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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  March 15, 2019 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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right now at 11:00, terror in new zealand. one of the safest countries in the world, now dealing with immeasurable tragedy. 49 people killed at mosques in what is now new zealand's worst mass shooting ever. thanks so much for joining us this midday. >> marcus and laura are both off. the prime minister is calling it one of new zealand's darkest days. the terror unfolded around 1:30 friday afternoon local time in christchurch. that's the largest city on new zealand's southern island. a man was arrested and charged with murder in what appeared to be a carefully planned terrorist
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attack. the last time new zealand saw a mass shooting was 1990. nbc's bill neely rorlts. >> reporter: a stream of wounded begin coming into the hospital. armed police still hunting for gunman still unsure if the attacks are over. and everywhere dazed survivors who had been through unimaginable horror. this man saw the killer. >> he had helmet and giving the glasses and he dressed of the military and he is gun, machine gun of the -- >> reporter: minutes after the shooting, police were filmed arresting a man. they held two other armed men and a woman and found two explosive devices attached to cars. >> so far, one person, a male in his late 20s, had been charged with murder. >> reporter: police say he was not on any new zealand terror watch list. they say the man streamed his
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massacre live from a body camera. an enleft a long anti-immigrant document. >> this is one of new zealand's darkest days. clearly, what has happened here is an extraordinary and unprecedented act of violence. >> reporter: police are advising new zealanders to avoid all mosques after an attack that stunned this normally peaceful country. police sources told our partners at australia's channel 7 that the killer is 28-year-old brenton parent and that he calmly reloaded the weapon in the massacre. they're raiding homes right now and investigating a threat to the islamic community. the killer posted on facebook before the attack. it is a terrible irony that many of those killed were refugees from war zones seeking peace in what was one of the world's safest countries. bill neely, nbc news, london.
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horrified people around the world seen the video of that attack that the gunman streamed live on facebook. facebook quickly took it down and scrambling to make sure that the video stays off its site. scott mcgrew, facebook had a horribly miserable week. >> horrible week. "the new york times" columnist called it biblically and compared it to the story of job and before what happened with this facebook live. i have a list here. just this week criminal intent or investigation from the feds in new york, a fight with elizabeth warren, you remember that over the ads, warren wants to break up facebook, as well, accusations from great britain about wrongdoing, two executives quit and then you got the facebook live, as well. we have a video of the latest bloomberg business week magazine cover of zuckerberg and you can see computer code on there for apologies.
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kris, he has done apologies in the past and gone on apology tour and i think he will have to do it again. >> mark zuckerberg is really the face of facebook so it time to find a new leader, a new face? >> that's a reasonable question. they've dealt with controversies and kept the same ceo. the answer is it can't because zuckerberg has a different class of stock than the rest of us. if you buy facebook stock you have class-a stock. that's great. zuckerberg has class-b stock and for every one of his shares he gets ten votes to your one and impossible for shareholders to suggest he leave because he controls facebook. >> all right. we'll see if he chooses to leave at some point. the mass shooting in knew ze zealand affecting security here in the u.s. and the bay area. >> we want to head to san francisco where we are joined by nbc bay area pete suratos.
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pete, you have been in the mosque in the islamic center of san francisco all morning and talked to folks feeling concern. we understand that. >> reporter: yeah. that's right. understandably so. they're sad and frustrated about the events as you just talked about right there in new zealand and they said they're doing their best to keep spirits up. >> i just with a tonight say we're all human beings. we have to take care of each other. we have a different beliefs. we got to respect for each other. >> reporter: now, fridays here at the islamic center in san francisco are the busiest according to syed who you just heard from where he said hundreds attending a prayer service this afternoon. we saw a handful of people heading into the mosque for prayer this morning and as the details of the mosque shooting continue to come in, syed had
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this to say about the tragic event. >> this is the act of terrorism. you know? we do not tolerate, whether it's muslims or nonmuslims, my heart broken for those people that died and not 40 people, 40 families we're talking about. you know? i will really condemn that attack and i hopefully the people responsible take some action. >> reporter: back out here live to the islamic center in san francisco. he mentioned this they reached out to san francisco police to patrol the area and saw a police car patrol the area not long ago as they anticipate big crowds for the prayer service this takes place on fridays here at the mosque and they said they're expecting a big crowd of up to 500 people. in san francisco, pete suratos, nbc bay area news. >> all right. we feel for them. thank you, pete. this is a story that's developing by the minute. we will have the latest on air
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and of course online. you can just head to nbc bay to see how you can help those affected. all right. we are going to shift gears a little bit. it is game on. the raiders are going to play in oakland for at least one more season. the team and the coliseum have agreed on another year and nbc bay area's bob redell is live at the coliseum with the good news for raider nation. >> reporter: assuming that the city of oakland and the county of alameda approve the deal, they will be here one more season. about 90 minutes ago the commissioners with the oakland alameda county coliseum voted 7-0 to extend the lease with the raiders to allow the team to play in the coliseum this upcoming season and the option to play here during the 2020-2021 season if the new stadium in las vegas isn't ready by then. look to the details of the deal.
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the raiders will be paying $7.5 million in rent this season. that's $4 million more than what they paid last season. they optioned to stay the following season, $10.5 million in rent and see that the raiders agreed to pay $750,000 to settle a parking lot dispute about revenues. that money to go to the jpa. the cap on game day expensions for the jpa, joint powers authority, they usually have to pay game day expenses. there's a cap on how much to pay and any naming rights revenue coming in for the new name of the coliseum, all that money goes to the jpa and the raiders they would get to have the training facility for 36 months. that's part of the master agreement they signed 20 years ago. now, the problem has been that the lease with the coliseum ended last season. both sides did have a deal to extend but that fell apart when the city sued the raiders and
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nfl in federal court for breach of contract over the planned move to sin city and might recall the raiders looked at levi stadium and oracle park and neither location materialized. mark davis and the raiders back at the negotiating table with the executive director of the coliseum authority. >> we understand you're probably not pleased about a lawsuit. but on the other hand, why don't you go out and take a look at what else is out there? we're keeping our offer on the table. we want to partner with the fan base and the community and if you want to reengage with us, i'm willing to sit down and that's what we did. and they went and did their window shopping and found out that what they had here was a pretty good deal and mark davis and the president were cooperative to put a deal together. it turned out to be a pretty good partnership. >> reporter: he says he hopes the coliseum will have a new
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naming rights agreement in a month and the warriors are leaving oracle arena and he's working on a new indoor football team to start playing there in spring of 2020. reporting live here outside the oakland coliseum, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> sounds good, bob. if you have our app you got this alert. be sure to download the nbc bay area app. always to get breaking news right when it happens and it is free. student walkout in san francisco. it is part of a global call for action on climate change. called the youth climate strike. in the bay area alone, some 20 events are planned. these local students joined young people across the nation in organizing the walkout. they walked from nancy pelosi's office to union square in san francisco where they held a rally. it is a difference of climate and weather. the weather today, though, is beautiful. >> beautiful. look at the golden gate bridge. >> gorgeous. >> clear skies. and everybody's already looking
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forward to the spring. here's another nice shot of the golden gate bridge. we have got clear skies and the temperatures finally out of the 30s and 40s. we are in the 50s right now. 59 degrees in through hayward. 56 for san jose. but our daytime highs are climbing into the upper 60s, even low 70s on the map for you. take a look at this. 68 degrees for palo alto. 64 for san francisco. 70 in santa rosa and heading to the coast expect the clear conditions and we are only expected to get warmer so these aren't the warmest of temperatures. in fact, we are in a bit of a drying trend and gets warmer. we have st. patrick's day coming up and a look at the next chance of rain coming up in a bit. back the you. >> all right. vainey, thank you. coming up, teachers at a bay area school district not striking after all. we have news on did deal to keep in the classroom. plus, is congress hitting a
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wall? hot button issue that had president trump vowing to use his first veto since coming to office. that's next. to simone, i leave the van gogh.
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to harrison, the wine collection. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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now to a stunning rebuke of president trump. both democrats and republicans voting to block the declaration of a national emergency along the mexican border. the president quickly vowing to use the first veto power since taking office. president trump arguing the issue is border security but for republicans it's about pulling back the reins on his use of presidential power. here's nbc's peter alexander. >> are there any senators wishing to change their vote? >> reporter: this morning after a republican rejection with 12 gop senators rebuking president trump, over his national emergency declaration, the president's brushing off the thumbs down at the hands of his own party tweeting in all caps veto! adding, i thank all of the
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strong republicans who voted to support border security and our desperately needed wall. >> the joint resolution has passed. >> reporter: the president hitting a wall in the senate, the stinging vote including a defiant dozen republicans joining democrats to block the president's go it alone strategy, specifically his effort to bypass congress to get billions of dollars for his border wall. >> we must stand up and defend congress' institutional powers. >> the use of national emergency powers to circumvent congress's decision on funding is unprecedented. >> the for me is a matter of defending the constitution and the balance of powers. >> reporter: still the president's undeterred expected to prevail at least in this fight because there aren't enough votes to override the volunteer t veto, as wth. his first. >> it doesn't matter.
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i will probably have to veto. we will have it. >> reporter: the next test in the courts with 20 states already filing suit against the president's national emergency. pouncing on his own words to nbc news last month. appearing to undercut his argument. >> i could do the wall over a longer period of time. i'd rather do it much faster. >> all right. let's take a closer look at the presidential veto. president trump issued zero volunteer toes. president obama, george w. bush both issued 12. fdr with the most vetoes with more than -- so 372 on the screen there. eight presidents have gone through the presidencies without a single one. all right. now to developments in decision 2020, presidential hopeful and california senator kamala harris said she supporting stopping the death penalty at the federal level. harris made that declaration in an interview on npr yesterday. she says if she is elected no one in the u.s. would face the
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death penalty. harris also applauded governor newsom's decision to stop capital punishment here in california. president trump tweeted earlier this week that he disagreed with governor newsom's decision saying friends and family of the victims are not thrilled and beneather am i. here's the 31 u.s. states that have the death penalty right now. five states ended capital punishment in just the last decade. no strike for teachers at the san ramon valley unified school district. last night 97% of teachers ratified an agreement averting that strike. teachers will get a 4% raise with a cap on the class sizes. counselors, nurses, librarians will have smaller caseloads. all right. we want to get a look at that forecast. vainey in for kari today and we have been talking about folks wanting to go to that who because it's beautiful up there. >> yes. >> you could be anywhere in the
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bay area. >> this weekend along the coast, bay, inland, the tri-valley getting fantastic weather which is great news for us. 56 degrees right now in san jose. look how beautiful the skies look. right now in san francisco, 54 degrees and in you there the tri-valley, dublin, 54. finally out of the very chilly 30s and 40s from this morning so let's take a look at the my ro climate highs for today and climbing into mid and upper 60s. concord 66. up through napa 68. we have got some low 70s and 70s are going to be trendsing even more into the weekend. all right. we have a couple of events, big events this weekend. we have the holi event on saturday at the california college of arts between 12:00 and 4:00, the proceeds go to benefit children of india and a great cause. a big celebration. if you're going, please share your photos with us. we're also expecting to see fantastic conditions in lake
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tahoe. look at this. into saturday and sunday, we are talking 50s on the map. clear conditions. don't really have to worry about travel but maybe traffic. don't forget to download the nbc bay area waze update. long range outlook, we see that high pressure dominating the forecast, keeping us dry and bring a bit of a warming trend into sunday and monday. so what do we expect next week? talking about the rain chances. here it is. looking ahead to tuesday night into wednesday and a bit of a system of southern california and monitoring that for possible widespread rain as early as tuesday night to wednesday, maybe carrying over into thursday. all right. so let's take a look at the next seven days. we have planning to do, especially with the nice weather ahead. saturday, 66 degrees. for san francisco. st. patrick's day, 70s in san francisco. been a while since we saw that. monday 70 degrees and then that system moves in late tuesday. into wednesday. right now.
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and wednesday, next wednesday, march 20th, official first day of spring and going to welcome that with a little bit of rain and at least you get to enjoy a good stretch of high pressure in through sunday, 73 degrees for inland areas and looks like right now sunday and monday will be the warmest days of the week and i'm all here for it. bringing out the spring colors, right, ladies? >> only one who's bringing down. she has flowers. you have this gorgeous color. >> i feel like a highlighter. >> yeah. tomorrow i'll have to wear something bright. >> good. we'll be watching. we are up early with you. watch every saturday and weekday. a busy weekend across the bay area. the unusual day that st. patrick's day parade will be held on in the city. happening now, getting it your way at burger king, the fast food chain is offering a coffee subscription for $5 a month, a coffee a day. as far as we know the only business offering this service. to use it, download the burger
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king app. we are back after the break.
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welcome back. if you're a long-time watcher you know that bob redell is sharing the archive stories on social media. today's clip is called lost in translation. i remember when it happened. pretty cute. follow bob. bob nbc. >> he does the best posts. >> i know.
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i love those. my stories is just death and destruction. >> pretty much. >> he did a ballet one that was really good. so the bay area proud series is a chance to show you the good that is happening in our communities every single day and so many different ways. >> one of the things most of the subjects have in common is that once they start doing all the good they don't stop. garvin thomas shows us some updates to stories he shared with us in the past. >> 62 years. my grandfather founded it. >> reporter: in december, we introduced you to ken christopher of the garlic family. after learning that students at local high school were carrying thousands in school lunch debt -- >> thank you. >> reporter: ken wiped it out with a single check a. the time ken said they were looking to do more and now they have. he's now cleared the debt at gilroy's other high school, totalling $13,000 in relief for students and their families.
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>> next we have -- >> reporter: still, even that amount is small compared to what esther lucas got started. >> good evening, mr. mayor. >> reporter: in 2017 the sunnyvale girl scout made a single two-minute speech to the city council introducing the idea of a playground for children of all abilities. it sparked a discussion that eventually led the city to designate close to $2 million to build one. well, since then, another $2 million in donations has come in and ready to break ground this year on magical bridge sunnyvale. >> clash if iing the details. >> reporter: then in september, a story of a unique and touching collaboration. morgan is a muralist. while painting a huge landscape at stone ridge creek senior living, she learned a resident was an avid nature photographer. she decided to incorporate his work into hers. and the two became fast friends. they even came up with some new ideas. and now, if you visit stone
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ridge creek, you will see utility boxes painted by morgan based on photographs by ray. >> we love our garvin thomas bay area proud stories. happening torp, san francisco celebrates holi. people douse one another in color. it is a fun thing to see. the festival gets under way at noon tom at the california college of the arts. stanford's is next weekend and all the money raised at both goes to educating children in india. perfect weather to be outside dousing each other in color. vianey says it will be a beautiful weekend in san francisco tomorrow. >> perfect for the longest running st. patrick's parade tomorrow. it is the 168th annual event. starts at 11:30 in the morning, goes up market street and then you can enjoy a festival until
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5:00 in the evening and vianey, perfect weather for it. >> 60s and 70s. not just in the south bay but san francisco, as well. those temperatures will carry us into the start of the work week with rain chances tuesday and then share the outdoor photos please. >> we were talking about going to that low laura garcia on the way right now. how's it looking? >> oh, it's looking gorgeous out here. we were trying to get a steady large shot for the view on our way to -- traveling up 80. we left at about 8:00 this morning and hoping to bring you a view. our live shot troubles. take a look. i mean, it is plentiful up here. there are walls of snow as you drive along the freeway. sometimes five to ten feet tall. the snow resorts are really going to have a field day this weekend as it's solidly sunny. we are seeing squaw alpine.
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621 inches up there. more than 51 feet of snow and open well past fourth of july this year which would be a lot of fun for the bay area residents heading up to tahoe.
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edition of "california live," let the party begin. woo! we can't wait until sunday. we are kicking off st. patrick's day in the plaza with dancers. >> festive food, and warming up with irish coffee. mmm. then rachel taylor crashes our party to celebrate her new movie. >> so you can lie to me some more? >> i'm not lying. >> you lied from the moment you said hello, my name is john baker. plus, friday try day. vicky has ideas to pump up your st. paddy's day. >> it's all happening right here on this special edition of "california live."


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