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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  March 19, 2019 11:00pm-11:33pm PDT

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we )ve been seeing and feeling, and it )s happening overnight. tomorrow is the first day of spring... and its gonna be wet. a lot of green on our stormranger radar. tomorrow is the first day of spring andt'n our storm ranger radar. >> get ready for more rain. let's get right to our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. >> right now it shows over the past hour, we've started to see things intensify as this rainfall is moving from the south to the north.
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get a closer view of this. the showers beginning to develop here as we head through 11:23 tonight. it is really all about the morning commute. you're going to be able to see from 4:00 to about 7:00 in the morning. we're going to see these heavier pockets of rain across the bay area. coming up, we'll take this all the way through tomorrow's forecast and we'll show you the impact this will have to your allergies in about 18 minutes. >> so what happens now? the giants season begins in two weeks and there's no word if larry baer will return to the team after this vild surfaced. today the 'st will not file any criminal charges against the giants' ceo but he's notear. he is now in the court of public opinion. jean? >> reporter: some giants fans tell me they are surprised baer
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is not facing criminal charges. some of them say they expect he will face disciplinary action from major league baseball. >> no argument between two individuals should result in physical violence. >> this video has the attention of the domestic violence prevention. they say it may not be criminal but it's wrong. she's reacting today. the san francisco d.a. is not filing criminal charges against him saying after a careful review of the relevant evidence statements from others. she stands by a letter she and others sent to major league baseball yesterday urging an organization to discipline baer
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for violating the anti-violence policies. >> how do you talk about ending violence against women and children and be the leader if you don'tley by that. some aren't surprised he won't face charges. it was a pretty violent argument between married people. it is not the way i would treat my wife. it's kind of weird that he didn't have to go through anything. >> some believe major league baseball will take action. >> i would expect that the baseball commissioner would probably do some kind of suspension. regardless of what was happening, wasn't a good look. >> he did reach out form an update on the investigation. tonight, larry baer's attorney tells us the district attorney
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general made the right decision. >> a recovery worker recovering tonight. you can see the explosion and smoke. it exploded seconds after the driver pushed a button, injuring the driver. no bomb was found but it is under clear what caused the chemical reaction. >> this is a very dangerous job. you wouldn't think when it is repsychable. >> the company says do not recycle any banned items including spray candles, industrial light bulbs or even propane tanks. it is dangerous. be careful what you use in your garden. >> a federal jury found round-up
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can cause cancer and it did cause cancer for a north bay man. >> this could lead to a lot of losses. >> it could. and phase ii begins tomorrow. tonight i talked to the plaintiff's wife. they will not comment until the entire case is over. >> a north bay man who started using round-up in 1986. >> he spent many years cleaning >> he did it for 28 years. he started getting treatment for glanls2015.
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today deciding that round-up was the cause of the cancer. tomorrow, the liability phase begins. >> we get to show and tell the story more. what they knew and when they knew it. last year he sued monsanitio in state court. he was awarded $78 million. that case is still pending. the law professor said the case is significant because it is being heard in federal court. >> there are thousands of cases in different courts around the country. >> a lot of people are watching including the this senior researcher for the environmental working group here in san >> we're not surprised given that the company has a lot of miscouldn't duct. >> they said we are disappointed with the jury's initial decision
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but we continue to believe firmly that the science confirms they do not cause cancer. we are confident the evidence in phase twoe will show that the conduct has been appropriate and the company should not be liable for his cancer. >> they protested at the city council meeting. they say gonzalez was experiencing a mental health crisis when he was shot multiple times by two hayward police officers in november. the officers maintained they thought he was carrying a knife. it turned out to be a >> i'm going through a lot of anger trying to the justice i need. i'm not able to put that aside.
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augie gonzalez left behind two children. >> show us the records. that's the plea. the response? five police chiefs and the county shaeriff who came togethr in one room. this does really center around a new law. >> yes. it went into effect in january. it has to do with police records and accountability and more than 30 officers joined in to talk about this saying. >> rosie chavez lost her nephew in a police shooting in 2017. he was unarmed but it was ruled justified just last week. she wants the records to be released.
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the organization pact helped make police records more accessible to the public. a new law went into effect in january. they reviewed with it top brass from the sheriff and police from san jose. morgan hill, campbell and singly veil. >> we're going to comply with that law. it is not cut and dry in each case but the law gentle l gener allows access. >> it helps us toe tling us. they say cleared. >> chavez will continue pushing for records in her nephew's case. >> we want answers. we want that bridge to be built between the community. >> the many police unions are challenging this new law on what they need to dislows and what they don't have to.
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telling me they're waiting to see the outcome in the courts. >> thank you. they help reduce crime. flis one east bay city are calling for more. they're voting whether or not to buy more license plate reader cameras. it is to add eight new cameras around the city at a cost of about $110,000. additional license plate readers got the green light today. the board of supervisors unanimously approved, adding 26 new cameras around discovery bay. they'll be placed around highway 4. that project will costly $331,000. on hold, usc students who may be linked to the college admissions cheating scandal won't believe allowed to register to classes. the students have been notified that their status under review.
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students are impacted. actress lori loughlin who was indicted earlier this month has two daughters enrolled in usc. it is under clear if they'll be back in the classroom. uc. berkeley also caught up in the standing. tharl now investigating a recent college grad who allegedly submitted phony s.a.t. results to get into the school. david paid $100,000 to have someone faye s.a. tshs for his son jordan sidoo. that person got almost a perfect score on the s.a.t. he was on the crew team. there were no allegations that a bribe was paid to any coaches. they said diplomas can be revoked if false information was used in a college application. up next, doctors are calling this a game changer. plus, it is not your average
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lawn ornament. no. they're naked and there's a nnheads. a owner wants to send to one particular neighbor. >> i'll show you what you need to know before you head out the door for work or school tomorrow.
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before.. a naked mannequin party. a santa rosa man is turning heads...after complaints from we're not sure if we've ever seen this before. a naked mannequin party. that's right. those are mannequins. a santa rosa man is getting complaints after a neighbor forced him to lower the fence so he lowered the fence which revealed the naked truth. it was his protest. >> it's a party. they'remannequins. >> this is what folks in the santa rosa neighborhood get on look at after the city made jason lower his six-foot fence. >> i got a letter from the code
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enforcement lady saying i had to cut it down to three feet. >> the city said it got a complaint from a neighbor. it prevented drivers from seeing oncoming traffic. so they ordered the fence be cut to no taller handle the three feet. that's when the fence came down and the yard art went up along with an invitation to his neighbor to join the party. the display has been an attention getter. he's been getting the thumbs frum passers by. >> i love it. i think it is hilarious. more power to him. >> a shortened fence can no longer keep his two dogs contained. especially his mastive. >> as he big dog and he needs room the run and he won't get that now. >> but he is not letting it get
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fun with vin the exposure. >> you can have resentment or have million is fun with it. there's no sense getting angry. new at 11:00, asking for action to the alameda city council members want changes. pushing a place for nursing moms. they say it lacks basic amenities. they're also for diaper changing tables. according to law, they must provide a place for breast feeding in the workplace. there are two proposals that woulduc ecigarettes from being sold. the headquarters is currently on will pier 70. >> enough is enough. hopefully, the federal government will get the message and they'll have to step up or we'll come after them too.
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they said tonight ecigarettes evaluated will be allowed. more clues that former vice president joe biden will jump into the race. the "wall street journal" is reporting, he contacted a group of supporters to ask for help raising money for a white house run. polls show him the favorite to take on brump. president trump called him another low i.q. individual. amy klobuchar talked with a small group about climate change. also, senator bernie sanders is coming for a rally in san francisco this sunday. no one sounded the alarm. that's the word on facebook about the new zealand mosque attacks. the 17-minute video was watched live way little less handle the 200 people but facebook said
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nonreported it to the company. it was new zealand police that contacted facebook. the video was viewed 4,000 times before facebook removed it. >> be devin nunez is suing twitter for more than $250 million for defamation. he is angry over two parity accounts named devin nunes cow and devin nunes mom. the beach is supposed to be relaxing. for this man in san francisco, it was not. he got stuck on the edge of a cliff this morning. this is the view from sky ranger. we don't know how he got stranded there.
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we'll get you ready for work or school tomorrow. whatever you have planned. this is a big, big change. you can see the cold front. what is important about this is once the cold front gets here, that's when we'll see the uplift. let's get a closer look right now. we mainly have some light shoufrs showers had. just beginning to get a little wet. >> we do think over the some shs beginning. you can see, we're seeing some light showers beginning to fill
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in for thenning to see eastba really, the thing that is most important for the morning commute. from 4:00 in the morning through about 8:00 is when we'll see the heaviest rainfall. morning commuters tomorrow. i'll get the worst of it. be prepared for that. you can see at 4:00 in the morning, we've got the heavier down pours down to the south bay. as that storm front moves across, we're still stuck with that same scenario. so traffic that is normally bad will be that much worse. here's the deal. by the afternoon, we see most of. storm moving out. there will be some instability moving behind we'll be watching. once we head after that, we'll see things trying to clear out as we head through 11:00. that will be great if you want to see the super moon. there is a little good news
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there. a quarter to a half inch for rainfall. the santa cruz mountains, three quarters of an inch or maybe a little more. everybody is getting just about the same chance. if you can find anything good about this rainfall, a lot of us are end joying the rain with sunshine and upper 70s. it is all of this rainfall will help your allergies out. right now, pine oak, cedar, all in the high category. you've probably seen it on the car, on the streets. thelen drops to low. the forecast does show another system on friday. .015. most of it will be dry. more rain chances as we move into next week. a top of the rain. look at the temperatures. no more upper 70s. 59 tomorrow. get the jacket.
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>> i was just getting ready form sun. >> tomorrow is the first day of spring. up next, technology is changing the way doctors search for breast cancer. >> and we have jimmy. >> guys, we have kobe bryant, natalie morales and music from fletcher. it's a great show. happening now, we're following breaking news in central washington state. a deputy has been shot and killed after police and sheriffs pulled over a driver. it happened about two hours east of seattle. the driver tried running from e caught. a police officer and the suspect were also shot. no word on their condition. doct
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a drug specifically developed for post partum depression. the f-d-a approved it today. doctors call it a game changer. a drug specifically developed for post partum depression. it is called zul rmpblresso. it is given at the hospital and it works quickly. usually within hours. up andhe thoughts were gone. >> being able to treat people quickly. >> it under clear if insurance will cover the cost which could be between $20,000 and 3d mammograms could relevant deuce the number of women who go
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thank y through a biopsy. 75% of the lesions the detected were noncancerous. big news for the sharks and the a's open the season in three hours from right now.
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see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch. they )re oficially heading to te stanley cup playoffs. and they didn )t even play. time to say congratulations
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to the sharks. they are officially heading to the stanley cup playoffs and they didn't even play. >> the sharks are in. this is 14th playoff bid in the past 15 years. this is where you get your fancy tickets to go to the playoffs. >> this is where you get your fancy tickets. the warriors in minneapolis taking on the andrew bogut with the the pass dish. by the way, that third quarter belonged to steph. a nice win to end the road trip. 117-107. this is not your typical baseball opening day. it is happening at 2:30 a.m. as in three hours from now. the a's are overseas. way overseas, in tokyo. plenty of a's fans making the
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road trip. this is from chris and tara who will be there tonight. dave is posting this picture with fans on twitter. a lot of a's fans. two games will be played in tokyo. 2:30 a.m. are you going to stay up for it? >> maybe. >> march madness had in san jose. jose. we'll show it to you ♪ [ camera shutter clicks ] the new galaxy s10 on xfinity mobile. the phone and network designed to do more. get $250 back on a new galaxy and save on the network with millions of wifi hotspots. say "get a galaxy" to learn more.
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meteorologist kari hall prepares you to head out the door. and our team will track any trouble on the roads. the rain is set to return.
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>> our team will track any trouble on the road. >> plus, a south bay woman complains about her dishwasher. all right. time to cover up the ice and bring in the hardwood. this afternoon, crews laid down the court at the s.a.p. center. the first round of games will be played at the shark tank beginning freeway. it is the latest in ain high profile sporting events including the all-star the college football championship. local businesses will likely see a couple million dollars in extra revenue this weekend. have you got your bracket going? >> we'll do a little nbc bay area bracket. >> he is an insider. he's good. >> on the weather -- >> excellent weather. >> and it's arrange now! >> i don't mean to laugh at you. >> i'm not pretending.
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we do have the rain coming back. a quarter to a half inch tomorrow. possibly some isolated thunderstorms. i think the worst will be in the morning. and then we do have another chance on friday and even next week. i'm going to do a bracket now. >> that's a bracket! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- kobe bryant, dy


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