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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  March 17, 2019 5:00pm-5:28pm PDT

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an office manager for a doctor. after hillery's car crashed, chp ey discovered bullet holes on the driver's side. looney's heart goes out to hillery's family, whom he's known for decades. >> she was really a charming girl, bright smile, never had a problem, ever. >> reporter: here you see hillery's honda sedan being towed away, the front end heavily damaged. police say it's unknown whether hillery died from the crash or from gunshot wounds. police also not saying if the shooting was random, or if hiller which was targeted. >> when i was a kid, it was take 80 the train tracks and you handle it. but now the kids nowadays, the first thing they do is go east bay ins, and looney says it needs to stop. >> it's a huge problem, and i know that. i just -- i don't have the answers. and i don't know if anybody does.
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>> reporter: police say more will be known after the autopsy is completed. right now this is being labeled a suspicious death. reporting live from contra costa county, laura sambol, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much, take yo new zealand and the growing memorial at christchurch's al noor mosque tonight. new zealand and the world continue to cope with the impact at two mosques that left more than 50 people dead. more than 30 people remain in the hospital, some in critical condition. authorities are still working to identify the victims and to return them to loved ones as soon as possible. >> it is likely, however, to a small number to begin with. it is the expectation that all families by wednesday. >> as the city grapples with the trauma, many are coming to this memorial at the botanic garden to leave flowers and messages. some say kia kaha, a local maori
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expression which means stay strong. as you heard, the gunman live streamed his rampage on facebook. today the social media site it has removed or knocked 1.5 million videos of the attack just within the first 25 hours. in a statement on twitter, the company says we continue to work around the clock to remove violating content using a combination of technology and people. the video circulated on several social media sites. it has raised new questions about tech giants manage disturbing content that could inspire copycats. well, the white house pushing back tonight against claims the new zealand mass shooting suspect was a supporter of president trump. the 28-year-old man talked about the president in an online white supremacist manifesto, this as pow from nbc's jennifer johnson in washington. >> reporter: the white house sunday pushing back, saying it's unfair to call the alleged new zealand mosque shooter a supporter of president trump. in anfest renewed white identity. >> the president is not a white
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supremacist. i'm not sure how many times we have to say that. >> reporter: but some democrats say the president needs to watch his rhetoric. >> he uses the word "invaders" to characterize people coming to the nation's southern borders, which was exactly the same phrase that the shooter in new zealand used to characterize the muslims. >> reporter: the president friday downplayed any rising threat of white nationalism. other lawmakers say the data proves otherwise. >> he cannot just say it's a small group of people there are too many deaths, not only from the soges to now the mosques. >> reporter: president trump, attending church in washon, also went on a morning twitter storm, discrediting raj mathai's russia investigation and blasting the late senator john mccain for giving the fbi information about possible russia meddling. the president claiming mccain sent the fake dossier to the fbi and media, hoping to have it printed before the election. mccain in fact gave the dossier to the fbi after the election. mueller's investigation is
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expected to wrap up soon. the report will be sent directly to attorney general william barr. on thursday, the house passed a unanimous resolution, calling for mueller's report to be made public. jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington. now to major new development on the ethiopian airlines crash. the black box is in good condition, and it is already revealing critical information. ethiopia's transport minister says early reports show a clear similarity with the lion air crash in indonesia last fall. both planes were boeing 737 max 8s and max 9 erratic 7 ptiple from 35 countries were killed when the plane crashed shortly after takeoff. thousands of people mourned the victims today in the streets of the capital. they walked with 17 empty caskets draped in the national flag. well, new at 5:00, cash for a cannabis. a marijuana developer is accused of trying to bribe oakland city
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officials in order to get a dispensary permit. court records showed the developer dorian gray is accused of offering bribes to then oakland security council president larry reed and greg miner. the record shows gray offered reed $10,000 in an envelope and reed immediately reported the bribe to the city administrator's office. gray denies the charge. we reached out to councilmember reed for comment but have not yet heard back. we're hearing tonight that a pittsburg principal is fighting for his life after he was found shot in his home. the shooting happened early saturday morning in pal shatswell's home. investigators determined that shatswell and his wife had a fight and she shot him. she was arrested when police lived. he is currently on life support and in critical condition. the pittsburg unified superintendent jane schultz said of shatswell in a statement, as well as being our education
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principal, his children attended our schools. his impact is wide across our pittsburg community. grief counselors will be available at the adult education center as well as at shatswell's children's schools tomorrow. tomorrow works the one-year anniversary of stephon clark killing by police in a sacramento yard. the 22-year-old was at his grandmother's house w officers involved, state the which led to several protests. tomorrow activists and civil rights leaders will join clark's family for a day of remembrance. the family also plans to call for a new law that would require law enforcement to go before a grand jury when they are involved in the death of citizens. we've got some new details following a democratic explosion in los angeles. this morning a 9,000 gallon tanker truck began leaking gasoline, then it caught fire and exploded. sending up a plume of smoke that could be seen across the city. the blast also caused manhole covers to fly in the air.
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>> it was fire coming out of the manhole. we were right here and it blew up in front of us. and we threw ourselves. you could see the fire was like a tornado ten feet high. and everybody, we all started panicking. >> two people were injured and one home was damaged. so what happened? that's what a semitruck driver wants to know after a scary situation along highway 156 near gilroy. colt perry posted this video to facebook. he says something hit and blew out one of his truck's windows on thursday just after he turned off highway 152 and got on to highway 156. when he filed a report with the chp, he says an officer told him the area had a real problem with windows being smashed. earlier this month, we reported the chp is asking for help in finding a suspect who has been throwing objects at cars on 152 near gilroy for the past year. several cars have been damaged, and quite a few drivers are rattled. it's unclear if this latest incident is tied to the earlier ones. a heads-up for something
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happening tonight. a freeway closure that could mean delays for your morning commute. all southbound lanes of 880 will be shut down in hayward from midnight to 4:00 a.m. this is from winton avenue to highway 92. crews are installing new express lane signs. two northbound lanes will also be closed. and beware, it's the same situation tuesday and wednesday mornings as well. a little farther north, drivers should expect delays on the richmond san rafael bridge. caltrans will be working on the shoulder of westbound 580 from 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. every day this week. there will also be overnight lane closures. crews are replacing joints on the just ahead, what's that smell? if you've adrenaline through milpit milpitas, you've probably noticed it. the action the city has taken to get to the bottom of the odor that's bothered people for years. plus, pack your bags. the big move southwest airlines
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made today that has people across the bay area dancing the hula. and the weather here might be a travel destination for some, with mid-70s still at this hour around hayward. we've got one more of these days tomorrow before some rainy chances start to come back into the picture in the seven-day forecast. we look at that when we come right back.
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oakland to honolulu for about $100 round trip. that's how much some eager travelers paid for this inaugural southwest airlines flight from oakland to hawaii. sergio quintana is live at oakland international airport, where the flight took off earlier today. tough to watch those people go off to such a great vacation. >> and not be with them, yeah. >> yeah, exactly. and they're there are quite a few happy people who were aboard that flight. southwest airlines has actually been working on launching this route for more than a year now. and on this inaugural flight, there were a whole lot of hula dancers who were welcoming passengers for the short ceremony at the boarding gate. the entry of southwest airlines on this route could also benefit fliers on other airlines. they will have to compete against southwest's lower fares. swa is known for its no frills service with a smile with pretzels as a snack. but for this longer haul over the pacific, the airline is offering additional snack
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options. some of the passengers aboard this flight went to extra efforts to book their flights. >> it's awesome. it's an awesome feeling. i refreshed the app 28 hours nted to be on this flight asas. anything. it's crazy. >> today's fli wt it does come just days after southwest had to ground its 737 max 8 type jets. those were supposed to be used on these california to hawaii routes. swa used an older 737 type jet for today's flight. all 737 max 8 and 9 type jets are still grounded by the faa. now southwest has not said if the grounding of those max 8s are going to affect their continued roll-out of this california to hawaii service. they are planning, however, on launching service from oakland to maui next month and then eventually they're going to be having flights from san jose to
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hawaii as well. reporting live at oakland international airport, i'm sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. >> sergio, thank you. so are you feeling lucky? it is st. patrick's day after all. just ahead, the big pot of gold that could be yours this week after no one struck it rich during last night's powerball drawing. grees out near ocean beach. but the high clouds we're seeing now hint at changes ahead, which will include rain entering the picture by midweek. the timeline on this storm when we come right back. to simone, i leave the van gogh.
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is blanketing milpitas some
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days, you're not alone. residents have been putting up with the stench for decades. drivers who pass the city notice it too. there is a nearby landfill, but that's not clear if it's the only culprit. now the city has announced a pilot odor monitoring program. the goal is to gather information about all the smells, including where they come from and whether they affect your health. people who live and work in the city have their fair share of theories and opinions. >> it's terrible. t'sorse at- i think persona night than it is during the day. >> we can barely take our kids out of the day care because they couldn't stand the smell. >> it's a real issue as a resident. you know, have i small kids. sometimes they're playing outside and hey, go inside. it's very smelly. >> they are not mincing words. the bay area air quality management district is also planning its own year-long study. >> i know what they're talking about. lyft is hitting the ahead of the company's initial public offering. it's all part of the company's
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plan to convince investors to commit to its ipo rather than hold out for uber's. lyft is going to price itself ipo and list on the nasdaq before the end of the month. meanwhile, uber is planning to launch its own public offering next month. uber is seeking a valuation as high as $120 billion at its ipo. tonight we have an estimated jackpot. it is worth $492.1 million. >> well, there were no lucky winners in last night's powerball drawing. the jackpot, which was estimated to be, as you heard him say, $493 million actually was now going to rise to $550 million. last night's numbers were 30, 34, 39, 53, 67, and 11 was your next chance to win the jackpot takes place this wednesday. i we've been listeni you properly, rob, that's about the next chance we're going to see some spring showers coming in. >> it will officially be spring
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wednesday afternoon at 2:58. as we go through march, we get a battle between winter-like patterns and spring-like patterns. and right now it's the spring pattern. an early start to spring is that we've been seeing this weekend with dry conditions. temperatures in the 70s around san francisco. right now 69 degrees. and yes, with the high clouds, get ready for a gorgeous sunset taking shape around just after 7:00 tonight. right now still in the 70s in san jose. 72 currently with those overcast skies. tomorrow morning we wake up to 40s. maybe some patchy low clouds returning to the coast, and a few more high clouds during the day. and for one more day, the seven-day forecast right at the bottom of the screen clearly shows tomorrow is the warmest of the next seven days, near 75 in san jose. look at gilroy,roun the tri-valley up towards concord. low 70s from oakland into hayward and peninsula temperatures from the upper 60s around san mateo. 65 half moon bay.
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late day sea breeze starting to pick up. that will be a bit of a change tomorrow in san francisco after lunchtime temperatures quickly warm up, maybe close to 70, leveling off for the afternoon. and north bay temperatures for one more day climbing into the 70 che out the three-day trend for mnapa. wednesday rain makes a comeback. for the sierra we've been seeing sunny 50s, dropping into the 30s around wednesday. cold enough for snow showers. maybe closer to 6,000 feet midweek. right now nothing showing up on storm ranger in terms of rain. just these high clouds going on by. it's the system off to the w that will be tracking our way by late tuesday now. so we're going to jump ahead to tuesday night you. begin to see the rain crossing the coast. so the wednesday morning commute, wednesday evening commute plan on some rain. not big rain totals for most of the bay area. right now the projections are about a quarter inch to half inch of rain. locally higher amounts in the north bay hills. maybe closer to a half inch. higher totals of the storm may
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be down towards california. after that passes on by night's into saturday colder storm. and we think a faster moving one at that will come through saturday. right now stay tuned. we're hoping to pull the shower chances off the board for sunday. so if you're making plans for next weekend, right now looks like saturday morning rain once again, which isn't the best news for little league and outdoor an t afternoon will start to clear things out. right now i think sunday should be the dryer of the two weekend days. but one more day like we saw today taking shape for tomorrow. but a reminder, march, you get these warm-ups and then you get some quick cooldowns as well. a bit of a roller coaster ride. >> and even past that weekend storm, there might be another one? >> it looks like if that was the ten-day forecast, the following monday and tuesday. so looks like every two to three days starting midweek. >> thanks. another democratic presidential candidate makes it official. the latest on the race for the white house when we return.pres
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o )rourke continued campaign stops today, with a visit to madison, wisconsi presidential hopeful beto o'rourke continued campaign stops today with a visit to madison, wisconsin. the democrat delivered a message of unity in america, access to universal health care, and more support for public school teachers. o'rourke kicked off his campaign thursday in iowa. o'rourke made a splash in texas politics and raised his national profile when he ran for senate and almost beat republican ted cruz. well, the field of democratic candidates hoping to defeat president trump next year continues to grow this morning after a two-month exploratory run. new york senator kirsten gillibrand made it official she's in. meanwhile, joe biden is still not officially in, but a slip-up last night that may not have been a slip-up gave another hint
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at his intentions. morgan radford has the growing list. >> run, joe, run! >> reporter: joe biden, known for the occasional slip of the tongue when he was vice president, possibly making another one as he spoke at a democrat d have the most progressive record for anybody running -- anybody who would run. >> the crowd roaring with approval. [ cheering ] >> i didn't mean. >> reporter: biden laughing, and making the sign of the cross. one of biden's potential rivals, former texas congressman beto o'rourke, welcoming him to run. >> i think we'd be very lucky to have vice president biden in this race. >> reporter: o'rourke was off to the races in iowa saturday, literally. the younger contender says his failed texas senatorial campaign reveals a potential strength as a presidential candidate. >> votere state. voter turnout amongst young
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people was up 500% from the last. >> reporter: bernie sanders in nevada saturday making a similar point about his own failure, saying that even though he didn't win the 2016 nomination, his ideas did. >> those ideas that we talked about four years ago that seemed so radical at that time, well, today a majority of the american people support those ideas. >> reporter: new jersey senator cory booker and minnesota's amy klobuchar also running hard in iowa. this morning, gillibrand officially announcing she is in the race. >> that's why i'm running for president. and it's why i'm asking you for your support. from dublin, ireland, to dublin, california. a look at how people around the world are celebrating st. patrick's day. next. the st.
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♪ >> looks so much fun. the st. patrick's day spirit is alive today. here is a look at a parade in ireland. several marching bands and floats kicked off the celebration. crowds, as you can see there, filled the streets, cheering on the performers. >> and here is a look of a celebration a little closer to home, this time in dublin, california. it's one of the biggest st. patrick's day celebrations on the west coast. now the big parade was actually yesterday, but today people turned out for a festival under some beautiful weather that just continues. but will not continue forever. >> one more day if you want to make it an unofficial three-day weekend. tomorrow santa cruz and the sierra are going to be great. midweek, changes. rain chances tuesday night into wednesday. chance of showers thursday.
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so this was the picture-perfect weekend to be outside. >> and a lot of kids actually have tomorrow off from school. >>hanks for watching.nks, "nightly news" is next. we'll be back at 6:00. emergency. a deadly flooding overwhelms a giant swath of the plains and midwest. waters washing away bridges. rescues and evacuations going on around the clock. after the new zealand terror attacks the prime minister there promises to change gun laws and a hero emerges as social media companies try to keep footage of the massacre off the internet. >> the field of democratic nominees for president grows even bigger and theyut in campaign trail. on the front was isis. >> we have to get out o here. our interview was interrupted. it seems there was a
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counterattack by isis.


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