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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  March 16, 2019 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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we are tracking breaking news out of contra costa county. a w right now at 11:00, we're tracking breaking news. a woman, found dead in this car, after a crash that blocked traffic for hours. now police say it may have been the result of a shooting. the news at 11:00 starts right now. good evening. thank you for joining us. >> when police arrived on scene near concord, they found bullet holes in the car. freeway shootings have been a
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serious issue in the east bay over the past few years. >> our reporter is live near the scene for us with details. what can you tell us? >> reporter: i can tell you that the california highway patrol has just about wrapped up this scene. there is still a patrol car here. in just the last few minutes, they just opened up this off ramp here on willow road, coming off of california highway 4. let's show you some video that we shot just a few moments ago. this is the car that was involved in the crash. it's a silver honda sedan. you can see it there up on the bed of that tow truck. there was quite a bit of damage to the front end of that california. the highway patrol says when they were called out in this afternoon around 2:30 or so, they came over to the vehicle, medics and police officers tried to attend to the driver. that's when they made a gruesome
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discovery. >> upon investigation, they found bullet holes in the driver's side door. it was a solo female out of antioch. >> reporter: now, at this point, the chp has not determined if the driver died from the crash or from any of the gunshots, or if the driver in fact was hit by the gunshots. that will be determined by the county coroner later. this is a crash that caused a huge traffic backup for quite a while out here on california highway 4. at this point, they are going to be collecting evidence here, or they have already wrapped up collecting evidence here on scene. this is not the first kind of shooting like this on a bay area freeway. investigators are hoping that anyone who may have seen this crash will get ahold of them to help them piece together what happened.
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reporting live, nbc bay area news. >> sergio, thank you for that report. right now, a push for law enforcement to keep st. patrick's day a save one. dui checkpoints are up across the bay area as many are celebrating tonight. this one is in melpedes. officers will screen drivers for signs of drinking or drugs. they say the biggest problem is drivers convincing themselves they're okay to dry when they're not. >> people always think they don't feel the effecting of it, but in truth and reality, they are feeling the effecting of it. >> last st. patrick's day, officers made over 300 dui arrests on california arrests. another night of mourning in new zealand, as dozens more victims remain in the hospital. here in the bay area, more
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prayer vigils for the victims and a fierce message to those that would seek to terrorize the muslim community. >> reporter: mourners in san jose praying for the dead and injured in that new zealand massacre, in solidarity with heart broken mourners in that country who got more bad news. >> it is with sadness that the death toll has risen to 50. >> reporter: another 50 are injured, and dozens are in critical condition. >> many of the patients will require multiple surgeries as a complex of the nature of the injuries. >> reporter: the suspected gunman opened fire on two mosques on friday. now we're learning about worshipper who may have saved lives. he ran after the gunman, and as
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the shooter went back to the car, the 48-year-old man picked up a shotgun the gunman tossed aside. >> i threw like an arrow at him and it bust his window. >> reporter: the gunman then sped off. the 28-year-old suspect made a hand gesture associated with white supremists. in san jose, mourners had a warning -- >> it does not matter how many white supremists are out there. it does not matter how many bullets you have. it does not matter how many people you kill. we're going to continue to be muslims. our sisters will continue to wear their hijabs. our brothers will continue to pray. >> reporter: in san jose, nbc bay area news. >> and we have new video tonight of a tribute down under.
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the iconic sydney opera house in australia it will the silver fern, a symbol of unity. bernie sanders is making his way back to the bay area. his campaign announced this afternoon he'll be stopping in san francisco next week. his first since announcing his presidential run. this is footage from the last time he was in the city almost two years ago. sanders will hold a rally next sunday march 24th at great meadow park in ft. mason. the event is free. the public is welcome. sanders spent the day campaigning in nevada. other democrats hoping to unseat president trump in the 2020 election are wasting no time getting their messages to voters. many of the 13 candidates were out on the trail this weekend, courting the earliest voting states, iowa and new hampshire. former texas congressman beto
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o'rourke was in iowa literally running, right there, in the st. patrick's road race. senators cory booker and amy klobuchar were also in iowa. and while they faced key questions, the discussion often led back to president donald trump. >> we havehe has a better relationship -- this is a crisis when you see a president that is bullying, intimidating, and insulting your allies, and cozying up to people who are regularly violating human rights. >> in new hampshire, the governor highlighted his climate change priority. new york senator kirsten gillibrand also in new hampshire proposing a bill that would reward public service. nbc's chuck todd caught up with beto o'rourke and asked him what he would bring to the presidency. >> i get the chance to be part
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of something that the country badly needs. that is coming together at this very divided moment and coming together so that we can achieve these really ambitious goals. >> you can always find complete political coverage on "meet the press." tune in tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. new at 11:00, do you know these men right here? the napa police department is asking for help in tracking down these three hotel burglary suspects. the team pulled up to a napa hotel around 5:30 this morning. they were in an older white heavy s-10 truck with black rims and a toolbox in the bed. it is not clear what they stole. a quick stop at an atm turned into chaos after a man was robbed and carjacked. in is a picture of whom police are calling their primary suspect captured by camera in half moon bay around 8:00 last night. police say while the victim was taking out cash, this man
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demanded the money and his car keys. the victim then noticed two other men already sitting in his bmw, and then all three suspects drove off. officers in the east bay spotted the care a short time later but couldn't catch up when they couldn't catch up. the body of a missing vallejo snowboarder has been found. he disappeared when he went snowboarding alone. rescue teams found his body on wednesday. these are pictures from his facebook account that family and friends have been posting just an outpouring of love and support. a long-planned college prep seminar was held in cupertino this weekend. guidance counselors say this week's admissions scandal has been a wakeup call. families learned the best strategies for getting into top colleges the legitimate way.
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this after wealthy parents paid bribes and posed their children as athletes for entrance. >> we see colleges scrambling to make sure that's no hint of privilege. the hidden threat is we know the system is tilted, but this reveals, you know, a lot more clearly how tilted it can be for certain families. >> counselors say the process starts by an honest essay, and it's always a good idea to amy to multiple schools. still to come, caught on camera. a cracked egg on a politician's head leads to a scramble. the encounter going viral tonight. plus, a music video mixup. police broke up a shoot thinking someone was being kidnapped. not the case. but there was still an arrest. and we all know the apple watch can do more than just tell time, but can it save your life? researchers put it to the test. and our final weekend of
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sparked outrage for blaming muslim immigration for the new zealand mosque an australian senator has sparked outrage for blaming muslim immigration for the shooting, punched a protester
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who smashed an egg on his head. you can see the 17-year-old boy filming with his phone, then breaking an egg on the senator's head. this happened as the senator was hold ing a noing a news confere. the boy was arrested but let go without charges. is he in or is he out? a lot of teasing about whether former vice president joe biden will enter the presidential race. tonight, he may have showed his hand. >> i'm the most progressive record of anybody running -- anybody who would run. [ applause ] i didn't mean -- >> was it a slip of the tongue? only time will tell, but that line brought the crowd at this fund-raiser to their feet. if you have driven down the california coast, you know cell
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service is spotty. but there's a push to fix it. in january, a teen died while visiting a state park in big sur. he fell through a blow hole and swept out to sea. his father says things could have been different if there was cell service. >> his friends were not able to access the cell service to call for help. once help did arrive, the agencies couldn't communicate well. >> a task force in monterey county is trying to figure out how to boost service and ways to pay for it. kit napping confusion. los angeles county deputies thought they were being called out to a crime, but it was all just a shoot for a music video. on wednesday, someone called 911 saying they saw two men holding another man at gunpoint. they also said his hands were taped together. it turns out they were shooting a music video, but the dwun tgu
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were using was very real. one man was arrested on a weapons charge. can the apple watch save your life? the device can alert people if they develop an irregular heart beat. more than 419,000 people took part in the study. the goal, to find out if the apple watch could screen people for the heart condition that can cause a stroke if not checked out by a doctor. about 2100 people were flagged. they were asked to consult a doctor and a third of them did indeed have the condition. while the findings are promising, experts say a lot more research is needed. happening tomorrow, if you want to trade the bay for some aloha vibes, southwest airlines will make its maiden flight to hawaii tomorrow. it will take off from oakland international airport in the morning and head to honolulu. more flights will roll out in the coming months. then service from san jose will
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start. in the east bay, irish pride on full display. tens of thousands came out to dublin's st. patrick's say parade this morning. take a look. ♪ with a city named like dublin, you have to go all out for st. patrick's day. the parade is a big deal and is followed by a festival downtown, with more than 200 vendors. as many as 80,000 people turn out each year. >> i'm at this parade, and i really, really love it. it's really fun. and i just can't believe i can see it. >> it's a great way to celebrate st. patrick's day and get the girls out to have a little fun. got great weather after all the rain, so it was a great way to spend a saturday afternoon. >> sure was. this was the parade's 36th year. one of the biggest st. patrick's day celebrations on the west
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coast. weather, just perfect. >> the only thing better than all the green was the blue in the skies. >> temperatures in the 70s around the tri-valley. tomorrow, for the ongoing plans around the tri-valley, maybe just a little warmer, as we wrap up the weekend with more sunshine. it looks a bit more like a summer night around the bay area, as the fog is filling back into san francisco. you can see there around the golden gate bridges, temperatures are in the low 50s after a high of 71. 50 degrees in dublin, on our way to low 40s four tomorrow morning. a high of 70 in san jose for the first time of november 12th, we managed a 70-degree day. warmer tomorrow with a 71. one issue, as the temperatures climb and the rain has stopped for now, pollen falling from the skies. cedar, pine, and oak running high and as our temperatures continue to warm up, you might notice this being more of an
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issue. you probably don't want to see rain right now, but by monday, tuesday, ifallergies, some of that rain might be good. might see an upper 30 around the north bay. so a chilly start, but look at these highs. low to mid 70s around san jose for your sunday afternoon. high clouds at times. tri-valley temperatures mid 70s. upper 60s to low 70s. highs around the peninsula, 60s to 70s, same for downtown san francisco. kind of a warm afternoon. just a bit of a mid afternoon breeze. for the north bay, highs in the 70s for your sunday. our radar not seeing much. just high clouds passing buy from time to time. and no real worries about any rain until about wednesday. so during the day tomorrow, we'll see areas of low clouds on the coast, and a few high clouds. much like we saw this evening passing over the bay area.
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things begin to change as we get into tuesday and wednesday. right now, some of that rain may try to come in as early as tuesday night. at this point, the biggest impact on the week ahead will be during the day wednesday with rain at times, early thursday morning, about a quarter to half inch of rain. next weekend, doesn't look to be a repeat of performance, as you can see next saturday some rain to start, maybe a few more showers next sunday. so the warmest and the nicest of the weather for your outdoor plans, taking shape tomorrow. if you want to make it a three-day weekend, we have numbers in the mid 70s. and tuesday, the clouds fill back in and showers coming back. wednesday, at least according to the calendar, is the official start of spring, but looks like we'll be starting out with a little rain for the first weekend of spring next weekend. >> thank you very much. from the warriors to spring training, a lot of action in
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sports today. steph curry reached another milestone in his career. we'll show you what he did tonight against the thunder. plus, the sharks had a chance to clinch a playoff spot tonight at home, hosting the predators. we'll let you know if they got it done. that's next in sports.
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visit your local chase branch. the sharks had a chance to be the first western conference team to clinch a playoff spot on thursday. instead, the panthers came to san jose and ended the six-game winning streak. fortunately, they didn't have to wait lock to get another shot. tonight, they hosted the preds. let's get you out there. some news regarding pete deboer. but first, we shall take you to the second period where the sharks are down by one. take a look at joe thorton and brent burns working the give and go.
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puts the puck on net and ties the game up at 2-2. it was not meant to be for the sharks. in the third period, phillfilip forsberg doing some work. he scores on the wrap around and the predators win 4-2 in san jose. it was not all bad news for the sharks, though. a report coming out tonight that coach pete deboer, who is in the last year of his deal, is expected to sign a multiyear extension with the team. we'll keep you posted on the late west that. the warriors also could lock up a spot in the postseason with a win in oklahoma city. no one stressed out about that, though. steph curry picks off the pass here in the first quarter, and he goes for the layup. he became the fifth warriors' player to eclipse the 16,000 career points mark. curry dancing on them in the first. and he sinks the three. he finished the night with 33 points. as we take you to the third, the warriors cruising. andre iguodala minds ch s klay
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thompson. warriors win 110-88 the final. the warriors were without kevin durant tonight. he's expected to be back in the lineup in san antonio on monday. as for the sharks, they'll be back to action on monday when they welcome the golden knights to the tank. that will do it for sports. we'll be back with more news after this break. ♪ [ camera shutter clicks ] the new galaxy s10 on xfinity mobile. the phone and network designed to do more. get $250 back on a new galaxy and save on the network with millions of wifi hotspots. say "get a galaxy" to learn more.
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devastating camp fire. part of that healing, came in the community of paradise continues to rebuild after the devastating campfire. part of that healing came in the form of a baseball game at the san francisco giants' home field today. the matchup between the paradise bobcats and the cardinals began with a $10,000 donation for paradise high. the school survived the fire, but many athletic facilities did not. the opportunity to play on a professional field was a real treat for all involved.
11:27 pm
>> to smell the grass and like all those little details, you know, from a fan's point of you that you don't get to see often. for me it's incredible. and the boys are awe struck. >> we just hope all the kids enjoy it. i want to see one of our kids hit a ball if the bay. >> since the town of paradise is still mostly closed because of the fire damage, these students go to class in a rented building close to the chico airport. the hope is to resume classes in the fall. >> so one final check of the weather. >> it's not a one-time event, that's the good news. we're slowly building up the temperatures. tomorrow, the coast and bay will have your warmest day tomorrow, but the valleys may see temperatures, and then rain on wednesday and again on saturday. so if you have allergies, i think that's good news. lots of pollen in the skies.
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>> thank you very much for join us. >> have a great night.
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