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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 16, 2019 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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. good saturday morning. it's march 16th. here is a live look outside at san francisco and the golden gate bridge from our tower cam. just beautiful that morning haze. thank you very much for joining us. i'm kira klapper. rob mayeda is in for vianey. yesterday was superb.
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>> it was nice. >> you say much the same this weekend. >> even better. works out great for little league, soccer practice. >> nothing canceled. for the next couple of hours, a jacket is required. 39 in livermore, 37 in santa rosa. clear skies, allowing temperatures to drop overnight. we do have high clouds off to the west, but no rain for you today. just maybe some high clouds towards sunset. look at the highs today. 70s inland. same places in the 30s now climbing quite a bit by lunch time. you'll lose the winter coat, go back over to flip-flops and short sleeves. temperatures climbing even more tomorrow and monday. we'll have a closer look at that in our seven-day forecast coming up in about 15 minutes. >> it's like getting two seasons in one day. >> yes, and in about four, five
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hours. >> something for everyone. we'll see you in 15 for the full forecast. thanks. struggling to comprehend the horror. from the bay area to new zealand people are in mourning and gathering together for support after 49 people were gunned down during friday prayers at two mosques in christchurch. last night some 200 people gathered at the islamic center in mill valley to remember the victims. 49 people held candles to represent each victim. some people managed to put their grief into words when words didn't seem to be enough. >> we are gathered here today to mourn an unspeakable hate crime. >> to my muslim sisters and brothers, i hear your cries. i see your sorrow. i'm moved by your grief. >> the attack allegedly carried
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out by a man called a white supremacist who live streamed his rampage on facebook. he is an australian citizen in his late 20s. he will be in court this morning and is facing murder charges. social media is taking a lot of heat in the wake of the attacks. people around the world watched in horror as the gunman streamed his rampage live for 17 minutes on facebook. this is a freeze frame showing the presumed shooter as he arrived at one of the mosque locations. the video was later taken down, but that has not stopped the gruesome video from being shared across other platforms. youtube tells us they're working to remove any violent footage. back here locally to a developing story in san francisco. a teenager is fighting for her life this morning as she was hit by a car in fort funston.
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this happened on skyline boulevard an john muir drive. the mother and daughter were in the crosswalk when they were hit. neighbors say this was not surprising because the intersection is notoriously dangerous. >> it can be terrifying at times. there's no stop signs or anything. >> the mother is expected to be okay. they are fed up and standing their ground. one week after a bicyclist was hit and killed in san francisco, riders hit the streets, demanding safer conditions, using their bodies to prove their point. jean elle has more on their concerns. >> reporter: dozens of people stand in the street in a bike
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lane. tess rothstein was killed on howard. >> we heard what happened. we share your grief. and we're trying to fix the streets a little bit. >> that's hard. me and my family are on the streets. >> reporter: whitney didn't know rothstein but fear they could be next. they say it's time for the close calls and collisions to end. >> wider, huge barriers between people and cars. >> reporter: there is already a protected bike lane on the block where rothstein was forced out of the bike line e. lane by ane door. members want the same protection, the entire length of howard. >> came up from behind me and hit me into a parked car. >> reporter: for john, it's personal. >> it doesn't feel like the city is prioritizing it like it should. that gets frustrating when you're actually riding a bike and you don't feel safe and protected. >> reporter: jean elle, nbc bay area news. they say it's still too
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early to know. a follow-up on this fire that burned three homes in east contra costa county on thursday night. the flames are out, but a lot of questions linger. investigators are still going to bethel island scouring the debris looking for any clues as to what caused this massive fire. all three homes are a total loss. continuing coverage of that college admissions scandal, which now has stanford's former sailing coach pleading guilty. he did say he accepted bribes for two students who never joined the program. another half million was donated and linked to a student still enrolled at stanford. a contra costa county high
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school teacher is in jail on child pornography charges. christopher silva was arrest ed at his home. the accusations don't involve current students but they before tigh were tight-lipped about other details. coming up, trouble in bedrock. the fight over the bay area's most famous house and the implication for every moment ownow homeowner in this neighborhood. and the beauty products that could fend off alzheimer's and diabetes. we have the details of a new study. downtown san jose
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welcome back. it's 7:09 on your saturday morning. this is a live look at downtown san jose. nice morning to get out and enjoy a cup of coffee.
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it's chilly. temperatures are in the 40s. great new s meteorologist rob mayeda says some areas will see 70s today. temperatures we have not seen sense since 2018. the owner of one of the most recognizable homes in the bay area is now in trouble with city leaders for making the home even more recognizable. we're talking about the flintstone's house. you likely know it's the one you can see from 280 in hillsborough. the city says recent additions to the home have made it a public nuisance. sergio quintana has the details. the statue of fred flintstone is in the front yard, as if he is going to welcome guests. you can see the additions. there are large dinosaurs. these have run afoul of the permitting department in hillsboro. according to the town's lawsuit
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filed this week, because the landscaping improvements create a highly visible eyesore, they are to be removed. neighbors say they don't see a problem. >> i don't mind it. i can imagine other neighbors, you know, they may mind. >> i heard it's a nuisance or something. i don't think so. >> reporter: why don't you think so? >> it doesn't bother me because i don't take 280 that often. >> reporter: the house is owned by florence fang. she's a prominent member of the chinese american community in the bay area. according to the lawsuit, she showed up to one of the permitting hearings where inspectors told her she didn't get to put the dinosaurs and other yard decorations. her grandson said, my grandmother hasn't even seen the papers yet. she only learned this from the news today. i'm sure he will fight to save the flintstone house. residents did tell us doealing
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with hillsborough town hall has been a challenge. >> i had to ask, what is the circumference and when day have to file paperwork to chop down a tree? there is a lot of paperwork to deal with. it is 7:12. we have much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, scientists say nurturing your skin can nurture your health. the simple lotion routine that can protect you from chronic diseases. right now seeing clear skies around the bay area as stormranger gets a weekend off. you notice off to the left, we have some clouds. when we can expect the next chance of showers and who could see 70s in the forecast today when we come back. to simone, i leave the van gogh.
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with love, california. welcome back. it's 7:14 on your saturday morning, march 16th. a live look outside towards san francisco from emeryville. hazy out there. chilly temperatures in the 40s. the great news is just wait a few hours, it will be 60s and 70s and pure sunshine.
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a simple suggestion to help fend off a serious age-related disease. scientists say moisturizer may help prevent chronic diseases like alzheimer's and heart disease. scientists say since the skin is the body's largest organ, it may be blamed for body-wide inflammation linked to those scientists properly caring for your skin by using a moisturizing cream may help. now a follow-up on what caused the entire b.a.r.t. system to standstill for hours last week. a failed switch led to a computer meltdown. trains were halted from 6:00 to 9:00 a.m. b.a.r.t. says this kind of switch failure is rare and hasn't happened in 13 years. the agency is planning updates to make sure it doesn't happen again.
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a piece of san francisco stolen from a church in lower pack heights. on tuesday night thieves stole a safe from st. dominic's catholic church. the church believes the crooks were after crash, but it held something far more valuable, books of sacramental records dating back to the late 1800s. police are trying to figure out how the thieves were able to haul away such a large safe. >> nothing like this happened before. about two years ago, we improved some of the security within the church and the parrish offices. >> someone returned the historical documents yesterday. the church offered a $10,000 reward but said it paid just $500 to get those back. happening today, san
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francisco will celebrate st. patrick's day one day early. the city will host its annual parade at 168 years old. it is the longest running st. patrick's day parade west of the mississippi. it starts at 11:30 this morning at market up to civic center plaza. you have the chance to celebrate the actual st. patrick's day tomorrow. all right. let's check in with meteorologist rob mayeda with a look at our weekend forecast. it could not be more perfect to go out and enjoy a parade or a beer. >> yeah, as that back drop shows behind us, clear skies this morning, which is allowing for a chilly started. come parade time in san francisco, pretty nice. numbers in the mid 60s, upper 60s around downtown. temperatures inland will be trending warmer than that. there's the view of san francisco right now. cool start, 49 degrees. other spots around the bay area have turned cooler. right now, 46 in emeryville.
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bit of a morning haze layer trapped underneath high pressure on top of the bay area. that will keep the storms out of our neighborhood for the next three days. san jose, 44. look at santa rosa, livermore, morgan hill, 35. so, this is the interesting time of year of clear skies. you could have patchy frost for the morning and just sunshine all afternoon and sunglasses and shorts later on today. wind flow vigslightly offshore. you get that with high pressure that keeps the storms away. a few high clouds at times. the only impact for our weather tomorrow. a nice sunset with those clouds, and temperatures staying warmer not just through today but sunday and monday. valley temperatures today climbing into the 70s. mid to upper 60s san francisco to oakland. likely, depending on where you go around the bay area, sunshine will be following you no matter where. clear skies sunday. there's a few more high clouds
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heading towards tomorrow evening. so three-day outlook, napa, mid 70s by monday. the coast, if you want to head over to santa cruz, numbers close to 70 degrees. lake tahoe, you want to enjoy that great snow. high temperatures this weekend will be in the 50s. maybe a bit of a taste of spring skiing for you in the high country. next chance of showers won't arrive here until about wednesday. and interesting point on that is that spring officially starts on wednesday. there you go. you got a chance at a few showers. rain totals expected to be light. thursday and friday, a few more clouds. actually it's next weekend, next saturday that seems to be about the best chance of seeing a few showers in the forecast. in the meantime, enjoy the nice weather we have now. next weekend, chances are at least the first half of it may involve a little bit of rain. your seven-day forecast, san francisco tomorrow, not out of the question.
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we could be close to 70 degrees. another warm day on monday, a chance of those wednesday showers, a few more clouds thursday and friday. inland temperatures climbing to th the70s. the valleys, low to mid 70s. monday, mid 70s. the next three days, warm temperatures, then a chance of showers making a comeback on wednesday. at this point, just off the edge of that board, chance of rain on saturday. the next three days, a taste of spring comes to the bay area. perfect for those outdoor plans, as long as you dress in layers. cool temperatures this morning. sunshine for the afternoon. >> coats in the morning, flip-flops in the afternoon. thanks. it is 7:20, still ahead on "today in the bay" -- >> i'm just in awe of what this school did. >> see how local students rallied together to lift the spirit of a boy they didn't even know. it's a story that will make you bay area proud next.
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something positive ... for someone they welcome back. students and teachers at a local high school have united to do something positive for someone they didn't even know. garvin thomas shows us this first of a kind effort in this morning's bay area proud. >> bay area proud stories are always about good deeds, many times people doing something nice for someone they know. now a story about thousands of teenagers doing something for a stranger. >> for econ today, we're going to spend about 40 minutes. >> reporter: as a student first, then coach and now teacher, wes morris has been at cupertino high school for 25 years. >> i've been employed at this school more or less since 1990. >> reporter: he's lived so much
7:24 am
history at this school he wrote the history of the school. >> come on in. >> reporter: but now. >> grab a seat. >> reporter: wes and his leadership class are making a bit of history. the first high school in the bay area to partner with the make a wish foundation to grant a child's wish. wes says he got the idea after seeing a school in colorado do the same. >> i'm just in awe of what this school did. part of me said our school can do this. our school can do this. >> reporter: this past friday, they did. a rally featuring cheerleaders, gymnasts and wes getting slimed capped off a week of fund-raising. the total, close to $11,000. and for who? that's the more impressive part. all for a boy they have never met. tony rey is 13 years old.
7:25 am
he doesn't go to cupertino high school or any school in the district. he lives in san jose with his mother and sister. when make a wish matched the school with tony, they heard he loves the beach so their money is sending the family to hawaii. >> i'm just beyond grateful and we feel the love. >> it's really satisfying to help someone in the community. teenagers often get a bad rap, and when you get a chance to shine, you feel pretty good about that opportunity. >> wes is happy about tony and his family going to hawaii, but the true result out of this he hopes is other high schools stepping up and doing the same and helping out more kids like tony. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. 7:25. we have much more ahead on "today in the bay." a revoting case of animal
7:26 am
cruelty. this dog left for dead in a dumpster. hear her incredible story of survival. plus after nearly 30 years, jane doe finally has a name and as it turns out a daughter as well. the answers one local woman now has about her mother's disappearance. downtown san jose
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good morning. it is saturday, march 16th. here is a live look outside in downtown, san jose. no sunshine to speak of there yet. pretty chilly out there. the great news is we have a gorgeous weekend on the way. thank you very much for joining us. i'm kira klapper. rob mayeda is in for vianey with a look at our microclimate forecast. i was going to say a gorgeous weekend on tap. >> yes. for some green beer and some beautiful weather. >> perfect. let's get it started now. the weather is a bit chilly outside right now. we have some 30s. >> wow.
7:29 am
>> sun peeking out over the hills to the east. there's san francisco, halfway into the sun now. 49 degrees. away from the bay, look at the numbers, morgan hill, 35. 39 in livermore, 37 in santa rosa. some areas could see some patchy frost this morning, and then 60s and 70s later today. we have high clouds off to the west. those will thin out as they approach later today and into tomorrow. highs will be warming quite nicely despite the chilly start. near 70s in san jose. mid to upper 60s bay side. low 70s inland today. they could be even warmer tomorrow and monday. a closer look at that and the next chance of showers in that seven-day forecast coming up. >> it's so nice to see that. i feel like we needed the rain, but after a month of being a her
7:30 am
mihe hermit, it's nice to be outside. from the bay area with love. people are gathering together to mourn and send support as they work to comprehend the horrific act of terror in new zealand, one considered the safest country in the world. at least 49 people were gunned down at two mosques in christchurch. last night hundreds of people gathered at the islamic center in mill valley in a vigil to remember the victims. 49 people held candles to represent each victim. some people managed to put their grief into words when words didn't seem to be enough. >> we are gathered here today for an unspeakable hate crime where we all sheer a deep loss together. >> i care. i need to do more than just say a prayer and think about them. i need to show up. >> to my muslim sisters and brothers, i hear your cries. i see your sorrow.
7:31 am
i'm moved by your grief. >> the attack allegedly carried out by a man called a white supremacist who live streamed the rampage for 17 minutes on facebook. he's an australian citizen in his late 20s. he was in court earlier today and faces numerous murder charges. social media is taking a lot of heat in the wake of the attacks. people around the world watched in horror as the gunman streamed his rampage live for 17 minutes on facebook. this is a freeze frame showing the presumed shooter as he arrived at one of the mosque locations. the video was later taken down, but that has not stopped the gruesome video from being shared across other platforms. youtube tells us they're working to remove any violent footage. back here locally to a developing story in san francisco. a young teen is fighting for her
7:32 am
life this morning. she and her mother were hit by a car while walking yesterday near fort funston. this happened on skyline boulevard an john muir drive. the mother and daughter were in the crosswalk when they were hit. neighbors tell us the crash is not totally surprising because that intersection is notoriously dangerous. >> it can be terrifying at times. there's no stop signs or anything. >> the mother is expected to be okay. now to another mystery solved. a sonoma county woman's search for her biological mother has ended after vacaville police identified this woman, a woman at the center of their only jane doe case. it's been 28 years since the body was found in a field.
7:33 am
police finally identified that woman. jodi hernandez spoke to her daughter who has been searching for her all these years. i love her unconditionally. always have. always will. >> reporter: that's what 36-year-old caitlin johnson has always dreamed of telling her biological mother. the two were torn apart in 1983, when her mother was arrested while trying to bathe her baby in a restroom sink while high on drugs. >> if it was a hug, i wanted her to know there's someone there for her. >> through her own research, johnson figured out who her mom was, but didn't know what had become of her, until vacaville police identified cynthia's body, 28 years after finding her in an open field where the vacaville mall was being built. >> to know her body was found in
7:34 am
'91, it's 2019, they never gave up. >> vacaville police exhumed her body in 1998, making a clay sculpture and sketches. she wasn't upday e. dated until thanks to new fingerprint technology. >> she is my mom. she gave me life. she struggled so much. >> johnson is grateful that she has answers. she is determined to find out what happened to the mom she never got to thank, to hug or to forgive. now, she only has photos of a woman she sees herself in. >> she's a beautiful woman. beautiful. her smile, her hair, the glow in her eye. we have another twist in the golden state killer case to tell you about. we are learning that sacramento police arrested the suspected killer in the 1990s and let him go. the "sacramento bee" reports
7:35 am
that at the time he was suspected of holding up a gas station. but he was quickly released. police say they had no idea he was tied to the golden state killer investigation. last april, police arrested deangelo again after dna evidence connected him to a series of murders and rapes committed across california during the '70s and '80s. now to a story of stunning cruelty and i credible survival. we want to introduce you to rocky. she seems happy now but this puppy was the target of abuse. she is missing a leg. it had to be amputated. someone threw her against an elevator door and then dumped her down a trash chute and left her for dead. four days later a custodian heard the dog crying and called animal control for help. rocky suffered dehydration, a broken leg and that led to the amputation. she likely survived by living on
7:36 am
garbage. the person had no respect for life. it was cruel. we're very fortunate the dog survived. >> now it's been three weeks. the dog is getting a second chance. the suspect was in court yesterday on felony animal cruelty charges and rocky has a new home. she was adopted by the officer who was investigating her case. now to national news, the u.s. is facing an invasion, that was the message from president trump as he signed his first ever veto to redirect money for his border wall. trump announced the veto from the oval office yesterday. the executive order allows the president to reclaim billions of dlafr dollars for border security funds congress allocated for other programs. president trump inzesists he cod have won over some of the republicans who voted against
7:37 am
him, but it wasn't necessary. >> i said i want you to vote your heart. do what you want to do. i'll let them know when there's pressure. i said when i need your vote, i'll let you know. i didn't need the vote. we all knew it was going to be a vet veto. >> 12 senators in his own party joined democrats to block the emergency declaration. the next challenge will likely come in the courts where 20 states are suing to block the national emergency declaration. thousands of kids around the world say they are taking their future into their own hands by taking to the streets. here you can see students marching through the streets of san francisco yesterday. they want to get the attention of two bay area lawmakers, house speaker nancy pelosi and senator dianne feinstein. they are asking them to sign the green new deal to protect our planet on climate change. >> if they don't sign it soon, i
7:38 am
won't live past 30 something because the world will have gone to hell. >> student organizers from youth versus the apocalypse, say they are just getting started. smaller climate change protests happened all across the bay area, including this one in palo alto. our digital team showed a march. an eighth grader from palo alto organized this protest. if you would like to learn more about the rallies and the students involved, check out our website and our online gallery at it is 7:38. still ahead on "today in the bay," we know where the raiders will play their next season. oakland, of course. but what happens after that? details on the brand-new deal next. [music playing] (sashimi) psst. hey, you!
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the one with the designer dog collar. wondering how i upgraded to this sweet pad? a 1,200-square-foot bathroom, and my very own spa. all i had to do was give my human "the look". with wells fargo's 3% down payment on a fixed-rate loan and a simpler online application, getting into my dream home was easier than ever. get your human to visit what would she do without me? able to see star wide receiver antonio brown play in the town, after all. yesterday raiders fans likely will be able to see antonio brown play in the town after all.
7:41 am
this after the team signed a new lease. the big winner from the deal is the coliseum. melissa colorado breaks it down. >> much like the housing in the bay area, the rent for the raiders is going up. >> if you do what's best for the vans, you can always win. >> you can call scott the mvp of the negotiations between the coliseum authority and the raiders. >> this deal is about what's best for the fans and the taxpayer. >> last year mark davis threatened to leave oakland after the city filed a federal lawsuit against the team and the nfl over their move to las vegas. >> they did their window shopping, they find out what
7:42 am
they had here was still a good deal. >> here's what raiders and the coliseum authority agreed on. the rent will more than double to 7$7.5 million for the 2019 season. if the team's new stadium in las vegas is not ready by 2020, the team can extend the lease but the rent jumps to 10$10.5 milli. the raiders also agreed to pay $750,000 to settle parking fees. >> to see antonio brown. >> the coliseum gets to keep all the mochb fney for naming right. what are the odds of the las vegas stadium not opening in time forcing the raiders to stay in town for two more seasons? >> probably 50/50. the deadline is very tight. >> what's next? the oakland city council and the alameda county supervisors need
7:43 am
to approve this lease agreement. one council member says it is likely it will go through. i'm melissa colorado, nbc bay area news. we still have much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, planting the seeds of protection. the experiment being done in the bay area that could help keep our water clean in case of flooding. waking up to some patchy low clouds around the golden gate bridge and clear skies across the bay. who will see 70 degree temperatures in your saturday forecast? that's when we come right back. seriously, 20 to 60 percent off department store prices! more new dresses means more reasons to say yes. at the ross spring dress event. on now!
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great minds shop alike? yes. that's yes for less. yep! yes, yes, yes ,yes, yes... yes. seriously, 20 to 60 percent off department store prices every day. at ross. yes for less. saturday morning starting off with some cooler temperatures. in san jose, pretty view of that sunrise off to the east. 44 degrees. check out temperatures around the tri valley. dublin, 39 degrees to start. and our st. patrick's day parade
7:46 am
coming up in dublin, you go from the 40s to 60s by lunch time and 70s by 2:00, 3:00 this afternoon. in the meantime chilly temperatures around morgan hill and santa rosa. stormranger mobile doppler radar, unlike last weekend, should get the weekend off even though we have a few clouds off to the west. these are high clouds that you will probably see more of these at times later tomorrow. today's highs around the tri valley and areas around san jose, in the 70s. mid 60s in san francisco and oakland. lower 60s and patchy low clouds around pacifica and half moon bay. 72 in the forecast today for santa rosa. clear skies, for the weekend, a few low clouds along the koecoa. the valley seeing warmer
7:47 am
temperatures all the way through monday afternoon. for your outdoor plans, nap a looks great. look at monday. for the coast, probably the warmest day tomorrow. the sea breeze will be picking up late monday into tuesday. for lake tahoe, easy driving up towards the sierra. 50s by sunday. monday with mostly sunny skies and a few high clouds. the weekend looks great. notice what happens on wednesday. that's the official start of spring. we'll see a chance of showers coming back in. by thursday and friday we'll catch a break. at this point maybe the best chance of a little more substantial rainfall could come in towards next saturday. so, that's the reason why you should enjoy this weekend. next weekend right now the trend looks like we'll see showers on saturday. then by next sunday, skies will be clearing once again. as the seven-day forecast shows, warm temperatures to look
7:48 am
forward to over the next three days including today. san francisco, mid to upper 60s. tomorrow might be close to 70 degrees. they'll trend cooler as the clouds thicken up into tuesday. wednesday the first chance of showers. more showers likely next weekend. for inland spots, san jose, low 70s. monday could be mid 70s around the bay area. more clouds and a chance of showers. notice the temperatures not cooling a whole lot. chance of showers midweek. friday, a few more clouds. extra reason to enjoy the next three days. we could see the warmest temperatures for most of the bay area since last november. arriving just in time for your weekend plans this weekend. back to you. >> five months. we earned it. thanks. it's 7:48. still ahead on "today in the bay," could cleaning wastewater be as simple as planting grass? we take you to a bay area sewage plant where a natural filtration process is proving a success. fo
7:49 am
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7:51 am
around the bay have been told to beware of the water... as concerns grow over rising welcome back. for decades now cities across the bay area have been told to beware of the water as concerns grow over rising sea levels. now a local environmental group is planting a little protection in the form of native grasses. joe rosato junior shows us more.
7:52 am
>> it's hard to imagine an empty mud field as the center of innovation. but three and a half years ago, this was the scene at the sanitary district. as the group save the bay planted native grass in the sewage treatment facility barren field. >> it was danting when we started to look at a barren slope with no vegetation. we didn't know how successful it would be. >> to see if plants could treat under ground sewage flow and possibly serve as a remedy for projected sea level rise. today, that same mud field looks like this. >> what you're looking at is a full-scale demonstration of a horizontal levee. >> he says the experiment worked. the plants are cleaning the
7:53 am
wastewater passing under ground through the horizontal levee. >> we partner with berkeley to measure the effectiveness of that. and it's providing good treatment. >> the plants have been effective at filtering pharmaceuticals from the waste stream. it's the ground floor for future experiments. >> we're trying to take what we have learned and scale it up. >> reporter: as a sign of scaling up, in menlo park near a series of former commercial salt ponds volunteers turned out to help save the bay filled growing beds with native plants. the plants will be part of the effort to turn the salt ponds back into marsh land. >> we want to focus on restoring the tidal marshes that used to be here prior to development. >> we're standing at the corner of the pond. that slope will be vegetated with the plants being grown. >> reporter: the living levee will create transitions between the marshland and the uplands. >> it will be hundreds of thousands of plants that will go into this site. that's an important area because sea level rise it will continue to provide habitat for the
7:54 am
animals in the marsh now. >> save the bay plans to expand the planting around the bay. as it rescues much of the shoreline from years of development. sowing the seeds of progress one muddy field at a time. it is 7:54. if you know this show, you know we have much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, our clear the shelters segment featuring our friends from pets in need. we'll introduce you to ansil next. "clear the shelters" segme
7:55 am
7:56 am
with our friends from pets in ne welcome back. it is time for our clear the shelters segment with our friends from pets in need. celeste and jacqueline are here with ansil. he's so cute. i know i say this every week. a 9-week-old terrier puppy, yorkshire terrier. >> yes. >> sometimes when we think
7:57 am
terrier, we think a different look. he's so tiny, so cute and quiet and shy. >> yes. so he came in with two litter mates, the shelter environment is scary for him. it would be great if he could get out into a family as soon as possible. >> so they could help him socialize. >> yes. >> start the training process. >> so will get much bigger than that? what kind of home is good for a terrier? >> we predict he will probably be a small-sized dog as an adult. for our puppies we look for families willing to dedicate the time that's needed to train them. so they can grow up to be well-adjusted adults. >> potty trained, maybe somebody with kids? >> he would probably love to have a house full of kids. >> he looks like a stuffed animal. he's not even moving. >> he's real. we promise. >> he is real. he's breathing and he's just
7:58 am
shy. even though i really just want to talk about ansil forever, i always fall in love with your animals. he's a special cutie. you also have a summer camp now open for registration. >> yes. so our summer camp is running nine weeks this year. it will be at both locations. one at palo alto, one at redwood city. the first week is june 10th. monday through thursday. open ages 8 to 12. >> so there are parents all over the bay area wondering what do i do with my kid when they're out of school during the summer. this is a good option for them. it's four days during the week. it's $300 per week, which in the grand scheme of things is not as expensive as some camps out there and maybe saves parents from having to get an animal. >> exactly. they get to play with these little guys. you also have help for people who need financial help and can't afford it. >> we do. >> check out more about the camp and about ansil on their
7:59 am
website, thank you for coming in. thanks to you for making us a part of your morning. more local news at 5:00,:00, 11:00, and all day on .
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