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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 22, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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at our doppler radar this morning, powered by storm ranger, what is coming our way? kari hall is tracking how long we're going to need the umbrellas, and if we're going to be able to make some of the outdoor weekend plans. >> plus increasing the price you pay, a live report on how much it could soon cost drivers to cross the famed golden gate bridge. i think the american people are in for a roller coaster ride. >> capitol hill, all eyes on special counsel robert mueller. what we're expecting and the release of his report on the russian election interference. "today in the bay" continues right now. quoorng y good morning, you made it to friday. thanks for joining us, i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. first we want to start in with the weather. the rain is moving in. >> starting out light across the bay area. showers will be continuing off and on throughout the day. this is the change we'll see as we look at storm ranger, covered with rain.
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we have a microclimate weather alert in effect for the north bay, as the rain will be heavier there, especially going into the afternoon. the rest of the bay area seeing it coming in, a little bit lighter and in waves off and on, into the afternoon to evening hours. i'll be tracking that. vianey has a look at the morning commute, starting to build. >> it definitely is, and we still have a pretty slow commute, if you're going to be driving into the city from the east bay, the bay bridge right now is pretty busy, so keep that in mind but i have a new crash that i need to tell you about, this one is in the south bay, along northbound 101 at alum rock avenue. there were a couple lanes blocked, looks like it's a multivehicle crash. right now i did notice that the icon disappeared, which could mean good news for us t means that chp might have already cleared that out. i'll have an update coming up. back to you. >> thanks, vianey. we're expecting a final vote regarding the toll increase for drivers using the golden gate bridge. "today in the bay's" pete suratos joins us live near the golden gate bridge this morning with those details we don't want to know about, pete. but we have to.
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>> reporter: good morning to you, marcus, looks like another toll increase at the golden gate bridge. if you remember, they had five options on the table they've been discussing, the golden gate bridge district over the past couple of years. the final two options will be voted on in a couple hours. we'll talk about the first option when it comes to how much it will increase over the next five years. option one is increase of 30 cents per year over a five-year period. fast track users would eventually pay $8.50 per trip by 2023. if you pay as you go and mailed invoice rates those are $9 and $9.75. option two, increase of 35 cents per year so fastrak users $8.75 per trip by 2023. here is what drivers are telling us about this potential increase or one of the increases from the options that's coming up shortly.
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>> just become too much. it's too expensive. i mean, $8 as it is, is already too much. so it should go down. >> it's not what i needed to hear, but if we got to do what we got to do, we got to get it right one time. this constant jumping up is a little tough to deal with. >> reporter: the money is going to be used to deal with the district's $74 million deficit and also going to fund bus and ferry service. when it comes to both options, it would raise between $90 million to $100 million over a five-year span. we know the important vote will take place with the doctorate 10:00 a.m. this morning. live at the golden gate bridge, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> thanks for the later there, pete. 6:03 right now. this morning, washington awaiting the release of special counsel robert mueller's report on the russian election interference, after nearly 202 years, 22 months, the report may
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be done in a matter of days. "today in the bay's" tracie potts is live on capitol hill with what we can expect. tracie? >> laura, good morning, or it could take longer. we're trying to get any clue possible from the mueller team of how quickly they may be winding down, but the thing is, the details of that report, the investigation, the evidence behind it may never go public. washington is on edge. >> it could be today. it could be a year from now. >> reporter: and so is america. >> the people and the country should know what is going on. >> reporter: anxiously awaiting the mueller report. >> i don't believe we will ever know what's in it. >> reporter: expectations are high, with fbi special counsel robert mueller's report on russian election interference, expected any day now. >> i think it's ridiculous, but i want to see the report. >> reporter: it's possible, even probable, the public will never see it. by law, the confidential report only goes to attorney general
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william barr. he's only required to provide a summary to congress, but says he'll release as much as he legally can. >> bill barr has an opportunity not just to take chapters out of that book before we get to read it. he could give us the cliff notes version. >> whatever barr does it will not satisfy congressional democrats. they want the mueller report and the classified versions. >> reporter: they're already considering subpoenas, and the white house is working on its own version. >> i think that the american people are in for a roller coaster ride. >> this report is like you're expecting a diamond ring from your boyfriend from christmas and you get silver earrings. >> reporter: after 22 months, the one thing everyone wants, answers. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> 6:05 right now. happening now, mass funerals are taking place in christchurch for victims of the new zealand mosque attacks. hundreds of mourners gathering at a cemetery to bid a final farewell to their loved ones. today's burials included the
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youngest victim, a 3-year-old boy. last friday, a gunman killed 50 people. the country now moving forward with a new assault weapon ban. at boeing this morning and its troubled 737 max 8 jets. indonesia's national airline just announced it is canceling a multibillion-dollar order for 49 jets. boeing meanwhile is reportedly taking new steps to ensure the kind of crashes that happened in indonesia and africa do not happen again. insiders say the new equipment will alert pilots about faulty information from key automated sensors believed to be tied to the recent crashes. this morning, a 3-year-old boy recovering after being shot in the face inside an east oakland home. now, a security guard faces charges. police say the toddler's 10 and 3-year-old brothers were there at the time of the shooting but it's not clear how the gun went off. according to "the mercury news" clarence kelly faces gun and child abuse charges because his
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pistol was not secured. he is pleading not guilty. his toddler is expected to be okay. we are learning more about a man killed in a stabbing this week near fisherman's wharf. he's identified as 44-year-old brooke pettijohn. according to "the examiner," he lived on the wharf's surrounding streets. he died in a fight wednesday afternoon on jefferson and taylor. police later arrested the man they believe stabbed him. those who work nearby say he was homeless. to the recovery in santa rosa following the tubbs fire. flames tore through the city two years ago leaving behind this path of destruction, video showing all of the damage left behind. the fire destroyed more than 1,400 homes and as of october 2018, 21 homes were rebuilt, 520 were under construction. as of this month, 191 homes have been completed, while another 689 are under construction. >> 6:07 for you right now. new this morning, an iconic restaurant near uc berkeley is
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preparing to shut its doors. fondue fred is likely closing by the end of the year, according to "the chronicle" and the owner plans to demolish the property to build an apartment building. the restaurant has been open since the 1970s. the owner says she's looking for a new space in berkeley or oakland. if you somehow missed the images of the rare wildflower super bloom going on in lake elsigno elsignore, consider yourself warned. no one will be able to park on the trail's surrounding streets. they have to park remotely and take a shuttle bus instead. the area has been swamped by recent visitors. on sunday, authorities had to close off all access. we're always telling people don't lay down in the flowers, don't pick them and all that stuff. be respectful. here is a look at the rain we have moving through the bay area this morning.
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we're tracking it on storm ranger for you this morning, and as we get ready to head out for that commute, it's going to be wet. i've issued a microclimate weather alert for the north bay, where the rain will be heavier. we're already seeing it picking up around napa county and moving down into vallejo as well and it also extends into parts of the east bay, the south bay, starting to see some of that light rain moving in. so this will come in waves at times. there will be some breaks, but it continues into the afternoon, so as you're getting ready to get up and out the door, getting the kids to school in san jose, expect it to be cool, only temperatures in the upper 40s, and then we'll see mostly cloudy skies, upper 50s throughout the rest of the day. vianey is tracking the commute and more issues driving to work. >> that's right, especially if you're driving into the city. right now, let's start out with the wide look at the bay area, south bay is okay. we've got our radar on, which means we've got some rain, slow it down, the roads are going to get started to get slick out there. if you're driving into san francisco, we have southbound
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101 north of ninth street between van ness and i-80, right lane is blocked and it appears to be because of a car fire right now, and if they don't clear this out, hopefully everybody's okay, this could mean backup all the way to the westbound side of the bay bridge. we'll continue to monitor this closely right now. we have a couple phone calls going through to see what's going on through there. keep this in mind as you head out the door. you may want to take surface streets and avoid the area. every morning i try to do my best to make who i affectionately call my tv wife happy but laura has heartbreak as the st. mary's battle is out in the big dance. >> you better catch me. >> i got you. >> all right, march madness across the bay area, highlights and fan reaction to st. mary's big game last night. [ loud traffic sounds ]
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good friday morning. it is 6:13. it's going to be a wet start, if you're on your way out the door to the fruitvale b.a.r.t. station. expect some scattered showers. there will be some breaks and more rain as we go throughout the day. here is a look at storm ranger, as we see the rain spreading across the bay area. we'll take a closer look and talk about sierra snow in less than five minutes. and we've got heavy traffic, if you're traveling southbound 101, just north of ninth street, two right lanes of completely
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blocked. there is a car on fire and traffic is starting to build. backup is heavy on to westbound 80 toward the bay bridge. take surface streets and avoid the area. good morning. i'm kate rogers at cnbc global headquarters. here are today's top business headlines. wall street set to open lower this morning. the markets rallied yesterday. the dow was up more than 200 points with apple and other tech stocks leading the gains. investors also cheering the fed's decision to hit the pause button on further interest rate hikes for now as it believes the u.s. economy is starting to show signs of slowing. pinterest could go public sooner rather than later. reports say the popular social media site has sped up the timing of its ipo and could make its market debut on the new york stock exchange in april. the ipo market is starting to heat up. levi strauss soared in its first day of trading yesterday while lyft is expected to go public at the end of next week and uber is not that far behind. more than two-thirds of americans are expected to get a tax refund this year, but they
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vary on what they plan to do with that cash. a survey by suntrust finds 18% say they'll save their entire refund. more than 30% plan to pay down debt. a quarter will use a portion on travel and entertainment, 20% will make retail purchases, 14% for home improvements and 4% will donate to charity. marcus and laura, back over to you. >> all right, it's nice just to get a refund at all. thanks. okay, so a big day for basketball fans here in the bay area. we are just hours away from march madness officially getting under way here in the bay area at s.a.p. center in san jose. all eight of the teams getting some practice on the hardwood there, before today's matchups. on your screen to the right there, you see a list of the teams who will face off in rounds one and two. tip-off for game one is at 11:00 this morning. one and done, hardly fun, when it comes to march madness. st. mary's gaels lost in the first round of the ncaa tournament yesterday to last
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year's champs villanova. the gaels put up a great fight, leading by two at the half. they ended up losing 61-57. that's not bad, right? still, congrats to a great year and beating top-ranked gonzaga in that conference tournament. nice to see all the students of st. mary's. video of a packed watch party at st. mary's college and the groan you heard happened when a three-point shot at the end clanked harmlessly off the rim, and that's when it was over. okay, so we're checking our own personal "today in the bay" scorecard. we all have our brackets. >> boom, and there you have it, kari at the top, but just by one. >> okay. >> we're coming for you. but you see laura, mike and i right behind her at 11. i think scott mcgrew is at 11 as well. so look, hey, there you go. >> i think we all had the gaels
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going past the first round. >> thank you. >> we did that for you. >> did you? >> i know i did. >> that's nice. >> a lot of people will be doing that losing productivity at work, of course, and we are also going to be looking out the window at the rain falling. it's going to be another wet day. here is a look at storm ranger, and all the green, and even some yellow indicating some heavier rain and that leading edge of the rain pushing into the east bay, so as we get a closer look at the north bay, i have issued a microclimate weather alert for the north bay, because this is where the rainfall totals will be higher, especially for the afternoon, as we get more waves of these downpours coming through. for the south bay, it's raining heavily in milpitas and east san jose and so that may impact your commute and just getting out the door this morning. we are seeing the rain spreading in, it's dry over the past couple of hours but in the last hour or so, we start to see the radar filling in and it's also having an impact on everyone heading out the door.
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maybe you left and forgot the umbrella and went right back in. we are seeing this slowing down the roads in oakland. as we go hour by hour, it looks to be a break for areas south of the golden gate bridge in to about 10:00 to 11:00. notice it will be raining heavily as we go into the afternoon. and into the rest of the bay area later on tonight. off and on showers will be the main story today but it starts to taper off going into tomorrow. during the early hours, there may be lingering, spotty showers but overall, we're going to be drying out. we're looking at the possibility of getting half to close to an inch of rain in parts of the bay area. if you will be going to the sierra, heads up, you might want to take the tire chains with you, in case the roads get treacherous. scattered snow showers starting this afternoon, and for squaw valley, we have 220 inches of snow at the base, and the season
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total, look at that, 623 inches, and there's going to be more snow on the way, as we see an additional four to six inches this weekend, and a lot more next week, as we get some more rain here. you'll see some more snow in the sierra. our temperatures stay on the cool side, reaching up to about 67 degrees on sunday and that's with mostly cloudy skies, cooling off as we get more rain next week. vianey, you've been tracking the roads and it's really starting to back up. >> certainly is. as you know, the east bay starts really building in that traffic, and 880 right now, both sides northbound and the southbound side are pretty busy but at least the earlier crash did clear out. a crash from the tri-valley it's typically slow around this hour, but this is a crash that we've been monitoring and this has been a bit of a hectic one because it's a car on fire off to the right-hand shoulder, two right lanes are blocked and this is in san francisco, southbound
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101, north of ninth street. from what i've noticed in the speed sensors, fire crews were already on scene actively working to clear that out. i was starting to notice there was heavy backup all the way to westbound 80 on to the bay bridge, but right now, it looks like our speed sensors have gotten a little bit better. we hope everybody's okay. let's look at your bridge drive times. westbound 580 toward the richmond bridge about ten minutes. westbound 80 toward the bay bridge about 17 minutes and those metering lights are definitely on. westbound 92 toward the san mateo bridge about 17 minutes and overall your east bay drive times the biggest slowing i've seen is along southbound 880 from 1238 to highway 84, about 18 minutes. back to you. >> thanks, vianey. >> 6:20. emillia clarke speaking out, the actress who plays the mother of dragons talks about two life-threatening aneurysms, how she was able to recover and her message to others. you're watching "today in the bay." hundreds of consumer compl
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>> it's 6:23 right now. nbc bay area responds to hundreds of consumer complaints every week from families like yours. >> consumer investigator chris chmura is here to share some of our team's recent wins. >> good morning. our cases are all over the map, in subject matter and in geography. up in the north bay, patricia in mill valley said her car's extended warranty wasn't as advertised.
6:24 am
we got the wheels turning with the dealer, and a $3,000 refund. on the peninsula, christine in burlingame wasn't pleased with a math tutor she hired for her teenage daughter. we spoke up. what christine got back added up to more than $1,000. and in the south bay, linda in san jose ran into problems with an online exam for her job. we stepped in and the website manager passed along a full $75 refund. with those cases, plus all the others that we have closed, getting refunds and credits and such, our team has now saved our nbc bay area viewers just shy of $2.5 million. got a consumer complaint and need some help? call us any time, 888-996-tips or online at have a great weekend. >> thanks, chris. one of the leaders of "game
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of thrones" opens up about two brushes with death. >> emilia clarke plays the role of i don't know, is it calisi? i don't want to mess it up, there's a lot of "game of thrones" fans out there, calisi, the mother of dragons. in "the new yorker" she talks about how she suffered two life-threatening brain aneurysms. >> i thought i was going to die every day, so i just feel more aware of what, of the is more gas board of things that life has to offer you. >> clarke wrote a "new yorker" essay describing the aneurysms in 2011 and 2013 that-year-old killed her. she initially struggled with her memory and it affected the recall of her lines. watch the full story this morning on "today" following "today in the bay." don't bring your kids to this one. a new honor movie from the mind of actor director jordan peele, hi theater today. a family returns to their vacation home to find four mysterious figures, you saw them
6:26 am
there, in the driveway. they're dopplegangers of themselves, set in northern california. the film was shot last year in santa cruz, starring lupita yang yo and winston duke. it's called "us" and rated "r." >> can't wait to see that. the jdc dancers from san jose will enter the national spotlight tonight. >> they're good. ♪ ♪ i study my reflection in the mirror ♪ ♪ why am i doing this to myself ♪ >> all right, bay area, stand up. our hometown team set to hit the national stage tonight on "world of dance." see what the judges say, make sure you tune in for that, that's right here on nbc bay area tonight at 8:00. jennifer lopez. wow. >> that's quite the pose there. coming up here on "today in the bay," new numbers showing just how bad the housing crisis is here in california.
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plus an immigration showdown taking center stage today in san francisco. the ruling a judge is set to make that will impact thousands of asylum seekers. the search for two arson suspects caught on camera, on the peninsula, we have more as they were setting those fires. and a live look outside at the bay bridge. metering lights are on, lots of traffic, but more importantly look what is on the lens out there. oh, the rain, that's coming to the bay area. a lot of it. when and where, how long, we'll check in with kari for the full forecast. 6:27. we )re heading into the wed
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(but ( we )re tracking, yet, more wet weather. right now at 6:30, another friday, another storm. we're headed into the weekend about you tracking more wet weather. look what is just off the coastline, already making its way to the bay area from storm ranger. that wave of rain pushing into the bay area. the north bay seeing the brunt of it so far. but kari is telling us, keep the umbrella handy and bring the jacket. >> you better. >> good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. let's get ready to head outside. kari, okay, look, you were telling us about the rain coming through so we have to have the umbrellas and jackets handy today. >> yes, because not only is it raining but it's also chilly out there. we're going to see the waves of rain most of it has been light. we have the microclimate weather alert in effect for the north bay because later on this afternoon, it will get heavier and you'll get more in the way of those rainfall totals. looking at the south bay as the rain gets going there, the streets are wet. you need the windshield wipers, be prepared as we start to see
6:31 am
this storm system rolling inland, and some heavier rain on the way for the afternoon, and once again, especially for the north bay, but by this evening, the rest of the bay area seeing heavy rain as well. i'll be tracking this for you and we hope you make weekend plans coming up. vianey is tracking the commute and you really need to get out the door early today. >> right now we're seeing the radar on our traffic maps as well so all of this green that you're noticing here, those are actually sensing the rain, so it's pretty wet out there. the roads are wet and i have noticed a couple more crashes popping up. take that coffee to go and remember to keep a safe distance. so we have a new crash, this is along the peninsula, westbound 82 near exit 14b chess drive. the number three lane is blocked and i'm starting to notice heavy delays backed up to the san mateo bridge. i have good news for san francisco, that car fire that we were monitoring earlier, all lanes are now open but we're still seeing residual delay along southbound 101 at ninth street. head out the door right now. back to you.
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>> thank you very much. 6:31 right now. bay area judge could block part of president trump's immigration policy during a hearing later this morning. "today in the bay's" bob redell live in contra costa county this morning. bob, let's talk about exactly what is at stake here. >> reporter: at stake is the trump administration policy, laura, of sending asylum seekers from south and central america back to mexico, while they wait for their case to be heard. historically, that has not been the case. migrants seeking asylum at the u.s. border have been allowed to stay in this country with notices to appear in immigration court but in an unprecedented move earlier this year, president trump changed that policy, forcing asylum seekers back to south of the border while they await a decision. civil liberties groups sued the federal government to end this policy. this morning a judge in san francisco will hear arguments from both sides. the plaintiffs want the judge to suspend this policy, while the lawsuit winds through the courts. groups like the aclu and
6:33 am
southern poverty law center argue the new policy makes it hard for migrants to focus on their asylum cases since they have to figure out how to survive in mexico. the trump administration believes this new policy will discourage weak claims and help reduce an immigration court backlog of more than 800,000 cases. again, this judge in san francisco expected to hear the arguments today, but not expected to make a ruling. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> just look. >> thanks so much, bob. 6:33 right now. sticking with immigration, the leader of the u.s. marine corps this morning raising some serious questions about president trump's plan to transfer funds to support his border wall. "l.a. times" obtained memos written by general robert kneller to savy secretary richard spencer. neller calls using troops at the border an unacceptable risk. he says shifting funding to boost border security would jeopardize combat readiness. neller already canceled some training exercises due to the
6:34 am
unplanned border deployment, and funding for the president's emergency declaration. >> 6:33. later this morning, the two men accused of the deadly ghostship warehouse fire return to court. max harris and derek almena face 36 counts of manslaughter, one for each of the persons who died in the 2016 fire. harris' attorney is asking for a delay in the trial. defense attorneys are also asking that the charges be dismissed against the pair. they say potential evidence that would have exonerated them was either destroyed or lost. and family and friends will begin to say good-bye to the son of an oakland city councilwoman. police say that victor mcelhaney was shot and killed near the campus of the university of southern california during a failed robbery. he is the son of oakland councilwoman lynette gibson mcelhaney. she calls this gun violence that took her son's life an epidemic. a viewing is scheduled for today at the harris funeral legacy home center, and funeral tomorrow at oakland temple hill.
6:35 am
the gunman is still on the run this morning. we have video of two men police say set three fires in downtown san mateo caught on camera starting fires in garbage cans next to businesses. this story we brought you as breaking news yesterday morning on "today in the bay." one fire took off in the alley behind second avenue. people who work next door are grateful that fire didn't spread. >> i think it could have been a lot worse. it could have spread through the alley so we're very fortunate that while it was a fire, and there was some damage, it wasn't worse. >> a blood donation center had the most damage. investigators say they don't believe the suspects had an intended target, but they set about three fires in about half an hour, all three of them. police say they've stepped up patrols in the area. >> 6:35 right now. the company tearing down and
6:36 am
redeveloping vallco mall hit a snag in cupertino. the court is allowing people who oppose it to move forward with a referendum is aimed at blocking it. the voters turned down the development plan back in 2016, but the coup tee yo council greenlighted a new plan calling for 2,400 housing units along with new retail space and a park. yesterday's ruling puts pressure on the cupertino council to let voters weigh in on the project. the property is being developed by sand hill properties, the same developer that in january snapped up the former imagnum building from macy's in union square. >> 6:36 right now. it's an issue across the bay area, lack of affordable housing. >> everybody's talking about it all the time. "today in the bay's" kira klapper joins us with a look at an all new report this morning that's detailing just how bad this problem really is. >> hey laura and marcus, good morning to you. as you know, we've been covering this topic for years here on "today in the bay."
6:37 am
state lawmakers have been moving forward with new laws and funding to boost housing construction, even though the state still needs 1.4 million more affordable rental units. this is according to a report by the california housing partnership that's a private non-profit organization. the data shows that one in three california households cannot afford the real cost of living, primarily because of high housing costs here. governor gavin newsom is making affordable housing one of his top priorities for california. recently he set a goal of adding nearly 4 million new homes. he's also rolling out a series of proposals aimed at addressing the issue. among his ideas, withholding road repair funds from cities that lag on their housing goals. there is a meeting tonight on fair housing issues and the results of a new study at 6:00 p.m. at the city council chamber in concord. laura? >> thanks so, kira.
6:38 am
6:37. take a look at this, happening now the first nasa spacewalk of 2019. these are live pictures from high above astronauts ann mcclain and nick hagy are working to replace old batteries on the international space station solar arrays. it's both astronauts' first time experiencing this. mcclain is scheduled for the first all female space walk march 29th. this is the 214th space walk at the space station since 1998. i was complaining about having to get out a ladder to change my battery. >> it's always so cool to see that. i can watch that all day. the roads not so much of a spacewalk. the rain is getting things a little messy out there. if you look at the overall map, we have some slowing along 880, southbound 80 and northbound side as well but we're also noticing because the roads are so slick, fender benders on the
6:39 am
peninsula. your drive into the city this morning, if you're driving into burlingame, san bruno, all of that, it's busy. right to a couple of crashes that will affect your morning commute. northbound 101 and millbrae avenue one lane is blocked. major backup because behind that there is a stalled vehicle and two additional crashes. another one along westbound 82 at exit 14b, which is dress drive. the number three lane remains blocked. the best piece of advice would be download our waze app, join the nbc bay area traffic team. check out oakland right now, talk about a busy morning, it is friday, but i think the roads are kind of throwing people off because it's wet out there. slow it down. >> here we go, another storm. >> don't slow down the weekend. >> once we get to it, could you slow it down? that would be nice. >> yes, let's just get through it today, and then we'll be able to see some sunshine on saturday.
6:40 am
here is a look at storm ranger, tracking the waves of rain moving through, kind of a solid wall of rain moving through the bay area, and so we're all pretty much seeing, except for the tri-valley, that it's about to move in, within the next few minutes, so this is the way we start out the weekend, but that starts to clear for tomorrow. there still will be a very slight chance of rain, especially during the morning, and a mix of sun and clouds, highs reaching the low 60s. although we will see partly to mostly cloudy skies on sunday, it will be a little warmer with inland valleys reaching up to 67 degrees, and the bay reaching 64 degrees. a lot of holi celebrations going on this weekend, this one in foster city. we'll start out with temperatures around 54 degrees, but also mostly sunny skies going throughout the day. if you're going up to lake shasta, expect it to be raining today and throughout the morning tomorrow, but highs reaching 54, and then drying out on sunday. santa cruz will be raining today as well, mostly sunny tomorrow.
6:41 am
i think that's the best day to head to the beach, even though it will be chilly, at least it will be sunny and that makes it feel a little bit better. yosemite will have a mix of rain and snow today. more snow showers especially tomorrow morning. i'll look at today's temperature trend and another look at storm ranger in about three minutes. >> sounds good, thanks, kari. coming up on "today in the bay," commuters call it the mathilda monster. a live report on major improvements happening to a busy south bay road expected to ease congestion. plus -- >> uh-oh. well, that was not supposed to happen. >> what a play-by-play there. stay classy, san jose. the sharks feature a special guest during a matchup against the l.a. kings. the best moment from will ferrell's popular ron burgundy character. in the meantime, taking a live look at the big board right now, dow jones industrial barge down about 92 points so far. we've seen it slide a little bit higher than that this morning. the market's been open for about
6:42 am
11 minutes. fears of a global growth persist as well. could we be headed into a recession? we'll keep an eye on the markets this morning. 6:41.
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6:44 am
good morning, we're going to see the rain drops on the lens and on your windshield as you get ready to head to work. that's a live look at walnut creek, our temperatures will be in the low 50s to start, and some upper 50s and there may be some breaks in the rain,
6:45 am
especially going into late morning. we'll talk about what's ahead for the weekend, coming up in less than five minutes. >> and traffic is building, the roads are wet, and we're seeing several fender benders throughout the bay area. look at your bridge drive times as you head out the door, westbound 580 toward the richmond bridge 14 minutes. westbound 80 toward the bay bridge 18 minutes and a crash 2 just on to the san mateo bridge and that is going to cause you heavy delays, talking 30 minutes, so we're going to clear that up and i'll have an update on how the rest of the bay area looks, coming up. >> thanks, vianey. road crews begin taking on the monster this morning in the south bay, a major facelift on the mahilda monster and the commuter's nightmare gets under way in a few hours. >> thom jensen is there with a look at the work being done. the crews just arrived behind you. >> reporter: good morning, vta, the city of sunnyvale and cal tran are about ready to take
6:46 am
shovels to this pile of dirt. an official ground-breaking on this project, vta crews are just showing up right now to get set up for this ground-breaking ceremony later on today. a complete makeover of this problem junction here, where state route 237, highway 101 and north mathilda avenue meet. this intersection gets its name from the fact traffic backs up here, could be some of the worst in the bay area during peek commuting hours especially. the idea of this project is to ease congestion by realigning the 237 and 101 interchanges and improving traffic flows in all directions. crews will also widen mathilda to three lanes in both directions, add bike lanes, extend sidewalks and construct a new pedestrian and bike trail along nearby moffett park drive. the project stretches several blocks and also includes on and off ramp improvements at the 237 mathilda avenue interchange and
6:47 am
the 101 and mathilda interchange. drivers should expect more than the normal mathilda monster through mid 2020 while this work is under way and lots of noise and dust for people who live and work in this area. it all begins at 10:30 this morning, with this ground-breaking project. you can hear the trucks coming in right now, those are vta crews coming in here to set up tents to protect the dignitaries, as they break ground on this massive project this morning, and we'll have more from you guys when we hear from these officials when they show up for this project later this morning. we're live in sunnyvale, tom jensen, "today in the bay." >> i was going to say you better grab your hardhat or get out of the way, thom. thanks. >> 6:47 right now. a college soccer coach tied to the fbi's varsity blues admission cheating scandal has abruptly resigned.
6:48 am
the investigation is around parents shelling out money to get their children into top schools. jorge sacito is accused of taking $200,000 in brooibz. he coached in ucla 15 minutes. we have new details this morning on a push to fire one uc davis professor reportedly for controversial comments he made years ago. "sacramento bee" reports the state assembly is debating a resolution demanding removal of english professor joshua clofr. years ago he tweeted he was "thankful every living cop will one day be dead." he later said the same thing in an interview with "sf weekly." the comments are under scrutiny over the recent death of a police officer. school leaders have said lawmakers don't have say over removal of tenured faculty, and it has to be initiated by regents. california u.s. senator and democratic presidential contender kamala harris will speak this weekend at landmark church in the south, in atlanta.
6:49 am
atlanta's ebenezer baptist church mr. martin luther king, jr., once served as the pastor and also where his funeral was held. meanwhile, san francisco is the top spot this weekend for democratic contender bernie sanders is scheduled to attend a rally sunday in ft. mason. sanders will also visit los angeles and san diego. it's a move that would mean your children can't use their smartphones in class. a new bill making its way through sacramento. the legislation would basically restrict or ban smartphones in the classroom. teachers and staff would be able to grant permission in cases of emergency. the bill was sent to a committee for a second time this week. someone was in the l.a. kings booth at last night's sharks game and it was kind of a big deal. >> oh, yeah, talking about will ferrell. he dusted off his popular ron burgundy character from "anchorman" to announce the game. i want you to check this out. >> you don't mind if i bite into this burrito right now, do you? oh, my gosh. that is delicious.
6:50 am
>> now, while you're eating. >> alex, get into that burrito. >> as for the sharks, they clinched a playoff spot earlier this week, but last night that game belonged to the kings, the sharks entered third period with one goal lead, they ended up losing 4-2. >> isn't that funny? the guy eats a burrito and it's funny. it really is. >> some people have that magic. >> he was drinking milk and not scotch. >> you don't know what was in the milk. hmm. >> all right, so this morning, as we get ready to head out, a new round of rain moving into the bay area. it's going to be raining off and on throughout the day, so make sure you're ready. here is a look at storm ranger, showing some light rain covering much of the bay area and as we get a closer look at the north bay, it's also a very steady, light rain, and so we are going to see the possibility of the north bay getting a higher impact from this storm. so i've issued a microclimate weather alert for the north bay, and then for san francisco, the
6:51 am
rain will be a little bit lighter, as well as areas south. going down to the south bay, the rain is a lot lighter in santa clara, and it's still light rain coming down in san jose. so this is what we're seeing, as we head out the door. the leading edge of that rain making it closer to the tri-valley. as you drive through dublin, right now on 580, it's still quite dry, and then a wet commute for san francisco, going across the golden gate bridge. we are going to see at times the rain off and on today, and then it may pick up for this afternoon, especially for the north bay, by about 3:00 to 4:00, going into this evening. all of that heavy rain quickly sweeps through the east bay, as well as the south bay, and the peninsula, and then mostly moving out by tomorrow morning, but there still may be some lingering, light showers for early tomorrow morning, but the rest of saturday is looking pretty nice. our rainfall totals could be anywhere from a half of an inch to close to an inch for just some of where the heavier rain sets up, and then as we go into
6:52 am
sunday, mostly cloudy, highs in the upper 60s, but on monday another storm system moves in, and it could be a soggy and chilly week next week, highs reaching into the upper 50s and low 60s, and san francisco also going to see the rain tapering off by tomorrow morning, and a new storm next week. so we'll have more updates on that. vianey, you've been busy this morning and the commute is stacking up. >> it is. it's a bit of a mess right now. look at the bay area, i have a crash that popped up in the south bay that i noticed one popping up here in fremont, but right now, our hot spot seems to be your drive in to san francisco, in all directions. unfortunately, we've got a crash right now that just popped up along westbound 880, right near the 580 interchange. the right-hand shoulder is blocked, and you could see just how heavy the delays are, backed up, so if you're driving on to the bay bridge, the metering lights have been on for a while. it's just a bit of a mess on the bay bridge in general. also the peninsula your drive into the city, seeing major delays because we have a stalled
6:53 am
vehicle and three crashes along northbound 101 at millbrae avenue, the number one lane is blocked. look how heavy the delays. there is no chance to recover. behind that we have another crash and we have more slowing and this is getting on the san mateo bridge along westbound 92, before the 14b exit on chess drive. the number three lane is blocked and you can see how heavy the delays are. time to head out now. your bridge drive times have slowed down significantly because of that crash along westbound 92 toward the san mateo bridge. typically this is about a 15, 20-minute drive. we're now looking at 33 minutes so head out the door right now. back to you. >> thank you very much. if you are flying somewhere, happening now, united airlines giving more options to transgender people when they book a flight. it's the first u.s. airline to offer nonbinary gender options when buying tickets instead of offering mr. or mrs. flyers can also pick an "x." coming up next on "today in the bay" a look at top stories
6:54 am
including mueller watch, when the report from the special counsel is expected. plus increasing the price you pay. how much more you could soon pay to cross the famed golden gate bridge. and yahoo! the major change happening in san francisco that involves the tech giant yahoo!. we have much more you right ahead on "today in the bay."
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
and welcome back. before you head out the door, it is 6:56. here are the top stories on "today in the bay." >> we've got a live look in washington there, like most anywhere in the u.s. these days, interested americans are asking when the mueller report will finally be released. the short answer? we still don't know. now, it could be today, but actually could be a year from now. but lately, there's been a lot of buzz building will sooner rather than later, and even when it is released, there are no guarantees the average american will ever be able to view the report's conclusions. it's now been 22 months since robert mueller began his probe into the russian election interference. this morning, a 3-year-old boy is recovering after being shot in the face, this is inside an east oakland home. now the security guard faces charges. police say that the toddler's 10 and 11-year-old brothers were there at the time of the shooting, but it's not clear how the gun went off. according to "the mercury news"
6:58 am
clarence kelly faces gun and child abuse charges, because his pistol was not secured. he is pleading not guilty. the toddler is expected to be okay. 6:57. we're learning more about a man killed in a stabbing this week near fisherman's wharf. he's identified as 44-year-old brooke pettijohn. he lived on the wharf's surrounding streets. he died in a fight wednesday afternoon on jefferson and taylor. police later arrested the man they believe stabbed him. people who work nearby say he too is homeless. now to the recovery in santa rosa following the tubbs fires. flames tore through the city two years ago leaving behind this path of destruction, video showing all of the damage left behind. the fire destroyed more than 1,400 homes and as of october 2018, 21 homes were rebuilt, 520 were under construction. as of this month, 191 homes have been completed, while another 689 are under construction.
6:59 am
>> 6:58. if you are impacted by flooding in sonoma county, you now have more time to clean up. free curbside debris pickup lasts until sunday. it was supposed to end today. earlier this month, county officials declared a local health emergency due to large amounts of hazardous waste, after the russian river overflowed. it was great health concerns there. crews collected more than 2,700 tons of debris so far, 30 times the size of the space shuttle. there's one less thing you see on your commute in the city. the famous yahoo! sign is down along i-80. the company says that the famous san francisco billboard is just taking a vacation. yahoo! isn't saying why the billboard is coming down, but says that there's "more to come." a look at the weather for today, the rain here. >> the rain is back. it starts out light and then gets heavier as we go into the afternoon. here is a look at storm ranger, you can track the rain on your phone, or with the nbc bay area app throughout the day and more updates to come. >> and it's been a busy friday
7:00 am
morning commute. >> it's busy. the bridges seem to be the hot spots. the bay bridge is a bit of a mess. >> that's what's happening "today in the bay." we're back in half an hour with a live local news update. >> have a great morning. good morning. bracing for impact. all eyes on robert mueller this morning. the nation's capital watches, waits, and wonders is this the day the special counsel delivers his report? the president speaking out just this morning. >> for two years we've gone through this nonsense. there's no obstruction. they'll say, oh, wait, tre was no collusion. that was a hoax. >> we are live at the white house with the waiting game. [ ing overnight. breaking overnight. a major airline cancels an order for dozens of boeing 737 max jets. just ahead the $5 billion hit to the company over these deadly crashes, and a stunning revelation about the key safety features left off the doomed planesec


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