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tv   Today  NBC  March 13, 2019 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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hope it's a clear day for you as well. thanks so much for joining us. we'll be back at 7:25 with a live local update. >> thank you for start you are your morning with us. have a great week. today on this wednesday, lori loughlin and felicity huffman charged in a college admissions scam. could this change the process. and an exclusive look at a fierce fashion show. and check in. one thing to check out to see if your hotel room is clean. i love y'all. >> announcer: from nbc news -- >> what? >> announcer: this is "today." >> i love you guys. >> announcer: with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb.
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live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> how do we do it day after day? >> you know why we do it? eventually you get to wines day wednesd wednesday. lovely ms. holed di, how are yo? >> colorectal cancer. an important pi. few words of wisdom. >> get a colonoscopy. >> and your girl. >> dolly parton. everybody loves dolly. the most beloved woman. she and betty white. >> i think you're right. >> we've lost mary tyler moore, so many different people. those two women, across the board, who doesn't love them. >> dolly whenever she walks in the studio she's a listener. you don't expect that of a big celebrity. she always kind of --
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>> leans in. >> yeah. >> a big scandal broke yesterday that kind of made us a little sick, basically. >> yeah. i'm sicker this morning than i am when i first heard the news because it's -- well. >> it's that college admissions scandal. they called it operation varsity blues and the way they broke it down. called it the biggest college admissions fraud in u.s. history. where parents were paying this kind of fixer guy money to help the kids cheat on the s.a.t.s, to help them pretend to be in sports they weren't into, so it would help getting into the college. >> to get them into the college of their choice, right. >> with the names associated with this are felicity huffman and lori loughlin. you know, we've had lori on a ton of times. >> just here with her daughter a couple weeks ago angd this one hurts. i hate these kinds of stories to begin w
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but i've known lori she she was 16. always loved her positive pieces. still do. i don't understand this. i looked for a number for her to reach out. no judgment. you know, when they're your friends they're your friends, but it's not the kind of friend i have her number. a colleague that i forever -- i'm sick about it. i want her to know that the story is what the prosecutors allege. she and her husband paid about a half million dollars to have their two daughters try to get into usc and basically the prosecution's allegations they did faux photos of the daughters on a crew team when they weren't ever in crew and some some cases this fixer guy would photo shop faces of the girls on to bodies. what he did for some of the athletes, so it looked as if they were on a crew team, and they ended up firing some coaches, charging some coaches from these various universities. usc, it was yale.
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a ton of schools. >> yeah, yeah. >> stanford. a lot of ivy leagues. >> those are the ones people are literally dying to get in. huh? >> what it is, the reason it spoke to so many, mead so many upset a lot of kids are working two jobs taking s.a.t. a couple of times to try to get a decent grade. >> tutors and trying to do -- >> extracurricular at school, everything because they don't have a connection. >> or money. >> or money. they don't have -- just need to get in and they can't get in. you're banging on the door and can't get in and you see stories of other kids who do get in who didn't have what you had but had something else. >> you no what we? so people will say. listen, just trying to do the best -- some have said this. trying to do the best for their kids. i said, well, are you teaching your kids it's okay -- that's the way you get ahead in life? you cheat and lie? that's not best for your kids. best for your kids is teaching them right from wrong and being an example of it.
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no that i've always been but i taught my kids they're better people than i am. but the mastermind, really, got away with this for a long time. 345689ermind at the center a guy named william singer. said he helped over 750 families with these side door admissions. >> he's admitted guilt. >> yeah. >> what they did was basically people would pay this guy and in some cases the kids would walk in to take the s.a.t. they were told to say that they couldn't come on the designated day because it was like a wedding or bar mitzvah. can't make it. i need to switch my day. and in switching it got it into a room that was friendly to this guy william singer. >> a more private room. >> yeah, more private room, and that's when apparently some kid would -- in some cases take the s.a.t. for you, and in some cases -- >> our change your answers and fix them. >> fix the answers. >> unbelievable. >> put the test in. >> what are the repercussions? we'll have a segment on this with experts in a minute.
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what now happens to somebody like lori beloved in the industry, has got one of the biggest shows on the hallmark channel. >> yeah. >> she was aunt becky. in "full house," "fuller house" hallmark maybe one of the best images of any actress on television? >> i mean i don't -- one thing that one of the prosecutors was saying, because it is mail fraud. i mean, this is lisle a real crime they were talking about. >> it's a federal crime. >> i mean it is punishable by some prison time. >> oh, my -- >> that took my breath away, too. i don't think the thinking is whatever happened -- >> there was talk maybe her passport taken away and she works almost all the time in vancouver. where hallmark does so many of their films. you wonder if she'll have a job when this is all over. >> the prosecutors one going after the kids. some in cases they knew someone else was taking their test, obviously, some cases they
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didn't know. >> say we didn't know our parents were doing that. >> oh, wow. >> your parents and mine would you know of and mine wouldn't have. say we've grown up in a privileged home. neither of us did so don't know what that's like. how would you feel this morning? >> right. if you knew that your parents, like, secretly were trying to pay someone to get you into a school? i'd feel pretty crummy. >> yeah. >> right. >> what would you do, self-worth. mom, dad you, didn't think i could do it on my own? >> i'd rather, like, get into any kind of community college or anything. rather than -- >> pay that price. >> and not for nothing, getting into college now is so hard. >> way too hard. >> i was thinking -- >> way too hard. >> i went to virginia tech. state school. fine school. there's no way i could get in right now. like, the -- >> with the grades you had then? >> yeah. your grade point and s.a.t. scores in addition to the extracurricular, i don't know how kids get into college! like, where are they going? >> maybe now we're learning.
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>> yeah. some of those kids. what about the kids that don't have that. >> a long time since my kids were there. >> kochts. a lot attached to it. this is hitting a nerve for a ton of reasons. >> goes back to what so many think. the whole system is rigged for the rich. >> right. >> in some cases it is. let's just be honest. so let's fix it. fix it. >> if a guy wants his kid to get into a big school and says i have a $250,000 donation for your library and they say -- >> perfectly legal. >> it is, but also, like, wow! i can't believe that kid gets in, because his parents had that. it's just another -- >> just another thing. >> that makes people go, oh, gosh. >> and is there any justice, fairness in the world? what do you think happens to -- felicity is a very different kind of actress. a very, very good actress, but doesn't have the image that lori does. will this be -- will the system be less harsh on her? will the reaction be less harsh? >> i do think -- i mine, the
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reason aunt becky was trending before felicity was, it struck a different cord. >> so disappointed. >> yeah, yeah. >> what is she feeling this morning? utter like -- >> what the heck -- >> been on our show a bunch of times. >> yeah. well, okay. >> okay. so we told you the news of alex trebek a little while ago. got pancreatic cancer stage four and asking for people's prayers and wanted to people to help lift him up and people responded to his ask. open letter from a mom who beat stage-four cancer and her letter is going viral. >> diagnosed in 2012 just given nine months to live. here's part of what she wrote. >> you may wonder how i stayed positive. my answer was always the same. i didn't choose to get cancer and i didn't choose to go through this, but i do get to choose my attitude. so i choose to be happy and live
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my life. guess what? i beat the crap out of stage-four pancreatic cancer and in full remission for six and a half years. >> i bet that just bosst stbols >> goes on. alex trebek, go kick cancer's butt. you got this. >> that's cool. >> i wonder how much age is a factor for him now? i wonder how old she is and if that's a factor? maybe check that out -- anyway, i was upset discovering how many more young people are getting colon and rectal cancers. >> yeah. >> unbelievable. >> the numbers are -- >> astronomical. >> numbers are really high. >> suggesting age of 45 get your first colonoscopy. >> that's our public service announcement. >> if that isn't good enough news. anything good today? are you a germaphobe when it comes to staying in hotels? >> no. >> are you? >> no. i just go in there and --
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>> if i see something gross, yeah. >> something nasty -- i do not lay on the bed spread because you know that's no bueno. >> why is it -- >> because they don't wash it often. just like -- who knows what's happening on there. i mean, i take it down and then i know they wash the sheets. they have to, but the bed spreasprea spread -- no, i don't think so. it if you want to find out if your hotel room is clean. a couple tips. look at the coffeemaker. >> if there's one in your room. most do. >> a lot of them do now. >> keurigs. >> anyway, if you check it, you will be able to tell the hotel's overall cleanliness. >> all right. because they don't get in there and get those grounds and things. there aren't grounds with the little keurig things. >> who's going into all that detail? >> i don't know. >> anyway, go to the room and go to sleep. >> more on the big college admissions scandal. my friends are here. say hello to karen and i know they're gone already.
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>> they've left. >> so sad. >> and angie. there they are. >> talk to them more about the possible change to admissions. two experts weigh in coming up. >> where did angie go? >> nobody's here. >> there they are! say hi. grounding it. >> if an issue that affects safety is identified, the department and the faa will not hesitate to take immediate and appropriate action. >> reporter: a former top faa and ntsb investigator said the u.s. should not give in to global pressure. >> i hope they follow aeronautical engineering principles and evidence and facts before they would just simply ground an airplane due to an unknown public fear. >> reporter: meanwhile, at the crash scene in ethiopia, families have been gathering in anguish as the eight americans who died are being remembered back home including antwan
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louis, a u.s. service member. >> i've screamed to the heavens to ask why, but i already know the answer because god doesn't make mistakes. >> and matt vacier an avid surfer and environmentalist headed to a u.n. summit in kenya. >> matt was better than the normal human. he was an exceptional person. >> reporter: 157 lives cut short. also this morning, a federal database that allows pilots to report anonymously about issues, complaints, concerns, says some of them in the u.s. have complained about the max that the nose can pitch forward. boeing, by the way, is now pushing an urgent software patch to address a com glitch that may have been identified in that indonesian crash five months ago. >> tom, thank you. big story ahead in politics, craig joins the table with that one. >> hey, hoda, savannah, good morning. we are getting new clues directly from former vice
7:14 am
president joe biden himself this morning about his intentions when it comes to the 2020 presidential election. nbc white house correspondent peter alexander has the latest on that. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, the former vice president dropping his strongest hints yet that he is getting into the 2020 race. joe biden his allies say has the name recognition, the experience, and importantly strong support among white blue collar voters, the same demographic that propelled president trump to the white house. >> reporter: ready to run, former vice president joe biden certainly sounds like it, cheered on by members of the firefighters union. >> save it a little longer. i may need it in a few weeks. [ applause ] >> be careful what you wish for. >> reporter: if biden joins the already crowded 2020 democratic field, polls show he would immediately become a front runner. at back to back events test driving the message he could carry into the campaign lamenting how americans now seem to be at each other's throats.
7:15 am
>> mean pettiness has overtaken our politics. >> reporter: and casting president trump as out of touch with the country's values. >> in america everybody gets a shot. that's what the next president of the united states needs to understand, and that's what i don't think this current president understands at all. >> reporter: biden praises firefighters' bravery after 9/11. >> you sent a signal to the world, you can knock us down, but you can never beat us, never, never, never beat us! >> reporter: the former vice president's challenge, building support as a familiar establishment face in a party increasingly driven by young progressive voices. unfazed when pressed by nbc's andrea mitchell. >> why wouldn't you run? >> i can't think of any reason. >> reporter: a trump, biden battle would be a blockbuster with both men trading taunts. >> i wish we were in high school, i could take him before the gym. >> i think he ran three times, and he never had more than 1%. >> reporter: another presidential prospect eyeing
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2020, democrat beto o'rourke, the former texas congressman set to make his first trip to iowa tomorrow. a source familiar with his thinking telling nbc news o'rourke plans to announce his decision before the end of this month. >> the country's counting on us zbrch ! let's do it. >> reporter: after recently facing off against the president with dueling rallies along the border in his home in el paso. >> reporter: o'rourke sounded sadly, it's a story everybody's talking about today. the largest college admissions fraud in u.s. history. >> the fbi is calling it "operation vars fi blity blues." parents trying to buy their kids way into schools. best known for roles on "full house" and "desperate housewives," lori loughlin and felicity huffman facing federal charges for mail fraud as two of the 33 parents, 9 nines and 1 college administrator prosecuted by the department of justice for paying money to get their kids
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into elite schools. >> the parents, coaches and facilitators lied, cheated and covered up their crimes at the expense of hard-working students and taxpayers everywhere. >> it is the largest admissions scandal ever. all prosecutors say parents paid more than $25 million for allegedly cheating on the s.a.t. or a.c.t. exam and allegedly creating fake athletic profiles to improve their children's chances of being accepted. at the center of the scam is william singer, who ran a college prep business. >> getting into the right college will set the trajectory for the rest of your son or daughter's life. >> singer pleaded guilty in court confessing, i created a side door that would guarantee families would get in. singer also admitted paying test proctors to let someone else take a student's admissions exam. all the while, loughlin and huffman and others dised this as
7:18 am
a charity he ran deducting payments on income tax. in 2017 loughlin and her daughter isabelle were here on "today" talking about going off to college. >> going off to college and leaving your mom. >> yes. >> she's not going far. >> not too far. >> i think i'm in complete denial. >> and loughlin's other daughter spoke about attending college. >> but i do want the experience of game days, partying -- i don't really care about school as you guys all know. >> reporter: news of the wealthy buying admission to higher education is not sitting well with current students. >> i was pissed off that someone is able to, you know, pay their way into a school that other students have worked really hard to get into. >> that's just incredibly unfair taking a spot from someone who deserves and wants to be here. >> joining us, nbc news legal contributor katie phang and bob prince. hello guys. >> hi. >> nice to see you. >> katie, pretend you're the
7:19 am
attorney for lori loughlin and felicity huffman. what would you advise them to do this morning. >> immediately negotiate a plea. >> really? good morning. i hope your wentz is off to a lovely start. 40 degrees in san francisco. clear conditions throughout the entire bay area, and yes we will be warming up by this the afternoon. breezy conditions, not as windy as what we saw. climbing up into the mid to upper 60s for santa rosa. 62 for oakland, down through the south bay. also expect mostly clear conditions. >> no. listen, they weren't out for the greed for themselves. obviously trying to do it for their kids. probation. get that, better negotiate quickly before maybe somebody else comes forward. >> what do you make of it, rob? >> despicable. we work with so many students and think about the 3 million students that applied to college
7:20 am
this past year, the system isn't broken. many of those students get in the fair and square thinking
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a super model, superstar designer, too, and surprise celebrities. >> new "project runways" hotter than ever and you get an exclusive sneak peek coming up ..
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a very good wednesday morning to you. it is 7:26. president trump blasting governor newsom's plans to halt executions in california. the president tweeting out critical comments a short time ago. the governor is supposed to formally announce the moratorium this morning. he plans to sign an executive order closing san quentin ace death chambers. they have the largest list in the nation with 737 inmates. the association of deputy district attorneys calls the move hassie and ill-considered. the anoint will be at 10:00. vianey is in for kari.
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>> a beautiful morning. we're not expecting as gusty. 48 degrees, also beautiful and clear. let's look at our daytime highs. temperatures already topping out in the upper 50s along the coast, lower to mid 60s even upper 60s scenes rosa 67 degrees. san jose 65, san francisco 60 degrees. check out the next seven days. we're going to keep this nice, high pressure through the -- actually maybe into sunday -- saturday, send, into monday. into tuesday we have a changing pattern, but look at that 70s. mike, how are the roads? >> better now. 9 this crash clearing here. all the activity westbound 808, we see speeds recovering, and then you meet the merge. the rest of the bay shows a smooth drive, and northbound
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right through san jose we see 87, 280 and 101 with a little build. and the sun's out there. another update in half an hour. what's better than having fast,
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[ cheers and applause ] welcome back on this welcome back on this wednesday morning. 7:30. a sea of blue on the plaza as we honor colorectal cancer awareness month and we are going to be dressed up in blue as well. important cause. >> you ladies look great in blue. >> show do you. >> colorectal cancer second lead cause of death in this country. and younger deaths coming up. talking about that troubling stat with dr. oz. >> very personal to you. we'll talk about that. and the most senior catholic cleric convicted of child sex abuse sentenced today. six years in prison.
7:31 am
cardinal george powell convicted in december of molesting two choir boys in an australian ka cheed dr cathedral in the '90s. his age and history of cardiac issues an issue in the sentences. he denies the allegations and is appealing his conviction. more than 700 inmates on california's death row getting a reprieve. governor gavin newsom plans to sign an executive order to stop the use of the death penalty saying the order will not alter convictions or allow don temmed inmate a chance for early release. newsom called the death penalty system a "failure," saying it discriminates against the mentally ill, people of color who those who cannot afford expensive legal representations. football fans in shock after a blockbuster trade in the nfl tuz. the new york giants have agreed to trade superstar wide receiver odell beckham jr., obj, going to
7:32 am
the cleveland browns. ex-exchange, giants get a first and third-round draft pick. beckham can be temperamental, considered one of the best in the game and coming off two injury-plagued seasons. oddsmakers in vegas say the trade makes the browns a legitimate super bowl contender. >> shocked? >> stunned. >> a lot of people were. >> talking about stunned. back to the massive college admissions scandal called the largest ever in the u.s. and the details are jaw dropping. wealthy family families, celebrities accused of lying and scheming to get their kids in stop schools causing a lot of fury among other parents. you might expect. natalie is in los angeles with more. good morning. >> good morning. getting into a top college, as if it isn't hard enough, now major backlash against the wealthy celebrities and ceos accused of fraud. investigators say they paid millions to guarantee their kids a spot at some of the nation's best universities. >> so you must be rebecca.
7:33 am
>> no, please. please, call me becky. >> reporter: some of-tv's most beloved moms spurring public outrage. felicity huffman and lori loughlin among wealthy parents including private company execs accuses of brishi inbribing coa administrators to get their kids into elite universities. the schools themselves are not targets of the investigation. >> flaunting her wealth sparing no expense to cheat the system so they could set their children up for success with the best education money could buy, literally. >> according to investigators the "full house" actress and fashion designer husband mossimo giannulli agreed to pay bribes $500,000 having their two daughters designated as recruits to the usa kr crew team despite the fact they did not participate in crew.
7:34 am
even had their girls take fake photos posing as athletes. >> going off to college and leaving your mom? >> yes. >> reporter: loughlin appears on "today" in 2017 with her older daughter bella got emotion talking about sending her to college. >> whenny a think about it too much it will make me cry, so i got to stop. >> oh! >> reporter: loughlin the younger daughter blogs and has merely 2 million follow followers. >> the experience of game day, partying. i don't really care about school as you guys all know. >> reporter: many viewers now venting you were just a spoiled brat that cheated into college when others had to actually work hard to get in. this abuse of privilege and money horrifying hard-working families. >> that's just so incredible unfair taking a spot from someone who deserves and wants to be here. >> reporter: "desperate housewives" felicity huffman accused of paying to pooboost h daughter's s.a.t. score arranging for a third party to
7:35 am
purport to proctor her daughter's s.a.t. and secretly correct her answers. reaction on instagram fast and furious. so many children overcome immense ob stickings to hopes to even apply to university to better their lives and here you come jumping that line, pushing your daughter ahead. clearly the fame and money has gone to your head. >> felicity huffman is out on a $250,000 bond and lori loughlin expected to appear in court today. meantime, reps for both women did not respond to our request for comment. guys? nat, thank you. here with more on the fallout and the scandal, what it says about college admissions, nbc business correspondent stephanie ruhle. steph, all of our friends only talking about one thing. this story. hit like a real nerve. you wonder, is the, just the admissions process completely broken? >> sort of the beauty of the process is gone. college has become a business. you know that admissions departments now have metrix and data they have to meet every
7:36 am
year. deans of admissions. pushed. did you increase the number of applicants? decrease the number of acceptance rate? it's known, an institutional priority for colleges and universities to look for students that are going to have a philanthropic family to give to that school. if you think that's not a factor, it absolutely is. it's legal for a family to say we'd like to give $2.5 million to this school and like the development office to meet with us and help our child but even that is unethical. wasn't that way when we went to school. >> you say college admissions is a business, but that would be a fraudulent business. >> exactly it. college admissions has become a business and because of that it could be gained. what these people did was game the system and it's twisted. it's twisted because they robbed even their own kids of that process. when you're 16 or 17, you're supposed to have that conversation, what am i about? what do i want to do with my life? and start that journey. there's over 5,000 schools.
7:37 am
>> set aside the process for the kid and what they've robbed of, what about the kid that got the scores, his or her own merits had the grade, but not rich parents to buy their way in. >> that's what's so foul here. for all of those students you can't put the toothpaste back in the tube. at different schools now. maybe didn't get into the school of their choice and you can't unwind it. we don't know what the schools will do with the children of these people who are there. it's complicated. >> what's the fix? how do we fix this system? if we can acknowledge it's not the meritocracy we thought it was. how do we fix the system to clearly, easily it won't be gamed? >> go back to being more subjective. write their own essays. get to spend time with admissions officers. now you've got a common app. just bust this thing out. we have to find a way to personalize it again, because you want diversity. kids with different perspectives not just a machine. >> there are awful lots of really, really fine schools. you know? >> yes.
7:38 am
>> to exalt these schools with the elites and ivy leagues is like a brand name. like chanel or prada or something. you could go get an education and have it be just as excellent. i feel we need to change the way we think about these particular set of schools. >> even more than excellent. how about the school that's just right for your kid? >> right. >> yes. >> if you're chooeating on the s.a.t.s what's it like when they show up to yale and should be at a completely different school? >> smaller school. >> they robbed their kids of that chance and you wonder, really? way to have no confidence in your own child. >> exactly. >> steph, always had hot take. thank you. >> head over to mr. roker for another check of the weather. >> two words. suity aspseudo, and it's cheap. and look at the temperatures. chicago, 57.
7:39 am
pittsburgh, 57. new orleans almost 80 degrees. kansas city at 62 degrees, but there is colder air making its way east but meantime, indianapolis flirting with 70 tomorrow. new orleans 82. look out dallas. 62. seven degrees below average and this weekend cold air moves east. saturday chicago at 39. on sunday, new york city after getting up to 66 on friday down to 46 and orlando drops down to 77 by sunday. bring on the sunshine. it's 7:39. we're tracking some temperatures that are going to be very comfortable, very spring-like. san jose 46. wind spree breezy, and take a look at the next seven days. we're talking high pressure that will keep us dry. you'll notice an increase in cloud cover tonight into thursday, but the high pressure will keep us dry with partly cloudy conditions. check out saturday and sunday.
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tracking 70s in the forecast for san francisco and inland areas. and that's your latest weather. 6 y un producto que va a ayudarnos and on sleep, clever new products designed to put an end to our tossing and turning. plus sharing a few laughs with "snl's" aidy bryant. she pay as viscid it to studio and disturbing road rage and what you can do if you find yourself in a confrontation. right after this. the way you triumph over adversity. and live your lives. that's why we redesigned humira. we wanted to make the experience better for you. now there's less pain immediately following injection. we've reduced the size of the needle and removed the citrate buffers. and it has the same effectiveness you know and trust. humira citrate-free is here.
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what does it take to work that's a great question. if you'd stop in a monsoon to help someone change a tire, save a whale that had beached itself... you're gonna be ok big guy. push! lend a hand in an old-timey barn raising... you got it, jebediah! and if the middle school dance group was down one member and you'd step in and lead them all the way to glory... yes! then carmax is for you, because helping people is what our people are all about. this morning on "in-depth
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hardly an isolated case. in fact, numbers provided to nbc news from the department of transportation show a dramatic strike in the number of fatalities from road rage incidents. how to avoid roach rage and what you can do if you find yourself a target of an enraged motorist. you're watching extreme road rage. the driver of this suv repeatedly smashing another car over -- and over -- >> oh, my god. >> reporter: then jumping on the roof. this driver attacks a vehicle with a tire iron. a scuffle on the side of the highway. >> hmm -- hmm -- hmm. >> these two men acting a fool on the side of 35. >> reporter: how to control road rage caught on video again and again and again. out of control road rage. >> that's what you get! >> reporter: watch this
7:46 am
motorcyclist kick that car setting into motion a dangerous change reaction. and then in january, this guy riding on the hoods of a car. >> get off my car! >> reporter: finally it comes to an end when other motorists lock him in. can you believe all this over a fender bender? it's amazing no one died in any of these incidents. but others aren't as fortunate. according to the federal department 6 transportation, the number of road rage fatalities jumped dramatically from 110 in 2007 to 487 in 2017. that's a 350% increase. but there are a number of ways to de-escalate the situation and avoid road rage. i'm here with driving safety expert epstein with the national safety council. thanks for being with us. >> hi, joe. >> reporter: before you even get in the car there are things to keep in mind. right? >> absolutely. remember that driving is fundamentally one of the most
7:47 am
dangerous things you'll do all day long so it's important to be in a proper state of mind when you get in the car. relaxed. calm. ready to go. >> reporter: right now i'm not ang degree. not feeling in a rush. a good thing. >> a great thing. >> reporter: we're good to go. i'm behind the wheel driving a car on a stretch of road closed for this demonstration by the california police department. another car -- maureen vogel also from the national xaft sa council today playing the part of an aggressive driver. >> tailgating, honking her horn. what should we do? >> main thing, joe, try to get away from her. let her go. de-escalate the situation. pull to the right. let her pass. don't engage. >> reporter: easy enough, but watch what happens when she pups up next to me at a stop. >> hey, what are you doing? this is ridiculous. >> reporter: yelling at me. what should i be doing? >> look straight ahead. don't engage with her.
7:48 am
roll up your window. lock the doors. >> who gave you a driver's license? >> let her proceed ahead. >> reporter: i'm worked up. part of me wants to say something back to her. should rye do that? >> no, you should no. take deep breaths's count backwards. >> counting to 20, what does that do? >> lowers your heart rate and allows are yoed to relax. want to be calm behind the wheel. focused on the task of driving. >> reporter: simple tips to avoid this -- >> here's something else to keep in mind. if an enraged driver follows you, don't get out of your car. try to get to a public space with other people, preferably a police department, and using your horn is almost always an instant agitator. don't do it. in short, ask yourself if it's really worth putting yourself at risk just to shave a few seconds off your trip. back to you guys. >> joe fryer there in l.a. you make a good point, though. i mean, being behind the wheel. that is one of the most
7:49 am
stressful places. >> you're helpless. nothing you can do, and you feel weirdly protected in there that you can -- pop off and you'll be all right, because you're in that -- >> just a couple extra -- keep your hands on the wheel and then go -- put the hands right back on the wheel. >> is it really worth it? >> exactly. just ahead, dr. oz is here with good advice. talking about colorectal cancer this morning. guess what? on the rise in younger people. we'll dig into that after these messages. rate to severe plaque psoriasis, every day can begin with flakes. it's a reminder of your struggles with psoriasis. but what if your psoriasis symptoms didn't follow you around? that's why there's imya. with just 2 doses, a majority of people were clear or almost clear. and over time, even more people were clear or almost clear. all with dosing 4 times a year... after 2 initial doses. plus, ilumya was shown to have similar risks of infections compared to placebo. don't use if you are allergic to ilumya
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is . it is 7:55. we are off to a beautiful start. 48 degrees. we have clear skies throughout the bay area. the microclimate highs will be climbing into mid and upper 60s. napa 64, a predicted high of 62. oakland, upper 50s for the peninsula and breezy conditions in through the evening hours. the clear skies will remain at least into the enwhen we'll notice a cloud cover for thursday and friday, but no rain, the rain will stay far off for the north. as we head into saturday and sunday, that high pressure that will keep us dry will start warming us up. check out sunday. we're talking 70s on the map with the next chance of rain moving in by tuesday.
7:57 am
inland temperatures looking good with mid 70s by sunday with the warmest days into monday. starting to feel like spring. it looks like springtime traffic ago well. northbound 880 is jamming up. look how light up. the camera is shaking, i know. watch the benicia bridge as well. a slow are drive is developing in your typical patterns. especially 87 and also 280 have jammed up in the last half hour. back to you. happening now, san francisco leaders get ready to introduce the next fire chief, the list now down to three finalists. the mayor is supposed to make the announcement in about an hour. president trump this morning blasting governor gavin newsom and his plan to halt the excuse of death-row inmates at san quentin prison. newsom is supposed to sign an
7:58 am
executive order today. you can go to our home page for the back story. d-m-v. the reason why and what you can do to prepare! plus--a bay area woman says a solar panel installer left her in the dark. our consumer team sheds some light on the situation. join us tomorrow morning from 4:30 to 7. today on california live, how to help your kids not catch the meetsle, and top chef today, this morning at 11:30 on nbc bay area.
7:59 am
8:00 am
dozens wealthy parents including hollywood stars and ctop ceos facing criminal charges after being accused of paying bribes to get their kids into elite universities. >> we're talking about deception and fraud. fake test scores, fake photographs, fake athletic credentials. >> the largest admission scam in history. where does the investigation go from here in we have the latest. plus growing risk. the study showing how colon cancer is on the rise among younger patients.
8:01 am
this morning dr. oz is here with what you need to know about lowering your risk. and king george. they hit bucking ham palace for a royal date night with prince charles. what happened when hollywood royalty met british royalty? we have all the details today, march 13th, 2019. >> from kansas. >> hi, mom. >> from virginia. >> hi to our parents in california. >> and iowa. >> i'm lynn, and this is wren. we're a therapy dog team from raleigh, north carolina. >>. >> man. >> nice. >> now, let's look at this
8:02 am
beautiful plaza. it is a nice spring morning. we have a great crowd, and it's bathed in blue for an important reason we'll get to in a little bit. >> we'll get outside as well. we also appreciate all those my today plaza messages. get out your phone. send us more hash tag, my "today" plaza. put it on instagram or twitter. we'll put you on "today." >> we will. get to your news at 8:00. too much going on. federal ingest gators say they're not finished following a network of bribery that helped people get their kids into top u.s. colleges. miguel almaguer as the latest on the scandal and the outrage it has provoked. good morning. >> good morning. some of the nation's most elite colleges have been caught up in the admissions fraud including georgetown, yale, stanford, ucs and ucla. eight universities unknowingly admitted students whose scores
8:03 am
or athletic achievements were faked by their parents after they paid as much as $6 million to guarantee entry or cheat the system. the parents include felicity huffman and lori loughlin. the ring leader is singer. he admits parents paid him up to $25,000 to get their kids admitted to prestige universities. he paid people to boost s.a.t. scores. some 50 people have been arrested and prosecutors say more charges could come down the road. >> back to you. >> we'll continue to follow it. thank you. the faa is resisting pressure to ground boeing 737 max 8 airliners. most of the world has grounded that plane or banned it from their air space since sunday's deadly crash in ethiopia. it was the second disaster involving brand new max 8s in five months.
8:04 am
meantime, ethiopian airlines said the black boxes will be sent to europe for expert analysis. one of hollywood's most glamorous couples joining the prince william for dinner. we have a look at the royal date night. >> reporter: good morning. you could call it a date night. not like any date night i've been on. inside bucking ham palace. many folks talking act what appears to be the increasing closeness between the clooneys and the windsors. >> providing some added sparkle at a bucking ham palace dinner party. last night hollywood royalty rubbing elbows with a real royal. human rights lawyer, amal dazzling with in a white gown as she and her husband george shared jokes with prince charles.
8:05 am
it was a charity dinner at the palace. the clooneys who have made their home in the uk have become close to harry and meghan attending the wedding in 2018. amal, a mother of twins, providing help and advice to the soon to be first time mom, meghan. co-hosting her celebrity studded baby shower in new york city recently along with serena williams. it's also rumored the clooneys provided their jet so the heavily pregnant meghan could travel pregnantly. and now amal and meghan making their mark as women on the world stage. meghan spoke out about female empowerment on women's day. >> if there is wrong and there's a lack of justice, someone needs to say something, and why not me? >> george clooney recently slamming the media for attacking meghan. saying she's a woman who is seven months pregnant who's being pursued and vilified and chased in the same way diana was, but meghan insisting it
8:06 am
does not get to her. >> we make a choice on what we click on and read and what we engage in. >> reporter: a celebrity friendship that seems to have being much more. and there's more. when harry and meghan moved from central london to windwindsor, won't be far from the clooneys. friends and neighbors. >> quite a neighborhood. a morning boost. >> boost us. >> most parents look forward to to a phone call or a call from their adult children. two brothers who live in florida had a bigger plan for their dad in new jersey. they put his father on a billboard urging people to call up and wish him a happy birth. it went viral. within days he was getting calls from around the world. >> hello. >> hello. happy birthday. >> thank you very much. >> this is from south carolina, by the way. >> thank you. take care. >> hello. >> i just want to say happy birthday. >> thank you very much.
8:07 am
>> that's great. >> appreciate it. where are you calling from? >> florida. >> thank you. thank you very much. i appreciate it. >> how about this? chris logged 15,000 calls and texts in the first few days. his sons paid $2000 for the billboard which, by the way, will stay up for another three weeks. he's going to get well wishes for a while. >> he's going to have to change his phone number. happy birthday. straight ahead, the new star, this is one of my favorite shows. we'll talk about the new gig on project runway. >> dr. oz is here. he's going to educate us on a health risk that's on the rise in the younger americans specifically. that's right after this. and continues to work when i need it, 24/7. trulicity is an injection
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8-month. seresto, seresto, seresto. forget injections and look up to 5 years younger in 12 weeks with no7 laboratories new line correcting booster serum. it works so well, 76% of women said injections can wait. exclusively at walgreens, target and ulta. welcome back, everybody. we're back with your health today. march is colorectal cancer awareness month. as we mentioned, a lot of people in our crowd wearing blue, and there's a purpose for that, to raise awareness for this disease. >> more than 100,000 americans will be diagnosed this year and a growing number of those cases will be younger patients. we're going to talk to dr. oz about that in a moment, but first the troubling trend tied to the disease. >> this is the face of a survivor, diana zapeta was just 32 when she started to realize
8:13 am
something was wrong. >> i used to have a stomach of steel. i traveled a lot for work and never ever got sick. i could eat anything. >> reporter: then she started getting sick all the time. >> it's one of those things that i think everyone's so embarrassed about that you'll find any excuse not to go to that type of doctor or get any kind of those tests not even knowing what tests they were. i just knew i didn't want to go. >> reporter: but she did go. she had symptoms that included persistent cramps, diarrhea, and blood in her stool. and after tweaking her diet and taking antibiotics didn't help, her doctor recommended a colonoscopy. >> i'm like a colonoscopy, that seems really drastic and also no thank you, but i'm really lucky that she was very proactive about it because a lot of fellow colon cancer patients i speak to are misdiagnosed for years. >> reporter: a recent study found that 63% of colorectal
8:14 am
cancer patients under 50 waited 3 to 12 months to see a doctor after they start experiencing symptoms. by the time they did see a doctor, more than 70% were diagnosed with stage 3 or 4 of the disease. according to a separate study, the number of patients in their 20s and 30s diagnosed with colon cancer has grown by up to nearly 2.5% each year since the 1980s. dr. john marshal of georgetown university hospital. >> when i trained a long time ago, there was nobody under the age of 50. today in my clinic where you're visiting, half of the people we saw today are under the age of 50, 20-year-olds, 30-year-olds, 40-year-olds, 50-year-olds now, and we don't know why. >> reporter: one theory dr. marshal and his team are looking into has to do with the gut's microbiome, a complex community of good and bad bacteria. they're trying to figure out if an imbalance in this gut bacteria can lead to problems
8:15 am
with the immune system and may even play a role in how cancer spreads. >> we've recently found that even metastasize, so a cancer that started in the colon and spread to, say, the liver has bacterial dna in it which means the bacteria had to in some way be the carpet or the guide to allow the metastasis to happen. >> reporter: more research is needed. in the meantime, dr. marshal says if symptoms are there, doctors need to consider the possibility of colon cancer no matter a patient's age. diana's diagnosis was stage 4. >> i think when people think about colon cancer -- and you don't look like someone that has colon cancer. >> i googled it, and it said the average age for diagnosis for women was 72, and i was less than half that age. >> reporter: her treatment required a series of surgeries and seven months of
8:16 am
chemotherapy. she and her husband dressed up black tie formal to celebrate her last chemo session. that was ten months ago. since then she's been cancer free. diana's message to other young cancer patients is simple. >> there's hope that you can get through so much more than you think you're physically capable of. >> wow. >> dr. mehmet oz, host of the dr. oz show joins us now. my older brother diagnosed about two years ago, stage 4 colon cancer, and didn't really present it. he had some stomach pain and by the time he went in he was at stage 4. not quite 40 years old. >> unbelievable. >> these incidents that we're seeing, dr. oz of young people getting colon cancer more often, is it the micro buy yoy biome? >> i think it has to be the major component. our dna wouldn't change that quickly. your parents weren't getting colon cancer that young, none of
8:17 am
our parents were. there's a dramatic shift between people born in the '50s and the '90. there's three parts of our body that touch the outside world. there's our skin, there's our lungs breathing in air, and there's our intestines touches the food we put in our body. and that microbiome idea is important. the bacteria can either promote dn ashs he dna healing or cause damage. it can calm irritation or cause inflammation which leads to more toxic problems like abnormal dna which becomes cancer. the battle has to be fought there. the issue with younger people has a genetic element as well. people who have weak dna can't cope with all the craziness in their microbiome they get cancer more readily at an earlier age. >> you're first to get a colonoscopy first they said 50 and then they said 45. what's the rule? should you just go get checked when krour younger? >> the take away has to be identifying your symptoms. as you saw from craig.
8:18 am
people aren't identifying it early on. stage 4 colon cancer is a big deal. if they catch it at stage 1 or 2, the success rates are over 90%. by the way, a beautiful blog on the "today" show web page, so read it and, you know, identify all of these. if you identify your symptoms early on, you'll catch it. young people still don't get cancer of the colon that often. so screening everybody doesn't make sense. starting at 45 those are new guidelines. starting at 45 everyone has to get screened. >> make your pitch for the colonoscopy. i was told by my doctor to get one literally two years ago, and i just did it two weeks ago because i was avoiding it, you know. and a lot of people do. explain -- i feel like the prep has gotten easier. it's not as bad as you think it's going to be. make your pitch. >> it is the best cancer screening tool of them all because you cannot only find the problem, you can cure the problem. when you do a mammography and you identify something in your breasts, you started the process. with a colonoscopy, you're
8:19 am
finished. the guy goes in there, finds the polyp, clips the polyp and removes it. i'm a pretty healthy guy. my family has no history of colon disease. at age 50 i went in for my colonoscopy not because i wanted to, not because my doctor wanted to, because i was getting browbeaten by a lot of people. i finally got it done and i found a precancerous polyp. a good teammate at columbia, and was it was remarkable. i was stunned. what changed my mind is that first prep was miserable for me because i had lentils the morning before the prep, and lentils expand in your gut. it's like pushing sludge through when you do the prep. >> tmi. >> anybody who's worried about this, the day before your colonoscopy, stop eating. don't eat that day. there's nothing to push down. within an hour of the prep you're clear. >> food. >> this is the main reason i want to talk to everybody. these are foods we believe dramatically impact cancer rates, specifically the colon when it comes to leafy greens and crew sif rous vegetables.
8:20 am
i'm giving you bread, ry bread in particular. the fiber helps get things moving. bread and cheese, carson, see this? >> i see it. >> pass me the wine and we're busy. >> bread and cheese, gouda has vitamin k, other potential benefits. >> what about those meats and wine? >> this i'm avoiding on purpose. processed meats, the world health organization has warned us there's significant increases in colon cancer. real high quality meat has a small increase as well. not one glass of alcohol but moderate to high alcohol consumption because we believe it might influence how that microbiome changes your gut flow. a little is okay, a lot's not. >> is that a lot or a little? [ laughter ] >> have a hot dog, here, catch this. >> dr. oz thank you so much for that useful information. >> dr. oz, you can catch him on the dr. oz show every day. check your local listings. mr. roker, let's get a check of the weather. >> does exercise help, doc?
8:21 am
>> yes. >> okay, i'm going to walk over here then. we are looking at this storm system now, and this is a vigorous system. snow and blizzard conditions on the back side of it, ahead of it severe weather and flooding as well. in fact, you can see high winds. we're also talking about flood risks and snow advisories, blizzard warnings as well as this system pushes. also a risk of severe weather today from memphis all the way down into central louisiana. tomorrow it makes its way from detroit down to jackson. 23 million people at risk. we're also talking about anywhere from three to five inches of rain from the plains all the way into the south, and blizzard conditions and upwards of 18 inches of snow from denver up into the a beautiful sunny wednesday. you don't have to worry about the weather if you're flying in or out of because we are tracking beautiful conditions.
8:22 am
temperatures will track into the mid-to upper 60s. 62 for oakland. conditions will be breezy through the afternoon over the next seven days. you can expect to see the sunshine stick around through the weekend with warmer temperatures expected into sunday and monday. >> and that's your latest weather. >> all right, get out of the way. i get up at 3:00 a.m. every morning. i take my fountain pen and by candlelight i write pop start. i was told we have aidy bryant here from snl, and i thought, you know what, to heck with pop start. let's enjoy our time with youment congratulations. this is a very funny show coming to hulu. you play annie, an aspiring journalist who learns to get krc comfortable in her own skin. >> oh, my god. i was just taking a photo so the tabs were available for other people, so.
8:23 am
>> here take a tab. >> thank you. >> oh. >> wow. your wrists are tiny. >> oh. you actually have a really small frame. there is a small person inside of you dying to get out. >> oh, well, i hope that small person's okay in there. [ laughter ] >> aidy bryant is here. it's good to see you, aidy. >> the show is called "shrill". >> what a great job in snl and then it afforded you the opportunity to do shows like shrill for hulu. that scene right there, you wrote this, you produced it. you star in it. how much of this is happening in real life? >> i mean, that actually happened to me, truly, verdibat. it's a tricky position to be in where someone thinks they're helping you, and you're just living your life and you're like thank you, i guess. >> tell us about your character annie and what she's up to and what the show's premise is? >> yes, so basically it follows annie. she's a journalist, and she's
8:24 am
someone who her entire life the entire world has told her literally make yourself smaller both in your body and kand ind n your personality, be sweet, be nice, be polite. she gets to a breaking point and stop putting her time and money and energy into trying to make her thighs smaller and start going off her dreams, you know, so that's kind of what the show's about. >> and some of it's autobiographical? >> yes, absolutely. yeah. i identify so much, it's based on lindy west's no more shrill. i hit a breaking point where i was like how much longer can i give all of my time to hating myself, you know? and once i kind of put that aside my life really changed. i got hired by second city, two years later by snl. suddenly my life was taking off. >> that snl tryout, i just wonder, so you walk in there. i mean, i'm sure your heart's
8:25 am
pounding. lorn michaels is probably like -- what was that moment like for you? >> so bad, so scary. really stressful. i also felt like i had done many shows in front of very bad audiences who didn't want to see me, and they were like eating chicken tenders, and i was like if i can make it through that. >> does anyone laugh? >> you know, they had told me no one will laugh during your audition. i did get a couple of laughs so i was kind of feeling like, oohs yes. >> you're not going to be leaving snl now for this new show are you? >> no, never. i love it there. it's truly my home, so you know, i'm not ready to go. >> i heard something shocking about you. >> uh-oh. >> that you don't drink calf ffe of any sort. >> not really. >> how do you feel right now at this hour? >> i'm hurting so badly. thank you for bringing it up. yeah, no, i don't know. it makes me jittery, and then when i'm performing i'm like -- >> also your one-year anniversary coming up? >> yeah, yeah, i've been married for almost one year. >> oh, look at you cutie.
8:26 am
>> can't you tell i'm a gorgeous bride every day of my life. >> yes, you are. >> your husband is a very funny writer. >> yeah. good morning, it )s 8-26... i )m ... president trump this morning - is blasting governor gavin newsom s plan to halt california executions. the president tweeted out critical comments a short time ago. . president trump blasting the blan to halt california executions. the president tweeted out a couple o couple of moments ago. he plans to sign an executive order closing the death chamber. they have the largest list in the nation with 737. the association causes ill considered. the announcement takes place at 10:00 this morning. let's get a look at your morning kplut. >> very nice. >> a couple of key spots to
8:27 am
watch. we continue to follow this. eastbound 237 a crash cleared. we do have debris in the roadway. north 87 a crash has cleared. it leaves residual slowing. really the concern is north 101 at tremble. there is more slowing and joining it off of 880 is a problem north of the airport. south 880 we start to see things move a little bit better. it is jammed as you go north past the coliseum. things ease up. back to you. >> all right. thanks. >> we'll have another local news update coming up in 30 minutes.
8:28 am
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hey, everybody. we are back at 8:30 now on this wednesday morning. it is march the 13th, 2019. we are spending the day with some happy fans here on the plaza. i mean, again, this is kind of almost spring break-esque. we're happy everybody is here today. savannah had a big day
8:31 am
yesterday. do you remember? >> no. >> you had a big night. >> the bunny hop spl . >> yes, the bunny hop. we had a great time at the bunny hop. jenna and dylan and i went. this is a really important event for the memorial ketering. we all went and it was insanity. look at little calvin. >> for all of their cancer treatment centers. they have the bunny hop for kids, something really sweet to do. a very good friend of ours had cancer, and she said this place saved my life. when she asked jenna and i to get involved, we're like we're there. >> thinking about great works being done, we've got friends from the colorectal cancer alliance along with survivors and their loved ones spreading the word about screenings and support. among them, here's our crowd moment. diana and her husband alex, we featured diana in the story a few moments ago. you were diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, doing just fine now, cancer free. alex, good to see you. nice wig by the way, brother.
8:32 am
>> thank you very much. >> what does it mean this morning to be surrounded by friends and supporters and this great alliance? >> it's always great to be in this community and just any opportunity to spread the word, especially for younger people that might be having some weird symptoms and think it's nothing. any opportunity to, you know, make you take it seriously is really important to me. >> he runs the colorectal cancer alliance. get checked. >> absolutely. >> thank you, good to see you. you look great. >> great to see you. thank you for coming to see us. coming up, karlie kloss is here. she's going to talk about filling heidi klum's fashionable shoes on "project runway" as the hit show returns home. >> i'm like star struck. >> that's the girl from the piece on the plaza. so cool. more of our sleep better today series. we're going to focus on better basics, blankets, sheets, sound machines, all the simple
8:33 am
switches that you can make to catch some more and better z's. and coming up here on the third hour of "today," natalie goes on the job with literally artists. they're called foley artists, and they create the sound effects for some of your favorite tv shows and movies. >> oh, that's cool. >> you take it for granted the sound part of your favorite program, and what they do and some of the things that fill in for the actual sounds will amaze you. >> wow. i love that. lets get a check of the weather. >> all right, let's show you. we are looking at some wind and snow, blizzard like conditions behind that system that's making its way out of the plains. severe storms ahead of it with the possibility of tornados and then as we move into the tomorrow day, we're looking at milder weather, clear along the east coast. severe storms move a little further east. the cold continues, windy and the skies are clear now and
8:34 am
a little chilly. we'll climb into the upper 60s in some areas. low 60s in for the city. an francisco 60 degrees. expect breezy conditions. high pressure dominating will keep us dry but also more comfortable and more spring-like around here. upper 60s into saturday and 70s on the map into sunday. >> and that is your latest weather. carson. al, thank you very much. you know, golf's biggest stars are gearing up for this week's players championship, and to give us a sneak peek on the tournament and the famous course we're going to have nbc's mike tirico joining us from upponte ponte vedra, more on that in a minute, first tiger woods who was scratched from the palmer invitational last week. what's the deal with tiger this
8:35 am
week? >> he's been out here. he's practicing like the best names in the tour, the biggest names in golf. this is always the best field it's headlined by guys like tiger, phil mickelson, dustin johnson. all the big names are here. tiger's been practicing the last couple of days. >> tell us about the big names, you had rory in sunday's round last week. molinari played. he was unconscious, phil there, jason day trying to get back in the mix. who should we be looking for this weekend? all those names you mentioned, rory mcilroy has had a tremendous year on tour, francesco molinari who won the open. he had a win last week with a great final round. everybody in golf starts to point to the big events. this is the first of the big events. each month on the pga tour there's a big event. i'm going to bring in one of those guys who has a great chance to twhwin this week. justin thomas. he's won nine events on tour. this is the players championship.
8:36 am
it is for you guys. what does this event mean to all of you? >> it's a big deal. it truly is the players championship. it's our championship. it's all the guys that, you know, play every single week of all year on tour. it's our major, our first fifth major if you will. it's a really big deal, and you know, this being my first time playing in march, it's going to have a little different vibe, but it's still going to have all the excitement. >> the great thing when we watch this event year in, it's so intimidating. you're going to hit a shot at one of the most intimidating holes in the world. tell us about number 17 from a player's perspective. >> it's hard to describe because we hit shots this distance all the time. it's -- it can be anywhere from 120 yards to sometimes maybe 150 to a back pin. >> show me 145 real quick with a 9 iron. . the island green, the most famous hole in golf from a visual standpoint and for the players. we're under time pressure. just knock one on here, will you, please?
8:37 am
if you want to make it go ahead. you can do that, too. >> these guys come here, they don't think twice about it. they just step up, start of the day, he hasn't hit a bunch of balls yet, justin, thank you. carson, we look forward to a terrific week with the best players in the world at one of the best golf courses on tour. >> not a bad shot there and a good looking hole early in the morning. thank you, mike. tell j.t. the best of luck to him this week. you can catch full coverage of the players championship on golf channel and of course right here on nbc starting tomorrow. you know where i'm going to be, savannah. >> i know, there's carson's whole week. coming up next, karlie kloss is here. she kind of does it all. she's the new host of "project runway," it comes back to bravo. also she's doing great work for
8:38 am
♪ [baby crib musical mobile] millions are still exposed to the dangers of secondhand smoke.
8:39 am
and some of them can't do anything about it. but you can. protect your family. visit we're back with one of our favorites, karlie kloss is here.
8:40 am
>> as a super model she walked the world's biggest runways, embraced the cover of vogue, and her code with klossy tech camp back another year. she's even done a few shows on the "today" show. >> she's multitalented. karlie is the host and executive producer of "project runway." season 17 putting some of the power in the hands of the viewers. >> this challenge is a flash sale challenge. select challenges throughout this competition, america is going to vote on the look that you make. the winning look that the judges pick and the fan favorite look will be manufactured on demand by 19th amendment and sold on >> oh, this is good. >> karlie good morning. >> hi. >> i'm one of those viewers. i can't wait to vote for the looks because sometimes what the judges decide on project runway
8:41 am
i'm like what are you smoking. >> sometimes in fashion we're in our own bubble. >> yes. >> so these flash sale challenges you just saw, the audience in realtime can vote on the looks that they love, and the winning look will get made and can be bought in realtime. >> karlie do you remember being a little girl watching "project runway? >> is that your jam? >> i'm from the midwest. i can remember sitting on the couch with all my sisters. my dad even got in and watched. it was my window into the fashion world, long before i ever knew i would be a model and working if fashion, "project runway" for me was a way to be inspired by designers and fashion and watch the creative process. >> now look at you, you're not only hosting it, you're the executive producer. what does that mean, and why was it important for you to get that title too? >> i've been in the industry for ten years. for me being an executive producer allows me to bring my experiences in helping shape these challenges. this show is a massive platform to showcase these designers and their talent, help them build
8:42 am
their businesses, and i'm from the midwest. that's like -- it's an awesome show. >> you seem so nice, and i have trouble picturing you being tough as a judge. are you a little simon cowell? >> i have my manners, but i give critical feedback when it's needed, ask that's the way to help these designers learn challenge after challenge. >> what was it like to step into literally heidi klum's shoes? i mean, she's obviously an icon. she's done this show for, i guess is it 17 seasons or 16 seasons, and now you get it put your own stamp on it. >> no, i mean, she's incredible, and this show has such a legacy, which is why i'm so proud to be a part of taking it into this next chapter with this amazing cast, nina garcia, brandon maxwell, christian siriano. it's really a new chapter, and we're reflecting what's happening in the industry today, having real conversations around inclusivity and diversity and fast fashion and social media. i mean, a lot has changed since
8:43 am
the show first debuted. >> i feel like the people look at you and see model or person on tv, they know about 1/10 of you. there's so much more to you. >> so kind. >> including this coding with klossy that has become such a phenomenon. >> thank you. any of your teenage girls, daughters, neighbors we're running our summer camps for 2019 across the united states teaching girls how to learn to code for free. it's a really powerful skill set, and it's something i'm really passionate about. >> you've got a lot going on. i can't believe i actually read this right, do you have 8 million instagram followers? >> something like that. >> what? >> that's incredible. >> can you help us out? >> you're doing just fine. i can learn a lot from you guys. >> you have a yellow dress instagram post, which i think we can put up. that's beautiful. >> it was just paris fashion week. i just got back and this dress was crazy. this was at the off white show.
8:44 am
>> there was another one with a white dress. >> was that the second -- was it a wedding dress? >> oh, i remember that one. >> yes, that little white dress. >> congratulations. >> thank you, guys. >> how is life? >> life is good. i'm so happy. i'm still in the honeymoon phase. loving it. >> congratulations on everything. you're going to come back in the fourth hour with hoda and kathie lee. >> with the whole crew. >> this is one of my favorite shows. tomorrow night it premiers 8/7 central. it's back on bravo so bravo to that. no more waking up in the middle of the night because your sheets bunch up or maybe you overheat. we've got products that will change the way you sleep, but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:45 am
8:46 am
we are back with more of our week long sleep better today series. we're highlighting better basics for your nighttime routine.
8:47 am
>> jenn falik has searched high and low. she is here with everything she discovered. should we start with the bed, jen? >> let's start with the bedding. all of these things are so cool. i've never been better rested for an early morning segment. first up, there's nothing more annoying when you're trying to sleep and you get twisted up in your flat sheet and it's a war with the sheet. this is primary goods bedding. what's so smart about this is that the flat sheet snaps on the duvet. >> snaps on. >> not only do you get all tangled up -- >> do you sleep under all of it? or inside of it. >> you sleep under it. that would be interesting. then in the morning when you're making your bed, you don't have to fish out the sheet. >> that is so smart. >> it's really soft. they call this material like the goeltd goldilocks of bedding material. next up beauty insiders swear by silk pillow cases, but they're expensive. >> that sounds fancy. >> i have some fancy ones. i'm like there's got to be a better way.
8:48 am
i tested bunch. we linked the one i fell in love with. it's on the site. >> so it doesn't leave wrinkles on your face. >> what's with the lamp here, the glow? >> this is the new casper glow light. i posted on my instagram story this morning, kind of the process of how it wakes you up. at night it slowly dims over 30 minutes. you can customize it, so it kind of helps to lull you into sleep. with the morning you can set it with the app to wake you up. as i'm waking up this brightens the room. >> it's all controlled -- if you're like sneaking out far midnight snack, carry this with you. >> very cool. >> that's pretty cool, right? carson and i are both into this pillow. >> yes. >> this pillow is super cool. >> it's a smart pillow. >> the smartest pillow ever called the pilo, p-i-l-o, it has built-in sound. there's an app -- >> how does this help you fall asleep though? >> if you want a white noise machine, this is like a white noise machine built into your
8:49 am
pillow. you can just play like ambient sounds off the app. >> can you get the yankee games on there? >> you sure can. >> that could wake you up or put you to sleep. it contours to disburse the weight of your head and neck. >> is it ridiculously expensive or affordable? >> it's like 160 bucks. it's an investment, but again, it will last you forever. >> what's this? >> i am obsessed with this comforter. this is called the buffy. this is like taking the bedding industry by storm. they use the same technology that adidas and the u.s. army use for temperature control and comfort. there are microcells in here that are going to control your temperature. the way they put the material. feel this. >> do you get hot at night? >> i always get hot. >> this is the first comforter my husband and i have agreed on. it keeps me warm, him cold. >> follow me into the light. okay. what do we have here? >> gravity blankets, weighted blankets are a big thing right now. when you want to go it sleep at night, this has that same
8:50 am
gravity benefit, the weighted eye mask. it's double sided. nod pod has one side that's cotton for coolin. the back back is flat. it can you not make a big lump. it lays right flat on the pillow. so smart, so comfy. >> what's this pillow spray? >> pillow spray. what does it do? >> this is amazing. it's a cult favorite. a friend of mine from the u.k. told me about it. spray your pillow, and it using aroma therapy to help lull you to sleep. people are obsessed with it. it's sort of about that routine. it's a new way to do better than your basic aroma therapy. >> it is good to have a ritual. do one thing and then the next so you can lull yourself into it. >> speaking of rituals this is another nice one. >> this eye mask can be cool or warm. so warm at night to help your sinuses, help lull you to sleep. i love how the back is adjustable. >> do you put the gel balls to your face or --
8:51 am
>> what? >> the gel balls. >> oh, this feels good. >> depends how cold or hot you want it to be. use it in the morning, stick it in the freezer. it will get rid of puffy undereye circles. this is better than your basic sleep aid, these are transder mall patches. this will time release melato n melatonin. all these things you want for up to 12 hours. when you're done, when you're awake take it off. >> and you're not smoking anymore. hi kit kat. >> better than your basic pajamas. first of all, i never really believed in pajamas, until i tried these. these are from somersault called cloud nine pajamas. they're known for their materials and swim wear. now they have the best sleep wear. it's moisture wicking. it has stretch in it. maximum wear. >> if you sweat at night, that's what you're supposed to yuse. >> i love the look. it's that classic style. >> what does brit have on?
8:52 am
>> comfy brit? >> very cozy. >> luna is known for their innovative sleep wear. they have this restore line that basically is all about restoring your body. it takes the energy from your body and kind of refuels it back to recharge your body. if you're a workout buff this is a great pajama line. it's going to restore your body while you sleep, and it's super cozy. i've been testing it out. >> you love it. >> i love it. you don't have to have all of these things. >> if you have them all, you may never wake up. >> this is lovely, guys. thank you, jen, we appreciate it. >> we've got more of these products and other ways to sleep better at, don't you know. thank you, ladies. jen, thank you so much. we're back in a moment, but first this is "today" on nbc. >> good night,
8:53 am
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8:55 am
look at that cutie. >> you've been trying to get this. >> a bank in moscow put together a celebration complete with an orchestra. you know those champagne structures? look. this one. as the bartender is putting the finishing touches on the tower, he reaches to fill -- the ones on the top are difficult. it only takes one. can he stop? total loss. that kicked off -- >> cleanup in aisle 5. >> the shocking thing, one member of the orchestra, the violinist keeps playing. >> unfazed. >> be careful with your next champag champagne tower party. >> it's a cautionary tale. >> you can find stories like that on and carson. >> the fun debate online ranking
8:56 am
chips. they're limitless. >> we're tackling this in the third hour. >> doritos at the top. >> we'll see. >> plus savannah has her 15-minute marathon. >> it was pretty funny. >> i heard it's on today all day. >> we have a big third hour after your local news. >> what is it? >> you'll find out. big tei )m - -... president trump this morning - is blasting governor gavin newsom s plan to halt california executions. the president tweeted out good morning to you. it's 8:56. president trump planned to halt california executions. he tweeted out critical comments earlier today. he is set to announce a moratorium later this morning. he plans to sign an executive order. california has the largest list
8:57 am
of death row inmates with 737. they call this move hasty and ill considered. the announcement takes place at 10:00 a.m. in sacramento. ahead of the midday newscast we'll have a live report from s san. leaders introducing the city's next fire cleef. it is down to three finalists. posting updates on police say no one was hurt when a tesla slammed into the front of a sushi restaurant. it happened this morning at a restaurant called sushi on fire. not clear what caused that accident. we'll have more news coming up in an hour. d-m-v.
8:58 am
the reason why and what you can do to prepare! plus--a bay area woman says a solar panel installer left her in the dark. our consumer team sheds some light on the situation. join us tomorrow morning from 4:30 to 7.
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and a good wednesday morning to you, craig melvin here alongside al and sheinelle, dylan dreyer. >> good morning, guys, we're going to start with that story that broke yesterday. everyone's talking about it. >> yeah. >> and it's obviously this massive college cheating scandal, but i think folks are talking about it because there's so much to this story that's beyond just some superstars trying to get their kids into school. >> it's one of these things, we've always kind of thought this. >> mm-hmm. >> but that it was at a bigger level, you know, like people donating a building or a wing or something. but this is so much more basic. >>


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