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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 530  KNTV  March 16, 2019 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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in 2020? right now at 5:30, who will challenge the president in 2020?
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the field is getting crowded. potential candidates are wasting no time trying to get support. the democrats hoping to unseat president trump in the 2020 election are out taking their message to voters. >> that's right. many of the 13 and counting candidates are already on the trail courting voters in the earliest voting states, iowa and new hampshire. nbc's chris palone has a look. >> reporter: across the country, the irish and the irish at heart gathered to celebrate st. patrick's day. and as they marched, several of the baker's dozen of democrats who have announced bids for president marched across the states which could set the tone for a contentious and crowded primary, iowa and new hampshire. >> i'm running to serve you as the next president of the united states of america. >> reporter: in the same week former texas congressman beto ' o'rourke announced he would run,
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he did, literally. as he ran, o'rourke could be heard introducing himself and sharing his philosophy with another runner during an iowa st. patrick's day road race. also in iowa, senators cory booker and amy klobuchar. and while the candidates faced questions about key issues like health care, terrorism and immigration, never far from the discussion, president donald trump. >> he has a better relationship with people like putin than he does merkel. this is a crisis when you see a president that is bullying, intimidating and insulting your allies and cozying up with people who are regularly violating human rights. >> reporter: in new hampshire, washington governor jay inslee pinning most of his hopes on climate change also had his sights set on the president. >> we have a government that hasn't drained the swamp, it's filled it up with alligators.
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>> reporter: kirsten gillibrand proposed a bill that would reward public service. she said right now the most important thing for her is just listening to voters. chris palone, nbc news. nbc's chuck todd had a chance to talk to beto o'rourke after his appearance in iowa today. >> when i heard you came up there you came up 2.5 points short, what if you hadn't? would you be in waterloo today? >> i might have been but i don't know that i would be in waterloo and all the other communities i've been to to run for president. i was running to serve my state in the united states senate. i made that commitment that i was going to serve everyone in the six years in that position of public trust. but i have an opportunity now to do something that i think the country badly needs. or maybe i should put it this way, i get the chance to be part of something that the country badly needs, and that is coming together at this very divided
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moment. and not just coming together for the sake of it, but coming together so we can achieve these really ambitious goals. >> you can find complete political coverage on "meet the press" tomorrow morning at 8:00 right after "today in the bay." sorting facts from fiction, that was the focus of a town hall event congresswoman jackie speier held in millbrae this morning. this right here is video from the event's live stream after a review of what democrats have been working on in washington. speier took questions from the audience. several questions addressed the frustrating state of politicized news coverage. speier encouraged voters to find several sources instead of relying on just one. >> it requires you to go online and go to many of the sites that exist that will sift through the fiction and the facts. "the washington post" does a pinnochio test where they show up to four pinnochios. unfortunately, our president has a lot of pinnochios. >> speier touched on everything
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from gun control and health care to the dream act and sea level rise. there's been a lot of debate whether there's an emergency at our southern border, but one father and son decided the only way to find out for sure is to go and get a firsthand look. they are actually walking the border. paul and nick pineda started their trek in san diego. they plan to continue for 350 miles until they reach lukeville, arizona. >> we've been walking the entire distance. there's a lot of open areas where actually there is no wall. >> it is a complicated issue, but i feel like if we find different all teternatives and to provide people opportunity, because that's what people come to the country for, opportunity for the family. >> the father and son are stopping along the way to get opinions on a potential wall from people who live along the border. they say reaction so far is mixed. now to a mob killing that's gaining international attention tonight. in new york, police have a suspect in custody in the shooting death of a reported mob boss francesco cale.
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he's accused of shooting him at least six times outside his home on staten island on wednesday. investigators are looking into whether others were involved. >> the investigation is far at this point from over. at this point our investigation will turn to was there other parties involved in this, gathering future and additional evidence, and working on the motive for the particular crime. >> the 53-year-old is widely known as a top leader of new york's notorious gambino crime family. suspended for hazing. cal poly's track team won't be able to compete for the next two months. you're looking at a video from the track meet last year, when the university says senior members of the team violated school rules by hazing younger members. that included making them drink alcohol and forcing them to participate in a scavenger hunt
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that included sexually explicit items. the team will miss seven track meets because of the suspension. the community of paradise continues to rebuild after the devastating camp fire. part of that healing actually comes in the form of a baseball game at the giants home field today. sergio is live at oracle park with details of the uplifting game. >> reporter: and what a great day for a game. let me go ahead and show you who's on the field there. you can see the team there in the green and gold uniforms, those are the paradise high school bobcats. being on this storied field is no doubt a special treat for those high schoolers. this is also an effort to raise money for the athletic facilities at paradise high that were destroyed by the fire. thousand, this matchup between the bobcats and the corning high school cardinals began with a $10,000 donation to paradise high. the school itself survived the
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fire but many of the athletic facilities, including the school's field, did not. this year the school's athletic programs have had to use several different facilities across the area to practice. paradise high school athletic director ann stern says it's a challenge keeping everyone together. for the most part students are coping well, but every so often she notices her student athletes, men and women, are affected by certain reminders that everything isn't back to normal. >> big things for them are like these really small weird little trinkets and things that you don't really think about. or you're putting on a pair of shoes and realize my lucky socks, i forgot those. or you're putting on a pair of earrings for the first time and realizing you lost all your jewelry. >> now, since the town of paradise is still mostly closed because of fire damage, the students are going to classes at a rented building close to the chico airport, which is about a 15-minute drive from their campus. the hope is to resume classes next school year, but of course
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that all depends on the speed of rebuilding in the town of paradise. reporting live in san francisco, i'm sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. >> sergio, thank you very much. beautiful day for a ball game. up next, uber drivers taken for a ride themselves. we investigate a troubling new case of identity theft and a man who says he's been victimized twice. plus the casino heist turns into a shooting. what's being credited for saving an officer's life after he was hit by a bullet. and outside right now, 70s around the bay area, 73 in concord and this time tomorrow we could see even warmer temperatures to wrap up the weekend. a closer look when we come right back. uber is working with law
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enforcement to investigate a scheme that we exposed. it involves fake driver accounts cre uber is working with law enforcement to investigate a scheme that we exposed. it involves fake driver accounts created with stolen information. >> now a california lawmaker is looking to make ride-share companies verify driver's licenses, as yet another person
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is coming forward saying he's the victim of identity fraud. here's investigative reporter liz wagner. >> an uber driver contacted us after seeing our investigation. he says he was locked out of his account because someone created a duplicate account using his driver's license and a fake driver ended up picking up unsuspecting passengers for two months. uber driver jemonte johnson suddenly couldn't launch his app. he couldn't figure out why since he'd driven for uber for four years and had an excellent rating. >> it's just been blocking me. >> so he went to a green light hub, uber's driver support center. he said a representative said the company blocked his account because someone else started one in his name. >> someone had my i.d. and it was my i.d. and just had my picture cropped out and had someone else's picture on there. >> what did the person on the picture look like? >> he was a caucasian male. i didn't recognize him.
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>> so clearly not you. not even close. >> yeah. >> johnson said the fake account was created two months earlier and that person made money driving passengers. we first exposed how fraudsters are setting up ride-share accounts using other people's information and renting them out to anyone willing to pay. it's a way for people to get around background checks and car inspections. >> did you feel like you were in danger? >> yeah, definitely. >> last year we showed you how unsafe it is for riders who hop into cars with unvetted drivers. johnson says he doesn't understand why uber's technology would allow someone to start a duplicate account that's obviously fake. >> i know they're probably not responsible for someone having my information, but they should be able to block it from being used on their platform. that's what's concerning me. >> if people are stealing i.d.s, and fraudulently, essentially, starting accounts as drivers, that's a big problem.
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>> assemblyman jordan cunningham says the state needs to make law enforcement and regulators at the public utilities commission work together to solve cases of identical theft, especially when it leads to phony drivers getting behind the wheel. the republican lawmaker from san luis obispo passed legislation last year aimed to give ride-share users confidence that their drivers are who they say they are. an uber driver from his district is facing trial for allegedly rapes four college students in 2017. >> it sounds like wle we've made some strides in trying to give the customer more power to verify their driver, they're able to evade that altogether. >> jemonte johnson said uber only let him know someone set up an account using his driver's license after he was kicked off the platform. we asked whether ride-share companies should be required to notify drivers and customers when they detect identity theft.
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>> i think they really should be. you'd have to ask uber and lyft why they don't have an internal procedure to notify drivers that their identity has been compromised. >> uber tells us it does have a process of alerting customers when it catches suspicious behavior but wouldn't offer any details. the company is engaging law enforcement in johnson's case and beyond that can't comment beyond saying his account was turned back on. lyft has a team that investigates fraudulent behavior. johnson is relieved he can drive again but says he's disappointed in his long-time employer. >> i'm clearly not the only person this is happening to so i feel like there should be the pressure that, hey, you guys should be keeping people's data secure and people's identity secure. there should be more responsibility on uber for this. >> in addition to law enforcement, the california public utilities commission tells us it's now investigating cases of fake driver accounts set up with stolen information. we asked the puc what it can do to punish these fraudsters. no answer yet, but we'll stay on
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it. back to you. if you have a story for our investigative unit call 888-996-tips or visit our website, now to a different type of investigation, we're going in-depth on marijuana on our digital platforms. right now business owners are complaining about daunting state and local regulations. >> but legal scholars worry that the whole industry hinges on a delicate compromise with federal authorities. here's a part of jonathan bloom's report on >> i grew up around cannabis. ever since i was 10 years old, i followed my mom around growing cannabis. >> cannabis was the only resource available for these patients to relieve their pain, help out with their appetite. >> back in the old days you certainly could not be smoking marijuana in a public place. >> i have seen my door axed down, guys climb through the hold and hold guns to my head. >> a blackhawk helicopter with four agents sitting out with
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ar-15s. >> now it's legitimate. >> we can legally smoke cannabis and that's huge. >> we're providing a framework for businesses to come out of the shadows. >> do you guys work with the feds at all? >> no. >> we just have a mess. it really is legally just a mess. >> stroll down the aisles here and it's easy to forget that legal cannabis here in california is brand new. the fight to make it legal goes back decades, and that fight is still going on. >> again, this is just one part of our special series. you can find more content just like this. check out our special section, "in the weeds" on okay. so we had rain, then we had snow, and now it's summer. >> don't forget the hail. >> now it's summer. >> it's the warms day since november 12th. one, it's been a long time since we've been 70 degrees in san jose, but it's been a gloomy
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start to the year with 300% of average rainfall in february. all the wild weather we saw last weekend. so pictures like this are a welcome site around the bay area for a weekend. 65 right now in emeryville. we almost got to 70 bayside. i think we'll get there tomorrow as temperatures climb a couple more degrees. right now in san jose 70 and going up to 71 officially is the warmest day since november 12th. as the temperatures start to rise, allergies are not going to be as happy about that temperature change. notice cedar, pine and oak pollen high. as our temperatures continue to climb on up, this is the unfriendly part of the forecast here. you'll probably appreciate the fact right there on the seven-day forecast, some of that pollen may get knocked out of the sky on wednesday. but in the meantime warm temperatures. 73 in morgan hill, hayward over towards concord. tomorrow morning with those clear skies it's going to be a chilly start, some 30s and 40s. it's the kind of unique time of
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year you might still see patchy frost for the morning and be in shorts and flip-flops around lunchtime. so mid-70s in the santa clara valley down into gilroy. santa cruz in the 70s. could be mid to upper 70s around 680 as we go from pleasanton down into sunol. upper 60s, low 70s in hayward down to oakland. 60s and 70s from the peninsula up toward san francisco. downtown closer to the 70s. upper 60s around the outer sunset and santa rosa tomorrow near 75 degrees. so our storm ranger mobile doppler radar does have the weekend off, which is a nice change from last weekend. we do have some high clouds here which should make for some pretty sunsets and sunrises the next couple of days. sunday you'll notice a few high clouds but no worries about any rain until late tuesday night and wednesday. so you see this system that's coming in here for wednesday right now might see as much as a half inch of rain out of that particular storm so we'll be watching that closely on wednesday. thursday afternoon into friday
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looks like we'll catch a break. by next weekend now some rain at times to start off saturday morning and then if things hold up, next sunday should also be relatively dry. obviously the warmest weather of the next seven days occurring tomorrow and monday. san francisco, i think, has a decent shot getting into the 70s tomorrow, at least downtown, and valleys like the tri-valley out towards concord should be in the 70s and chances of rain coming back wednesday and next weekend. by the way, spring officially does start wednesday there in the afternoon, so we're getting kind of a sneak preview this weekend. >> great, rob, thank you very much. a music video, mistaken for a kidnapping. how the mix-up happened and why the shoot ended up in an arrest anyway. a shootout between a man
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and a police officer, outside one of the ritziest hotels on the las vegas strip. a shootout between a man and a police officer outside one of the ritziest hotels on the las vegas strip. it happened outside the bellagio last night.
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vegas police say the man first robbed a packed casino. then he tried to steal a car in the valet lot. officers caught up with him. that's when the robber started firing. one of the officers shot back, hit the man. he's now in the hospital, critical condition. las vegas police department also says an officer was hit by a bullet, but his bulletproof vest saved his life. now a story of kidnapping confusion. los angeles police thought they were being called out to a crime. but instead, it was a music video shoot. on wednesday someone called police say they saw two men holding another man at gunpoint and said his hands were taped together. it turns out the men were just shooting the music video. here's the catch, the gun they were using was very real so police ended up arresting one of the men anyway on a weapons charge. almost half a billion dollars up for grabs in tonight's powerball drawing. hold on to those tickets real tight, folks, it's the eighth
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largest jackpot in the game's history. the lottery is still looking for its first jackpot winner of the year. no one matched all six winning numbers drawn wednesday night. now, the drawing for the $495 million prize happens at 8:00 p.m. california time. here's a question for you travelers. what do you do if you're traveling on a plane for 12 years with your team? you start interviewing them, of course. >> name 26 cities in japan. if you can't name 26, just give me the top 17. >> the a's posted this video showing ryan bookter asking some pretty challenging japan-related questions. he was hanging out with his third baseman in the bathroom there. the a's are in japan for their season opener, which is on wednesday. >> well, there isn't really anywhere else to go. >> i'm still not sure i want to see video of that. >> right.
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still to come, it's a yearly tradition in chicago. turn the river green. but how do they pull it off? we'll tell you, next.
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earlier in the broadcast we talked about flooding rivers. right now we're going to talk about a green river. today boats sped up and down the chicago river in downtown chicago dumping green dye in as they went. as you may know, it is a st. patrick's day weekend tradition going on since 1962. the river stays green for about five hours, which is perfect because that's about how long the city's st. patrick's day parade lasts. but in case you're worried about the wildlife, the dye is not harmful to the river or any of the animals that live in it. it just looks kinda funky. >> it's kinda cool. i like it. but it's cold out there, rob. >> it's not as nice as it is here. in fact our weather about to get warmer the next couple of days. if you liked today, you're going to love tomorrow and like monday evening more but shower chances
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return at wednesday. >> thanks for watching. nbc bay area news at 6:00 is next. >> we're back in two minutes.
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the news at six starts right now. good evening and thanks for joining us. i )m garvin thomas, in for terr skbrnch the news at 6:00 starts right now. thank you for joining us. i'm garvin thomas in for terry mcsweeney. >> and i'm anoushah rasta. parents gathered today in the south bay. the meeting took on extra significance because of the college cheating scandal. >> laura joins us with tips about how parents are trying to get their kids into college doing it the right way. laura. >> reporter: yeah, as you were saying those parents went to a college prep seminar that had actually been planned a long time ago, but students and counselors say the scandal was eye-opening, and the seminar couldn't have been more timely. >> i think it's already different because of the


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