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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  March 18, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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to say it's just nothing. look away. >> kathy black is executive director of la casa de l casa de la madres. the coalition has political support the san francisco mayor london breed. >> we hold to a high standard of excellence so we send the right message. that's what the statement is about today. >> larry and pam bear have called this confrontation that was recorded and sold to tmz an accident and embarrassing. groups behind the letter say that might be the couple's stance, but that mlb needs to have a broader position. >> this is about leadership. it's about culture. it's about accountability. the mlb has an opportunity. the giants have an opportunity to make this right. >> reporter: and the giants fag and domestic violence called
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strike out violence. t major league baseball did not respond to our request for comments. reporting live near oracle park, sam brock. three separate freeway shootings in three days. tonight the chp is looking for anyone who may have seen something. the first shooting happened saturday on highway 4 just north of concord. the driver crashed into a guardrail. she was found dead inside her car. last night someone shot a woman in the leg along highway 580 in livermore. she survived. chp thinks that shooting was the result of road rage. then this morning, a third shooting westbound 80 near richmond. the shooter only hit the car in the attack. chp says all three shootings do appear targeted. >> it's just pretty shocking it would happen here, hopefully they can get a handle on it and stop it. >> i don't commute, but i do get out and drive every day, and it's absolutely frightening to know that it's happening around here. >> investigators are still looking for suspects in all three shootings.
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chp does not believe any of those shootings are related to each other. just in, a new round of teachers in the bay area threatening to strike. this time it's educators in dublin. they just voted to strike if the district doesn't sort out a contract soon. they say after waiting a year this is their only option. weeks ago the teachers in oakland went on strike. teachers in san ramon planned to strike as well, but they reached an agreement with the city and averted it. the dublin teachers are hoping for the same scenario. they want the district to know they are prepared to walk. here's something no parent would ever want to see, a burglar peeking in on their sleeping child. thapvallejo. tonight the participanents are you can help identify them. sharon, this could actually happen to a lot of other parents throughout the bay area. >> reporter: it's a big concern, and police say the burglar seen in the video is still on the loose, and this happened during
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the day. >> you could just see him close the door, but you can't see how he looks. >> shandel says the burglar first peeked into her niece's room, then went to the nursery. >> my nephew was sleeping in here. he's a 1-year-old. he's a baby, and then he like looked around and then he just like closed the door. >> fortunately the nursery camera caught clear footage of the burglar as he took his time looking for electronic gadgets around the house. >> there was an ipad here. it was my niece's ipad with like a pink cover on it. and then downstairs he took my niece's speakers and also he took our mac desktop. >> reporter: the kids and their mother slept as it all happened around 7:45 a.m. sunday morning in this normally quiet neighborhood. on the ring video you can also see the burglar in a red hoodie in front of the door and walking near the house. neighbors say they even saw the person walking along the street but didn't think much of it. it was only when the children's father came home that he noticed
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the surveillance cameras were tilt sked and things missing. the burglar had tried to disable them. >> you could see him going around from that side around to this side. he even touched my sister's car. >> reporter: fortunately no one was injured. this family and neighbors hope the burglar won't be coming back. and police say the burglar left behind two gloves, and those have been sent on for dna testing. reporting live in vallejo, i'm sharon katsuda. days after the massacre in new zealand, another shooting, this time in the netherlands. it happened this morning at 10:45 in the city of utrecht. a man opened fire on a tram killing three people and wounding five others. police say they caught the gunman after a five-hour manhunt. why he shot people is unclear, but there are reports it may have been due to a family chan
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quickly. a gunman accused of shooting and killing 50 people at two mosques in the city of christ's church. the country's laws are considered more relaxed than most countries outside of the u.s. the cabinet in new zealand expected to introduce new measures over the next ten days. one year after police shot and killed stephon clark family and supporters gathered at the state capital to believe breathe new life into their call for justice. the family says clark's legacy rests on the fate of a state bill that would restrict when police can use tdeadly force. melissa colorado joinsto wh det plans and tonight's protest. >> reporter: we're expecting to see supporters of the clark mi meadow view light rail station, and this place has special significance. this is where the first vigil
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for stephon clark was held one year ago, and today a familiar recognizable ally was in sacramento to reignite the movement. >> hey, momma. >> fresh off a flight from new york, civil rights leader reverend al sharpton landed in sacramento today to be alongsidalongside the mother and grandmother of stephon clark to mark the one-year anniversary since he was shot and killed. >> you might have killed him a year ago, but you can't kill a movement. >> reporter: both the sacramento district and state attorney general declined to file charges against the two sacramento police officers who said they mistook clark's phone for a gun and fired 20 shots killing him. >> we have two sons to raise. >> sharpton believes the officers involved should lose their jobs. >> anybody that doesn't know the difference between a gun and a cell phone. >> amen. >> ought not still be on the
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force. >> reporter: the family believes a key part of stephon clark's legacy rests obje on the passag assembly bill 392 which would update california's standard on the use of deadly force. the bill would make it easier to prosecute california police officers for their role in controversial police shootings. >> we're going to pass legislation in stephon's name. >> say his name! >> stephon clark! >> reporter: we are expecting this march to begin at 6:p.m., and supporters will be walking to a park very close to where stephon clark lived. that's the latest here in sacramento, i'm melissa colorado nbc bay area news. no more silence, end gun violence! >> in another rally for gun control on the steps of the state capitol today they are pushing for lawmakers to increase funding for violence prevention programs. even though california has strong gun laws, the state is falling behind. >> we know that these programs work. when you spend more money on
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them, we're able to stop gun violence before it starts. >> the governor has set aside $39 million a year for the programs that. is up 9 million from last year. strong words for president trump tonight from meghan mccain after the president tweeted about her father, the late senator john mccain over the weekend. the president's twitter tirade targeted everything from google to saturday night live. he blasted former vice president joe biden calling him another low iq individual, but it was his tweet about mccain that's gotten the most reaction. nearly seven months after mccain's death from brain cancer, the president recalled mccain's thumbs down vote on obamacare repeal calling it a stain on his record. mccain's daughter meghan had her own words. >> listen, he spends his weekend obsessing over great men because he knows it and i know it and all of you know it, he will never be a great man. >> president trump also cited a usa poll saying 50% of americans agree the russia investigation is a witch hunt.
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we have told you lyft is looking for investors who want to buy its stock. today we are learning the company's price range for its shares when it goes public. lyft is predicting shares will sell somewhere between 62 and $68. the company hopes to sell $2 billion worth of stock. lyft is expected to price its initial public offering and list on the nasdaq before the end of the month. the competition is in the rearview mirror. uber says it plans to go public sometime lay they are year. facebook is trying to offer more local news but there's a problem. they're having trouble finding it. last year they created a section called today in, it was tailor made for offering more local news. 400 cities from across the country got their local fix, but facebook said finding content for everyone has been an uphill battle. nearly 1,800 newspapers have closed across the country over just the last 15 years. facebook is currently trying to hammer out a solution. up ahead, a hiker in trouble in the east bay. we're going to show you as a
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helicopter crew rappels to save him. plus, metallica and the san francisco orchestra together again, the big celebration they are teaming up for this fall. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. after all of that sunshine and the warm temperatures, it's about to come to an end. check this out, rain in any hour-by-ho -- in my hour-by-hour forecast. we f
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elderly hiker being rescued on an east bay trail. it happened early saturday even we have new video to show you of an elderly hiker being rescued on an east bay trail. this happened early saturday evening. the contra costa brought in emergency crews and you see them helping the hiker who was stranded on steep terrain. the hiker was taken to a hospital. a beloved east bay principal is on life support tonight shot, police say, by his wife. paul shotswell was shot over the weekend. he runs the pittsburgh adult education center. marianne favro is live. students and colleagues say they're just stunned and so saddened by this news. >> reporter: and many who came here to the center this morning learned for the very first time what happened to him. paul shotswell has only been a principal for less than a year. students and teachers tell me in that short amount of time he has made a big difference in their
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lives, and today they prayed for him. >> as jean mcdonald hugs the heartbroken family, she drops off cards written by her students at pittsburgh adult education center including this one saying please get better, paul. we love you. >> just a really good person, very well appreciated by everybody here. >> he's hospitalized on life support after his wife allegedly shot him at their pittsburgh home saturday. she's accused of attempted murder, and tonight she sits in jail. shotswell has eight children, the youngest just 6 years old. one of his adult sons told us this is a tragedy for the entire family, and describes his father as a spiritual man who loves music. friends say shotswell loved giving back as a principal here at pittsburgh adult education center. >> when i came to school today, i didn't know, and when i found out it just -- it saddened my
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heart because he's such a wonderful man. >> both students and teachers say shotswell always reached out going into class rooms to ask them what he could do to make their experience better. neighbors, too were stunned. >> never heard them argue, nothing. you know, it was very -- it was very nice having them both as neighbors. >> reporter: a lot of people still in disbelief tonight. grief counselors were here at the center helping both students and staff, and they're going to return here tonight to help those who are taking evening classes. reporting live in news. some oakland churches are opening their parking lots to help the homeless. it's called the safe car parking program. several churches will take part. the first one is the williams chapel baptist church in oakland. the homeless will be allowed to spend the night in their cars in the church's parking lots. water and portable bathrooms
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will be provided, but the spots are reserved for people who have jobs or are attending college. they can only park on site for three months. >> the goal isn't just to have them live in their cars forever, but the goal is to get people permanent housing that they deserve. >> three other church parking lots will open to the homeless in mid-april. we have listed those on our website, changes are coming to a bay area intersection that drivers have cursed for decades. it's known as the matilda monster. it sits in sunnyvale where highways 101 and 237 meet. the changes include widening matilda to three lanes, modifying ramps and signals. crews also plan to add more left turn lanes and access lanes to 101. the welcomed fixes are set to begin later this month. a leaner look for a light pole in san francisco today, firefighters say a driver crashed into it, which cut the power and muni service to the intersection. it happened just before noon.
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the driver is okay. the crews got the power back on. the chase center isn't opening until this fall, but we now know who will christen the warri warrior's new arena. metallica and the san francisco symphony, they're teaming up for their grand opening. it's been 20 years since they performed tailgate. it was back in 1999, the concert is going to celebrate the 20th anniversary. there was actually an album from that performance in '99. san francisco mayor london breed says it's a slam dunk. >> this is really, i think, going to just highlight how incredible san francisco is. it's going to highlight how incredible this new mission bay neighborhood is. >> the grand opening is scheduled for september 6th, and that is just before the nba's ne ll, well. look what the sun brought in. if it isn't a jeff ranieri all rested and tan. >> thank you, thank you. >> we got one day to enjoy it, but some big changes ahead.
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>> after a little bit of vacation, if you happened to have the week off last week like me, it was so nice outside. really lucky with sunshine, warm temperatures, the 70s. it's been so nice to get outside and enjoy it. you can see from our live skycam ra n network, right now we have 74 degrees dropping to the 60s at 7:00. i don't see any problems this evening. it's going to be really nice if you're out and about over the next couple of hours. we do have some changes. it's going to feel very abrupt like someone slammed the door in your face here. let's take a look at what we are tracking right now, and that is a brand new storm system. it's pretty elongated. it's going to hit all of california, also the pacific northwest. not quite as much energy as a lot of our stronger february storm systems, but definitely some downpours with it as that cold front gets here. tomorrow morning's forecast, i think the biggest change will be the increasing cloud cover. we're not expecting any rainfall
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to start. you're not going to need the sunglasses as much as this reality sets in. we do have more changes coming our way this week. we'll start with 50s for the south bay peninsula, also right there for the tri valley and more 50s for the east bay, san francisco, and then right there across the north bay. we begin with those clouds. as we head through the afternoon, more cloud cover stays with us here across the bay area tomorrow, so again, not as sunny. rainfall starts to approach by about 11:30 tomorrow night, maybe some spotty showers down near the santa cruz mountains, also the south bay, but the rain day this week looks to be on wednesday. starting at 7:00 a.m. we'll see some downpours, best chance for the south bays also the east bay, and then we'll get some areas of rainfall developing throughout the bay area as we head through wednesday afternoon. by wednesday evening we keep that rain chance hanging on. rainfall totals with this pretty decent considering how dry we've been lately. overall everybody can expect about a quarter inch of rainfall. notice the bull's-eye looks like
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the santa cruz mountains possibly about one to two cinchcincinches there. so again, the southern half of the bay area could get hit the hardest with that storm system. our changes coming our way, 15/100 to about 45/100 of an inch on wednesday as spring starts at 2:58 in the afternoon. a few spotty showers on thursday. we get some clouds on friday, another slight chance on saturday. nothing to ruin your weekend. right now those showers between 2:00 and 6:00 in the morning. we'll dry out after that right through sunday and then a few spotty showers on monday. notice the temperatures for the inland valleys, from 70s today, upper 70s down to 70 tomorrow, 59 on wednesday. so hopefully you still have that jacket close by the door because you will need it. i knew, you know, this chance of rain was coming. it still seems too soon, right? >> it was so great to be outside this whole weekend. i didn't realize you had the
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whole week off, lucky you. >> it was so nice. >> jeff, thank you. into a super problem. bloom the message a southern california mayor hasistsho are g
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an crush of visitors, after an explosion of wildflowers.
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it's a deal so good, it will make everyone a fish lover. you get 100%, wild-caught alaska pollock breaded with panko bread crumbs and topped with tartar sauce. plus, hot and salty fries and a drink. for just $4.99! the $4.99 fish sandwich combo. tto harrison, the wine tcollection.. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs,
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all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california. it's a deal so good, it will make everyone a fish lover. you get 100%, wild-caught alaska pollock breaded with panko bread crumbs and topped with tartar sauce. plus, hot and salty fries and a drink. for just $4.99! the $4.99 fish sandwich combo. a crush of visitors after an explosion of wildfis, a it cannot keep up with the disney land sized crowds they're seeing. those are california poppies and they're in a super bloom. it's happening in the walker canyon area of lake elsinore. so many people showed up to see them it brought traffic to a standstill. people were even trampling the flowers. it got bad the city shut down
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walker canyon for a bit. social media seems to be fueling the problem. >> i saw the super bloom hashtag on instagram. so that gave it away. >> we are full. if you have the opportunity to come back here maybe later or on another day, we would really appreciate that. if you follow me this way, you can see the line of cars. >> looks like the mayor is using social media as well to try to get the message out. the city reopened the canyon today. another massive crowd. the mayor is now asking people to please go to other nearby nature preserves to see those poppies. get mentally ready for this one, the man went for a horseback ride and ended up with a dog house. why? because chp officers pulled him over riding a horse on highway 152, which is meant for cars at college road near watsonville. officers arrested the man for public intoxication. he may also be charged with dui for being on the horse i mention again. officers say it's a good reminder to stay off the road whether you're in a car or a
5:25 pm
horse if you've had too much to drink. you can see the horse there on the right side of the skracreen the background. luckily the horse was sober and was returned to its home. a sinkhole triggered a traffic crunch. the hole four feet wide, four feet deep. it started when a sewer line broke. it is likely one lane will be closed for at least five more days. >> four by four, that's a pretty big home. >> big. using robots to help humans. at new department at stanford. we will explain right after this break.
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coming up tonight at 6:00, blaring horns in the middle of the night. the train rules that are keeping several san jose neighborhoods up and what they plan to do to change it. that story and more coming up tonight at 6:00. stanford helped pioneer artificial intelligence. now the university wants to use ai to focus on humans. >> in order to train ai to benefit humanity, the creators of ai need to represent humanity. >> the stanford institute for
5:29 pm
human centered artificial intelligence or hi opened today. it's going to be a think hub for researchers to build technologies for the future. the goal is to use ai to assist people in their jobs, not to replace them. >> ah. >> no chance of that happening with jeff ranieri, he's just too good. too personable, it's not going to happen, jeff. don't worry. stress free. >> neither would you two, either, nobody could take our place. >> exactly. >> that's a good way to start off of on monday. upper 70s today. tomorrow begins to cool off 70 degrees. clouds increase. then here comes the party crasher, by wednesday we get some rainfall coming in 15/100 to about a half inch. we're down to 59 for a high. definitely going to be noticeable. then we're going to see another chance this weekend. doesn't look big, 2 to 6:00 a.m. on saturday. we'll see some showers. we dry out after that. i think this is kind of a good transition back to rainfall. it's been so nice with that sunshine. no major storms this weekend.
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that's a little good underlying news. >> and wednesday cenis the firs day of spring. >> yes, it is. >> lester holt is next and then we'll be back at 6:00. see you then. tonight a pair of disasters raging out of control. a massive inferno exploding near houston and a plume of thick, black smoke billowing for miles near one of the biggest cities in america. officials warning it could keep burning for days. to the north, states of emergency from a record-shattering flood disaster. cities and towns overwhelmed by water, and cut off. meghan mccain firing back after president trump goes on a tirade, attacking her father, over six months after his death. >> he spends his weekend obsessing over great men because he knows it and i know it and all of you know it, he will never be a great man. an accused killer in court.


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