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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 430  NBC  March 24, 2019 4:30pm-4:59pm PDT

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right now at 4:30, presidential hopeful bernie sanders storms into the bay area, firing up a group of supporters on what he hopes is a run to the white house. >> plus get ready for another round of rain. your workweek looks like it will get off to a soggy start. >> first after an investigation that lasted nearly two years we're now getting our first look at the highly anticipated mueller report. the news start right now. thank you so much for joining us. i'm vicky nguyen. >> and i'm terry mcsweeney. trump declaring exoneration tonight as they release the findings of the mueller investigation. mueller found no collusion between russia and the trump campaign during the 2016
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election. but other vexes are still on going. we get the latest from nbc news jennifer johnson in washington. >> reporter: president trump declaring victory. >> it was a complete and total exoneration. it is a shame that our country had to go through this. to be honest, it is a shame that your president has had to go through. >> reporter: attorney general barr released a summary of the mueller investigation. mueller didn't draw an conclusion one way or another whether the president obstructed justice. the investigation did not establish interference. but republicans say that won't stop democrats from trying to bring down the president. >> they thought this report was going to president on. that is not seemingly going to happen. now now they have to figure a
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way around that. >> reporter: there are also other ongoing probes that may involve the president and his family members. >> the special council is not bringing criminal indictments for collusion. there are other investigations going on. and they may or may not. >> reporter: democrats calling for full disclosure of mueller ears report. and now one of president trump's lawyers says the white house will not ask for a copy of mueller's full report. jennifer johnson nbc news washington. our nbc bay area politically analyst larry gers season is he. how important to see the entire report? >> very important. two things. everything is squished down so a lot is left out. the thinking of the ag also.
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it is his interpretation. in many things they put t lap a take it from here. you decide what happens with the obstruction issue. so barr along with rosen stein went ahead and made the decision. well we don't see information for or against. can't decide. so what we have right now is likes a precis if you will. and that is not enough to satisfy anyone. and anyone in the 420-0 vote in the house said we want to see the entire report. one way or another you are going see the a lot more if not the entire report. >> what we've gotten so far, are you surprised any gig that's come out? >> i'm a little surprised mueller went ahead and gave so much authority to the attorney general. now special council rules are different this time around than they have been in the past. perhaps that is part of it. but clearly the attorney general had a good deal of discretion here. once that discretion is kicked in place we have that wall, if you will, between what the real issue, perhaps, and what the attorney general is saying. we don't know yet which gets
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back to we. we need to see everything. and i think even the republicans want to see everything. >> there a winner in all this? i'm hearing it leaves room for both sides to declare a victory. certainly the president was just out on the lawn in front of the white house saying america is the greatest country in the world. he feels great. complete and total exoneration. >> objectively speaking off the give this round to the president. that is not going make a lot of people happy but the president wins this round. if they say we don't have the goods. the other say can say maybe we'll have them later but we don't have them now. that puts the president on higher ground. he can say there is no collusion. you know that story. you can say they found nothing about the russians. let's go on. and so for that reason it is not that the democrats are going change their minds or the republicans are going to change their minds. but it is that third of the nation, the independent whose have been wondering what's going on are president than anything else because that is how this thing ok this point. so take it one step further
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there are more investigations out there. at least five going on. southern district of new york. eastern district of virginia. district of columbia. the states of new york and new jersey. all of these guys are working their own investigations swhosmt knows what else may be found. democrats are going play that card. as far as the republicans are concerned, eh, that's tomorrow's news. >> where does this leave speaker pelosi? she's in charge of the democrat-controlled house. what does she do next? what do they do next? >> to her credit she really worked hard against kind of defeat. say well we dot to have overwhelming evidence. that allows the house to go on with the investigations. that is within their purview. investigation and appropriations are the two most important elements of what the house of representatives must do. so they will go on. so it puts her in a sat,mocratsu impeachment it. will, saying impeachment, pulls tmit.
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and t thank you as always for your hse nancy pelosi and senate democratic leader chuckdjoi cou mueller's report does not exonerate the president on a charge of serious as obstruction of jussie demonstrates how urgent the it is the full report be made public without any further delay. senator bernie sanders brought his campaign to san francisco today. he also addressed the mueller report. christie smith joins us live to talk about that. >> it was certainly a friendly and enthusiastic crowd out here in san francisco today to see senator bernie sander and yes he did touch on familiar themes from 2016 but he also said of that report that a
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didn't good enough. people started linealiing up ea this morning to see him speak. it was one stop in california where he's making a strong push in a crowded democratic field. where a candidate places is important in terms of delegates and of course the california primary is pushed up for response to the summary. >> what i know is that it is a summary of the report. well i don't want a summary of the report. i want the whole damn report. because nobody, especially this president is above the law. >> reporter: he also talked about how ha ideas that he was pushing in 2016 have now been accepted by the majority of the
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american people. ce t's how he sees it. jus reform, medicare, immigration. boosting social security benefits. sanders spoke for about an hour again with a very enthusiastic crowd. we will have a full report on what he had to say coming up tonight at 5k. live in san francisco. christie smith northbound bay area news. a new poll shows former vice president joe biden beating president trump in the 2020 election and by 7 percentage points. 47% of registered voters say they would choose biden. and he's not officially announced yet. the pool also shows bernie sanders beating the president as well. by a smaller number, 44-41%. experts say take it with a grain of salt. e we all saw how the misleading polls were leading up to the 2016 election.
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from politics now to weather. let's turn our attention to spring is officially here. and so is the rain. this is a live look outside showing the last hours of dry weather we can expect until the rain moves in later tonight. meteorologist vianey arana with the weather. >> today was more filtered. high clouds rolled through and temperatures were able to climb into the upper 60 still seeing upper 60s in the south bay. little cloutd. 60 degrees for the tri-valley and through the north bay 63 degrees. the reason for late rain is that initial storm t first cold front expected to move in overnight will be stalling over the north bay initially. the north bay seeing the rain first. as far as the rest of the bay area. let me sew you what the doppler radar is showing right now. you can see the storm already approaching and if i zoom in a
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little bit closers, this is where you can tell that the storm is centered more off to the north. the north bay will get the majority of the not jus overnight but into tomorrow. we're expecting to rain to move in around the 11:00 hour and then get heavier for the north bay. north of the golden gate bridge sees the majority of the rain overnight. tomorrow afternoon expecting it to go southward. this is ant big wide spread storm. as the system begins to move south we're going to see it diminish and scattered showers for the south bay. a closer look at exact time line for that. temperatures also going to drop in some places maybe 9, 10 degrees compared to today. but overall we have another storm expected to make its way in. and looks like that one is going to packis also going to bring more snow for sierras. monitoring all the weather happening of course. i'm going bring another update in just a bit. back to you? all right vianay thank you so
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much. we have new details own a deadly shooting last night in san francisco. we've learned six people were shot. one is dead. police responded shortly before 9:00 saturday night near a eddi. police say the person killed is a 25-year-old man from san francisco. it's still unclear what led to the shooting. we'll have a live rt u4:30. benicia is given the all clear for people to go outside again. about 7:00 this morning the city advised people to stay indoors. close the windows and doors. city leaders we are concerned about heavy smoke from the valero benicia refinery. they we are doing a controlled shut out down. it is expected to last a couple of days and may be visible plumes of smoke and flaring during the shut out down. the advisory was lifted this
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afternoon after the air quality improved. more than a thousand passengers now safely off a cruise ship after being stranded at see sea. win as bay area woman telling part of her story tonight. >> and what the city of oakland is doing. nightmare at sea.
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more than 24 hours after their ship put out a mayday call, passengers onboard the skaf at last from their nightmare at sea. more than 24 hours after their ship put out a may day passengers aboard the ship have now reached safety. the viking sky was headed up the western coast of norway yesterday when it lost engine power in rough seas. you can see right there what's going on in the video. the huge waves made for dangerous conditions on the ship. furniture flying. people injured by falling debris and broken glass. some passengers had to be air lifted from the vessel. >> big rogue wave crashed
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through a window and bulk head support it. felt like the titanic. >> i think the roughest part was getting into the helicopter once we got all theay up. >> that's not the adventure they signed up for. helicopters lifted nearly 500 off the boat jerod and tug boats pulled the viking sky with the remaining 900 passengers and crew into a nearby harbor. about 600 americans tworn ship. >> live or work in oakland? thesy has a warning for you. on wednesday usgs is teaming one the city of oakland and alameda county to test the alert system. shind sending a shake alert to all cell phones in the downtown area. about 11:00 a.m. wednesday. the government already used the system to sent outmb alerts and other alerts. the idea to give people a few seconds warning before a real earthquake. 11:00 a.m. wednesday is going to
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be a test. cats have nine lives. but how about puppies all starts with a mobile home fire in south moon bay this morning. so what makes the bay area a place you want to live? the answers vary. and so do the ones from people who are leaving. an interesting new study provides insight next. i think weather might have something to doh raiddar right . you can see it off the coast. i'm break down the time for you as we head into the workweek. details coming up.
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kp cape but a new " it is no secret many people feel priced out of living here in the bay area. >> a new silicon valley poll shows a whopping 44% of residents are considering moving away. 77% say they planned to move in the next few years say it is
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because of housing cost. 51% say traffic as well. and poor quality of life came in 45%. and taxes 41%. the group conduct this is poll every year. >> when you have weather like today you might think it is not the nicest day in the world but a lot of people across the country would look and say i wish i was there. reason to stay. >> exactly. every time that i post on twitter hey we have a storm on the way or there is rain. we've got one to two inches. people in the east coast are like, really? >> that is not a storm. >> right. like you are complaining? but they don't understand for california rain is a big deal. all of that rain helpede drought free and it is only going to help us out continuing in the rain department. 67 in south bay. still pretty warm. upper sixties throughout the bay area. 63 for peninsula. tri-valley at 63 degrees but a lot of cloud cover. so filtered sunshine. high clouds rolled in but the
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high pressure helped warm us up. changing weather and it is going to start in the north bay. late rain moving in overnight and that is going to bring rain trout the bay area. north bay early tomorrow. but daytime highs also drop agonizing the cold front approaches. look what happens to the in north bay temperatures. today we were up in the up sixties. tomorrow upper fifties. low sixties for napa and the rest of the bay area especially through the south bay expect mid sixties again but seasonal. the radar now off the coast, starting to make its approach. rain already developing just off the coast. let's talk about the hour by hour time line for. this when is the rain going to move the farorth nn area will start to see it. fast forward through about 7:30. notice how it really stalls over the north bay. so the heaviest rain is going stick knot north bay. the rest of the area is going to
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be doing okay for tomorrow's commute but it will begin to spread southward. as that happens move into the south bay it is going lose intensity. and then a pause before another system late tuesday into wednesday. and this one is our big rainmaker. and also our big snow maker. more snow is on the way for the sierra. estimated rain totals, the highest totals just a little over an inch and a half. maybe two inches for the coastal mountains mainly for the north bay and the sierra we're talking over 18 inches of snow. additional snowfall to what we've already seen. it is going a pretty wet workweek but at least we're going to get a little bit of a break on tuesday but overall don't wash your c a alwayse tha question. because it is going to be raining all week long. and then we get better. 69 by next weekend. >> for those who live for the weekend? >> looks good. >> yeah. >> thanks vianey. what is reality? i don't know. this is a philosophy class all
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of a sudden? >> 101. >> yeah. getting tougher to tell in the world of video games. when we come back we're going inside the ever changing world of gaming. it could have you questioning reality. unbelievably realistic,y
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still take years to prod we were just talking about animated movies. they have become unbelievable realistic but they still take years to produce. >> i was complaining about how long they are. >> wreck it ralph you said is a little long. >> ninety minutes tops. the movie industry is finding new ways to bring the same starting line upping realism to players in real time. the line between game and reality starting to fade away. >> reporter: to anyone watching this man is pointing an invisible gun at a blank wall. but inside those glasses he's defending his family against an army of robots. >> it is a story-based action game that takes place in your own home. >> almost seven years in the making, dr. invaders uses the magic leap headset to brings fiction into the real world. >> they looks at and that would
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be the perfect wall for this to come out of the. the floor is wonderful. the characters will walk around there. the doctor will stand over here. >> never mind the glasses are still just for developers. the potential is huge. >> i can bring my characters into the real world and have them inhabit the real world. of course i w d reporter: this developer's conference t line between games and reality is slowing fading away. >> no one looks oh i'm looking at an animated feature. that doesn't happen. when you watch pixar move you are in that world. >> reporter: with graphics cards e of the movie magic om thed s can be done instantaneously like the demo of real time ray tracing. >> allows you to achieve softer shoos, more realistic reflections and natural behaving light. >> reporter: one way game technology makers are inching closer to believable digital humans. >> skin and flesh is a complex material that has depth and
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reacts to light in various ways so that is one of the most challenging materials to create. >> reporter: light shine thus the skin and bounces around inside. the as complex math problem. and solving it wrong could land a character in the uncanny valley where players note something is off. >> your brain knows what a human person looks like. >> more and more game animation comes from real human actors, which can be even tougher than making a movie character. >> you are catchturing a persona controlled by the player not necessarily the film maker. >> reporter: smart phones are bein not just play them. this is tracking my facial movements and animating the character in real time. >> it is more than technology use for unlock your phone now. >> reporter: the iphone face canning camera used to capture detail once considered unthinkable. but it doesn't stop with the face. >> when you walk down the stretch everyone has their own unique gate.
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>> and players now in vr games, their avatars look and move just like them. >> that is motion capture. capturing the unique nuance of every single person. >> for game creators they are now capturing an actors perfect right to the fingertips. >> finger animation and crazy things fingers and in a few months this track something else. your eyes. toby is the company behind the eye trackers in the latest headset. >> i just winked at myself. >> mother nature invented eye tracking several million years ago and ours are here. >> reporter: it turns out humans are keenly in tune with where ores are looking. having real eyes can pull a character out of that valley. >> it will feel like you are interacting with a living being. you can see the soul of the avatar through the eyes. >> reporter: and it has other uses giving a klutzma.
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>> like i very interesting. okay, trying to build momentum for another run at the white house. senator bernie sanders is in san francisco trying to rally his supporters and coming up a live report how sanders is hoping this campaign ends differently for him. >> but first presumpti
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