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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  March 14, 2019 5:00pm-5:29pm PDT

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so it's going to change lawsuits is requesting $500 billion from the wealthy parents accused of buying admission to elite schools. it was filed by a former oakland teacher who claims her son was rejected from one of those schools despite having a 4.2 gpa. she writes, i'm outraged and hurt because i feel like my son, my only child was denied access to a college, not because he failed to work and study hard enough but because wealthy individuals thought it was okay to lie, cheat, steal and bribe their children's way into a good college. >> there definitely is a different class standard. >> reporter: in a second nts a asking that application fees be returned to anyone denied admission, saying the application process was tainted by fraud. those universities have not been charged as participants in the
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scandal. and nobody wanted to comment on the lawsuits. a statement was septembnt sayiny believe the lawsuit is without merit. coming up at 6:00. we're going to talk to a legal analyst and get his thoughts on whether or not he thinks the plaintiffs have a strong case. reporting live from stanford, anousha rasta. universities are combing their student profiles, looking for evidence of fraud, ties to ring rick singer. some parents say they only paid for consulting, not bribes or phony test scores. singer posts his book and information on his facebook
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page. we've not been able to concern if anybody was really his client. golfer phil mickelson was not on the list. he says his children had good grades and singer only helped his daughter choose the right college. the scandal has caused more fallout for lori laughlin. the hallmark channel cut ties with laughlin today. she was one of the christmas queens starring in the holiday movies. her lawyer had no comment. laughlin'sng daughter, olivia jade chronicles her life and fashion on social media. sephora has dropped her from their website. she apologized months ago after confessing in a video that she doesn't really care about college, just the parties and football games. her older sister bella also
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attends usc. an around the clock man hunt is how it's described for the search for the killer of a woman. the accused killer went before the judge. the judge did not allow cameras in the courtroom. so these photos show the alleged suspect. he left his image on surveillance camera video and blood on two shirts. damian trujillo is live outside the hall of justice with the intense police work that cracked this case. damian? >> and there were four different camera angles that this owner had. >> reporter: this is where courtney triggs spent the last two week, holed up in the forensics lab, analyzing more than 460 video related to the murder of bambi larsson. she had to work her magic. >> magnified, zoomed, so they
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could get a clearer image. >> reporter: for 12 days it was all hands on deck. investigators did not know who their suspect was and feared he might strike again. >> dentectives that work on the case 12-20 hours a day. >> reporter: he says never has he seen a case so violent, with so few clues. >> this was a very difficult crime scene to view and to investigate for certain. >> reporter: even the county crime lab responded to the scene, a rare occurrence. detectives and beat cops plowed ahead for nearly two weeks straight. in the end, their long hours and a dna match led them to their suspect. tonight, a homicide unit says they are convinced they have their man and they're glad he's off the streets. >> their is a very rare type of occurrence for san jose. it's one of the worst types of crimes you can imagine. >> reporter: a stunning note after today's arraignment.
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even after the governor's moratorium on the death penalty, the da's office announced they will consider the death penalty in this case. there are two special circumstance issues in the case. i asked if maybe the suspect met the victim mowing her lawn or met her by happen stance at some point. he said it wasn't likely. this seemed pretty random, live outside the hall of justice, damian trujillo. >> important police work. thank you. in marin county, the marine mammal center wants answers. two gray whales stranded themselves on the shore this week where their bodies were found. the center joined with the academy of sciences to investigate why. one died from malnutrition, but the second death is a mystery. they always want to rule out disease and whether boats or nets are involved. gray whales have the longest
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migration routes and there's concern their food sources are shifting. you're looking at all that smoky air that hovered over san francisco for days during the northern california wildfires. it's awful. at times we were living and working in the worst air in the world. today, though, for the first time, we're learning just what that bad air did to our air quality here in the bay area. there's new information that came out of a public health committee meeting that took place in san francisco. sam brock joins us from dianne feinstein elementary. a lot of changes were discussed about what parents could soon see. >> reporter: yeah. parents, i mean, one mother i talked to today, jessica, itca last year. many parents remember vividly the fear and confusion when there was smoke that the entire region was battling, of course because of the camp fire. many wondering should they bring
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their child tole sk school, sch districts wondering whether they should be open. last fall, historic smoke smothered the bay area. and, as it turns out, turned back the clock on improving air quality. >> that is jaw-dropping. >> reporter: the number one item on lessons learned, wildfires are erasing the gains we've made in reducing pm or particulate matter in the air. >> i think what that means is we've never recognized or realized the effects of catastrophic events and how they impact on air quality. >> reporter: the number of days pm had exceeded government standards had been dropping until now. >> just smoke coming in from the north and the south. you couldn't breathe. >> reporter: parent like molly mcphee wrestled with whether to take their children to school last fall. they use a system from air now, with different colored flags
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based on the air quality yep deck. it's a good starting point, but not a perfect method for wildfires. >> the concern is particulate matter. it takes in a lot of different pollu pollutants. >> reporter: would that kind of index be helpful in. >> the more information the better. >> i'll be one of those parents looking at the app, if there's an app or something. >> reporter: better information on n-95 masks also came up as a critical area for research and fact finding. and the new tide line for guidance is hopefully before the start of the next fire season, another topic that came up, new recommendations for sport teams. and this became a passion when it c ncaa standards. sam brock, nbc bay area news. want to show you another view, their is our camera in san
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rafael. the u.s. drought monitor made the declaration that we are drought free. the state had experienced some fort of drought for 376 consecutive weeks. the wet weather has been good for sierra snow pack. check that out. >> the highest elevations have seen more than 50 feet of snow. >> ooh. in washington, a dozen senate of republicans issued a stunning rebuke to president trump's emergency declaration for a border wall. president trumpo r veto, tweeti thank always strong republicans who voted to support border security and our desperately needed wall. but they say the issue is not border security but how congress is supposed to spend money. >> do we want the executive
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branch now or in the future to hold the power of the purse? >> meanwhile, in the house, a message was sent about robert mueller's russia investigation. they passed a resolution urging the report be made public once it's t it's done. >> finally, facebook explaining what caused an outage. what we know about tesla's bra brand-new suv. taking a look outside in fremont, beautiful sunshine again today. it's going to cool off fast as we go into the evening. grab a jacket if you're getting ready to head out. l
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you never cease to amaze me, maya. see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch. boeing says it will not be fulfilling any more orders of putting the brakes on new deliveries. boeing says it will not be fulfilling any more orders of the 737 max planes while the investigation into a deadly plane crash continues. yesterday, the models were grounded across the country, including a few here in the bay area. skyranger shows one of those planes sitting on the tarmac at sfo. they will ultimately make their way to tulsa, oklahoma for inspection andenance. meanwhile, flight data recorders from the ethiopia flight are being analyzed.
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that plane, a 737 max 8 crashed shortly after takeoff. it is the second accident involving a max eight in five months. >> until we understand what went on with these two accidents and what commonality if any there is, i don't think anyone can say how long the airplane's going to be on the ground. >> some analysts suggest they could be grounded for up to six months. golden gate field is banning the use of a popular enhancement after several reports of racehorses dying in california. another horse dived at santa anita park near los angeles. it is the 22nd animal to die since christmas. they are banning the use of race-day drugs, including diuretics, painkillers and steroids. the same rules will be in use at
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albany. facebook is now offering an explanation for their 23-hour, worldwide outage. they're not answering all the questions. if you tried logging op to facebook yesterday, you saw this, messenger and whatsapp also went down. it started when the company made configuration chains to its servers. they are not saying how many users were affected. this is the largest outage in str instagram history. we will get a look at the next big thing from tesla. elon musk will take the stage to unveil the model y. the company tweeted this video that you're looking at ahead of the event. it is expected to be a small suv version of the popular model three, no word yet on a price. the bay area pride series is a chance to show you ah tll the good that's happening.
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>> once they tastart doing good they don't stop. garvin thomas joins us. >> you know, i consider it a privilege to share these stories. even better, i get to stay in touch with the people we profile, watch them do even more amazing things. and there is a lot. so let's get started. >> my grandfather founded it back in 1956. >> in december, we introduced you to ken christopher, third generation of the christopher ranch garlic factory. after learning that students were carrying thousands in school lunch debt, ken wiped it out with a single che and now they have. he's cleared the debt at gilroy's other high cooschool, totaling $13,000 in relief for students and their families. still, that amount is mall, compared to what esther lucas
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got started. in 2017, the sunnyvale girl scout made a single two-minute speech to her city koup, introducing the idea of a play ground for children of all abilities. it sparked a discussion that eventually led the city to designate close to $2 million to build one. since then, another $2 million in donations has come in, and they are ready to break ground their year on magical bridge sunnyvale. then in september we shared the story of a unique and touchingl. she learned one of the her.s she decided to co and they beca fast friends. they even came up with new ideas. and now, if you visit stone ridge creek you will see utility boxes painted by morgan based on photographs by ray.
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and i told you about the girl scout, she has written a hand-written thank you note to every single person who's donated. >> it's always fun to see and have a look back at all the good. and it's contagious. >> if people want to watch every story we've done, go to our website, nbc bay area proud, you will see all of them there and you can send me a link. one of the questions i get asked is where do ideas. area, @garvin thomas feast on bay area proud. >> make a whole weekend of it. >> you could spend a whole year doing it. >> we binge watch. >> the species known as painted ladies butterflies, their
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population is exploding this year, and they have a great food supply. the fast-moving swarm has been spotted around orange county and are expected to reach northern california in just days. >> in pacifica and some of those areas we are going to have amazing weather going into the weekend. it will be nice to have comfortable temperatures. and one rain-free weekend. here's a look at what we are seeing now, as you're getting ready to head out, maybe in san francisco. it is beautiful with mostly sunny skies. we made it up to 63 degrees. and right now it's 61. and the behindityhumidity is ni low. temperatures right around 64 degrees, 7:00 we're at 61. it is still comfortable but will cool down fairly quickly as soon
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as the sun sets. we're looking for warmer temperatures, up to 70 degrees of in stroeanta rosa, a high of. it's been a long team senime s e we've had weather this nice and warm. the parade will be on saturday starting at 9:30 in the morning. it will 40s. and temperatures will reach up to 70g some quiet weather, there's still a lot going on in the pacific. you can seat swirl of clouds, their lar this area of low pressure. we are not going to see this system moving in, but we do have rain in the forecast. the weekend staying nice, dry,
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also with warm temperatures going into next week. another storm system developing, will be moving in. it looks to bring us some rain. so we're enjoying a nice break now. as we go into next week, it looks like the next storm system will bring us a pretty tdecent amount of rain. so we'll keep you up to date on that. looking at the seven-day forecast, expect the temperatures to warm up over the next few days. inland valleys reaching 73 degrees on sunday as well as monday. and then going into next week, once again, we will be tracking that storm system. more clouds on tuesday. but then a better chance of rain on wednesday for san francisco. also, some 60s and 70s in the forecast. we're going to enjoy this weekend, because it does look like by next weekend we could see om more rain moving in. >> ah, the rain's coming back.
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>> did not want to hear that. >> coming up, rush hour gridlock getti getting wours. how many of us are spending at least three hours commuting every day. if you think your coms
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5:24 pm )re right. a new study shows the greater bay area has some of the well, if you think your commute is bad, you're right. a new study shows the greater bay area has some of the worst commutes in the country. here's a live look at interstat than 120,000 people in the bay area are considered super commuters, meaning their commute is 90 minutes or more each way. in stockton and lodi, 11% of
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people are a super commuter. >> one woman decided to go big. >> she baked 1,000 pies for tech workers. the story is on our website. there is no better way to enjoy the math mematic day than with slice of pie. pie or pie. >> i decided to giv cookies to an organization. >> now there were pi celebrations all over social media. take a look at legos. a lego pumpkin pie, and delorean, with autonomous drifting delorean donuts. >> clever. >> and a different kind of pi in mountain view, pizza.
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>> i can get with that. that looks delicious. snoop dogg coming to the bay area. for a building. stay with us. ♪ [baby crib musical mobile]
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taking a ferry. one east bay city is exploring th tonight at 6:00, forget driving. what about taking a ferry?
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one east bay city is considering the possibility of adding a ferry service. what needs to happen to make it a reality. better get your tickets. the s.a.p. center is celebrating 25 years with a three-day music fest ral. n the names include snoop dogg, ice cube. maluma and the festival will run through september 13th-15th. that sounds likeadliners. thank you so much for holt s next. >> we'll be back at 6:00, see you then. breaking news tonight. the black boxes from that deadly plane crash have arrived in france to be analyzed. a race to reveal their critical clues as investigators now believe there's evidence that two overseas air disasters may be related.
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new fallout in that massive college admissions scandal. the first lawsuits filed as hallmark tonight fires lori loughlin, one of its biggest stars, and sephora cuts ties with her daughter. a bomb cyclone spawning tornadoes, carving a path of destruction. >> you can see the tornado right here, it's right here. >> oh my god! >> and tonight, major floods and snow. a triple threat all from the same massive system. a stinging rebuke. a dozen senate republicans joining democrats to reject president trump's


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