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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 20, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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people to use a nonemergency number in san jose. and baseball begins. the a's started the new season in japan at 2:30 this morning. the dedicated fans who stayed up to watch their team play through the early morning hours. "today in the bay" continues right now. a very good early morning to you. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. mike will have a look at the commute in a bit. kari, they say may showers bring april flowers? >> they say a lot of things. what do you say? >> a lot of rain on the radar. it's going to be a big difference from what we've had recently. as we head out the door we're seeing the rain covering the radar. it's going to be raining for the next several hours.
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then it will taper off. the rain shifting into the north bay and then becoming more spotty for the rest of the afternoon. i'll be tracking that for you. there's sudden slowing on the san mateo bridge. i saw it. i thought it was a crash, just a wave of rain. that's what we're watching for. conditions are a big factor now. downtown san jose skyline, the green highlighting means wet roadways all over. north 280 getting over towards 87, that's your downtown interchange. the person who called it in to chp one of other two dozen calls. a lot of water. watch for the standing water and more reports of 980, 580, coming through the area. we'll show you a look at the
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bridges coming up. happening today, president trump is heading to ohio to campaign. this comes just a day after he took some aim at silicon valley's biggest tech giants. >> something is happening with those groups of folks running facebook, google, exeter. >> tracie potts is live with the latest here. >> he's at it again this morning, a back and forth with kellyanne conway's husband, we'll tell you more about that in a second. he says silicon valley is biased against him and that will have an impact in the 2020 election. president trump calls it a stacked deck. insisting facebook, google and twitter are biased against him, deliberately muting conservative supporters. >> there is collusion with respect to that. something has to be going on. we have to do something about
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it. >> reporter: the president is using social media to go after conservative attorney george conway, husband of kellyanne conway. the president calls mr. conway a total loser for repeatedly questioning mr. trump's fitness. >> i don't share those concerns. >> reporter: president trump is doubling down on his weekend twitter tirade against the late senator, john mccain. >> i was never a fan of john mccain. i never will be. >> reporter: as the president campaigns in ohio today, there's increased scrutiny on his business. the "new york times" reports he borrowed $2 billion from deutsche bank and promised bankers weekends at his mar-a-lago resort. >> deutsche bank has become synonymous for money laundering for russians. >> reporter: and a federal appeals court is considering whether mr. trump violates the constitution every time a foreign dignitary pays to stay in one of his hotels. >> we want him to stop profiteering from being president of the united states. >> the justice department argues that part of the constitution
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does not apply. back to social media, president trump has been at it this morning with george conway, saying that he's jealous of his wife's success, angry because he didn't get a justice department job, calling him a stone-cold loser. conway responds you are nuts. >> quite a war of words there. tracie potts, thanks for the latest. happening today, thousands of ucsf workers are walking off the job. this is part of a one-day strike across the uc system. today's walkout involves a wide range of workers in tech, research and healthcare. the union says some of the dispute is centered around pension issues. ucsf says patient safety will remain a primary concern and several appointments are being rescheduled.
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a follow-up for you now in the north bay. the dixie school district is rejecting two potential new names. it's a story we've been covering on "today in the bay" for weeks. the vote comes after many raised concerns saying the current name is racist and offensive. the board of trustees seeks to change the names but wants to revise the timeline to do so. the district is now aiming to form a citizen committee to help in that process. calling 911 is important, but so many people are using the emergency service right now in san jose that police and fire are actually having a hard time keeping up. "today in the bay's" bob redell is in san jose this morning. how does the city plan to address this problem? >> they started addressing it last night at the city council meeting. the city council agreed to make it a priority in the next budget to address the chronic workload shortages by hiring more police and fire dispatchers, and also
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upgrading the 911 technology. here's the problem. the city has been struggling with 911 call volume since 2017. the state requires police and fire to answer 95% of those emergency calls within 15 seconds. an audit accepted last night by the city council found that in 2017 san jose was only at 80%. the city has since improved to 90%, but still short of what the state requires. in order to achieve that 90% response, the city had to pay triple the overtime for dispatchers. in addition to hiring more people, the city is looking to streamline it's 911 dispatch. for instance, making sure that the non-emergency 311 calls are handled by staff other than those involved in emergency dispatch. the city is also working on a service that would allow you to text 911 sound, pictures and location data. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay."
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>> thanks for the latest. today hope village takes center stage in san jose once again. a second committee meeting is being held as a homeless enca encampmeencam encampment faces a relocation deadline. they have 11 days to leave. deb davis proposed a site off of i-87 in willow glen for relocation. the faa says the current hope village site on rough drive is too close to the airport. it's not zoned for people to live there and they need to be out by march 30th. it all comes down to one last step, one last season of raider football at the oakland coliseum. oakland council members must give their blessing on the new deal when they meet tomorrow. supervisors yesterday approved the deal which allows the raiders to return to the coliseum for the coming season. that deal also includes an option for 2020, but the raiders future home in vegas is set to
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be ready by then. some a's fans may be a little sleepy this morning. >> they woke up extra early for the official start of baseball season. it finished moments ago in tokyo. this is video of the watch party. one fan says she made sure to cover her own bases before showing up bright-eyed and bushy tailed. >> i love the teams hosting the watch party. i already got approval to go in late to work tomorrow morning. i'm ready to go. >> she said she brought her score card, but most of it was filled out on the other side. the a's lost 9-7. we'll still v. sohave some in the bay area as we welcome in baseball season. it looks like we'll start out
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with wet conditions this morning for your commute. a new storm moving in has been bringing in rain. a lot of the heavier rain south of the golden gate bridge. as we look at stormranger now showing some of the heavier rain moving through san jose and lighter showers in fremonfremon. maybe going to the warm springs b.a.r.t. station expect on and off rain through early afternoon. it won't be as warm as the weather we've seen recently, only reaching 60 degrees today. mike, it's a tough drive for commuters. looking at wet conditioning from our oakland camera, also by the oakland coliseum b.a.r.t. station. you talked about warm springs. that is covered at the coliseum station, that's more out in the open. we have a delay in castro valley in the east bay, equipment problems reported for one train. the ferry system moving on time. we heard p standiabout standingn many parts of the bay.
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we are looking at a smoother drive, a look at the number of incidents. chp is busy. still ahead, all new this hour, a mom facing criminal charges for forcing her kids to be in youtube videos. at 6:25, the things she's accused of doing if they messed up their lives and didn't follow directions. first live coverage of all of this rain. kari has been consistently updating the timing. our crews are in the field and posting updates as well. mike is back at his desk monitoring the problems on the road. it's 6:10 right now. we're back with more news. you're watching "today in the bay."
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right now at 6:13. we're in a microclimate weather alert as we look at stormranger. tracking rain all over the bay area. we're going to see more of this going into the next several hours. it's a wet morning commute. here's a live look on highway 101 in san jose. evergreen seeing on and off rain and steady temperatures. we'll look at the rest of the week's forecast coming up in five minutes. >> i'm tracking rain on the lens at palo alto. all your freeways are wet. we'll show you what effect that
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will have on your commute. good morning. i'm contessa brewer. wall street set for a mixed open. the dow snapped a four-day winning streak. the nasdaq eked out a small gain to close at the highest levels since october. the federal reserve wraps up a two-day meeting this afternoon. while the fed is not expected to hike interest rates, the market will look for clues on the economy. directv customers may have a few less viewing options. viacom's contract with at&t which owns directv expires midnight friday. that means channels like nickelodeon and comedy central could go dark. viacom is warning subscribers they could lose access to 23 channels if the companies can't settle a dispute over programming fees. at&t is the largest pay tv provider with 24 million customers. today is the first day of spring.
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you can celebrate with tasty treats. today is dairy queen's fifth annual free done day. it's giving away a free small vanilla soft serve cone. mall locations are not participating. it serves as a fund-raiser for the children's miracle network. rita's italian ice is running a promotion to mark the equinox. the chain will hand out more than a million free cups of the dessert. rita's has about 600 locations in 30 states. this is another reason why it's also international day of happiness. it's ice cream and spring. all of that. >> i didn't know that. i thought that was every day. >> it is here at "today in the bay." as contessa was talking about, today is free ice cream day. mike inouye also is making sure you know where you can get those free treats. be sure to head over to his facebook page to find out those details. >> i'm glad you told us that was ice cream, at first i wouldn't know. >> it's ice cream, and it's
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free. a history lesson for you here, maybe a flashback. long before outside lands and a lifetime before coachella, there was woodstock. the three-day concert festival in new york that started it all. this summer marks 50 years since woodstock. can you guess where it's going? they're having an anniversary concert. they just announced the lineup for woodstock 50 august 16th through the 18th. jay-z. the festival taking place in watkins glen. the lineup also includes miley cyrus, imagine dragons and carlos santana. he actually played in the original woodstock 50 years ago. >> didn't they do a reunion woodstock 25 years ago? i remember watching that on mtv. >> maybe that was just for mtv.
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>> let's check the forecast for today. first day of spring later this afternoon. and rain. >> starting out with much cooler temperatures. of course that's the way it works as we change over to spring. this is a live look at our stormranger. mobile doppler radar showing all of the bay area covered in rain. some areas south of the golden gate bridge have gotten the rain heavier than others. in the north bay from santa rosa southward, we are seeing moderate rain. we are also seeing scattered showers moving through oakland. where it's brighter on the color pallete, the yellows and reds, that's where it's heavier. brent wood, discovery bay and antioch.
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it will be a wet morning commuted for you. san jose, it's still raining quite hard there. but it's getting lighter in sunnyvale. it will become more scattered as you head out for school. we will see some off and on rain every now and then seeing the sun peeking out. temperatures will be much cooler. reaching up to 60 degrees across the bay area. a lot of this rain will mostly be focused on the morning commute. by 10:00, 11:00, it moves to the north then lighter rain becoming more spotty into the afternoon. we may also see some of our skies clearing for tonight. then tomorrow is looking good. a new storm will be moving in on friday. it wo could be raining as we go throughout the day. our rainfall totals will bring us a quarter inch of rain. going to the sierra this
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weekend, expected it to be snowing. eight inches above 6,000 feet. our seven-day forecast shows scattered showers once again on friday into early 159saturday. a new storm system moves in for next week. and mike, you've been tracking flooding reported for san jose. >> the usual suspects, 280, 87, 101 at 880. those are the transition ramps most heavily expected. looing at all th looking at all that water kicking up. slow down and allow more space from the car in front of you, braking distances will be increased. looking at the radar active on the peninsula, coming over on 280 and the east bay and tri valley. speaking of the peninsula, looking at 280 southbound.
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we have one traffic alert from chp. two lanes are blocked. the number of lanes blocked and the slowing south of 92. that's an issue as you get towards visit ta pointa point. one car is on the center divide. we'll track that for you. most of the activity is in the east bay area, towards ail need ga county. slowing through high ward south hayward south 880. the backup at the bay bridge sorted itself out. conditions are tough. watch that. we have a growing delay here for b.a.r.t., 20minutes now reported at castro valley. there's an equipment problem for that line. >> really busy out there. thanks, mike. you can see that rain out your window. other parts of america right now are waking up to devastating flooding. >> the water came in.
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the water came in so quick. up next, we'll look at the hardest hit areas including major food producers for our country. an extened it wawaurn -- an extended warranty is supposed to offer peace of mine until the texas ches did repeatedly cance. that's next. want to give you a t
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the radar. it )s likely raining out your door. welcome back. we want to give you a quick peek at that radar. look at that. it's likely raining out your
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door right now. download our free app. you can track this system yourself. kari's analysis coming up at 6:30. rain in other parts are causing big trouble. this is the midwest. these are aerial views there along the missouri river which is rising leaving a lot to of homes and farmland under water. at least three people are dead. the damage to agriculture in nebraska is estimated to be nearly $1 billion. this is the latest blow to many farmers. bankruptcies in that region rose by 19% last year from the trade war. now the extreme weather, farmers say they're struggling to survive. >> think you can afford to rebuild? >> we don't know. >> just sad there. more flooding is expected in the coming days.
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that is due to the melting snow. new this morning an arizona mom is behind bars accused of abusing her adopted children to get them to perform in youtube videos. michelle hackney and her two adult sons were arrested friday. police say hackney withheld food, restricted restroom access and even pepper sprayed the kids when they failed to follow direction. the youtube channel which has more than 700,000 followers features the adopted children in different sketch videos. youtube confirmed the channel is shut down. hackney is being held in jail without bail. right now nbc bay area responds to a san jose woman whose dishwasher wasn't doing i its job. >> when she tried to get it repaired she was stuck with more
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setbacks. chris and his team stepped in to clean up the mess. good morning. silvia's dishwasher broke down this past august, so she called sears. that's where she bought the dishwasher, with an extended service plan. silvia says the store canceled several service calls over the past several months, so she decided to call us for help. we reached out to sears. the store called silvia and picked her dishwasher as part of her service plan. sears corporate indicated it was unaware of the cancellations. it told us our member services team resolved the situation by completing repairs soon after we were apprised of the delay. silvia told us it's only because of nbc bay area that her dishwasher now works. you might be tempted to pay extra for an extended warranty on a new appliance but first two homework. two things, first check the manufacturer's warranty, see what's already included. figure out how long it lasts and what's covered. second, see if your credit card offers a service plan. many these days do. got an appliance problem? give us a call, 888-996-tips.
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or online happening now, a soggy start to the morning there, a wet drive on the way for you. live look at the bay bridge. as you can see, the rain continues to fall across the bay area. up next, the update we have showing the conditions on the ground and kari's new timing for that storm. and groundbreaking treatment. have you heard about this. major news impacting many mothers and families. the new details we're getting on the first ever fda approved drug for postpartum depression. and later -- >> ah! a terrifying site there in the streets of one california city. a garbage truck there engulfed in flames barrelling out of control. the reaction from people who saw it happen. to simone, i leave the van gogh.
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to harrison, the wine collection. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition.
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that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california. storm ranger. we )re in a microclimate weather alert. right now at 6:30, a live look at our radar powered by nbc bay area stormranger. we're in a microclimate weather alert as the first of two storms brings the rain across the bay area. >> including in hayward, this is new video in to our newsroom. it's coming down on mission boulevard next to the foothills. good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm marcus washington.
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kari hall is tracking this system. what are we seeing now? >> it's raining out there, as we've seen some dry weather, the change comes in on the first day of spring. here's a look at stormranger. it is covered in green and yellow indicating widespread rain and some heavy pockets of downpours. also for parts of the east bay around oakland and the tri valley. also heavy rain on the peninsula near 280 as you approach the san mateo area. heading down to sunnyvale, the rain is lighter as well as heavy rain in san jose. we will see this rolling through. it's shifting further to the north. going into the rest of the day the rain chances will be going down. the evening commute is looking much drier. we'll talk more about this and what else is ahead. mike, you have a soggy start also.
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>> that's right. talking palo alto for the live look. you can see the water on the lens. look at that slick roadway. this is exactly where kari was talking about. southbound 280 at vista point. there was a crash, sounded like it hit the center divide. slick roadways, that's the big warning for the day. the south bay starts your northbound commute. the bay bridge toll plaza had the metering lights turned on earlier. the accidents on the span have cleared. wet roads, soggy conditions and the build. back to you. >> tthe latest storm is mov through our area. >> pete suratos is joining us from mill valley. he's been out on the roads all morning long. how is it looking? >> not too much rain as we saw in the last ireport, but there
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is a wet freeway behind us. 101 south in mill valley, traffic is picking up. it goes without saying, you want to keep your distance when you drive in these conditions. the freeways are wet even if it's not raining. in the past when i talk to chp they say it's more dangerous after the rain when you drive on the freeways. right now looking at video i filmed with my cellphone on frontage road on 101 south when the rain was coming down stronger. we got a chance to talk to some drivers in the valley. we talked to them about this second round of rain. >> i'm ready for it to end. i work outside. i work on the bridge. it makes life difficult. >> it makes it hard on my work. i'm out there in the rain. otherwise it's been nice. >> taking you back out live to
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101 south in mill valley. wet freeways following the rain from this morning. the commute is picking up. slow down and be cautious when you're driving in these conditions. i'll continue to have any important updates on my social media accounts. pete suratos, "today in the bay." >> appreciate that. this is a great time to download our free nbcbay area app. you can track the breaking weather alerts. you can get them straight to your phone. they also alert you when rain is coming to the neighborhood. happening today, they're calling it the annual kick the butts day, as in cigarette butts. e-cigarette use among high school students is up 78% last year compared to 2017. experts say a single joule pod contains as much nicotine as 20 regular cigarettes.
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just yesterday san francisco's city leaders proposed legislation to ban e-cigarette sales. the fda just approving a drug that could be life changing and potentially life saving for many families. it's a drug specifically for treating postpartum depression. kris sanchez joins us live this morning. how is this different from what's already out there on the markets? >> some moms use antidepressants, and this is for the people that those antidepressants don't work for. this is zulresso, it's a new drug. it's pricey, maybe not even covered by your insurance, but doctors are calling it a game changer for serious cases of postpartum depression. it's the first drug approved for postpartum depression. it's only to be administered in a hospital. it's an infusion or iv drug administered over 60 hours or 2 1/2 days. 20,000 to $35,000 for a treatment.
6:36 am
but 70% of women reported immediately relief. one of those women was stephanie hathaway who suffered from postpartum depression after having both of her children. she said after her second child even antidepressants did not help. she said with zulresso she felt better immediately. >> hadley said mommy, you're back. i said, yeah, i'm here. >> being able to treat people within days is unlike anything we've been able to do before. >> women are responding on twitter. this woman says hopefully it stops the suffering women go during that time. but several people are also saying what is the point of developing a medicine for postpartum depression if it costs $20,000, and what woman has two days for the administration of the drug. but it's good for serious cases where women might be in danger of hurting themselves, their
6:37 am
babies. and it also affects the mother/baby bonding. >> must be safe as well for mothers breast feeding. >> that's not clear. i went through the fda papers. they have to monitor the mothers for excessive sleepiness, then there are side effects like dry mouth. i don't know about the breast feeding thing. that's something you should talk to your doctor about. >> thanks. it's 6:37. leaders in the city of alameda have agreed to take action to make city hall compliant with federal laws on lactation rooms. city leaders say the building lacks adequate rooms for mothers, and they are also calling the diaper changing tables and gender neutral restrooms. the city clerk says late yesterday the council approved that item and put it in the hands of the city manager. we have all dealt with it, traffic and the lack of parking. it's a growing problem across the bay area.
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tonight east palo alto is taking up this issue at city hall. so the city is actually holding a public meeting to discuss a recent study and to try to come up with solutions. so that study found that east palo alto has the highest rates of trips by pedestrians and bikes in san mateo county. the city suffers from significant cut through traffic. 84% of trips don't originate in east palo alto. and residents who own multiple cars have to park them on the streets. now additional license plate readers in contra costa county are getting the green light. the board of supervisors approved a plan to add 26 new license scanner cameras around discovery bay. they will be along the highway 4 corridor and cost about $330,000. looking over here at the
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conditions in oakland. we're getting more congestion, building for the nimitz and soupy conditions. there's the outdoor station at the coliseum, there may be delays for those folks coming off the dublin pleasanton line. castro valley station, equipment problems. over 20 minutes delate for the dublin pleasanton line. that's officially called a major delay. we are tracking that. equipment problems reported. it's not weather-related. weather-related are the conditions for your drive. there's been a crash on the fremont/newark side of the dumbarton bridge blocking one lane, but a lot of slowing to and from the dumbarton bridge. >> rain will return for the weekend, part of it. >> mostly friday into saturday morning. the rest of the weekend is looking better. here's stormranger as you get out the door this morning. it's a soggy commute.
6:40 am
we should see things improve by this evening's commute. tomorrow is looking dry. check out the weekend. last weekend we were enjoying highs in the 70s. this weekend in the 60s. cooler but at least we will get some time to get outside. sunday dry conditions. still breezy in san francisco, highs reaching the upper 50s. if you're planning to go to the sierra, great travel conditions and ski conditions there. there will be additional powder coming down in kirkwood. high temperatures reaching the low 30s. half moon bay, breezy and cool. on friday still wet. saturday we get some sunshine and those waves will be churning up because we do have storms still off the coast. looking at mur woods, if you plan on going hiking, we'll have wet, soggy conditions on friday. saturday and sunday is looking much better. going to l.a.? we'll see the rain staying away
6:41 am
from there. highs reaching into the mid 60s. a look at today's temperature trend and another view of stormranger coming up in about three minutes. it is 6:40 right now. all new this morning, a big boost for california's kamala harris. the new numbers that may have her supporters smiling. where she ranks among democratic presidential hopefuls in a new poll. first one of our top stories, the city of san jose wants to get you emergency help when you need it faster. worke what workers will be doing inside a dispatch center to make that happen. and later -- >> go on. i got him. go. >> next one. a mom has to throw her kids from a flaming aping apartment building into an officer's arm. see more of the dramatic escape. and new this morning hear from the mother and kids about that harrowing ordeal. and looking at the big board. the dow is down 113 points right now. this is all as fedex slides as
6:42 am
well as wall street awaits a fed decision. 6:41 right now. you're watching "today in the bay."
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right now at 6:44, we're in a microclimate weather alert as we track heavy rain on stormranger. it's pouring quite heavily on highway 101 from the south county into the south bay. then it gets lighter. this is a live look at a camera on highway 101 in san jose. temperatures on the cool side,
6:45 am
reaching the upper 50s. we'll catch a break from the rain this afternoon. we'll talk about what else is ahead. new storms in the forecast coming up in five minutes. san jose, wet road conditions and hydroplaning as a report from chp and we'll talk about that b.a.r.t. delay. >> be careful. that hydroplaning can happen so quickly. city of san jose hopes to hire more police and fire dispatchers to increase call time. the state requires police and fire to answer 95% of those calls within 15 seconds. an audit accepted last night by the city council found that in 2017 san jose was only at 80%. the city has improved, but still short of what the state requires. in order to achieve that 90% response, the city had to pay triple the overtime for dispatchers. in addition to more hires, the city is looking to streamline
6:46 am
its 911 dispatch, making sure that the non-emergency 311 calls are handled by staff other than those involved in emergency dispatch. the city is also working on a services that allows you to text 911 sound, pictures and location data. there is a boost in fire detection thanks to forces who were recently serving at the u.s./mexico border. governor gavin newsom pulled the guard from the border deployment. starting next month about 100 troops will be trained in wildfire protection. the group will be separated into five teams to work on forest management projects. on to decision 2020. support for california senator kamala harris appears to be growing. a new cnn poll shows an 8 point jump for harris, however she's followed closely behind by beto o'rourke. despite not placing an official bid, vice president joe biden is still leading the crowded democratic field with bernie sanders trailing behind. in southern california, a garbage truck turns into a fireball before rolling down the hill.
6:47 am
the driver had managed to escape the truck just before it happened. it all unfolded yesterday afternoon in monterey park outside of los angeles. it looks like a scene out of a movie. the firefighters were already battling another blaze when the truck caught fire. listen to the chaos erupt among neighbors nearby. >> oh, no. oh, my god. >> the truck eventually crashed into a parked car, then it rolled into the front of a home. firefighters extinguished the flames. luckily no one was hurt here. the truck appeared to be carrying tree trimmings or vegetation in it when it caught fire. >> must be a day of amazing video today. look here, more for you, a mother in iowa makes a split second decision that saves her children from a raging fire. >> drop him. keep going. stay right here. stay right here. i got him. i got him. go.
6:48 am
>> can you imagine? he said keep going, throw down the children. the mother was inside the third story aptd whartment when the f broke out. desperate to save her children's lives she made the only choice she could and she decided to throw the kids out of the third story window to police officers below. she said when she opened the door there was a wall of thick smoke and felt there was no other choice. >> at that point in time i was like -- i have to get them out. >> once the children were out safely, firefighters arrived and they used a ladder to help harrison escape. . >> wow. >> a whole team of people there, quick thinking. you're on the move this morning? maybe going slower with that rain out there. >> it will be a slow go for you. it was nice to have the dry weather but that's ending now. let's look outside. our stormranger, what you're going to see as you step out the
6:49 am
door. we're seeing widespread rain and for some areas it's been heavier. where we're seeing the yellows and reds, that indicates heavier rain. moving through central sonoma county. right around san jose as you head out the door. also heavy rain on the peninsula. tracking it on stormranger, that's where our mobile doppler radar is parked. it will move into the peninsula and the east bay with heavy rains of rain for the morning commuted. then a break as we see in between these storm systems some dry air. but this is the next one that will be here on friday into early saturday morning. this is a live look outside in fremont. look at those wet roads on 880. we're going to see some off and on rain for the next couple of hours. our temperatures only making it into the upper 50s. that's a big change from those low 70s we had a couple days ago. live look outside at san francisco, the low clouds, the
6:50 am
light rain falling. of course that's your reminder that you need the umbrella, also a warm coat because it will be cooler. then as we go into the rest of the day, we see that rain shifting further to the north. the rest of the bay area starts to see some drying. spotty showers, and the evening commute is looking much better and we may get some sunshine going into tonight. tomorrow, mostly sunny, and then a new storm system will arrive bringing in more rain. mostly for friday afternoon into early saturday morning. this could change some of your early saturday morning plans. it will clear up for the rest of the day. what we're seeing now will bring us an additional quarter inch of rain, not a big soaker, but enough to make the commute slippery. we'll see mostly sunny skies going into this afternoon and evening and tomorrow. expect more showers on friday into saturday. sunday another break before another system moves in early next week.
6:51 am
i will stay busy here, mike. you've been busy tracking flo flooding and hydroplaning. >> chp getting calls from folks. over here you see this slowing, north 101 and 8. 87 coming into downtown, that's where we're seeing that report calling out hydroplaning, car traveling north on 280 making this connector over, pacing that beautiful downtown skyline. watch it there, those transition ramps are likely to get the standing water. maybe a drain is blocked. that's why we're seeing a lot of transitions affected now. southbound 880, just the build over here, the san mateo and dumbarton bridge. the early morning rain hit the tri valley across the san mateo bridge and the peninsula. fewer reports of flooding but lots of standing water. we have a delay for the b.a.r.t.
6:52 am
system, the dublin pleasanton line. 20 minute delays. no other delays for systems. we're monitoring the conditions out here. rain is still falling again at the bay bridge toll plaza. the backup formed early because of a couple crashes, but no real problem for most of the show. there's the backup over here, which you can expect. >> looks like a monday out there, but it's wednesday. happening now, breaking news involving google and antitrust laws. european union regulators are fining the tech giant 1$1.6 billion. leaders say that google abused its dominance in online advertising. this is the third major fine against google by the eu. google was fined nearly $5 billion last year. next on "today in the bay," a quick look at the top stories including live coverage of the conditions outside as that rain
6:53 am
continues to fall. prieblus concussion in yout sports. every parent wants to prevent them. still ahead, the types of helmets that experts say didn't fair so well in a new round of testing. we're back with more news after the break.
6:54 am
6:55 am
♪ [ camera shutter clicks ] the new galaxy s10 on xfinity mobile. the phone and network designed to do more. get $250 back on a new galaxy and save on the network with millions of wifi hotspots. say "get a galaxy" to learn more. in the bay-- a wet mo welcome back. it's 6:55. before you head out the door, here are the top stories. >> a wet morning rush hour out
6:56 am
there. there's a microclimate alert. here's stormranger scanning the skies, picking up a lot of activity across our entire viewing area. let's take you on a tour of what's happening from you head out the door if that's where you're headed. heavy rain moving into the south bay right now. in fact, the heaviest rain is coming down across the east bay from oakland to alameda and fremont. these are live pictures from hayward. within the last few minutes, the rain let up a bit. mike has been telling us there's a lot of ponding out there. in contra costa conte the rain has been falling off and on all morning. a live look at walnut creek in the east bay. we also have crews out in the north bay where the rain has been much lighter so far. a live look in mill valley. we've been checking in with the chp, there hasn't been any major issues in that area. certainly take it slow this morning. the roads out there are slick. and there's a lot of potholes
6:57 am
from the other rain storms we've had. thousands of employees at uc san francisco hospitals plan to go on strike this morning. todays's one-day demonstration is over disagreements on the future of their pensions and income equality. it comes one day after ucsf interns and residents walked out calling for better benefits. that strike is part of a larger statewide protest. ucsf says safety will remain a priority for patients. the dixie school district rejecting two potential name changes. it's a story we've been covering on "today in the bay" for weeks. the vote comes after many raised concerns saying the current name is racist and offensive. the board of trustees seeks to change the names but wants to revise the timeline to do so. the district is now aiming to form a citizen committee to help that process.
6:58 am
some welcoming news for parents of young football players. virginia tech research eshs jer releasing safety ratings for youth helmets. seven of the models earned the highest rating. each helmet went through 48 tests on dummies covering four impact locations and three speeds. i posted a link to the complete ratings on my twitter and my facebook page. rite about now, a lot of die-hard oakland a's fans are sleep dedeprived. the a's played seattle in tokyo. there were some high hopes. >> it's finally happening. ready for a good a's season. >> i have my score card, ready to go. >> as for the game, you can't win them all. things got off on the right track for the a's, but they lost it 9-7.
6:59 am
the a's and seattle play one more game tomorrow in tokyo before heading home. opening day is in eight days. we have a big season ahead of us. a lot of games. over 160, so we'll put that one behind us. >> that's right. >> right now look at that weather. >> it's raining across the bay area. starting out with the wet morning commute. the evening commute will be much better and drier. we'll get some sunshine but tracking that on stormranger. you can track that on the nbcbay area app, click on the little truck, that's our mobile doppler radar stormranger, you can see what's happening down to where you are. we will get some clearing later tonight and into tomorrow. then a new storm on friday. >> all right. the drivers will be looking for that yearin that clearing. right now some slick roads. >> there is a delay for the dublin pleasantson line. there's an equipment problem. nothing more specified for b.a.r.t. no other delays. ferry systems are okay.
7:00 am
wet roadways, obviously. that's our view of the richmo richmond-san rafael bridge. that's what's happening "today in the bay." we're back at 7:25 with a live local news update. and much more ahead at 11:00. good morning. inside the cockpit, breaking this morning, recordings from that doomed lion air 737 max joe jet. and a new report that the very same plane nearly crashed the day before and was saved by an offduty pilot in the right place at the right time. new overnight, crews finally douse that stubborn inferno at a chemical plant in texas burning for three straight days but this morning lingering health concerns. >> i don't think anybody can look at it and honestly say everything is fine.


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