hear the stories of that happening. stay in your car. be careful. it's dark out there. all right. for us this weekend it's looking very nice. >> it is. possibly setting us up for nice
5:40 am
weather. loot at thattic bay 66 and inland, 70 degrees! we haven't seen 70s for a while. this will be a nice change for us as the high pressure continues to dominate. it's already beginning to creep on in and will linger through the weekend. we will notice a combination of sun and clouds as early as saturday, but mostly clear for saturday. we'll get an increase on sunday, but it also will warm up even more. inland temperatures will be topping out into the mid 70s. by the doe 67 degrees, certainly a fantastic weekend to head to the beach. if you have family visiting or heading out on some trails, it would be a beautiful weekend. we'll notice an increase in cloud cover. some of the warmest days on sunday even into monday before we see changes into the workweek. back to you. >> it looks good. it's 5:40. coming up an important medical alert. if you traveled through l.a.x.
5:41 am
last month. a man defying firefighters running back into his burning home to rescue his dog. it's a finish you don't want to miss. it is 5:40 right now, you are watching "today in the bay."
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it is 5:43. as you're making your breakfast, it's still a little cold, but look at this temperature trend towards midmorning. the windier hilltops will turn
5:44 am
breezy. by 10:00 a.m., topping out into the 50s by 12:00, but don't worry, we're expecting the mid 60s and only getting warmer as the week goes on. i'll break down that timeline coming up. here's what the wind looks like. shaking our rooftop camera on the nimitz in oakoakland, there that sig alert as you approach the bay bridge. thanks so much. it is 5:44. happening today, sam lick cardo giving his state of the city address today. he's expected to focus on affordable housing and homelesses in. he will give his speech this morning a a tiny home construction -- to shelter the homeless as they transition into more permanent housing. according to santa declara county in sand jose and the surrounding area, over 7,000 people are homeless. 75% do not have access to a
5:45 am
shelter. >> a new warning for anyone who may have passed through l.a.x. recently. you may have been exposed to measles. a los angeles public health leader said that someone recently diagnosed had a 12-hour layover at l.a.x. anyone knotts vaccinated might have been at risk for the exposure. new details on a looming name change. starting next year, burnett middle school will be called something else. we don't know what yet. school leaders are vetting more than 400 suggestions. the current namebake peter burnett was california's first governor. he served for about a year. many historians now consider him a blatant racist. the program is expanding to a second port of entry. the program began in january and being implemented as border arrests soared in february for a
5:46 am
12-year high. so far, 240 people total have been returned to wait out their asylum cases. the president's former campaign manager faces a judge for potentially the last time today. scott, he's facing another sentencing? >> that's right and then it's prison. probably hoping for a lenient sentence. the first time he escaped a 28-year sentence as he was settled to just 47 months. star less than what prosecutors were asking for. far less than what the guidelines called for. today he faces the second court sentencing. two things to watch for. does head get the full ten years? will that sentence be counsel current or consecutive. elizabeth warren continues to attack tech.
5:47 am
she's added apple to her list of companies she thinking should be broken up. on tuesday the presidential candidate posted this -- curious why i think facebook has too much power? let's start with their ability to shut down a debate over whether facebook has too much power. thanks for restoring my posts, but i want a social media marketplace that isn't dominated by a sing the censor. that tweet contains a number of inaccuracies. what she was talking about were not posts. they were adding. warring used facebook logo in her adding. ads. the content was never the issue, though though in the end, facebook did allow them. we're watching everything that happens in washington. certainly the manafort thing is at the top of our list. i'm @scott mcgrew. take a look at this. new video showing a san diego
5:48 am
man making a daring move. he runs past firefighters as the home is engulfed in flames. a couple minutes later he emerges with his dog. all right. all right. he got hurt, man. >> yeah. the man said he didn't care about his belongings, he just want to do save his pitbull, and he did, but you have to be careful there. >> definitely love -- firefighters are there. >> he's lucky he made it out, and the dog, too. >> i'm happy they're both okay, and good to spend quality time with your pets. hug them tight. dublin 43 degrees right now. and take a look at san francisco, a nice shot of sfo there, 49 degrees, and you know what? as far as the temperatures go, it's not too cold. i could say maybe mild.
5:49 am
45 degrees the clear skies are a welcome sight. doppler radar very quiet, thoughs can see some activity out to the east. you can see now high pressure is building in over the bay area. that will help us warm up into the mid 60s. san jose 65 degrees. eat san jose 64. in through the east bay, temperatures also very pleasant and -- up through the peninsula, and if you're going to be heading into the city, we're talking up through the north bay, novato 65, napa 64, santa rosa 67. today great, fantastic we are, again that high pressure builds in. let's talk about what we can expect. long-range outlook, the rain
5:50 am
will stay off to the north. so we'll start to notice the clouds increasing by today and into tomorrow, but it's not going to be rainy. just a little cloudy at times, but again as the high pressure begins to roll in, the temperatures will warm up, bringing us very nice temperatures in the 70s, into the bay area. as early as tuesday we could have some showers. wee expecting partly cloudy conditions, by tonight into thursday, and then saturday and sunday those skies clear out nicely with a combination of sun and some 70s. yes, those are showers next tuesday, but at least we have a long stretch of dry weather. this was a traffic alert. this is the last thing i'm going to talk about this traffic
5:51 am
alert. north 880 all recovered. now in the foreground we have westbound 880, that's a slower drive. it did completely clear, the bay bridge toll plaza now causes the backup on the approach. we see a standard flow there. over here the earlier crash cleared, but then we had eat crash, and it sounds like an ac transit is involved. no word on injuries. but we're going to track it. four vehicles are over on the right shoulder and partially in the fast area. over here a smoother drive. a bit of slowing, i should say. marcus? thanks, mike. happening now, are you ready for march madness? bay area colleges today playing in the basketball tournament
5:52 am
today. stanford takes on ucla. cal plays colorado meanwhile, san jose state plays against air force in the first round of the mountain west tournament. the win of the pac-12 tournaments gets as automatic bit to the big dance. deadly day for disney. what we know about an accident at the thyme partner. first, slowing iphone sales in china. the other side that experts say may mean fatigue is setting in. [vacuum]
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♪ introducing fresh step clean paws, with low tracking litter. your vacuum becomes a cat toy. let's make litter less of a mess. let's start fresh.
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at today in the bay! it is our producer andy gipson s birthday! today in the bay )s mike inouye shared this photo of andy on we appreciate you, andy. now get back to work. >> happy birthday, andy. an iphone fatigue might be setting in in china. the company publishing steep declines in revenue in the country, combined with the slowing iphone sales. apple iphone sales are down 5% year over near last month there the researchers on the chinese search engine, e phones it willy were also down nearly 50% last month. that comes despite retailers
5:56 am
slashing prices for the products. paypal rolling out an instant transfer option in the u.s. the service sense money directly to your bank account, not just a debit cart spotify premium subscribers is now get hulu at no extra cost. previously hulu cost $6 a months. you still have to put up with the ads after the new deals. colorado is dealing with extreme weather. avalanches have all but shut down one small community, the town of ouray. people there are stranded. lit really peopleant get in or out. that is causing some frustration. >> i'd like to more about what "indefinitely" means. >> crews say it could take
5:57 am
another week to clear all of that snow. new this morning, another accident at disneyworld. a man fell at a construction site. he felt in an area under construction. the unidentified man was pronounced dead at the scene. authorities are still trying to figure out why he felt. something new this morning, something to consider before you hit the road. road rage incidents are apparently on the rise. >> reporter: road rage you probably witness it had, maybe you were even the driver angry. stats show the number of fatalities has skyrocketed. coming up on "today" we'll hop behind a driving expert and show you how to stay safe. we'll have joe's report coming up at 7:00 right after "today in the bay" on the "today" show.
5:58 am
at 5:57, one of the most popular areas at san francisco is at the center of a passionate debate about where to shelter the homeless. we're talking about the embarcadero. it was a packed house last night at the pores commission hearing. at issue what would be the largest navigation center on the embarcadero, just south of the bay bridge. she says the site fills a need helping the nearby homeless. there was some serious pushback about the idea, however. >> no one would consider locating a navigation center smack in the middle of seacliff or pacific heights. why place it -- [ applause ] >> i want one of these in my neighborhood. i want one of these on the west side, one of these on the north side. i believe a navigation center everywhere. we have too many people living on our streets. >> others say the area already has a large homeless presence and services should be provided locally. there's a push for upscale neighborhoods to do their part when it comes to tackling the
5:59 am
homeless crisis. a full vote is expected at the end of the month. right now at 6:00, praising pelosi. the president's new message overnight as the former campaign chair is sets to get more jail dime. and we expect a billing rally? san francisco this morning, the law over immigration policy, set to stir up strong emotions in the city. and cheating the system. sort media is on fire this morning, reacting to the college admission scandal, the update we expect on one of two famous actresses caught in the case. "today in the bay" continues right now. a good morning to you on this wednesday. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. vianey is in for kari. >> it's going to be one of those mornings where it feels chilly, but by the afternoon the sunshine will be a welcome sight. what you can expect, is a check
6:00 am
of your headlines. windy still, but 59 degrees route now in the south bay, temperatures reaching into the mid and upper 60s for inland areas. the windy conditions will turn breezy at times. by the even we're talking partly cloudy conditions, but don't worry, those clouds don't bring rain with them. i'll break down when the warmer temperatures are coming. mike? no more traffic alert approaching the bay bridge, about a traffic concern here on web 80, as you cross over solano avenue, things will be jammed up. just past san pablo, the accident there, a lot of activity, there may be a bus and a few other vehicles involve. no disruption to the services report. the notice that overall, the


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