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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 27, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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we are live at the scene with the sounds that sparked concern overnight. ready to reopen? the new timeline we're getting when the new spillway in oroville dam will be back in using. and tracking the rain. waves of the wet weather come to the bay area. kari just updated her forecast. right now, "today in the bay" continues. . good morning to you. >> laura garcia is off this morning, but kari is on full duty. that radar is cranking. >> we are getting some rain this morning. some of us will get some thunderstorms today, and things start to taper off. the rest of us getting some lied to moderate rain. you can see that, and this storm
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has enough energy to produce some thunderstorms along with small hail. it will be hit or miss. i'll be tracking that with more detail. mike, it's still jammed up on highway 24? >> yes. that's the worse. santa cruz mountains, south 17, below the bottom of the screen, right near the summit, one lane is impacted they crash did clear to the shoulder a phi minutes ago, still jammed up. the caldecott tunnel is clear, but there are four vehicles just before you get there. that's the distraction. then there's that rain activity that kari is talking about. so far those speeds are holding up steady. back to you. thanks, mike. breaking news we told you about
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so. fire crews are still on the scene of a house fire. we're learning at least one person was hurt there. bob redell is live at the scene. what are you seeing now? the fire is ute. the home is pretty much a total loss, according to the fire department, the contra costa fire protection district tells us everyone who lived here were able to escape on their own. the call came in around 2:40 this morning one of the big challenges was dealing with the noisy explosions coming from the garage. >> loud, loud explosions. right when i first got on scene and out of my truck, two of them
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went offer. it was extremely loud. i wasn't sure if it was ammunition or propane. >> reporter: fire department still does not know what caused the fire, but they do not believe the cause is suspicious. the homeowners, which i mentioned were asleep when the fire started, they were saved by something everyone should have installed -- smoke detectors. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you, bob congress is moving on to another hot issue -- health care. president trump's administration is making a push to take on health care of its own. tracie potts has more. >> republicans keep saying it is just too expensive for families. now, the justice department is telling a federal appeals court that they think the entire law,
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not just the individual mandate, but the whole thing is unconstitutional. it's a new battle in the war over obamacare. >> the republican party will soon be known as the party of health care. you watch. >> if that is true, god help middle-class americans. >> reporter: the justice department has told a federal appeals security it supports getting rid of the entire health law, not sgrus pieces of it. >> the gop will never stop trying to destroy the affordable health care of america's families. >> reporter: republicans say they're fixing it. >> we want people to have more freedom to choose the things that are beth for them. what is happening for team today is that they're seeing double-did you get increases. >> reporter: democrats are pitching a plan to make more middle-class families available and giving insurers mohr money to cover the poorest and sickest patients.
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at risk, insurance for preexisting conditions. >> there's still no plan to replace it if it's struck down. . we have also learned that just because they reported this. the plans that were created with the law, just so far for thissee, just over 11 million, down just a bit from last year. that was without any sort of advertisement, either. a lot of folks didn't get those reminders. thank you, tracie. lester holt sits down with
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james comey tonight. comey has already publicly said he is confused by mueller's decision. this happened just before 9:00 last night balance sheets say the victim was in his 20s. no arrests have been made. in just a few hours, jury deliberations pick up in a case around cancer for a north bay man and a popular weedkiller. that jury already determined last week that roundup what a substantial he factor in hard iman's non-hodgkin's lymphoma.
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if month sando is found liable, how much money to award them. last year a man sued monsanto in state court. millions of dollars may be at stake tonight when santa clara stadium this morning meetings to consider a now budget. it surrounds a proposal for non-football events. the city says the 49 are stayed uniform management company never provided projections for next year's budget. the boor plans to decrease spending by more than 40%. in the past, the city has accused the team of a lack of transparency where it comes to revenue. the team has krilted the early curfew rules for a dip in non-football related event. an update following last monday's flooding.
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crews are now picking up curbside debris until friday. the county is giving flood victims more time to pulled their ruined belongs to near did i by curbs to be taken away. two years in the making and state water officials are gearing up for the possibility of using the newly repaired oroville dam for the first time. this is drone video there of the project completed, and right now lake oroville is nearing capacity. the department of water resore is repairing to possibly use that damage as soon as next year. about two years ago it failed, following the dangerous condition they rebuilt the spillway. this happened because of the relentless rain back there, and we are seeing a lot of rain this season as well. and we do need that dam
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fully operational before that heavy sierra snowpack gets under w ways we've got some bay area rain happening right now. bringing rain off and on and potential thunderstorms, continuing into tomorrow. so our how by hour outlook shows the best chance of rain. we will see a break in the activity going into this evening, and more rain continuing tomorrow. heading over to mike, you still just have one tough spot? >> yes, it's not bad, sow we're watching the effect on the roadways, so far a very smooth, easy driveways. really highway 24 is the big concern. a crash on the showed at fish ranch road, for vehicles it's a distraction, but it keeps things
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lighter for the maze. thanks, mike. >> next, you met this man yet, the money raised to help this survivor return to normandy. lyft is lifting its price just ahead of the ipo. >> out of the car! >> this is just the start of a wild police chiles caught on camera. all new for you this hour at 6:25, the reason this driver was running. yeah, it's something you may actually relate to. >> what? >> see how this stacks up to what you might day. that's coming up in that story. it is 6:10. you're watching "today in the bay."
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call today. comcast business. beyond fast. grab the umbrella. we have a wet commute for you. going throughout the day, in saept teresa, our temperatures will be in the mid 50s, only reaching the low 60s today. we could see some thunderstorms moving through. we're tracking it all on storm ranger. i'll have a closer look in less than five minutes. over here, the san mateo
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bridge with the taillights, a lot of them slow youing traffic flew a bit. it might be breezy at the high rise. a very happy wednesday. we have number on the trade deficit, boeing under pressure as well at a 737 max 8 that didn't have any passengers, had to make an emergency landing. and electronics arts will be laying off some employees. the ceo says -- "wall street journal" says this morning san francisco's lyft is thinking about raising its share price. it will likely go public this week, as high as $68 a share with the first day of trading on friday. lyft is racing uber to the
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market. you only sell the stock once. you want as high a price as possible. but not too high, because you want to keep it going up in price. a nice pop. we'll know if lyft threaded that needle at the end of the week. also the european union's parliament passed a bill that would radically changed the way the internote works in europe. perhaps to the point where youtube and other services might severely cut back on the content that they allow europeans to upload the this issue is diagnose hammered out. wouldn't take effect for a couple years yesterday, but we can say it's one of the biggest moves by a democracy to change the way the internet work in
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many years. whether it's a good change or not, we simply don't know yet, but we could have one internet sim in europe and another in america. but isn't that true of countries like china? >> it's definitely true of china. remember gdpr where they changed some rules. "los angeles times" for quite some time didn't serve into europe as well. . >> thank you. we want to take time to thank you. it was here on "today in the bay" that we told you about jake larsen, the 96 years old world war ii veteran wanted to go to the commemoration. he told under the circumstances he's the only living survivor from his unit. he's gotten thousands of dollars in donation on a gofundme page
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that was set up by a friend. here's why it's so important for him. >> i just want my family to know how appreciative the french were. so here's a look at his gofundme page. he's close to achieving that goal for $10,000. jake still has a bit more to go. we did put a link on our website, you can also find it in my twitter feed. he said i thought they wanted me to sit out in front of bay the shop. that whole bagel shop, though, he owns the place. he is the star there. >> i can see why. >> i'm so glad that everybody here let you talk about that. >> it was a nice change from some of stuff i usually do. like rain.
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>> you don't want to stand out in the rain? >> knotts every day. you do need the rain gear again today. we've seen the light to moderate rain moving through. the roads are still wet because we've those showers off and on. it's going to start to pick up later on this morning, so as we go into about the 1:00 hour, we could start to see some thunderstorms developing, on heads up about that. the seven-day forecast is already at the bottom of the screen, as we show some moderate rain falling, especially for marin and sonoma counties. this storm is picking up enough energy to possibly bring us more thunderstorms across the bay area. here's the center of the storm. it still has a ways to go before it pushes all the way through, and then we'll see the rain
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wrapping up into early friday morning. we have to get through the next 24 to 36 hours with off and on rain. we will see the highest rain change by about 10:00 to 11:00. that's when we may have some small hail. you may hear some rumbles of thunder, and then it looks like it takes a break. we'll by watching for that as the system continues to move through, and in all we're looking at the possible of over an inch of rain for the north bay. much less for san jose. the snow totals may reach another foot in the sierras. that's why there's a new winter storm warning. look how nice our weather will be for the weekend.
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reaching nears 70 degrees and sunshine. san francisco highs in the low to mid 6 09s, and mostly sunny skies there as well. mike, you're tracking a crash? >> i wanted to show folks, we are still tracking that and it's a pretty typical build as far as the slower drives. one problem for orinda. south bay had an earlier crash over here slow you at laugh yesterday, slow through orinda and that will be an issue for
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folks who are held up over walnut creek. these folks of -- 680 continues. there's the b.a.r.t. station, no delays for that b.a.r.t. system. we have over 30 trains on schedule right now. we're on the peninsula side with palo alto. that rain is coming through the north basis. watch it through san rafael. >> thank you very much, mike. 6:21. all new overnight, a big decision on the future of rvs in berkeley, which a lot of folks have been living in. in our next half hour, what they decided about where the rvs can stay. the fine print could pay off big time. i'm with nbc bay area responds, next. i'm talking about my big night. picture it, the stage is set, the lights, and then washington
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takes stage. okay, george washington. it was a great performance if you're able to go. i say go, because you will enjoy it. i've never been that excited about a play oar musical. it was great. >> straight from washington's mouth. you're watching "today in the bay."
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pittsburg man who had to cancel a cruise. right now nbc bay areas
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responds to a pittsburg man who had to cancel a cruise. >> we have an important reminder. >> he booked a caribbean cruise, but three days before it sailed, his sister died. so he canceled the the trip. he said a representative promised a $1478 refund, but he never got his money back. he called us. our team got him and carnival talking. ultimately he said they settled, but didn't go into detail. carnival was tight-lipped too. we checked the contract. we didn't see anything that specifically promises full refunds for situations like hick. cruise lines are like airlines, usually very strict with nonrefundable fares. give us a call with your consumer tips.
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hopefully you don't run into this on your morning drive. cleveland police are sharing video of a wild chase. take a look. >> get out of the car. eventually officers did force the woman behind the wheel into a light pole to stop her. why was she trying to get away? she told police, i was on my way to work. i guess i'm late. >> that doesn't make any sense. i'm telling you now, do not use that excuse, it will not work. >> officers were look, okay, ma'am, go ahead. >> let me drive you to work.
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>> maybe she's a surgeon. i don't know. we don't know. still ahead in our next half hour, earthquake alert, there's a big test that will happen in a few hours. you may get a message on your phone in certain parts of the east bay. we'll tell you where. also today, new oversight. the change the federal aviation administration is set to talk about in the wake of he increasing scrutiny. teenagers f smoking. and at 6:45, the action state lawmakers say they'll take to keep teenagers from getting hooked on smoking or vaping. -we
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-it )s raining -live look at satellite a good morning to you looking at the radar, you can see the rain quickly approaches the bay area. 6:30 for you this morning. we want to get right to kari, as we are inching closer to the start of school and work time. make sure you have the umbrella, we are already seeing that rain once again. we've seen even some thunderstorms over the sierra. by 8:30 we're still see mostly -- that line quickly advances into the east bay, the peninsula as well as the south
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bay. as we go into the rest of the day, the quick moving wave rolls on through. there will still be rain chances in the forecast through tonight, as well as all day tomorrow. so i'll have more on that in just a few minutes. >> mike, you're tracking one tough spot maybe some slicker roadways as the rain is falling in the north bay. we'll show you that in a few seconds, it's highway 24 where we have a four-car noninjury crash. all those vehicles are on the shoulder or clearing right now. that's why it's slow through lafayette. again, the caldecott is clear. we're watching for the backup there, but aside from 24, the approaches are looking great. kris, back to you. >> thank you very much, mike.
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breaking news, with a live look at concord. you see the house there in the distance. that's where firefighters are on scene of the house fire that destroyed the home there and injured one woman who lives there. it started just before 37k this morning. everyone did make it out safely. a good reminder for all of us. still no word on the cause, but firefights say it appears to be an accident. if you thought it's been extra rainy across the bay area this season, you're right. pete joins you live from petaluma to break down those numbers. whether you put on the hat, that means the rain is starting to come down. >> i got a bit confidence.
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i took off the hat because i didn't think the rain was coming down, but i'm keeping the ball cap on just in case. you see the rain in that area, and then i want to go to some cell phone area i shot in san rafael earl yes this morning, when we were driving from mill valley all the way here. i can tell you, we have seen a lot of rain this season, a report-setting rain season. so specifically in santa rosa, in the month of march we have already seen about close to 6 1/2 inches of rain, close to 2 inches above normal. and we've seen a lot of rain through the season. in february, the third we
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haddest february on report, at more than 14 inches of rain. here's what folks are saying about all the rain this morning. >> it's not a big deal. i know we need the rain. all the creeks are full, but you've got flooding down in guerneville and other places, so i know it's a hard smp on other peop people. >> i know in tahoe it's pretty overwhelming right now, but i welcome it. i have no problem with it at all. i i know a lot of my friends are tired of the rain right now, but i enjoy it. >> reporter: well still have slick roads, and i'll have updates on my social media account throughout the morning. >> thank you very much, pete. try to stay dry. two small quakes today
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rattles the north bay in the last hour or so. if you look at the map, you can see where they struck. 2.6 quake hit moments later. the two overnight shakers are a good reminder that we always need to be on alert. that's why today the state office of emergency services will send a shake alert to all cell phones in the downtown area. this is what you can expect to see on your phone as it shows up. the government already uses the same system to send out amber alerts. the idea is to give people a few seconds warning in the event of a real quake. as this alert test happens today, oakland landlords are
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facing new requirements to seismically retrofit apartment and coined minutium buildings. it is targeted at those that are multiujt with wood frames. oakland will send notices to the owner of more than 24,000 buildings that fit this category. the process is expected to take four to six years. new details for you, and a new blow overnight for one group of people scrambling to find housing. >> the motion carries. that completion this. is there a motion to adjourn? >> rv dwellers booed at the end of last night's council meeting, when the council voted to ban overnight rv parking on city streets. questioned a crew there, and before the vote, ban supporters talked about what they say are
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safety issues. >> the motion carries. that complete the business before the council this evening. is there a motion to adjourn? >> so moved. >> the ban will be between 2:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. the plan is now in the works to find a safe place for those areas to park overnight. happening today, faa leaders face a grilling on capitol hill, as lawmakers consider new regulations in light of the recent 737 max 8 crashes. those crashes in indonesia and after today both involved brand-new max jets. critics say boeing had too much self-auditing leeway. the transportation department's inspector general will also attend today's hearing. this summer he plans to unveil an overhaul of the faa's
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oversight policies. all right. we're looking at a build for all lanes now. it could be on the. the radar activity is easing up there, and it doesn't look like it's affected that view of the toll plaza. over here, west 24 continues the slow drive through orinda. chp completely cleared the earlier crash from the report, all lanes are cleared, so that's like my vision board. i'm hoping that will come true. the rest of the bay is looking good. 6:38. >> i like that you keep it spiritual in the end. our vision board is full of green this morning, kari. >> we're seeing a lot of rain on the radar, and then the green hills this weekend. as we get a look at storm
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ranger, we are seeing a lot of heavy rain now targeting the north bay. it is getting heavier. we've also seen quite a bit of some of those storms developing in the area. we will have a chance of storms going throughout the day. by the time we get to the weekend, it's going to be all nice and clear and a lot of sunshine. our temperatures are warming up as well. we'll be into the upper 60s for the inland areas and expecting more of the same at we keep that sunshine, if you are planning to go to the sierra, there's a windstorm barn in effect. by friday there would be better travel conferences and temperatures will be warming up. a nice weekend to hit the beach. the winds will start to call down on saturday. mostly sunny skies, and then if
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you're going down to paso robles, look how warm it will be. it will be in the upper 70s, and some lower 70s on saturday. if you're planning to go to l.a., we had do have warm weather there as well. all clear and sunny. we'll talk about what's going on here today in the bay area. that's coming up in about three minutes. breaking news, arson investigators are on scene, and what the fire chief just told us. parents, what does storytime look like at your hose? the edge a specific kind of book could give your kids. plus the battle other the budget heats up in washington. the dow industrials are gaining 82 points. you're watching "today in the bay."
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right now, as you head out the door, dorgts forget the rain gear. not raining right now, but the roads are still a little damp. our rain chances go up later on this morning. here's a look at storm ranger right now, showing rain mostly over the north bay. we'll it continue to track this storm coming up in less than
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five minutes. it look like there's some construction equipment moving here. i've got slowing in the east bay. breaking news right now. emergency crews are on scene of a suspicious fire at a sunnyvale strip mall. thom gejensen is just arriving. what can you tell us? >> they are investigating this as a possible arson fire. >> this is a microblading eyebrow shop, and it used to be a barbershop, and there hammond to be an warsen fire in the same area. al bet it with the barbershop
6:45 am
business that raised some suspicions. we're in sunnyvale on east evelyn. this is a strip mall. there is some interest here as people are showing up, some of the business owners asking what's going on, some of them being contacted by police, sapg fire officials were trying to get more details. right now this business, this fire is because of time of what it happened, bought location and because there was an arson fire here before, is being investigated as a possible argon fire. we'll bring you are on more details. some top stories, in the south bay peninsula, health
6:46 am
officials are warning you to be environment vigilant after a measles scare. some 20 different locations including restaurants and shopping malls which were visited by an infected international traveler who has the highly contagious virus. measles symptom include fever, cough, recent eyes and a rash that starts on the face. santa clara county health department says 97% of the south bay is vaccinated. that's the good side of the storied. public health experts say it's a growing epidemic among teenagers. today state lawmakers are taking action in trying to curb the rise of tobacco use it calls for
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a ban on flavored tobago products in stores statewide. if passed violators would fay penalties up to $6,000. senator jerry hill backs this bill. he says that the data reports that 80% of young people who have ever used tobacco started with flavored tobacco. scott mcgrew, this carries a lot of risk for republicans. >> it does. so many americans, even in red states like the affordable care act. the trump administration says it will challenge the entire thing in can security. the first time in tong where republican john mccain famously blocked it, this times in the courts building on a district court case. this pivots the discussion away from president trump's big victory, proof from the mueller
6:48 am
report that there was no collusion. that conversation is not over. i'm having trouble with my board this morning. there's a new reuters poll that shows nearly half of americans still think there was a connection between the trump campaign and the russians. but this is simply not true, according to the attorney general, quoting rob mueller. there was no collusion. 48% of people still think there was. fireworks as the secretary of education betsy devos defended the white house's budget in congress. the trump administration says it wants to cut education money by 7 billion, including $18 million for the special olympics. >> do you know how many kids will be affected by that cud, madam secretary. >> let me just say again, we had to make some different decisions with this budget. >> the question is how many kids. >> i don't know the number of
6:49 am
kids. >> it's 272,000 kids. i'll answer it for you, no problem. >> let me say that the special olympics is an awesome organization, one that is well spotted by the philanthropic sector as well. >> just because something is in a president's budget doesn't make it so. congress decides that. the first are first lady told her she no longer considered herself a republican, the author goes on book tour. in or 5:00 a.m. newscast. there are two women's in that story, mrs. bushes, who of course has passed away and the author, sues everyone page. ms. page of course is the one going on book stewart. -- tour. you're usually crystal clear. thank you, scott. parents, what kinds of books do
6:50 am
you read to your kids? new research suggests that storytime is better with traditional print books and not the books that we have on our e-readers. reading print books to children generated more conversation and let to better interact, with did you gettal books, inter's was more focused. at the e-books or fine, like on an airport -- >> you know, i have the 2-year-old. >> will you do storytime for us later? sure. it's a good time to do that. here's a look at the clouds
6:51 am
hanging over san jose. the rain we will see today as the kids are heading off to school, you just want to make sure they have the rain gear. by the time that last school bell rings there may be some rain and possibly thunderstorms moving through a lot of yellows and reds showing up indicating heavier rain. as well some lightning strikes detected. so the storm moving again, will have enough energy and lift to possibly bring us storms, even some hail. here's the center of the storm, though, and we have to wait for all of this to push through, so that's why we'll have rain for nontoday, but tomorrow as well. maybe not until early friday morning when all of that starts to move out. that's whether we can see some small hail as well as some
6:52 am
thunderstorms hand some gusty winds. then it looks like it takes a break for the evening, going into tomorrow. we still have the rain chances coming in waves, off and on. rainfall totals may be more than an inch. check out san jose, about a tenth of an inch, so that full rain shadow will be in effect. windstorm warnings in effect in the sierras. keep in mind it's going to really stretch ruts and make sure you have tire chains with you. >> once the storm system moving out, great weather for the weekend. those temperatures will be warming up, even into next week, it looks like we keep the dry conditions. mike, you still are tracking that north commute? >> north of san rafael, it shows some mist and drizzle.
6:53 am
so be careful as the build happens here. the east basis y is holding up . the slows is still there. the rest of the bay shows a nice drive re yesterday's soccer game or futbol game over there yesterday, and v.a. is back in regular service today. there you see the flag in fremont flapping in the breeze, but 880 is moving slowly. happening now, hips do lie? the pop star shakira andite is at a hearing, accused of plagiarizing a cuban song. a songwriter says parts of his
6:54 am
song were plagiarized in the award-winning 2016 hit. a look at the top stores, a north bay school is shutting down over the threat of violence. and later, an escalating flintstone fight. the steps people are taking online to save an iconic bay area home. but first, a house fire overnight in contra costa county, at least one woman was hurt in the blaze. it is 6 a 54. we're back in two minutes with news. you're watching "today in the bay."
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welcome back. before you head out the door, here are the top stories we're working on. >> breaking news, a live look in concord where firefighters are at the scene of a house fire that destroyed that home, injuring one woman who actually lives there. this started alternates% 3:00 in the morning. one woman suffered minor burns while escapes the flames. they arrived to the souchbd of louse explosions coming from the gara garage. >> right when he arrived, two of them went off. it was extremely loud. i wasn't shower if it was am mission or propane.
6:58 am
>> they credit working smoke alarms for waking everyone up in time. fire dirgts do not spect power play. the spect for a suspect is under way after a man is shoot and killed near church street and avenall believed in oakland. a motive is not clear, and an arrest has not been made. >> clanses you are canceled. they decided to keep the campus kleed. they are investigating some kind of unspecified violent threat. other schools in that district will remain open. this morning a barnes over the isaacic shell. you can see the home from interstate 280, you know you
6:59 am
can. it's owned about the the phage familiar everybody which also owns the san francisco examiner. theyled called the home's most recent decorations, a nuisance. she urges the gorger to step in on a debate. >> that would be a great place for the kids to play. i'll be watching for the possibility of thunderstorms get the app so you can receive the alerts. even some thunder or lightning is possible today. >> definitely slow down. we don't have much of a problem. san jose just starts to build. that radar activity, though, across the bay, there it is, in
7:00 am
the north bay. as kari said, the rain is coming in. be care everly. we'll -- everybody. wee bell back in half an hour. >> have a great morning. . good morning chicago shocker. questions mounting this morning after all charges are suddenly dropped against jussie smollett, accused of staging his own hate crime. the actor claiming vindication. >> i've been truthful and consistent on every single level since day e. >> but prosecutors still standing by their case and saying he is not innocent. top chicago officials confused and up in arms >> this is without a doubt a whitewash of justice. >> do i think justice was served no. >> so could smollett still face federal charges? what is going on here? we're live with the latest. all-out war.


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