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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  March 25, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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more here toward the coastline and you're going to see more rainfall into redwood city. not much in san jose today, but over the next 20 to 30 minutes, we'll see santa clara and mill peeds get that rainfall picking up. we are tracking another storm system this week. we'll have details on this and how much we'll get on wednesday. we'll wrap it up for you and oh, when sunshine returns. >> interesting. thank you. jeff's also keeping a close eye on what's happening in lake tahoe. about 40 minutes ago, he tweeted the snow totals for the snow. democrats not satisfieded after receiving a four-page summary of the mueller report over the weekend clearing president trump of collusion they're demanding to see the full report into russian election meddling. blaine alexander join us from the white house where the president continues to claim victory. >> absolutely.
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and in fact, democrats are now putting a deadline on this. we've learned six top democrats in the house have sent a letter to the department of justice saying they want the attorney general, william barr, to turn ore the full report by april 2nd. that's a week from tomorrow. on the monday after the mueller report delivery, president trump continuing his victory lap. >> it's a 100% the way it should have been. i wish it could have gone a lot sooner, a lot quicker. we can never let this happen to another president again. i can tell you that. >> this after william barr and his four-page summary of robert mueller's russia. but on not reach iing a conclusion. instead, leaving that up to barr, who writes the special counsel states that while the source does u not conclude the president committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him. barr and rosenstein deciding there is not enough evidence to
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charge trump with a crime but democrats not sats fied. >> we have a four-page summary written by somebody else. not mueller. he's a political appointee of donald trump. >> already pushing to subpoena both mueller and barr to testify before congress. meanwhile, president trump appearing to attack those who started the investigation. >> there are a lot of people out there that have done some very, very evil things. very bad things. i would say treasonous things against our country. >> but after months of going after the special counsel personally, asked today whether mueller acted honor bly? >> yes. >> as for releasing the report, president trump says it would not bother him at all. but leaving this decision up to his attorney general. >> and today, democrats in the senate tried again to pass a resolution that would urge the department of justice to release that full report. something that was passed unanimously just recently by members of the house.
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well today, the top republican in the senate, mitch mcconnell, blocked that resolution. back to you. >> okay. thanks so much. we want to go back to our breaking news in san francisco. a shooting at an office building which houses an office for the department of corrections. >> we're getting answers now. let's bring in jean at 13th with some details. >> i'm here on 13th and take a look. you can see there are at least seven police cars here. traffic for folks trying to get to the 101 south vaness on ramp to the freeway, but lot of police outside. let's take a look inside this parking lot. lot of police officers here as well. they seem focused on the other side of this parking garage. this is a big building complex that we understand a man was shot inside the department of corrections building. there are several programs that are run inside that building. we understand he was shot in the back of the head and was taken to san francisco general in
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life, he had life threatening injuries. we also understand the shooter, the suspect in this case, may have gotten into a white car in this parking lot and left this parking lot. a police officer told me that this part of the area even though it's not taped off is a crime scene because they believe maybe that a suspect threw something into the parking lot so this is a very beginning of the investigation, but we understand a parolee was shot inside the building. when we learn more, we'll bring it to you. nbc bay area news. >> thank you. we'll check back later tonight as well. in the south bay now, a lot of glitz and glamour in cuperti cupertino. a red carpet event.spielberg, jennifer aniston and big bird. scott, you've been to a lot of these apple events. how big of a deal is this? >> this was pretty big and could shake things up and change the
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way we get our entertainment. as you said, a whole lot of celebrities today and if you think about it, apple is going to need that star power as it takes on studios like netflix and disney with its own streaming service. ♪ on a day all about entertainment, apple brought out the big stars to introduce its new streaming service. like oprah winfrey. >> we have this unique opportunity to rise to our best selves in how we use and choose to use both our technology and our hue u manty. >> reece witherspoon and jennifer aniston and steven spielberg. >> that amazement, that capacity, is a human birthright. it's our inheritance, it's how our interaction with the marvelous world around us gets sparks flying across our brain.
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>> setting aside hardware news to talk about how it will create its own original movies, tv and documentary content. a move to take on long established streaming services like netflix and an upcoming offering from disney. >> i think this is how the world is today. is that you know, this big conglomerate are becoming more and more powerful and consumers seems to be b happy to go to one place and get as much as they can. >> apple also introduced its own credit card and video game subscription app, but the star power from aqua man to big bird stole the show. apple says its streaming service will lawn p sometime in the fall. still a lot of questions. number one, how much it will cost. scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> that's a big deal. thank you, scott. today, a lot of lyft drivers
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weren't driving. they were protesting for better pay and benefits. this comes as they are about to go public. they marched through the financial district of san francisco stopping at the omni hotel. now lyft is expected to raise billions in the open market when it goes public soon. drivers say they're struggling because lyft slashed their rates over the years, taking a bigger chunk of their fares. >> they've proven their attitude is that they can just chew through people until people burn out and can't do it any longer and continue to make billions off it, literally. >> responding today, lyft told us quote, they have a stropg track record of helping drivers increase their earnings through tips, same day pay and access to rental vehicles. the company says more than 90% of drivers are part time, working less than 20 hours per week. a violent rob bry in downtown walnut creek.
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the victim trieied to put up a fight and got shot in the back. the gunmen are still on the run. melissa colorado has more on man hunt. >> well, i spoke to a man who happened to be b at a coffee shop about a block away when this incident happened and he said he heard one gun shot, but add no idea that a man had been shot in the back and needed immediate medical help. >> start in front of pete's coffee when i heard the shot and it was pret it lou. >> it was likely the result of a violent robbery sunday evening in the heart of walnut creek's downtown area. police say the attack happened before 10:00 p.m. on the corner of mt. diablo boulevard and locust street. police say two men in their early 30s, went up to the victim, tried to rob him and when he fought back, one of the robbers shot the man in the back. >> heard one gun shot, but never heard sirens.
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>> the victim managed to make it to kaiser hospital just a couple of blocks away. he was transfer red to another hospital where he was treated and releaseded. >> i heard something like a vehicle racing. >> police say the victim did not get a good look at the robbers and was not able to offer a specific description. >> you have people here who are unafraid. who assume that they're going to be okay. and so they walk around with cash. they walk around you know, next to nieman marcus and they're not scared. >> a reminder to be cautious. even in the quietest of bay area cities. >> the crime rate here is very low. why it's unusual when something like this happens. >> it's unusual, but not unheard of in walnut creek. police are still searching for the two men involved. nbc bay area news. >> thank you for the update. a violent weekend in san francisco. it ends in death, injuries and arrests.
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shortly before 9:00 on saturday night, gunfire erupted on the 1300 block of fill mother. police arrived to find four shot. one died at the scene. go other men drive themselves to the hospital with gun shot wounds. they were eventually arrested. police aren't saying what led to the shooting and believe more arrests are possible. after a month of agony, there might be some closure for a grieving family. our sky ranger was overhead today san francisco's the beach after a woman's body was discovered below. this was not not far from where a 22-year-old was buried eed in landslide last month. she was climbing the 80 foot cliff side with a friend and her tog when the cliff caved in. her friend and dog survived, but she was never found. rescue crews tried finding her. the woman found today, that body has not yet been identified. the search continues for the man in this video.
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take a look. grabbing a woman as she entered a building. she then pushed the man then he walked away. you can then see him walking past the convenience store. this happened on university avenue near curtis in berkeley last month. if you recognize that man, call berkeley pd. another blow for the family of kate steinle whose death made international headlines. today, a federal appeals court dismissed a negligence claim that steinle's family filed against the city of san francisco and the former sheriff. the court says the sheriff acted within his discretion when he limited the amount of information jail staff could give federal authorities about undocumented immigrants. steinle was kill ed in 2015 whie walking with her dad. a bullet reicochetted and hit hr by a gun held by an undocumented immigrant. he was acquitted of her murder. up next here at 5:00, not just all the traffic and eck pensive housing, two new reasons that make the list of why people are either moving out of the bay
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area or thinking ab it. plus, scared of the santa cruz board walk. how a hollywood block bbuster i changing the way people see this popular tourist attraction. doppler radar shows the range moving out of the north bay now heading to the south bay. we'll put a track on this and i'll let you know how much more we're in store for. it's coming up in seven minutes. a
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glimpse of how scary it can be to be a firefighter. it's dark, but this is new video giving us a glimpse of how scary it can be. a firefighter. see e the smoke? richmond fire posted the footage online. they're rescuing two dogs. the firefighter carried one through the smoke, brought it outside and gave the pup cpr. both dogs made it out okay. okay, have you thought about leaving the bay area? if so, you're not alone. a new survey finds nearly half of those polled say they're considering leaving or maybe in the near future would leave the bay area. mary ann joins us in saneos with a choser lo close k loork. what are some of the reasons that are drifing people out? >> well, the number one reason is the high cost of housing. now certainly that's not a big shock to most people here in the bay area. but what you may find surprising is some people are considering leaving this area because of
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climate change and increasing wildfires. achieve iing the american dream owning a home is becoming a nightmare for many in the bay area who find they're priced out. a new survey found housing is the number one reason six out of ef 100 people polled plan to leave the bay area this year. >> everyone is concerned about housing. >> the next two reasons pushing them out, the high cost of living and traffic. the survey also identified homelessness as a top problem. >> we have a really serious problem with finding really viable solutions for the home the research found a majoy of people said they'ir quality life here has gotten worse compared to five years ago, but it's not just housing costs they find troubling. >> we also heard in our poll about climate change and
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wildfires being an issue. >> all those concerns are translating into action. 44% of those polled said they've had enough and plan to leave the bay area in the next few years. a survey questioned more than 1300 people in five bay area counties. live in san jose, nbc bay area news. >> a lot of us have thought about it. a new real estate listing in san francisco requires not just a lot of money, but a healthy imagination. take a look at these images, beautiful, but here's the catch. this is in glenn park neighborhood. the home isn't there. quite yet. only the lot exists. it's all shrubbery as you can see. the property is the size of a tennis court and the asking price, 1.8 million bucks just for the lot. the city has approveded plans for a three story home, but of course the buyer would still have to build that hope after you first buy the lot. >> i once why people are leaving. the new movie, us, is driving people away from a
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popular beach attraction. >> there's a family in the driveway. >> look closely. there you see it. the board walk plays a big role. some say they don't want to go to the board walk now. the fim m came out on friday. the reaction online has been strong. one student joked it's so scary, he's dropping out of school. we coast ed the boardwalk to se if anyone was reluctant to come out. >> when i posted saying we were hanging out, oh my god, did you see that movie. you're going to freak out. >> on the bright side b x getting a lot of exposure. us raked in $70 million over the weepd. the highest debut for a horror film. >> it reminds me of the lost boys. those vampires. >> oh my gosh. it's a good -- we have to see it. >> i've got an idea. they can just embrace it and do
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movie night out there and just watch it at night. >> that would be great. on the beach. fun. >> okay. give me a call. rainfall is moving now right now across the bay area. let's take you through our forecast tonight and it is wet out there b on the roadways, you can see right now, the storm system is right on top of the bay area. so the cold front is producing some of heavy the heaviest rain we'll see this with right now and check this out. santa rosa, rain season since october 1st, 40.13 inches. a nine-inch surplus. you're waterlogged. you want some sort of break to come our way. i have that forn the next seven-day forecast. as we get a closer look, you can see the heavier we're watching now from hayward to danville. it's moving off to the north and east. that heavier rainfall. it picks it up in concord by a 5-:30. off to the south, rainfall through the peninsula hitting
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san carlos then moving over to hayward by 6:01 tonight. and then down to the south, it's been really quiet in san jose. but we'll see things pick up here in the next 20 to 30 minutes. still keep the umbrella handy for us. through today and tonight, rainfall totals not impressive, but we're looking at a quarter to about a third of an inch of recall. through tonight, the storm system starts to break up around 11:30. still a chance of some spotty rain down towards the south bay. as we hit tomorrow morning's forecast, it's a mixed bag. we get some sun. have some clouds spotty showers towards the south bay. then by the afternoon, we'll hold ton to the chance of spotty rain. so tomorrow, not a big storm day. i don't think we're going to have any problems through tuesday's forecast. so let's focus in on the temperatures. tomorrow morning, you're going to begin with 50s from the south bay over to the trivalley. also more 50s for the east bay
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and san francisco. then you're going to begin with a a cool 49 in the north bay. so b what about beyond this. we've got more chances of rain coming in the forecast. nothing too major this week. you can see on wednesday, an additional tenth to a half inch on thursday and here's what we've been all waiting for. friday, saturday and sunday, that sunshine comes back out. we get dry weather and check out our temperatures for the inland valleys. once we hit sunday, up to an estimated 71 degrees. this weekend looks all good. get through the next couple of days. got a nice payoff coming your way a word of warning if you're heading out to the sierra, we are looking at 1 to 3 feet as we head through the next three days, so that's where the most severe weather is for this storm system. >> it never ends, does it? >> it will soon, but not right now. >> let us know when it ends. thanks, jeff. up next, police say he faked his death. one of our local beaches.
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the new piece of evidence they found to support this theory. stay with us. we continue to tra
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news out in san francisco. police are searching for a gunman, who shot a teenage parolee, in the back of the head we continue to track breaking news in san francisco. police searching for a gunman who shot a teenage parolee in the back of the head. this happened near 101. this building houses the department of corrections and the shooting apparently happened in the atrium of that building. the parolee was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. witnesses say the shooter get into a white car and take offment we have multiple reporters on scene. there's an international mystery unfolding in monterey. police say a man faked his death. scottish tourist, ken gordon, disappeared after swimming in caramel beach last month.
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officials searched for him for three days then began looking at his past, concluding he faked his death to dodge rape charges, now a woman says she's seen him telling police he offered to do home repairs. we have a warning b about a very important fruit. avocado, henry avocado is voluntarily recalling them because of b possible listeria contamination. the recall covers conventional and organic avocados sold in six states including california. the company says the routine inspection of its packing plant showed samples that tested positive for listeria. there are no reports as of now of anyone getting sick. i have an avocado tree, i'm totally clean. i'll sell them for 25 cents a pop. california's only pandas are leaving the zoo. why they're going back to china. that's next. [ loud traffic sounds ]
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none. there are only two pan das in california and after next month, there will be none. the san diego zoo is saying farewell to its giant panda. she's on loan from china. this great video. along with a 6-year-old son. now it's time for the pair the return to their ancestral
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homeland. in the two decades since she arri arrived, public education has improoued the status of the species from -- the pair leaves for china at the end of april. finally tonight, we want to introduce you to the newest member of the nbc bay area family. this is baby luke alexander. they welcomed their son over the weekend. the entire family is doing really well. luke is ar acing his first assignment, which is being adorable and charming his parents. congratulations. >> welcome, luke. when you're 18, you can start interning here. >> oh, yeah. paid. >> before we go, jeff ranieri is talking about what's happening now. >> we have rain showing up on storm ranger. we're going to track that at 6:00. lester holt is next with nightly
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news. >> hope to see you back here at 6:00. bye. we )re follo tonight, the new battle just getting under way over the mueller report. no proof of collusion, but undecided about obstruction of justice. as the president declares victory, democrats blast the attorney general and demand the full report. breaking news, trump antagonist michael avenatti arrested on federal charges. accused of trying to extort millions from nike. how the feds say they caught him. and sources tell nbc news his alleged coconspirator is celebrity attorney mark geragos. a tragic turn after the nd the father of a little girl killed at sandy hook dies in apparent suicide. in florida, two students who survive that shooting apparently taking their own lives. women sounding the alarm and


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