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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  March 25, 2019 11:00pm-11:34pm PDT

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the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california. life after falling off of a f. right now at 11:00, a sunnyvale boyfour--story balcony and now, everyone wants to know how did it happen? >> we have new information from the apartment complex in sunnyvale, let's bring in ian cole with the latest. ian? >> reporter: yeah, and the boy is still in critical continue with life threatening injuries and is still being treated at
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t this hour, it happened in a middle building in what police are calling a tragic accident. tonight investigators went in and out of the family's apartment, reconcretie recreati where a boy hit the ground four stories below. >>, it's terrible. i worry about the 4-year-older and the mother too. the whole family must be so worried for their child. >> reporter: the police say it happened around climbed on ite and went over the railing. the neighbor down stairs called 9-1-1, officers responded in minutes and said the family had not realized what had happened until police arrived. investigators remained on scene because of the injuries to the boy. >> wave county protocol, the das
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office and the department of child and family services will be here to assist in the investigation, to make sure we did notng we don't believe there's foul play at this point. >> reporter: the boy was rushed to the hospital where he remains tonight, the entire neighborhood hoping he pulls through. >> we hope he is okay. >> reporter: police are not releasing the name of the boy. they just left the scene here an hour ago andexpect to have another update early tomorrow morning. here, let's give you a live look at 1 i san jose, you can see, rain is falling had in the south bay. jeff is tracking where the storm is right now. and so, what is next? >> we have storms lining up behind it. the worst of it is moving to the south and to the east of it, we will zoom in and get a look. we have spotty showers in the east bay, moving through bublin,
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and we have kept it wet on the highway 101. the storm will hit wednesday morning behind it. and details come up in a 15 minutes. a live look at the capital, where the tables have turned. president trump claiming victory and now, praising special council robert mueller after a working with is report cleared russia. the democrats do not see it that way. they demand to see the full report and the republicans are firing back, wanting to investigate the investigators. new dr a ama from the
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nation's capitol. they notified congress in a four-page letter yesterday and mueller did not find that the trump campaigned interfered with the election. stanford law professor said that the report will come out, but not before more political theater. >> a subpoena from the house, barr saying we will give you more and then them saying we want more and more until it all comes out. >> reporter: it does not conclude that the president committed a crime, but it does not exon. -- exonera ampexonerate him.
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what happened in the conversation conversations. >> it's a mat of interest and we don't have the information yet. >> republicans promising yet another investigation in to those that provided the information that sparked the long and costly mueller investigation. terry mcsweeney. >> well, new at 11:auto 00. still talking celebrity lawyer talking for the first time after being arrested by the feds. >> reporter: for the entirety of my career, i have fought against the powerful. powerful people, and powerful corporations. i will never stop fighting that good fight. >> he was released from federal custody hours after being arrested in manhattan, for attempting to export millions from the company nike.
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you want that he represented adult film actress, stormy daniels. he said that he will be fully exonerated of the charges. >> a hectic evening in a office building in san francisco. a busy office building. the man walked in and shot a worker in the back of the head. one witness tells us, it's the victim's 18th birthday. nbc bay area joins us with the latest. >> well, san francisco police say that 18-year-old is here injuries. and had they don't believe he knew there was a man with a gun standing behind him when he was shot and tonight, his co-workers wanted to know why he was targeted. >> i heard screaming and chaos. and i came out and heard people saying, one of the crew members had got shot. and he was laying there on the ground. >> reporter: inside the city
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center building, witnesses say a man walked in the building and shot a san francisco conservation corp worker in the head. the building is home to the corp, a homeless drop in center and a medical clinic. this woman was in the clinic when police swarmed the building. >> someone came in said we have to evacuate. all doctors and nurses and patients, everybody, we had to leave. and at that time, police were coming from everywhere. >> reporter: police say the shooter got away in a white car. conservation corp members say the victim is an 18-year-old san francisco man. >> it's emotional. it's just like, it's his birthday. and his first day at work too. so, it's just, i don't know why somebody wiould do it. >> turns out it was somebody i knew, and it was his first day
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on the job. >> reporter: he was taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries. >> san francisco, thank you. well, tomorrow morning, a major gun restriction goes in to affect. bump stocks will be banned. bump stocks are devices added to guns that allow the weapon to fire in a rapid sequence. a rule was issued banning the devices. the rule applies to individual owners, dealers and manufacturers. now, this ban was prompted by the 2017 las vegas massacre. the gunman in that case, used a bump stock to kill 58 people in a country music concert. >> a family devastated by the loss of their loved one can soon get closure. sky ranger at san francisco's port funston beach after a woman's body was discovered. and it was not far from where a
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22-year-old woman was killed in a mudslide last month. despite looking, fire crews were never able to find scarlet, but her friend and dog survived the woman found today has yet to be identified. >> a rare violent crime, a search continues for two men who shot a man. it happened next to a union bank parking lot. the men tried to rob the man, when he fought back, they shot him. he managed to make it to a nearby hospital and was released. well, a police chase throug played a big part in arresting four people. you see the guys running away you can see, ran. but this bird's eye view helped officers on the ground catch them, one by one. chp has not told us what the men
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were wanted for. okay the biggest celebrities in town to see apple's next big thing. it's a streaming service. not just a new phone. even big bird was there to witness the preview. it's called apple, there's the big bird, tv plus. all of today's talent say they want to get in on creating content for new service that launches had in the fall. still no exact date or cost to subscribe yet. apple's announcement, a message to netflix, disney and amazon. they are changing the game. >> this is how the world is today. it's that, you know, this big conglomerates are becoming more happy too they l and consumers can. >> apple will be putting out a new credit card and a video game subscription service called apple arcade. >> up next, they are giving it
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two thumbs down t kplabts piling up about a popular movie ticket service and why you may be due for a refund. >> storm ranger shows a bit of rainfall left over. we are tracking it and two more storms behind it. >> could a particular type of breast implant make women sick? >>
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...almost unlimited access to movies in theaters for . okay, some call it the buffet line for for less t buster deal wheeled in a lot of hot start up to ticking off tart l. we had 15 people around the bay area complaining to us about movie pass. our sister stations around the country are dealing with dozens of other similar complaints. the movie pass claims it's
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uncapped, unbelievable. and paying users say it's unuseable. >> i enjoy going to the movies. it's a good time escape. >> reporter: catherine berry shelled out $90 for a movie pass subscription. she is supposed to be able to watch one movie a day for a year. she gave it two thumbs up for a month and then showings stopped showing up in the movie pass app. >> it's frustrating. i feel like i have been cheated. >> no screenings at this theater. >> reporter: david silver demonstrated what happens when he opens his uncapped movie pass. >> no movies available. >> reporter: both of them say they contacted movie pass looking for answers but did not get a response. >> i might as well start a fire and try to send smoke signals t nowhere with all the cases that we have brought to their attention. >> it's very, very frustrating.
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>> san francisco lawyer has filed a federal lawsuit against movie pass. he framed the kacase as a natiol class action. >> reporter: we contacted movie pass about the case and directed us to the contract with the members and said, they cannot sue, neither individually or as a group. it's covered by the arbitration and a class action waiver in the movie pass terms on of use, which there were all required to accept before using the service. because arbitration is a confidential process, it cannot comment. rosenberg wall said a bad actor and if it delivered the uncapped access that
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subscribers paid $10 a month. >> we are not talking about great amounts of money, it's the principal of the thing. >> and in a world of small types, this case could easily hinge on those terms and conditions. wl say it again, before you sign up for anything. please, read the contract from the beginning until the end. >> the finest, finest print. >> get out the magnifying glass. >> $10, that was a good deal. >> we will see what happens in court. >> you have a consumer complaint for us to investigate. give us a call. you see the numbers on the screen. 886-96-tips or visit nbc bay area.c the nightmare at sea is over, and everyone is asking what happened. the ship set sail despite storm warnings the captain declared mayday on saturday after the engines on the cruise chip failed and it was rocked byh
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waves. roughly 500 passengers, air lifted to safety. one by one, as the tug boats pulled the ship and everybody else to shore. now, one of the passengers who is a rio vista woman tweeted she is safe and sound but that was terrible. well, this is women's empowerment month and the warriors teamed up with nike to show a young aspiring female basketball player that there's more than just running up and down the court. there's jobs for women to be had, yeah. >> reporter: the girls you see basketball court. andhey learned there's more to life than just basketball. >> ene the different aspects of stuff you can do outside of basketball that is still within basketball. >> reporter: warrior s center damian jones making a visit to the event, along with two-time
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olympic medalist, she gave the group of young ladies a lot of good advice. >> how can we use basketball as a tool to impact them and let them know there's something bigger and more important. >> why do you like playing your sport? >> reporter: today's event was designed to show young women that basketball can lead them to other jobs and they can use their creativity by marketing the team and individual players. these young women walked away knowing their future has no limits. and a basketball career, doesn't have to be on the court. >> yeah, there's a lot of jobs behind the scenes that make up the team. so, there's lot of opportunities for women and our own sheryl haerd was there talking to the
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young girls. >> we will be working for those young girls soon. >> right now, the storm system is losing esteem, but we have more rain chances behind it. let's get in to the micro climate forecast tonight and whenever i show radar. i like to give you the top down view so you can get a fix on what is happening where you live and you can see, right now, the north bay has clear friday the storm system, and as i mon the worst has moved off to the south and the east. we are just looking at spotty areas of rain fall left on the ray dafrmt we will track it right now and you will see showers over east palo alto. moving off in to the north through hayward. and then, we have hit and had miss rain over san jose, that is going to continue in to the east foothills through 11:47 tonight. it's been wet for morgan hill and san martin and gilroy. you have the spotty rain with you. the heavy rain is over the santa cruz mountains. a bit of it left over for the next couple of hours to keep spotty rain in the forecast.
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sohead and bring it in to tomorrow morning. with we will still hold on to a slight chance of some showers in the south bay and peninsula. and notice temperatures in the low to mid 50s. you may need a light jacket and starting off with cooler temperatures. we will give you an hour by hour forecast. nothing too heavy and mainly cloud cover and a chance here for the south bay. and off the peninsula. by the afternoon. i do think we will try to get at least a little bit on of sunshine breaking through the cloud cover for the peninsula. it will not last long. and we will see, yet again, another system starting to approach. by 10:30 tomorrow night. and this looks like it could bring early morning rainfall, around 4:30 in the morning on wednesday. that would add up the totals. so, let's go a head and get the wider look at the for camp you can see what we are looking at
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here. wednesday, 1500-4500s of an inch on of rain. the possibility of a light thunderstorm and consistent widespread rainfall comes on thursday. with a 10th to a half inch and here is the payoff. friday, saturday, sunday, dry weather. you have sunshine coming back and a nice weekend moving your way. >> san francisco temperatures had in the 50 and is 60s, and by sunday, i switched it up to 71 degrees. nice here, nice weekend coming our way for lake tahoe, as you can see, sunshine and that will be after the one to three feet of snow we have gotten from today through the next two days. so, all around, a few complaints about the rain this week and none so far about the up coming weekend. >> no. >> and it will be april in a few days. >> thanks. >> sure. >> we are following breaking news now, a woman attacked on b.a.r.t. this time on a train heading toward sfo, here is what we know. just before 10:00 p.m., an hour
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ago, between daly city, and culma, a man hit that woman in the head with an object and walked away. we don't know why or if he tried to take her money but he was arrested at the station x that woman is okay. >> plus, ahead, is there a hidden danger. the growing concern about a particular breast implant that is linked to cancer. >> and happening now, sam aed ams revealed the inspiration nor the new brew. ruth bader beginsberg. it was brewed on international women's day to honor the supreme court justice. er them, had when asked when there's going to be enough women on the court and the answer was when there's nine. we are back in a moment
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partucular bresat implant are sounding the alarm they told their stories to f-d-a hearing today. . a form of cancer associated with a particular breast implant, in a hearing today, nearly 700 women worldwide have been sdieg diagnosed with a typ implant. patients say that many doctors don't know about the disease. >> were any of you told about it? >> i removed my chest to get rid of cancer and reconstructed it and put cancer back in. >> representsives from 3 of the implant makers were there. they say there could be other factors that caused the cancer. including the women's genetics.
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>> a rescue in richmond, the fire department showing this video. that is one of two dogs being rescued. you see the firefighter bringing it outside and giving the puppy cpr, both dogs made it out okay. >> a new real estate listing in san francisco requires not just a lot of money, but also a healthy imagination. images are impressive, but the home doesn't really exist. it's only the lot. it's all shrubbary, the property is the size of a tennis court and the asking price?.8 la for a three story home, but the buyer would still have to actually build it. so, it's just pictures and then the land. >> so, you buy the land and you have to then pay for the house. >> okay, we will take you to the giants house next. giants and a's from oracle park. stay with us.
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goants and a )s? the gr all right, you want to know who was tonight's real mvp between the giants and the a's? the grounds crew. >> or the seagulls. at oracle park, exhibition
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ba a lot of game. the game was delayed 90 minutes. they came out swinging. profar sing lle ed down the lin. the a's win 5-4 and game three tomorrow night in san francisco and on thursday, the giants open in san diego and the a's have the home opener at the coliseum against the angels. at the shark tank the sharks desperate for a win. trying to snap out of their funk of five game losing streak. the red wings in town. we pick it up in the third period and this is not supposed to happen. the red wings with the shorthanded goal. the sharks, would score two late goals. but they will come up short. they didn't look good tonight. sharks lose 3-2. and it's the sixth straight loss. back in a moment. [ loud traffic sounds ]
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one more wish to fulfill. only on today in the bay: how you can help the vet achieve his a bay area man fought for out freedom and he has one more wish to fulfill, only today on the bay, how you help the veteran achieve his big dream. see what is coming in the mail and win. okay on, shee is a teenager and she has got game and she can fly. soon to be stanford student reaching new heights tonight. this is friend -- tonight, became the second woman ever to win a slam dunk contest, as the
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mcdonald's all american game, watch her there. she is a senior at a high school outside of denver. let's see it again. there she goes. yes. >> nice. >> going to play at stanford next season. she is 6'1", and she rocks it. >> look at that. >> look at the shoes too. >> we will see you at stanford next season. have a nice day tomorrow. >> jimmy: hey, everyone, welcome to the "the tonight show." my name is jimmy fallon. and i'm standing outside the 6th avenue entrance of 30 rockefeller plaza where we sht our show every single night.ght'show is going to be a little different. i'm very excited about this. asked nbc if we could possibly do a whole show shot on a a phone, and they said yes.


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