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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 430  NBC  March 17, 2019 4:30pm-5:01pm PDT

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reach. the big move sout right now at 4:30, paradise may be within your reach. the big move southwest airlines made today that has people across the bay area packing their bags. plus facebook taking action in the wake of the terror attack in new zealand. the announcement the social media giant just made after the suspect live streamed the rampage on that website. but first, who opened fire? the search for answers after a mysterious crash along a busy highway in the east bay. what we're learning about the woman found dead, her car covered in bullet holes. the news starts right now. thank you so much for joining us.
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i'm garvin thomas in for terry mcsweeney. >> and i'm vicky nguyen. it's an investigation causing concern for drivers all throughout contra costa. we begin tonight with new details about a woman found dead in a bullet riddled car after she crashed along highway 4 in contra costa county. we have learned the woman was just 25 years old and a graduate of deer valley high school. nbc bay area's laura sambol joins us live near concord with what investigators are now saying about her death. laura? >> well, vicky, the crash happened here on the willow road offramp just before 2:30 yesterday. take a look here behind me, and you can see where the cones have been put up in place of the guardrail. the crash literally ripped it apart, leaving behind broken columns and broken hearts. >> she was a really charming girl, bright smile, never had a problem, ever. >> reporter: timothy looney holds back tears while talking about his neighbor, destinee
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hillery, a 25-year-old whose linkedin profile said she graduated from deer valley high school and currently worked as an office manager for a doctor. after hillery's car crashed, chp found her dead. they discovered bullet holes on the driver's side. looney's heart goes out to hillery's family, whom he has known for decades. >> our kids and their kids were real young, and they all grew up around each other. >> reporter: here you see hillery's honda sedan being towed away, the front end heavily damaged. police say it's unknown whether hillery died from the crash or gunshot wounds. police also not saying if the shooting was random or if hillery was argued the. >> i'd never seen anything out of the ordinary, you know. it's not like that family that you're going oh, of course it would happen to them. >> reporter: freeway shootings have been a big problem in the east bay in recent years, and looney says it needs to stop. >> i'm kind of a supporter of the second amendment, but this is getting out of hand.
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i mean, you hear about it all the time. and whoever did this, do the right thing and turn yourself in. and for the rest of our youth, stop this. >> reporter: police say more will be revealed after an autopsy is completed. right now this is being labeled a suspicious death. reporting live from contra costa, laura sambol, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much, laura. we are told a pittsburg principal is barely alive tonight after he was found shot in his home. the shooting happened early saturday morning in paul shahswell's home. police determined he and his wife had a fight and she shot him. he is currently on life support and in critical condition. the pittsburg unified school district superintendent jane schultz said of shatswell, paul
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was born and raised in pittsburg and his children attended and attend our schools. his impact is wide across our pittsburg community. grief counselors will be available at the adult education center at shatswells' children's schools tomorrow. now to a major new development on the ethiopian airlines crash. the black box is in good condition, and it is already revealing critical information. ethiopia's transport minister said early reports show a clear similarity with the lion air crash in indonesia last fall. both planes boeing 737 max 8s. the u.s. and many other countries have grounded max 8s and max 9s. satellite-based tracking data show the movements of both flights was similar. the planes flew with erratic altitude changes that could indicate the pilot's struggle to control the airplanes. 157 people from five different countries were killed when that plane crashed shortly after take
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off. thousands mourned the victims today in the streets of the capital. they walked with 17 empty caskets draped in the national flag. right now it is 1:00 monday afternoon in new zealand, and you are looking live at a growing memorial for the victims of friday's mass shooting at two mosques. flowers and messages left for the victims. one way people who live there are dealing with their grief. families of the 50 people killed in the armored attack are still waiting for bodies of their loved ones, and police are providing a high profile presence in the wake of the country's worst ever mass shooting. nbc's sarah james has the latest from christchurch. >> reporter: authorities in christchurch are putting a premium on public safety. more than 100 additional police officers will be on the beat as this city gets back to its first work day since the worst massacre in the country's history. 50 people were killed and 50 injured when the shooter opened fire at two mosques. more than 30 remain in the hospital and some are in critical condition.
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prime minister jacinda ardern says the alleged gunman, an australian, will be tried in new zealand. he has been charged with murder and authorities believe he was the sole perpetrator. two other people who were in custody were cleared in connection to this crime. authorities are also working as quickly as possible to identify the victims and to return the deceased to their loved ones for burial as soon as possible. >> it is likely, however, to be a small number to begin with. it is the expectation that all bodies will be returned to families by wednesday. >> reporter: as the city grapples with the trauma, many come here to this memorial at the botanic garden to leave flowers and also to leave notes. some say kia kaha, a local maori expression which means stay strong. sarah james, nbc news, christchurch, new zealand. >> well, the gunmen live
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streamed his rampage on facebook. today the social media site announced it had moved or blocked 1.5 million videos of the terror attack in the first this hours. in a statement the company says we continue to work around the clock to remove violating content using a combination of technology and people. video of the attack circulated on social media sites immediately after the shooting. it has raised new questions about how tech giants manage disturbing content that could inspire copycats. tomorrow marks one year since stephon clark was killed by police in the sacramento backyard. the 22-year-old was at his grandmother's house when officers responded to reports clark was breaking windows. officers say they mistook clark's phone in his hand and opened fire. earlier this month state officers decided not to charge the officers involved which led to protests. tomorrow activists and civil rights leaders will join clark's family for a day of remembrance. the family also plans to call for a new law, requiring law
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enforcement to good before a grand jury when they are involved in the death of citizens. >> it's difficult video to watch. a victim turned vigilante. a man who watched as a thief broke into his car and several others helped police catch the criminal. it happened in the warm springs area of fremont on saturday. the burglar hit five cars in two hours between 8:00 and 10:00. the victim says he saw the suspect get into his car to drive away, so he took matters into his own hands, literally, throwing a cinder block through the window of the getaway car. police found the alleged thief ten miles away. they arrested him and are now looking into whether that man is responsible for even more car break-ins in the city. here's a heads-up for something happening tonight, a freeway closure that could mean delays if you're an early morning commuter on 880. all southbound lanes of 880 will be shut down from midnight to 4:00 a.m. this is from winton avenue to highway 92. crews are installing new express lane signs to two northbound lanes will also be closed.
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and here is your advanced warning. it's the same situation tuesday and wednesday morning as well. then let's take you farther north. drivers should expect more delays on the richmond/san rafael bridge. starting tomorrow morning caltrans will be working on the shoulder. the work will take place from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. there will be overnight lane closures as well. crews are replacing joints on the bridge after concrete chunks fell last month. if you want to get away, there is a new route you might want to say aloha too. southwest airlines launched its first nonstop flight to honolulu this morning out of oakland international airport. the airline didn't shy away from the hoopla. check out that video. they celebrated with hula dancers and some very excited passengers. >> i feel like it's going to be a huge milestone in history, and i've been dying to be on this flight. i've been wanting to go to hawaii for the longest time. especially with southwest. >> it's perfect. and some of those lucky passengers snagged tickets for
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$49 fees. oakland is the first u.s. mainland airport to serve hawaii on southwest airlines. next stop, flights from san jose to hawaii will be added in may. no such thing as too many flights to highway. still ahead, the list is getting longer. the latest candidate to officially enter the race for the white house, and a sneak peek at how she plans to win over voters. plus, it's a mess in the midwest. the problems piling off after devastating and deadly flooding. some people still stranded in their homes. meanwhile, closer to home, a dry offense the weekend. 70s around san francisco with high clouds, but get ready for some changes in the forecast as rain makes a comeback approaching midweek. the timeline on that incoming storm when we come right back.
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even if no one in your home smokes, secondhand smoke can be closer than you think. secondhand smoke from a neighbor's apartment can enter your home through air vents, through light fixtures and even through cracks in the walls and the floors. secondhand smoke is toxic. especially to children. protect your family. visit it )s official: new york senator kirsten gillibrand is running for presi turning now to decision 2020. it's official. new york senator kirsten gillibrand is running for president. she posted her announcement video on youtube this morning. the video focuses on her
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campaign slogan, will brave wind. >> we launched ourselves into space and landed on the moon. if we can do that, we can definitely achieve universal health care. we can provide paid family leave for all, end gun violence, pass a green new deal. >> gillibrand is expected to hit the campaign trail this week, stopping in michigan tomorrow and iowa on tuesday. she is the 14th democrat running for president and the sixth woman. texas representative beto o'rourke continued his campaign stops today with a visit to madison, wisconsin. during the visit, the democrat delivered a message of unity in america. access to universal health care and more support for public school teachers. o'rourke kicked off his campaign thursday in iowa after announcing his candidacy for the 2020 presidential race. o'rourke made a splash in texas politics and raised his national profile when he ran for senate against republican ted cruz. >> so it's clearly already a
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crowded field and the bay area is already anticipating a visit from one of the front-runners. as we first told you last night, vermont senator bernie sanders will be making a stop in san francisco next week, his first since announcing his candidacy. this is footage from the last time he was in the city almost two years ago. sanders will hold a rally next sunday, march 24th at great meadow park in fort mason. the event is free and the public is welcome. just ahead, breaking news in texas. the emergency situation unfolding after an oil refinery catches fire. >> and this is the final weekend of winter, at least officially. we're ending it with a beach day out there at ocean beach. 72 degrees right now. but the satellite view says don't pack away the umbrellas just yet. when rain returns, when we come right back. we )re following bren
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texas. a fire -- at an oil refinery. this is in deer park, just outside of hous we are following breaking news right now in texas. a fire at an oil refinery. you're looking at it right there. this is in deer park, just outside of houston. the thick black smoke can be seen for miles, and people who
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live nearby have been told to shelter. er in place. now this fire comes just one day after another fire at an exxon refinery about 12 miles away in baytown. parts of america's heartland are under way in iowa, nebraska and wisconsin. creeks and rivers have overflowed due to rain and melting snow. in nebraska, residents are stranded inside their homes or can't even reach them. >> my mom is actually stranded in her neighborhood currently. she's by herself but doing okay, but cannot get in or out of the neighborhood. >> the governor of iowa toured the damage in that state today. at least three deaths have been blamed on all the floodwaters. the water is not expected to recede in some areas until later this week. well, now that the weather has cleared up here, crews will return to the area devastated by the camp fire to help clear debris. at least 240 workers will be back on the job tomorrow in paradise and nearby communities. they have cleaned up more than 200 properties before work was
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suspended during that serious of winter storms we just went through. the storms increased the risk of dangerous mud slides in the fire-scarred hills. some 11,000 properties are still scheduled for cleanup and debris removal. >> i had forgotten about that. i'm so focus heard with the rain and how we can't get outside and do fun stuff. i hadn't even thought about all the serious work that had been delayed because of that in the fire zones. >> cleanup continues there. midweek we'll see a little more rain and sierra snow making a comeback after a picture-perfect st. patrick's day weekend around the but area, temperatures from the bay to the inland valleys well into the 70s. right now high clouds over san francisco, where it's in the low 70s, as you can see there. clear skies. not much wind right now. we should see a bit of a breeze pick up a little later on this evening. right now emeryville looking back to san francisco. you see the high clouds at 71 degrees, and more clouds into san jose. it's actually a little cooler at 68 degrees with the wind at 9 miles per hour. now tonight we'll see areas of those high clouds.
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so hazy skies overnight. patchy low clouds on the coast. morning temperatures starting off in the 40s. and we've got one more warm spring-like day on the way for tomorrow. temperatures in the mid-70s around san jose. partly cloudy skies. mid- to upper 70s again possible near the tri-valley and over around concord, low 70s into oakland. probably a few more high clouds towards the afternoon. peninsula low 70s. close to 770 one more day in san francisco before that sea breeze turns a bit stronger this time tomorrow. and for the north bay, highs in the 70s. and that's probably going to be it for a while as the seven-day forecast shows on the bottom of the screen, we do have some changes arriving midweek. we're to be see some rain making a comeback. so if you have allergies, maybe good news to get some of the pollen out of the air. no flooding issues. these are moderately strong storms. one coming in for the middle of the week and another timed for next weekend there are the high clouds we're seeing over the bay area right now. no rain. but this is the system that is going to bring us the chance of
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rain during the day tuesday. notice hour-by-hour tomorrow, similar to what we have right now. high clouds passing by. but probably some low clouds starting to approach the coast. tuesday is the day we begin with clouds. and towards the evening and night, now you're beginning to see the rain push on through the bay area. rain off and on at times as we good through your wednesday. and the early projections for rainfall, a couple areas to watch, santa cruz mountains. actually areas south of san jose will probably see the most out of the storms as it tracks in from the southwest and the north bay could see about a half inch of rain. friday night, there comes our next storm system that will be a colder storm. so the sierra, keep that in mind if you're going to head up there saturday or next sunday. we will see a chance of snow making a comeback. how about that? spring snow ahead, because spring officially arrives in the bay area at about 2:58 wednesday afternoon. so those are now spring snow showers in the sierra. along with the drop in temperatures. pretty warm tomorrow for one more day. san francisco. and we start to go on these
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roller coaster rides as we begin spring. well begin the winter patterns that start to come back and warmer days. you see it's trending cooler with the rain chances tuesday night and wednesday and another one on saturday. hopefully sunday will be the dryer of the two weekend days. it doesn't look like a total washout, but saturday much cooler, not like the weather we're having right now. >> savor it while we. thanks, rob. still to come, will their experiment work? the unconventional project under way in the mids of concerns about rising sea levels right here in the bay area. for 50 years, cracker barrel has been making folks feel right at home, with meals like homestyle country fried steak, grandma's sampler, and our signature chicken n' dumplins. so, come on home to what you love. come on home to cracker barrel. so, come on home i'm truly amazed at the effect that it has on people.
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for decades now, cities around the bay have been told to worry about rising beware of the water. for decades now, cities around the bay have been told to worry about rising sea levels. >> well, now a local environmental group is planting a little protection. nbc bay area's joe rosato jr. shows us their sprouting ideas. >> reporter: it's hard to
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imagine an empty mud field as the center of innovation, but three and a half years ago, this was the scene at the oraloma sanitary district in san leandro as the group save the bay planted native grasses in the sewage treatment facility's barren field. >> it was daunting when we started to look at a bare slope with no vegetation at all. we didn't know how successful it would be. >> reporter: the idea was to see if a slope of plants could help underground sewage flows and possibly serve as a remedy for projected sea level rise. today that same mud field looks like this. >> so what you're looking at is a full-scale demonstration of a horizontal levee. >> reporter: district manager jason warner, the experiment worked. he said the plants are cleaning the waste water passing underground through this horizontal levee. >> and we partnered with uc berkeley to measure the effectiveness of that, and we're finding that it's providing
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very, very good treatment. >> reporter: warner says the plants have even been effective at filtering pharmaceuticals from the waste stream. for save the bay's jesse olson, it's the ground floor for future experiments. >> and we're trying to take what we've learned from that and scale it up even further. >> reporter: as a sign of scaling up, in menlo park near a series of former commercial salt ponds at ravenswood, volunteers turned out to help save the bay fill growing beds with native plants. the plants will be part of the effort to turn the salt lands back into marsh lands. >> we want to focus primarily on restoring the tidal marshes that used to be here before development. we're standing at the corner of one of the old salt production ponds, and that slope will be vegetated with all the plants that are being grown. >> reporter: the living levee will create transitions between the marshes and the uplands. >> it will be hundreds of thousands of plants actually that will go into this site. and that's an important area,
4:56 pm
because as sea levels rise, it will continue to provide habitat for the animals that are in the marsh now. >> reporter: save the bay plans to expand its planting around the bay as it rescues much of the shoreline from years of development, sowing the seeds of progress one muddy field at a time. joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. coming up, the damage is extensive. the chaotic scene that played out after a gas leak triggered a big explosion in a southern california neighborhood. plus, has it happened again? the scary story of a truck driver telling us after driving along a south bay highway, he ended up with a broken window. and who opened fire? the search for answers after a mysterious crash along a busy highway in the east bay. what we're now learning about the woman found dead, her car riddled with bullet holes. right.
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a young driver, dead in a mysterious crash causing right now at 5:00, a young driver dead in a mysterious car
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crash, causing concern in contra costa county. >> the news at 5:00 starts right now. good evening, and thank you so much for joining us. i'm garvin thomas in for terry mcsweyn. >> in and i'm vicky nguyen. taken away too young. that's what family and friends are saying about a woman found dead in a bullet riddled car. the crash happened along highway 4 yesterday afternoon. we learned the woman was just 25 years old and a graduate of deer valley high school. nbc bay area's laura sambol joins us live near concord with reaction from people who watch this young woman grow up. laura? >> reporter: well, vicky, the crash happened here on the willow road offramp, just before 2:30 yesterday. take a look here behind me. you can see where cones have been put up in place of that guardrail. now all that remains is twisted metal and broken hearts. >> from what i understand, she just left work. >> reporter: timothy looney holds back tears while talking about his neighbor, destinee hillery, a 25-year-old whose
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linkedin profile said she graduated from deer valley high school and currently worked as an office manager for a doctor. after hillery's car crashed, chp found her dead. they discovered bullet holes on the driver's side. looney's heart goes out to hillery's family, whom he's known for decades. >> she was really a charming girl, bright smile, never had a problem, ever. >> reporter: here you see hillery's honda sedan being towed away, the front end heavily damaged. police say it's unknown whether hillery died from the crash or from gunshot wounds. police also not saying if the shooting was random, or if hiller which was targeted. >> when i was a kid, it was take 80 the train tracks and you handle it. but now the kids nowadays, the first thing they do is go for a gun. >> reporter: freeway shootings have been a big problem in the east bay in recent years, and looney says it needs to stop. >> it's a huge problem, and i know at


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