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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  March 15, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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horror. from the bay area to new zealand -- people right now at 11:00, struggling to comprehend the horror from the bay area to new zealand. people are in mourning and coming together for support. tonight, at least 49 people gunned down during friday prayers at two mosques. the attack allegedly carried out by a man described as a white supremacist, who live streamed his mantra on facebook.
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>> the grief overwhelming in the wake of this massacre. cheryl hurd tonight. >> a big turnout, tonight, about 200 people. security was tight. but everyone was on the same page, to pray for the victims of new zealand. prayer at the islamic center in mill valley takes place five times a day. but before this service, dozens of people gathering outside to remember the friday morning terror attack on two mosques in christchurch, new zealand. >> it comes from mixed emotions. >> reporter: emotions expressed by people from all faiths. >> i care. i need to do more than just say a prayer and think about them.
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i need to show up. >> to my muslim sisters and brothers, i hear your cries. i see your sorrow. and i'm moved by your grief. >> reporter: grief, brought on by the mass shooting that left 40 dead and 20 hurt. the shooter is facing a number of charges, as well as for the atta attacks. but tonight, the focus is on the victims. 49 people holding ska inin inin standing in front of the crowd for a moment of silence. some managing to put unspeakable grief into words when words don't seem to be enough. >> we need more love. social media is taking a lot of heat in the wake of these attacks. people around the world watched
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in horror as the gunman streamed his rampage on facebook. want to show you a freeze frame of the shooter driving to one of those locations. the video has been taken down. but it hasn't stopped the gruesome video being shared across other platforms. youtube says they are working diligently to remove the violent footage. now, to a developing story in san francisco. a young teen is fighting for her life, as she was hit by a car walking home with her mother. this happened on skyline boulevard an john muir drive. the mother and daughter were in the crosswalk when they were hit. neighbors say this was not surprising because the intersection is notoriously dangerous. >> it can be terrifying at times. there's no stop signs or
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anything. >> the other mother is expected okay. one week after a bicyclist is killed in san francisco, riders hit the streets, demanding safer conditions, using their bod dis ies to prov their point. jean elle has more on this. jean? >> reporter: three people have been killed here on howard street in less than three years. the bike lanes painted on the street are not enough protection. >> have a safe commute home. you deserve it every day. >> reporter: dozens of people stand in the street of san francisco, creating a protected bike lane on howard, a week after tess rothstein was kill e on howard. >> we heard what happened. we share your grief. and we're trying to fix the
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streets a little bit. >> that's hard. me and my family are on the streets. >> reporter: whitney didn't know rothstein but fear they could be next. they say it's time for the close calls and collisions to end. >> wider, huge barriers between people and cars. >> reporter: a bike line will be installed. members want the same protection, the entire length of howard. >> came up from behind me and hit me into a parked car. >> reporter: for john, it's personal. >> it doesn't feel like the city is prioritizing it like it should. that gets frustrating when you're actually riding a bike and you don't feel safe and protected. >> reporter: tonight, bicyclists will continue to make noise and demand safety improvements until they feel safe riding here in san francisco. reporting live in san francisco,
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jean elle, bay area news. if you felt a quick jolt on the peninsula, it was an earthqua earthquake. a magnitude 2.5. the epicenter, two miles west of the center that puts it in the pacific ocean, no injuries or damage are being reported. a follow-up on the fire that burned three homes in east contra costa county. the flames are out but a lot of questions linger. investigators scour the island and look for a cause on what caused the homes to go ablaze. all three homes a total loss. the owner of one of the most recognizable homes in the bay area is in trouble for making it more recognizable. we're talking about the flintstone house. recent additions to the home have made it a public nuisance. sergio quintana is live in
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presidio. what is the issue with the house? >> it's not the house that's an issue. it's items that have been added to the yard. those and others have run afoul with the permitting department in hillsboro. the statue of fred flintstone is in the front yard, as if he is going to welcome guests. you can see the additions. there are large dinosaurs. these have run afoul of the permitting department in hillsboro. because the landscaping improvements create a highly visible eyescore, they are po to be removed. >> i don't mind it. i can imagine other neighbors, they mind.
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>> i heard it's a nuisance or something. i don't think so. >> reporter: why don't you think so? >> it doesn't bother me because i don't take 280 that often. >> reporter: the house is owned by florence fang. according to the lawsuit, she showed up to one of the permitting hearings where inspectors told her she didn't get to put the sidinosaurs and other yard decorations. her grandson said, my grandmother hasn't even seen the papers yet. i'm sure he will fight to save her house. residents tell us dealing with town hall has been a challenge. >> i had to ask, what is the circumference and when day have to file paperwork to chop down a tree? there is a lot of paperwork to deal with. >> reporter: right now, the house is not occupied. it's usually used for events.
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fang has been fined $200, which she paid. and the lawsuit is seeking that all of the items in the yard be removed. >> thank you, sergio. continuing coverage. the stanford former coach is pleading guilty. he accepted bribes to recruit two students. he didn't keep the money but put it in the sailing program. $500,000 was donated and is linked to a third student who is enrolled. stanford will continue to review its records. a contra costa teacher is in jail tonight. he is an english teacher at
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el cerri el cerrito high school. the accusations doesn't affect current students. north korean leader promised president trump that testing would not resume. that was before the summit in vietnam ended abruptly. thousands of kids around the world, saying they're taking their future into their own hands by taking to the streets. here, you see students marching through the streets of san francisco. they wanted to get the attention of two bay area lawmakers. house speaker nancy pelosi and dianne feinstein. they are asking them to sign the green, new deal to protect our planet on climate change. >> the world will have gone to hell. >> student organizers from youth
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versus the apocalypse, say they are just getting started. smaller protests happened all across the bay area. our digital team showed a march. an eighth grader from palo alto organized this protest. we're back in 60 seconds with a stunning case of animal cruelty. this little dog left for dead down a trash chute. you can hear her story of survival. and it has a happy ending. plus, after 28 years, a jane doe finally has a name. it turns out, a daughter. >> she's my mom. she gave me life. >> the answers a north bay woman has about her mother's disappearance and the questions that remain. clear and quiet tonight. we'll have a nice warm-up heading into the forecast.
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san rafael bridge in both directions. happening right now, major delays on the richmond san rafael bridge in both directions. this is a live look at westbound interstate 580 on the approach to the toll plaza. a long line of cars. the backup, two miles in each direction. lanes are closed as crews place joints on the bridge. the lane closures are in effect from 9:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. the sonoma county woman's search for her mother ended, after they identified this woman at the center of a jane doe case. 28 years after finding that body in a field, police i.d.'d her.
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jodi hernandez spoke to the daughter who has been searching for decades. >> i love her unconditionally. >> reporter: that's what she has dreamed of telling her biological mother. the two were torn apart in 1983, when her mother was arrested, trying to wash her baby, while high on drugs. >> if it was a hug, i wanted her to know there's someone there for her. >> through her own research, johnson figured out who her mom was, but didn't know what had become of her, until vacaville police identified her body, 18 years after finding her in an open field, where the vacaville mall was being built. >> they never gave up.
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>> vacaville's police exhumed her body in 1998, making a clay sculpture and sketches. >> she is my mom. she gave me life. she struggled so much. >> johnson is grateful that she has answers. she is determined to find out what happened to the mom she never got to thank, to hug or to forgive. now, she only has photos of a woman she sees herself in. >> she's a beautiful woman. beautiful. her smile, her hair, the glow in her eye. we have another twist in the golden state killer case to tell you about. sacramento police arrested the suspected killer in the 1990s and let him go. the sacramento bee says, at the time he was suspected of holding up a gas station. but he was quickly released.
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last april, police arrested d'angelo again. dna evidence connected him to a series of murders and rapes committed across california during the '70s and '80s. meet somebody that's pretty in pink. she looks happy now. but this little pup was the target of cruel abuse. her leg had to be amputated. three weeks ago, someone threw her against an elevator door and dumped her down a trash chute. four days later, a custodian heard the animal crying. rocky suffered from a broken leg. she survived by actually eating the garbage. >> the person had no respect for life. it was atrocious.
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it was cruel. and we're very fortunate that the dog sursurvived. >> three weeks later, rocky is getting a second chance. the person suspected of hitting her is in court on animal cruelty charges. she was adapted by the officer that came to investigate her case. the mask didn't work. this is robert manson and he is behind bars. vacaville p.d. posted these on their facebook page. when they arrested manson, he was carrying gloves and a large kitchen knife. on tuesday night, thieves stole a safe the size of the refrigerato refrigerator. the church leaders say the safe held something more valuable to them. books of records dating back to
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the late 1800s. police are trying to figure out how the thieves were able to haul away such a large safe. >> about two years ago, we improved some of the security within the church and the parrish offices. >> reporter: the church's prayers were answered. someone returned the historical documents today. the church offered a $10,000 reward. saying they only had to pay $500 to get the books back. san francisco has the highest average rent in the world. that's the kindi infinding of a site, saying that san franciscans p3690.
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new york is right behind san francisco, with monthly rents of more than $2,800. outside of the u.s., hong kong is the highest at $2,300. >> we don't have to pay for the sunshine. at least that is free. >> that's what we're paying for, i think. we're going to have great weather this weekend. a lot of people get a rain-free weekend across the bay area. and warm temperatures. the warmest air since mid-november. here's a live look outside, at the golden gate bridge. a few people may be heading home for the night. right neow, we're at 54 degrees. are you going to the st. patrick's day parade tomorrow in san francisco? it will be lots of fun. the weather cooperating will be at 56 degrees. and the temperatures heading into the low to mid-60s, going
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throughout the rest of the day with mostly sunny skies. as you check out the forecast on the bottom of the skreecreen, w know we getter enjoy the weekend. we have st. patrick's celebrations going on in dublin and the parade there at 9:30 in the morning. it will be about 44 degrees to start and looking at upper 50s. the warm-up happens fast. we go from the 40s to the low 60ed in6 60s. it will just a little warmer than it was, with concord reaching 73. 73 in ukiah. and san jose reaches to 73 degrees. if you plan to head to the sierra, you have great travel conditions. we have a lot of snow on the ground, with temperatures in the mid-40s.
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more of the lifts and runs are open for several days. you can see the clouds that will be moving closer. high pressure is keeping any rain chances away. we might see an increase in cloud cover going into the rest of the weekend. but still, staying nice and dry. it won't be until the middle of next week, when we see the storm system approaching. when it moves in, it will bring scattered showers, late tuesday into wednesday. and there will be a storm system right behind that. we'll have to watch a busy weather pattern. a couple of days early next week, and we'll start the track, more storm systems coming in for the end of march. at this point so far, we've gotten a little more than half of the normal rain of march. it's possible that we get the rest of what we need to get everything nice and green. >> a lot of people rushing
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get out the moisturizer. a simple suggestion for serious diseases. moisturizer may prevent chronic diseases. scientists say since the skin is the body's largest organ, it may be blamed for body-wide inflammation for those diseases. using cream may help. now, a follow-up to what caused the entire b.a.r.t. system to stand still for hours. tonight, we have answers on last weekend's outage.
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a failed switch led to a computer meltdown. trains were halted from 6:00 to 9:00. b.a.r.t. says this kind of switch failure is rare and hasn't happened in 13 years. the agency is planning updates to make sure it doesn't happen again. the safest city list is out. danville, the safest city out. that's an independent review website. other bay area cities in the top 15, includes san ramon, pleasanton, couupertincupertino. san francisco at 218, and oakland, last place. we know where the raiders are play next season. it's oakland. how about after that? gamers from around the world are touching down in the bay
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area. a tournament will be hosted in redwood city. ea will be unveiling its brand-new studio. there's some photos that you can look at. gamers will go head-to-head, playing madden. the winner will take home a $190,000 grand prize. we're back with more.
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okay. are you ready? he's back in the bay area tomorrow. when will andrew bogut play his first game with the warriors? >> fans are excited to see the aussie return to oracle but they have to wait a few days. steve kerr told the media, his first game back will be thursday against the pacers. bogut was named mvp and defensive player of the year in australia this season. he last played on the warriors during the 2015-'16 season. looks like the oakland raiders will be staying in town for one more season. you remember the drama started after the city of oakland sued the raiders and the nfl over the te team's move to vegas. the team looked for a temporary
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home. the team agreed to stay put for one more season. according to the agreement, the rent will more than double to $7.5 million. >> and this deal is about doing what's best for the fans and the taxpayer. >> i mean, that's great. another season with the la raid. they just got antonio brown. the people can play another year at the coliseum. but the rent jumps up to $10.5 million. the oakland city council and supervisors need to vote on that deal. we'll be right back with unbelievable video. a woman swept off her feet. ♪ [ camera shutter clicks ]
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week. we )re tracking a developing system. we )ll let you know when it will get to you - so you can plan ahead. plus - your morning commute and all your local news headlines. join us monday morning from 4:30 to 7 it's crazy to see and it doesn't look real. a frightening moment for a woman caught in a gust of wind going airborne. watch closely. there she is, being taken up in the air. it happened in the yard of an adult day care. the woman and her co-worker were trying to secure that canopy and, boom. it just took the woman up in the air.
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>> i thought she was in a disney movie or something. >> the woman halanded on the ground. luckily, the woman is okay. but that could have been dang dangero dangerous. >> i'm glad she let go. >> a lesson to us all. >> not too windy, i hope? >> we had gusty winds. and it will calm down. our temperatures will reach in the low 70s. we'll see showers in the forecast, starting tuesday night. heading into wednesday. >> it's been wonderful having you here with us. are you back to the mornings? >> i'm back on the mornings. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon."


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