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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 27, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> i'm kris sanchez, in for laura today. we want to talk about the weather. >> you may be dealing with some rain, but this is the kind of storm where everyone is not seeing some rain, especial willy in the north bay, and then we'll get our higher chances of rain later on this morning. a pretty good downpour, and we'll be tracking this for today and for tomorrow. still worried in that forecast, so so. we saw those rains off to the right approach all jammed up. it looks like everything completely cleared, and now we have a few cars, larger trucks slowly making that i way through the toll plaza. so no more problems. we'll see damp roadways farther north, so just watch for slippery conditions.
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still have that crash 101 and cesar chaves, and one at alum rock. we'll have more once chp arrives. first of all, we talked about this 30 minutes ago. fire crews are still on the scene and we're learning that at least one person was hurt. >> our "today in the bay's" bob redell is live at the scene. bob, you said there was a woman was hurt. is she okay? >> reporter: she's expected to be okay. the contra costa county fire protection district are just wrapping up their work here. the house behind me, though, however, is a loss. the firefighters do say everyone inside the home was able to escape okay, including that woman who lives here. she was burned on her hands and feet. this call came in around 2:40 this morning, it never wen past the first alarm. firefighters believe it started in the garage, spreaded there into the interior of the home.
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one of the big challenges was dealing with the loud explosion coming from the garage. >> they were loud, loud explosions, right when i first got on scene and out of my truck, two of them went off. i wasn't sure if it was ammunition or propane. the fire department is still trying to determine the cause of this fire. they do not believe it was suspicious. the homeowners who were asleep when this fire started, with you saved by something everyone should have installed in their homes, smoke detectors. reredell, "today in the bay." >> we just checked out the other day. thank you, bob. now to capitol hill as the wait stretches on, congress is moving on to another hot topic. president trump's administration is making a push to get rid of the affordable care act. tracie potts is live in washington with this debate. we just ahead the president says
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the republican party will be the party of health care. so what's going on? >> he did. democrats think they're going to be the party of health care, too. in fact they think that's how they were swept into office, into control of the house of representatives just a couple short months ago. they're trying to fix it, and now the justice department is weighing in, telling the court the whole thing is constitutional. >> it's a new battle. >> the republican party will soon be known as the party of health care. you watch. >> if that is true, god help middle-class americans. >> the justice department has told a federal appeals got that it supports getting rid of the entire health law. 28 million americans could lose coverage. >> the gop will never stop trying to destroy the affordable health care of american families. >> republicans say they're fixing it. >> we want people to have more
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freedom to choose the things that are best for them and their families. what they're seeing is double-did you get nicks. >> democrats are pitching a plan to make more middle-class families eligible and give insurers more money to cover the poorest and sicks patients. it's not expected to even get a vote in the senate controlled by republicans. at risk, if the affordable care act goes away, insurance for preexisting conditions, and adults under 26 years old. >> we have to prove to everything if they get sick they're not going to lose their coverage. >> there's still for plan to replace it if it's struck down. thank you tracey. tonight there would be a sit-down with frank comey. the report found know collusion, but did not rule out the
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possibility of obstruction of justice. comey has already publicly stated he's confused by mueller's decision. you can catch the full interview tonight at 5:30, and then stay tuned for nbc bay area news at 6:00. a man is shot and killed in the east bay, happening just before 9:00 last night in oakland. police say that rim was in hi 20s, a motive is not clear just yet. again, no arrests have been made. a man accused of shooting a teenager in san francisco is now under arrest this morning. yesterday the -- abandoned on the freeway near the arizona border. a shored time later they spotted the suspect walking along the side of the road. police say there was an exchange of gunfire, and then the officers took that man into custody. in just a few hours, jury
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deliberation pick back up in the case of a man with cancer and a popular weedkiller. a jury last week determined that roundup was a substantial factor. he used the product for 26 years. now they must decide it monsanto is legally liable. deliberations got under way last year a san francisco man sued month sanso in state court. he was awarded almost $300 million in damages, which was cut down to $78 million. millions may be at stake when the council discussion plans. >> the city says that the 49ers stadium management company never provided any projects for the next year's budget, so the board
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plans to decrease spending by more than 40%. in the past, the city has accused the team of lack of transparency when it comes to the revenue there. the team has cited santa clara's early curfew rules for a dip in non-football related revenue. according to the chronicle, the sardine is seeing another dramatic population decline. if that ban is put into place. it could be for the fifth straight year. from mexico to canada, the border there, the fishery council is expected to discuss the topic next month. an update as cleanup continues following last month as flooding crews are picking up curbside debris until friday. the program was supposed to end last weekend but was extended. they're giving flood victims more time toe pull their ruined
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belongings to curbs. two years in the making, state water officials are gearing up for the possibility of using the newly repaired orville dam for the very first time. lake oroville is near capacity and rising. with incoming storms, the department of water resources is preparing for use this dam as early as two weeks. if you remember, it failed last year, and they rebuilt the spillway. of course we're seeing a lot of rain this season as well. >> now we have to think about all the sierra snow we have gotten in. at some point it will start to melt, so we need that spillway to be ready, as we get ready for the massive snow melt.
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we are looking at rain, mostly covering the north bay. and as you get ready to head out the door, even in parts of napa county, we're seeing some spotty rain coming down. it's going to be off and on as the storm system moving through, we'll also be watches for the potential of thunderstorms today. we could see a wave of some heavy rain, maybe even rumbles of thunder. that will be the things we'll have to watch out for today. i'll have more updates. mike, you're starting out with another look at san jose. >> the lens got hit with light rain or drizzle enough to make the roads slick again. we are looking at, though, the issue of nearby, just north of that camera, which is right here, around alum rock, reports of a new crash there. no injuries, also off to the shoulder.
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nothing major, a look at the green sensors, that's great. just 16 minutes down to the bay bridge, we're starting to see the cash lanes back up. the volume is just starting to build right on schedule. i cleared that tickle from my throats. so we're all good now. a fight over the flintstone home on the peninsula. now the people are getting involved, coming up at 5:25. plus a big week for lyft as it races toward the ipo. we'll tell you the latest when "today in the bay" continues.
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right now at 5:13, it's a windy start. we'll have a chance of thunderstorm, and before you head out to the fruitvale station, you have yourself ready for the day. we'll talk about the storm chances and what's ahead in the forecast, coming up in less than five minutes. chp also warning about windy bridges. that high-rise in the distance, that's one of your suspects, so just be careful out there. a very happy wednesday to you. boeing is back under pressure after a southwest 737 max 8,
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which doesn't have any passenger had to make an emergency landing. will be trong arts will lay off hundreds of people, mostly in foreign offices. the ceo at the company says this is a different day. these are important, but very hard decision, and we do not take them lightly. "wall street journal" says this morning that san francisco's lyft will likely go public this week as highs of $68 a share, we think, with the first day of trading on friday. lyft is racing uber to the markets. pricen an ipo is -- you want as high a price as possible, right? but not too high. you want to keep it going up in the first day of trading. we'll know if they threaded that needle at the end of the week. also the parliament in the
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european union passed a bill that would radically change the way the internet works in europe, making platforms line youtube or tumblr or pinterest being responsible for posts. perhaps to the point they may cut back on the content it allows europeans to upload. this issue is still being hammered out. and it wouldn't take effect for a couple years, but we can say this is one of the biggest changes to the internet by a democracy in many, many years. whether it's a good change or not i don't think we can say. government policy and what happens are often two different things. we have to see how it works, but it's a huge change. >> welcome back. you look nice and rested. >> and boy, it is early in the morning. you have a week off, you
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realize, ooh, that's early. so we want to take time to thank you this morning. it was here on "today in the bay" that we told but jake larsen. he's 96 years old, a world war ii veteran who want to do go to france tots 75th commemoration ofd d day. he told us he's the only surviving member of his you want. he's gotten thousands of donations on the gofundme page his friend set up. here's why he says it's so important for him to make this trip. >> i just want my family to know how appreciative the french were. >> they awarded him france's highest honor. he is getting very close to achieves the goal of $10,000, but jake still has a bit more to go. we did put the link on or
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website. i also just posted on twitter and facebook a little snip of him talking about how he lied to join the national guard at age 15. he had to do some fast math. he says i'm good at math. >> that's probably the only thing he's done wrong. >> he was such a doll. a really sweet man. >> really wanted to help and fight for our country. so thank you. >> yes. hi, kari. >> hi. what have you done? >> right? >> so getting ready for the day we have some rain moving through. here's a live look outside. the roads are wet, but not a lot of rain is falling. we will start to see that rain coming back by 8:00. notice here at 11:00 to 12:00, we may have thunderstorms moving through, so heads up about that. you probably are already hearing those winds roaring.
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in napa the wind speeds coming in from the south at about 24 miles an hour. we also had gusty winds across the bay area. right now not bringing much in terms of rain then heading towards napa county at well. and even some storms just off to our east, we will also have a chance for storms then we catch a break.
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we could sew close to an inch and a half in santa rosa, and then elsewhere we're looking at about third of an inch. especially considering this is late march and we're still getting a foot or so of snow. we'll see a nice, dry weekend ahead, as temperatures heat up. mike, it's still wet and windy. for some we have just a few drivers right now.
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the benicia bridge is the latest to get called with that advisory from chp, as the volume builds at the toll plaza -- we're looking at no major problems, but again slick conditions. look at that. san jose continues to show more of what that road weather index coming up into downtown. we don't have in delays. the b.a.r.t. system got in on time, but we're knott -- so far no delays reported, but you know that could change at any moment. remember, mexico versus paragu paraguay are still closed because of that sewer repair. the people are sounding
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off, what they're saying about this home and its decorative yard, that the still of hillsboro wants gone. look at this. a beautiful photo. kari hall is sharing on you are instagram page. kari is also tracking today's rain for you on the go. this is on social media as well. you can follow her on twitter and instagram. a follow up to brs
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you saw here on today in the
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b 5:23 now. the search is now suspended indefinitely for a man last seen swimming in the water off pacifica. a coast guard crew suspended the search for tyler collins around 7:45 last night. the 28-year-old was hanging outs with friends at rockaway beach when he and other friends went into the search, a crew spent a total of 15 hours, and searched a 66 square mile area for collins with no sign of him. a live look for you now at the capitol building in d.c. this morning. the senate is now looking at a bill that would bring billions of dollars in disaster relief to california. it would fund recovery efforts. democrat it is say there could be a sticking point.
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it also providing hurricane relief for puerto rico. president trump is vocal about limiting those resources. environmentalists and loggers are striking a deal to protect acres of tree in the santa cruz mountains. two large redwood forests are the covering two different properties. here you soo them on the map and according to "the mercury news" the nearly $12 million transaction is the largest of is kind in the region in nearly a decade. also the legal battle over the iconic flintstone house is getting public port. >> urging the city to leave the homeowners alone. you can see it there.
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it is now owned by the family who also owns the fsf exercise. recently sued, calling the home's most recent decorations a nuisance. at last check, more than 14,000 people have signed the petition. it was created by a san jose woman and urging the governor to step in on the debate. powerball jackpot takes place tonight, and someone could come away with a whopping $750 million. >> no one matched all six numbers on saturday. it's the fourth largest jackpot in history. coming up, top stories we're work working on for you, including a major earthquake. what you need to go. plus we're also following breaking news in contra costa. a woman is injured overnight in a house fire. a live report from the home coming up. and raining in some pots, but when is it going to make it
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to your neighborhood? kari hall is tracking the latest sim. and mike inouye is taking a look at the roads. this is the toll plaza, you can see the backup. mike will help us navigate through the bay this morning. you're watching "today in the bay."
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♪ [ crying ] ♪ you protect them at home. we help protect them online. this is beyond wifi. this is xfi. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity. the future of awesome. a look at our doppler radar powered by stormranger. well, that rain will be coming in waves for us all
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today. powered by northbound bay area storm ranger there. you can see, we're in for it. we want to get right to the weather. >> you do need the umbrellas. we're seeing heavier rain over the north bay. not only that, but we've had some gusty wind, moving into napa counties as well, but check out what's happening to our east. those are lightning strikes, and we'll have that chance, as we go throughout the day. here is a look at that wet commute, going into late morning, or rain chances go up with even heavier rain, even a few thunderstorms. we're on that in a few minutes.
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mike, you have two important changes? >> i do, and we have the continuing green in san jose, so definitely camp conditions as the light rain -- we're looking over here, one important change is there is a crash at -- crews are arriving, so there's a slower drive, not in the tunnel the tunnel is open but meanwhile, at the bay brim, the second bick change is the metering lights. near the caldecott, we'll track that, marcus. >> thanks. we're talking about that rain again. if you think it's been extra wet this season, well, you're right there the totals will be going up as it moves in today pete?
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>> yeah, good morning marcus. we'll break down those numbers in a moment. we're standing in petaluma, no rain since we've been here this morning, but we've seen parts of the bay area experience some rain. i want to show you some new video. the first video is in san jose off the montague express way. that was the situation earlier, then cell phone video i was able to film on auer way heading towards petaluma, it's on 101 north. of course you want to be careful when you're driving in they conditions. we'll seen a lot of rain in the fort bay now in march we saw it reach above 6 inches, we've seen
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more than -- above normal, with a record-setting season with february having the third wettest season on record here's what folks at petaluma said were saying about all the wet weather we've experienced so far this season. >> not a big deal. i know we need the rain, all the creeks are full, but you've got flooding in guerneville and other places, so i know it's a hard smp on other people. >> i think it's pretty good. we need the rain definitely. i know in tahoe it's pretty overwhelming right now, but i welcome it. i have no problem with it at all. i know a lot of my friends are really tired right now of the rain, but i enjoy it. i don't mind it at all. >> reporter: so we'll continue to monitor the conditions.
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>>. 5:33 right now. you ask track this system right now on our free nbc bay area app, as you can track the rain. >> 5:34, breaking news we first started covering, neighbors reported here explosions. >> bop, what can you tell us about the person who was hurt? >> minor injuries, according to the fire department, burns to her hands and feet, but this is the destruction left behind at this fire. they were coming from the garage. they were very loud, according
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to the fire department. the people who live here were able to get out on their own, including the woman being wheeled away on the stretcher. the fire department pointed out they did have a smoke detector. that is what woke them up when this fire started. as you can see behind me, the fire started in the garage, extended into the interior. the fire department says this home was pretty much a total lost. it's good to hear they had thoughts smoke detector and they were working. thanks, bob. 5:35 right now health officials are warning you to be vigilant. here is the location of some 20 spots including restaurants and
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shopping malls were visited by an infected international traveler who has the highly contagious virus. there are several symptoms, including a rash that starts on the face. all of this can begin up to 21 days after exposure. if you have the symptoms, you should call your doctor before going anywhere. santa clair county health department says 97% of the south bay is vaccinated. new this morning, two small quakes rattles the north bay in about the last hour. if we look at that usgs map, you can see it's a 2.7 magnitude that hit around 4:30 this morning, then a 2.6 quake hit moments later. it's a good reminder, we always need to be on alert, especially. "today in the bay's" tom jensen is here to talk about a test. these a timely reminder, mother
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nature helping us out this morning. >> reporter: it really is a good reminder. there's going to be a test later today that will test the statewide earthquake warning system. the epicenter will be right here in the bay area. this test will go out right at 11:00 this morning, and it will go out to people in a 60-square block area in downtown oakland, and uptown oakland. right at 11:00 and this will read test of the california earthquake warning system, no action required, this is a test. the goal is to send an alert to as many cell phones as possible to see how fast the warning system will work before there is a real earthquake. it's similar to how amber and weather alerts are sent out, only this goes out from the u.s.
5:38 am
geological survey. >> basically to push the button at 11:00 and sended message to a 60 square block region of downtown oakland. >> that 60-block area that covers downtown and parts of areas near lake merritt, bounds railroad south of 23rd, north of is 1th, west the harrison, east of jefferson, but they warn that people in berkeley may also receive this warning message, at least some people. they're also asking people to take part in this, get on your cell phone, if you get that message, if you're in the oakland area, in berkeley, if you get that message, make a note of the exact second and to log on to a survey at survey monkey and take a survey there, so they can see how effective the test is. those quakes that happened this morning, those earthquakes and any earthquakes people can
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following at on our earthquake map. it will show a map of the exact epicenters and the mag any attitude of those quakes. a test later today is also another tool that's available to you. we're live tracking these new takes, and also that test later this morning. >> remember, folks, don't call 911, it is not an emergency, it is actually a test. >> i did have to send a note to my wife, because their office is in downtown oakland. maybe they'll give you good data. over here in san jose has a better flow. still mist and drizzle, a little slick and slowing at 680 or just north of 680. slowing right in your typical spot, but the green hoof did i lighting, that's the road index
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getting ready to start up again circling west 24, we still have youths fast lane blocked that's slowing folks down through orunna. >> thanks, mike. so the window for mavericks big surf contest closes. that i can a look at the waves. this weekend is it, sunday to be exact, with the heavy surf on the horizon. competition orizer talking about a wipeout this year. if so that would make it the third straight year with no competition. >> it's lucky we have that video of you, marcus. >> and they were tracking a system like weeks ago, and it just fizzled out. >> sometimes you don't get the high waves, even though the winds are quite trong. we do have shall storm system moving through, as you get ready to head out the door watching
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out for a chance of thunderstorms. light rain elsewhere. so by the time we get through that system, we'll be clearing out just in time for the weekend. check out saturday's forecast. it looks really nice, some low 60s the bay reaching 66 degrees and the inland areas reaching 69 degrees. for sunday it will be slightly warmer all across the bay area, with mostly sunny skies, so what are you going to do? are you planning to head to the sierra? that's a look at squaw valley, all snow piled up. by friday the conditions will improved, and we'll see those temperatures warming up throughout the weekend. he a little cool on friday, mostly sunny skies, and we'll keep the sunny skies on saturday. i'm watching all of your weekend he activity, just let me know
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what you're doing. we'll talk about what's goods on today in about three minutes. coming up here, going after big tobacco, a any big up for discussion promises to curb the rise of flavored tobacco among teens. plus a battle in washington this morning over the budget. >> do you know how many kids are going to be affected by that cut, madam secretary? >> let me just say again, we had to make some difficult decisions -- >> betsy devos once again caught in congress without the numbers. you're watching "today in the bay."
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it is 25:45. don't forget the umbrella. this is a live look outside. we have mostly cloudy skies, and the rain starts to move in by 8:00 or 9:00. we could see some lightning, even some hail today. we'll take a closer look in the forecast coming up in less than five minutes. and if you look closely, you see 880 moving smooth ly we're talking about higher winds, and of course the rain that kari is tracking.
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>> well, happening today, a step in a plan to preserve the health of the colorado river. seven states, including california, are trying to develop a drought contingency plan. today that plan will be presented for the first time on capitol hill. it comes after recent dry years left some reservoir at record low levels. public health experts say it's a growing epidemic among teenager. today lawmakers are trying to take action to curb the rise again thee. a proposal bill calls for a ban on flavored tobacco nationwide. state senator jerry hill of san mateo does back this bill. he says data from the state department of public health records that 80% every young even who never used tobacco
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started with a flavored product. so a battle over health care is shaping up in washington so many americans like the affordable care act. the trump administration says it will challenge the entire thing in court. it's not the first time, this time in the courts, building on a district court case. now, there are risks for the president here. first, the without could win the court case with no other health care system in place. in that happened hundreds of thousands of americans would like their health care. it also piff volumes the decision amp from the big victory. proof from the mueller report there was no collusion. that conversation is definitely not over, a new reuters poll
5:48 am
she's nearly ha americans say there was a connection between the trump campaign and the russian. fireworks as president trump's secretary of education betsy devos defended the white house budget in congress. the trump administration says it wants to cut education money by $7 billion, including $18 million for the special olympics. >> do you know how many kids are going to be affected by that cut, madam secretary. >> let me just say again we had to make some difficult decisions with this budget. >> this is a question, how many kids. >> i don't know the number of kids are. >> it's 272,000 kids. i'll lanza answer it for you. no problem. >> let me say the special olympics is an awesome organization, one well supported by the philanthropic sector as well. >> remember, just because there's something in a
5:49 am
president's budget doesn't make it so. congress decides how much money to actually spend. barbara bush speaking out. the former first laid is says he no longer considers herself a republican. expect to here more as she goes on book tour later this year temples you can follow me at scott mcgrew. well, it is a fried chicken crisis, a new popeyes's restaurant ran out. it was only open for about a week. >> they said they were out of chicken. >> you got to be kidding. >> it's not open? >> they ran out of food, man. >> wow. . >> hungry customers were turned away after the store had to shut down early.
5:50 am
rye minds me of a scene, when they asked what kind of chicken do you have? , tell me what you have. they don't have any chicken. hopefully starbucks has plenty of coffee this morning, because you'll need it. it is a wet commute and we're going to haves the wet, soggy conditions. the winds will stay up as we go through the day. we've seen those winds at about 15 to 20 miles per hour at times a bit higher. as you head out the door, the roads may be wet, but we don't
5:51 am
have a lot of rain falling now. you want to be prepared for the rain later this morning we have a steady rain falling. there have been storms over the sierra sierras all of that has to move through the bay area, so we are going to be in and out through the showers throughout today as well as tomorrow. it won't be raining the whole time. it looks lure our highest chance of rain will be about 10:00 to 11:00, and quickly pushes off. a brea for the even commute, main some sunshine, but rain chainses remain tomorrow into the evening. our rain totals may reach over an inch. most of us for areas south and east getting about 3/4 of an
5:52 am
inch or less, and then we all dry out for the weekend. our temperatures warm up. a beautiful weekend ahead to get outside and make some plans to stay outside mike, you are tracking what's happening through richmond. >> yeah. where you see the we had roadways and bits of puddling, and a backup starting to form, so the rain comes into the area across from the north bay. the rain does not sound like it's heavy enough to be an issue for highway 37 over there on the novato side. we'll track it. we are tracking this one big slow down in the caldecott tunnel.
5:53 am
you're that keeps the rest of the bay showing a smooth drive. but areas like here mean some slippery roads as well. back to you. happening now, shakira is in a hearing, accused of plagiarizing a cuban musician. the spanish songwriter alleges that part of the song wuertz plagiarized in shakira's 2016 song that translates into "the bike." next an all-new in the next hour, the bay area company teaming up with u.p. is to potential revolutionize the way we pick up our medicine. you're watching "today in the bay."
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♪ [baby crib musical mobile] millions are still exposed to the dangers of secondhand smoke.
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and some of them can't do anything about it. but you can. protect your family. visit welcome back. here's what we're doing on our social media platforms today. mike just shared this photo on facebook, his daughter mixing of her hair color. my kind of gal. happening now, a show the
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support fof transgender community. this is a look at the blue pink and white transgender flag flying outside nancy pelosi and bernie sanders' offices. they're just some of the lawmakers flying their flags outside their offices. new for you this morning, a majority of american now support nondiscrimination protections for the lbgt community. the survey found 65% of americans support such protections. even in the deep south, places like mississippi, alabama, 59% of people also support. overall support has fallen since 2015. new this morning, u.p.s. is teaming up with a bay area start-up to use drones to
5:58 am
deliver medical supplies. it's testing in raleigh, north carolina and listen overseen by the f.a.a., they can only carry payloads up to five pounds, but in an emergency that could make a big difference. our investigative unit has learned laws designed to protect renters are routinely broken and the landlords to blame are getting away with it. our investigative reporter is digging into the story. >> morning landlording aren't legally allowed to or dramatically increase their rent. some have gone to pretty bizarre length to try to skirt those rules. two years ago oakland passed tough laws to make catching that kind of fraud easier. we dover those laws are not being enforced. thousand laws have to do with
5:59 am
what's known as owner move-in evictions. that's when a landlord kicks out a relative. now landlords must sign paperwork under penalty of perjury, but they actually intend to move in after evicting a tenant, and they have to continually provide proof they're living there. after reviewing hundreds of pages of eviction records, we found those laws were largely being ignored. three out of four landlords appear to have violate oakland's housing laws. the housing department said it just hired a company to educational landlords. meanwhile, the president of the city downsle here tells us she will have tough questions for oakland's housing director about the lack of enforcement when she appears before the council for budget hearings. thank you for that report. coming up for you right now at 6:00, breaking news. a how fire overnight in contra costa county.
6:00 am
at least one woman is hurt. we are live at the scene with the sounds that sparked concern overnight. ready to reopen? the new timeline we're getting when the new spillway in oroville dam will be back in using. and tracking the rain. waves of the wet weather come to the bay area. kari just updated her forecast. right now, "today in the bay" continues. . good morning to you. >> laura garcia is off this morning, but kari is on full duty. that radar is cranking. >> we are getting some rain this morning. some of us will get some thunderstorms today, and things start to taper off. the rest of us getting some lied to moderate rain. you can see


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