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tv   Sunday Today With Willie Geist  NBC  March 17, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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. . >> darkest days. >> they flaunted their wealth to cheat the system. >> planes that are in the air will be grounded. >> i'm respecting for the next president. >> good morning. welcome to sunday today on this st. patrick's day, march 17th. i'm willie goois. overnight the death toll after friday's terrorist attack at two mosques in new zealand has risen to 50. this morning the man who bravely confronted the gunman at one mosque is speaking out as the country mourns the worst shooting in its history. we're live in christ church.
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then a slip of the tongue. saying he has the most progressive record of anybody running. then quickly correcting himself to say i didn't mean that. we'll talk with chuck todd about biden, beto and a new entry to the field just this morning. plus, rising floodwaters across the midwest from this week's bomb psych cyclone and melting snow. we'll have the latest from the midwest. later, a rollicking sunday sitdown with willie haralson in austin, texas. we talked about his latest movie and the legendary year that began on adair in his high school library. >> someone says what do you do? you're elvis. i can't do my elvis in here. there are too many people. before you know it, they convinced me, and i said "bless my soul". i just started singing.
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>> you still got it. >> well. >> a sunday sitdown with woody haralson that i promise you don't want to miss. plus, harry smith on this week's stunning college admissions scandal. a sat patrick's day trip to ireland and another life well lived all a bit later in the show. let's begin this morning with the latest from new zealand where the death toll has risen overnight after the attacks on two mosques in the city of christ church on friday. today one worshipper is being hailed as a hero for confronting the gunman and turning him away. miguel is in christ church this morning. good morning. >> good morning. vigils are growing across the country. a nation coming to grips with the senseless rampage that left 50 people dead. more people were killed here in a single day shooting mass spree than have been typically murdered in a year. >> it's the most savage attack in new zealand history.
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gunfire ending prayers at two mosques in christ church. it could have been much worse. >> come on i'm in the car. come this way. i just wanted to take his focus out from the mosque. >> abdul aziz was at the linwood mosque when the gunshots began. he ran out to find the suspect. aziz picking up an empty gun the shooter it had discarded. >> he thought i was shot or something, and then he just swear at me and drove off. when he was driving off and i still chasing him with that gun. >> tarrant was captured soon after. accounts of the horror still emerge. >> it was just blood everywhere. people dead everywhere. it was like a slaughter house. >> ali adib trapped under bodies survived. his father was shot in the back and is in serious condition. >> my dad took a bullet for me.
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when i woke up, he was lying on my head. >> after appearing in court tarant, whose face was obscured for new zealand law, is likely to face multimultiple counts of. >> only one person has been charged in relation to these attacks. >> the 28-year-old australian had been on the move. the suspect had recently been in dubai, turkey, bulgaria, romania, and hungary. this small nation's tragedy rippliing around the globe. vigils held in pakistan and turkey. >> we are united in our grief. i convey that message of love and support on behalf of new zealand to all of you. >> this morning the world sharing a city's sorrow turning to love in the face of extreme hate. >> not fa are from here dozens remain in the hospital. the youngest victim is just 2
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years old. two also remain in critical condition. the prime minister says the suspect will be tried in this country and later today she will talk to lawmakers about strengthening gun laws. willie, back to you. >> miguel in christ church, new zealand, where our hearts are this morning as well. miguel, thank you. back here at home the field of democratic candidates hoping to defeat president trump continues to grow. this morning after a two-month exploratory run new york senator kooersen gillibrand made it official. she is in. meanwhile, joe biden still not officially in the race, but a slip-up last night that might not have been a slip-up gave another hint at his intentions. nbc's morgan ratford is here. morgan, good morning. >> willie, good morning. the question right now is will he or won't he? joe biden passed up a chance to run back in 2016, but now he is back and may have accidentally tipped his hand last night in front of enthusiastic supporters showing that 2020 may be more than just a possibility. >> reporter: joe biden known for
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the occasional slip of the tongue when he was vice president. possibly making another one as he spoke at a democratic dinner in delaware last night. >> the most progressive record of anybody running for the -- anybody who would run. >> reporter: the crowd roaring with approval. >> i didn't mean -- >> reporter: biden laughing and making the sign of the cross. one of biden's potential rivals former texas congressman betto o'rork o'rourke inviting him to run. he was off to the races in saturday, literally. the younger contender says his failed texas senatorial campaign reveals a potential strength as a presidential candidate. >> voter turnout was up all over the state. voter turnout amongst young people was up 500% from the l t last. >> bernie sanders in nevada
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saturday making a similar point about his own failure, saying that even though he didn't win the 2016 nomination, his ideas did. >> those ideas that we talked about four years ago that seemed to radical at that time, well, today a majority of the american people support those ideas. >> we need some of the old iowa spirit. >> reporter: new jersey new york sco cory booker and -- also running hard in iowa. gillibrand officially announcing she's in the race. >> that's why i'm running for president. and it's why i'm asking you for your support. >> all right. so gillibrand's entry into the race means that 14 democrats have officially announced they're running. the republicans had 17 last time around, and right now the contenders are showing each other respect, but the first democratic debate comes right around the corner in june, so we will see how long this civility lasts. >> they're careful to welcome
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each other to the race, but once they're on the debate stage, that will change. >> we'll see. >> see you again in just a minute for the highs and lows of the week. chuck todd is moderator of "meet the press." always good to see you. you have a busy show of presidential contenders this morning on "meet the press." want to ask you first about joe biden. he keeps leaving these easter eggs and dropping these hints about whether or not he may run. can we assume he is in the race, number one, and, number two, when he does get in the race, what does he do to the field? >> yes. we should be treating him as a presidential candidate that just hasn't filed the papers yet. i mean, my god, we all have sources of the fund raiser who has agreed to throw the first fundraiser and things like that. it's all happening. they're just literally doing the infrastructure. i can tell you this. i was in iowa over the weekend, willie, and it was a fresh reminder that these iowans are going to be looking for new. i think the biggest warning sign i would have for both joe biden,
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and frankly, it's bernie sanders as well, is these voters are shopping. they're looking on to new, and they're drawn to something unfamiliar, not familiar. they like joe biden, but it's somebody they know. can he withstand sort of six months of this and then be the guy at the end to say, well, all right. i'm going to go with biden? that feels like what their candidacy is going to be. he has to fwig out how to make his candidacy seem new, seem fresh, seem forward-looking, and i think that's a huge challenge for him. >> yeah. he is sitting on top of a des moines register poll right now, but that's before he is in the race and before we really get a look at the field. meanwhile, beto o'rourke made it official. he has been on lunch counters standing there all across iowa this week. got a hunl amount of media coverage. how do you like his chances, chuck? >> well, the guy reminds me of every candidate that does well in iowa. he is upbeat.
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he has -- you know, iowans like the nice guy, a lot of times. look at obama did well in iowa. mike huckabee when he ran as the nice guy in 2008 did well in iowa. john edwards is always gooed in iowa. they like this. the crowds were there. you can see it. they're trying to fall in love with him, but, god, i could tell you this. it is fstrating at times on his lack of specifics. he is incredibly good about getting a question, showing you how much he knows about that issue, and not taking a position. that may work. you know, at the end of the day that may work. the question is how long can he keep that up and will democratic voters be okay with that? >> we'll see how he does with you in just a few minutes coming up on "meet the press." >> yes rsh. >> let's talk about what's happening in washington and the man all these democrats are trying to unseat in president trump. we got some hints about the mueller report. some people read one lead lawyer stepping away from the special counsel's office as some indication that things might be wrapping up. the house in a unanimous vote said maybe perhaps a symbolic
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vote, but it was unanimous that the mueller report ought to be made public. do we have any sense here, chuck, of where this is headed and how soon we may get it? >> no, we don't, and it is sort of a warning. i mean, yes, you're right. we know that it does appear that the investigative part is over and now it's more about the report, more about finishing the trials, are month about, you know, you saw that every time you see a sign that mueller is about to wrap up, there's another sign that, oh, one of the witnesses he flipped, rick gates in particular, they need him longer, he needs to help with other cases. obviously, it's coming in the next few weeks. yes, there is this bizarre anticipation in washington over it, but at the end of the day i'll be honest with you, willie, i'm tired of speculating about it. let's wait and see, you know, what happens. i fear that when he filed the report, there's going to be a one sentence press release from the justice department that said the mueller report has been filed, and then we get to spend a day parsing that one sentence. >> i think you speak for the
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country when they say call me when it's over. >> i'm with congress. 420-0. let's go. >> make it public. i'm with you. we'll be looking for much more on meet the press. as i mentioned, chuck is joined by two of the democratic hopefuls minnesota senator amy klobuchar and beto o'rourke. zplierjts police here in made an arrest. officials took 24-year-old anthony camello into custody in nnl new jersey on saturday and plan to charnl him with murder. francesco cali, known as frankie boy, was gunned down in front of his home on wednesday night. he was reported to be the head of the gambino crime family. and rescue teams are out in force across the midwest as warmer temperatures are melting the winter snow leading to rising floodwaters across several states. rescuers hard at work on saturday saving people trapped in their homes. flood warnings and advisories remain in effect from nebraska to michigan. and now let's get a check of your local weather.
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in san francisco, low clouds, 49 degrees and 39 in morgan hill, 40 in santa rosa and napa. by the afternoon most inland spots in and around the bay will climb into the low to mid-70s. a warm finish to the weekend. one more warm day tomorrow and looking at a chance of rain late tuesday into wednesday but two more days of warm temperatures. changes midweek. straight ah and lows of the week, including senator mitt romney with a novel approach to blowing out his birthday candles. one by one. we'll continue the important national debate about that. plus, the australian paraglider who stuck the landing, but then got purchled by a kangaroo. you really have to see this one. then harry smith on the college admissions bribery scandal that was the talk of the country this week and what it says about our
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culture. >> does it feel like the playing field isn't even? >> as much as people try to make it balanced, it feels like no matter how you go about things, it's always going to be an uneven game. >> it's all coming up on sunday "today." as we head to break, a photo of the week. a great shot by the famed "new york times" photographer doug mills of democratic house speaker nancy pelosi and the shadow of president trump as the political rivals passed each other at a friends of ireland lunch on capitol hill. i can't believe it. that we just hit the motherlode of soft-serve ice cream? i got cones, anybody wants one! oh, yeah! get ya some! no, i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with geico. ed! ed! we struck sprinkles! [cheers] believe it. geico could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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taking jardiance with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. so, what do you think? now i feel i can do more to go beyond lowering a1c. ask your doctor about jardiance today. our highs and the lows of the week. our first high goes to the high level of national interest of mit romney's 70th birthday celebration this week. >> happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear senator romney. >> thank you. >> happy birthday to you. >> so far so relatively normal. turns out senator romney loves twinkies so his staff made it
6:19 am
creative. watch out the former nominee blows out his candles. >> those are all wishes i am getting. >> senator romney plucking those candles blowing it out one by one. his method fascinated people and quickly went viral. there is even science about it for some reason. in 2017, study from clemson university published shows blowing out all the candles at once and spitting all over the place increases bacteria level on the cake by 1400%. turns out mit romney is not weird, you are just gross. >> is that really the case? is that the conclusion we are drawing? >> it is science.
6:20 am
>> the second embarrassment i got from watching if video, come on, he's taking the twinkie one by one and blowing it out. >> i guess you don't like science. >> i will paraphrase the old wide world of sports line. it was the thrill of victory and the agony of being punched by a kangaroo. jonathan bishop came in from a perfect landing when a couple of locals hopped in welcoming him back to earth. the local were the cokangaroos. the welcome was the white cross. >> oh, go away. >> yes, the kangaroo hopped up and punched the man as he landed a couple of times. that'll teach him not to call an angry kangaroo skip.
6:21 am
>> he was not feeling that. >> they were not ready. >> this is our hood, right. bang. got him. >> our next high, a new jersey man was turning 62 years old. his son who lives in florida wanted to send the old man the perfect gift and they settled on this. a billboard near atlantic, new jersey encourages passers by to call their dad and wish him happy birthday. they're kind enough to include his phone number. when the photograph went viral around the world, his phone almost melted down. >> hello, happy birthday. >> thank you very much. >> hello? >> i just want to say happy birthday. >> where are you calling from? >> iowa. >> thank you very much, i
6:22 am
appreciate it. >> have a great night. >> he has received tens of thousands of calls and texts around the world including places from places as far away from nepal and the philippines. this is the biggest of them all. if you are wondering, chris's mailbox is full and the billboard will be up until april. >> i could appreciate the good samaritans who stop and call, if you ever put my personal number out on the "today" show, we have a problem. our final logw goes to the russian waiter who really knows how to bring down the champagne tower. >> he does not seem all that upset about it. after the disaster, that orchestra played on just as it
6:23 am
did on the "titanic." >> i never understood the champagne tower where you start at the top and go all the way down. >> i have no idea. >> lucky is kind of lik like -- yeah, it happens. >> it looks troubling. >> no champagne tower. >> morgan, thank you, we'll see you again in just a minute. >> a sunday sit-down with woody harrelson talking about his big break on "cheers" and his new movie who caught up to bonnie and clyde and why he only goes to award shows for the parties. a trip to ireland where doctors have made a discovery in the countryside ancient soils that could be a major medical breakthrough. morgan and i are ready to answer your questions on live television, send us your best television, send us your best and weirdest with if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis,
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here is a live look outside -- good sunday morning to you. it is 6:26. we're taking a live look outside at the beautiful golden gate bridge, all illuminated before the sun rises. i am kira klapper. thanks for joining us on this st. patrick's day. if you celebrate, meteorologist rob mayeda has a look at our microclimate forecast. >> glad so see you're wearing green for both of us. >> since you can't. >> i'll be see-through. >> be like a floating head on the weather wall. >> we have nice weather, speaking of st. patrick's day, outdoor plans later on. a little bit more like a summer-like morning. we have patchy low clouds filling into the bay, 49 degrees in san francisco, chilly, morgan
6:27 am
hill down to 39. 40 in santa rosa and napa. recovery temperatures for the afternoon, low to mid-70s san francisco to oakland. mid-70s san jose south to the tri-valley highs in the mid-70s, so a warm finish to the weekend. we're seeing high clouds at times and the clouds off to the west, eventually those will make it toward the bay area by tuesday. we'll see another warm day tomorrow. san francisco is starting to see cooling for your monday. tuesday night into wednesday rain making a comeback and probably more for friday evening and saturday sewn joy this weekend. next weekend may have a little bit of rain. >> we will enjoy it while we can, rob, thanks. developing news out of contra costa county, a woman found dead in a car after a crash that blocked traffic for hours. police say it may have been the result of a shooting. the chp says they were called out to highway 4 north of concord just before 2:30
6:28 am
yesterday afternoon. when officers arrived on the scene of the single car crash they found bullet holes on the driver's side of the silver honda sedan. the preliminary investigation is thought of as a suspicious death. investigators say the woman was from antioch. freeway shootings have become a serious issue in the east bay over just the past few years. and if you know these men, the napa police department wants your help tracking them down. three hotel burglary suspects, the team pulled up ta a napa hotel around 5:30 yesterday morning, in an older white chevy s10 truck with a toolbox in the bed. it's not clear what exactly they stole. a push from law enforcement to keep st. patrick's day safe. many people are celebrating this weekend, this one in milpitas.
6:29 am
they say the biggest problem is drivers convincing themselves that they're okay to drive, when they're not. >> people always think that they don't feel the effects of it, but within truth and reality, they are feeling the effects of it. >> the chp says last st. patrick's day, officers made nearly 300 dui arrests on california freeways. coming up this morning on "today in the bay," we take to you washington, d.c., for a live interview with chuck todd, moderator of "meet the press" and get his insight on another week in politics, that plus your top stories and weather coming up at 7:00. we hope you join us. in the meantime, we'll send you back to "sunday today" with willie geist.
6:30 am
that's cat mouse. >> a cat and a mouse don't play together. they're mortal enemies, they don't even know the same game. >> think before you speak. >> that's a young woody harrelson on "cheers," the iconic show where she sthe starr eight seasons named woody. big budget turns into "the
6:31 am
hunger game" and "star wars" movie and a true detective. woody has remained woody, the one of a kind guy that you want to hang outs with. he and i got together for a sunday sit-down in austin, texas, where he was premiering his new netflix movie. he arrived just the way you hope he would, cowboys hat, slippers and ready to roll. >> when i was a kid, i thought i would like to be famous. >> he always knew he would end up in show business one way or another. >> i remember, man, this seems to be a cool life. >> reporter: his career was born one day in a high school library with some help from the king of rock and roll. >> thigh had these records that
6:32 am
you can get from tv guide. one of the record that i got was elvis, cut two, i am in the library and somebody says woody, do your elvis. i can't do my elvis in here, it is too many people. before you know it, they convinced me. ♪ i just started singing. >> still got it by the way. >> it got a little loude louder -- pretty soon everybody is like around clapping and comes this girl, robin rogerson, who was one of the prettiest girl in school, came up and said i am with the drama club, i think you should try out for a play. >> i will certainly will. >> elvis and robin inspired
6:33 am
woody to a movie that took off in 1992 with "white man can't jump." followed by "indecent proposal." >> on tv woody starred most recently in the hbo series "true deck titectiv detective." >> what the hell do you think you are doing. >> this ismazing. >> hey, woody, the show "cheers" that the part is called woody and you know it is in indiana which we gone to college. you ought to go audition for it. >> well, my first batch of party. >> no dates, right? >> how did you work through that part of being a star of a huge
6:34 am
show? >> i didn't think i was dealing with it very well. >> what does that mean? >> madman. just too much partying and too much lose morals type of behavior as a young christian boy. >> it covers a lot of ground, lose moral behavior. >> in 2008, harrelson married laurie liu, who is his former assistant, they have three girls and live in hawaii. >> what is it like being the only man in the house? >> there is a lot of energy around which is probably good for a guy like me. >> i got unbelievable daughters. >> harrelson and his two brothers were raised in ohio by their single mother, diane, a secretary. >> my mom was obviously a very big influence on me.
6:35 am
she was the parent who was actually there. my dad was not around so much. she came to every play when i was in college. >> i don't mind having grown up a mama's boy, i am still a mama's boy. >> harrelson's father was a career criminal. he spent much of his son's youths in and out of prison. he died in colorado while serving two life sentences for killing a federal judge. >> what was the impact on that on you in your life as you grew up and knowing why he was not around. >> i am happy of who i am but probably could -- everybody could use two parents. >> walking along the river front in austin, the texas born harrelson fits right in. >> i can see living here. >> harrelson is in town for the premier of his new netflix film
6:36 am
"the highwaymen." >> he track down and take out the infamous bonnie and clyde. >> i think people looked at them as robin hood type who was steamistea stealing from the rich. they somehow got good p.r., you know what i mean? >> it may be good to have a doctor look at you sometimes. >> maybe good to have a doctor look at you sometimes. >> i ain't got no bullets in me. >> were you aware of them before you were offered this part? >> no, i didn't know about frank hamer, it was great entertainme entertainment. it is cool that we got to remedy some of these facts. when i heard kevin costner was doing it, i was really psyched.
6:37 am
>> woody was getting good reviews. the three-time oscar nominee have stopped looking for awards. >> is it important to you that some day you get an oscar and do you think about that stuff? >> not at all. i honestly don't. i knew with the last three billboards, first of all, i voted for sam rockwell. >> did you? >> his performance was astoundingly great. >> i feel like i got an award with my life. >> you got to a place where your priorities shifted. >> completely. >> after the first major disappointment and that was the golden globe. i left the golden globe after and i went home. >> did you really? >> by the time we got to the academy award, no, i am not going to win and i am going to have a [ bleep ] great night. >> that's how it has been. i am psyched to come to the
6:38 am
party, i don't give a [ bleep ]. >> that's a good way to live though. enjoy the party. >> yeah. >> woody harrelson, ladies and gentlemen, "the highwaymen" begins in texas on march 29th. to hear about harrelson talk about "true detective" and whether if he and mcconaughhey can get together. don't forget to submit our sit-down podcast to hear the entire unedited interview with harrelson. it is a fun one. next week a sunday sit down with actress lupita nyong'o.
6:39 am
>> coming up this morning, morgan radford and i will answer your question. use the >> and the weather right now a little bit chilly as in 38 degrees chilly. in napa and santa rosa for the afternoon, low to mid-70s, including a few high clouds and eventually as we get back to the work week, all the clouds off to the west will bring a chance of rain not until tuesday evening and wednesday. two more warm days to look forward to, and rain in the middle part of the week. . next on "sunday today," harry smith visits an organization working to get disadvantage students into school without the benefits of
6:40 am
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farmer owned since 1930. turn up your swagger game with one a day gummies. one serving... ...once a day... ...with nutrients that support 6 vital functions... ...and one healthy you. that's the power of one a day. this week of the stunning college scheme that had parents paying millions of dollars to get into well-known universities. coaches accepted bribes to say the student was sponsored for the sport when the student didn't even play the sport. the story shines a light on
6:42 am
wealth, privilege and corruption around the college admissions process. harry smith shines our sunday's spotlight on an organization that actually helps disadvantage students finding their way to a good school. >> reporter: this week we were dumbfounded by a whole new category of march madness. >> we are talking about deception and fraud. of what people will do to enroll their children in elite colleges. >> the fact that people would lie or cheat or bribe to win a spot at these institutions for their children. it tells you the value of these degrees. it shines a light on how much we perceive these spots to be unattainab unattainable. >> reporter: debra beale has been helping poor and working class school kids getting into
6:43 am
colleges. >> there is so many young people who don't have access to those resources and who want a shot and a chance to go to those same schools. >> when we are talking about race and gender. >> reporter: beale is the founder of the possy foundation. >> how much students have you served. >> we sent over 9,000 students to college. they won an astounding $1.4 billion from our partner schools. they graduated over 90%. >> that's crazy. >> reporter: part of what's failing america's failing system is dependence on test scores. >> we limit ourselves when we so narrowly define excellence. there are so many young people who are extraordinary talented who are black, new immigrants or
6:44 am
first generation who are smart and can excel at anyone of these institutions. bea beale's students spent eight months in a college program. we met some this week. their thoughts of the cheating scandal. >> all of us here went through three rounds of interviews and worked so hard to get to where we are and to know that people out there because they have money to be where we want to be is so disappointing. >> does it feel that the plain field is not even? >> it feels like no matter how you go about things, it is going to be an uneven game. >> reporter: the deck as it were in america is more severely pitch for some than others. asia morales, she wonders if some parents and students have lost perspective. >> replay placing all the
6:45 am
weight, of the value of education and what we are supposed to be using it for. >> reporter: it is what happens when the idea of value gets lost when talking about the value of a college education. from "sunday today," harry smith, new york. next on "sunday today," a trip to ireland where doctors say they may found a medical pot of gold. >> you need to look closely at them. >> later a life well lived. the united states senator remembered for his work to end discrimination against women in america and for his harrowism one night long ago. sweat. dedication. cupcakes. i'm michael griffin. i'm brian orakpo. we played football together for the titans. now, we own a cupcake shop.
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it is saint patrick's day, we should be drinking green beer and whipping out some corn cabbage for you in the show. we take you across the atlantic to the emerald, where the luck of a irish may turn out on a
6:49 am
medical break through. >> reporter: the local pubs serving up whisky and pints of guiness. a tradition of follk medicine. mckenzie has lived here all his life and knows it well. >> a lot of different people would help cures. i know somebody has a cure of the sprint. every village has its own specific ritual like tieing a piece of rope to heal pain.
6:50 am
jerry quinn, a truman of science, never gave much credence about the cure until his family told him of this miraculous church in northern ireland. >> the soils here have been rumored to have mysterious properties for hundreds of years. the people use it for medicine. they say it helps tooth aches to infections. >> deadly germs resistance to drugs. it is a major health crisis killing tens of thousands of people for many years. could this mystical dirt holds the answer? >> there is something that works that we don't know about it. >> we can look at it and see it is superstition. >> reporter: what jerry found in
6:51 am
the stone stunned him. brand new stem of materials he never seen. the results was shocking, can it fight germ? it kills one of the world's deadliest super bugs. >> scientists have been looking for this for decades. >> reporter: you possibly found it in irish soils. >> it is quite surprising. >> reporter: the next step is studying in humans. the pot of gold we are searching for could be hiding right before us. >> the cure is right underneath your feet, you just need to look through. >> reporter: in this case, looking closely at a wee bit of culture to find the cure. for "sunday today," dr. john torres, northern ireland. >> how beautiful is it there? dr. torres, thank you so much. we highlight another life well-lived. the women's movement was led by the smart and talented brave
6:52 am
woman who took to the streets to fight for equal rights. senator birch bayh. he succeeded and champion the piet title 9 bar. senator bayh was the architect of the 25th amendment which lays out a succession plan for a president who was removed or in coremoved. he'll be remembered on the night of 1964, he and his wife was traveling with senator ted kennedy on a small plane when it
6:53 am
crashed and landed in massachusetts. two people were killed and kennedy broke his back. senator bayh and his wife escaped but he crawled back into the wreckage to pull kennedy out for safety to save his life. eight years later, bayh, says the facts contradict these myths of these particular sex. it is time to change. he died on thursday at his home in eastern maryland. in eastern maryland. he was 91 years old. if your mouth is made to amaze, let philips sonicare give its care a raise. if your teeth chew beyond their limit, then they've earned 62,000 movements a minute. if your mouth's used to a manual clean, treat it to microbubbles that feel great in between. if your amazing mouth does more than its share, give it philips sonicare. next level clean, next level care.
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6:57 am
morgan, we got some for saint patty's day. bethany wants to know corn beef or cabbage or ruben? >> i am going with ruben. >> doug on twitter, a nice irish coffee or an iced guinness. >> i can pour bourbon in there. >> what about fire ball? >> you can have it straight. >> green beer or no green beer? >> oh, these are really tough for me this morning. >> if i have to drink beer, i am going to go with green like green eggs and ham. >> this is tough, what about you? >> i don't want green in my beer. i am going to drink irish
6:58 am
whiskey anyway. >> our next question comes from lynn. she wants to know if you did not have this amazing dream job on "the today show," what would you be? >> i would be a teacher. >> life is long, there is still time, you may be that. >> what about you? >> i would not mind running a political campaign. >> oh, i can see that. >> i was a great landscaper for three summers. >> didn't you also do the pizza delivery. >> let's not forget. >> real triple threat. rosemary from new jersey wants to know, are you watching march madness, who's your favorite team? >> it is basketball. it is duke. >> duke! >> why do you put me on the spot. you got to love zion. >> i love their team. >> morgan, thank you. >> thank you for spending part of your morning with here is a -
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, thanks for joining us. good sunday morning to you. it is 7:00 on the dot. clear skies, another dry morning ahead of a gorgeous day to get out across the bay area. happy st. patrick's day for those who participate. thanks so much for joining us. i'm kira klapper. meteorologist rob mayeda is here for vianey looking at our microclimate forecast. i am wearing green for the both of us. >> i would disappear, which happens to be close to that same color. my contribution is the


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