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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  March 28, 2019 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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one to two hours. we'll have details on this and the big change in the weather coming our way, what it means for us in about 15 minutes. and if you are look for more information on the warm-up on the way, check out jeff's twitter feed. he just tweeted about it. and i checked it out. buzzword "weekend." his handle at is jeff ranieri. >> and his sunshine is his emoji. and a bay area woman said flight attendants accused her of trafficking and she asked the airline to apologize for ruining his flight. scott budman is here with the story. >> she said she was racially profiles and the flight attend ands say they are doing their job. >> it started at l.a.x. where mina boarded a flight to sacramento with her niece and two cousins.
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>> shortly after that, i see that they take my youngest cousin to the front of the plane. >> reporter: mina from hayward had taken her relatives to universal studios followed. >> so she gets up and she goes and i go to follow her and then the american airline agent blocks me in the aisle and doesn't let me go. >> reporter: the airline contends mina was violent with the flight attendants who were trying to help out. soon mina and her relatives were escorted off the plane and told american airlines had called the police. she asked officers why. >> they're accusing of you human trafficking because you don't resemble your family. >> reporter: her attorney said police intervened and quickly determined they were all related and reunited the family. later mina asked american for an apology. >> and the response was basically human trafficking is an important concern and we train our staff and they follow their procedures. >> reporter: american eventually rebooked mina and her family on
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another flight and comped their hotel room. but months later mina said she's still shaken by what happened and has filed a complaint with the department of transportation. >> i just thought that was very bizarre. i think that they definitely did racially profile me. >> reporter: now her attorney said she's not looking for money at this point. just an apology. janelle. >> thanks, scott. this just into the newsroom. a scary situation out of the san jose. a woman sexually assaulted in her own home. it happened this morning on ironwood drive and al madden expressway. a man broke into her home and tried to rape her and officers arrive and arrested him. the woman does not know this man. and as an oakland boy fights for his life police announce an arrest. we brought you story last night at breaking news. navon jackson found an unlocked gun under the bed and accidentally shot himself in the
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head. paramedics rushed him to the hospital where he is listed in critical but stable condition. police arrested terrance wilson the boyfriend of jackson's mother and police have not said why he was arrested. >> a possible measles exposure happened at a livermore restaurant saturday night. that is important. health officers say that anyone who was at sauced bbq and spirits between 8:00 and 11:00 may be at risk. they added it is important to seek care by tomorrow as there is preventative treatment that could be given within six days of exposure. and in santa clara another possible exposure after international traveller with the virus visited the bay area. the traveller visited the following areas between the 13th and the 23rd. white a few areas. for more detailed time line visit stuck at sea. in a total nightmare. a north bay couple is finally back home tonight. they were on the now famous
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cruise ship in norway which hit rough waters. nbc bay area christie smith spoke to the couple about the harrowing ordeal. >> we're fortunate to see the northern lights the first evening. >> reporter: they set out with family and friends on a 12-day cruise in norway. a bucket list trip that was an adventure but seven days in they hit rough seas. >> the rocking got so great that we must have been tipping 45 degrees to one side and then 45 degrees back. >> people in chairs are sliding across, so it was pretty evident that something major was going on. >> reporter: video from the vikings sky cruise shows how the storm tossed the ship around after the engines failed. >> we looked at each other and said this is happening. >> reporter: the novato couple heard to meet at the emergency
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areas and were among dozens of passengers hoisted up to a rescue helicopter. >> if you didn't think it was a real situation before that, you know that now you are involved in a real threatening situation. >> reporter: they commend the ship's crew and rescuers and in their area they did not sense panic or feel their lives were at stake. but seeing injured passengers was sobering and underscored the danger. it is an experience they say was life-changing. >> well i feel like we're closer for having gone through this experience together. >> reporter: the couple said they've been refunded the cost of the trip and they believe they'll be offered another trip and it is one they'd like to take. in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. pg&e is accused of putting profit as head of public safety. in a scathing letter from gavin newsom, a letter dated today slams the utility accusing of it planning to pack the board of
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directors are hedge fund financiers and out of state executives instead of candidates with experience in wildfire safety. wildfires forced pg&e to declare bankruptcy and to overhaul the board of directors. they said the utility has broken the public trust and the responsibilities to rate payers and wildfire victims. we've learned how much shares will go for when lyft makes the debut on the nasdaq tomorrow. company is pricing them at $72 each. that is more than lyft initially predicted. last week the san francisco company said the shares would sell somewhere between $62 and $68. lyft is valued at $24 billion. uber also plans to go public but later this year. changing the college admissions process in bay area lawmakers leading the charge. reforms come after families and faculty members were caught in a cheating and bribery scandal involving elite universities. robert handa is live in san jose with the story. >> reporter: well that is right. we are here at one of the many
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high schools where students dream of going to college and some told us they hope today's reforms help them get a fair shot. there are many students educators and consultants who say they hope colleges and wealthy parents have learned their lesson. >> you'll have to push your kids like more harder for them to learn instead of spending money for them to get in. >> reporter: today bay area lawmakers introduced half a dozen reforms including licensing and regulating private consultants and audit of u.c. admissions process, no state tax writeoffs for donations made to charities and set up to funnel money since at least one fake charity was used to funnel money to get student news colleges. for special admissions it would require the approval of three administrators. >> if you are taking state dollars, you should also have an admissions policy that doesn't show preference to people who have a relationship with donors or alumni.
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>> reporter: marcela hailed the reform. >> i truly believe that there has to be regulation in my industry. it seems that anyone that is interested in college admissions within getting a certificate from one of the local schools could say he or she is an expert in the field. >> reporter: now gomez said she hopes today's reforms also lead high schools to improve its process getting counselors and teachers and families and if possible a proven consultant to get a team effort to help students get into college. live in san jose, robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> thanks very much. two of the coaches wrapped up in the college admission scandal were in court today. university of texas tennis coach michael center and former yale women's soccer coach rudy meredith. both appeared at federal courthouse in boston and both accused of accepting bribes for sports recruits and meredith
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pleaded guilty to taking $400,000 for helping a female student get into yale as a soccer recruit. that student didn't even play soccer. several bay area parents will have the first day in court tomorrow. the case dubbed operation versity blues is unfolding in boston. after two days of sharp criticism, the president announced the special olympics will be funded after betsy zee voss announced saul federal cutting would be cut. and as the backlash continued, president trump responded. >> i heard about it this morning. i have overridden my people. we're funding the special olympics. >> let's not use disabled children in a twisted way for your political narrative -- >> just in the past hour the special olympics released a statement thanking president trump for reauthorizing funding.
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still to come, it is yosemite most sought-after hike but it is nearly impossible to get a permit to do it. but an important change may crack down on people gaming the system and taking all of the tickets. and then she said my daughter has your son's heart. >> the sudden death of a young boy. brings two families together in an unexpected but very meaningful way and now they are needed again to help save a young woman's life for a second time. part of our bay area proud series. storm ranger mobile doppler radar shows heavy rain over berkeley and oakland. we'll put a track on this tonight and let you know about the big weather change over the next three days. that new update in nine minutes. l
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harassment" in u-c berkeley )s football program says only on nbc, a woman alleging sexual assault in the u.c. berkeley football program has a reason for going public. last season she joined the sports medicine program helping football players during practice and she claims there was inappropriate behavior from players and the coach threatened to have her fired if she didn't have sex with them. since sports medicine is her chosen profession she wanted it to be safe for women. >> i don't want money. i just want respect for all women. i want this toxic masculinity culture to end. >> she said the harassment forced her to withdraw from school. aggravating her depression and
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causing anxiety. school administrators say they are investigating. want to climb half dome in yosemite. so your chances of doing it just got better. park rangers want to make it more fair to get permits. some savvy computer users have gamed the system to get an advantage. could you apply for a permit online until sunday night at 9:00. then in june an additional 50 permits each day will be made available via a lottery that means 300 people aday will be allowed on half dome. break out the bunting and paint the feel. it is opening day. being back home in oakland for the a's after losing games in japan they won 4-0. baseball fans from alameda to anaheim poured into the stomp ground located on the south end of the east side club. it is a place where parents to watch the game while kiddos enjoy interactive games and aplay area. the team remains loyal to
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oakland, the loyalty to the coliseum is another matter. we asked fans what they thought about the team's plan to build a new ballpark at jack lemon square. >> i say fix this one. you want to make it fancier, do everything here. there is a lot of history here. >> we've traveled to other baseball stadiums and it is nice to see what the coliseum could become. >> interesting. the aeds a's plan to redevelop the site to pay for the team's privately financed new ballpark. what could possibly be better than saving a person's life? how about doing it again. this is just what an antioch couple is trying to do for a young woman in modesto. >> garvin thomas joins us to share this incredible story of sacrifice and generosity in tonight's bay area proud. >> this is amazing. >> jennifer fuller told me there was a time years ago when she was convinced in the awful case of losing a child she couldn't go through with an organ donation. well, that awful case did happen. and jennifer surprised herself when she insisted on it.
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it was literally a gift that keeps on giving. >> have you seen the one where we have five generations -- >> reporter: blended families come together in all sorts of ways. most often of course through divorce and marriage. but for jennifer and rick fuller and julie logan brooks, they're two families are forever joined through death and life. the death coming 21 years ago when jennifer's son deon died suddenly from men ing ieingitis age of just four. >> i remember it was a female doctor and she said i'm so sorry. but there is anything we can do, your son is brain dead. >> reporter: his heart, though, went on to save the life of a 2-year-old girl in modesto, melissa logan. julie's daughter. and though identities in such
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cases are often kept confidential, at a donor and recipient celebration one year later, julie put two and two together and approached jennifer. >> i remember just kind of grabbing a hold of her and said could i talk to you for a minute and i said my daughter has your son's heart. >> and then she said the most amazing words, she said, would you like to meet her. she's in the lobby. >> this is one of my favorites. >> reporter: it was the beginning of a 20-year love story. the fullers being there for every one of melissa's birthday and graduations and transplant anniversary. reveling in the fact that deon's heart made it all possible. but deon's heart can do it no more. it is failing. and melissa has been told she will soon need another transplant. >> i really don't know how long it will be until that call is made. >> and when it is, melissa has
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insurance to cover the medical costs. but her family estimates they will need $100,000 for after-care expenses. money julie said they just don't have. >> we were told right away that we needed to fund raise. >> reporter: but julie won't have to take that on. because once again in melissa's time of need, the fullers are there. >> so we called julie, melissa's mom and said would you be okay if we spearhead this project. >> just because they saved melissa's life once, the fullers believe is no reason not to do it again. >> i can't even imagine life without them. they are absolutely amazing. >> i think it is just pure unconditional love. >> reporter: when all is said and done, the biological link between these two families will be gone but their bond will be stronger than ever.
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>> as they say, melissa doesn't know when. she's been told she will need a heart transplant but not on the transplant list yet. they have to see how her conditions go and it is a lot of money to raise so they were told you need to start years ahead of time getting that money together. i've put a link to the fuller fundraising effort on my facebook page garvin thomas, nbc bay area news to check that out. my first question to the fullers when i met them was, haven't you done enough? and they were like, nope. she's family to us. >> it is a forever bond. >> exactly. >> we're helping for both of the families. >> more on that. >> thanks, gavin. let's go outside. well you could see the wet lens. it is coming down off and on all day. we've had hail and lightning and thunder and heavy periods of rain. here is chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. >> and it is moving in really fast right now. so you might be dry and then all of a sudden we'll see the downpours picking up. let's go and take you into the microclimate forecast tonight.
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and we'll get you into storm ranger. our mobile dopplar radar and what we're following is a storm system based off to the north. could you see the center of low pressure highlighted on the map. we have enough instability wrapping around with a counterclockwise circulation that we've seen the thunderstorms develop today. haven't seen any lightning strikes over the past 35 to 45 minutes but heavy, heavy downpours. again showing up on radar. so i want to go ahead and track that and you could see this line now entering contra costa county and also solano county from vallejo down through lafayette. again these are very heavy downpours that will reduce your visibility. moving very fast here off towards the east. it is going to pick up the activity in concord and be ready across the bay area for this heavy rain as it moves in. so we're going to track it off to the south as well. could you see how it is a long line here of this heavy rainfall. this will be pushing into hayward by 5:24.
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mill petia 5:50 p.m. and holding up into pleasant ton through 5:59. again sudden downpours and small hail and the chance of potentially lightning. down to the south bay, we don't think there is that much hitting us as we head through the next couple of hours and eventually by 11:30 a few spotty showers lingering in the forecast. so we're in the worst of it right now. then later tonight we start to clear out and then eventually by tomorrow morning there is the dry weather. also that sunshine starting to build in. so the good news about tomorrow morning after all of this on again and off again rainfall is we don't have to worry about wet roadways. we'll start off with sunshine, cold temperatures and 40s for the south bay and peninsula and the tri-valley and so you need the jacket but the umbrella not so much. 44 here in the east bay and san francisco 46. and the north bay at 42. so while we start off this cold i'm seeing warming in the forecast tomorrow. numbers going up about four to seven degrees. so that is going to leave us
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with a pretty much perfect day coming our way right here across morgan hill 65 and san jose 64. warmest weather back here across contra costa county. pittingsberg and concord in the upper 60s over to the peninsula and redwood city 64 and to s along the embarcadero 61 and through marin and napa and sonoma county, low to mid-60s coming your way. you like this. we're confident it will stay through the weekend. it is all because of high pressure and it is building in just enough and it will keep the storm track off to the north. so the result of high pressure keeps it dry all the way through sunday. and then we have more shower chances next monday and tuesday and possibly some measurable rainfall by next thursday forecast. look at these inland valley temperatures and once we hit the forecast, this is the very last storm of the week right now. hang on. it's going to get much better tomorrow. >> that storm of the week. >> that is how bad it has been.
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>> yes. >> we're counting down. still it come, two instant millionaires in the bay area. thanks to last night's powerball drawing. we'll show you the stores that sold the lucky tickets. alright, you excited? yeah! waaahoo... well... that was fun, right? it's time to get more. lower fares. better service. sweeter rewards. alaska airlines.
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that offered cheap flights from s-f-o to iceland. an abrupt end for an airline that offers cheap flights from sfo to iceland. they shut down today suddenly canceling all flights and stranding passengers. the airline used to offer $99 flights from sfo to iceland before scrapping that flight last year. the company released a statement on the website today telling stranded passengers to find their own way to reach their destinations. >> wow. there is the big winner in the $768 million powerball jackpot and then there are a couple of other winners right here in the bay area.
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one person in san mateo and another in san jose will collect almost $3 million each. that is because their tickets matched five of the six powerball numbers. the san jose ticket was sold at gateway food and liquor on north bass come and that will be the place to buy tickets and that store will get a percentage of the earnings. >> for the people that work here that work hard every day it is an accomplishment and everyone wants to see who sold the winning ticket. >> and the san mateo was sold in centerwood liquors and somebody in wisconsin got the big one. the fourth biggest lottery jackpot in u.s. history. >> it is nice to dream. it is coming down in the bay area. one last check of the weather when we come back.
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tonight at 6:00, in the fight for his life, we talk to the family of an mma fighter in the hospital, the mystery of how he ended up in a creek in san jose. that story and more tonight at 6:00. before we go, one last check of the forecast. and jeff, wow, i'm looking at the radar. it is coming down. >> heavy downpours in contra costa county. now approaching santa clara
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county. we'll track that through tonight and also another look at how much is ahead. >> sounds good. thanks very much. thanks for joining us. "nightly news" with lester holt is now. >> and we'll be back at 6:00. hope to see you then. breaking news tonight. a rare reversal from president trump, facing growing backlash over his administration's plan to cut off all federal funding for the special olympics. tonight, a major backtrack. also tonight, nbc news learning new details about robert mueller report, over 300 pages. and new turns in the battle over how much the public will get to see. the growing uproar in chicago with the city now demanding jussie smollett pay up. tonight, how much money they want him to hand over. a popular airline shuts down without warning, leaving


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