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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  March 15, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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good evening. >> a very big statement from the top cop in the city of san jose. the police chief went on record saying the county needs to change the sanctuary policy. >> prominent immigrant rights activists will fight the chief on this issue. after the police say an undocumented immigrant with a long criminal history brutally murdered a woman in her bedroom. we spoke to both sides for the report. >> the county policy needs to change. that's the reality. >> mincing no words. saying what many have only whispered. sanctuary policy is out of touch and needs to be revisited and revised. >> we're not here to shield the gangster the violent criminal. or the serious offender. we need to get the policy changed. >> announcement on the heels of one of the city oos most heinous crimes. police arrested carlos after a
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12 day han mustn'man hunt. accused of one of the most gruesome and disturbing murders in recent memory. an undocumented immigrant from el salvador. after prior arrests. the chief says it's time to work with ice more closely. when it involves violent criminals. >> i have to oppose policy that hinder my ability to keep my city safe, that's something i have to do. >> we will fight to continue the protect our policy. >> the chief now finds himself at odds with the immigrant rights group siren. >> regardless of immigrant or not. you should not be subjected to double punishment. by being turned over to ice. >> this group of immigrant moms says it doesn't want violent criminals released to their streets or deported.
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>> the group leader says deporting them is sending the criminal to victimize innocent families abroad. >> this mom suggests shipping undocumented criminals to a deserted island instead. regardless of the out come. san jose is back at the center of the national sanctuary debate. >> the policy and the sanctuary status is simply gone too far. >> sanctuary defender have long argued that working with immigration agents will lead to stop reporting crimes. but the chief offered up numbers which show the opposite. by the numbers, the number of calls for service has increased over the last three years in minority communities of this city. this is proof that there is no fear of working with police. >> at stanford university the investigation into the college admission scandal widened. the sailing coach at the school
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pleaded guilty to accepting $270,000 in bribes to recruit two students. neither of those students ended up attending stanford. he didn't keep the money. but diverted it to the sailing program. now administrators say another half million dollars was donated and linked to a third student still enrolled. it is still reviewing its records. >> another development in the varsity blues scandal. canada businessman pleaded not guilty today. one of the parents accused of cheating to get his kids into cleng. he paid $200,000 for someone sto fly to vancouver to take placement tests for his two sons. he works in san jose. he has taken a leave from his ceo jobs. his two sons attend cal and chapman. >> it was a worldwide protest. students left the classroom and took to the streets.
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from san francisco to switzerland. marching to save the planet. this is video today. students as young as elementary marched for change. it's just one of many bay area protests. live at another protest in san francisco. >> we heard from the students over and over today. they don't believe anybody is listening to them. especially lawmakers and they're very afraid. today they waged a high profile fight for the future. >> with the crowd they hope was too big to ignore. hundreds of students converge on san francisco. leaving their classrooms behind to wage their climate strike protest. wanting to get the attention of two lawmakers. pelosi and feinstein. and urge them to sign the green
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new deal. >> they have not made a commitment. it's very disheartening and sad. they are representatives. >> i want a chance to make something of my life. >> yes! >> now is our time to fight for the right. >> the students made their way to union square for a rally. organizers vowed to keep the protest going and students talked about their fears for the future. >> if we don't change it soon i won't be able to live really passed 30 something. because the world will have have gone to hell. >> most are seniors in high school and looking to see what's going to happen for us next. we're choosing our path. what career we want. if it's worth it. >> now the organizers locally here are from a group that is youth vs. the apocalypse. just getting started.
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they're having a conference call tonight to plan for the next protest. >> okay. thank you. sticking on the subject of climate. after so many rainy days a change is here. a live look outside. at san francisco. >> if you plan to spend the weekend outside, you picked a good one. we recommend it. >> breaking down the weekend warm up. >> finally sunshine and warm temperatures. here's a live look outside. looking downtown. and as we go into the evening, from 65 degrees at 7:00. to the mid-50s by 10:00. if you're heading out for dinner. have a jacket with you. we make plans for the weekend to the st. patricks day parade in san francisco. mid-50s at the time of the parade. throughout the morning into the afternoon, looks good. highs reach into the mid-60s. we'll get a look at inland 70s in the forecast. a dry weekend and rain in the
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forecast. more on that coming up. >> thank you. it's going to be nice this weekend. if you're looking for exact temperatures right down to your neighborhood. we dwot you covered with the app. you can get a complete lay out. >> a follow up to the fire that burned three homes last night. just east of antioch. lots of questions. investigators scouring that burn debris. looking for any clues as to what started the fire. this east of antioch. and eastern contra county. it is going to take a while to figure out what started the fire. >> handcuffed and wearing a white jump suit. images into the news room showing accused man of master minding a deadly shooting in new zealand. in court. 28 year-old.
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his face is blurred because the law requires it in new zealand. he had been officially charged with murder for attacks on two mosques that left 49 dead. and dozens injured. the attacks sent shock waves across the american muslim community. here police are stepping up patrol. and mosques are taking drastic steps of their own. live from san jose where a mosque where members mourn under added security. >> we seen police officers patrolling the area all day. there's even been an officer at the front door here. during prayer service. there is no known threat against this mosque. this is all just a precaution. both the san jose and san francisco police department have stepped up security and patrol at local mosques across the bay area. >> we must assess the cause of the suffering. >> millions of muslims across
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the country and here in the bay area gather for friday prayer. mosques worldwide began doing more to secure their places of worship. in the wake of the deadly attack. >> it makes you feel extremely vulnerable. >> armed police officer now stands at the front door. a new addition to the number of surveillance cameras that watch over the property. >> we aren't naive to the fact just because it's a bay area because we maybe more tolerant. that it couldn't happen here. >> muslim leaders look for the words to comfort their community during service today. among the worshippers leaders of other faith communities. sitting in as a show of support. >> having just gone through this? the jewish community. we know very well the pain. >> we heard of this tragedy in new zealand. the friendships we have built with the muslim community meant we don't stand together only in good times but tragedy as well.
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>> the south bay association says it is donating all the money given by worshippers today to the families of the victims in new zealand. >> thank you. coming up there is still a lot more to tell you about this new zealand attack. from the attack itself to the response by international leaders. we will bring you up to speed. >> he wore a mask and gloves and a large knife. a scary image. police posted this video it's a surveillance photograph to its facebook page. tonight investigators say this man is off streets. robert manson. accused of robbing five marts. they arrested him and he was carrying the gloves and the large kitchen knife. a woman searched for her mother has ended.
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after police identified her. it was a jane doe case. 28 years after finding the woman's body in a field where contractors were at that time preparing to build a popular mall. police finally identified the woman. she spoke to the daughter who has been searching all these years. and has a new mission. a new search. >> that's right. caitlyn johnson was one when she was taken from her homeless drug addicted mother here here and put up for adoption. she has never stopped thinking about her. >> i love her. unconditionally. always have and always will. >> that's what 36 year-old caitlyn has always dreamed of telling her mother. the two were torn apart in 1983. when her mother was arrested while trying to bathe her baby in a restaurant bathroom sin.
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high on drugs. >> i wanted to meet her. just wanted her to know there's someone there for her. >> through her research. she figured out who her mom was. didn't know what had become of her: until police recently identified her body. 28 years after finding her in an open field. where the out let mall was building built. >> to know that her body was found and in 91. and it's 2019. they never gave up. >> police exhumed her body in 1998. making a clay sculpture and sketches. she wasn't id'd until now. thanks to fingerprint technology. >> she's my mom. she gave me life. she struggled so much. >> johnson's grateful at least she's got some answers. she's determined to find out what happened to the mom she never got to thank.
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to hug or to forgive. now she only has photographs of a woman she sees herself in. >> she's beautiful. beautiful. her smile her hair. her glow in her eye. >> johnson says she will never give up on trying to find out what happened to her mother. police say they hope the story will generate new lead. >> all right. thank you. up next a dog day in court. a man stands trial accused of nearly killing that little dog. the crime with a happy ending. >> also from the bay area to the hawaii state. a nearby airport is set to offer non-stop flights. where and when you can bok your flight.
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little pup was the target of a stunning act of cruelty. she's pretty in pipg and seems happy. this pup was the target of a stunning act of cruelty. just a few weeks ago prosecutors say someone threw her against an elevator door. and then dumped her little body down a trash shoot and just abandoned her. in san francisco courtroom with more on the man facing charges and luckily there is a much happier ending for the little dog, rocky. >> the good news is that rocky has a loving home. she was adopted by a responding member. in court probation reports play a graphic video showing a man lifting her up by a hind legs and flinging her. where she crumpled to the ground and then worse. >> rocky, a four month old chihuahua on the rebound today. if you saw her a few weeks ago.
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the picture wasn't so rosy. >> the dog was found in the dumpster. believed she was dropped down the shoot. >> she spent four days in a bin. dehydrated and living off garbage. >> her leg was so badly broken. it was amputated. >> this story like the dog itself has a fighters spirit. the investigating officer from animal care and control didn't just help her get on her paws. she adopted her. >> she's active and energetic. lively. and she's adapting quickly. >> in court. ronald jones cried throughout the arraignment. accuse ds of felony animal cruelty and misdemeanor abandonment of an animal. >> anybody who commit such a crime however obviously it's not appropriate. and we won't stand for it. >> jones pleaded not guilty and justice will take its course. >> right now, rocky and her new mom have other matters to attend to. >> i know rocky's story. what she went through.
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it feels great to be able to provide the loving home that she deserves. >> now the man accuse ds of this crime is a 59 year-old veteran who told the judge he suffers from ptsd. as for how rocky was found a member of the janitor staff heard her crying and called animal control. and the sheriff department. >> thank you. good luck to rocky. we have sans today on what brought the bart system to a standstill for three hours last weekend. a failed switch led to a commuters melt down. at 2:45 a.m. saturday 6789 trains were halted from 6 to 9:00 a.m. this is rare. the last time it happened was march of 2006. still it is planning updates to make sure it doesn't happen again. >> want to get away? who doesn't. starting this weekend you can fly from oakland to hawaii. non-stop.
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southwest making its flight from oakland to hawaii this sunday. you can imagine the flight already sold out. first available flight we found from oakland to hawaii departs next friday. a round trip will cost anywhere from 500 to $1,300. next friday what am i doing? i'm calling in. >> three weeks ago i would have loved to go to hawaii. this weekend. >> next weekend you may want to book a flight. it had rain again. we have comfortable weather. it is gorgeous around the bay area as we welcome in the weekend. and here's a live look outside. we have a lot of festivities beginning on. the 7-day forecast is already up at the bottom of the screen. here's a live look outside. as of now things are looking good on 101. with temperatures at 65 degrees. there will be another evening where we cool off fairly quickly. at 53 degrees at 10:00.
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and then at about 50 degrees at midnight. and then we see our temperatures warming up. even warmer than today. in oakland a high of 69 degrees. 70 in napa. and half-moon bay. 70 degrees in morgan hill reaching 75. high tomorrow afternoon of 73 degrees. we talked about what's spinning part of the weekend in dublin. if you're there for the parade it starts at 9:30 a.m. at the civic center. and will be cool 44 degrees. but a nice warm up going throughout the rest of the day. then as we go into next week we're tracking a new storm. this will move to the north of bay area. weather quieting down across the reskron. but the next storm approaching will get here wednesday and as of now, the models are weakening this system before it moves in. it looks like another one behind that. going into next weekend. so we'll be watching that as weather goes from nice and dry
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and warm this weekend. to possibly wet as we go into next week. the rain chances return to the forecast. by next wednesday. >> i thought we were in the clear. guess not. >> still more rain. >> coming up. we know where the raiders will play the next season. in oakland. what happens after that? the detail of the deal. we bring you into the huddle, next.
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good news. you will likely be able to see star wide receiver play in person in oakland after all. >> the lease frs coming season. and there's even an option to stay put for the 2020 season. the coliseum and the fans. we have more. >> much like the housing here in the bay area the rent for the raiders is going up. this coming season the team will
6:25 pm
have to pay more than double the current rate of $3.5 million. and that's not all. the coliseum authority gained in this deal. >> if you do what's best for the fans you'll always win. >> you can call scott the mvp ocht last minute negotiation between the coliseum authority and the raiders. >> this deal was about doing what's best for the fans. and the taxpayer. >> last year raiders owner threatened to leave oakland. after the city filed a federal lawsuit against the team and the nfl. over the move to las vegas. >> they found out what they had here is a good deal. >> here's what they agreed on. the rent will double to $7.5 million. for the 2019 season. if the teams new stadium and in las vegas isn't ready by 2020. they can extend the lease. the rent jumps to $10 million. the raiders will have to pay
6:26 pm
$750,000 in owed parking fees. >> that's great. another season with the raiders. and they got brown. >> we'll take them back. we always do. >> the coliseum authority also gets to keep all the money for the coliseum naming rights. they're already in talks with the company. so what are the odds of a las vegas stadium not opening in time forcing the raiders to stay in town for two more seasons? >> it's probably 5050. the deadline is very tight if everything goes right. >> what's next? the oakland city counsel and still need to approve this lease agreement. counsel member tells me it's likely it will go through. >> thank you. up next hunting for the motive behind a terror attack. president trump weighing in on the new zealand mosque massacre and accusations of a rise in white nationalism. >> saying no to congress. the first white house veto. and why it could be the hottest
6:27 pm
topic in the 2020 presidential campaign. accused of a massacre o
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mosques in new zealand - makes right now at 6:00. the that man there accused of carrying out a massacre at two mosques in new zealand makes his first appearance in court. as the world mourns the tragedi tragedies, mosques around the world are re-examining security protocol. 49 people were killed in the attacks. >> the alleged shooter streamed
6:30 pm
the killings live on facebook. in washington where questions loom about what this means for u.s. mosques and why it happened. >> pain in new zealand. felt across the u.s. president trump expressing his sympathy. >> we have been seeing what went on. it's a horrible thing. i told the prime minister that the united states is with them all the way. >> in the nations capitol. and across the country. mosques stepping up security. police in new york standing watch during early morning prayer. from the council on american islamic relations. >> do not abandon your mosques. not today. not ever. they want you to be afraid. you should not be afraid. >> in new zealand. dozens killed during an take on two mosques streamed live on facebook and later taken down. this freeze frame showing the
6:31 pm
presumed shooter driving to one of the locations. online a 74 page apparent manifesto. laying out a white supremacist viewpoint and referring to pruch. were a -- president trump. as a policy maker and leader. dear god, no. >> the president asked whether he sees white nationalism as a rising threat around the world. >> i don't really. i think it's a small group of people that have very serious problems. i guess if you look at what happened in new zealand perhaps that's the case. i don't know enough about it yet. >> a nationwidely considered one of the safest in the world, coping with devastating tragedy. >> here in the u.s., it is facing an invasion. that is the message from president trump. as he signed his first veto to redirect money for a border wall. announcing it from the oval
6:32 pm
office. allowing him to claim billions of dollars for border security. funds congress allocated for other programs. he says in his case it wasn't necessary. >> i said i want you to vote your heart. do what you want to do. i'm not putting pressure. i'll let them know when it's pressure. when i need your vote it lelt you know. we didn't need the vote. we knew it was going to be a veto. >> 12 senators in his party joined democrats to block the emergency declaration. what happens next? the challenge will likely come in the court for 20 states are suing to block the national emergency declaration. >> senator and presidential hopeful kamala harris agrees with putting an end to the death penalty in california. and supports stopping it at the federal level. she made the comments during an interview yesterday. she says if she becomes president, no one in the u.s. would face the death penalty.
6:33 pm
harris is backing governor newsom decision to use executive action to stop capitol punishment in california. president trump however not a fan. he tweeted earlier this week he disagreed with the decision saying quote friend and families of the always forgotten victims are not thrilled. and neither am i. here's a look at the 31 u.s. states that have the death penalty right now. five states have ended capitol punishment in the last ten years. >> a new problem developing of the homeless in situation in california. diseases from the middle ages are coming back. it's because the homeless are living among garbage and bugs and have little access to sanitary conditions including bathrooms. it's a breeding ground for hepatitis a and typhus. a public health crisis. it is preventable. >> increase access to hygienic
6:34 pm
facilities. to clean things up around the homeless area. so that there are less cats and rats and mice. >> doctors say state leader should not only give clean living spaces and better access to the hepatitis a vaccine. >> if you like gaming and live on the peninsula. a new studio opening this weekend. on the campus of the company that makes the great video games. the space right here. it include a players lounge and 360 degree sets. the first competition is this weekend. players are rooifing to compete in the madden 19 challenge. the only other e sports arena in the bay area is oakland. >> now home to the safest city in california. danville topped the list. the site ranked cities using population data and fbi crime states. other cities in the top 50
6:35 pm
include san. missing the mark. san jose. which came in about 161. san francisco at 218. and oakland which came in last place in that survey. >> beware of the water for decades now cities have been told to worry about rising sea level. >> now a local environmental group is planting a little protection. their sprouting ideas. >> it's hard to imagine an empty mud field as the center of innovation. but three and a half years ago, this was the scene at the sanitary district. as the group saved the bay planted native grass in the sewage treatment facility barren field. >> it was daunting. to look at a bare slope with no vegetation. we didn't know how successful it would be. >> to see if plants could treat
6:36 pm
under ground sewage flow and possibly serve as a remedy for projected sea level rise. today, that same mud field looks like this. >> a full scale demonstration of a horizontal levy. >> general manager the experiment worked. he says the plants are cleaning the waste water. passing under ground through the horizontal levy. >> we partner with berkeley to measure the effectiveness of that. and it's providing good treatment. >> the plants have been effective at filtering pharmaceuticals from the waste stream. it's the ground floor for future experiments. >> we're trying to take what we have learned and scale it up. >> as a sign of scaling up, a series of former commercial salt ponds volunteers turned out to help save the bay filled growing
6:37 pm
beds with native plants. the plants will be part of the effort to turn the salt ponds back into marsh land. >> we want to focus on restoring the title marshes that used to be here prior to development. >> we're standing at the corner of the pond. that slope will be vegetated with the plants being grown. >> the living levy will create transition between the marsh and the up lands. >> it will be hundreds of thousands of plants that will go into this site. that's an important area because sea level rise it will continue to provide habitat for the animals. >> save the bay plans to expand the planting around the bay. as it rescues much of the shoreline from years of development. sewing the seeds of progress. one muddy field at the time. >> still to come. the high cost of living in san francisco. you know rent is a lot.
6:38 pm
but compared to the rest of the world the results may surprise you. probably won't. we'll have it for you. >> caught on camera and under several feet of snow. family uses a shovel not to clear the driveway, but to free a bull. you heard me right. how the situation played out. to simone, i leave the van gogh.
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to harrison, the wine collection. grace, you get the beach house, just don't leave the lights on, okay? to mateo, my favorite chair. to chris, the family recipes. to craig, this rock. to jamie, well, let's just say, enjoy the ride. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. the almonds to walter. the beaches to the bums. and the fog to, who else, karl. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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of living in san francisco. is the the most expensive place there's a new debate about the price of living in san francisco. is it the most expensive place in the world or just one of the most expensive? a rental web site says season fran renters paid an average of $3,700 a month. curb is arguing lt numbers. the figures are high because they used median market rates higher than what most renters really pay. after san francisco new york is next. average rent of $2,800 a month. outside the u.s. hong kong. at 2,300.
6:41 pm
no matter which site you believe everyone seems to agree san francisco at least is in the top five. worldwide. no dispute about that. >> the most wonderful time of the year will be the most expensive time of the year. at disney. the holiday season is traditionally the busiest. and now the price for a single ticket during the christmas holiday at disney world, florida will be $159. and for thanksgiving it will be $139. those prices will match the holiday pricing at disney land in anaheim. >> diz thee will also increase prices at other peek times like fourth of july. single day tickets will remain at $109. >> still not cheap. >> a frightening moment for a bomb caught in a gust of wind. yesterday in st. louis. the woman and her coworker were trying to secure a canopy.
6:42 pm
she's in the air. >> i thought she was on a disney movie. it looked like mary poppens or something. >> she landed on the ground and she is okay. it's been windy around here. nothing like that. no canopy flying. >> don't hold onto it as it lifts off. we have some beautiful weather finally the wind have calmed down. here's a live look outside. in san francisco. our temperatures right now coming down to about 61 degrees after hitting 66 today. we'll take a look ahead to the weekend. >> calls and e-mails are con stan. our team is hard at work. a quick progress report from nbc bay area responds. has received -
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
thousand calls for help from our responds team has received more than 13,000 calls. for help from viewers like you. >> consumer investigator gives
6:45 pm
us a peek behind the scenes and the cases they're working to resolve. >> we thvgt and mediate and negotiate. that's what's happening with several dozen cases in the works with our team. we are helping hadly in san jose. having trouble with her driving record. an error caused her car insurance to jump $500. we're on it. we're working with san jose. a company sat ld them with $10,000 in what looks like it's mistaken identity. or id theft. it's debt that's not theirs. we're on another five figure case. angela billed for several years of utility service she didn't use. we have negotiation going. stay tuned. the next time we're hopeful she'll from thousands of dollars back in her pocket. speaking of money. we just ran the numbers this is our grand total.
6:46 pm
since we started responds. three years ago. we have returned $2.4 million and counting. to viewers like you. maybe you can't solve a consumer problem yourself. let us know about it. give us a call. or online. >> that's serious cash. okay. shoveling the car out of the snow is common. what about shoveling a bull? this story is no bull. check out the video. that is a bull stuck in snow. you can see all the way up to hits horns. it happened in south dakota. where 18 to 24 inches fell this week. a family of ranchers spent hours digging it out. one called it the loving side of ranching. >> i grew up on the east coast. spent five years in minnesota. i have never seen anything like that. >> look at the poor thing. >> how did it get in there?
6:47 pm
>> he just got snowed in. the bull couldn't move. >> that's crazy. >> he should have moved before. >> that would be my suggestion. >> they're not known for brains. >> keri is. a good one. >> everyone is happy about this forecast for the weekend and when jeff comes back we'll bring back the rain. so here's a look at what to expect. in the south bay. it is beautiful out there. we'll have a very nice sunset. and the temperatures were so comfortable today. as you go into the rest of the evening expect our temperatures to go from 65 degrees to 59 at 9:00. down to the lower 50s. it will cool off fast. and we have mostly clear skies in the forecast today. reaching up to 72 degrees for tomorrow. in concord. it will be 70 napa. san francisco reaching 66
6:48 pm
degrees. and even warmer than it was today in san jose reaching 73 degrees tomorrow. lots of festivities going onto celebrate and enjoy the nice weather in san francisco we have the holy celebration going on. and it's going to be cool with upper 50s. it becomes milder to the rest of the day. going on until 4:00. and by then we're reaching into the mid-60s. if you have an early tee time tomorrow, expect it to be about 53 degrees at 10:00. and throughout the day temperatures reach into the upper 60s and low 70s. if you're planning to hit the road this weekend that's a live look outside. and it's going to be a weekend to enjoy. easy travel conditions. but some of the trails may be closed because of the recent storm damage we have had. highs reach into the upper 40s. and taking a look at the wide view. what's happening on the satellite and image in the pacific. there's a storm approaching. because we have high pressure in control it's going to block the storm.
6:49 pm
and cause it to go up and around the bay area. we continue on with dry and also warm temperatures. now looking at what's going on for next week. once the high pressure moving out of the way it will allow for possibly two storm systems to move in next week. showers moving in wednesday. opportunity look like a major storm. rain chances will be back as we officially welcome in spring on wednesday. it will be mid-60s. low 70s as well. this time arpd the rain that will be falling will come along with still some fairly mild temperatures. and for san francisco beautiful weekend mostly sunny skies. we'll watch out for the chance of showers starting late tuesday. and continuing off and on throughout the rest of the weekend. and our temperatures staying in the upper 60s in the city as well. >> thank you. coming up. st. mary's big upset of gonzaga.
6:50 pm
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beaten it )s opponents by an average of 25 points per game college basketball now.
6:53 pm
topped ranked gonzaga had beaten their opponents by an average of 25 points per game this season. st. mary stunned them and all of college basketball. also, win number 414 for the head coach. >> he knows how to coach. no doubt about it. >> which is here. at st. mary. this campus and the gym here has been his home for 18 years now. >> for me it represents he's happy. my family is happy. my wife is happy. and we have been able to track really high character kids and biggest thing is when you're happy, try not to mess with it. >> this is march madness. magical moment.
6:54 pm
>> some of the guys will treasure the rest of their lives. >> that's the biggest smile i have had. it stuck for a couple days now. >> the championship game. >> of all the truly satisfying wins that you have had. does beating number one in the fashion and setting you did it rank number one? >> it's at the top. it was kind of unbelievable to us. as coaches. your sons won the state title at on saturday. you and the west coast conference tournament on tuesday. best four day stretch of basketball in your life? >> it might be the best four days of my life. it's weird to say that. i had a will the of good ones. as a parent and doing what i do for a living. i know how hard it is to win a state championship. it's a great four days. >> the sense of relief that comes sunday. there's no hoping you get in. that win assured it. >> yes.
6:55 pm
good feeling. to know you're in. to be there you have to win the conference tournament. and that was seven yeefr years ago. i forgot how relaxing it is. >> rest up coach. you have a big dance to attend next week. >> new at 11 tonight could be it be this simple the common beauty product that may fight off alzheimer's and diabetes. the details of study. tonight at 11:00. also fred flynn stone is in trouble with the city. the owner of the home. you drive passed 280 and see it there. like the popular cartoon house. in recent months the owner has embellished the burnt orange exterior. added dinosaurs. and a sign. the town is suing calling the home a public nuisance and the homeowner did a lot of
6:56 pm
landscaping without a permit. the home has been a talker since it was built in 1976. back then it was painted in more discreet colors. >> bam, take that. >> if you're celebrating earliment tomorrow the city of san francisco will celebrate. the city set to host the annual parade. at 168 years old. longest running parade west of the mississippi. starts at 11:30 a.m. and travels up market street. to the plaza. where a festival takes place until 5:00 p.m. best of all you have a chance to celebrate the actual day. on sunday. >> it will be a beautiful weekend. everyone is irish on sunday. >> we have great weather for that. and everything going around bay area. we'll be up to 70 degrees for the inland areas. we better enjoy the weekend. rain will be back next weekend. >> great. that's going to do it for
6:57 pm
us. see you tonight. loughlin's mult
6:58 pm
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empire collapsing. fired from "fuller house," dumped by hallmark, facing a blockbuster lawsuit. could she be forced to sell her bel-air mansion? what is next for her scandal-plagued daughters? tragedy for louis tomlinson. what triggered his sister's shocking heart attack at the age of 18? >> how unusual is it for an 18-year-old to suffer from a heart attack? taylor swift and katy perry putting their feud behind them at the iheartradio awards. chris pratt surprise appearance, going country with garth bro


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