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tv   Early Today  NBC  March 20, 2019 4:00am-4:29am PDT

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experience air wick essential mist. let's make a deal. florida prosecutors offer a deal to drop charges but there is a catch. sully slams the faa and boeing in the investigation to the 737 crashes. a nightmare that could hit many households. surprise medical bills even though you thought your medical insurance covered it th will pay mike trout equal to $68 a minute. the koala hitch hiker. and a wonning $550 million power
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ball jackpot good morning, i'm marlie hall >> i'm frances rivera. a plea deal is on the table for robert kraft and other men accused in a sting kraft and 24 others were charged after a crackdown on south florida day spas a prosecutor is offering to drop those charges if they admit the state has enough evidence to convict them such deals with first-time offenders are standard we have more >> we are as equally stunned as everybody else >> reporter: aft aannouncement of robert kraft d 24 others, word that those charges may be dropped they may never have to go to court if they accept a plea deal in this letter, they would have to admit the evidence, including
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the videos taken, would have been enough to convict them. >> reporter: according to the deal, they can avoid convictions but they won't escape punishment it requires a course about prosecution dangers, std screening and treatment. 100 hours of community service and $5,000 fine. if he were to accept the deal, these could double because he's accused of acting twice on separate days. he has not responded but has pleaded not guilty this man represents some of the other men charged. >> there has never been a reported case like this. as a result, we think this offer is premature >> reporter: one question for robert kraft acknowledging would
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information lead to ownership of the patriots according to the league's conduct policy, owners like players are held to a higher standard >> reporter: kraft has eight days now to accept the plea deal if he accepts it, he himself will still have to show up in court. >> thank you there are new developments in the investigation into bowings 737 max jet liners one of the country's best known pilots is criticizing how boeing and the faa certified the flight calling the relationship far too cozy there is a call for a government inspector general to join the investigation. for the latest, we go now to nbc reporter >> reporter: known for extreme cool under pressure. >> the captain sully who landed
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a plane full of passengers on the hudson river after losing both engines criticizing the faa for out sourcing the inspection saying it has created conflicts of interest, when employees working for the company whose products must be certified to meet safety 1257bd ards are doing the work to certify them not telling pilots about a new software called mcas that may have contributed to both crashes. faa has relied on manufacturers to certify planes for flight >> you have to rely on trust the integrity of the boeing engineers that hopefully will have the same mind for safety as they do for the success of their product. >> faa says the processes are well established and
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consistently produced safe designs. >> with a grand jury investigation. the secretary of transportation called to investigation the process. boeing is promising to cooperate. >> the captain said sometimes, inspectors are overridden by managers the faa may get a new chief. an air force academy grad and head of safety at delta airlines back to you. president trump is heading to the heartland today expected to tout manufacturing jobs at the last military think tank plant in his trip to friendly territory comes amid rough words from the husband of one of his top advisors tracie potts joins us now.
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>> reporter: the husband of kellyanne conway and a frequent critic of the president. he has said he questions the president's mental fitness the president criticizes the social media, he is using it in this tweet about conway and doubling down on his weekend twitter tirade against the late senator john mccain. >> why are you attacking senator john mccain seven months after his death. >> i'm very unhappy he didn't repeal and replace obama care. i was never a fan of john mccain and never will be. >> reporter: the president using twitter as a civic's less on of sources. several candidates have complained about the electoral
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college. remember clinton won the p popular vote but didn't win the election the president saying, with the popular vote, you really only get cities and large states that cities would end up running the country, smaller states would end up without power today, he'll be in the midwest in ohio talking manufacturing jobs and raising money for his campaign >> tracie potts for us thanks a bus driver has been charged with two counts of involuntary manslaughter the bus was traveling from florida to new york when it veered off a foggy exit ramp in virginia all 54 passengers were hospitalized some of the youngest victims were toddlers. heavy fog caused crashes into the area general motors has
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confirmed, it is able to relocate 500 workers from the plant in ohio. the workers will be moved to plants in six different states and will offer assistant for transferred workers. others will be eligible for retirement bryce harper may not be the only mlb star with a record breaking contract. mike trout is close to finalizing a $442 million. the deal would be the largest in u.s. professional sports haddistry. thousands in houston are waiting and worrying as a huge fire as the chemical plant fire continues to burn. the blaze has spread to eight storage tanks. video of the past 72 hours shows that fury. there is ne when the
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fire may burn out, authorities are trying to assure residents air quality is okay. flood warnings are still in effect across the midwest. nebraska senator shared this look at the flood damage and asked where is the river and where is it not? now voters in states that flips from obama to trump are calling for action on climate change farm damage is worse than in the past the damage to agriculture this week is estimated at $1 billion. farmers already struggling to stay afloat before this devastation. let's turn to janessa webb for more on this >> people are ready to transition into spring happy first day of spring happening at 5:58.
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98 days before the start of summer it is not going to feel like spring look at this, spring snow across the higher elevations fo highs the northeast. mild air trying to work its way back in. it is going to be a slow start if you are a fan of the snow, here it comes. >> thank you meet one of the biggest babies ever born in new york entered the world weighing 15 pounds, which is the average size of a six month old. both are expected to go homeon
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but you didn't fold it. oh, that wasn't in the note. should have sent a text. #1 stain and odor fighter, #1 trusted. trending this morning. the woodstock music festival is back at the original site to mark the 50's anniversary. 80 acts will take part headliners include jay-z, chance the rapper, miley cirrus and many others. leading the news, an investigation into a growing problem across the country so many americans hit with medical bills even if they have insurance. first uncovering that collectors are coming after people's paychecks and their homes.
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explaining how to avoid them >> reporter: racing to the emergency room, few people stop to think about the bill. not nicole suffering from append sigh tis, she called first they said, yep, we take your insurance, come on over. >> each time you asked, they said yes >> no one told her, the surgeon may not. two months later, the doctor sent a whoping bill and the insurance company said she had to pay it. >> i was so frustrated, i said i'll just let this go through collections. >> two months later, they slapped a lien on he 2017, that
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liens on 170 other homes we found similar cases in six states four in ten americans have received one >> this has become more common recently it effects tens if not hundreds of thousands of americans every year when we asked who is to blame in denver, the doctor blamed the insurance company, the hospital blamed the doctor. >> i think this is a shared responsibility >> did the hospital have a responsibility to tell her, you might be getting treatment from someone who is out of network? >> that is absolutely an obligation we are willing to take as hospitals. >> physician groups see this as
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a way to make extra money on the backs of patients. >> call your insurance company to make sure hospital and doctors are covered. something she wishes she had done >> they made money off of me during a vulnerable phase of my life >> reporter: the hospital says it encourages doctors to take the same insurance plans they do but they can't force the doctors to they said when doctors don't opt into their health plans, that's when prices go up. the good news is there is legislation pending that could take patients out of the middle. >> can be so confusing thank you. celebrate the first day of spring with some is sweet deals. first, a car pooler, a koala gives a surprise of a lifetime next on "early today."
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to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california. everyone, bonnie a friend in class. >> she literally made a new friend i want you to meet forky >> he's a spork. >> disney released the first official trailer toy story 4, a strange new toy named
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sporky opening june 21st. 24 years after the original. i know how great they are. emotionally, you are laughing and crying >> i can't believe it has been 24 years since the first one a man in australia ran into a unique problem when he left his car door open at a vineyard. >> get out of the car. i know it is nice and cool with the air-conditioning >> he lift his air-conditioning on and door open for his dog but picked up another passenger. i would have been tempte drive him home after what feels like o cel. dairy queen and rita's is giving away a free small vanilla soft
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south and northeast. we are going to be below average. that warmer air will make its way in from the west slowly but surely out towards minneapolis. back in the f 44 >> when we come back, break out e bubblymiael buble is back wits seventh special. as staying at a disney resort hotel. ♪ so imagine... complimentary rides to and from the park... even extra time with your family in the park. and now, you can save up to 30% on rooms at select walt disney world resort hotels. so if you're not staying here, just think what you might be missing. so if you're not staying here, i'm truly amazed at the effect that it has on people.
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thank you bob! ♪ my mom washes the dishes... ...before she puts them in the dishwasher. so what does the dishwasher do? cascade platinum does the work for you, prewacascade platinum.g the woman who climbed the base of the statue of liberty has been sentenced protesting family separations when she was arrested last july. she arrived with her face covered in tape which irritated
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a judge wearing a jacket that said, i really do care sentenced to 200 hours of community service. caught on camera, an avalanche swallowe skiers fort no one was buried a rescue crew arrived in time ts a complete shock if they are thrill seekers, they'll say, i'm going right back out there michael buble is back after taking two years off from show business to care for his sick son. he returns tonight for his seventh nbc special. we have a preview. ♪ ♪ when you are smiling >> reporter: he's kept audiences smiling for years. more than just a musical guest he's had six stand-alone
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specials in addition to appearances on snl, "the"arica'. >> i thought this is a really nice chance to share a glimps into who i real liam >> reporter: he's over 60 million albums and several awards he hit the pause button on his career after announcing his young son had liver cancer >> everything i ever wanted was wrapped up in fame and for opportunity and success. i realize now, migratest achievement ever will be my family >> reporter: he stopped touring. >> things got clear and what i wanted to put back into the universe was love. >> his latest album released after his son went into remission. he wants to offer fans a sincere
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thanks with this special >> there is no way i can put into words how much the people out there mean to me >> reporter: he'll try with words and song wednesday night he sounds great. the special airs tonight at 10:00/9 central after "the voice thanks for watching "early today" today >> don't forget, the power ball jackpot is more than half a billion dollars. this is charlie not coughing because he took delsym 12-hour.
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and this is charliil while trying2-ur. nothing lasts longer for powerful cough relief. once again we )re in a microclimate weather alert. the rain is coming down across the bay area -- ad lib live radar. and this is the first of two storms taking aim at northern it's the first day of spring. we're in a microclimate waeathe alert. our radar is lit up.
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red, green, yellow. this is the first of two storms taking aim in northern california. good morning to you. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. how long will this stick around? >> will stick around for the morning commuted and then scattered throughout the that's dublin on 5 a lot of the


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