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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 22, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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the american people are in for a roller coaster ride. >> all eyes on special counsel robert mueller. when we expect the release of his report on the russian election interference. good friday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. vianey will have a look at your commute in a bit but first we want to talk about the weather. we've seen the storm move in on the radar. >> it's starting to move into the north bay, san francisco and parts the peninsula. heavier rain moving into the north bay already, where we'll have a microclimate weather alert. you're going to have much higher of an impact from the storm than the rest of the bay area. we're already seeing that rain pouring in mill valley, over toward novato and south of santa rosa and also light rain moving up and down the peninsula, san francisco to the woodbridge area. what we're seeing right now rain continuing to spread in throughout the day. vianey, you've been tracking the commute. a few minor issues.
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right? >> just a couple of issues. when the rain moves n it's important before you leave your house and hit the road, check your windshield wipers and tires. carpool, lower emissions. the bay area things are doing very well. i have fantastic news. the crash southbound 880 before "a" street has been cleared out. all lanes are open. earlier we saw yellows and reds. not so much right now. our east bay drive times doing well, southbound 680 from 580 to vargas road you're looking at about ten minutes. southbound 880, where the earlier crash was from 238 to highway 84, only about ten minutes. as far as the south bay, also checked into that, nothing going on there. we have friday light traffic and we have a nice look ahead. i'll send it over to you. >> we'll check back with you. thank you. washington is awaiting the release of special counsel robert mueller's report on
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election interference. after two years 22 months, the report may be done finally in a matter of days. "today in the bay's" tracie potts is live on capitol hill this morning with more on what we can expect. we've been waiting for this one, tracie. >> we have, and we're still waiting because it's not clear when it will come out. could be days, could be weeks. we know when that report comes out, it won't necessarily go public. washington is on edge. >> i could be today. it could be a year from now. >> and so is america. >> the people and the country should know what is going on. >> anxiously awaiting the mueller report. >> i don't believe we will ever know what's in it. >> reporter: expectations are high, with fbi special counsel robert mueller's report on russian election interference, expected any day now. >> i think it's ridiculous, but i want to see the report. >> reporter: it's possible, even probable, the public will never see it. by law, the confidential report only goes to attorney general
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william barr. he's only required to provide a summary to congress, but says he'll release as much as he legally can. >> bill barr has an opportunity not just to take chapters out of that book before we get to read it. cogive us the cliff notes version. >> whatever barr does t will not satisfy congressional democrats. they want the mueller report and the classified versions. >> reporter: they're already considering subpoenas, and the white house is working on its own version. >> i think that the american people are in for a roller coaster ride. >> this report is like you're expecting a diamond ring from your boyfriend from christmas and you get silver earrings. >> reporter: after 22 months, the one thing everyone wants, answers. but there's some legal experts who think this report could be disappointing for people who think it will be either the smoking gun or not, that it may neither implicate nor exonerate president trump and have just basic explanations with not a lot of detail.
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laura? >> thanks a lot, tracie. 5:03 for you. happening today, we are expecting a final vote regarding a toll increase for drivers using the golden gate bridge. "today in the bay's" pete suratos joining us live near the golden gate bridge with those details. pete? >> reporter: good morning to you, marcus. look, this toll increase of the golden gate bridge will be gradual over a five-year period. we know the golden gate bridge district had five options on the table. now we're down to two onptions. option one is increase of 30 cents per year over a five-year period. fast track users would eventually pay $8.50 per trip by 2023. if you pay as you go and mailed invoice rates those are $9 and $9.75 respective live. option two, increase of 35 cents per year so fastrak users $8.75
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per trip by 2023. we had a chance to speak to drivers who use the golden gate bridge about the potential toll increase hikes. here's what they had to say. >> just become too much. it's too expensive. i mean, $8 as it is, is already too much. so it should go down. >> it's not what i needed to hear, but if we got to do what we got to do, we got to get it right one time. this constant jumping up is a little tough to deal with. >> reporter: golden gate bridge district says the money will be used to close a $78 million deficit and ferry service. it would raise between $90 million to $100 million over a five-year span. they'll vote on this during their meeting at 10:00 a.m. live at the golden gate bridge, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> thanks so much, pete. 5:05. we are learning more about a man killed in a stabbing this week near fisherman's wharf.
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he's identified as 44-year-old brooke pettijohn. he lived on the wharf's surrounding streets. he died in a fight wednesday afternoon on jefferson and taylor. police later arrested the man they believe stabbed him. people who work nearby say he was homeless. to the recovery in santa rosa following the tubs fires. flames tore through the city two years ago leaving behind this path of destruction, video showing all of the damage left behind. the fire destroyed more than 1,400 homes and as of october 2018, 21 homes were rebuilt, 520 were under construction. as of this month, 191 homes have been completed, while another 689 are under construction. if you somehow missed the images of the rare wildflower super bloom going on in lake el
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sig anoth signor, consider yourself warned. no one will be able to park on the trail's surrounding streets. they have to park remotely and take a shuttle bus instead. the area has been swamped by recent visitors. on sunday, authorities had to close off all access to it. everyone wants to see all the poppies out there. >> if you go, don't pick them and don't lay in the flowers. you'll kill them. people do that to take good pictures but be a little careful around them. here is a look at the rain we are seeing, moving into the bay area this morning. starting out in the north bay into the peninsula, and it will continue to spread in as we go throughout the day and it looks like it will turn into a wet commute, especially if you're not out the door already. as we go through the 8:00 to 9:00 hour, still some light rain falling and then it gets heavier for the north bay, and so the north bay will have a higher impact from the storm throughout the day, and so that's where we'll see much more rain throughout this afternoon, and then for the rest of the bay
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area, still at times waves of rain coming through even at 7:00 to 8:00 tonight and at 11:00, some scattered showers moving through. by early tomorrow morning, we start to see the rain moving out, but still a slight chance of rain as we go throughout the day. headed over to vianey, you've been tracking the roads and how is it looking for the commute? >> things have quieted down right now, and whether you're going to be driving down to the south bay or up through the peninsula, or even in through the east bay, you're doing okay this morning. we had a couple of fender benders that did clear out and we are noticing a little bit of slowing, if you're driving from the tri-valley, drive times westbound 580 from grant line road to 680, looking at 23 minutes. this is the typical usual slow spot, not seeing any crashes along there, just seeing the regular morning buildup, especially as we encroach the 6:00 a.m. hour. 58 to vargas road on 680 11
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minutes. 880 is probably our busiest highway but at least the crash cleared up. back to you. >> thank you very much. coming up here on "today in the bay," a bay area business is being forced to close its doors. >> plus, an action-packed night on the court. march madness across the bay area. highlights and fan reactions to st. mary's at the big dance.
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right now at 5:11, if you're
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getting ready to head out the door, we have rain coming down in parts of the bay area. don't forget the umbrella. if you're planning to head to the sierra, it's not snowing yet but it will be as we go throughout the day and off and on snow showers throughout the weekend. make sure you have the tire chains with you. we have 220 inches of snow at the base of squaw valley and alpine meadows. we'll see additional snowfall throughout the weekend. i'll talk about that and what's ahead in the weekend forecast, coming up. and most of the roads are dry for now. a live look in san jose. we've got a smooth commute throughout, but i will have a look at your bridge drive times and the entire bay area, how it is doing, coming up. good morning. i'm kate rogers at cnbc global headquarters. here are today's top business headlines.
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wall street set to open lower this morning. the markets rallied yesterday. the dow was up more than 200 points with apple and other tech stocks leading the gains. investors also cheering the fed's decision to hit the pause button on further interest rate hikes for now as it believes the u.s. economy is starting to show signs of slowing. pinterest could go public sooner rather than later. reports say the popular social media site has sped up the timing of its ipo and could make its market debut on the new york stock exchange in april. levi strauss soared in its first day of trading yesterday while lyft is expected to go public at the end of next week and uber is not that far behind. more than two-thirds of americans are expected to get a tax refund this year, but they vary on what they plan to do with that cash. a survey by suntrust finds 18% say they'll save their entire refund. more than 30% plan to pay down debt. a quarter will use a portion on travel and entertainment, 20% will make retail purchases, 14% for home improvements and 4% will donate to charity. marcus and laura, back over to you. >> looks good to me. thanks, kate.
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an iconic restaurant is preparing to shut its durz, fondue fred's owner plans to demolish the property to build an apartment building. the restaurant has been open since the 1970s. the owner says she's looking for a new space in berkeley or oakland. a big day for basketball fans here in the bay area. we are just hours away from march madness, officially getting under way at the s.a.p. center in san jose. all eight teams getting some practice in on the hardwood for today's matchups. on your screen is the list of those teams who will face off in rounds one and two. tip-off for game one is at 11:00 this morning. one and done is hardly any fun, especially when it comes to march madness. isn't that right, laura? >> exactly. he's reminding me my st. mary's gaeles lost in the first round,
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to villanova. gaels led by two at the half, and ended up losing 61-57. they did great. congrats on a great year and beating top-ranked gonzaga in that conference tournament. i love it. look at that, video of a packed watch party at st. mary's and the groan that you heard happened when the three-point shot at the end clanked harmlessly off the rim. we were all watching it. ugh. that's when it was over. the gaels played hard and great, proud of them. we're checking our own personal "today in the bay" scoreboard. >> and it looks like kari. >> what? >> kari is at the top. >> "what"? >> just about one point. laura, mike and i are all tied at 11. >> there were some upsets i
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think kind of rattled a lot of people's brackets, they were talking about it yesterday >> nevada and florida was mine. >> i liked kari, how you found out this morning. "what?" ? >> i was complaining because i was on the bottom of the graphic yesterday. so for at least one day my name is on the top. >> we'll keep watching it there. >> you're on top of a lot of minds this morning. >> yes, talking about that weather and it's going to be raining, as we go into the start of the weekend, probably not what you want to hear on a friday morning but it's still friday. as we look at storm ranger showing the rain that's already starting to roll in for some of us. i have issued a microclimate weather alert for the north bay, because this is where we will have more in the rainfall totals and also a bigger impact from the storm system that will be moving in, and we're already starting to see that heavy rain right there on highway 101 from novato through mill valley. for san francisco, the rain is
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lighter, and we'll see it continuing to spread its way inland, going into the next several hours, starting to see some of the sprinkles reaching toward palo alto and los altos but not yet making it to sunnyvale. now is a good time to leave in that area, and we'll see this storm system working its way in, still a lot of clouds and rain we have to get through before this will be over today. we're just seeing some mostly cloudy skies right now in walnut creek, and we could see the rain as early as 7:00 to 8:00 this morning. it will be off and on scattered showers into the rest of the day, as we see this rain spreading in, expect it to also bring about some cold temperatures, and some breezy winds, going into the north bay, with the heavy rain, it starts to shift into the rest of the bay area by about 7:00 to 8:00 tonight, so still at times some heavy rain, but look at tomorrow morning, most of us will be dry, just a few spotty, light showers left over, and we could see rainfall totals anywhere from a half to close to an inch of rain in parts of the bay area.
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we'll be watching that, and then as we go into the rest of the weekend, sunday is looking nice, 67 degrees, but it won't be all bright and sunny, and that's ahead of another storm system that will be moving in next week. we could see quite a bit more rain. vianey, you've got a look at the commute. so far so good? >> we're doing pretty good and right as i was walking over here, look what popped up on the map, this is along the bay bridge. i'm going to have to look into that, chp, see what they're reporting. i see not one, not two but three icons. this looks like it might just be a stalled vehicle, but it looks like we have two crashes approaching the toll plaza. so i will definitely be looking into that. the rest of the bay area check out the south bay, green sensors, even the east bay, although i will say this, we are starting to notice some slowing. let's look right now at the drive times, because the bay bridge right now you can see westbound 80 toward the bay bridge looking at 14 minutes. remember that's where the little kind of traffic collisions icons popped up so i'm going to look into that. westbound 82 toward the san mateo bridge looking at 12
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minutes. westbound 580 toward the richmond bridge eight minutes and a live look at a building commute in the south bay, at least it's flowing along pretty nice. i can see a lot of people are up and ready to head to work, maybe trying to beat the rain before it becomes more widespread. back to you. >> and it's coming. thanks a lot. coming up here on "today in the bay," the safety changes boeing says that it is making to planes following two deadly crashes. plus, new video shows the frightening plunge, what happened in the moments before a high-wire act went terribly wrong.
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morning . 5:22 for you right now, and now we want to go to the fallout at boeing this morning and its troubled 737 max 8 jets. indonesia's national airline just announced it is canceling a multibillion-dollar order for 49 jets. boeing meanwhile is reportedly taking steps to ensure the kind of crashes that happened in indonesia and africa do not happen again. insiders say the new equipment will alert pilots about faulty information from key automated sensors believed to be tied to the recent crashes. mass funerals are taking place in christchurch for victims of the new zealand mosque attacks. hundreds of mourners gathering at a cemetery to bid a final farewell to their loved ones. today's burials included the youngest victim, a 3-year-old
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boy. last friday, a gunman killed 50 people. the country now moving forward with a new assault weapon ban. >> the suspected gunman who opened fire at marjory stoneman douglas high school in florida will appear in court. nikolas cruz is charged with 17 counts of murder. investigators say cruz was armed with a semiautomatic rifle and multiple magazines. he bought the rifle legally in broward county. a motive remains unclear. r&b singer r. kelly is due back in court. last month he was charged with ten counts of aggravated sexual abuse. some of the alleged victims included three minors. kelly has asked the judge if he can travel to dubai, this is to perform and meet the royal family. he says that he needs the money. a judge could rule today on his request to leave the country. it is 5:23 right now and
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this morning, newly released video shows the terrifying fall that left five performers including two members of the dare devil wallenda family, injured while practicing in 2017. eight people practicing for a show when one person lost their balance, causing five others to fall 20 to 25 feet. luckily, everyone survived, but one of them says she broke every bone in her face. can you imagine? cvs is jumping into the popular market for products infused with cbd. more than 800 stores in eight states now selling creams, sprays, roll-ons, lotions and sales that contain ingredients derived from hemp plants. cvs will not sell cbd supplements or food additives, just externally applied beauty products. those cbd comes from a type of cannabis plant, it does not induce a high. there's no specific evidence yet proving it works.
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facebook trying to make it easier for to you keep up with group chats. it's launching quote replies for its messenger app. hold down on the text, tap reply and it will be quoted in the chat. feature is the latest in the string of recent updates to the app after the social network admits it stored 600 million passwords without encryption. now the cops are already on they way. hey, hey. hey, hey! hey! >> don't bring the kids to this one. new horror movie hits theaters today in the film. a family returns to their vacation home to find four mysterious figures, you saw them there, in the driveway.
5:26 am
dopplegangers, set in northern california. the film was shot last year in santa cruz, starring lieu tina ne lupita nyong'o. >> i can't wait to see it. i'm all for the movies. the jdz dancers in san jose will enter the national spotlight tonight. ♪ >> just talent. look at that. okay, so they're set to hit the national stage tonight on "world of dance" to see what the judges say, make sure you tune in to nbc tonight at 8:00, right here. >> a lot of athleticism there. >> yes. i saw them perform earlier. they're really good. coming up here on "today in the bay," new numbers show just
5:27 am
how bad the housing crisis is, right here in california. plus an immigration showdown taking center stage today in san francisco. the ruling a judge is set to make that will impact thousands of asylum seekers. the search for two arson suspects on the peninsula caught on camera, setting fires. and a live look outside, oh, look at that. the metering lights most likely on at the bay bridge toll plaza this morning. folks getting a jump on work this morning. the rain is coming our way. we'll check the forecast and your morning commute. 5:27.
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a look at our live doppler radar and good friday morning to you. march 22nd for you right now. take a look at this. this is what we're going to face today, a live look at doppler radar powered by storm ranger, tracking that storm as it heads, really actually already here in the bay area. >> goodness. >> here we go again. good morning to you. thanks for joining us this morning. i'm marcus washington. >> and i must make a confession, i'm laura garcia. that's not the confession part. i saw my rain coat and went to grab it, i forgot and got my coffee, no rain jacket today for me. >> uh-oh. we could see it's already raining in parts of the bay area. if it's not raining where you are, it's about to head in and already pouring on the golden gate bridge. parts of the north bay and in san francisco, as we get a look at storm ranger, we are going to also be tracking some heavier rain for the north bay, where we will be under a microclimate weather alert, mostly for the north bay, as heavier waves of
5:31 am
rain move in to that area. the rest of the bay area will see some scattered showers, mostly light throughout the day, and we could see it continuing to move across the peninsula, stretching in to the east bay. this will have an impact on some of your weekend plans. i'll talk about that and also what's ahead, as another storm arrives right behind that. it's coming up in about six minutes and vianey has a look at the morning commute. we've had a few minor issues. >> we have. you can see that i turned on the radar, which is where we're starting to notice that green right there that you see, those aren't plants. that's not grass. that is rain. we've got some showers just like kari's radar showed falling in through half moon bay, parts of san francisco. i want to get right to two issues at the bay bridge. a crash westbound 80 east of the toll plaza. it appears to be injury accident. as far as whether it's minor, major, we're not quite sure. chp is reporting this as an issue and you could see our speed sensors have significantly slowed down. we have a stalled vehicle near
5:32 am
treasure island road but it looks like they're starting to escort that vehicle off. for now, it's very busy on the bay bridge so head out now. back to you. >> thanks, vianey. a bay area judge could block part of president trump's immigration policy during a hearing later this morning. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell joins us live in contra costa county. what is at stake here, bob? >> reporter: laura and marcus, it's trump administration policy of sending asylum seekers from central and south america back to mexico, while they wait for their case to be heard. historically my grants seeking asylum at the u.s. border have been allowed to stay in the country with notices to appear in immigration court. in an unprecedented move, president trump changed that policy earlier this year, forcing asylum seekers south of the border while they await a decision. civil liberties groups sued the federal government to end this policy. this morning a judge in san francisco will hear arguments from both sides. the plaintiffs want him to suspend this policy while the lawsuit winds through the
5:33 am
courts. groups like the aclu and southern poverty law center argue that the new policy makes it hard for my graigrants to fon asylum cases since they figure out how to survive in mexico. the trump administration believes this policy will discourage weak claims and reduce backlog of more than 800,000 cases. the judge is expected to hear arguments today but not expected to issue a ruling today. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> ob, thank you. 5:33. later this morning the two men accused in the deadly ghost ship fire case return to court. max harris and derek almea face 36 counts of manslaughter, one for each of the persons who died in the 2016 fire. harris' attorney is asking for a delay in the trial. defense attorneys are also asking that the charges be dismissed against the pair. they say potential evidence that would have exonerated them was either destroyed or lost. and family and friends will
5:34 am
begin to say good-bye to the son of an oakland city councilwoman. police say that victor mcelhaney was shot and killed near the campus of the university of southern california during a failed robbery. he is the son of oakland councilwoman lynette gibson mcelhaney. she calls this gun violence that took her son's life an epidemic. a viewing is scheduled for today at the harris funeral legacy home center, and funeral tomorrow at oakland temple hill. the gunman is still on the loose. we have video of two men police say set three fires in downtown san mateo caught on camera starting fires in garbage cans next to businesses. this story we brought you as breaking news yesterday morning on "today in the bay." one fire took off in the alley behind second avenue. people who work next door are grateful that fire didn't spread. >> i think it could have been a lot worse. it could have spread through the
5:35 am
alley so we're very fortunate that while it was a fire, and there was some damage, it wasn't worse. >> a blood donation center had the most damage. investigators say they don't believe the suspects had an intended target, but they set about three fires in about half an hour. police say they've stepped up patrols in the area. the company tearing down and redeveloping vallco mall hit a snag. the court is allowing people who oppose it to move forward with a referendum is aimed at blocking it. the cupertino council greenlighted a new plan calling for 2,400 housing units along with new retail space and a park. yesterday's ruling puts pressure on the cupertino council to let voters weigh in on the project. the property is being developed by sand hill properties, the same developer that in january snapped up the former imagnum building from macy's in union square. it's an issue across the bay
5:36 am
area, lack of affordable housing. >> kira klapper joins us with a new report detailing how bad the problem is. >> laura and marcus, good morning. our viewers know we've been covering this topic here for years on "today in the bay." state lawmakers have been moving forward with new laws and funding to boost housing construction, but get this, california still needs 1.4 million more affordable rental units. this is according to a report by the california housing partnership that's a private non-profit organization. the data shows that one in three california households cannot afford the real cost of living, primarily because of high housing costs here. governor gavin newsom is making affordable housing one of his top priorities for california. recently he set a goal of adding nearly 4 million new homes. he's also rolling out a series of proposals aimed at addressing the issue. among his ideas, withholding road repair funds from cities that lag on their housing goals. as for the new report by the california housing partnership
5:37 am
researchers call for the state to give $1 billion each year to cities and counties to fund more housing. it also calls for more tax breaks to help low income families. by the way, for people interested, there is a meeting tonight on fair housing issues at 6:00 p.m., at the city of concord city council chamber. back to you. >> all right, thanks, kira. okay, so if you were impacted by flooding in sonoma county, you now have more time to clean up. free curbside debris pickup lasts until sunday. it was supposed to end today. earlier this month, county officials declared a local health emergency due to the large amounts of hazardous waste after the russian river overflowed. crews collected more than 2,700 tons of debris so far, 30 times the size of the space shuttle. happening now, the first nasa space walk of 2019, live pictures from high above this
5:38 am
morning. astronauts mcclain and hagy are working to replace the solar arrays. it's both astronauts' first time experiencing this. mcclain is scheduled for the first all-female space walk on march 29th. a little bit of trivia for you this morning as well. this is the 214th space walk at the space station since 1998. very cool to see. it is 5:30 right now. it is 5:38 right now. it's busy on the road, incoming rain and building traffic, it's 5:30, normal for a friday but we have our sensors on and let's get right to a new crash and chp is reporting this along eastbound 580, just before 980. the right-hand shoulder is blocked, and it appears to be a single car crash, and as of right now, i'm not noticing any major slowing on the speed sensors but i am noticing a lot of slowing at the bay bridge, westbound 80, just east of the toll plaza.
5:39 am
there is an injury accident and there was a stalled vehicle near treasure island. it looks like they have managed to clear that out and they guided the vehicle off the lane safely. so hopefully everybody slows down this morning. tri-valley drive times, grant line road to 680, 28 minutes, it's getting busy out there. >> for friday morning as well it's going to get pretty sloppy out there, too. >> the rain is already starting to move in. i wanted to show you what the storm ranger looks like as you get ready to head out the door. we are seeing a lot of green for the north bay across the peninsula, and now starting to move into the east bay. so that's going to possibly impact some of your weekend plans, but a lot of this rain will be out of here by tomorrow. so we will still keep a slight chance of some showers in the forecast, especially for the morning, but then the rest of the day we'll see things drying out. sunday is the pick of the weekend with our coastal temperatures in the upper 50s, the bayside temperatures at 64, and 67 degrees for the inland areas. a lot of holy festivals going on this weekend, this one in foster
5:40 am
city, will be a nice event, with mostly sunny skies. we'll start out at about 56 degrees, and only make it up to about 59, so it will be cool out there throughout the day. if you're traveling, maybe going up to lake shasta, off and on showers for today, as well as tomorrow, and then the clouds stick around on sunday with highs reaching into the mid-50s. santa cruz will also be rainy today, and then tomorrow looking much better with some mostly sunny skies, 68 degrees, and more clouds on sunday, that will make it feel cooler. for yosemite, some low 40s and some off and on rain today, changing over to snow by tomorrow morning, and then it will be dry coming back on sunday, as our high temperatures reach 45 degrees. we'll talk more about this, our temperature trend for today, and another look at storm ranger, that's coming up in about three minutes. >> sounds good. thanks, kari. coming up here on "today in the bay," commuters call it the matilda monster. a live report on the improvements happening to a busy
5:41 am
road in sunnyvale. plus -- >> uh-oh. well, that was not supposed to happen. >> stay classy, san jose. the sharks feature a special guest during a matchup against the l.a. kings. the best moments from will farrell's popular ron burgundy character.
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5:43 am
mike traffic tease the time is 5:43 on this friday morning, and rain coming back to the bay area.
5:44 am
we're seeing it on storm ranger, as we track some of the showers spreading inland. as we get a closer look at contra costa county, we see the light rain starting to move in, so if you're getting ready to head out the door, heads up about that, for martinez, we'll see the rain off and on, temperatures staying cool. we'll take a look at our full microclimate forecast in less than five minutes. >> and it's getting busy out there, a live look along 880. we had an earlier crash that cleared and starting to notice the traffic is building, and as that rain moves in, please remember to slow down. we'll have an update coming up. >> thank you very much, ladies. 5:44 right now. it's a monster of an intersection for commuters in the south bay but it's set to get a facelift starting this morning. >> "today in the bay's" thom jensen is live in sunnyvale at the junction some call the matilda monster. >> reporter: this $42 million project is set to get under way
5:45 am
in a few hours, thus the pile of dirt here for a ground-breaking later this morning here at the intersection of north mathilda state route 37 and highway 101. the intersection gets its name from the fact traffic backups can be some of the worst in the bay area especially during peak commuting hours. the idea of this project is to ease congestion by realigning the 237 and 101 interchanges and improving traffic flows in all directions by doing that. crews will also widen mathilda to three lanes in loath directions, add bike lanes, extend sidewalks and construct a new pedestrian and bike trail along moffett park drive. this project stretches several blocks and includes on and off-ramp improvements at the interchange. drivers should expect more than the normal mathilda monster
5:46 am
through mid 2020 while work is under way and lots of noise and dust for people who live and work in this area. it all begins in just a few hours, when dignitaries, including the mayor of sunnyvale, people from cal trans and the state lawmaker gather here, put shovels in the dirt here, and break ground on this project, that i said will last through the middle of next year. we're live in sunnyvale, thom jensen, "today in the bay." a college soccer coach tied to the fbi's varsity blues cheating scandal has abruptly resigned. men's soccer coach who are say salceto stepped down. he was indicted as part of the fbi investigation. it surrounds parents shelling out money to get their children into top schools. he is accused of taking $200,000 in bribes. he coached at ucla for 15 years. california u.s. senator and democratic presidential contender kamala harris will
5:47 am
speak this weekend at landmark church in the south, in atlanta. atlanta's ebenezer baptist church mr. martin luther king, jr., once served as the pastor and also where his funeral was held. bernie sanders is scheduled to attend a rally sunday in ft. mason. sanders will also visit los angeles and san diego. it's a move that would mean your children can't use their smartphones in class. a new bill making its way through sacramento. the legislation would basically restrict or ban smartphones in the classroom. teachers and staff would be able to grant permission in cases of emergency. the bill was sent to a committee for a second time this week. you don't mind if i bite into this burrito right now, do you? oh, my gosh. that is delicious. >> now, while you're eating. >> alex, get into that burrito. >> you don't know the voice, you certainly know the face there, in the booth last night, l.a.
5:48 am
kings booth, and the sharks game, it was kind of a big deal there, will ferrell dusted off his popular ron burgundy character from "anchorman" to announce the game. >> a little bit of milk there, that's for the sharks. the sharks clinched a playoff spot earlier this week. last night's game certainly belonged to the kings. sharks entered third period with a one-goal lead and ended up losing it 4-2. you know what is funny? i have' never seen that movie. >> really? >> what? >> even my producer is, what? >> what? >> no. i haven't >> that's why you said milk? he likes scotchy scotch scotch. >> scotchy scotch scotch. >> something could you probably watch this weekend with the rain coming. >> yes. you know what, today is your day to watch the movie, because tomorrow we'll all be trying to get outside. here is a look at that rain moving in looking at richmond and the commute is starting to get really sloppy. windshield wipers on and all of
5:49 am
that stuff. we've gotten used to this. it's back and we're going to see a lot of rain moving through, off and on throughout today, and i have issued a microclimate weather alert for the north bay. this is where we will see some of the heavier rain moving in, and so we are seeing a pretty steady downpour across the north bay right now. and it's now starting to make its way into the east bay, so oakland, down to hayward, union city and fremont starting to see some light showers and then it's also moving across the peninsula, and eventually into the south bay, with sunnyvale, santa clara starting out with some light rain that may get a little heavier throughout the rest of the morning. so this is a look at the new storm system coming in. we can see it on the radar, as it moves closer, and still going to bring us some waves of rain throughout the day, even into the afternoon. here we are at 3:00, and we still do see a pretty good coverage, but some of the heavier rain where we see the yellow and the reds, mostly concentrated on the north bay and quickly moving through the rest of the bay area later on this evening.
5:50 am
still in the early morning hours, there may be some spotty showers, but the overall trend tomorrow will be for that to move out and we will dry out as well. rainfall totals anywhere from about a half an inch to close to an inch of rain, that's something we'll be watching. while we get rain, the sierra gets snow. another four to six inches of snow, mostly above 6,000 feet. what happens next week, we could have much more significant snowfall totals, as we get some more rain. our temperatures today for the inland areas will reach into the upper 50s. a slight chance in the morning, and looking like we will be clearing out, and by sunday, it will be warming up, but we will also have more cloud cover. scattered showers off and on going throughout the rest of next week and also some more chilly temperatures. vianey has been tracking the commute and really the bay bridge has been a little bit of a problem. >> it has. and now we're starting to notice if we're driving into the city, whether it be through the peninsula or the east bay, it's a little rough out there. let's get right to it.
5:51 am
we have our speed sensors and our radar, which is where that rain is falling and right now, i do have a couple of crashes i need to let you know about. one eastbound 580 before 980. right-hand shoulder is being cleared out. we have the crash along westbound 80 just east of the toll plaza, it appears to be an injury accident. i have noticed this is starting to build here but it could also be as well in addition to that, we have the metering lights that are on. it's busy. we had an earlier stall near treasure island working to get that out of the way. the new crash right here, this is along southbound 101 between van ness avenue and i-80. there is a car on fire. we hope everybody is okay. i'll be monitoring that closely along chp reports, and if you look at the green, this is actually the radar which means i have also noticed there have been a couple of spinouts reported up through the north bay, as that rain continues to push through, so please, slow it down out there. east bay drive times right now,
5:52 am
things are slowing down along southbound 808 from 238 to highway 84, you're looking at 15 minutes. back to you. >> thanks, vianey. happening now, united airlines is giving more options to transgender people when they book. it's the first u.s. airline to offer nonbinary gender options when buying tickets instead of offering mr. or mrs. flyers can also pick an "x." coming up next on "today in the bay," new details we're learning about american servicemembers killed in afghanistan overnight. what defense officials say they were doing. plus, reverend jesse jackson is in the bay area. the topics he'll be discussing with some east bay school students today. burning man's future in nevada in jeopardy. the demands placed on the annual ritual that draws thousands from across the country. that's coming up. you're watching "today in the bay."
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today in the bay: 5:55 right now. welcome back to you. we're learning new details this morning about the two american servicemembers killed in afghanistan overnight. it happened in the capital of kabul. department of defense officials say the servicemembers were killed while conducting an operation. details of that operation have not been released, as well as the names of servicemembers who were killed. people living near the texas chemical plant that burned for
5:56 am
several days getting the all clear this morning. the shelter in place order is lifted, this after two towns were affected. the multiple tanks at the chemical facility in houston caught fire on sunday. we've been following this all week, and those flames finally out wednesday, with some flare-ups here and there, and during the fire, towns near the facility were essentially ghost towns as people were told to stay inside. reverend jesse jackson heads to oakland today. the former presidential candidate is expected to speak to students at skyline high school this morning. the subject? civic engagement. jackson ran for president back in 1984. he was diagnosed with parkinson's disease in 2017. the rise in black extremists report came out in 2017, it claimed "black identity
5:57 am
extremists" were targeting law enforcement after police killings of black men. critics say that they fear the fbi is using the assessment to profile people of color who speak out against police violence. 5:56 right now. happening today, one of the men convicted of killing a paramedic in oakland will be sentenced. you may recall this story, 34-year-old quinn bauer from dublin was shot and killed as he drove in the oakland hills back in 2013. six teenagers ranging from 13 to 17 were arrested for that killing, along with a string of armed robberies. five of them had already been sentenced to decades behind bars. today, christian burton, who is now 21, will be sentenced. his case faced delays due to questions about his exact involvement, but he was convicted of first-degree murder last fall. happening today, in half moon bay, fencing is going up along roading bluff on trails along the poplar beach.
5:58 am
officials say erosion is two times the normal rate because of human activity and compacted soil. you may recall 22-year-old kira scarlet of oakland was killed when the cliff at oak tungsten gave way last month. she was walking her dog with a friend, when that tragedy happened. that friend did survive. scarlet's body is yet to be found. 5:58. right now new this morning, tyson foods recalling thousands of pounds of frozen chicken products. they say they could have metal in them. tyson's frozen ready-to-eat chicken strips that come in a 25 ounce bag, produced on november 30th, 2018 and that's the date that you need to pay attention to. new for you this morning, burning man is looking to renew its permit to hold the event in northern nevada desert for the next decade, but that's running into some heat from state officials. event organizers are being asked to include hard barriers there, add more dumpsters and be
5:59 am
subjected to more federal oversight. burning man folks call those recommendations unreasonable, and "in direct conflict with our community's core principles." the fight is steaming from the new environmental impact report just released. the public is invited to comment on it until the end of next month. talk about an unhappy meal. a cat in tennessee gets a mcdonald's bag stuck on her head. look at that. >> poor thing. >> a woman and her fiance tossed the bag to the side after eating their meal. the cat decides to snoop and here is what happened. kind of cute though. she can't see and decides to actually sneak out of the room as quickly as possible. hopefully mom and dad won't see me. back up. >> i want somebody to take it off of her. oh. 6:00 right now. second spring storm taking aim at the bay area. we've only been in spring a few days here, but take a live look
6:00 am
at our doppler radar this morning, powered by storm ranger, what is coming our way? kari hall is tracking how long we're going to need the umbrellas, and if we're going to be able to make some of the outdoor weekend plans. >> plus increasing the price you pay, a live report on how much it could soon cost drivers to cross the famed golden gate bridge. i think the american people are in for a roller coaster ride. >> capitol hill, all eyes on special counsel robert mueller. what we're expecting and the release of his report on the russian election interference. "today in the bay" continues right now. quoorng y good morning, you made it to friday. thanks for joining us, i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. first we want to start in with the weather. the rain is moving in. >> starting out light across the bay area. showers will be continuing off and on throughout the day. this is the change we'll see as


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