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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 21, 2019 4:30am-4:59am PDT

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ad lib live picture - sf skyline welcome to thursday morning. can't believe it's already march 21st. taking a live look outside overlooking san francisco, known as the city by the bay. lots of visitors come here every year and now you know why. what a gorgeous place to live. thanks for joining us. this morning on the way to work, a change, no rain. >> it's not raining, so that's good. but we see changes tomorrow. here's a ranger. we'll enjoy one dry day in between the storm systems moving through. you seee tracking that area. fremont, once again a dry
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commute for you and sunshine today. start with mid 40s and head to the mid 50s later on. mike you're seeing some slowing out of castro valley? >> i am. clear conditions make it great for the clear crews but the road crews make it slow. there's construction on 238. but the big issue is the connector from 238 to 880. it's supposed to be picked up by 4:00, but it's a half hour later there. hopefully they'll clear soon because the rest of your commute is looking good. back to you. new this morning we're working to find out what led to. it happened overnight. this is the aftermath of a black suv after it hit a tree. fire crews arrived on the scene to find the driver not breathing and without a pulse.
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fi to actually cut that driver out of the suv. speed is believed to be a factor. >> a $19 million proposal is on the table for the city of san francisco to make it more of a smart city. some challenges lie ahead before it becomes a reality. >> pete joins us live from san francisco with the details. >> reporter: good morning to you, lauren, marcus, of all things this technology would involve street lights around the city. when you talk about sharing any type of data, that does raise concerns with privacy. so that's a challenge that this could face before becoming reality. the gold river based cooperation would install thousands ofs aro the ability to record video and audio and wireless service around the city.
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think of it as a smart phone installed in the lights. the technology have been tested with 60 of the cameras since may of last year. the devices can't be used to hear conversations but could detect flooding, gun shots or glass breaking. as we saw in the city of san jose who tried out the devices, the city no longer uses them. san francisco could be impacted by a piece of legislation imposed which imposes a number of requirements when it comes to new technology entering san francisco, specifically how it would be used and who has access to the data. according to the examiner, the supervisor wasn't aware of technology but his aide said this legislation about being transparent with the public. it will be discussed tonight wi technology. the board of supervisors could hold a hearing on that legislation as early as april
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12th. >> thanks, pete. uc berkeley already issuing public response to fiery accusations against the football team and coaching staff. she the assaults happened last season and she has medically withdrawn from the skoon. the school said in part, as is our policy when such referred to the matter to theh investigating such assertions. these go against the very core of our values. the school is saying the allegations remain confidential unless disciplinary action is taken. a pittsburgh woman accused of trying to kill her husband is expected to face the judge
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today. she faced an attempted murder charge, her husband remains on life support. he works as a principal at the adult education center. new for this this morning, reports of officer misconduct are down in san francisco. according to the examiner, the police department's report shows officers were flagged 831 times last year. that's down from nearly 1,000 in 2018. it comes as police report a 4% incident sfpd has been undergoing reforms since 2015. it is 4:35, a follow-up la rv from parking on city streets. council made that decision late tuesday night. they say they do realize many people living in rvs have been priced out of their homes.
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so the council agreed to make other options available, including making parking spaces available for a four-month period. >> this is a public health issue, we had been attempting to address it but the time had come to do something about it. >> they join other cities with rv bans. the ban still needs final approval. 4:36 right now, talk about bizarre behavior o look here a man giving himself a hair cut on the train. this is the latest viral video that has riders puzzled about the etiquette. b.a.r.t. said not against the rules. >> but a report says while it
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may not be against the rules it may impact the bottom line. >> he's shaving his head on the train. >> reporter: it doesn't bother jacob a bit. >> this isn't the worth thing i would see. >> i don't think i would bother to complain. >> reporter: she is complaining. she videotaped the man his head. >> this guy was grooming himself if you go to a salon or barber they have policies. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. passenger take video of people doing strange things all the time. this man was got shooting up, this man was caught brandishing a chain saw, he was arrested. we asked if the man on the train shaving his head was breaking
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any rules. >> no. i can't have people stop riding the system. it starts impacting everything that we're doing. >> reporter: she will continue riding b.a.r.t. and documenting what she sees. cheryl hurd, today in the bay. >> at least we know there are plug ins. give me a little edge passenger vehicle, listen up here. this is a new test that reveals which vehicles leave passenger more at risk of serious injury. there's a new movie pass competitor in town. the unlimited offer that will make for some pretty stiff competition. sometimes, the pressures of today's world can make it tough
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good today's top business headlines. wall street could open in the red this morning, dow futures are off 143 points and stocks slipped yesterday with the dow dropping more than 100 points as the investors reacted to the fed decisions to hit the pause button on interest rate hikes the rest of the year. that knocked down bank stocks. today we're watching for a report on the number of people filing for unemployment and earnings for nike. passengers in pickup trucks may be at higher risk for injury than the driver. most of the 11 models tested don't offer state of the art protection on the passenger side. only three got a good rating in
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front right side crash test, the ford 150, dodge ram, and the nissan titan. the toyota tundra cnbc it'll lo for ways to increase safety. alamo draft hou increase a plan that costs $20 a month for movies and lets you reserve your seats days in advance. 35 locations in 10 states, including one in san francisco. >> competition getting hot. >> pop the popcorn. we should stay outside today, it's dry. >> because the rain is coming. >> it will be coming tomorrow. so get outside today and enjoy it. here's a look at martinez in our forecast that starts out cool with some mid 40s.
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we'll be heading into the low 60s by early afternoon. we'll talk about our next round of rain coming up next. ad lib l
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america and a good thursday morning to you. taking a live look at transamerica building there, you can see out in san francisco nice and clear for us this morning. 4:46 for you right now. former "today" show coanchor katie cow rick opening up about her dating life. she said she went on a date with cory booker.
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she made the revelation on the wendy williams show. couric and booker attended a new york giants football game together, quote, a long time ago. but if you were wondering, what about a kiss? >> did we discukiss, no. >> really? did he told your hand across the parking lot. >> this is a long time ago. >> what's a long time ago? >> i think she's married now. she got remarried, her first husband passed away from colon cancer. she went on to say he was an incredible person and really nice. >> did she just give the nice personality line? >> she did. >> and there was no second date from what she was saying. >> they both seem like nice people. >> i'm surprised she was talking about it. >> i was not wondering about a kiss, though. >> i didn't either. >> i like to keep my personal life personal. let's move on to the
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weather. >> that's what everyone is going to be talking about, all the rain. and we're seeing more of it headed into the forecast. starts chilly this morning. dropped to parts of the 3 parts of the north bay. if you're on your way out the door in san jose, expect mid 40s over the next several hours. and with mostly clear skies it's going to warm up, but won't be as warm as the weather we had over the weekend. the reminder you need to take the allergy medication if you're allergic to any type of tree pollen. so as we go throughout the day, our temperatures will be nice. outside, bably want to spend a especially with the rain our temperatures reaching into the low 0s today, that's still cooler than normal. concord reaching 66 and 63 today in oakland.
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and some lower 60s in san francisco. north bay into the low 60s. we are going to see that rain coming back and some of the computer models showing a slight rain chance, especially in mou into the south bay this afternoon, but that may only be a few minutes. for form morning we wake up and see the rain moving into the north bay from 9:00 to 10:00, waves of showers off and on throughout the day tomorrow. and tapering off early saturday morning. it does showasthat can inside. additional rainfall totals may reach from a half to close to an inch of rain in the north bay, as well as the santa cruz mountains, the rest of us less than a half inch of rain. we are going to see wet weather and a slight chance on saturday as well. sunday is looking all day. and early next week we could see more rain moving in that will be off and on, especially through next week. mike you're seeing folks working
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late in the east bay? yes, their late work makes some people late for work or has the potential there. the green on our sensors, and not highlighting green, roadway, different conditions today. we have a jam traffic north 238. 880, the connecter still closed. it's supposed to be cleared at 4:00 now it's almost an hour late, that's why we're seeing the clog up. the areas are looking like more traffic flow. a lot more traffic coming out of the alta mont pass. a little bit of registering on damp roadways left over from the road index. lookingt smooth flow of traffic although you see a crew by high street, it's not closing high street. this morning an alameda county sheriff's deputy and his
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k-9 partner are recovering. they were hit on the side of the road. the deputy arrived to investigate a separate cash when he and his k-9 were inside the patrol car and they were hit by a speeding driver who lost control. the damage was bad on the back end. the good news is that both are expected to be okay. 4:50 right now. new this morning a university in fremont getting a stern warner, the acreditor of northwestern polytechnic is failing to put enough people in jobs. it comes after a mass i haive dn 2017. it was under fire after buzz feed published an investigation that the school used fake grades to graduate foreign citizens into jobs. the school denies those claims.
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lawmakers are pushing for package thieves to spend time in jail. a public safety committee is expected to discuss a bill by the end of the week. video of porch pirates can be found on nearly every street in the bay area. a few were caught or published. a new bill would allow police ce to book a misdemeanor for almost a year behind bars,t offenders could be charged with a felony and face up to three years. >> where you take something off of someone's front doorstep, that's a violation of someone's privacy and sense of self-. and there's quite a potential for violence. >> one item that committee is expected to address is whether more jail time will lead to overcrowding. deputies say if that's a problem, the jails can adapt. soon you can see more car free streets in san francisco.
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the sfmta is now studying which treats could be restricted to muni only. 4:52 coming up on in the bay. >> a gift that flies but customer service that crashesand and happening now, another push to delay brexit. there's eight days before britain is scheduled to leave the block. and today prime minister theresa may is trying get them to delay the deal. right now it's a no deal departure that could hammer the economy. more news right after this break. san leandro woman w
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4:55 for you right now an nbc bay area responds to a woman whose high flying purchase wounded up grounded along with her cash. >> nbc responds parachuted in to help. >> sondra hopwood said she spent $124 on a drone kit last year. it was supposed to be a christmas grift but the seller didn't deliver in time. so sondra expected a $124 refund after she cancelled but gryphon didn't deliver that either. we contacted them and they said we verified and noticed there was a technical error and proceeded to do the refund. sondra landed her $124 refund. little known fact, the federal
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trade commission says companies are supposed to deliver items within 30 days of your order and if not, they should receive written permission to delay the shipment or refund you in full. so the next time an order is late and you're about to call customer service. google ftc mail order rule first, read it, and politely reference that knowledge with the ref. if that doesn't help maybe we can help. >> thanks, chris. is the warriors are back in oakland tonight hosting the pacers. >> we're seeing a new side of kevin durant that we haven't seen before, pizza delivery man. durant delivering pizzas to two young fans at the hotel the warriors were staying in minneapolis monday night. kd met the boys' father in the
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elevator and decided to surprise >>em. o kidding. coming up today on the bay, carrie has a look at the forecast. >> we better get outside and enjoy it today. we're in between the storms enjoying some dry weather. los gatos heading into the upper 50s later today. looking at dublin, we have westbound traffic. we'll tell you what those folks won't meet up with coming up. for 50 years, cracker barrel
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new colgate total. do more for your whole mouth. to sign an executive order today upholding free speech on college campuses. action. president trump to sign an executive order today upholding free speech on college campuses. it comes after clashes like these at cal two years ago. but the president's action being overshadowed. a live report o escalating feuds coming up. governor newsom's plan to bring clean water into low income areas. >> pet smart gets a visit from a steer. the reason the farmer brought him to the pet store. that's really huge horns. good morning and thanks for joining us. first we want to start with the weather. for us today that means we can get out and enjoy today.
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>> today looks really good. tomorrow the rain will be back. so we're in between these systems. you want to make sure you


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