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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  March 21, 2019 5:00pm-5:29pm PDT

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take care of their students. >> reporter: paige does not name the alleged aggressors, but claims one coachhome after prac. she says another coach snuck her no a stadium office late at night. paige admits she was under the influence at the time and claims the coach kissed her and pushed her against the wall before she left. and probably the most alarming accusation, paige says that same coach told her if she did not have sex with him he would get her fired. >> it should be common knowledge for you to just do your job and not you know, sexually harass a student. >> reporter: on the night before a home game, that same coach told her to meet him at the hotel roo at the clairemont. she was afraid of losing her position. when he started taking off his clothes, she began to cry, and he told her to leave the room. the university is investigating.
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>> and i hope they find out what's really going on. >> reporter: now paige says that she reached out to cal's athletic director, jim knowlton about those allegations and says she never got a response from him. but today we are aware he september osent out an e-mail to donors and members of the football team and that his staff is cooperating with the investigation. i'm melissa colorado, nbc bay area news. >> we will continue to update the story online. plus find out more details about the cal football program on our home page. a man's near coyote creek in san jose. at this hour, investigators are searching the area for any clues. this is near the metcalfe power plant off monterey road. a dive team is also on scene. no other details have been given to us. so far, no foul play is
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suspected. two days after getting an earful, the santa clara county supervisor is proposing changes to the sanctuary policy. the goal is to prevent another heinous murder like the bambi larsson homicide. the news was broken on twitter and we're live in san jose with the specifics. >> reporter: here's what the supervisor, corps tasy is proposing, and it would have law enforcement officers reengaging on the warrant system. in the wake of a brutal murder, supervisors got an earful both for and against the county sanctuary policy meeting. >> policies that prote predators must end immediately. >> bambi larsson would be alive today if this board did not have this horrible, horrible law on their books.
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>> reporter: the debate reignited after this man was arrested. he is an undocumented immigrant from el salvador with a long rap sheet. they repeatedly refused to hold him for deportation after the agency filed prior detainers on him. today supervisor corps tasy said they should be working with i.c.e. >> to reengage i.c.e. and ask them to get on an arrest warrant system for us, so everybody knows what's going on real time, and there's not communication break down. >> reporter: in other words, cortese suggests i.c.e. should have issued an arrest warrant after one of h prior issued thre arrest warrants all last year and the sheriffs complied each time. >> we're trying to make some yes, ma'am promp improvements so there can be enough communication, enough notification.
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>> reporter: cortese is also working on a beddtter notificatn system upon the release of a violent criminal from jail. the smoke has cleared, and we're now getting a first look at the two guys setting garbage cans on fire in downtown san mateo. this is on second avenue near el camino. those two men set three fires. one was outside of a blood donation center, the second in a parking garage and the third fire outside of a joseph a. bank clothing store. remembering a dark day in oakland's history. the oakland police department held a memorial to commemorate the men and women who lost their lives on the job. it falls on the suspected rapist. at the time it was the most
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members of law enforcement killed in a single event since the 9/11 attacks. the oakland police chief was at the memorial to honor the lives lost. >> this is a day to honor, a day to remember, and to let everyone know, we will never forget. >> the oakland police department has lost a total of 49 officers in the line of duty. president trump has made it official, universities must protect free speech for all students. if not, they risk losing millions of dollars in federal funding. this was all prompted by that violent attack recently on the cal campus. during today's signing ceremony, the president accused schools of being hostile toward conservative viewpoints. now last month you might recall, conservative activist haden williams was attacked. here's that violent video, at cal while representing a conservative group. he was punched in the face. uc berkley says they have spent
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be heard safely on campus. >> they should appropriate frpr speech, not silence free speech. >> to me that is an overreaction. >> the suspect in that attack is facing felony charges. neither are cal students. after 22 months, robert mueller could finally be submitting his report to the attorney general. did the trump campaign collude with russia in the 2016 election? the report should give us clear answers. today speculation that report could be submitted very soon. attorney general william barr and his deputy a.g. why sighted at the white house, but we're told it's not related to the report. the a. gchblts will decide how much if any of it should be made public. president trump said he's okay with that and he wants everyone to see that report.
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another facebook security breach. and this involves your password. the social network admits it stored 600 million passwords without encryption. that means facebook employees could easily see those passwords and potentially access your account. it will notify users whose accounts may have been compromised. so far the company says it has not found any misuse of the data. a first of its kind clinic in san francisco is trying to address a sensitive subject. the long-standing differences i people and darker people. we are joined live with the potentially revolutionary idea, sam? >> reporter: it certainly could be. good evening. dr. jenna luster created this program last november with a very simple mission, to create a space where patients and
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specifically patients of color can have their skin understood and be cared for in their office. >> i can be bringing someone to care who hasn't been in care for a long time. >> reporter: dr. jenna luster is one powerful clinician and trail blazer for patients of color whose skin care outcomes for conditions like melanoma have historically lagged behind. >> their five-year survival rates are lower than white patients. in one part that has to do with the fact that there's this misheld belief that black people can't get skin cancer. >> repor brown graduate is making her family and many families proud with the skin of color program that's already paying dividends for patients. >> how are you? >> oh, my god. >> reporter: she advocated for diversity and equality of ucsf
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staff back in the '60s and '70s. needless to say, she was overjoyed to walk in and find jenna as her treating physician. >> just a whole flood of memories came pack, and remembering all the protests that we went through and all the letters that we wrote to the chancellors. >> reporter: lester says the early returns and reactions have been telling. >> what diagnosis we make or whether there's a delay in diagnosis. >> reporter: patients are surprised to see her and discover a new kind of medicine. >> i think your attention to dichbt dichb differences comes with training andnowledge that those differences exist. >> reporter: she is trying spark an interest with students because doctors of color are underrepresented and ucsf is trying to correct that. they are the famous parrots on telegraph hill, but their future could be in danger.
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the stunning new discovery about what's making them sick. also giving the gift of music to someone who cherishes the gift of life. how one man's gesture is helping a teenager fighting to stay alive, part of our bay area live series. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri, another round of rain is on the way. we'll put the timeline on this, let you know how much we'll get for friday and the change coming this weekend in about seven minutes. but a new study says ths
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of telegraph hill are being exposed to rat poison. they are world famous, but a
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new study says the parrots of telegraph hill are being exposed to rat poison. it's unclear how they're being exposed to the poison. the study was published in the journal "class one", between 2003 and 2018 more than 150 parrots were treated. they were being poisoned. >> unable to stand, rolling and tumbling. they frequently had seizures. they weren't able to stay upright. and many of them died in pretty short order. >> researchers say it's critical to determine how the parrots are coming in contact with this rat poison. they are now raising funds for the next phase of their study. not quite the payday that many thought he would get. colin kaepernick settled his lawsuit ens the nfl recently, and the money he's getting is a lot less than expected. "the wall street journal" reports that he will receive
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less than $10 million total. it's not clear how the money will be divided. to put that into perspective, kaepernick's base salary was nearly $12 million. kaepernick sued the nfl in 2017 for collusion. he started that movement of players kneeling during the national anthem to protest racial inequality and police brutality. it is finally official. the raiders are, well, they're going back to where the yat least one more season. this morning meeting, the oakland city council unanimously voted to extend the lease agreement at the coliseum for this upcoming nfl season. there's also an option for the 2020 season. that's if the las vegas stadium isn't ready next year. the approval comes after the alameda county pourboard of supervisors approved the lease on tuesday. they are moving to vegas in 2020. a young man you're about to
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meet got a pretty awesome gift. >> it's all thanks to a caring group of health care workers. >> there have been a couple of constants in kayano's life. one is music. while he has always been around music, he never owned heis own instrument until now. at lou seal packard, it comes with its open sound track, a steady beat. kayano has been listening to for three days a week for the past nine months while waiting for a new kidney. it's a stretch of time not even youtube can fill. in it does get really boring when i can't find anything to
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watch. >> reporter: but thanks to the kindness of a nurse and a music therapist, his wait has a new sound. and a great new feel. >> i just was just so happy. i didn't know what to say. >> reporter: it all started when colin entered a radio station contest and won first prize, a guitar signed by ed sheeran. it was great and sheeran'ss "play, don't display". colin set out to find someone who would and i've been working. he's learning the guitar, learning ed sheeran "thinking out loud." i think this could be a good fit. >> reporter: the more colin learned about him, the more perfect fit it seemed. so one day in the middle of his music therapy session. >> signed by ed sheeran. >> reporter: he surprised him.
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the lesson paused. and the tears started. >> i began to cry. i started beginning to cry. it was my first-ever gsr. what got a chance feel special and feel like, not just a normal kid but the luckiest kid in the world. >> reporter: and perhaps best of all, kayano's very first guitar makes the wait for his next kidney as well as life afterwards sound a whole lot better. >> i won't stop playing the guitar. >> you could just play that video over and over. >> so beautiful. >> such an emotional moment. for not just his first guitar, but he was, he was playing ed sheeran, trying to learn the songs, and that's whose guitar he gets. that meant all the more. i told you how many hours he spends there. guitar's in a lot for it now. >> he's so talented already for
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just learning, he's really good. >> check back with him in a year. >> thanks, garvin. >> thanks, levi's rangns is usu allowed on the stock exchange floor, but the rules changed today. levi's stock up 32% on opening day. >> all the traders had their jean jacket on. >> looking so stylish. >> congratulations to levi's. >> i'm guessing they have casual jean day every day at levi's. >> you're required to wear the levi's gear. >> what's happening with us? >> you're going to need the jackets as we head throughout tomorrow, preferably not the jean jackets, something that's going to help repel water. there's no sign at least from the sky camera of any kind of storm system. we have lots of blue sky from our san francisco sky camera, just amazing outside today to soak up some of that sunshine. right now 59 degrees.
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as we head through the night temperatures dropping down into the low 50s. the next couple hours looks really food fgood for us. things are going to change for tomorrow. hopefully you have that umbrella han handy. overall, the biggest change will be the cloud cover increasing throughout the bay. we'll start out with 40s from the south bay to the peninsula and tri valley. but the best possibility would be right here across the north bay and san francisco. let's give you a better look at the hour by hour forecast so you're not surprised by anything on friday. and you'll see as we iit the morning, these are showers out ahead of the main part of the storm system. nothing too heavy for the morning commute. i think you'll be able to get from point a to point b just fine. the best chance of that wet weather would be up here through napa and marin counties. the front starts to get here by
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3:30 in the afternoon over the north bay down to about san francisco. it pushes to the south as we hit 7:00 at night with heavier downpours. then by 11:00, it kicks a little bit further to the south. and we're trying to see this move out of here. so here's the deal. by this weekend, which is what most of us care about when we're trying to get these plans, all your lists finished up for your yard or your family or whatever you got happening, we're going to see things dry out as we head through this upcoming weekend. there's that shred of good news for us. rainfall totals haven't changed too much. some of the higher elevations of the santa cruz mountains could be at three quarters of an inch, maybe close to an inch, on average, a quarter to half inch. and the best news about this rainfall is it will help to keep that pollen out of the high c category. so another, a good day for you if you do have allergies because this weekend it's going to go
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back up to high level. if you have allergies, tomorrow's going to be a good day for you. we dry out this weekend and we're closely watching next monday, tuesday, wednesday, and thursday, another three quarters to one and a half inches of rain is possible. looks like that rainfall would be spread out again over a couple of days, so we're not expecting major flooding, but t's definitely going to be the extended forecast. so tomorrow more rain. we can handle it. because, you know, after that is the big prize. saturday and sunday looks really, really nice. >> i like the big prize. >> big payoff, thanks, jeff. the big party right now can st. mary's shock the defending national champs? we'll take you to campus next. t?
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at st mary )s. march madness has tipped off in moraga. okay. where's the place to be? at st. mary's. march moraga. at this moment, in fact this is a live look on campus. there is a watch party there. everyone's really tense. i think it's a commercial break because they're all on their phones right now. >> that's probably true. >> they're taking on villanova, the defending champions. this is the first time since 2012 that the gales have made it to the tournament. could we have a zipped recinder story. right now the game is tied, 28-28. a new cannabis product at cvs. the products include creams and lotions which are infused with cbd. cvs say it is is not selling any
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cbd food additives. students trying to make a difference, we'll show you next.
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♪ [baby crib musical mobile] millions are still exposed to the dangers of secondhand smoke. and some of them can't do anything about it. but you can. protect your family.
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visit buy a home in the bay area. but you )ll need a 600-thousand dollar downpayment tonight at 6:00, we all know it's expensive to buy a home in the bay area, but you'll need a $600,000 down payment for the average home in san jose. how the city is fighting back against affordable housing
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concerns, tonight at 6:00. an epic field trip. nine high school students ouanp officers are on their way to africa. the trip is called operation genesis and created by ad bayvi and western mission neighborhoods. they spent the last six weeks learning about africa. now they'll get to see it up close. mean days nine days in ghana. many of these students have never even been on an airplane. they'll have the experience of a lifetime. >> i've never did it before, and nobody in my family's ever did it of about. i'm going to be the first person to experience it. >> it will be a freight experien great experience for them. they'll see kids their age in africa and the experience they come from. >> what a remarkable program organized by sfpd. this is the sixth year of operation genesis. we will retweet their updates.
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can you follow us on nbc bay area. >>el trip. >> good luck to them. we have a brief break. >> right now we have sunshine out there. i'm sure you saw it today. as we head through tomorrow, another quarter to half inch of rain. >> thanks for joining us here at 5:00. lester holt is next with nightly news. >> we'll see you at 6:00. bye. tonight, bracing for mueller. anticipation hitting a fever pitch. the attorney general spotted at the white house. tonight a surprise from james comey. what the former fbi director says he hopes won't happen. new concerns over what's in the air after that toxic inferno near houston. after officials said everything was safe, residents suddenly told to shelter inside. it's being called the third wave in the opioid epidemic, an alarming rise in our correspondent on the front lines of the fight. >> it's only 11:00.
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our third overdose call in the last hour. the biggest dr cugor. the new look at evidence in one of the most famous killing sprees in america. the cold case that prompted the question, do you know where your dr


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