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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  March 13, 2019 6:00pm-6:59pm PDT

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in a shooting with suspects on east 14th street near the bay fair b.a.r.t. station. a live picture from the sky ranger and could you see below, this is a donation center called re-use it. it is not clear yet if the deputy was shot or if the suspects were shot. but we do believe one person is dead. we're working to confirm this information. we don't know what prompted the shooting. we have a crew heading to this location and we'll bring you updates throughout this newscast. well our other top story tonight, from "full house" to the courthouse. lori loughlin famous for her role on the tv show "full house" turned herself into a federal judge today snared in a massive college admissions cheating scandal. >> there are more questions about how this happened and how many more parents could be arrested. this is also prompting a bigger discussion about the pressure to get into college and cheating on the s.a.t. we have a team of reporters covering various angles. let's begin with bay area anoushah rasta at stanford.
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>> reporter: raj, wlj -- wealthy parents paid the bribes to get into top schools like stanford and others had someone take the s.a.t. or a.c.t. or they have a proctor change their answers and today a local proctor explained how they would have done it. >> hollywood celebrities and cooperate ceo's are some of the prom innocent americans now facing felony charges for cheating to get their kids into elite colleges. >> people who are hard-working and deserving got their spots taken away by kids that didn't earn this out of merit zbrnchs one of the schemes was paying s.a.t. test proctors to change scores or having someone else take the test instead. >> a partner in cupertino called insight education that provides college admission test prep
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tutoring and counselling to students like amica murphy who said cheating to get into college isn't new but what surprises here is some of the accused parents in this case went so far as to submit fake documents to get their kids special accommodations for college admission tests. so a proctor or a stand-in could take the test for them and they say it is time to make changes. >> maybe it is by face recognition. we have the technology to do so or fingerprinting or special accommodations have two proctors and with the hope the proctors are not working together. >> reporter: the fbi said parents shelled out a total of $25 million to a california man to arrange everything. from boosting test scores to bribing coaches to recruit students as athletes for sports they never played. now the universities involved are not being accused of being part of the scheme and all of them say they are now investigating their admissions
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systems. reporting live from stanford, anoushah rasta, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. and now the fallout is underway here in the bay area, too. 15 people charged in the scandal are local. all of them parents. and the head sailing coach at stanford who has been fired. manuel henriquez is fired out of palo alto and he and his wife are accused of paying $400,000 for two daughters. some of the money went for proctors who sat with both girls during placement tests. authorities say a large chunk was paid to get their elder daughter into georgetown and on to the tennis team even though she didn't play tennis in high school. her parents have been released on bond of half a million dollars each. now william maclaugh is on leave from the firm tpg out of san francisco and he agreed to pay $250,000 for placement test corrections and to get his son into usc. that included creating a fake
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profile of the sons a football player even though his high school didnt have a football team. the feds wiretapped his conversation about the scam and other athletes. he's also been released after posting a half million dollars bond. and we are also learning about the nonprofit at the center of the scheme. the parents would pay the key worldwide foundation. and the key foundation then claimed it donated millions of dollars to schools and charities on the tax forms key said it donated thousands of dollars to a bay area charity, but the couple who runs that charity tells our investigative unit they've never received a dime. >> we just got phone calls about this and it is completely a scam. >> vicky nguyen is working the story focusing on other local charities. >> we have been combing through the tax forms called 990s. the nonprofits have to file with the irs and we have been finding serious red flags. including donations descriptions
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that are appear to be copy and pasted year and year and the forms full of misspellings. now in 2014 and 2015 the key worldwide foundation reported donating $22,000 to a program it was supposed to teach at-risk kids to be entrepreneurs. well the program director told us today that event only happened once back in 2013. and by the way, she said the foundation actually charged them $1,200 for parking fees. in 2016, the foundation reported paying $1.9 million to various charitable causes including a tutoring program for students in oakland who were, quote, under-served by districts. when we called oakland unified they said they have never heard of this program and they have no relationship with the key now key alsoim i helped to fund dental work for cambodian children, a dentist with the program said he's never heard of anything funded by this organization. so big question tonight, what is
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the irs going to do about all of this? the agency wouldn't comment on whether it is looking into what we found, but as of right now, that foundation still has the tax exempt status as a charity. raj and jess. >> thank you. so how prove lentz is cheating on the s.a.t. and do we need to change the college admissions process? we talked to an admissions expert who joins us in studio coming up at 6:30. grounded, today the president ordered the faa to ground dozens of boeing 737 max 8s and max 8 planes. that decision came just hours after canada issued the same order. tonight bay area passengers are learning that their flight plans are live at san jose international where one of the last max 8s landed today before being grounded, scott. >> reporter: yeah, jessica, we saw one of the planes come in just before the entire fleet was grounded. and as you said, that means many travelers from the bay area and beyond are seeing their plans
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change. this boeing 737 max 8 traveling from dallas to the bay area was on time when it landed at san jose international and passengers tell us they knew they were on a soon-to-be grounded plane. >> when i left last night they told me our flight was last one coming out. >> i was nervous initially but in the first ten minutes it was okay. >> then you were okay. >> yeah. >> and then when it and other 737 max 8s were grounded and it set off future flights being delayed or canceled. >> i got a text alert that the flight has changed. >> reporter: the faa saying new satellite data max 9 planes folg two deadly max 8 crashes since >> pilots have been notified. airlines have been all notified.
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airlines are agreeing with us. the safety of the a people is o paramount concern. >> reporter: here in the bay area, southwest, american and united airlines have been flying the 737 max 8 planes. our nbc bay area aviation consultant said you could expect the max 8 and 9s to stay on the ground for a little while. >> if it is just a software fix, it should be a very easy fix. but it depends on if that is all it is. hopefully that is all it is. i heard the fix is in the works and should be done by the end of the month so about two weeks out. >> reporter: and all of the major airlines released statements this afternoon saying they will work with travelers to eike sure they get t reporting live in san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, scott. of course we'll keep tracking the story on our digital platforms. watch president trump's entire announcement on our website. we've posted that raw video. again if you want to check it out, it is
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a political fire storm in san jose. a lot of finger pointing about that undocumented immigrant who is accused of murdering 59-year-old bamly larsen in her home. robert handa joins us from the main jail in the south bay with the latest details. robert? >> reporter: well that is right. the suspect carlos core anza is being held here at the main jail in san jose awaiting arraignment even as san jose and the counted battle in the court of public opinion over whether this murder could have been prevented. investigator as rested the man they believe killed bambi larson, carranza arrested for the killing and as nbc bay area reported the suspect is an undocumented immigrant with a long criminal history including prior convictions for false imprisonment and battery on a police officer and trespassing and burglary. immigration authorities tried to
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deport him nine times. today the mayor got a public attacked on santa clara count sanctuary policy which is by i.c.e. to detain those beyond the release date. >> there is never a court anywhere in this country that has deemed it unconstitutional for the county to pick up the phone to call the federal authorities when they have a predatory felon about to be released into a community. >> zbln i.c.e. spokesperson is baffled that i.c.e. has not shown up to take custody of a person in a timely manner. the agency points out the county is not cooperating with i.c.e. since october of 2011. the san jose police chief also finds the county claim puzzling. >> i would hope that we're cooperating better than just simply -- simply saying that someone didn't show up. >> reporter: the county council said there is no exception for violent offenders when talking constitutional rights and due process. he said i.c.e. needs a judicial warrant, not just a detainer. >> sometimes ooirs h-- sometime.
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has gotten a warrant and when me get one, those we honor and we have always honored warrants. >> reporter: well carranza will make his first court appearance tomorrow and a lot of people will be following this case. not only for the murder involved, but how it might affect santa clara county sanctuary policy. live in san jose, robert handa, nbc bay area news. developing at this hour, the social network is still down. facebook, instagram and what's app went down around 10:00 this morning. that means for about seven hours now people have not been able to check out their feeds. here is a look at nbc bay area facebook page where we haven't been able to post anything for hours. now we are on twitter. facebook said it is working on the problem but can't confirm it hasn't been hacked. it is unclear when everything will be up and running as well. this is the longest outage facebook has ever experienced. up next here at 6:00, the executive order by governor
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newsom to get rid of the death penalty and prompting a bitter reaction from the mother of a local officer killed in the line of duty. plus protests on campus. the racist graffiti found in the bathroom stall of a community college in contra costa county. i'm meteorologist kari hall and sunshine and beautiful weather today but temperatures will drop like a rock tonight. it is going to be cold out there. walnut creek will be in the mid-40s and going even lower. we'll get a look at that and the weekend forecast coming up at 6:19. he says he )s done with thh
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penalty. governor newsom says killing is wrong, even when the he said he's done with the death penalty. governor newsom said killing is wrong even when the state is the executioner and the person a convicted murderer. today he suspected all executions and set off a new debate over the death penalty. hours later, the death chamber
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at san quentin dismantled. >> jodi hernandez joins us with the mix and emotional reactions to this decision. jodi? >> reporter: this has sparked emotion from all sides of the death penalty debate. the governor said when it comes to punishment, he simply doesn't believe in an eye for an eye. but his critics say they feel betrayed. corrections officers didn't waste any time dismantling and removing lethal injection equipment. officially closing san quentin's death chamber at the order of the governor. >> i have the right to shut down the death chamber at san quentin and i'm doing that. >> reporter: the governor gavin newsome said it is something he's wrestled long and hard over knowing he might be faced with signing execution orders for 25 death row inmates who have exhausted appeals. the governor took the extraordinary step of declaring a moratorium on executions.
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temporarily sparing the lives of 737 inmates on death row. >> if you rape, we don't rape. i think if someone kills, we don't kill. we're better than that. >> the same thing that happened to me could happen to someone on death row. >> reporter: frankie carrillo came up from southern california to support the move. he was wrongfully convicted of murder in 1991. he served 20 years in prison before being exonerated. but many victims' families are outraged. >> our hearts are orter: fillis pittsburg police officer larry lasseter was shot and killed while trying to arrest two robbery suspects in 2005. >> shame on you. why didn't you think about the victims? why did you care more about the killers than the victims? >> reporter: we're back here live. republicans here at the state
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capitol are promising to challenge and fight this and calling the governor's move hurtful and unfair to the families of victims and again they say expect a challenge. live in sacramento, i'm jodi hernandez. nbc bay area news. the challenges coming from the state capitol and the nation's capitol. we do know this, president trump is not a fan of the governor or today's decision. mr. trump tweeting, friends and families of the always forgotten victims are not thrilled and neither am i. there are 737 inmates on california death row. one of the most well-known is richard allen davis. he's been at san quentin since his 1996 conviction in the kidnap and murder of 12-year-old pauly class in petaluma. also at san quentin, scott peterson. he was convicted in the first-degree murder of lacy peterson and their unborn son whose bodies were found along the san francisco bay in 2002. and the longest serving inmate on death row here in california, lawrence bit acer known as the
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tool box killer. he and his accomplice kidnapped and tortured and murdered five teenage girls in southern california in the late 1970s. well hundreds of college students in contra costa county are fuming over the way the school handled the discovery of racist graffiti on campus. more than 100 students at diablo county college in pleasant hill walked out of class to demand for transparency from college administrators. they say the racist threats were found in two separate men's bathrooms in the engineering building, one included a racial slur and the other showed a lynching of a stick figure. school staff tried to remove the graffitis but the photos given to us by the college newspaper shows the images are still visible. protesters think the school should have been faster to tell students about the graffiti. >> when we send out something that could trigger a reaction, we want to make sure that counseling are available. >> it hurt my spirit and my soul to the core. >> campus police are still investigating what happened.
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the school president considers the graffiti a hate crime. if you are planning a trip to yosemite, you want to hear this. the national park said it will delay the opening for parts of park due to snow and storm damage. the recent storms brought down a lot of trees and they destroyed facilities and even blocked roads. rangers say two key roads into the park, glacier point and tioga point will not open before memorial day and there is issues with the shuttle bus system and they have not set a date when the yosemite pack will fully reopen. so be warned if you are heading to yosemite. did we spring so federal that kari endedncen a while we kari from the morning show. we're glad to have you. >> and it is great to be here n to see the sunset rather than the sunrise. it is so gorgeous out there. we've had some really nice weather. but the winds have been really strong. it is gradually starting to calm down in terms of our wind speeds. and look at this gorgeous shot
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of san francisco. our temperatures have been on the cool side. now we got up to about 59 degrees today. and it is still windy right now. we're at 56 degrees as we see the mostly sunny skies. the seven-day forecast is up at the bottom of the screen. looking at a lot more sun, like what we're seeing right now as we take a look at this live view over san jose. if you are going out for dinner or for a walk, grab a jacket. our temperatures will go from the mid-50s down to 51 degrees at 9:00. and we continue to go down from there. it is going to be a chilly night. take a look at these numbers. we're dipping down into the mid to upper 30s for many of the inland valleys and walnut creek a low of 37 degrees as you walk out of the door early tomorrow morning. and in napa, 34 degrees. los gatos down to about 37. so after that, a nice recovery with our south bay temperatures reaching into the mid to upper 60s. it will be a little bit warmer tomorrow compared to today. with oakland reaching 63
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degrees. and 57 in half moon bay. san mateo 61. oif -- low 60s in san francisco tomorrow. and warmer temperatures headed our way. it won't be until the middle of next week which will be the first day of spring and we'll see our next rain chance moving in. so we're all dry until then. as our temperatures warm up into the low 70s and jeff picked a great week to take off. we have some beautiful weather around the bay area. >> looks great. matches your dress, kari. nice to see you. up next here at 6:00, my bad. i'm sorry. why klay thompson is apologizing to warriors fans.
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south bay. instead of delivering the "state of the city address", san a break from tradition in the south bay. instead of delivering the state of the city address, san jose mayor is highlighting public service this week. today the focus was on housing.
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he started by touring a tiny home construction site near 101. the city council approved the development of the two tiny home communities. the goal is to shelter the homeless as they transition into more permanent housing. the mayor said the idea of the service week is to show people what is happening rather than just telling them. >> we'll be going to different sites of activities here building tiny homes and we'll be working with a coding camp in one of the libraries where children are learning how to code and cleaning up in coyote creek. a lot of different activity with the community. >> the mayor said that each event will examine how the city is addressing challenges that san jose is facing. okay, the face lift is almost complete. say good-bye to at&t park and hello to oracle park. the old at&t signs are gone. what do you see there? oracle. the new signs are if place. we are ready for baseball. the giants home opener by the way is on friday april 5th when they host the tampa bay rays.
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klay thompson says he's sorry. you might recall ari cheering loud enough. >> i expect our crowd to be a little more into it, too. i know it is not the playoffs but it is our last go-around at oracle. at least you could stand up if someone makes a good play, especially in the beginning, we need that energy this time of the year. >> he was a little frustrated. this is sunday night after the warriors lost to the suns. today he apologized on twitter saying i love dub nation. we have the greatest fan base in sports. we feed greatly off their energy in oracle and i meant no disrespect. the warriors are taking on the rockets by the way tonight in houston. well up next 6:30, how did they get away for it with -- with it for so long. we talk to an admission experts about college cheating scheme everyone is talking about. and a second sentence for the former campaign chairman and why a third sentence could come
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down the road and is the president considering a pardon?
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we have an update to our breaking news. we have confirmed it )s right now at 6:30, we have an update to the breaking news we've been following. we have confirmed it is a deadly shooting near thaandro. you could see our bay area sky rang ranger overhead. these are live pictures and let's go down to ground level to terry mcsweeney with more details. terry? >> reporter: raj, i just talked
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to sergeant j.d. nelson and that is the side of the story. at about 4:40 this afternoon it was a simple theft at a store called thrift town here in san leandro on east 14th street. the owner of the shop called the deputies and they came out. they came over to this suv. the suv, according to the sheriff's office, tried to back over them. they opened fire killing one, wounding another. take a look at some sky ranger video to have that suv in question. it's kind of unclear exactly why a simple theft would end like this. what it was they were trying to get away from, a lot of questions unanswered. we don't have any names or the condition of that second person. but we do know that a simple a. a sheriff's deputy is opening fire and killing one man and wounding another. i in this vehicle w not injured. that is mentioned by sergeant
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nelson. that is the story out here. again, a lot of questions. i was asking why so many deputies responded to a simple theft at a thrift shop and we didn't have an answer to that. but there were a number of deputies, at least three, a couple of them opened fire on the two suspects and again killing one and wounding another. that is the story from here in san leandro. back to you. >> terry, thank you. we'll check back later this evening as well. also new at 6:30, the story continues to rock the headlines. fashion designer mossimo giannulli seen outside of court while his actress wife lori loughlin faced a judge in this widespread college cheatingl. they are amongghtp in the extreme. now lori loughlin and felicity huffman are the most high-profile parents arrested for paying to get children into top tier universities. there are a lot of bay area families impacted in this as well. later today lori loughlin was leased from custody after posting a bail of a million dollars. she and her husband are accused
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of paying nearly $500,000 to get their kids into usc. new court documents reveal that the ringleader william rick singer collected up to $25 million from hundreds of families to help their kids cheat on s.a.t. tests or bribe college coaches. today the scandal caused ripples in congress. >> we can all imagine how many students and parents were -- are anxiously awaiting the letters on admissions today. and how in many ways howerless they must be feeling how they worked hard and play by the rules and yet we have this scandal. >> this prompted conversations at dinner tables across the country about the entire college admissions process. now federal agents say more arrests are possible. now william rick singer has pleaded guilty to masterminding this scheme. when sentenced in june he faces up to 65 years in prison and more than a million dollars in
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fines. this brings -- begs the question is how common is that? admission experts lulu coddel joins us now. let's talk about this whole thing. because as it is right now, getting into college is a distinct animal and that is hit a nerve because there is a two-tier system already. parents with some means can pay for s.a.t. tutors or they could pay for college counselors and that is all legal. and there is other families that can't afford those things. but now you have a group of people that have gone beyond that and have the means to do all of that and are still cheating. >> yeah. yeah. unfortunately i'm not surprised of the news. this is just what is happening. there are people with power and influence and they do that and use that in the wrong way. i'm getting reactions from people who i have helped and advised and tbecaree you have h students who did things the right way and they studied and they achieved high in the s.a.t. scores and maybe some of them
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were needing extra time and they see the news and they go, this is just baffling to them. >> and how is it possible they're even -- if your going -- and i'm in the midst of this admissions with my daughter. most of the time as a parent, if you have a college council, you're not even involved in the process. it is between the college counselor and the student. they're the ones getting the test scores and preparing their exams and you drop off your kid to get the s.a.t. how is it that cheating could be so widespread and how are you supposed to pick a college counselor that you could really trust? >> sure. so i think it starts with a right incentive. if you are getting people who are charging you $100,000, it is probably -- there is a question mark in there in the process. and it is also about the conversation. some of the parents that come around and say do you have a guarantee? there is no such thing in life that anything is guaranteed. when they ask the questions, it is the wrong approme,ac you will get in. so that is already in itself
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questionable. so in this digital era, whatever you do, it will come out. no matter what -- what approach you take, it is going to come out. it is important to come into this process knowing you can't always win. and it is okay to lose. >> a lot of people are saying that the whole system needs to be overhauled and how we take kid news college. what do you think about that? >> well it is not about what to take away from the process. but what to add. we need to add more transparency and more diversity of opinion. so for example, the interview process, you have one interviewer who will judge your character and your fit but maybe they could be adding another interviewer completely different profile and then between the to they could judge things like oth parameters that and honesty are not there in paper. >> is it possible that the students involved in this didn't know their parents were doing this? i find that very difficult to believe because if someone is changing your s.a.t. scores, you have to know. if someone is doctoring your photo and putting you in a water polo and you never played water
6:36 pm
polo, and you have that, you have access to your admissions packet when you are doing it online. >> right. right. for as much as i would love to believe they didn't know it, i believe they were part of it. if you were recruited as a soccer player and you didn't play soccer, it is obvious that you know this was going on. and that is disheartening to think that the example that the parents are setting is not right and it is about not -- not about the end but about the process. >> lulu, thank you very much for being -- and shedding light on this ever-growing scandal. >> thank you. well we've made it easy to look up the bay area parents names. log on to and there we have every person listed by name with the accusations against them and a link to their court documents. paul manafort faces new charges tonight. the state of new york unsealing an indictment charging him with 16 felonies including mortgage fraud and conspiracy. also today, manafort was sentenced in a federal court to 7.5 years in prison from a
6:37 pm
wheelchair he apologized and the judge said he isn't public enemy number one but not a victim either adding it is hard to overstate the number of lies and the amount of fraud. outside of the courthouse his attorney defied the judge's claim that collusion was not part of paul manafort's case. >> no evidence of any collusion -- >> liar -- >> i feel badly for him. it is a very sad situation. >> president trump said today he is not thought at all about pardoning paul manafort who is his former campaign chairman. well california sanctuary city policies under legal attack. the ninth circuit court of appeals hearing arguments over three lawsrtanayis a law that g local governments the right not to assist federal immigration. sock brock has the story of how that decision could send shock waves through the country. >> reporter: last summer a federal judge in sacramento appointed by george w. bush
6:38 pm
upheld most of the california immigration policy setting up a showdown at the appellate court. the center piece issue at stake is voluntarily cooperating with i.c.e. and california maintains it has the legal right to decide. [ crowd chanting ] >> reporter: familiar chants echoed through san francisco streets. >> desperation and fear and anxiety and depression at all time high when dealing with a parent in immigration detention. >> reporter: as families touched and torn apart by immigration made their case but today didn't center on symbolism, but just interpretation of the constitution plain and simple and the feds accusing california of obsti to the local police station fast and grab the person as soon as they walk out of the door and have five agents there because we won't turn them over. >> a three-judge panel pushed back that not kooptding with
6:39 pm
washington is not the same thing as obstructing washington from doing its job. >> what i'm not seeing is any violation of federal law by the state of california saying to its law enforcement people, you must cooperate in the hand-over. >> reporter: outside court, a coalition of groups cheered for protection and immigrant power and in inside judges did question the power of california to demand businesses notify employees of a ice visit or oversee conditions. >> i'm having difficulty understanding why the conditions of apprehension are any business of the state of california. >> reporter: three signature billsil by the ninth circuit. the judges say they'll render a in san francisco, sam brock, nbc bay area news. up next here at 6:00, a tesla with a side of sushi. investigators reveal what caused this accident in contra costa
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sarah's last tuition payment, sent off. feeling good? oh yeah. now i'm ready to focus on my project. ♪ ♪ this is why we plan. ♪ ♪ you never cease to amaze me, maya. see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch. tesla into a danville restaurant this
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tesla and sushi. not a good mix in this instance. a 92-year-old man drove his tesla into a danville restaurant this morning. this is at the fish on fire at the danville town and country shopping center. the driver said he got confused about the pedals and he hit the gas as you could see there instead of the brakes. in the south bay, beware if you are a thief. don't try stealing anything in san jose willow glen neighborhood. here is why. aweending us surveillance showing a man walking up to this porch cutting the lock on a bike and the thief then tried to ride off or take off with that new ride and that is when someone came racing out of the house, watch this. yep, you're not going to get away. the thief didn't get away. he did get away but didn't manage to take the bike with him. >> well everyone has those ring cameras and surveillance cameras now so it is hard to get away with anything. kari hall here with us now and nice to have you here in the evening and we're talking sunshine to match your outfit. >> it is amazing out there.
6:43 pm
finally starting to feel like spring. a live look outside in palo alto. i'm talking about the sierra snow pack and all of that coming up at 6:49. lot of complaints ab
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6:45 pm
card fraud. consumer investiga nbc bay area responds to lots of complaints about debit card fraud. >> our consumer investigator chris chmura shows us the one thing to protect your pin. >> newer chip cards are supposed to be more secure but thieves are still hacking our accounts. one weak spot, gas pumps. they're not required to take these cards yet. and won't be until 2020. thieves knowsone way to perhaps your account number right now, pay for your gas inside with a cashier. >> instead of at the pump. let us know if you have a consumer complaint at 888-996-tips or online at >> thank you, chris. it is not anything parents want to hear. the numbers show that more teens continue to take up vaping. now the fda is hoping to break
6:46 pm
that trend by restricting the sales of e flavored cigarettes. they will only be sold at retailers and websites that strictly enforce age restrictions. the changes do not apply to men thal and mint and tobacco to prevent youth vaping which has been labelled an epidemic. if you want a pair of new shoes. write to steph curry. he wanted to give a special gift for father's day in june. so down the road a bit. jackson smoke is his name. he called his dad his hero and ever since his father saved him when he fell in a swimming pool. he wanted to get him a pair of curry shoes but his dad side was out of stock. probably like a nine or ten so he wrote steph a letter. >> he's all the way on the other side of the coast. so i didn't think he would respond. but he did and here we are on 1.
6:47 pm
the curry, the reason we're doing the story, sent a pair of >> maybe an 11. shoes to his dad and a matching pair for jackson. >> i wanted to -- >> he's so cute. >> congratulations. let's bring in kari hall. this is -- kari came in to give the good news. >> she smiles a lot. >> and it is like sunshine. >> and warmer temperatures. we've got it in this forecast. and it is going to question really nice. make some plans to get outside especially with it being st. patrick's weekend and there is a lot going on around the bay area. if you are trying to make it through the rest of the workweek, a live look outside in the south bay. well take a look at numbers now. we're at 61 degrees in santa rosa. 63 in napa and 60 in livermore. 61 in palo alto. we're still a little bit cooler than normal with that breeze that was kicking up today. it made it feel even cooler but take a look at how cold it is going to be later on tonight and when you wake up tomorrow
6:48 pm
morning. yeah, we're down to 34 degrees in napa. 35 in santa rosa. and the low at half moon bay 39 degrees. also 39 in fremont with san jose dipping down to 40 but after the cold start a nice recovery with gilroy reaching up to 68 degrees. cupertino 63 degrees and reaching into the mid-60s for some of the inland valley and the east bay and walnut creek. 65 in hayward. and up to about 61 in san mateo with san francisco mostly some upper 50s but a few low 60s as well on the embarcadero. 61 degrees and 63 tomorrow for the high in novato. we've had a lot of rain and sierra snow. a live look at our camera in squaw valley. it is right at freezing and we have a lot of snow on the ground. we know that. but our now sierra snow pack up to 160% of normal. even if we don't get another
6:49 pm
snowflake to fallth ventusierra, we'll have a good snow pack well above normal for the season. and taking a look at reservoirs as conditions dry up, levels are holding steady of the percentage of the historical average. trinity lake at 98 percent but a lot of the reservoirs are over 100%. and even as you check out some of the ones you've been to and driven past, we are seeing levels as high as 138% of our normal capacity. and then looking at pine flat, 121%. we've also had quite a bit of rain and looking at san jose, now for the month of march we've gotten an inch and a half so on average throughout the whole month we get about two inches so we've already made about more than half of what we normally get and we know from this point on it just dries out over the next several months. we are going to keep the dry weather for a little while longer and then also warming up.
6:50 pm
but we do have more rain. doesn't get here until next wednesday but until then we're going to enjoy more sunshine and then of course we'll keep you update on what is going on. that is the first day of spring. finally feeling like spring with our highs reaching into the low 70s this weekend. no matter what you have planned, i know i'm going hiking this weekend. i've been dying to get out there. and it is going to be in the low 70s. absolutely amazing. san francisco reaching near 70 degrees. going into next week, we'll be watching out for the rain next wednesday. >> hiking sounds fun. >> what are you planning on doing? >> go hiking with kari. i'm inviting myself. >> thanks a lot, kari. up next, get ready for some glitz and some grit. the bay area's newest superstar. there he is. he is he is a -- arrived in town and we'll hear from the rrs what do r
6:51 pm
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6:53 pm
pulling off the biggest win in school history? you return to campus, t . well, what do you do the day after pulling off the biggest win in school history? well you return to campus to party with the fans. the saint mary's basketball team arriving in more agoa after shocking the number one team in the country last night, gonzaga. st. mary has an automatic spot into the ncaa tournament.
6:54 pm
we'll find out this sunday where and when they'll play the first tournament game. congratulations to them. >> good for them. that is terrific. okay, he is here. the raiders new superstar arrived for duty after the big trade over the weekend. >> wide receiver antonio brown comes to -- to town with baggage but today he said all of the right things but the question is can the raiders handle him or can he collin estsh wide receiver in f to work. >> and he's my family and here for raider nation to give my all and be the best we could be. >> this happened quick. mike mayock saying it wasn't until past friday that things progressed. the -- the story behind the story of how they landed antonio brown, one only they could tell. >> they invited our wives to an event in las vegas. instead of having a nice date -- a double date, we dated rosenhouse and antonio brown.
6:55 pm
never saw our wives, but it is as happy as cindy and mandy have been since we've known them. and antonio agrees. we thank you. >> brown who torched the raider years ago comes to oakland with the potential to make $53 million to match his on field numbers. this past season in pittsburg, almost 1300 receiving yards to go with the league best 15 touchdown receptions. >> i think the moment ant toeb yo walks in our building we get better on offense. our quarterback and our offensive line gets better and the entire football team gets better and i'm talking about on sunday and i'm talking about having an al faux -- an al faux male in the looker room. >> i will get in the room and start holding guys accountable and let them know there is a standard now to upheld. receivers need accountable system and drops, lates, missed
6:56 pm
routes and missed sites. so we'll hold each other accountable. >> and also coming trent brown from new england and lamarcus joyner from l. right direction. >> colin resch, nbc bay area news. >> so he comes to town with three sons, a wife, personal trainer and a personal chef. >> wow, he aunter age. >> thank you for joining us here at 6:00. have a great evening. have a great evening. >>
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ new wok fired shrimp, another american chinese creation from panda express.
6:59 pm
kelly ripa, wendy williams, blasting the stars busted in the college admissions scandal. >> horrible, horrible, horrible.
7:00 pm
>> could "shameless" customer william h. macy and felicity huffman now go broke? then from youtube viedeos, lori loughlin and the daughters she allegedly scammed i off inlege >> plus, who are the other wealthy moms caught in the dragnet? >> the motivational speaker husband who onam advice. bachelor colton and cassie today, the morning after the finale shocker. did he finally lose his virginity? >> in regards to


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