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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  March 26, 2019 11:00pm-11:33pm PDT

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♪ >> makes a fair hit. >> blanco's going to dive. ♪ right now at 11:00, the next storm is moving in. the roads already slick at this hour. >> brace yourself for more rain. you're severald how much. of the exposure spots. and they moved into rvs to beat the housing crunch but will the most liberal city in the bay area turn them away? the news starts now. okay.
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plan aaccordi according okay. plan aaccordi accordily. there's rain on the radar tonight and going to make for a wednesday messy morning commute. >> jeff ranieri, what are we talking about in terms of rain? >> this will be a moderate storm system for us getting the roadways wet as we head to tomorrow among. the storm system is offshore. out ahead of it we've seen rainfall tonight. a few moderate to also heavier pockets. it's moving off to the north. this will keep rainfall in santa rosa certainly over the next five to ten minutes. let's get a look at the early morning commute. 4:30 in the morning. you have the best chance of rain over the north bay down to about san francisco. and a few showers developing in san jose. but this will not be the heaviest of it. see you then, thank you, jeff. check this out. you're looking at a measles hot zone from palo alto to san jose. some 20 spots including restaurants and shopping malls, an infected international traveler may have exposed you to that highly contagious virus last week. health officials are now warning thousands of us to be vigilant. nbc bay area's ian cole joins us live at the great mall in milpitas. ian, that is one of those spots where that person was walking
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around. >> reporter: it is, indeed, jessica. this is one of the spots a person also went to valley fair mall in san jose, even the apple campus visitors center. public health officials are putting out this information and the entire list of locations so people know what to look out for. an unidentified international traveler with measles may have spread the virus in at least 20 different south bay and peninsula locations. all between march 16th and last friday. they visited the great mall in milpitas one week ago 7:00 p.m., but people may have been exposed for two more hours. >> it's just alarming because you would think you would try to take care of yourself and try to stay away from the public when you are sick. >> reporter: the last two stops were at cvs pharmacies in sunnyvale, at 5:30 last friday. >> it is concerning definitely but the same time you have to awaa waware of what you can and cannt do. >> reporter: symptoms include a
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fever, cough, red eyes and a rash that starts on the face. they can begin up to 21 days after exposure. if you have them, call your doctor before going anywhere. the santa clara county health department says luxury, 97% of the south bay is vaccinated. >> this advisory, however, it is important because some people are not protected from measles and top of that list are bs vaccinated. >> reporter: she says the virus can linger in the air for hours after a person has left. the heightened measles alert is much worse in other parts of the country. 15 states have cases. rockland county, new york, is declaring a health emergency. anyone under 18 not vaccinated is barred from public places. >> now, ian, do we know if this patient was actually showing symptoms when they were walking around to all these other places and how did they figure o t mea? >> reporter: jessica, yeah, we don't know if they were symptomatic. what we do know is they were
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treated by a doctor. they are still in the county but no longer considered a risk. >> all right. thank you very much, ian cull. taking action after a tragedy. we've learned the state will revoke the license of an east bay preschool where a toddler was killed. it's a heartbreaking story our investigative unit broke last month. macy opperman died while paying at parkside preschool in newark last october. a play structure fell right on top of her. according to inspection parkrtd. the school told us it's closing on april 19th voluntarily but denies it did anything wrong. well, one attack, one violent robbery on b.a.r.t. all within a 90-minute period on opposite ends of the bay area. now, they come. on the heels of a stabbing that happened friday so what's b.a.r.t. doing about it? how are they going toarinda sta
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and that's the exact question riders are asking. >> reporter: i spoke to b.a.r.t.'s board president tonight. he says it's concerning when you hear about violent attacks on these trains but he says the board is making moves to make passengers safer. >> there was someone on the car that i was in that was mentally ill and got agitated because someone sat in the row ahead of him. >> reporter: that situation for b.a.r.t. board president didn't turn violent, but he says the three violent attacks in a four-day period is this man who is the suspect in v >> when i joined the b.a.r.t. board, we had over 40 vacancies which is more than 20% of our force. and so it difficult to you kno really seen in the trains and in the stations. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. is hiring officers. vacancies are down to 24. passengers i talked to still want to see more officers on the trains. >> never see b.a.r.t. officers
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except in their vehicles driving from station to station. i mean, there ought to be a presence on the trains. >> reporter: police were on scene quickly last night when a man struck a woman in the head on the daley city train. when we got off the colma train, b.a.r.t. police were there to make the arrest and there was quick response last night when a man grabbed a woman's backpack and threw her to the ground. police arrested the man and the backpack was recovered. >> the real objective is not only to arrest people, but really to some of these crimes from happening. >> reporter: he says he is hoping to have a full police staff in a couple l of years. reporting live in arinda, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. it's only a test but a test that one day could save your life. tomorrow morning california is testing a new earthquake warning system. here's the lowdown. 11:00 a.m. tomorrow in downtown oakland near lake merritt. there's the lake right there. if you live in this yellow
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highlighted zone, that includes downtown and uptown, your phone will likely be buzzing. in fact, that's the goal. send an alert to as many cell phones as possible to see how fast this warning system will work. it's similar to how amber alerts and weather alerts are issued. the man who shot a teen in the head in san francisco has been caught in southern california. it happened yesterday inside a building that houses the department of corrections. today the chp in southern california spotted the gunman's car abandoned on the freeway right henear the arizona border and a short time later they spotted the man walking on the . police say there was an exchange of gunfire but in the end, officers managed to arrest him. well, the giants open the season on thursday and they will be without their longtime leader. today, a major shakeup in the front office involving embattled ceo larry baer. major league baseball suspended baer through july 1st. this stems from that very public altercation you see there caught on camera between baer and his
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wife which quickly went viral. rob dean will serve as the interim control person with major league baseball and giants board of directors. it's believed he'll keep that role even after baer returns in july. he wrote a statement accepting the decision saying in part "my unacceptable behavior fell well short of what must be demanded of every person, particularly in my position and role in the community." how do you beat the housing crunch in the bay area? thousands of people, it means ersys in berkeley asng those nbc bay area's jean elle is in overnight rv parkings. berkeley for us. jean, what's the late-night decision? i know it's still happening right behind you. >> reporter: it is, raj, and this is a divisive issue. i want to show you inside the meeting. public comment on this meeting just wrapped up but the council is taking a break from the item at moment. people on both sides have been making their case for and against the rv ban since 7:00
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tonight. >> you come in and then you have the kitchen right away. >> reporter: jessica prado is living in an rv in west berkeley. >> this couch turns into a bed. as soon as i can pay off my student debt, everything i owe, i'd like to also get housing, you know? >> reporter: she's not the only one parking and living on berkeley city streets. some streets are lined with rvs. for area businesses, like the potter studio, the lineup is iv safety. >> we've had human feces in our trash, in our recycling which we have to clean out. we've received threats from the rv people, maybe just not indicative of the whole, but we have received threats where it's made our people here afraid to go out to their cars at night. >> we'll sit down when you sit down! >> reporter: rv dwellers and supporters showed up at tonight's city council meeting protesting a plan to ban rvs from parking on city streets between 2:00 and 5:00 a.m. tonight council members added a plan to require city staff to help people find housing before
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they can be evicted. >> it is our intent to do kind of an initial very in-depth outreach where we're actually offering services upfront. >> reporter: council member sophie hahn also says berkeley is working with neighboring city leaders, looking for a safe space for people living in rvs to park. jean elle, nbc bay news. rain right now on storm ranger from yontville to st. helena and more rain for the forecast tomorrow. we'll show you the hour by hour forecast and when that sun finally comes back. and it was definitely the biggest shark i've ever seen. >> it's an image he'll never forget. a shark headed straight for a line of surfers. jet skiers jumped into action to try and help. also, they're getting away with it. we investigate the bizarre and illegal actions some landlords are using to evict bay area tenants.
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landlords. and it as you know, housing is among our biggest concerns in the bay area. now we uncovered a serious lack of oversight of landlords and may be leaving many oakland families vulnerable to fraud. >> laws designed to protect renters are routinely broken and the senior investigative reporter has more on this story. >> reporter: salvador and his wife, gloria, have called this oakland apartment home for the past 16 years which is why they found it strange when their landlord all of a sudden claimed to live in this same building. just one floor below. >> they are liar. when someone is living downstairs, it's easy to hear a little noise. >> so if they were living here, you'd hear it. >> exactly. >> reporter: up until recently, oakland landlords who live in their own duplexes or triplexs could legally raise rent prices beyond what's allowed under rent control.
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salvador was paying $1,100 a month but his landlord tried increasing the rent to $3,000. that's a nearly 200% spike. salvador, his wife, and kids, would be forced to leave, but then one day one of their relatives shot this video. they say it shows the landlord's father unloading trash bags from his van into garbage cans at the very same home where his son, the landlord, claimed to be living. so the landlord's family would actually bring garbage? >> yes. >> reporter: why would they do that? >> it's obviously they are pretending to live here. >> reporter: two years ago oakland lawmakers enacted new rules to protect renters. especially in the case of owner move-in evictions. that's when a tenant is kicked out because the landlord or landlord's relatives want to move in. now, landlords must sign paperwork under penalty of pu l perjury that they intend to move in after evicting their tenant
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and continually provide proof they're actually living there. instead of renting to someone new. so are landlords following those rules? to find out, we requested eviction records from oakland's housing department. it took the city nearly a year to get us those do reviewed hundreds of records and found when it comes to owner move-in violate oakland's housing laws. landlords filed 71 owner move-in evictions last year but only 16 of those landlords submitted the required documents. michelle byrd heads oakland's housing department. so why doesn't the city seem to be enforcing these laws? >> we don't want to be the housing cops. we want to educate individuals. >> it's now been roughly two years since these laws have been in place so why hasn't your office implemented some kind of enforcement system?
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>> we -- we're not -- i think one of the things we don't want to be punitive and so first and foremost is to do education outreach. >> reporter: byrd told us that's why her office is focused on reaching tout landlords who filed to comply with the city's housing laws. has that part of the process happened already? >> we have started working with landlords, yes, we have the system in place. >> reporter: after the interview, we reached out for true. the oakland housing department has not contacted a single landlord to let them know they're violating these housing laws. those landlords can face citations of up to $500. but we've also learned not one landlord has ever been cited. can you understand why some people may think the city's current system for preventing fraud is broken? >> we are improving the systems. we want to make sure that the
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bad actors are dealt with. >> but in two years it doesn't seem like any bad actors have been dealt with. >> i -- i can say that we have systems in place to where we are working with individuals. >> this is both a problem for tenants and it's also a problem r rebecca kaplan is president of the oakland city council. seems like the rules are largely being ignored. >> and that is unacceptable. we you can't have fraudulent owner move-in evictions and people need to trust that the law will be honestly enforced. >> reporter: salvador got legal help from a non-profit which brought the case to oakland's city attorney's office. the city is now suing the landlord, wong fu lee, his father and mother for abusive and fraudulent behavior. the city even obtained utility bills for the landlord's apartment which shows the landlord went more than two months without using a single
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drop of water. during the exact same time he claimed to be living in the apartment. we repeatedly reached out to the family through their attorney, but never heard back. a trial has been set for october. ones.dor says he's one of the the city stepped in to save his home, but he worries many other families remain at risk of losing theirs. >> the city of oakland need them, so i they deserve to be protected. >> reporter: oakland's housing department tells us it just hired a company to help educate landlords about all the laws relating to owner move-in evictions. meanwhile, the city council president tells us she'll have tough questions for oakland's housing director about the lack of enforcement when she appeared before the council for budget hearings likely within the next few months. >> now, if you have a story for our investigative unit, call
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888-9968tips or visit our website. let's get to jeff ranieri. you're delling us the weekend is going to be great but getting there is a little awful. >> got to get over the next 48 hours with these rain shong up storm ranger, our mobile doppler radar. we can take you to that and let you know we have had some activity out ahead of the main part of system tonight. all moving off to north. right now some of the wettest weather really has been over napa, st. helena, this will continue spotty showers as we head throughout the next 15 minutes but let's go ahead and advance it into the early morning commute tomorrow, nowadays starts as early as 4:00 in the morning and can see scattered rain for the north bay and shower chances for the south bay. now, by 7:00 in the morning, might actually think we're under a break if you're heading out the door at 7:00. but what i want to show you is the main storm front will be just offshore and that's going to pick things up once we hit 10:00 in the morning. focus in on these areas of
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yellow, also orange. those are the heavier downpours that might actually produce lightning, even small hail. if we do see that develop, we'll definitely go into a microclimate weather alert and have updates throughout the late morning, also into the afternoon so you can see at 10:00, again, things get heavy. this would be the worst of peni sout trying to clear morninnight, we see things clear out at least from the storm system. rainfall totals about a quart tore a third on average. some of the north bay locations could get close to about half of an inch. so, my extended forecast, want to make sure you're not surprised by this. we've got that storm system for tomorrow. then our final, yes, final storm of the week gets here on thursday with another ternth to about a half inch possible. here's the dry weather raj was mentioning by friday and saturday, we get sunshine back. looks really, really nice. we have some clouds on sunday, but still looks dry at this point then a 20% chance of some
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showers once we hit next monday's forecast. you got 50s, low 60s here in san francisco. look at the inland forecast. happy to put this on the seven day. by sunday we're up to 71 degrees. looks really beautiful. going to lake tahoe, well, you got another 1 to 2 feet of snow over the next 24 hours, but nice weather coming our way this weekend. i think this is probably the happiest people will be with my forecast for about the past three months because we got a nice weekend coming our way finally. >> a great weekend. always happy with your forecast. happy with you. sometimes the forecast. >> i'll take it. >> thanks, jeff. up next, a close encounter near half moon bay. a jet skier sounded the alarm when he saw a great white shark circling some of the surfers. and we have jimmy. >> hey, guys. john mulaney and pete davidson here for true confessions plus kevin neilan, two chainz, and weezr. it's a great show. stay tuned. happening now, palo alto
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couple involved the college admissions cheating scandal hill with no criminal charges. gregory and amy coburn indicted on an additional count of money laundering. most are due to appear in a boston court friday. we're back with more news.
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and save $600 a year. just one more way we take your business beyond. but hurry, switch and save days ends april 7th. internet that's reliable. internet that's fast. that's super important. i just want to get it right now. call today. comcast business. beyond fast. the pacifica coast. there's still no sign of tyler collins. he was last seen swimming off the coast in pacifica. the coast guard spent the day looking for collins. he was hanging out with friends at rockaway beach around 3:30 this morning. collins and another friend went into the rough surf. he hasn't been seen since. a day on the water in half moon bay could have turned
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deadly for surfers. a man on a jet ski came to the rescue. stanley ss white shark that looked 16 feet long. he said the shark circled his jet ski while he was on the water sunday at maverick. seconds later drake said the shark started swimming right toward a surfer so he drove his jet ski over to scare it off. >> after i diverted the shark from going after the single surfer and picked him up, i went out and collected everyone from the water and we put as many people onto the jet ski as would fit. the ones that didn't fit hung onto the side. >> luckily no one was hurt. now, drake says he has never seen a shark that big in those waters before. well, we see the sharks but where are the big waves? the world surf league telling us tonight the window for the mavericks big surf competition is likely to close as of this weekend. no heavy surf on the horizon before sunday's deadline. this would be the third straight year without a contest. we need some big waves to come
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in. >> we do. the big party was at levi stadium tonight for a football game. we're going to take you there next.
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are yo i'm damian trujillo at
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levi's stadium. fans came out to cheer on the mexican national soccer team, here in all their glory. the fans had just taken their seats when mexico scored the first goal and before long, the mexican national team was up 3-0. fans braved the wet weather to cheer them on and their national heroes did not disappoint. ♪ some took the day off to celebrate the arrival of the team. some traveled overnight from as far as l.a. to get to watch their team play. >> it's very fun. yeah. i'm having a good time. >> reporter: the fans did not go home disappointed. and this levi's stadium has become a home away from home for the mexican national soccer team. that's it for sports. more news after the break. ♪
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tomorrow- and how it could help save lives. plus: our cons preparing for the next big one. >> the early warning system tested in the area tomorrow. >> and an important reminder before you book your next vacation or cruise. >> tomorrow morning from 7:00. are you ready for the baseball season? yes, opening day for the giants is this thursday. in san diego. the a's home opener is thursday afternoon at the coliseum. tonight, though, the final game of spring training, a soggy night in oracle park. these young fans came prepared. >> look at that. >> lot of umbrellas. top of the fourth inning. the bellerman grad adds to the
11:33 pm
a's lead with this two-run homer. a's fans are happy. bottom of the sixth the giants get on the board. newcomer gerardo parra with a two-run single. it there's rain on the lens. you can hardly see the game. the game was called after six innings because of, jeff, rain. >> rain. >> a's -- >> look at that. >> -- win 4-2. it's spring training. they said let's call the game, let's get to our hotels, let's get back to -- >> i hope they had their hot dog first. my favorite thing about a game, a hot dog. >> it is good. they got the fancy food. nothing like a hot dog. >> how long is the rain sticking around? is. >> we got a chance here tomorrow morning. another tenth to close to a half inch. isolated thunderstorms possible. final storm of the week on thursday. about the same amount of rain. we dry out friday and saturday. okay. so for the giants thursday in san diego, 60s. partly sunny. for the a's, a chance of isolated thunderstorms on thursday. >> okay. we'll be prepared thursday at the coliseum. thanks for joining us. see you tomorrow. >> bye-bye.
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- john mulaney,


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