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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  March 22, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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indictments, the after 22 months and three dozen indictments, the final report is in. you're looking at a live picture of capitol hill where many lawmakers are waiting to see the findings of robert mueller's investigation into russian election meddling. good evening. thanks for join iin ining us. >> no details of the report revealed yet but we know one thing, the justice department
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says there will be no new indictments. congress could get snippets of the report as soon as this weekend. but top democrats want to see it all. with special counsel robert mueller's russia investigation officially over, the new question hanging over washington, what's inside the report? and how much will attorney general william barr release? >> it may be that there will be particular aspects of the report this don't become public because they're classified or they touch on other sensitive national security matters. >> reporter: barr promising transparency. in a letter telling congress he may be able to brief them as early as this weekend on principal conclusions, but that's not enough for top democrats. >> i think the demand of the public is overwhelming to see the report when it's on such a serious matter, and it will be made public. >> if the justice department doesn't release the whole report or tries to keep parts of it secret, we will certainly subpoena the parts of the report, and we will reserve the
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right to call mueller or to testify before the committee or to subpoena him. >> reporter: mueller's investigation has led to indictments of 34 people, including six with ties to president trump. but no charges alleging collusion between russia and the trump campaign. before its release, president trump again taking a swipe at the investigation. >> there was no collusion. there was no obstruction. everybody knows it. it's all a big hoax. >> reporter: the president's attorneys writing in a statement they are pleases the report has been delivered. reaction to the end of the investigation is pouring in from washington and the bay area. tonight a local political science professor says this kind of secrecy is a surprise. >> just the idea that we can't see what's in it right away is -- is pretty unusual, considering we live in an age of instant information. i'm comparing it to the
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clinton-lewinsky report 20 years ago. and i i think it was downloaded within a matter of minutes. >> the professor added one thing to keep an eye on is leaks. we may start to see information from the report trickle out as early as this weekend. stay with us for the latest out of washington. we're expecting to learn more as soon as tomorrow. our website, and our facebook and twitter feeds are updated 24/7 so you can follow us @nbcbayarea. on the same day the mueller report is handed over, possible election meddling here in the bay area. a state and federal investigation is open in contra costa county over a suspicious e-mail. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd is live at the elections office in martinez. >> reporter: i spoke with assistant registrar of voters late tonight and he confirmed that this is being review ed ina
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state and federal investigation. he also confirmed that someone opened an e-mail they shouldn't have opened. now this sets off a lot of alarms -- >> we're having some technical difficulties with cheryl's live shot. moving on now, it is still moving through tonight. we continue to track the latest storm to hit the bay area, and this is what it looks like right now on highway 101 in san jose. the roads you can see still slick at this hour. this means we are under a microclimate weather alert. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is here. where's the rain now? >> currently we're seeing some of the heaviest rain with this storm system moving over the north bay. also san francisco. it's the last leg of this storm that's been bringing rainfall all the way since this morning. so we'll take you into some of the heaviest. right now it's hitting san francisco, the northern part of the peninsula. .32 inches per hour. it's a decent rain rate that's producing these downpours moving north and east. level picking up into berkeley through 11:08, lafayette 11:28.
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down the southern line of that heavy rainfall, it's also increasing that wet weather here in south san francisco through 11:19 tonight. and off to the north, more heavy rain on the way to napa by 11:15. by 4:30 a.m., we still have rain chances in the south bay. i'll show you when it clears out for the weekend. stick around for that in 15 minutes. cocaine, alcohol, and a heart condition. the medical examiner says that's what killed san francisco public defender jeff adachi. jean elle has more on the autopsy report. the death has been ruled an accident? >> reporter: that's right. and here at the public defender's office, jeff adachi's picture is still in the lobby surrounded by flowers. one month after his unexpected death his staff is coming to terms with the fact that drug use contributed to his death. the medical examiner's report says the official cause of death is accuse mixed drug toxicity
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with cocaine and ethanol. cardiovascular disease is a contributing factor. adachi was san francisco's public defender for over a decade. we'll knew him say drug use contributing to his death is a shock. >> i'm very surprised by the report. i've seen jeff both in and out of court hundreds and hundreds of times. i would never have thought of jeff as anyone who even came close to using a controlled substance. >> reporter: the report provides more details about the hours leading up to the 59-year-old's death on february 22nd. it says he spent the day with a woman in north beach, they ate cannabis edibles and had dinner, drank some champagne. the woman told investigators he complained of upper bomb natural pain and began sweating profusely. she suggested going to the hospital but mr. adachi refused. it also says the cocaine in his system was a small amount, and it was likely taken that day.
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tonight colleagues say they hope the public remembers how adachi remember the way he served as a public official, not the way he died. >> i hope the way jeff left this world is not going to affect his legacy. those of us in the legal system think of him as an innovator, an advocate. >> reporter: no comment from the public defender's office. a spokesperson says this is a private medical matter. tonight, police are patrolling the fruitvale station in oakland after a stabbing on bart. two men got into a fight on a train heading towards the station late this afternoon. one of them stabbed the other, so bart brought service to a halt. after about two hours, the station did reopen. the man who got stabbed is going to be okay but the other man still hasn't been caught. bart says it is looking at surveillance footage to get a better idea of what happened and where this guy went.
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a sexual assault on a high school campus in the east bay. it happened to a 14-year-old at clayton valley charter high school in october 2017. now she and her family are suing the school because of lack of security. the lawsuit claims school officials knew that the area where the attack took place was a known sexual hangout and the school did nothing to make it safe. her mother is speaking out tonight. she asked us not to reveal her identity in an attempt to protect her daughter. >> he coerced her, i guess is the word, to follow him into this area on the campus. and then he, you know, attacked her. the simple things that we wanted done to prevent this from happening again, they just wouldn't do it. >> the school clearly turned a blind eye to a significant and serious problem which obviously led to the unfortunate events that occurred here. >> the school's executive
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director released a statement saying, quote, the school does not have a response at this time given that the school has not been formally provided with any documents to review or respond to and this issue involves an individual who is still a minor. san francisco police say they arrested the man who stole a gun off a baggage carousel at sfo. we were the first to bring you this story last month. the man, named dermott o'sullivan, this guy in the photo, arrested thursday morning. here's some surveillance video of the crime. o'sullivan is accused of stealing the container -- stealing a container that had a pistol and ammunition in it. it was clearly and properly marked but it was mistakenly put on that carousel. his front yard display grabbing attention, so much so people are stealing it. we're talking about the mannequins at jason's home in santa rosa. a neighbor complained about his tall fence, so the city forced him to lower it.
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before he chopped off the top, he set up a mannequin display. this morning he woke up to find some were gone. >> bummed me out. you know. this is my property. people are crossing my -- over my fence, because they can. taking my things. >> i guess we blurred out some of the mannequins. he says he's ordered replacement mannequins. one door away from a potentially deadly situation. how security almost allowed an armed gunman inside san francisco general hospital. plus, could it happen to you? a man says someone shot at his car while he was driving down the street. the investigation that has a south bay neighborhood on edge and the help police need tonight. storm ranger shows heavy rain right now over sunnyvale headed to the east foothills and milpitas. we'll track this into your saturday, let you know how much sunshine before additional storms roll in. conra costa coun
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possible election meddling. a state and back to that breaking news in contra costa county. possible election meddling. a state and federal investigation is open over a suspicious e-mail. late tonight the assistant registrar of voters confirmed that someone opened an e-mail that should not have been opened. it set off alarms at the ren straur voters office in martinez. there's concern the e-mail could have been designed to hack into the elections internet system. there is no indication that it happened, but officials aren't taking any chances, especially in light of the robert mueller investigation on russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. that report was submitted today, as we know. we don't know tonight when that suspicious e-mail was opened. all we know is the feds and the state are involved to make sure nothing was breached. only on nbc bay area, a dangerous situation that could have easily turned deadly. we've confirmed that last month, a man brought a loaded firearm with more than 80 rounds of
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ammunition onto the campus of sf general. thankfully deputies defused the situation. sam brock has more on how this unfolded and what security changes it has now prompted. >> reporter: in the heart of the zuckerberg san francisco general hospital campus, you'll find building 5, the main hospital facility. also the location cedric reynolds, a 38-year-old with a history of weapons and drug charges, brought a loaded firearm on february 7th at 6:40 p.m. >> this actually was a very dangerous situation. a significant threat to the public safety of the hospital. >> reporter: undersheriff matthew freeman says he can't recall a similar situation at sf general in 28 years with the department and applauds deputies for preventing possible catastrophe. >> they used time, distance, and shielding which allowed them to render the situation safe, taking the subject into custody with minimal use of force and
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without anyone being injured. >> reporter: as for the disturbing details, according to court documents, surveillance footage shows reynolds holding a firearm in his left hand and pointing said gun at the entrance doors. he walked into a public entrance with a semiautomatic 9-millimeter handgun, two boxes of ammunition, one 19 rounds, another 50 rounds. documents show reynolds rang the buzzer for psychiatric emergency services and was quote unwittingly afforded admission by a nurse, although the hospital says he snuck in behind someone coming out. >> this is the exterior door into the psych emergency services. he was buzzed through that door. however, there is after that, there is an interior door that you also must be buzzed in and he was not allowed access through that door. >> reporter: deputies confronted and eventually apprehended reynolds in that middle space. the hospital says staff quickly saw the pending danger and notified proper authorities. in an e-mail to all campus staff
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the day after, security services said at no time was the firearm pointed at any individual, and there is no evidence that the suspect came to the hospital campus to do harm to anyone. reynolds claimed he was running are from four men and seeking refuge. witnesses say that reynolds appeared restless, paranoid, and was speaking rapidly. sam brock, nbc bay area news. cal's football's head coach is reacting to the sexual harassment allegations made by a former student against another coach. page cornelius deactivated the facebook account where she made those accusations following harsh bab lack on social media. she says she was sexually harassed while working in the sports medicine unit. she also claims a coach threatened he would have her fired if she didn't have sex with him. >> this cuts to the core. it hurts really bad. we want to do everything we can as a program to support the investigation where people can be held accountable for their actions. we have a great deal of concern for anybody who would be subject
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to this type of alleged behavior. >> it is unclear if the coach has been accused is still working at the university. with the swipe of a credit card, an east bay fugitive blew his cover. you're looking at cody tripp, on the run for seven years, until now. tripp wanted for killing a man at a house party in castro valley seven years ago. police have been looking for him ever since. fast forward to wednesday, tripp was arrested for fraud after police say he used a stolen credit card. detectives say they're grateful for that purchase, because it helped them break the case. >> i think the lesson is to be diligent in every case, take all the leads to their fullest extent, accept the assistance from other agencies that are trying to be helpful. >> from utah, tripp will be extradited back to california to face possible murder charges. a warning for willow glen neighborhood, be on the lookout for someone shooting at cars with a pellet gun or some sort
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of weapon. one woman says she and her boyfriend were driving on minnesota avenue when they heard a pop. >> if it had just been a second earlier, it would have hit him. or the driver window. and he would have gotten injure the no matter what. >> the couple told their story on facebook and other people started replying that it's happened to them too. police say victims need to call them immediately so they can go out and investigate. police say it's important to try to get a suspect or vehicle description. it was a massive and destructive wildfire season, so today governor newsom declared a statewide emergency to help prevent another one this year. the governor made the declaration to speed up fuel reduction projects at 35 potentially dangerous sites. some right here in the bay area. the biggest is an 11-mile fuel break in arin dearound wildcat cannon. fire officials say even though the declaration will suspend some environmental reviews, the goal is to preserve forests.
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another project, thing of vegetation along highway 17 near los gatos in the santa cruz mountains. >> a lot of areas have restrictions on cutting down oak trees so it's hard to thin things out. i'm sure they're going to be looking at that. spring showers but a break this window? >> a small window that's important to you that want sunshine. the mike reclimate forecast, get ready for the weekend. yes, we're getting hit again with more rainfall. the worst part of the storm system is moving in right now across the bay area. you want to look for areas in yellow and orange, the heaviest downpours. richmond district, sunset, downtown san francisco to the bay view, it's moving to the north and the east, putting more heavy rain in oakland through 11:42. orinda 11:56. lafayette just after midnight. the second zone we're following in sonoma, also over to napa. heavier rain into 11:42.
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this is the worst of the storm that we're seeing right now. then off to the south we've been under a little bit of a break down in san jose but things are picking up in mountain view moving to downtown san jose the next 30 to 40 minutes. also hitting milpitas by 11:58. so we have the rainfall now, but what about your saturday morning? i think you'll be happy with this. take a look at the forecast. we're taking out any kind of rain chances as we head through the 7:00, 9:00 a.m. hour when a lot of the us get up. we'll begin with cloud cover and temperatures are going to be colder as that storm system clears on out. notice in the trivalley, 38. 43 in the peninsula. south bay at 41. also starting with 40s for the east bay and san francisco. really what i'm trying to say is take your jacket tomorrow. leave the umbrella in the back seat of the car for now. we'll get a better view of that future cast. it's only those waking up at about 5:30 a.m. that may have a lingering shower in the south
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bay. after that 8:00 a.m., yes, there's your sunshine building in the north bay, peninsula, also east bay. check it out. by the afternoon, that's the slot you want to get out in and enjoy that blue sky tomorrow. once we hit sunday, cloud cover moving back in. i also want you to notice across tahoe, we have snow moving in. if you're going up to tahoe tomorrow, you can see in our tahoe snow report, 1 to 3 inches. no big deal. get a break there on sunday. it's open. they've got groomed runs. have a great time if you're headed to squaw valley or alpine meadows. my extended forecast shows best chance of sun tomorrow. clouds sunday. a chance of rain monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday with it spread out. it should limit our major flooding issues. .75 inches to 1.5 inches. but again, we are watching it closely. if we see this change in any other direction, we'll definitely be the first to let you know. so bottom line, weekend is
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almost here. who's ready for saturday? >> we are! >> yes. >> right around the corner. >> i know, everybody at home is like -- >> a few more hours. >> looks beautiful. great job, thanks. up next, making matters worse. the misstep by a federal agency that put california wildfire victims at risk of fraud. why are all these business owners so excited? we're going to comcast. it's ahead of the game, ahead of the curve. it's going to add to the productivity of our business. it's switch and save days at comcast business. right now, get fast, reliable internet for $49.95 a month and save $600 a year. just one more way we take your business beyond. but hurry, switch and save days ends april 7th. internet that's reliable.
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the north bay wildfires, is at risk tonig the personal information of millions of disaster survivors including those of the north bay wildfires is at risk. a government errors fema improperly shared the data of 2.3 million people with a federal contractor. it includes things like bank
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account numbers and addresses. now the survivors of hurricanes harvey, irma, maria, and the california wildfires are a possible target of identity theft. fema says it will now require additional privacy training for contractors. we like the house in hillsborough just the way it is. that's what supporters of the flintstone house off 280 are saying. they started a petition after the town of hillsborough filed a lawsuit against the homeowner saying she must take down her outdoor decorations because they're a public nuisance. the homeowner says she'll fight that lawsuit. a petition is on and it's picking up traction. it's almost at the goal of 7,500 signatures. uplifting story about a giants fan who survived a devastating attack. now he's turning that pain into a positive lesson for kids across california. you may remember brian stowe, the giants fan who was brutally beaten outside a giants away game in l.a. the 2011 attack left stowe with
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brain damage. he spoke about the attack with students at an elementary school in hum belt county, part of a tour he's doing to educate kids about what happened to him and how to deal with bullies. >> makes me feel good if one of the children here understood what i was saying. i think i've done my job. but when all of them are chanting for me, that makes me feel really good. >> stowe started his own foundation to fight bullying and fan violence. a new name, new signs, new scoreboard, what about new food? what's new at oracle park, what's new for giants fans next. and happening now, get ready to shell out more money to cross the golden gate bridge. the bridge district board approved raising the toll to almost $10 within five years. that means for drivers who use invoice billing, the tolls will increase by 35 cents a year, bringing the toll from its current $8 to $9.75.
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the new toll for drivers with a fastrak will be $8.75, up from $7.25. the new tolls will go into effect july 1st. the giants beato
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rockies 6 to 4. you saw it here on nbc bay area. the giants beat the colorado rockies 6-4. >> let's take you under the lights at scottsdale stadium in arizona. take a look at this memorable moment. new giants player juan her advice solarte, it's out of the park for a three-run homer. very good night for the san francisco giants. here at home, fans got a sneak peek today at what's new at the renamed oracle park. most notable, a huge video scoreboard. the first 4k display in major league baseball. also new spaces for fans to socialize. they're being added, including an area called the waterfront. there's plenty of new food to choose from. everything from san francisco's super duper burgers to certified organic corn dogs and empa yadas. home opener is friday, april 5th.
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the sharks, another tough loss. they're in anaheim and tonight's game went into overtime but the sharks couldn't pull off the win. they lost to the ducks 4-3. [ loud traffic sounds ] [ distant traffic sounds ] [ music replaces the noise ] the new galaxy s10 on xfinity mobile. the phone and network designed to do more. get $250 back on a new galaxy when you switch and save today. say "get a galaxy" to learn more.
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searching for his grandson )s killer. only on "today in the bay,". >> a south bay grandfather desperately searching for his grandson's killer. >> he's not there no more.
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you probably noticed our raj mathai isn't here. he's in half moon bay helping raise a lot of money for jdrf, the juvenile diabetes research foundation. the annual gala raised over $1.3 million. this was at the ritz-carlton half moon bay. more than 1.2 million americans have type 1 diabetes. good job, raj. looks like it was a really successful event. >> yeah, working even when he's not working. >> exactly. and jeff, you'll be working tonight. the late hour. a lot of rain. >> yeah, rain right now. it's going to clear out tomorrow. we get sun, clouds back sunday, more rain next week. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: welcome to "the tonight show," and here's your host, jimmy fallon! ♪ [ cheers andla


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