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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 14, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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i'm running to serve you as the next president of the united states of america. >> rit now at 5:00, breaking news, texas congressman beto o'rourke betting on 2020 as he officially announces his bid for the white house. his promises he's making this morning. >> plus all new this morning, facebook under criminal probe. why the social media giant's relationship with the likes of amazon and apple are coming under scrutiny. a live report moments away. >> temperatures flair after news establish a homeless village could move to a san jose neighborhood. the reason the village has to move in the first place. "today in the bay" starts right now. a very good morning to you, thursday morning already. thanks for joining us early. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. mike is going to have a look at the commute in a bit but vianey in for kari hall this morning. look at that, another nice forecast for us. >> another nice forecast. we'll have a couple of days of these. here is a look at what to expect for thursday. current temperature in the south bay 47, expected to reach a
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predicted high of about 65 degrees. our morning is consisting of clear skies. we've got chilly 30s and 40s throughout. by the afternoon, breezy conditions with increasing clouds and the coast will expect 50s, bay low 60s, inland mid-60s. by the evening, mostly cloudy, lows in the 40s. we are trending a little bit dryer and warmer towards the weekend. i'll break down daytime highs and what you can expect friday as well in a bit. let's get a check of the roads with mike. >> i'm updating one crash where we saw slowing on the peninsula. 280. let me show you, zooming in, south 280. we saw a lot of the slowing as the crash was reported. now cleared up. crash over on the roadway in a ditch, chp has arrived and someone they are making out. no injuries reported. over to the bay bridge, a little build at the toll plaza and san mateo slowing shows up sensory
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toward the toll plaza but span okay. back to you. >> thank you very much. breaking news, potential game changer, beto or rourke throwing his hat into the ring. he posted 90 minutes ago on social media. >> i'm running to serve you as the next president of the united states of america. this is a define moment of truth for this country and for every single one of us. the challenges that we face right now, the interconnected crises in our economy have never been better. his run was considered a big success in a state headley red, the texas senate seat. he held a rally on the same night the president came to tout his border wall. he's trending in single digits percentagewise. happening in washington, the senate is set to vote whether to
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block president trump's national emergency declaration at the u.s.-mexico border. but that bill will likely never become law. tracie potts live in washington with what would be the strong bipartisan message from congress. tracie. >> well, that bipartisan message would be that president trump cannot go around them to pay for things when they said no. there are at least four republicans who plan to team up with democrats today to barely pass this bill rejecting the president's national emergency, the emergency that will pay for part of the wall with pentagon funds. the president already saying he'll veto that and send it right back where they don't have enough votes to override. for republicans and democrats opposing it, it's the principle, the principle of the issue here, which is whether or not a president, any president, can go around congress when they said no to funding. so not only is this vote happening today but they are looking at overhauling the entire national emergency's act
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requiring congress to approve any emergency within 30 days or it will expire. the president tweeting about this this morning saying that he is prepared to veto the big national emergency vote, saying there's already major construction at the southern border. it's a nightmare, he says, but it's a nightmare he believes to be fixed. it may or may not be fixed with this funding depending on how the vote goes today. back to you. >> tracie, a lot of interest right here in california with that one. thanks. of course we'll be watching this closely. >> now to an exclusive information regarding facebook and instagram worldwide out aag. a senior facebook employee who doesn't want to be identified say it was overloaded. it went on to say the social media site is racing to spin up or set up machines going down. if you tried to get on facebook yesterday you probably received that error message. instagram was also affected.
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this was the longest outage facebook has ever experienced. a stunning charge as well. federal prosecutors investigating facebook this morning. "today in the bay's" bob redell joins us live outside facebook headquarters in menlo park. talk about the focus of this investigation, bob. >> good morning to you, laura. according to the "new york times," the u.s. attorneys office for the eastern district of new york is conducting a criminal probe into data deals at menlo park made with other tech companies. the reason prosecutors are concerned, these deals allowed facebook to share its user data with 150 partners without the facebook user's knowledge. we're talking about companies like amazon, apple, microsoft. the kind of data being shared, a contact info, names, genders, birth dates, even private messages. the times reports most of these data sharing deals have since been discontinued. as part of the investigation the grand jury subpoenaed records for at least two makers of
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smartphones. you'll recall cambridge analytical standard facebook misused user dat with that consultancy firm prior to the 2016 presidential election. there's also a number of parties suing facebook over its privacy practices while the social media giant faces a number of regulatory probes. in a statement to "new york times" a facebook spokesperson wrote, and i'm quote here, "we are cooperating with investigators and take those problems seriously. we've provided public testimony, answered questioned and pledge we'll continue to do so." live in menlo park, bob redell, "today in the bay." thanks, bob. emotions heating up over south bay homeless camp called hope village. rate now located near sjc on rough drive. faa says its too close to the airport. the camp has to move by the end of the month. the planned location is willow glen. neighbors are upset and they packed a meeting to voice
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concerns. >> i think it will attract people who don't have good evenings interests, homeless people that are on drugs, people that are thieves, people that mean to do harm. >> i understand some people don't want in the neighborhood but we're not all noisy, not all bad. we have quiet time after 10:00. no one is allowed to be noisy here. we are much more structured than what you may think of people on the streets. >> city and county leaders have to approve that move. if it does pass hope village could only use that site for a maximum of two years. new this morning a south bay doctor and wife facing criminals charges accused in take case of massive insurance fraud. the couple operate los gatos urgent care, they leave nearby. the pair this week arraigned on charges tied to filing false insurance claims. prosecutors say one company alone estimate charges of $200,000. in one case a client charged for $700 for foam slippers that
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normally run under $10 a pair. if convicted, the couple may face jail time and, of course, paying back tens of thousands of dollars. new this morning a morgan hill man facing felony charges for impersonating an officer. 34-year-old man was arrested at his home last week. investigators did not give details on how exactly he impersonated an officer but did say that he had several illegal weapons and accessories. he's booked into santa clara county jail. a follow-up to the raiders future in oakland. commissioners with the coliseum authority will vote tomorrow on a lease agreement. the agreement would allow the football team to play at the coliseum for at least one more year. the raiders plan to move to las vegas soon but their new football stadium won't be ready until the fall of 2020 at the earliest. >> 5:08, san francisco leaders are talking about another step in a major makeover plan for the busy market street. that project called better market street, it's a $600
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million project. the change from embarcadero to 10th street which will also be overhauled east to 101. the buses, streetcars and taxis will be allowed on market. city planners recently completed a draft and environmental report. they are now accepting public comment where it's set to begin next year. a blizzard bringing hurricane-force winds to area of colorado. people hunkering down outside. the storm system is being called a bomb cyclone and stretching from the plains to the midwest. vianey in for kari tracking this as well. >> what a bomb cyclone is referring to is a rapid drop in temperature and rapidly developing storm. you can still see we're noticing that rotation. we've already reached the lowest of the pressure. this will be classified as dropping 24 millibar in 24
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hours. that's what will turn it into a cyclone. it's a storm, pair it up with bomb and it's pretty much a very intense storm. this is when cold air mass collides with warm air mass. hence, the warm body of water, cold air mass. this can happen in the winter. thankfully we've seen the worst of that storm. however, there are thousands under threat. as the storm tracks east, we're expecting to see gusty conditions with blizzard-like conditions and warnings, all within the next 24 hours. we're going to continue to monitor that situation. definitely one of those phenomenon where you see intensity in what mother nature can do. bringing it back home here, you can see we're going to notice beautiful skies, no snow, no rain. 65 for san jose. east san jose 67, cupertino 63 for the south bay and into the east bay expect low- to mid-60s. a pleasant day ahead. very seasonal for this time of year. now a check of the roads with
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mike. >> all right. we're looking at a mostly smooth drive around the bay. overall speed sensors do read green. still tracking the crash out of the altamont pass. more detail and chp with more time. over here coco county great, concord, basko road, 580. southbound, the commute direction, an easy drive, novato down to the golden gate bridge, no problems there. the bay bridge over the last five minutes has really seen cash lanes and fasttrack lanes filled in. it looks like one is for the yet open. this is transition time, guys. we'll track it. back to you. >> thanks, mike. >> 5:11. irs says more than a billion dollars of tax refunds yet to be claimed. can some of that money be yours? the taxpayer and money it can go to next. the race for space means even more trouble for boeing. >> still ahead, does the time of day matter as to who police officers pull over?
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good morning. it is 5:14 and it's a little chilly, 30s and 40s. look at the temperature trend. concord expecting sunshine. not just concord, the entire bay area can expect another dry, sunny day ahead. we will notice an increase in cloud cover but that's not until later tonight. temperatures in the 60s. i'll break down your daily
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daytime highs coming up in just a bit. here is a smooth drive for the highrise of the san mateo bridge. that's where chp gave a wind advisory overnight. i guess they got caught with a gust of wind. no major problems. i'll track what's going on, a new step for the peninsula. >> and a very happy thursday to you. tesla unveiled its model y. we have talked extensively in the past about the risks and rewards of today's move by tesla. facebook under all kinds of pressure. not just worldwide outage but "new york times" reporting a criminal probe into the company and the way it shared data providers and others. our bob redell is covering this live from facebook headquarters. the gist is facebook gave more of your personal information to phone makers and partners in exchange for putting facebook apps on their phone. breaking news out of washington, three sources tell nbc there will be no meeting in the near
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future between president trump and chinese president xi. no deal to be signed at all this month. meanwhile gary cohen, the president's former top economic adviser says the white house is, in his words, in chaos and desperate for a deal with china. cohen is no crank. before he was the director of the president's economic council, he ran goldman sachs. he resigned almost exactly a year ago after the president started putting tariffs on foreign products. the trouble keeps coming for boeing. the head of nasa says it may cancel this rocket, boeing space launch system or sls because of the trump administration's desire to launch a mission to the moon as soon as possible and this rocket is behind schedule, over budget. the white house wants to send an unmanned capsule to the moon before 2020. sls is not going to make it. in fact, there's talk of switching to the falcon heavy spacex big rocket. that one carried a tesla into space february of last year, you
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remember. we're talking about rushing to the moon, america can't take astronauts into low orbit. we have a rocket problem. we have no rockets that can get anybody there. only the russians do. later today around noon our time, two astronauts, one cosmonaut will head up to the space station from russia. >> exactly. using resources there. >> thanks. 5:17 right now. as you're following your tax returns, think about this. almost $1.4 billion of tax refunds are still waiting to be claimed. this is from 2015 tax season. the irs says more than 1 million people did not file their 1040 federal income tax return. that's the money unclaimed. but those taxpayers must file to get that money. take a look at this. when it comes to golf clubs and marriage proposals, this is a
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hole in one. tpc in florida, actually had top golfer sergio garcia meet her and bring her under the rope barriers. then garcia handed off the engagement ring which did end up on the young woman's finger, looks like her surprise. it happened on 17th hole which fans cheered and could only be called dead on approach. walked away with a check. publisher's clearing house? diamond ring and $10,000. >> it's expensive, too. >> planning one in the future. >> i'm thinking boult a down payment on a house instead of a wedding. >> atta girl. >> today would be a good day for a wedding. >> i do believe in romance and it will be a lovely day to take a stroll with your loved one. if the temperatures are going to climb in the 60s and 70s, even into the weekend, let's talk about that. san francisco 48 degrees, clear conditions.
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we've been enjoying those clear skies definitely, but it is a little chilly still. we've got some 30s on the map. 39 in santa rosa, 42 in napa, oakland 40 degrees. 38. morgan hill also in those low 30s. well, we are also monitoring what's going on, of course our weather, look at doppler weather. i want to start with a wide look. even though we're not tracking anything in our area, as you know, we've got an active weather pattern in the essential northern plains. they are dealing with a dangerous system that brought that bomb cyclone we were referring to earlier in the day. they are still seeing that threat of wind and snow for the next several hours. thousands without power. here at home we've got calm conditions, very seasonal-like temperatures climbing into those mid-60s, san jose 65 degrees. in san jose 67, morgan hill 65. in through the east bay 63 degrees for oakland. we're going to keep those 60s on the map even for the peninsula. low 60s to redwood city, 62
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degrees, in through the city. 62 for mission and up through the north bay mid-60s. 64 for napa. your hour by hour wind gust, breezy afternoon, dry weather, seasonal temperatures, again, in the 60s. we're going to keep this dry weather. if you're wondering about squaw creek and lake tahoe, it will be perfect travel conditions. take a look at the latest sierra snowpack, an average of 160%. the conditions will be ideal to go up and enjoy all that snow we've seen thanks to all of those systems that passed through the bay area and sierra mountains. our warmest day on monday. we're talking 70 for inland areas. i cannot wait for that warm, sunny weekend ahead. mike. >> looking forward to it, too. looking over here, the commute so far moves smoothly out of the altamont, a crash, debris, vehicles on the shoulder. west 580 at grant line road. a typical pattern and better speed despite that crash on the
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shoulder. on the peninsula side, we have to zoom in. we do see some slowing. chp has said this car over there in the ditch that got into a crash, it wasn't a recent crash. apparently may have been an abandoned vehicle and checking on the location where this vehicle's owner is located to make sure everything is okay or that car disappears overnight without knowledge. looking over here southbound, slows a bit, on the scene, flashing lights will slow you there. nearby in the peninsula, closer to the water. just off the dumbarton bridge right here, folks you're familiar with facebook is. that's where bob redell is reporting what happened yesterday. facebook there, facebook on the other side, storage over here. this is where you might have seen bob's live shot a fire going on. bob checked it out and we're going to follow the whole situation there. an issue as folks get onto the dumbarton bridge there. that's where the iconic thumbs-up sign is. everybody sees pictures. we might be looking at the fire or smoke at the area across. rest of the area smooth drive. bay bridge toll plaza does show
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the back-up. it looks like cash lines aren't open. they should turn metering lights on any second. back to you. >> thanks, mike. >> 5:21. coming up next, stanford studies 100 million traffic stops. it's shedding new light on who gets pulled over and when. we'll break it down for you next on "today in the bay."
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we brought you this as breaking news yesterday morning. now we know at least eight deaths are confirmed in nigeria where a school building collapsed. 37 other people have been rescued. there are fears a number of dead could go higher as emergency crews work frantically throughout the night searching for rubble. happening in lagos, it's believed up to 100 children were on the top floors of the school when it collapsed. the man thought to be one of the leaders of infamous gambino crime family was found shot to
5:25 am
death outside of his home in the new york city area. police responded to a call on staten island of an assault in progress. when they arrived on the scene they found francisco gali with gunshot wounds. the suspect fled the scene. he later died at the hospital. they say he was one of the ranking members of the gambino crime family. he was reportedly having dinner with his family and stepped outside to speak with someone when it happened. first of its kind study from stanford shedding light on drivers who get stopped by police. 100 million traffic stops in 21 states. what they found was black and latino drivers are stopped more often that white drivers. they were stopped on less evidence of wrongdoing. while white drivers were stopped and searched more often, they were more likely to be found with illegal items. the study adjusted for nighttime and concluded the number of
5:26 am
black drivers stopped dropped 5% after sunset. that suggests they are racially profiled during the day. a glitch in the system has santa clara county putting a holland on online payments that's for now. the website is not getting it right. it's either over or under charging people trying to pay traffic or misdemeanor tickets. anyone who paid a different amount will be reimbursed. until it's fixed, the court is urging people to pay in person. if you're looking for a j.b. east bay park district is hosting testing events for anyone who wants to be a lifeguard. they will work at pools, lakes, lagoons during the swim season. events begin on saturday. we posted a link. what you have to do and how to sign up, it's on our website, coming up next, top stories we're following on thursday morning, including get ready for longer lines at the dmv this summer. it's all because of the real id. next in a live report what state lawmakers want dmv to do to make
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that process smoother. >> plus the window for the maverick big wave surf contest at half moon bay is closing. live at half moon bay with the deadline. and taking a live look bay bridge toll plaza, a check of the morning commute and good looking forecast coming up next. you're watching "today in the bay."
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it )s 5:30 on thursday march 14th. ad lib live picture of emeryville. and a good morning to you. 5:30 right now on this thursday. taking a look out now, beautiful shot there as we begin our morning. what a great day to be watching "today in the bay." i'm marcus washington. >> every day, right? >> yeah. >> we're here. i'm laura garcia. good to see you.
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let's check in with vianey. she's in for kari this morning. another good looking day on tap. >> another good looking day. look at this clear sight of san francisco. no clouds but some temps. here is what to expect for thursday. right now in south bay 47 degrees. temperatures will climb into low- to mid-60s for the afternoon. then as we head in towards the middle of the day, we warm up nicely. notice an increase in clouds in the evening, coast 50s, bay 60s, inland mid-60s. by the evening mostly cloudy conditions, overnight lows in the 40s. as you get ready to plan your day, remember 30s and 40s now. eventually we'll climb nicely into the 60s throughout. let's get a check of the roads with mike, something on the bridge. >> first of all we'll look and see the back-up. we talked about metering lights turning on. it's changed. there was this one lane, lane six, before it was closed 30
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seconds ago. it finally opened. that was a late open. as you approach, watch overhead lights at the toll plaza. if you see a red x, it means the lane closed. right now they reopened in time for everybody to head over there. we're going to call out one crash here, a new one, southbound 880 at stevenson. i got my eye on the report because it just came in. a spot you could tend to see a problem if the crash is early. debris from the crash with vehicles over on the shoulder as well, big rig, a couple of vehicles, no major injuries west 580 at grant line road. >> all right. thanks so much, mike. 5:31 right now. the dmv is telling lawmakers to prepare for a summer surge as drivers realize they need that real id. pete suratos joins us with details. why is this a big concern. pete? >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. the big concern for dmv is meeting the demand.
5:32 am
the idea is people wait until the last minute to get the real id before 2020. make sure you don't wait too long. as far as numbers from dm v as far as who has real id so far, just over 10% of all california drivers have their real id. of course you'll need that id to board airplanes or enter federal facilities unless you str a passport. there's fear by dmv they may not meet the demand in california as they currently issue 300 to 400,000 a month and expect that number to jump in the near future to 500 to 600,000 cars. there's a surge as people wait to get their real id before the 2020 deadline. lopping lines could become the norm at local dmvs around the bay area. >> well, i guess i'm kind of lucky personally because, well, i need to renew my license today. so yeah, i mean, i guess i feel fortunate that i don't have to wait until september to get that
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done. >> i think it's going to be a lot of pressure on the dmv. look at the line today. i was here yesterday and left because it was so long and back today. >> if you're prepared it's fine. just knowing what to do. there's a certain system when you come to the dmv. if you understand how it works, it can be painless. >> reporter: lawmakers suggest dmv add more workers or have better technology to deal with the surge. you'll need that real id by october 2020. pete suratos, "today in the bay." >> thanks, pete. 5:33 right now. happening today, the undocumented transient accused of murder shocking the south bay, he will officially be charge. police arrested carlos carranza. he was accused of stabbing bambi lar sentence to death last month at her san jose home. prosecutors say he's been convicted of numerous crimes before the stabbing and even
5:34 am
stalked larson some time before her killing. that case is sparking a new debate about sanctuary cities. i.c.e. tried several times to deport him. happening today "empire" actor and santa rosa native jussie smollett will be in court and so will the cameras. the judge agreed to allow reporters inside. they say i stage add hate p crime in chicago. his lawyers deny the allegation. in the varsity blues college shooting scandal involved the actress involved in the scheme. lori loughlinar tends usc. we're learning she was on break in bahamas when the news burst. incide incidentally, tabloids say she was on 200 foot yacht owned by the chairman of usc board of trustees. that's because the board's daughter is a friend of olivia. both are freshman at usc and
5:35 am
both have now returned home. today is the final day for teachers in the san ramon school district to vote on a new contract agreement. the deal includes 4% pay hike increase, new caps on class sizes. teachers were asking for a 5% raise. >> you know, it has been great to have those days, blue skies and sunshine and perhaps the only people not totally thrilled are the ones hoping for a storm where the windows close on the mavericks big surf challenge. kris sanchez joins us on "today in the bay." kris, how long do we have here. >> reporter: well, that window for mavericks contest closes march 31st. the greatest hope for the contest is a swell that's posed to develop starting next week. if that does not happen, this could be the third year in a row that we don't see a big wave surfing contest here in half moon bay. this is video of the last time the mavericks challenge was held
5:36 am
in february 2016. since that time women got the right to compete but not the right weather conditions to actually hit the water. march is not usually the most promising month. some folks we talked with at half moon bay are hoping mavericks will happen before the end of the month even if it's not a huge economic boone for their community. >> there are a lot of people coming and going but the traffic was awful so half moon bay doesn't really care. they just want the surfers to be happy. >> it's a half moon bay thing so we're excited about it. >> now, i mentioned that swell that could develop. this is what world big league said, the north pacific is showing potential swells from march 19 through march 26th for mavericks. it is too far out to make a decision on if we will run or not, but we will continue to closely monitor the conditions as the storms get closer." once opening ceremonies happen
5:37 am
and the window opens, the surfers are on stand by to compete. they are all over the world. when the conditions are right and mavericks is called, the 24 men and now the 10 women surfers have 24 hours to get to half moon bay, so you know they are professional packers. as the commissioner told us, he has his fingers crossed and we know a lot of people at half moon bay have their fingers crossed as well. happening "today in the bay," kris sanchez. >> i'm loving this weather but i would love to see them surf so we'll see. >> this is a cool contest. >> thanks, kris. all right, mike, someone tells me you're quite a bit of a surfer or was that just a joke. >> i think they meant i'm a surf poser. >> let's see your best pose. >> like this or you know, like this. watch the surfing, i'll wear those flip flops as well. looking over here, no major problems on the peninsula and
5:38 am
south bay. over here in the east bay we do have an issue. a crash reported 880 around davis, double reports there. the bigger issue over here just south of 238. let's take you to the wave system. slower driving south of 238, sensors updated on waze. we got this from waze network. we're going to thank them by saying, hey, thanks for shouting out that crash earlier than anybody else. join at the bottom, nbc wazers, that will help you get the latest reports as well from your colleagues on waze. >> here we go, getting closer to the weekend. that weather is going to be nice. >> very nice. we've got to plan it out. very nice. lake take who is going to be beautiful as well, laura. i know you're headed there. >> first time. >> yes. it's going to be a beautiful weekend for that, marcus. great weekend, travel conditions ideal. temperatures mid to upper 60s.
5:39 am
some low 70s into the inland areas but 70s nonetheless for saturday. so that high pressure is going to continue dominating. that's what's keeping us dry and very seasonal around here. by sunday we are still going to see some 70s out there. but it's going to be a little bit warmer. our warmest day is expected to be monday but we'll take sunday's forecast as well. 73 for inland areas. here it is, marcus, i've got lake tahoe, 40s, sunday, monday in the 50s. still be cool compared to what we're used to here in the south bay and through the tri-valley in terms of daytime highs but temperatures are going to be pleasant and also the condition. you'll get a combination of sun and clouds. if you're going to be traveling you don't have to worry about snow. might be breezy at times but very ideal especially if you're going to be spending time outside or on the lake. now, if you're not going to be heading to south lake tahoe, don't worry, still expecting beautiful conditions at the coastline. in fact, i have a feeling beaches are very busy this weekend. i know because i'm probably
5:40 am
going to be heading to the peaches. >> take your sunscreen. 5:39 right now. coming up next, the police department firing back at the aclu. we'll tell you why. plus the senate may force the first veto. i'll take you through it. >> a cyclone blowing through much of the country. we'll show you what that's doing to fish in an oklahoma lake. kare
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mike traffic tease it is 5:42, 40 degrees for most of the bay area. look at the rise in temperatures. it will be slow but at least get somewhere. by 11:00 a.m., 53 in san jose. the rest of the bay area including san jose can expect to see 60s on the map. yes, i am tracking sunshine. but how long is it going to stick around? we'll make it to your weekend and have the details coming up. we're looking at oakland, the nimitz by the coliseum moves quickly. the sea of headlights moving south towards davis street and san leandro, there may be an issue. details on the crash and what's going on, what caused that. thanks so much. it is 5:43. now to new details on the multi-million dollar lawsuit surrounding the death of stephon clark. a judge is usualing attorneys on both sides to reach an agreement. according to sacramento bee. they were investigating a
5:44 am
vandalism report when he was shot and killed. offices fired 20 rounds after miss taking his cell phone for a gun. earlier this month the attorney general said officers in the case would not face charges and that led to several protests and arrests. this morning union city police are disputing the report by aclu that it is giving information to i.c.e. deportation database. according to mercury news, the department is among 80 named in part of a nationwide report. vigilant solutions makes automatic license plate leaders. that company's ties with i.c.e. we revealed last year. union city said they don't give information and is concerned about the community's trust. 5:44, new details on a deadly plane crash in compton. one dead and another injured after a plane went down last night. this is the aerial scene from our affiliate.
5:45 am
no word on the person injured. the cause of the crash still under investigation. 5:44. perhaps a big of closure for lanett gibson mcelhenney who has been enduring vitaminence no one should endure. usc her son was shot and killed in a robbery. he was just weeks from graduating. her grandson died in a shooting in oakland. in that case jurors convicted the man on murder. he was 17 years old when he died. a jail guard accused of having sex with inmates pled guilty to four charges. he's accused of having sex with inmates in richmond. an attorney for the inmates claims the sex was nonconsens l
5:46 am
nonconsensual. if convicted he could receive five years in prison. he's due in court for a preliminary hearing. 5:45. yet another politician wants to run against donald trump. >> scott mcgrew, beto o'rourke added to the list this morning. >> let's add him to the list. the texas democrat added to the list of democrats officially announced their candidacy. he reported yesterday and posted to the internet this morning. >> i'm running to serve you as the next president of the united states of america. this is a defining moment of truth for this country and for every single one of us. the challenges we face right now, interconnected crisis in our economy, democracy and our climate have never been greater. >> o'rourke was a congressman who ran for and lost the senate seat in texas, but it was close. honestly, we are going to know pretty quickly if o'rourke is a serious candidate. in her first 24 hours, kamala
5:47 am
harris raised a million and a half dollars, bernie sanders $6 million. so the clock is running. o'rourke will be on the cover of "vanity fair." there he is on the left. someone on twitter pointed out that picture looks like "vanity fair" picture with john edwards, pickup truck, dog, democrat. the clothes and pose is the same as well-known picture of ronald reagan, hands in the back pocket. the senate due to vote on the president's emergency measure that would take away money from the military to build the wall. if the senate votes to block the measure, that then goes to the president who can veto it and move forward. the president announced yesterday the u.s. government would ground all 737 max aircraft. >> boeing is an incredible company. they are working very, very hard right now. hopefully they will very quickly come up with the answer. but until they do, the planes
5:48 am
are grounded. >> normally this kind of announcement would not fall to the president. this is the sort of thing the faa would do. but the president likes being the face of his administration. and there's no permanent head of the faa. there's no permanent secretary of defense. they are all acting secretaries, not confirmed by the senate. in fact, the president's own right-hand man mick mulvaney. watch at 7:00, i'll continue to update you on twitter, i i'm @scott i'm i'm @scottmcgrew. >> look at that big rig literally blown over. caught on camera during a weather phenomenon. a bomb cyclone. authorities say the driver not seriously injured. can you imagine how surprised he was. in oklahoma city the wind blue fish out of the water. this is lake hefner where make
5:49 am
wind gusts reached 65 miles an hour. >> flying fish. >> look at that. that seems crazy. >> did you see that truck? >> looked like nothing, right over. you know, the pom cyclone, a lot of people are like what's that, a bomb and cyclone. psych lo genesis for any storm. what makes this a cyclone, a rapid drop in air temperature. we're talking 24 millibar. millibar refers to what we use to measure air pressure. that's what caused that intensity in the storm. in fact, we're still seeing some rotation out of this, which means we're not out of the woods. for the most part starting to track. minneapolis starting to see, of course, those strong gusty conditions. that storm. it's really going to be a powerful one. it's going to continue to be that way. we've seen the worst of it. because it was so rapid, typically these storms last for a short period of time.
5:50 am
continue to see that threat for the next several hours. bringing it back home, clear sk conditions here, nothing to worry about. this is a live look in san francisco. no clouds in sight. because of that temperatures chilly. santa rosa, 39, 30 for palo alto, 38 for morgan hill. check out microclimate highs as you get ready for your day. temperatures in the 60s very similar to what you saw yesterday, comfortable, 65 for san jose. into the east bay, 65 for walnut creek, pleasanton 64, peninsula upper 50s, low 60s. into san francisco a little breezy at times. 10 to 15-mile-an-hour winds. north bay low- to mid-60s. if you're wondering what is going on in lake tahoe, this is a live look. you don't have to worry about travel conditions but i want to update you on snowpack. as you know, several storms that brought a lot of snow. the average 160%. northern sierra at 156%.
5:51 am
central sierra 164%, southern sierra 159%. there will be plenty of snow to go out skiing and snowboarding. i know marcus is heading there. i don't know if he's skiing or snowboarding. if he is, good luck with that. >> lessons. >> ice packs on monday. lessons and ice packs. prepare for that. i'll bring you some on monday. as we head towards friday, those conditions will remain beautiful saturday and sunday. st. paddy's day 68 in san francisco. check out the inland temperatures, 73 for st. patrick's day sunday and warm on monday at 74. yes, there are some showers on the way into tuesday night and wednesday, but i don't want to look forward to that. let's look forward to the weekend. mike. >> looking forward to a picture of marcus taking those ski lessons. over here, no problem. folks well versed in the commute on the peninsula. the south bay very light. we are tracking two issues on the nimitz.
5:52 am
south 880 past a street for the first one, the crash moved to the shoulder. took a while because it was in the middle lanes and that's what caused the early back-up. it's sorting itself out. that's good news. 880 toward davis, another crash. looks like everything is on the shoulder there as well. we do have a slower drive but a smooth drive heading south from oakland in towards san mateo bridge. getting to the bay bridge easy drive through the maze. back-up at the bay bridge toll plaza of course. we're watching debris and they have to pull a couple vehicles from the shoulder west 580 here at grant line road coming out of the altamont. a live look out here, bay bridge, upper deck, westbound, moves smoothly, eastbound towards treasure island, heard about a disabled big rig at the off-ramp. that may be a problem. not like the big rig couldn't make the problem, back up. getting out of san francisco towards treasure island you may have a quick traffic break. just a note but it shouldn't be much of a problem. north bay smooth drive, a little billed out of vallejo and
5:53 am
sonoma -- novato. back to you. >> thanks, mike. happening now, the last great race has a new champion. alaska's iditarod is over. peter kaiser arrived in nome after nine days on the trail. he's getting cash and a new 2019 ram truck. it's 5:53. coming up on "today in the bay," possible new hope for people dealing with high cholesterol. the time line for a new drug and how it will work. a california panera bread. how a live explosive wound up inside.
5:54 am
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find a world of inspiration. find something you love today. unique selection. unbelievable prices. homegoods. go finding.
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)throwback thursday ) online. bob redell just shared a clip of him - learning to ballet dance. watch take a look at that. throw-back thursday. bob has something for us. he's just shared a clip of him learning how to ballet dance. watch it on twitter he's @bob. >> he's such a nut. >> so funny. >> love bob redell. >> twitter may soon get big changes. the company is starting to roll out a new app for public beta testing. it includes a new camera feature. twitter is adding filters and
5:57 am
other features similar to chapman and instagram. the goal is to give tools to continue their conversation. >> we know sometimes social media challenges are silly or dangerous but a new challenge is pretty whole som. right now people are cleaning up litter and then posting before and after pictures. hundreds of people are doing the trash tag challenge. it actually dates back to 2015. picked up again within the last week. the goal is to encourage others to clean up their communities. that's a good one. >> that is a good one. spring break is here for a lot of people. that means tsa is expecting a lot more people traveling starting today. >> some hot spots expecting record crowds this year including mexico and hawaii. travel experts say you should consider cashing in on royalty awards to offset higher prices. >> really what your best play is, if you want to head to those hot spots, this is the time you redeem loyalty points and use them for more luxurious properties. tsa expects to screen
5:58 am
approximately 107 million passengers and crews starting today and running through april 28th. that's an increase in 3% compared to the same period last year. 5:57 right now. nfl's free agency period continues. yesterday was the start of the new year. >> raiders already made arguably the biggest moves in the league trading for steelers tarrant i don't brown. the team introduced him yesterday. >> my plan is to get around here, get in the room, start holding guys accountable, let them know there's that certain type of standard here we've got to up hold. >> in my opinion we acquired the best receiver in football so let's get to work purchase they wanted him badly. raiders gave up two draft tricks, a third rounder and fifth rounder for brown. a promising new drug for people with high cholesterol. one in four americans take cholesterol lowering drugs called statins. they often because side effects
5:59 am
including muscle pain. people who take this get the same effects reducing side effects. the fda said to approve the drug early next year. new this morning a bomb scare at a panera bread in fresno. they searched his home and found explosive material. he drove away and eventually ran into the restaurant. this is where he told police an explosive device fell out of his pocket. our affiliate reported it was a live explosive but the bomb squad rendered it safe. right now at 6:00, a criminal probe into facebook. data deals that reportedly have the tech giant in hot water, how the company is responding. >> massive insurance fraud. a south bay doctor and his wife facing accusations. the money they are accused of charging patients. no hope in the willow glen neighborhood. the concern people on both sides
6:00 am
have. "today in the bay" starts now. a very good thursday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. it is 6:00, i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. mike will have a look at the commute. first start the weather, vianey in for kari. tell us another nice day. >> fun headlines, warm temperatures. by fun headlines i mean sunny temperatures. if you're heading out the door, a little chilly. look how clear. in san jose what can you expect. current temperatures 47 degrees. expect a high of 65. again, chilly 30s and 40s will eventually climb into 50s for the coast, low 60s for the bay, inland temperatures mid-50s. still a little breezy at times, 10 to 15-mile-an-hour winds but for the most part very calm. some areas may not see wind at all. increasing cloud cover by the evening. we'll start to notice clouds especially along the coast. overnight lows will be in the 40s. we are tracking warm er


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