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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 21, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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has been dealing with for decades. later. they slept on us. they didn't think we'd make it but we did. >> we did. march madness starts in faew hours. st. mary's ready to dance. we're talking to people on campus. today in the bay continues right now. good morning to you and thanks for joining us i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. we have a look at the commute in a bit. but first we want to start with the forecast. karri thank you for today. >> thank you. i appreciate that. tomorrow i don't know if you'll be thanking me for it. i'll take the credit now. we are going to see sunshine today and it starts out cool. here's a live look outside oakland as you head out the door. grab a jacket we'll be in the upper 40s through 8:00, reaching into the upper 50s by early
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afternoon. for many, highs reaching into the low to mid 0 60s. we'll talk about the rain coming up. contra costa county great coming in slowing for highway 4 out of concord, typical. west 80 that's your commute direction off the bridge, slowing past highway 4 approaching cutting boulevard. this crash may have one vehicle in the middle lane, that's why it's so much slowing. otherwise it's an easy drive down towards the bay bridge. eastbound has a number of lanes blocked by paving work. vas koe, that may be an issue for folks headed down from brentwood. no big problems reported from chp. recovery through palo alto we'll show you that. we want to start with breaking news. three suspicious fires including one at a blood donation center
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after firefighters asking questions right now. >> someone set trash cans or dumpsters onfire in the early morning hours. >> reporter: laura and marcus, san mateo fire and police just left the scene here within the last 15 minutes or so. before they left they told us they had reports from witnesses that people were seen running from the fire scenes and they say they'll be checking the surveillance video from the building nearby as soon as the business owners start to show up for the day. i want to show you where the most destructive fire happened. it is in the alley way behind second avenue where there's a group of trash cans outside the blood donation center. a san mateo fire battalion chief said someone set those trash cans on fire which damaged a window but not too much of the building until the heat from the
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fire trick erred the sprinklers inside the building now the building has water damage. the fire on east third avenue was contained to the trash can outside joseph a. banks. a third fire was reported at a parking garage but we couldn't see it when we drove by. investigators say the fires are suspicious and they're going to be trying to track down the suspect or suspects. >> thanks for hustling out there. it is 6:03 right now. uc berkeley in the spotlight as president trump is set to sign an executive order upholding free speech on college campuses. it's been a huge debate there for 50 years but especially back in 2015 when large crashes broke out at pro-trump rallies. four members of the college say they've been invited to the
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signing. but his actions being overshadowed by comments about late senator john mccain. tracie potts joins us. a lot of people are saying these comments are very insensitive, putting politics aside. >> reporter: even some republicans. people who are generally supportive of the president not necessarily supportive of him going after john mccain four days in a row. today president trump is expected to sign an executive order that could deny federal funds to colleges that prevent free speech. but it's his speech getting attention. >> it's deplorable what he said. >> reporter: again attacking the late senator john mccain. >> i gave him the kind of funeral that he wanted, which as president i had to approve. i don't care about this. i didn't get thank you, that's okay. we sent him on the way. but i wasn't a fan. >> reporter: at a jobs event in ohio, president trump spent five
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minutes railing against mccain giving a russian dossier to the fbi and the vote that saved obamacare. even republicans are turned off. >> i think the president's comments about senator mccain hurt him than they hurt the legacy of senator mccain. >> reporter: the president also going after george conway, frequent critic and aide of kellyanne conway. >> he's a whack job no question about it. >> reporter: like the rest of the country -- >> let it come out. let people see it. >> reporter: -- president trump said he's eager to see robert mueller's report on russian election interference. >> i won one of the greatest elections now i have someone writing a report. >> reporter: denouncing, mueller, conway, mccain, all while tracking credit for saving jobs. 6:05, just in a recall alert that has to do with baby cough
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syrup. the brand sold at dollar general stores may cause vomiting and diarrhea. the brand is called dg health naturals cough syrup plus mucus. the company said it has not received any reports of illnesses. now to new zealand just days after two deadly mosque shootings, the government there immediately banning sales of semiautomatic rifles and high capacity magazines. the country offering to buy back weapons. the gunman killed 50 people on friday. word of new zealand's move to change the laws of guns there. was good news for a lot of people attending a vigil in san francisco last night. congressman eric swalwell spoke about standing up to us lawmais
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phob phobia. a reported setback for the oakland police department and its long struggle to free itself from federal oversite that started 16 years after a brutality case, that riders scandal, where dozens of reforms were ordered. according to the chronical, a court ordered monitor finds the department is not complying with those reforms, that includes reviewing police shootings and in custody death. the reviewer cited the handling of one police shooting last year. they said the slide started with the new police chief two years ago. now to a today in the bay follow-up for you. the ongoing battle over rvs taking another turn. the mount view votes to ban rvs from parking on the streets. they say more and more people are living in the rvs and there
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needs to be regulation. many are priced out of their homes and apartments and resort to living in the rvs. the city council is making other options available, including opening up parking spaces for a one-time four-month period starting in november. >> this is a public health and safety issue. and we have been attempting to address it. but the time had finally come to do something about it. >> the rv ban won't take effect until the city council revisits the ordinance at a future meeting. 6:08 now to a today in the bay follow-up. richmond city council abandoned a plan to annex north richmond. a recent city report found the annexation would be a money loser and they assumed the process might get bogged down in protests. and a survey of residents show
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they don't want to be annexed. rain is expected to fall on and off tomorrow. during the the first spring storm yesterday some hail hit spots so high it piled up like snow. this accumulated on roads, sidewalks and roofs. and the heavy rain actually created a lot of flooding for streets and highways, trapping drivers during their evening commute. nothing we should be worried about here. >> we're going to start with dry conditions this morning with highway 101 a dry commute for you. heading toward evergreen you will need a jacket with temperatures cooler than yesterday. we're in the low 40s and warming up as we go into the afternoon. we're still not going to be up to our normal high of 66 degrees. but i think we'll enjoy it and take it with that sun. we'll talk about our incoming storm for tomorrow coming up,
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mike you're checking in on the commute through palo alto. >> as promised. northbound 101 cleared but there are about five minutes of slower drive once again north from university up to marsh. an earlier crash at willow cleared but i think there was some debris. the speed sensors show a similar situation there going back to green as you saw on the live camera. east bay that's where you see the activity, not a lot of it. slowing through 680 pleasanton. and this just cleared as well westbound 80 you see the recovery for the speed sensors. slow from highway 4 down to the area. so that means about a half hour, a little more than half hour from highway 4 to the bay bridge. have you heard of this one before, a farmer and a steer walk into a store -- this was not a joke. it really happened. still ahead. this wild video that has the
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internet not buzzing, but mooing. >> speaking of moving, let's dance. what st. mary's fans told our morning team ahead of today's game. and where you'll be able to watch this afternoon.
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good thursday morning. right now at 6:13 we wake up to dry weather across the bay area. here's a live look outside in
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walnut creek as we go throughout the day the temperatures go from the mid 40s to the low 60s today and we get the sunshine. but tomorrow rain is back. i'll have more on that and sierra snow in less than five minutes. the roadway conditions are great. smooth flow of traffic. but we're looking at the upper east shore freeway. i'll show you what's going on and what's cleared. good morning. here are today's top business headlines. wall street could open in the red this morning, stocks slipped yesterday, the dow dropped more than 100 points as investors reacted to the federal reserves position to hid pause on the interest hikes the rest of the year. that knocked bank stocks lower and pulled down the broader market. today we're watching for a report on the people filing
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unemployment and earnings from nike. >> passengers in pickup trucks may be less safe than drivers. most of the 11 models tested do not offer state of the art protection on the passenger side. only three got a good rating, the ford f 150, dodge ram 1500 and the nissan titan, in right front crash testing. toyota tundra has the worst rating. alamo draft house is planning to launch a movie subscription service by the end of the year. they've been testing the program in a small selection of theatres. it'll cost $20 a month and let you see unlimited movies and you can reserve your seats days in advance. alamo has 30 locations.
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are you ready to dance? >> always. i am. >> the big day is here. >> later today the gals are going to the big dance in the ncaa tournament taking on the defending champs villanova. and fans say they're ready for the gails to go all the way. >> i think st. mary's will surprise villanova. >> it'll be a good game. we'll see what happens. they proved that anything can happen with those guys. >> tipoff 4:15 this afternoon and there are over 20 different watch parties planned, two are on campus at dry den hall. in san francisco you can watch the game at the golden gate tap room. the athletic club in oakland also hosting a watch party. and over at the office in san jose's willow glen. that's where i'll be rooting on the gails. we posted a full list on our
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website, and join us for our midday news fast we'll have live coverage. san jose getting ready for the invasion of march madness practice getting under way this morning for eight teams set to play. tipoff around 1:00 is tomorrow. they better work fast. coming up at 6:50 we'll share our brackets with you as well. you can see what teams we think will go all the way. not something you see every day here but a texas rancher steers his oversize pet into petco. his goal testing petco's claim that all leashed pets are welcome. that's oliver there. he passes the test, welcomed to the pet store there. these type of bolls.
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this is an african watusi steer, they typically weigh about 1600 pounds. a big boy. >> sometimes they give dogs treats. i wonder what they gave oliver. >> a pound of meat. >> my dog one of his favorite chew hides from a steer. if he saw where it came from, okay i'll lay off. >> never mind. kari has a look at our forecast. rain yesterday, a dry one today. >> that doesn't last that lorng. we'll see rain coming back tomorrow. so make sure to get outside today. as you're walking out the door this morning in san francisco you'll notice low clouds, maybe misting and drizzling at times. the seven day forecast is coming up at the bottom of the screen. check out the san jose school day forecast. kids need a jacket headed to school.
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a cool start to the day. but the time you pick them up, in the low 60s with sunshine. you probably already know that the tree pollen has been pretty high. it's moderate on the scale. we've seen mostly elm, juniper and cedar trees. our temperatures today heading into the low to mid 60s, antioch will reach up to 65 degrees. we see a high of 64 in napa, and san francisco reaching out 60 degrees. the rain we had yesterday now pushing across southern california. you can see the dry air in between and then the clouds approaching with our next storm tomorrow. we see a slight chance of rain over the santa cruz mountains. overall staying dry. and by tomorrow morning, 9:00 to 10:00 we see rain moving into the north bay and the rest of us seeing the rain mostly during the afternoon to evening hours, this could linger into our
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saturday. we'll be watching for the rain chances and our rainfall totals look to be a tenth to a quarter of an inch. there may be some spots like the north bay and santa cruz mountains that get closer to an inch of rain. going to the sierra, still seeing some snow coming down this weekend. see an additional 3 to 6 inches of snow this weekend. we'll also see some off and on rain but it looks mostly off for saturday afternoon into sunday. that's your chance to get outside before more rain comes back early next week. mike, you're watching a couple of spots? >> yes. not a flurry of incidents like there are when it rains like yesterday. peninsula no build, good recovery slowing across the san mateo. west highway 4 out of bay point, typical slowing there. heavy into concord.
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lone tree way, highway 4 there is a crash. but for the rest of the community through contra costa county looking great. recovery for westbound 80 still slow approaching cutting boulevard but the crash did clear from the lanes but because the crash was there, it was about 41 minutes in the drive. it's recovering to 34 minutes. that's not bad. you have the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. and in oakland after a crash cleared, no problems past the coliseum. northbound with the headlights, southbound with the taillights. still ahead, a historic morning for a san francisco company, the dress code change on the new york stock exchange. a gift that flies but customer service that crashes and burns, nbc bay area
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responds. did you enjoy the first spring storm? kari's first daughter did. check out this video she shared. instead of complaining about this race, get out and dance in the puddles. you can follow kari on instagram for ongoing forecast there with the updates as well as cute videos. >> i think we have a future p meteorologist in the making. >> i this so too or a dancer. we'll be right back.
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it is 6:24 for you right now. and nbc bay area responds to a woman whose high flying purchase wound up grounded along with her crash. >> chris and his team parachuted in to help. >> sondra hopwood said she spent $124 on a drone kit last year. it was supposed to be a christmas gift but the seller didn't deliver in time for christmas. so sondra expected a $124 refund after she cancelled. but gryphon didn't deliver that either so she connected us. when we contacted them, they said we verified and noticed there was a technical error and proceeded to do the refund directly. sondra landed her $124 refund. little known fact the federal trade commission says companies
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are supposed to deliver merchandise within 30 days of your order and if not they should obtain written permission to delay the shipment or refund you in full. so the next time an order is late and you're about to call customer service, google ftc mail order rule first, read it and politely reference that knowledge with the rep. if that doesn't do the job maybe we can help. 888-996-tips or online at nbc bay area responds. coming up making san francisco smarter but a new plan leading to some residents and visitors to have some privacy concerns. the added technology the city may see which may let the city see you. >> firsexual harassment allegats
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against cal's football team and coaching staff. what was it in the california sky that scared people, what it turned out to be no shock at all. you're watching today in the bay. right now at 6:30--
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)levi strauss ) goes public. the san francisco company is right now at 6:30 levie strauss going public. the san francisco company ringing the opening bell right now in new york city. take a look. traders can start buying the stock in the clothing company. they're actually wearing jeans, jean jackets. not usually allowed on the floor of the stock exchange, but they
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changed the rules for levi's this morning. we'll track the stock for you this morning. thanks for joining us. >> maybe we should have had jeans on today. >> we're rocking the st. mary's colors today. >> yeah. >> as they play in the big dance later on. first want to check the forecast. a clear day? >> it is a clear day. you but need your jean jacket on this morning because temperatures start chilly. here's a look at san jose highway 101, no showers coming down. as we go throughout the day we keep the dry conditions. temperatures go from the low 40s to low 50s, eventually hitting 60s. tomorrow rain is back. mike, you're studying the view at the bay bridge. >> it's what i do. the lanes off to the left approach didn't take much studying, you can tell they're lightening up, it's mostly the
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fast track lanes that have the backup. there's crash or chp activity in the parking lot area. no lanes blocked on the approach or departure. upper east recovers so a better flow of traffic for west 80. the earlier crash at cutting has cleared. no major problems throughout the bay, this is good. the southbound, northbound routs all show your typical pattern. uc berkeley is responding to allegations that members of cal's football team, including the coaching staff sexually harassed a former student. >> reporter: the former student has made her allegations public in a lengthy statement that she posted on her facebook page, a post which has already received thousands of responses and hundreds of comments and shares. the young woman accuses some of the cal football players and coaches of sexually harassing
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here last season during her time with the team's sports medicine unit. she said one member of the coaching staff said to her, quote, i will get you fired if you do not have sex with me. espn is reporting that that person was a volunteer assistant who's no longer with the prog m program. she's said another coach suggested they go to the pool together because she would look great in this a bikini. she's since withdrawn from the school for treatment. she said one reason she's going public is because she said the athletic director and football coach did not respond to her complaints last fall. cal did release a statement yesterday, as is our policy when such assertions are made we have immediately referred the matter to the campus office for the prevention of harassmentle and discrimination, which is
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responsible for investigating such assertions. these allegations go against the core of our values. and the allegations remain confidential unless additional action is taken. 6:33 right now. we want to show you live pictures of san francisco. a $19 million proposal on the table for the city of san francisco to make it more of a smart city. but some challenges lie ahead before it can become reality. pete is joining us live from san francisco with those details. pete? >> reporter: good morning to you marcus. this technology we're talking about involves street lights and the use of cameras. that's why people are concerned from a privacy end as far as where that information will go that's being recorded through these street lights. i want to talk about this technology here. this is according to the san francisco examiner, the gold river base any come holding cooperation is proposing the
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installation of thousands of lights that can record video and audio. 60 of these devices have been tested in parts of san francisco since last may. devices reportedly can't hear conversations but can be used to detect things such as flooding, gun shots or glass breaking. there's some level of concern when it comes to the data shared by these devices as it comes to the city of san jose piloting these devices. before any purchase made, it has to pass the test of a piece of legislation by the board of supervisors, that has a number of requirements, specifically how the data is used and who has access to the data. the purpose of the legislation is all about being transparent with the public. the board of supervisors could hold a hearing on this legislation as early as april 12th.
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we're live here in san francisco. sounds interesting. 6:many right now. new this morning reports of officer misconduct down in san francisco. according to the examiner, the police department's report shows officers were flagged 831 times last year. that's down from nearly 1,000 in 2017. now the decline comes as police report a 4% drop of the total number of incidents in which an officer used force. sfpd has been undergoing reforms since the police shooting of mario woods in 2015 and other incidents. a pittsburgh woman accused of trying to kill her husband is expected to face a judge today. she faces an attempted murder charge. at last chuck her husbaeck her remains on life support following last week's shooting. she's expected in court for an arraignment this afternoon. new for you this morning a
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concerning redevelopment out of lax. health officials now confirm another case of measles involving a passenger. they said that person arrived on board a united airlines flight that touched down march 5th. that person also visited a santa monica rental car company. health officials previously reported a measles case from a china eastern passenger. the two cases are not being related. mystery in the sky is solved. many people in los angeles were buzzing last night about a bright light in the downtown area. some wondering if it was a meteor. it was a stunt by a red bull air force to celebrate the final super moon of the year. they jumped from a hospitaelico 4,000 feet from the city in
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custom winged suits. a little hollywood magic. mike? i love how near hollywood people's first assumption is an alien invasion. we're not being invaded by much slowing on the maps. we have a little intruding 880 south. westbound does have the build for 92. this one spot, i've been tracking this crash 124, just outside the tunnel, there's a quick traffic break. the crash hadn't been causing slowing, the traffic break to completely clear is causing slowing. it's better before it clears in the next few minutes. but no problems as you get toward the bay bridge toll plaza. cruising toward that weekend now. >> almost to friday, which means weekend fun. >> weekend fun and i think for the most part the weather will be clearing out. we are looking better on that front but there still will be slight rain chances. i don't think you should cancel any of your outdoor plans.
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cool for the coast, 58 degrees, 60 for the bay and 62 inland areas. sunday is the pick of the weekend. warmer temperatures and sunshine. inland valleys reaching up to 67 degrees and the coast near 60 degrees. we have a lot of celebrations going on this weekend including the holi festival in fremont, going there it'll be about 57 degrees to start, reaching the low 60s into the afternoon and notice the sunshine in the tri-valley. by saturday we start to see the rain moving out, temperatures reaching 62 degrees and a mix of sun and clouds on sunday. 65 degrees. if you're going to the sierra this weekend, heads up there will be a mix of rain and snow. by saturday we could see more snow flurries coming down, maybe a great time to be there and enjoy that, seeing some know snow. and looking at our weather clearing on sunday as you head back to the bay area, we reach 46 degrees there. russian river valley expect the
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temperatures to reach into the mid 50s tomorrow, and as it clears out we'll see the highs in the lower 60s. we have nice weather for parts of the bay area like caramel valley. 61 is the high on saturday. and up to 64 on sunday. i'm keeping track of everything going on. so fill me in on what you're doing this weekend. we'll talk about today coming in about three minutes. next, breaking news, an arson investigation along the peninsula. the blood donation center and a men's clothing store that may have been targeted. plus the governor proposes a new water fee. what he wants the money for and how much you pay. later katie couric's love life bombshell. her surprising reveal. the current presidential candidate she once went on a date with. looking at the big board you
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can see right now dow just 6 points there. stocks fell today after the federal reserve latest policy announcement sparked some worries about the u.s. economy while shares of biogen dragged down the health care sector.
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the time is 6:42 and no rain this morning. we can leave the umbrellas at home. here's a look outside at palo
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alto great morning commute, temperatures in the mid 40s. we'll see a mix of sun and clouds today and the highs reaching into the upper 50s. we'll talk about the sierra and bay area rain in 5 minutes. >> it's not the bay bridge or the maize that's the problem. it's highway 24 in orinda. in the backup we have a disabled camper in the lanes. we'll get more detail from chp. 6:43 right now. a live look at downtown san mateo this morning where firefighters managed to put out a string of suspicious fires. the biggest in an alley way off of second afternoon, burned trash cans outside a blood donation center caused damage. on capitol hill today uc
6:44 am
berkeley in the spotlight as president trump is expected to sign an executive order upholding free speech on college campuses. it's been a huge debate there for 50 years especially in 2017 when large clashes broke out when pro-trump rallies were met by protesters. new for you this morning working to find out what led to a deadly crash in san jose it happened overnight. you can see the aftermath that black suv after it hit a tree. fire crews arrived on scene to find that driver not breathing and without a pulse. firefighters had to cut the driver out of the suv. speed is believed to be a factor in the incident. governor newsom wants to tap into a fund to cover the coast f cleaning unhealthy drinking water.
6:45 am
right now a million californians have unhealthy tap water in their home. the governor is suggesting they pay up to $10 a month to clean it up. his idea is not knew. a similar proposal died in the legislature last year, some believe it faces an uphill battle getting around this time as well. a lot of people are wondering if former fbi director james comey will talk about president trump and his abrupt firing when he appears in the bay area area tonight. he's appearing as part of a celebrity speaker series but don't expect news coverage, the mead is not invited. a bit of a backfire for congressman devin nunes, remember he filed that lawsuit against twitter, suing twitter for negligence and the owners of several ined includes including one call nunes cow, which turned
6:46 am
t -- the publicity turned it into an oversight sensation. former "today" show coanchor katie couric opening up about her dating life she said she went on a blind date with cory booker. she made the revelation on the wendy williams show. what happened at the end of the date? >> did we kiss? no, we did not kiss. >> really? >> he was really nice. >> did he hold your hand across the parking lot? >> this was a long time ago. >> she went on to say the senator was an incredible person and really nice. >> they would have got married he could have been cory couric. >> it was hard to read that.
6:47 am
march madness begins today, earlier we showed you the excitement on st. mary's campus. we're excited in studio as well, right? >> yeah. >> right? >> yes. >> i'm rooting for st. mary's going to beat villanova tonight. the final four these are my picks. i think duke might take it here. >> let's look at mine. we think alike. >> there we go. >> duke taking it all the way. i have uk as well. not a big fan of u.k. but i think they'll go far. >> mike loves kentucky. >> at least to bust everybody's bracket. i know these are just the second seeds but we're trying to get them up to the final four. i'm taking the chance because duke is a strong power house there, i'm going to try to beat you on an offday for some of these guys. >> kari staying true to her alma mater. >> i'm from kentucky but i think
6:48 am
the team is young so i'm going with mississippi state all the way. >> we'll keep track of the dingstan and how we're doing and keep you posted. not that you're planning on watching at work, right? >> checking work product here. >> 4:15 this afternoon the gails take on villanova. and a clear day. >> it's a day where you may be looking out the window a little bit more often, looking at the tv, out the window. it's going to be nice out there. if you're stuck inside having to work, san francisco starts out with a few clouds. we get filtered sunshine today. if you're out to the dublin b.a.r.t. station, a chilly start with low 40s, heading to the upper 50s by 1:00 today and the low 60s by this afternoon. still cooler than normal but we'll take it as we see a break in the rain. 62 degrees in concord.
6:49 am
san francisco today reaching 60 degrees. this is the system we had yesterday now bringing rain and thunderstorms for southern california. and we also see the break with some clearing conditions in between. and then the clouds start to reach in going into early tomorrow morning ahead of the next storm system as we plan it out and time it out today, there still looks to be a slight chance of rain over the santa cruz mountains. over all a dry day. the rain moves in mainly after the morning commute for the north bay and becoming more widespread for the bay area going into tomorrow afternoon and gradually tapering off on saturday. some models keep a chance of rain in the forecast on saturday. so you just want to have that in your plans that there still may be a few spotty showers moving through. the overall trend will be for us to get about a quarter to close to a half inch of rain. another pretty good soaking while the sierra gets a light dusting of snow.
6:50 am
mostly above 6,000 feet. getting about 3 to 6 inches of snow for some of our resorts. on saturday afternoon, it looks all dry. then sunday mostly sunny, warming up, it does cool off early next week, a stronger storm system may be headed our way. do you have another problem for highway 24, mike? >> we do. two issues for highway 24. i know that's not a lot but a bad time and place for highway 24, the build coming off the walnut creek interchange, heading toward the tunnel. we told you there's a traffic break approaching fish ranch road, that needs to be cleared to the shoulder. some kids involved there. the kids are not injured from what we understand but still a concern. in the back up a disabled vehicle, it's a camper that may have been bumped by another car and that complicates things for westbound 24. got my eyes peeled on that crash
6:51 am
because it could be a major complication. south bay and peninsula and east bay show a standard if not light commute. southbound getting away from los gatos. a crash blocks one of two lanes. the distraction has the slowing northbound and there may be a second crash around summit. when the back upforms suddenly we have secondary crashes sometimes. happening now, another push to delay brexit. there's just eight days before britain is scheduled to leave the european union. and today british prime minister theresa may is trying to persuade leaders to delay it for three months. experts worry about chaos erupting if britain leaves the european union without a plan. a look at the top stories, it's a big morning for levi's, just filing its i.p.o., going
6:52 am
public in the last 20 minutes. how things are going so far and what it means for the san francisco company. and president trump calling for the robert mueller report to be public. the "today" show has expert legal analysis to understand what these new developments will mean. we're back in 2 minutes with more news. you're watching "today in the bay".
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in the bay-- you. welcome back before you head out the door, it is 6:54 here are the top stories on today in the bay. >> levi returns to the stock market. you can own a piece, not just the jeans. levi rang the opening bell on the new york stock exchange clad in a lot of den anymoim, usuall allowed on the floor of the stock exchange but celebrating the return of the san francisco company to start its trading once again. 6:55 in this hour, recall alert has to do with baby cough syrup, a brand of syrup sold at dollar general stores may cause vomiting, diarrhea and may be fatal. the brand, dg health naturals
6:56 am
baby cough syrup plus mucus may be contaminated with bacteria. >> new for you this morning a reported setback for the oakland police department and its long struggle to free itself from federal oversight. dozens of the reforms were ordered and the court order monitor finds that the department is complying with the reforms, especially in police shootings and in custody deaths. the monitor cited the handling of one deadly police shooting last year. he said the recent backsliding dates to the changes in leadership two years ago when police chief ann kirkpatrick took over. following a developing story at uc berkeley, a former student is accusing members of the football team and coaching staff
6:57 am
of sexual harassment. she said it happened while she was working last season for the team's sports medicine unit. we received this statement from the university and it says as is our policy when such assertions are made, we have immediately referred the matter to the campus office for the prevention of harassment and discrimination, which is responsible for investigating such assertions. these allegations go against the very core of our values. new for you this morning, a $19 million proposal is on the table for the city of san francisco to make it more of a smart city. here's a live look for you right now. the technology would involve street lights, but it raises concern for folks worried about their privacy. that's because the lights can record video and awe owe. they can't hear conversations but could be used to detect flooding, gun shots and even glass breaking. the legislation will be discussed tonight during the committee meeting.
6:58 am
if you're headed out to fill up your tank this morning, gas prices surging across the nation. in san francisco, the average price for regular $3.58. in oakland and san jose $3.43. the average price for a gallon of regular gas has surged to $2.58. you're probably not a multimillionaire this morning but neither is anyone else because of the jackpot. no one was lucky enough to match all six numbers in the powerball drawing. i pulled over and bought a ticket yesterday. the triplets were like why are you buying that, you're rich already? i said, i am in many ways. >> but it would be nice to win. >> good for the kids. >> you're rich until they go to
6:59 am
college. >> that's why i need to win the lotto. >> so we are all hopeful today and going to have some sunshine. we are going to see some rain coming back into the bay area starting tomorrow lingering into saturday morning. sunday looks nice and we could possibly be trafficking anothers a mos fear as a mos fearic river into next week. mostly a good commute but 24 is having problems. most of the bay looks great. west 24 jammed up heading into orinda and oakland as well. looks like the crash at fish ranch road have cleared because speeds are improving. a disabled camper in the back causing more problems for folks on 24. >> the same area with the gails
7:00 am
play. >> hopefully some cheering. >> a lot of cheering today. tune in for our midday forecast. >> we have more news coming up for you at 7:25. it's going to be a great day out there. no rain. good bring it on. president trump pushes for the public release of the mueller report. >> let it come out. >> this morning, anticipation building in the nation's capital. could the results of the independent counsel's investigation be handed over to the attorney general in the next few days? we're live at the white house. breaking news overnight. new zealand announces a ban on all assault rifles. >> the time for the easy availability of these weapons must end. today, they will. >> the swift action taken by the prime minister less than a


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